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Naughty Maiden’s Delight

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I tenderly pressed my lips on Vicki’s, and she gently kissed back as the warm smooth innards of her pussy threatened to send me into a wild ejaculation. I wanted to enjoy her for a longer time before that happened. I had slowed down and even stopped pumping several times in the long while that I’d been inside her.

Vicki was always just as happy to have my cock go out of control and spurt wildly inside her as she was to enjoy lengthy intercourse. She looked forward to the aftermath, which involved my mouth against her freshly sexed pussy and sucking and swallowing our juices from her through several orgasms.

It had taken me some time to get her to accept the idea of my sucking her snatch after spurting in it, but she came to enjoy it so much that she won’t have it any other way now. Every time I ejaculate inside her, I eat the pie. Every time.

Vicki really gets into role-playing after getting a healthy serving inside her. She plays the part of an innocent and sassy maiden whose boyfriend has taken improper liberties with her.

This time was no different, except that she threw me a curve. I had just begun to feel the sensuous tingling at the base of my cock, and I wanted to slow down and prolong that feeling. My cock, however, was practically screaming at me to let it do what it was built for.

Vicki’s eyes gleamed. “I think Kynisha would enjoy being creampied by you,” she said in her musical voice. That was all it took – when I felt the first spurt shoot out like a bullet, I surrendered and let myself enjoy the ride. She giggled throughout my lengthy episode of spurting and writhing.

A moment later, with my member still inside her, she put her hands on her hips, pressed her lips together, and looked at me briefly.

“Well, my nasty boy – I have only to mention my girlfriend and you go wild, spilling your nasty seed inside me. What is a gentle maiden to do?”

I smiled.

“From the feel of it,” she continued, “you pumped me full of your spunk. That naughty cock of yours went out of control and squirted your seed way up inside.”

I began to pull out.

“You naughty boy – get your mouth down there right now and suck that nasty seed out of my maidenly pussy!”

If I hadn’t just ejaculated, her words would have gotten me hard. Vicki knew how to get a second serving in short order, and was working on her strategy. I lapped her sticky labia. Then I probed her blonde pussy with my tongue and scooped some of the mixture of our juices. When I started to suck on her snatch she twisted and moaned.

“Oh, this is so nasty! A maiden having her pussy sucked clean of all that spunk! I can’t help the naughty feelings it gives me inside.”

Then she climaxed. I held on as she pumped her hips and gasped.

A few moments later I was on the bed beside her. Her sheer white lacy dress was still pulled up above her naked hips and legs, a sight that would arouse even the most chaste-minded knight.

She ran her hands over my body and then around my groin. Her slender fingers lightly palpated my balls, and then stroked my member to a firm state.

I thought of Kynisha, Vivki’s attractive and exotic black friend from work. Not thin, not heavy, dominant in a quiet and confident way, and a captivating smile. I wondered how if would feel to be inside her, front to front, her slightly fleshy hips against mine, my lips but an inch from her sensuous smile.

Vicki got on her back, put her hands above her in a surrendering pose, and slightly spread her legs. She cocked her head and smiled. I couldn’t resist getting between her slender legs and plunging inside her. She let out a sexy whimper with each thrust. I was closer to a second ejaculation than I wanted to be, and she smiled.

“I’d like you to do Kynisha,” she said as I pumped her pussy. “I get to watch, though. I thought I should ask you before I try to set it up.”

Vicki read me right, and I spurted a second copious wad inside her. Amid more naughty talk from her, I sucked on her pussy and extracted everything I had put in, and gave her an orgasm.

Later that night, in bed, we talked more about her wish to include her friend. In the darkness, I entered Vicki and while thrusting inside her, agreed that I’d refrain from ejaculating for several days before the event. She giggled as my cock pulsed and spurted in her. Then one more orgasm for her as I ingested her pie, and we slept.

A few days later she told me that Kynisha had enthusiastically agreed to her plan. It was not easy to keep from wanting to enter Vicki and take my pleasure there, but aside from occasional teasing and giggling, she was fairly supportive. The weekend came, and Kynisha came over.

We ended up in Vicki’s bedroom, with me naked and the girls still dressed. They each teased my anxious member for some time. Vicki cautioned Kynisha to avoid bringing me to the finish line with her hands. Two attractive giggling females wouldn’t have needed to make much of an effort for that to happen, and they were both careful. Vicki told Kynisha to get undressed whenever she was ready for the action to begin.

After I’d been teased to desperation, Kynisha smiled and removed her sneakers, then her jeans. She told Vicki to get undressed too, and a couple of minutes hence, both girls were completely naked.

“Do you want him to eat your pussy first?” Vicki asked.

“No, I’m ready for some action! And I want it over and over until he’s drained.”

Kynisha was obviously hot just thinking about my doing what no one else has done with her – sucking on her cum-filled pussy after copious wads of male seed had been spurted inside her. And I was more than aroused at that point. She lay back on the bed and told me to run my hands all over her body before entering her. Her smooth skin was a pleasure to feel, and her smile alone made me seep pre-cum.

Then she slightly spread her legs. Her hips beckoned to me, and I knew she was ready. I parted her black haired pussy lips and felt a zing of pleasure when I saw her pink entrance. A few seconds later I was inside her, and on top of her, face to face.

A few thrusts, and she said, “I’m tight down there, huh?”

The intervening week of denial along with the preliminary teasing and closeness to Kynisha sent me across the line quickly. I thrashed about while pumping her pussy full of my ejaculate.

“That didn’t take long!” she giggled.

When I had spent all I had for that episode, I pulled out. Vicki said she wanted to see her friend’s pussy close-up.

Kynisha giggled self-consciously as Vicki gazed between her legs at the moist dark hair adorned with translucent drops of cum. Her own cream, mixed with mine, began to well up at her labia. I got between her legs and gave her pussy a firm swipe with my tongue. She shuddered. A few more swipes, and I enthusiastically kissed and sucked on her tight entrance.

She couldn’t keep still then, and rocked her hips as I extracted the creamy mixture. I kept sucking on her freshly sexed pussy while she uttered choked moans of aroused pleasure. Just as I got the last of my ejaculate from her, she let herself go and climaxed.

“Oh, that’s SO kinky!” she exclaimed in the afterglow of her orgasm. “I can’t wait for you to do that again.”

Both girls handled my balls and my cock. They brought me to an erect state quickly with their giggling and their enthusiasm. “I want to ride this one,” Kynisha said, and nudged me on my back. She wasted no time in mounting my throbbing erection. It felt good when she pressed her pussy against me when I was in as far as I could go.

Vicki straddled my mouth, facing Kynisha, and grasped her friend’s hands for stability. That was a new feeling to me, kissing one girl’s pussy while another one took me inside her.

“That feels good,” both girls said with sexy giggles. They kept talking that way, and after I got an ample amount of Vicki’s cream of arousal from her pussy, I ejaculated inside Kynisha’s.

When I slipped out of Kynisha, she said, “Move over, girl — I want to be on top when I do this.”

Kynisha straddled my mouth and I extracted the creamy mixture while Vicki jilled herself to orgasm. Shortly after that, Kynisha climaxed amid her own moans and exclamations.

We talked for a while after that, and as Kynisha got dressed she said, “Thanks for including me, Vicki. I like that a lot. I’ll probably have to tie up any guy that I take to bed to get him to do that, but I’m hooked now.”

A few hours after Kynisha left, Vicki and I went to bed. She was still aroused, and in a short while I was inside her. She had asked me a lot of questions about my experience with Kynisha before we got into bed.

Since I had ejaculated twice so far, I could comfortably pump and plow Vicki’s pussy without immediate danger of crossing the line. She put her arms above her head in a submissive and surrendering posture.

“I’ll bet Kynisha wishes she were here to watch. You’d probably like that too — having my sexy friend here watching you squirt your nasty seed into this helpless maiden. She’d be stroking her tight hole watching you ravish me.” A few more minutes of her naughty talk sent me into a wrenching ejaculation.

I needed no coaxing afterward to get my mouth on her blonde pussy and suck her clean.

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