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My Wife’s Anal Surprise For Me

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Just a regular Saturday night at my house, sitting in my computer room chatting to some online friends I had made. My wife came in the room and sits beside me, watching and reading the chatroom, she leans over and whispers in my ear. Do you want to come to bed with me or sit in here all night? With that question she leans over and grabs my cock through my shorts and smiles.

Come to bed and see what I have in mind!

Now knowing my wife it was the usual Saturday night fuck, which is always great for both of us.

But tonight was gonna be different I was soon to find out.

Walking into the bedroom I seen the lights on the headboard was on and my wife was in the bathroom.

Lay down on the bed and get naked, I will be there in a sec hun. Her voice had a different sound to it for some reason I thought to myself. I wondered what she was up to in there, and was shocked to see my wife walk out in black leather panties and bra.

WOW where did this come from? Smiling she puts a finger to my lips and tells me to shhhhhhhhhhh and enjoy. This was something I wanted to do for a long time, but have been to scared to try.

Cool! I was gonna get to peel the black leather off my lovely wife’s body and fuck her hard. I THOUGHT!

Close your eyes and turn around I was told. My cock was already hard and anxious to get into her hot pussy. A blindfold is put over my eyes then my hands was pulled to the side of the bed. Lay down on your stomach and relax, she whispers in my ear.

Anticipation was starting to get to me and I was not sure what was gonna be next. I had never seen my

wife act like this. Laying down on the bed my hands was pulled to side of the bed and tied to the bedpost.

Then I felt her take my legs, spreading them apart she tied them to the bedpost as well.

Now this is getting weird, was this my wife doing this to me? And what has she got on her mind?

My cock was so hard I thought it was gonna break off anytime. Suddenly something warm was poured on my back and she was giving me a back rub. Now this I can get into thinking to myself. Her hands sliding up and down my back getting closer to my ass each time.

Now my wife had always rubbed my ass and told me how much she liked it, but this time was different.

Her fingers slide down between my ass cheeks and gently touched my asshole. Shock waves ran though my whole body and my cock throbbed. I had never had another person touch my hole before.

Slapping my naked ass cheeks she tells me to relax. Still not knowing what was in store for me I did the best I could to relax and enjoy. Pulling my ass cheeks apart she pushed a finger into my ass. Almost pulling the bed post off the bed I asked her WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Softly she answers, I’m gonna do something to you that you have done to me for years now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

With that being said, I knew what was in store for me, I was gonna be fucked in the ass.

I had never felt my cock so hard before, and I was starting to worry I would blow my load right there on the bed. Pushing her finger up to the knuckle into my butt, she reaches down and rubs my balls.

Once I got used to the feeling on her finger up my ass I started to push my ass to her.

Now I feel 2 fingers slide into my ass now, I thought one finger felt good, now I’m moaning for her to fuck me more with her fingers. Sliding them in and out of my ass and rubbing my balls she leans over and kisses my on my neck. My cock was throbbing by this point and cum was starting to seep out of the head.

My wife reaches farther under me was slides her hand across my cock, grabbing it and sliding her hand up and down the shaft I start to moan. Pushing her fingers up my ass hard and stroking my cock was more than I could stand. Moaning loudly I start throbbing hard and shoot my hot load onto the bed.

She rubs my cock faster and slides her fingers deeper into my ass as I shoot my load all over the bed.

Trying to catch my breath as she removes her fingers from my ass, my cock throbs again. Still rubbing my cock and spreading my cum all over the bed she tells me she isn’t done.

What could she have on her mind now? Soon as that thought came I felt something strange touch my ass.

She spreads my cheeks again, this time something different was placed against my asshole.

Leaning over and kissing me on the cheek she pushes it into my ass, and I let out a loud moan.

OH DAMN ITS HER VIBRATOR. SHE IS GONNA FUCK ME IN THE ASS WITH IT quickly ran through my mind. Not being sure I could do this I asked her to stop. Pushing more of the vibrator into my ass she tells me to just relax.

Once the vibrator was fully into my ass she turns it on, the vibrations send chills throughout my whole body

and I start getting hard again. Reaching down and letting my legs loose then my hands she tells me to turn over. Rolling over with the vibrator still in my ass was a thrill itself for me and my cock was rock hard again. Taking the blindfold off I see my wife remove her leather panties and bra. Straddling my and sitting down she takes my cock into her pussy in one swift move. OH SHIT her pussy felt like it was on fire.

She was really getting into this, and so was I. Rocking back and forth on my cock my wife looks at me and smiles. She was having the time of her life at this moment. I noticed when I moved my hips to fuck her the vibrator in my ass would move and cause a very electrifying feeling in my balls. I started thrusting faster and harder. She sits up and slides off of my cock, looking me in my eyes she takes my cock and guides it into her own ass. My wife looked so beautiful at this moment I was the happiest man in the world. Sliding down onto my hard cock with her ass I start to move my hips up to her.

With my cock deep inside her ass she leans back and rubs her clit quickly. Thrusting harder into her ass she

throws her head back and lets out a loud moan, her body shakes and she has a very hard orgasm.

She keeps rubbing her clit and the orgasm keeps going, I thought she was gonna loose her breath by the was she was moaning so loud. I had never seen her cum this hard before. Seeing this triggered my own orgasm, and mine was no usual orgasm either. With the vibrations in my ass from the vibrator and the feeling of her ass throbbing on my cock as she is still cumming, I shoot my cum into her ass. Thrusting wildly as I’m cumming in her ass she has yet another orgasm that sends her screaming out. My cock is squirting hot cum deep inside her and I’m still thrusting into her. The vibrator causing me to cum more than I had ever cum before in my whole life, I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming. Leaning over my wife lays on me, her body shaking and sweaty, I wrap my arms around her and hold her tight. My cock still throbbing and cum leaking down on me from her ass, I hold her face and kiss her gently on the lips. She reaches back and pulls the vibrator from my ass and I jerk as it slides out.

Guess we better sleep on the other bed tonight! She smiles and kisses me, her eyes looked so lovely at this moment and I fell deeper in love with the woman I had loved since high school.

As we lay in the bed in each others arms she asks me, Did you enjoy it and can we do it again soon?


Drifting off to sleep I realize how much I enjoyed her fucking my ass and wondered why it took so long for me to find out how good it felt.

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