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My Lucky Night

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I couldn’t believe my luck. It was Friday night and I just got stood up by my girlfriend. Just as I was about to go out by myself, the phone rang. It was my neighbor’s wife, Jaime. This woman is scorching hot. When I heard her voice I wondered right away what was up as her husband, Jim, is the jealous type. Maybe my luck was changing?

Jaime sounded very up. “I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight. The girls and I were bored. All our men went to the game tonight and left us all alone. ”

My dick instantly took notice. Jaime’s friends were all luscious. I told her I would be over in a minute. I took a quick shower and changed and was out the door.

When I knocked on the door, she answered it immediately. She looked really sexy. She told me to hurry up and come in, before anyone saw me there. I guess she didn’t want to have to explain to her husband why I was there.

She stood there wearing a bathing suit and so where the other two girls. They had all been in the hot tub. From the looks of it, they were also pretty wasted.

Jaime apologized to me for not telling me to bring a bathing suit. She said to wait right here and she would get me a drink. As she walked away I was in awe. She had the kind of ass that you could munch on all day.

The other two girls called me to the back. I started to gulp my drink when I saw the other girls. They were all eyeing me up.

Jaime said, “Listen, you have to keep this a secret. If the other guys find out you were here, there will be trouble. Do you want to come in the hot tub with us?”

Just then we all heard Jim’s truck pull into the drive way. I heard the garage door going up. I asked Jaime what I should do. She said to go hide in the bathroom and hurry.

I ran in the bathroom and hid inside the shower. It wasn’t a second later when the front door opened up and I heard voices.

Jim said that Tom got ill and had to be driven home so all the other guys decided to come back here and watch the game.

I heard Jaime suggest to the other guys to go put on one of Jim’s extra suits and come in the hot tub. They both said okay.

I was frozen in fear. One by one they both came in the bathroom and changed. I thought if one of them would find me, I would be dead. I knew when they were all busy I would make a break for the door.

That’s when Jaime came in the bathroom. She opened the shower curtain and changed my night forever. “You know us girls set you up tonight. Sure, we didn’t expect the guys to get home so soon, but no matter. This is what’s going to happen tonight. If you agree I won’t tell the guys you are here. If you don’t agree, we will all lie and I’ll scream as if you broke in.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“You will probably enjoy it so just relax. We were all talking about sex before and Julie said she had a boyfriend who would go down on her anytime; including after he had just came in her. She said it was so nasty but felt really good. We all wanted to try it but knew that none of our guys would ever do something like that. That’s where you come in”, Jaime said.

My heart and dick pounded. I couldn’t leave and I knew I might even get a piece of ass tonight. I just had to lick them clean. I figured that she could never pull it off so I agreed.

Jaime left with a smile and I heard her make an announcement. She said, “The girls and I are still mad that you guys left us home by ourselves. If you take us somewhere and make love to us, we will accept that as an apology. Who ever lasts the longest will get it again when you get home.”

I heard both the girls agree. The guys didn’t say a word. Then I heard one guy say to his girl, “I’m in. let’s go. Some one watch the clock”.

Just then the bathroom door opened and closed. I heard him say that he was going to make her feel real good. He pulled her suit bottom off and started to pound into her. There was no foreplay or anything. This guy only cared about himself. He pounded her for at least ten minutes. I heard him grunt and then pull up his pants. She said that she hoped they win and to give her a second to clean up. He left and I heard her tell me to come out.

She was beautiful. Long black hair and tan all over. She said, “Hurry up and lie on the floor. If you don’t make me cum I will let the guys know.”

I lied down and she straddled my head. Her pussy was trimmed. It was puffy and shiny. She squatted over my face and started to ride my tongue. She smelled like sex and kept telling me to drink all the cum. It was like a river. I swallowed three times. Just then she tensed up and came.

She said, “Thanks, I haven’t cum like that in a long time. He’s so selfish.” She then stood up, looked at me and winked.

I returned to the shower. Then blond, with the big tits, came in by herself. She said to get on the floor. Her boyfriend had just fucked her in the spare room.

“Lie down; I can’t hold it in me much longer.”

As I lied down, she lowered her pussy to me. She relaxed and I thought I would drown. She just grabbed my hair and ground her pussy on my lips and tongue. She came quickly. She never said a word. Just got up and left. Boy did I feel used.

All that was left now was Jaime. I had eaten two massive loads of cum, out of two gorgeous women. I couldn’t care less. I made them both cum and hopefully would get mine now.

In she came. She said that, “I hope you can cum fast, because they are waiting for me. Fuck my sloppy pussy. Jim just fucked me, so hurry.”

I dropped my pants and looked at her ass. She was bent over the sink saying to hurry. I slid in her pussy. It was so hot and wet. I pumped into her hard. Just then she clamped her pussy around my cock and I exploded. As I tried to recover, she pushed me down on the floor. She rode my face to two orgasms, as I lapped all the cream from inside her.

When she had enough, I asked her if she was in here too long. She said everyone left and Jim went to get some beer for later. Just hurry up and leave before Jim gets back.

As I left, I heard her say, “All the girls want to do this again.”

How could I say no?

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