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Mommy’s Day ‘Out’

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Raven had the day to herself. This was first day in a long time that she had total control over what she would and could do. Her loving husband knew the stress signs, and could tell Raven was at the breaking point. Steve and Raven had been married for 10 years and had 3 beautiful children. Two sons 8 and 6, and one daughter 3. Raven was content with her life most of the time, but there were times staying at home and being the perfect wife and mother became too confining.

Steve recognized when Raven needed a break, and this was her day. She had the day to herself to do as she pleased.

As Raven drove away from the house waving good bye to Steve and the children, she planned her day. Actually she decided there would be no plan, she would just play it by ear. She would start at the mall, and do a little window shopping, and see what transpired.

The day was cloud covered and windy. It was mild as far as the temperature went. The weather forecast called for rain later in the afternoon, so Raven had brought along her jacket and umbrella. Raven was wearing a nice silk purple warm up suit. This was not for working out but for looking good. Raven was average height of 5’5″ and average weight somewhere around 130 lbs. The one part of her anatomy that was not average was her breasts. She had what some referred to as an “ample bosom”. Ample being a 36 double D cup. If that did not attract attention, her emerald green eyes did. Especially in contrast to her black hair for which she was given the name Raven.

Being a Wednesday, Raven did not think the mall would be overly crowded. She preferred it that way. A quiet morning of window shopping without any distractions was just what Raven needed. There were a few things that Raven would like to pick up while she was here. Her favorite jeans and t-shirt were becoming rather thread bare, and her lingerie selection needed updating. Anything to spice up life in the bedroom was good, thought Raven.

Raven entered the mall through the JC Penney store. Wandering through the store she stopped in the children’s section. Raven admired a little dress that would look so cute on Amanda. “What are you doing?” Raven asked herself. “This is your day out alone! Leave the kids at home.” Giggling to herself, Raven let go of the dress and went out into the mall.

The next store she stepped into was the Gap. Here Raven would pick up some new jeans and possibly a couple of comfortable t-shirts. A young male sales person approached her, but before he could ask Raven said “I am just browsing.” Raven hated to be helped too much. If she needed something she would ask, otherwise she liked to shop alone. Raven strolled over to the women’s jeans. All of the jeans appeared to already have been worn. She giggled to herself again. Picking up 2 pair of jeans Raven went into the changing rooms.

As Raven removed her shoes and then started pulling off her pants, she realized she had not worn any panties. This was force of habit, but Raven usually remembered to put some panties on when she knew she would be shopping and trying on clothes. “Oh well…” Raven said in a sigh. She continued to pull her pants off and slide the first pair of jeans on. To Raven’s chagrin the size she normally wore fit a little snugger than she thought they should. Frowning, Raven stepped out of the fitting rooms and walked to the 3 way mirror between the sock displays on the wall. Looking herself over in the mirror, front to back, side to side, Raven was in deep thought when a voice brought her back to reality.

“They look perfect and accentuate your perfect curves nicely.” The voice said. Looking around Raven found the owner of this voice. The voice was that of a petite and very beautiful red head looking at her over a rack of hanging boxer shorts. Smiling at this stranger Raven said, “Thank you, but they feel a bit too tight. I think I will try on the next size.” Raven disappeared back inside the fitting rooms. Taking the tight pair of jeans off and then trying the next pair of jeans on, Raven’s thoughts were on the red headed stranger with the piercing brown eyes and tendrils of red curls that vanished behind her back. Running her hand down her stomach and over the front of the second pair of jeans, Raven decided she much preferred the comfortable fit of the second pair of jeans, but liked the look she was given by the stranger while wearing the first pair of jeans. Smiling Raven said, “Ok, I will take them both then.”

Upon leaving the fitting rooms, Raven looked around for the red headed stranger, wanting to thank her for her help. The store was empty except for a few shoppers who were not the sexy stranger. With more disappointment than seemed warranted, Raven concluded her shopping by picking up two new t-shirts.

Next stop, Raven decided, would be the book store. There was a new romantic mystery out that she wanted to pick up. While perusing the shelves, Raven came across the “Alternative Lifestyles” section. She had never noticed this section before. Looking over the books one book caught her eye. The title was “The Best Bisexual Erotica”. This brought Ravens thoughts back to the redhead and a warm volt of electricity shot through Raven. Shaking this off with a sigh, Raven continued on her original book quest. Finding her book, she went to the check out counter. After paying for her book, Raven grabbed her bag and started out into the mall again when a voice down a row of books caught her attention. Backing up a step Raven peered down the isle and there stood the gorgeous red headed stranger.

“Did you say something to me?” Raven inquired. “Yes, I did. I said I have something for you.” This stranger then handed her a store bag, which obviously had a book inside. Opening the bag, Raven picked up the book. As she read the title a chill went up her spine. It was “The Best Bisexual Erotica” book Raven had looked at when she first came into the store. Looking up to ask the stranger why she would give her this, the stranger was gone again. Moving out into the main isle, looking up and down the store, Raven saw no signs of the red head. Placing the book back into its bag and placing that bag into her bag, Raven left the book store. Looking anxiously up and down the mall for any sign of this intriguing red head who had stirred feelings deep inside Raven, she was disappointed not to see any sign of her.

Walking down the mall, Raven’s stomach began to gurgle. She looked at her watch and noticed it was 11am. Raven had not taken the time to eat breakfast and was getting hungry. She decided to go to the charming café at the end of the mall and have some coffee and read her new book that was a gift from this captivating stranger.

Raven chose a quiet booth in the corner where she could see everyone but not be seen quite so easily. She decided on a hot mint tea to start with and told the waiter she would be ordering lunch much later. The establishment was not busy, so Raven knew they would not mind if she made herself comfortable for a while. Once her tea arrived and she knew she would be alone for a while, Raven pulled the erotica book out of her bag. Laying it on the table where the title could not be seen, she began to read. As she read, Raven felt herself growing warm and wet. This amazed Raven. She had never before fantasized about being with another woman, yet now the thought seemed as familiar as having her morning coffee. She knew this was due to her chance meeting with this complete stranger who seemed to look into her very soul with those beautiful and knowing brown eyes.

As Raven’s thoughts drifted from the book to the red headed stranger, out of nowhere comes that now familiar voice, “Are you enjoying the book?” Startled Raven looked up and stammered, “Umm…yes…..yes….it’s very interesting”. Raven knew she must be 10 shades of red, and stared at this stranger dumbfounded.

“I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Amber. May I join you?” The stranger inquired.

“Yes, of course. Have a seat.” Raven responded. Watching this beautiful and confident stranger ease into the seat across from her, stirred more warm and wet feelings inside of Raven.

“I found several of the stories in that book very good.” Amber remarked. “However, I am not bisexual. I am lesbian and very proud of it. I see by the ring on your finger that you are married. Have you ever had sex with another woman before?”

“No, I have never even thought about it until today.” Raven could again feel the heat rising in her face, as well as in between her legs.

“I can sense that you find it very alluring.” Amber stated with a knowing smile that radiated her face and made her eyes dance and gleam with joy and passion.

The waiter approached asking the ladies if they needed anything. As Amber ordered the same tea that Raven was drinking, and Raven ordered another, Raven felt a foot rubbing up the inside of her calf. Startled Raven jumped and sputtered as she told the waiter thank you. Looking across at Amber, Raven noticed the devilish grin on her face. Amber did not remove her foot from between Raven’s legs; however she did become bolder and moved up further until her foot rested on the seat between Raven’s thighs. Raven just knew that Amber could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Raven drank the last of her tea in hopes it would calm her.

The waiter returned with their teas, and the ladies decided to order something to eat. Both ladies decided on the soup and salad for lunch. As the waiter sauntered away with their orders Ambers foot went to work on Ravens wet and now throbbing pussy. Amber pressed her toes firmly against Ravens outer labia, putting pressure directly to Ravens hard and throbbing clit. Ravens breath caught in her throat as her heart pounded in her chest. Not taking their eyes from one another, Amber spread Ravens legs a little more with her other foot. Each could see the lust building. Ravens eyes became a deeper green the more emotional she became. Looking into the stunning face and deep dark eyes of Amber, Raven felt her need to cum heighten.

Amber began to move her small foot up and down the spread pussy of Raven. Even through her pants Raven’s senses were so responsive, she felt she were naked under the table. Amber’s toes moved up and down Raven’s pussy. Applying just enough pressure through her pants from her hole and then back up to her clit, Amber then concentrated the rubbing and pressure directly on Raven’s clit. Rubbing and pushing, Amber’s eyes urged Raven to cum. Not believing what was happening to her, in the middle of a café, in the middle of the day, Raven felt herself being pushed over the edge bye this stranger. Raven did not have the power or the want to stop what was happening. Grabbing the edges of the table, Raven closed her eyes and bit her lip as the orgasm ripped through her. Holding fast to the table Raven’s body still shook with the force of her cumming. Opening her eyes as her body settled and her heavy breathing lightened, Raven noticed that Amber too was hanging onto the table for dear life, her eyes closed, and body trembling. It was then that she noticed Amber had only one hand on the table, the other had discreetly disappeared between her own legs. Amber opened her eyes and flashed Raven the most fabulous and satisfied smile. Just then the waiter arrived with their soup and salad. The two ladies ate in silence. Both of them famished and thoroughly sated, they quickly finished their lunch.

As they left the café Amber inquired, “What are your plans for the rest of the afternoon?”

“I had planned on updating my lingerie collection. Beyond that I had no plans.” Raven responded. Adding in a shy, meek voice as she looked to her feet, Raven asked “Would you like to join me?”

Lifting Raven’s chin with her small hand, looking deep into her eyes, Amber let her own eyes and the want and need within them, answer Raven’s question. Smiling at each other, the two ladies sauntered off toward the Victoria’s Secret.

Entering the store, Raven noticed the image of the two of them in a nearby mirror. She realized what a striking pair the two made. This caused a sly grin to traverse Raven’s face. The store was quite empty except for two sales girls talking behind the counter. One of the girls looked at them and said “If you ladies need any help finding anything, please let us know.” Amber replied, “I am sure we can find what we need on our own, thank you.” With that said, the sales girls returned to their own conversation, ignoring Raven and Amber.

Amber then took Raven by the hand, pulling her toward the dressing rooms. They found one door ajar and this was good. They would not have to call on one of the sales girls to come open it. There was soft music playing throughout the store. Closing the door behind them, Amber pushed Raven against the wall. Amber briefly looked into Ravens eyes then forcedly took Raven’s lips with her own. The kiss was the sweetest, most erotic thing that Raven had ever experienced.

Amber’s sweet tongue raped Raven’s mouth. Forcing its way in, probing all around her mouth, but more so probing Raven’s soul. Finally releasing Raven, Amber stepped backed and said, “Remove all of your clothes. I will be back.” Then Amber left the dressing room. Not sure what was going to happen, Raven did as she was told and removed her clothes. She was not wearing any panties and upon removing her pants she could smell her lingering essence from the orgasm in the café.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Knowing this was Amber, Raven opened the door. Raven entered with an arm full of lingerie. The first Amber held out for Raven was a sheer, black baby doll. This was made of a lycra mesh material with a black lace around the bottom. It had a matching thong. The outfit left nothing to the imagination. Amber told Raven to lift her arms, then Amber slipped the baby doll over her arms and head, letting it fall down around her hips. Amber stepped back and admired Raven. Her black hair a perfect match to the black material, and her olive skin accentuated nicely. Approaching Raven, Amber ran the back of her hand over the top of the baby doll that covered her right nipple. Both of Raven’s nipples were extremely hard and aching, but Amber’s touch made them more so. Now both of Amber’s hands were cupping Raven’s ample breasts. Kneading them firmly for a few seconds, Amber then took both nipples between her thumbs and index finger pinching them through the material. A sharp gasp from the pain escaped Raven’s lips. To quiet her, Amber again took her mouth. Kissing her with more fervor and urgency than the previous kiss, Amber released Raven’s nipples and ran the palms of her hands down her flat stomach and between Raven’s legs. With no panties on the wetness seeping out of Raven’s pussy was running freely down her legs. Amber wiped up the wetness with two fingers from each hand. Breaking the kiss, Amber moved back a step and inserted two fingers of her right hand into her own mouth and held out two fingers of her left hand to Raven. Following Ambers lead, Raven began to suck her own juices off of Amber’s fingers.

Never before tasting herself, this was not only a new experience but also a very tantalizing one for Raven. Pleasantly surprising was the sweet and somewhat salty taste of her own body fluids. Removing her fingers from Raven’s mouth, Amber picked up the next outfit for Raven to try on. This was a sheer silk chiffon and velvet long gown in a deep burgundy color with a faint floral pattern. It had spaghetti straps and a low cut back. Removing the first one, Raven slipped into the longer gown. The back was cut so low the crack of Raven’s ass clearly showed.

“Turn around.” Amber commanded. Lifting her hair and turning, Raven looked over her shoulder seductively. Amber enjoyed this tremendously and moved up behind Raven, pressing her against the mirror. Amber began to rub Raven’s ass with her stomach, moving her hands around in front of Raven and between her legs. Lifting the gown up to Raven’s waist, Amber forced Raven’s legs apart with her knees. Pressing her breasts harder against the mirror, Amber began to probe Raven’s pussy. Running two fingers up between Ravens pussy lips, Amber applied pressure to the inner labia and clit. Rubbing up and down from the clit to Raven’s hole, in a smooth and rhythmic motion, Raven felt her excitement mounting. Amber began to suck and bite on Raven’s shoulder and neck from behind, as she quickly inserted 3 fingers into Raven’s pussy. A deep guttural moan escaped Raven. She could not believe what this red headed beauty was doing to her or that Raven was allowing it and even urging her on. Amber continued to bite and suck Raven’s neck and her fingers fucked her pussy in and out. Her fingers moved faster and faster as Amber’s thumb brushed Raven’s clit with each thrust of her hand deep inside Raven. Raven’s body began to tense as the first waves of orgasm hit her. Wave after wave flowed through her body, as Ambers fingers continued their assault of Raven’s pussy and clit. Biting her lip to keep from screaming out, Raven began to beg for Amber to stop. “Please gawd please!” Never before had she experienced such an intense multiple orgasm as the one rocking her body this very minute.

Removing her fingers from Raven’s pussy, Amber turned Raven around. Sitting her on the bench in the dressing room, Amber stood over Raven and held her close and tight to her body as the spasms wracking Raven subsided. Lifting Raven’s chin, Amber placed a soft sensuous kiss on Raven’s lips.

“Get dressed baby.” Amber said as she lifted the gown over Raven’s head. Removing the clothing from the room, Amber stepped out and left Raven to dress alone. Raven’s whole body was still on fire, and it felt so good, unlike anything Raven had undergone before.

Leaving the dressing room, with what had to be the most enormous smile on her face, Raven looked around the store for Amber. Not seeing any sign of her, Raven started toward the doors. One of the girls behind the counter said, “Are you looking for the lady you came in with?”

“Yes I am. Do you know where she is?” Raven inquired.

“She said to give you this.” The sales girl replied, holding out a Victoria’s Secret bag. “She paid for these items and told me to make sure you took them, and then she left.”

Somewhat confused and heartbroken, Raven took the bag and left the store. Looking up and down the mall, Raven searched for her sweet Amber beauty. Not expecting to find her, Raven made her way to the mall exit where she had entered. Taking her keys out of her purse, unlocking the car door, Raven sat in the driver’s seat with an enormous and disappointed sigh. Shutting the door, Raven finally looked inside the bag that Amber had left for her. Inside the bag were the burgundy gown, the black baby doll, and matching thong panties for both. In the bottom of the bag was a business card. Etched on the card were the name and numbers for Amber Gregg, R.N., a business phone number, fax number, and home number. Also, written on the back of the card were these words “Thank you for a fabulous afternoon. Call me for your next lesson of exploration.” There was another number handwritten with the word “Private cell phone” beside it.

Smiling Raven placed the card in her billfold, started the car and drove home from the best afternoon out she had engaged in, in a very long time.

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David wrote

So hot and I loved it….nice

lezlkr2u wrote

Amber really knows how to bush Ravens buttons to a wonderful tantalizing end and now Amber knows what she’s been missing. “something that only another woman can make happen”!! Well done, hope there’s more to “cum”!