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MMF First Time

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From the moment I arrived I knew I was in for a treat. A sexual experience that would last with me forever. Janet had always been a sexual dynamo, and she could never get enough sex and was always trying out new things. I had only been going out with Janet for six months, and I already felt incredibly relaxed with her. Sometimes, I found, it could take years to be open about your sexual fantasies, but with Janet, it had only taken me a week, and already I was craving new fantasies as she had fulfilled those I had carried for years.

Last week she gave me her pantyhose to wear and they felt great. They were a pair of ‘barely there’ coloured, gloss tights with a hi-leg patterned brief, and being slightly larger built than Janet, they were slightly tighter on me than on her, but the feeling against my legs was incredible. Every time I moved my legs, I could feel a soft sensational feeling spread across them, and best of all, she would proceed to shag me with her butt plug before sitting on top of me and riding me as if there was no tomorrow, and calling, or rather shouting at me, “bitch, fuck me harder bitch.” A year ago, I would never have dreamt of being dominated like this, but Janet had completely changed my attitude and brought out my deepest secret fantasies that I had, some of which I never even knew I possessed.

So you can imagine my delight when she opened her door, standing in a wet looking silver latex top, covering her shoulders and sides, but slightly open between her cleavage so her ample breasts were temptingly revealing, and a short skirt made of chain links, showing off her muscled and toned thighs, but covering just about enough of her crotch to tease. On her legs she wore similar pantyhose to what I had worn last week, along with silver knee length boots with high heels. She pulled me in by my belt and closed the door in one swift movement before unbuckling my belt, pulled down my jeans and revealed my panty hosed legs and cock. Immediately she started to grind against me, her nylon sending sheer delight through my legs as it touched my nylon, and immediately I became hard, and my trousers had yet to reach the floor.

“Hello sweetheart” Janet said as she grinded against me “you are such a good boy putting on your pantyhose like Janet said. You will get a reward for that, you good boy you.”

Wow, I thought, just how bloody wow is this?

“Come upstairs sugar, and I can give you your treat.”

In fairness, I didn’t really have much say in the matter, she pulled my cock behind her, and I found myself shuffling across the floor towards the stairs as my trousers were still around my ankles. Walking up stairs was more difficult, but I kept getting the odd glimpses of her bare nylon clad ass as her swagger caused the chain links in her skirt to move. Trousers around my ankles was the last thing on my mind.

In the bedroom I got another feeling of shock and excitement. Hanging from a ceiling was a suspended chair, I had seen this in Amsterdam, and had always fancied using one. I was shocked however, when she motioned for me to sit in it. As I took up my position, she started to undress me, leaving me completely naked except for my nylons. She pushed me back so the top of my thighs rested against a supporting strap and I fell into the chair with another supporting strap holding my lower back and a further one supporting my shoulders and neck. She took both my wrists, and put them through the wrist straps high above me, and securing them with Velcro straps. She then did the same with my ankles, pulling my legs apart and cuffing them into the ankle supports. No matter how much I tried I could not move, which was a shame, because I really needed to start wanking myself. But no, I was stuck in a semi lying down position, hanging half way between the roof above and the floor below, looking up at the ceiling.

Janet stood for a while, admiring my position and the predicament I was now in, then she lit some candles she had placed around the room and turned off the light. Everything around me was now in the shadow of flickering flames. She smiled and reached for the baby oil. Warming it up in her hands she began to rub the oil into my chest and around my shoulders, stopping briefly just to run her nose over the length of my dick. I shuddered at her touch and then begged her to let me know what she was going to do.

“Oh that reminds me, you good boy, its supposed to be a surprise isn’t it” and she pulled out a scarf and moved over to my head and blindfolded me, tying it to the strap behind the neck support so now I couldn’t even move my head. Wow!

She lent over me, and giggled before kissing me softly on the lips and slowly penetrating her tongue deep into my mouth, just enough for my tongue to catch the stud pierced in the centre of that tongue which made me wish that she would hurry up and suck me off to relieve my struggling cock. I could feel a wet patch developing around my cock, but my pantyhose was starting to get wet anyhow, with the baby oil dripping from my belly onto the nylon. How good that felt. Janet was about to whisper something in my ear; I could feel her warm breath travelling down my lobe, when the doorbell rang. 

“Damn!” She said.

Something unrepeatable was my answer!

“Give me a minute darling, and I’ll go and sort out whoever that is!”

“But you can’t go dressed like that Janet!” I cried to her.

“You know me by now darling, I can and I will, it’s just my way.”

I heard her making her way down the stairs, thinking what the person would say when she answered dressed as she was and hands covered in baby oil. Then I thought how funny it would be if it was the kid across the street wanting his ball back, or some religious nut coming along doing his door to door preaching of the values of celibacy. I could imagine him screaming “Thy shall burn in the pits of Hell” at Janet as she threatens to shag the arse off him if he even dared to call again. I was still smirking when Janet came back in the room and came over to kiss me. 

“All sorted,” she said. I was about to ask who it was when she planted another kiss on my lips, this time more forceful, and her tongue probed deep into mine. I caught her tongue piercing between my teeth and nibbled gently. She moaned as both her hands came up to my nipples and squeezed them gently. I could feel myself melting away under her grasp when I felt a third hand slide gently between my thighs. I stopped kissing for a while, and tried to look around under my blindfold, unable to. A fourth hand then made its way to my nylon dick and pulled it towards a mouth. My mouth was still accommodating Janet’s tongue; I was shocked, but extremely excited. The mouth around my still pantyhose clad cock started moving up and down, and felt warm and soft, getting wetter with each facial thrust. I relaxed again and carried on sucking Janet’s tongue. You horny Minx Janet, I thought to myself. 

Janet had felt me ease back into my predicament and pulled away, a silent giggle, and whispered in my ear, “Sandi is my best fiend, and Sandi only sucks strangers cocks if Sandi likes the look of cocks.”

I didn’t have to say anything, I was in Seventh Heaven. Suddenly it felt I was in Hell. A flash of heated pain hit my chest, not all of it, but at different spots, then it cooled and I relaxed. Janet giggled again, and I realised she had taken one of her candles and had poured some of the melted wax onto me. I could feel it cool and tighten on my skin. The sensation of it cooling was incredible, and I made groaning noises, though whether it was from the candle wax or Sandi’s expert licking I couldn’t be sure. I then felt the wax over my nipple, and the flame must have been close too, because I could feel it against my chest, then my other nipple was covered in hot wax, and then they both slowly dried and cooled, and I could feel it pulling at my nipples as my balls suddenly tightened and I came into my pantyhose, gush after gush of warm cum, soaking my nylons, and I could feel it dripping over my thighs and making its way around to my ass. I could feel Sandi licking at it through my nylons, and her sucking was making the pantyhose wetter and wetter. She soon stopped however, and came over to me. I could feel her warm breath over my face. I opened my mouth as if to kiss her, and she responded by clasping her lips over mine. I could taste the cum in her mouth before feeling it drip into mine. 

Her tongue expertly explored my mouth, slowly, teasingly and heavenly. Her hand moved to my nipple and she started to peel back the candle wax that Janet had poured on, and finally breaking through the wax, she clamped her thumb and finger and squeezed my nipple and gently bit my top lip. Janet came over then, and placed her tongue between mine and Sandi’s, and the three of us were probing our tongues into each other’s mouths, two hands stroking my body, another two hands, by the sound of Janet groaning, on each other and mine tied in the air. Suddenly all attention was turned away from me, and I could hear slurping sounds and groans coming from the other two, then I heard the bed squeak and knew that they both had got onto the bed. I lay there suspended, wanting to watch the two ladies fuck each other, knowing they would do so teasingly while I was incapable of moving to join them.

Janet, as ever, was very vocal in her antics – Sandi was surprisingly quiet- and I could tell that it was Janet on the receiving end, But of what? Sandi’s tongue? Fingers? Dildo? Janet’s strap on that was now my new best friend? 

I screamed in apprehension, wanting to see the action as it unfolded, my dick now waking up again amid my wet pantyhose, Janet screaming loudly in delight, the bed squeaking louder and louder and the headboard banging rhythmically against the wall. It really was too much for me. I started to shake my body, trying to get the attention of the other two as the suspended trap that I was in rattled. Janet just laughed at my predicament. 

“Wait your turn will you, besides Sandi’s my friend, and if I want Sandi to fuck me and not you, then so be it!!! Just behave yourself bitch, or you’ll get fuck all tonight!” 

“Just let me watch!” I pleaded, “Please, that’s all I want”

They both ignored me, instead I could hear Janet fuck wilder now, she was close, you could always tell with Janet.

“Oh yes Sandi, just there baby…that’s it…faster honey…go on…fuck me faster…that’s the spot…oh…oh…yes…just there, keep it like that…yes…yes…go on Sandi, just fuck me faster…yes…oh fuck Sandi, that’s good, fuck yes…oh Sandi, Sandi, I love you Sandi, you fuck like no one else Sandi…oh, oh oh YES!!!! I LOVE YOU SANDI”

Sandi as ever was quiet, but Janet still squirmed underneath whatever Sandi was doing, though she was quieter now, as was the bed. Things must have slowed down after Janet’s explosive climax.

“Mmm…oh, oh yes…that’s so good…I love it when you fuck me Sandi…ooh, just there, that’s right.”

I could hear whispering, but I could not make out what was being said, but it sounded like Sandi had just spoken for the first time since arriving.

“What?” asked Janet “oh yes, ok then.” 

Suddenly, what must have been the first time in at least twenty minutes, I felt somebody near me. A strap was put around my chest and lower belly, then I screamed as my body, still in its prone position, lurched forward, and lowered slightly. Now I was hanging spread-eagled facing the floor. I wasn’t sure who it was, but somebody behind me started to roll the top of my pantyhose down, a little over my ass, so that in the front, my dick was now half exposed. Whoever it was behind me, started to rub my shoulders gently, and whoever was in front took my dick in their mouth, rolled it around their tongue and then took a step back. The rubbing of my shoulders had stopped, and I could sense that whoever it was had now climbed back on the bed. Janet started again

“Ooh, oh” this time she was close to my face. Then a hand reached to my head, and I could feel the blindfold being removed.

With my eyes slowly getting used to the light again, my vision was filled with nothing but Janet’s Smiling face.

“Hi sexy” she said “you…don’t know…oh, what…you are missing…it feels…oh…so…good.” 

With that she closed her eyes and forced her lips upon mine. I responded with gentle kisses, trying to get a good luck at Sandi. Suddenly, Janet felt another climax coming and dipped her head. The commentary this time I did not take any notice, because I was too startled to see before me…giving it to Janet doggy style, with eyes upon me, smile across the face, and what appeared to be a large black cock buried deep inside my girlfriend, was Sandi, not at all looking like what I had expected, and certainly the wrong sex that I had been expecting. I heard the ending groans of Janet’s second Sandi induced climax, and yet the stud just smiled at me, giving me the eye. He knelt behind Janet, whose chain mail skirt was separated and hanging over the sides of her hips, slowly withdrew his dick, rested it upon Janet’s ass, its mean head facing me as he slowly wanked himself, and licked his lips. Never once did his eyes leave mine. 

“Hello baby” he said to me.

Here I was suspended facing down in mid air (albeit now I could see I was close to the bed), my girlfriend underneath me, fucked by what I now noticed as to being at least a nine inch cocked bloke and the said bloke was smiling at me and winking at me, obviously wanting to fuck me. Pissed off at having my girlfriend shagged by another bloke, and the fact he wanted to shove it in me, I really didn’t know what my emotions were doing. Yes I was pissed off, but I could feel my dick just getting harder and harder. 

Janet also realised I was harder again, because she peeled back my pantyhose further and took my dick inside her mouth. Without taking his eyes of mine, Sandi smiled, and placed his dick against Janet’s cunt, and pushed himself in deeply. Janet moaned, and the sound of her vibrated through my cock. I closed my eyes and tried to understand what was happening. My dick was superbly being attended to by Janet’s mouth, but all I could see in my mind’s eye was the black muscular frame of Sandi. I opened my eyes and was startled. There he was now, leaning over Janet’s back, thrusting slowly into my girlfriend, and resting his lips over mine. His tongue probed my mouth, and again I closed my eyes, and found myself going with the flow. His kisses were gentle, tender and warm. Our tongues lapped, and our teeth biting one another’s lips. Janet below was sucking and fucking our dicks, moaning and groaning in delight. Sandi’s mouth moved to my neck where it nibbled gently at my skin, his hands now behind my neck, pulling me towards him, letting Janet thrust herself onto his dick whilst taking my dick with her. 

We were there for five minutes at least, and I was starting to feel relaxed about the situation when Sandi pulled away.

“Sorry Janet, but you know I can’t cum without extra help.” He winked. “Ok, of course.” She replied with a giggle.

She stopped licking my dick, and moved away, pulling slowly off Sandi’s cock, relishing every inch as it came free from her wet cunt. She looked at me and smiled sweetly, “Enjoying it bitch?” she asked.

I just stared at her, covered in sweat, and noticed for the first time her latex top had been peeled down and it hung loosely around her waist, as her 36D were free and her nipples very erect. She saw me looking, and lifted her right breast to her mouth and licked her own nipple before standing close to me to lick her left nipple briefly, before pulling away and sitting on the edge of the bed. Legs spread apart, I could see her juices were running freely down her thighs and into and over her knee length boots, such was the impact of Sandi’s cock on her. She looked me in the eye, as she pulled her latex off completely and held it in one hand as Sandi moved beneath me and took over the nipple sucking, whilst pushing his fingers deep into Janet. Again she just looked at me, showing off the pleasure in her face created by Sandi’s attention, and the teasing twinkle in her eye, knowing I was just a sex slave for the evening, at the mercy and abuse of the two best friends.

She stood up then, Sandi, still directly below me, facing the bed, and wanking himself slowly. Janet had produced a condom from somewhere and placed it in her mouth, and going on her knees, she engulfed my cock into her mouth, and as my tip found the condom, she impaled her face onto my cock, rolling the condom down with her teeth to the cock’s base.

I looked at Sandi, and he started moving his ass nearer to me. Janet pulled away, and took my cock in her hand, and placed it gently against Sandi’s hole. He stretched his ass and Janet moved behind me, both hands on my panty hosed ass and pushed me gently into Sandi. He made a small moaning sound as I was slowly pushed deep inside of him. I had fucked Janet up the ass countless times, but this was new to me. My first experience with a bloke, and it somehow felt completely different. Janet picked up her latex top, and put it around my ass, with her still holding either end. Then with Sandi pushing himself up and down my cock, she positioned herself on the bed underneath Sandi, and with her hand, pulled Sandi’s own dick into her. She also groaned as her fucked fanny now took him in again inch-by-inch, and when she had him in comfortably, she pulled both ends of her latex top, that was still wrapped around my ass, towards her. 

With a sudden movement, I had swung deep up Sandi, who in turn was forced deep inside Janet; all three of us gave a choral groaning sound, as Janet controlled the pace of our thrusts with her latex. Every time I was forced deeper up Sandi’s ass, the deeper he fucked Janet. My balls slapped hard against Sandi’s and I could hear him moaning louder and louder as Janet herself was screaming with delight. Suddenly Sandi let out an almighty groan, and Janet joined in with “yes, that’s it…fill my hole baby, yes, all of it in, deep inside me” whilst still controlling my thrusts up his ass. As he came I could feel his ass muscles tightening and loosening, tightening and loosening, making my dick throb with anticipation of coming itself, but I was not allowed to as Sandi suddenly bucked his ass towards me and I went flying out of his ass. 

He lay on the bed next to Janet and I just hung there swinging in mid air panty hose around my ass, and my dick hanging out – I felt like a complete slut. He climbed up to the top of the bed as Janet got on all fours again, this time with her soaking cunt facing me. She threw her latex behind my neck, and gave the ends to Sandi, then positioned herself so she could lick Sandi’s still hard cock clean. Sandi pulled the latex so I surged forward, nose first into Janet’s love hole, and between slurps, Janet instructed me to lick Sandi’s juices out of her. With the slurping sounds of Janet, and Sandi’s low moaning, I tentatively pushed my tongue into Janet, resulting in her moaning on top of her slurping, and tasted Sandi’s cum. It wasn’t warm, it was hot, and despite the slight salty taste, I started to lick out another man’s cum for the first time in my life. My cock was throbbing overtime now, but I had to concentrate on Janet’s muff, otherwise I may not have been allowed to relieve the tension in my balls. I licked and licked, and I was still finding more, Sandi was obviously a big cummer, and it was starting to pour out of Janet’s cunt fast and I couldn’t take all of it in my mouth and felt the hot liquid dripping down my chin. 

Having now got the taste for another man’s cum, I eagerly lapped up what I could, until Sandi got up and moved away to the other side of the room. Janet turned to look at me and grinned. She pulled off my condom and threw it on the floor, before turning around again and with the help of Sandi pushing towards her, she impaled herself onto my dick. The chain mail on her skirt cold against my skin, but her fanny warm around my cock, and despite my best efforts, I mustn’t have cleaned her out fully as I could feel Sandi’s cum dripping down onto my balls with each thrust, my dick displacing his liquid. Sandi was pushing me gently into her, and then got on his hands and knees himself.

I could feel his warm breath on my balls, and his powerful hands ripped apart my panty hose, as his tongue moved in to lap my ass. He pushed it in gently and I felt myself thrusting deeper into Janet as Sandi himself was now controlling my thrusts with his tongue. All these shagging options I had this night, and I was the only one not in charge of the pace. His tongue was soon replaced by a very wet and cold finger, and it slid in very easily, and soon it was picking up pace as it was thrust deeper and deeper, quicker and quicker, resulting in myself getting deeper into Janet with my balls smacking against her thighs.

“Yes, that’s it, do me bitch, fuck my cunt hard…yes, yes…fill me deep with your cum, fuck me faster bitch”

I tried to fuck her faster, but Sandi was doing it for me. He had two fingers up my ass now, controlling my thrusts as if I was a sex toy he used to shag Janet, slapping my ass just to show good effect, and I was getting deeper and deeper into Janet.

“Fuck that’s good, yes…bitch…do me bitch…fuck me good and hard… AAHH you fucking bitch, that’s it…yes…yes…yes OH YOU FUCKING BITCH FUCK ME DEEP, fill me YES…YES…YES”

To hear her talking like that sent me over the edge, and as she climaxed, with Sandi’s fingers up my arse, I too exploded, deep inside of Janet, gushing hot semen to add to that of Sandi’s still already in there. I came and came, never before had I cum so much, but Janet was milking my dick with her fanny muscles. Eventually, Janet just shivered, fell off my cock and rolled over onto her back, tits loose and skirt separated at the front so it showed her wet glistening fanny drip slowly onto the bed.

I looked at her, and returned the look with a slight smile and a wink. She blew me a kiss and closed her eyes as if to sleep. Whether she did fall asleep I couldn’t tell, as Sandi had now pushed his dick through my ripped pantyhose and started to fuck my ass slowly. He slowly entered, inch by inch, until I felt his balls rest against mine. His hands were on my bum cheeks, gripping them firmly, as he gyrated inside of me.

“You got one tight ass baby” he said, “Just how I like it.” I was expecting long and fast thrusts, but surprisingly for someone so masculine, he was slow and tender with his thrusts, my hole very slowly getting accustomed to the intrusion of something so large, so…male even. I closed my eyes so I could feel the sensation of being impaled on a man’s cock, and could feel my ass tightening around his cock every time he pulled back as if to stop him from leaving. But with every slow long thrust, he penetrated me deeper, and I could feel him every inch, deep inside. I tried to watch below me as I still hung, but couldn’t see anything except for my still hard cock – what? It never stays hard!!- and his black muscular legs between my thighs. He fucked me slow and continuously for about ten minutes, and the longer he went on, I understood why Janet made so much noise. My first cock, and I knew it was an expert one too. He had the length, and fuck me, did he know how to use it. I groaned and screamed in delight, and when I opened my eyes, I could see Janet lying against the pillow, smiling and wanking her clit with one hand while her other scooped out mine and Sandi’s combined cum and alternatively put it in her mouth or on her breasts. I smiled back at her but then screamed at Sandi as he withdrew from my ass. I pleaded with him to put it back, but he came around so his cock was facing my mouth, and he pulled off his condom and threw it on the floor as he pushed his tip into my face.

“Face fuck my dick Babe,” he said, and I opened up to allow the angry swollen head between my lips. He slowly pushed himself in, and my mouth was evidently not as big as Janet’s as I could only get him half in. In contrast my ass felt empty, but now I concentrated on this new task, and puckered my lips and moved up and down his length, dragging my teeth against it occasionally. He grunted and moaned, and I could see Janet taking p position behind him, wearing a well-oiled strap on – one much larger than with what she fucked me with – and with a masterly manoeuvre, entered him. He groaned in delight at this butt receiving / face giving fuck. He held my neck and pulled me further onto him, Janet held his hips, and he bucked his ass towards her, slowly at first, and then with hard thrusts, until he gave out a loud grunt and he forced himself deeper into my mouth as wave after wave of hot cum filled my mouth and throat. I tried to gag, but Janet had pushed the strap on deep inside of Sandi so he could get the full effect during his orgasm, which resulted in him being deeper into my throat, so all I could do was just swallow and swallow. His balls banged against my chin, and I tried to fit them into my mouth too, but when I did, cum came out over my lips and onto my chin.

Janet and Sandi soon backed off, and stared and laughed at me. I had my pantyhose ripped, around my ass, hard cock sticking out a mile and sum all over my tights and face. I felt like a slut before, now I knew I must be one.

Together, after they had stopped laughing, they pulled me down from my trap, and lay me on the bed. I could not feel my arms or legs, but I sure felt my dick when they both kissed each other whilst their mouths were around it. The two tongues expertly lapped it up, kissing the head, shaft, balls and even themselves. I started getting feeling back in my arms, and I stretched out to take hold of Janet’s wet pussy and Sandi’s limp cock and balls, and kneaded them both gently, as another orgasm hit me and I exploded deep into and onto both their faces, both of which just cleaned me up completely. Then they positioned themselves around me, and Janet asked

“Did you enjoy that babe? We’d better get some sleep, the three of us have got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” She smiled sweetly at me and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. “I love you honey.”

She then turned over and put her herself in a spoon position inside of me. Sandi, pulled the duvet over us, and also gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

“I love you too babe.” He said, then positioned himself in a spoon position on the outside of me, leaving the three of us cuddled into each other for the night, with me, their bitch or babe, in the middle, with a juicy fanny in front of me, and a lengthy cock resting between my ass cheeks, both of which will be raring to go when the alarm bell rings in the morning.

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