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Melissa’s Passion

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Horizons was full of surprises that year. I met several of my on-line friends for the first time during the course of the weekend event, but the most exciting aspect of those three days involved two particular members of the Net SF community.

Their names were Melissa and Ian. I had gotten to know Melissa originally in the sci-fi chat rooms, but I quickly discovered that she had a taste for erotica and soon she was turned on to my writing, so our conversations moved over to private chats. Needless to say, we burned up data lines between the two coasts several times a week. Ian, on the other hand, was someone I knew occasionally from the chats, but had never come to know well. He was from the UK and occasionally joined us for private chats when the times matched up, but those sessions never turned erotic.

When Melissa told me she was going to the big Horizons con in Chicago, I couldn’t wait to order my tickets. We agreed we should each get our own rooms, for the sake of appearance, but that she would let me crash in hers when “needed”. We both knew what “crash” really meant, but the sci-fi fan world is probably the biggest gossip forum on entire the planet, so we had to be careful. What neither of us knew at the time, though, was that Ian was going to show up at the last minute, and that changed *everything*…

* * * * *

The pool was a pleasant venue for us to get to know each other. Chatting and laughing, playing games in the water. Just a bit of social, public fun. But as the other hotel and convention guests departed, we found ourselves alone. Ian and Melissa began cuddling on the steps other side while I watched them. It was 2:30 in the morning. Perfect time for what was about to happen…

The two of them a passionate kissing marathon. Her hand grasping the back of his head as their mouths opened wide and their tongues clashed. His arms wrapped around Melissa’s shoulder blades, pulling her close to him. She reached one arm around his waist, below the water line, and pulled him on top of her. Soon she was pinned to the concrete stairs, the water lapping up around them, Ian between her legs, his mouth never breaking from hers. Her arms tightened around him, pulling him firmly down against her ample breasts. Melissa could feel the firmness of his manhood through his trunks, swollen against the soft bulge in her own bathing suit. It was incredibly erotic watching them move together with such desire. I continued to float gently in the shallow end as I observed them, growing more aroused with every minute.

Before long, their kissing and gentle movements rose to an intense orgy of writhing and thrusting. Melissa’s hands clasped tightly over Ian’s ass as he playfully bit into her throat. Her head was thrown back and she gasped and growled deeply. His erection must have been rubbing her roughly down there, because she was thrusting back hard in response. Seeming as if she could wait no longer, Melissa tugged on the elastic of Ian’s trunks and, during one of her passionate thrusts, pulled them aggressively down over his buttocks. Then she used her feet to remove them completely, casting them off to float in the water. After a moment’s shock, Ian continued ravaging Lissa’s throat, but his hands moved to her shoulders, where they grabbed the straps of her suit and pulled them down, tugging the material clear past her breasts. I found myself moving a little closer to the action as Ian admired her chest. Her breasts were large, but very beautiful. They shifted erotically in the water, her nipples tight from the sudden exposure to the coolness around them … or maybe it was Ian. Either way, she was definitely aroused and I knew I needed to be a part of this.

Melissa lifted her right breast to Ian’s mouth. He took the nipple eagerly between his lips, clutching her breast with his left hand like a baby bottle. Meanwhile, I slipped next to her on the stairs and put my over her tummy, holding onto her hip, my knee gently pressing against her left bosom. She turned her head and raised her chin. I cupped her cheek, lowered my lips and kissed her softly, making it last for many long seconds, but Lissa’s tongue pushed through impatiently, burying itself into my mouth. It seared the inside of my cheek, my gums and my teeth before it attacked my own tongue with passionate fury. I felt weak and could barely hold on to her. I had to clutch her hip tighter in order to steady myself. She was burning into my soul.

As Ian continued feasting on her, I let my hand slip from Melissa’s face and drop to her chest. It slid its way down to her other breast, feeling the soft globe, kneading it gently, taking the nipple between its thumb and forefinger and rubbing it, tugging it, making Lissa squirm with delight. Ian, meanwhile, was suckling like a hungry baby, taking her nipple, her areola — as much of her bosom as he could — into his mouth. Melissa writhed and threw her head back, breaking our kiss. I let my own oral attentions wander down to her breasts, feeling the roughness of her nipple against my lips before I took it between them. It was as wonderful to taste her as it was to hear her moans of delight. After so much time sharing virtual affections and creating vivid fantasies about each other, to finally have Melissa’s body in my hands was absolutely incredible! And, to make it extra special, there were *two* of us tending to her ample chest — fondling, squeezing, kissing, suckling, biting — with Lissa contorting underneath us. It was going to be an incredible night.

I snaked a hand downward, running into Ian’s fingers just above her pussy. Together our hands slid downward over the soft bulge in Melissa’s bathing suit, cupping and massaging her covered sex. Feeling the heat of her sex through her clothing, Ian and I began to knead our fingers, clutching and squeezing her mound. We continued sucking and teasing her nipples as Lissa reached down with both hands and clutched the stairs to maintain her balance. She rocked her hips, pressing upward against our hands. It was obvious that she was loving the feel of our hands grabbing at her hot center.

Then both of us had the right idea: at nearly the same time, Ian and I pulled away from Melissa’s chest and moved our attentions downward, watching her breasts floating, lightly swaying in the water as we departed. Together, sliding our fingers under her rolled-down suit, we pulled it smoothly down over her ass, reveling her dark-haired sex. Then we slipped it off her legs and tossed it out into the water to float alongside Ian’s trunks. We sat back for a moment, admiring the thick black triangle between her legs, sometimes blurred as the water covered it, sometimes sharp, damp and glistening when the water receded. Melissa’s slit, visible as her legs moved apart while trying to hold herself still in the water, was partially open, revealing a deep pinkness within, which taunted us, beckoning us to enter. Ian and I took up positions on either side of her legs. I reached out with my left hand and rested the palm at the top of her mound, dropping my thumb down into the cleft of her labia. I began to gently massage near her clitoris while Ian’s fingers invaded her slit, pushing two of them up into her vagina. Together we pleasured her, rubbing and pumping our hands all over her pussy, listening to Melissa stifling gasps of extreme pleasure. Her hips shuddered as they started thrusting against our touch. She rocked her ass, rolling her back in waves, trying to bring on an orgasm. Ian could feel her insides trembling as he worked his digits around inside her birth canal. I rubbed furiously against the bud of her clit, making it harder and causing Lissa to cry out. She was getting close.

Then Ian pulled his fingers out and nudged her legs apart. She spread them eagerly as he slipped between them and lowered his head towards her pussy. I took advantage for the momentary freedom and slid my hand all the way down over her mound, feeling the dampness of her juices covering my fingers, and plunged a couple of my own into her. She was slick and hot inside and it felt so wonderful to touch her there, but then Ian’s face came into view and I withdrew. He brushed his lips and chin against her sex. He began to work around with his tongue, swirling around her clitoris, stroking the edges of her labia, then pushing his tongue forward into her slit. I watched this erotic scene, absently stroking Melissa’s tummy, occasionally dropping down into her pubic hair, and taking in the heady scent of sex mixed with chlorine while listening to the soft moans coming from Lissa’s mouth. She worked her hips, rubbing her pussy against Ian’s face, just as he was working his tongue into her body. I wondered how long either of them could hold out…

Eventually Ian pulled his mouth away from Melissa, his face covered with her juices, and offered me an opportunity a taste of our lover’s bounty. I anxiously replaced him between her legs and, taking her sumptuous buttocks into my hands, lifted her above the water and lowered my head to feast on her enticing sex. My mouth was greeted by the salty, tangy flavor of her passion, yet it seemed as sweet as nectar in my mind. I plunged my tongue deep into her, thinking of all the times we had talked on-line and on the phone about making love, and I gave everything I could to pleasure her. I was enjoying the taste and aroma of Lissa’s beautiful body, experiencing her hot, wet passion in a very special way.

I kneaded her smooth, round bottom, squeezing the powerful muscles of her ass and stroking the crevice with my fingers. Back and forth I worked them, spreading her cheeks wider as they worked toward her anus. As my tongue drew wide circles between her labia, my thumbs began to pull her puckered aperture open, using the moisture running down from her pussy to smooth the way for my thumb to enter her. I heard Melissa gasp as it disappeared into her body, sliding up to the root. I could feel her muscular ring gripping it tightly, amid the slick, wet smoothness of her hot rectum. I began moving my thumb back and forth and recruited the palm of my other hand to rub the top of her mound while I continued to devour her open slit.

I was so caught up in performing for Melissa, that I hadn’t seen what she had done to Ian. She had coaxed the poor boy to kneel on the steps and straddle her face. The combination of cool water and desire for Melissa had done a great job of stiffening Ian’s manhood. I had a perfect view of it now and I was stunned by its size. It was long and wide and curved slightly towards the tip, pointing straight down towards Lissa’s waiting lips. His scrotum was contracted tightly, revealing the exact size and shape of his testicles, which seemed to be the size of walnuts. Ian’s sex was a fine specimen of manly power and beauty, and he was preparing to put it to excellent use as he braced himself on the rails and lowered the shuddering prong towards Melissa’s hungry mouth. She took the head between her lips, causing Ian to let out a hiss of pleasure, and reached up with her hand to encircle the base of his member with her thumb and forefinger. Bit after bit of his penis disappeared into Melissa’s mouth, while her hand gently stroked the bottom few inches. Then her head started to move up and down slightly, sliding smoothly over his member. Ian’s ass tightened and kicked into motion, lightly thrusting himself into her steaming mouth, pushing his hardness deeper into her throat. By now his groaning had grown beyond a whisper and was almost hoarse with pleasure.

Meanwhile I tried to keep up with stimulating Melissa’s pussy, still licking and stroking her most intimate places. I replaced my thumb inside her bottom with my index finger, giving me more depth and more control over the movement of the tip as it explored every inch of her rectum. My lips and tongue smeared themselves all over her slit, in and out of her body, spreading the thick moisture of her sex everywhere. I tasted every corner of her mound, sucking on her labia, drawing circles inside her vagina, flicking her clitoris with the very tip of my tongue — I even darted it down over her anus a few times, much to Lissa’s delight. It was after I plunged three fingers into her, working them around while licking her clitoris, that she began to quiver inside. An orgasm was building within her loins, and I had no doubt that it would be a powerful one.

While Ian thrust more rapidly and with deeper strokes into Melissa’s throat, she was beating his erection rapidly near the base, sucking the tip and massaging his testicles with her other hand. His incredible size didn’t seem to intimidate her at all — it just excited her all the more. I knew that, when he came, there would be a big surge behind his orgasm, having to shoot down the great length of his member like that would be like a bullet firing down a rifle barrel: it would be a massive explosion.

I didn’t have long to wait for either of them to cum.

Melissa’s stroking increased. She added her thumb to the underside of Ian’s manhood, pressing in on the bulge of his urethra, and pumped faster. His hips began trusting harder, as did hers. I could feel her legs closing up around my ears as she crushed my head between them. Her pussy clamped down on my hand as I brought her to orgasm. The sphincter of her anus gently pulsed around my finger while the rest of her insides tightened and twisted in release. Even buried, near deaf inside her loins, I could hear her moaning through the mouthful of penis. Melissa’s hand clutched Ian’s cock tightly and moved even faster, beating it furiously while trying to keep the tip in her mouth. Finally, she pulled her mouth back and flicked her tongue rapidly over and under the tip of his erection, at the same time stretching out a long finger from his balls to probe his anus. That sent him all the way over and Ian began to buck, his hips pounding downward, and cry out.

“Uhn, uhn! Lissa, I’m … cumming!” he grunted.

She could feel his anus pulse and his manhood throb as she jerked her thumb and forefinger in short, rapid strokes against the base of his organ. Moments later Melissa’s face was showered with long, white ropes of cum that sprayed from of the tip of his flailing penis. It coated her lips, her tongue, her cheeks, her chin … some of it even landed in thick globs in her wet, raven hair. Then she took him back into her mouth and I watched the underside of his member twitch as the semen continued its squirting inside her mouth. She swallowed it greedily, her throat undulating with every gulp.

Just before she was painted with Ian’s spewing seed, I was working multiple fingers into Melissa’s body. I had been watching his muscular buttocks shuddering as he thrust himself into our lover’s mouth and Lissa’s fingers massaging his impressive genitals. I was s aroused that I began pounding my hands against her mound and ass. She was so tight and hot and wet inside both openings, and her hips were jerking so wildly, that I knew she would be coming any second. It was the moment of his ejaculation that triggered her orgasm. She lifted her ass into the air several times, pumping against my hands. Her anus and vagina both convulsed, clenching and relaxing rapidly around my invading fingers. Juices flowed from her throbbing pussy, coating everything around her loins, including my hands. I kept my fingers inside her the entire time, allowing myself the pleasure of feeling her orgasm in my own way.

Soon Ian’s manhood started to diminish in size, allowing it to fit all the way into her mouth. She used both hands now to gently knead his balls and milk the last of his seed from within. Seconds later he was completely drained of cum and of strength, and could barely hold himself above her. He leaned forward, catching the top stair as he pulled away from her, panting heavily, his limp member slipping from her mouth and dangling above her face. Lissa gently caressed his hips and thighs, occasionally kissing and nuzzling his genitals, until he was able to move again. Stiffly, Ian crept down the concrete steps until he was beside her. Then, reaching around her body, he pulled himself close to her, his chest against her breast, and lay his head on her shoulder. For a moment or two they were still, then Melissa, brushing the spent semen from her mouth, leaned into Ian and kissed him warmly. His hands caressed her arms, her shoulders, her breasts — reveling in the beauty of her body and the warmth of her kiss — as Lissa lay back into the water, taking Ian with her, his head finally resting between her breasts. It was a beautiful, romantic sight.

I lay my head against Melissa’s tummy, just above her womb, and gently brushed the outside of her sex, twirling my fingertips playfully in her pubic hair. Then a reached around and caressed her hip and thigh, stroking the side of her right buttock. I felt her hand rest on the top of my head, running her fingers through my hair and drawing a line along the shell of my ear. The room was very quiet now, with just the occasional ripple of water or start-up of a heating system somewhere breaking the silence. It was quite peaceful.

A few minutes later I felt her tapping lightly on my temple, followed by her sultry voice.

“Hey, it’s your turn.”

My heart leapt. Her legs parted as I moved back into the water to remove my swim shorts. Nervously I pulled them down, trying not to be self-conscious about my genitals. I was nowhere near being as well-endowed as Ian, though I knew I had usable, if not somewhat impressive equipment. Funny that I should be more concerned about Ian’s reaction than Melissa’s. Perhaps it was just the leftover dominance and submission impulses humans had as primitive men. Or maybe it was a kind of jealousy or even vanity on my part. In any case, Melissa’s eyes lit up at the sight of my erect member and she encouraged me forward by using her fingers to pull her slit wide open, revealing the deep pink tunnel that led straight to her womb. With only a moment’s hesitation, I knelt between her legs and positioned myself over her, brushing the head of my penis briefly over her rough forest, then down into the cleft of her sex. I felt the familiar tingle of initial contact as my hardness slid in between her labia. Melissa adjusted her pelvis a little, allowing me to penetrate further. I started to rock my hips, which helped me spread her lubricant around. Then I moved my hands down over her hips and grasped her buttocks, pulling her up, and sank myself into her pussy, all the way up until my balls were pressed firmly against her ass.

“Uhhn!” we both gasped, as she took me inside.

What I had been dreaming of for many long months was finally coming true — we were making love. Unable to think clearly for the moment, I just began moving, pumping into Melissa with a steady rhythm, concentrating on the searing heat of her deep, wet sex. I clutched onto her bottom, using the strength of my passion to hold her in the air while we ground together. Her loins were swaying just above the waterline and her breasts bobbed and rolled with each of my thrusts. I noticed Ian’s hands creep over Lissa’s chest, grasping and massaging her bosoms with excitement, adding to the pleasure she was receiving from our lovemaking. The look on his face was all I needed to know he was enjoying this as much as we were.

I was just letting myself settle into the pace of intercourse when, after Ian looked up for a second, he nudged us frantically. We were so startled by this that Melissa and I pulled apart, sitting upright on the stairs. Through the frosted glass at the far end we could see silhouettes moving. Quickly we grabbed our floating swimwear and crawled up the stairs. The lights in the pool area had been dimmed by one of the guests earlier in the evening, so there were lots of shadows to hide among, but it was difficult to fully mask three gleaming wet, nude bodies. Finally we dove into the sauna just as the door opened on the other side of the room. If it wasn’t for the heart-pounding anxiety we felt at the risk of being caught, the scene would have been pretty sexy. Here we were, two naked men and a naked woman in a dark, secluded space, pressed closely together, trying to get a look out the cracked doorway. Melissa’s breasts were pressed roughly against Ian’s back and my half-erect penis was wedged pleasantly into the crevice of her buttocks. But we were too nervous to think about it that way as we watched the two security guards do a quick sweep of the area.

“What d’ya think about all these geeks, Rick?” one of the asked his partner.

“Some of ’em are pretty weird, Andy. But I have to admit, I always have fun whenever they’re around.”

“Why’s that?”

“You see the way some of those girls dress? They don’t leave much to the imagination.”

Andy grinned. “Yeah, you’re telling me!”

They stopped at the door on the other side of the pool, where Rick turned to Andy. “Oh, and then there was last year. I found two dykes in the all-together goin’ at it like cats in the sauna. It took ’em five whole minutes before they realized I was standing there watching!”

Andy playfully punched his friend in the upper arm. “You lucky bastard!”

The door closed and they were gone. We let out a collective sigh of relief. But instead of congratulating ourselves on not getting caught, we nearly burst out laughing, amused at our luck.

“It’s a good thing they didn’t try to look in the sauna *this* year,” said Ian.

Not wanting to get ourselves kicked out of the hotel, we started to put our suits back on. It was a bit of a disappointment to watch Melissa pull her one-piece up to cover the luscious triangle of her pussy, which only minutes before I had been deeply joined, and then to watch her hide her gorgeous breasts beneath the tight-fitting fabric — it seemed almost a crime. But finally we were dressed and, after listening quietly once more, slipped quietly from the sauna and over to the far door…

* * * * *

We hardly had a moment’s rest once we got back to Melissa’s room. She put us to work right away, having us help her out of the wet suit which tightly hugged her body. Ian and I performed our task with pleasure, slowly pulling down the straps and peeling the clingy material away from her smooth, cool skin. Together we pulled the front from her impressive bosoms, taking a moment to massage each breast until it was warm and supple, the nipples hard and swollen. Then we knelt beside her like attending servants and drew the fabric down over her hips, slowly exposing the matted black tufts of her pubic hair and the beautiful smooth globes of her behind. We let our hands move lovingly over her lower erogenous areas, caressing her for several long seconds before continuing to undress her. Finally the suit dropped to the floor and she stepped quickly out of it. We stood up and moved in front of Melissa, roving our eyes admiringly over her nude form. She was even more gorgeous in full light — a tall, buxom woman with a sweet round face, a full-figured chest, broad hips and shoulders, luscious red lips, a sensuously round ass and a dense mound of silky black hairs covering her sexual center. She was absolutely beautiful.

Stepping toward us, Melissa reached out and slipped her arms around our backs, pulling herself close to us. We felt her breasts press into us. I put my right arm around her back and dropped my left hand down to gently cover her mound. She raised her mouth to mine and gave me a full, wet kiss. Ian put his arms around her shoulders and began kissing her throat, then up her neck to her chin and on to her cheek. I moved my kisses downward and Lissa switched to giving Ian the full pleasure of her mouth. Back and forth we went, exchanging kisses with her and tantalizing her body with our affections. It must have been like watching a tennis match, the way Melissa’s lips alternated between Ian’s and mine. After a while, we each settled on a favorite breast and poured on the attention. We were licking and tugging on the various parts of her succulent fruits. The whole time my fingers were massaging her pussy, rubbing her clitoris frantically while we feasted on her mounds. Occasionally, Ian’s fingers would join mine in sliding between her wet lips and penetrating her body. Soon Lissa was shaking in our arms, her ass bucking as she came into our hands. She gasped and whimpered for the duration of her orgasm, then relaxed for a moment before plopping herself on the end of the bed and collapsing onto her back.

“Oh, Jesus … you guys are awesome.” She whispered weakly.

I smiled at her and knelt onto the mattress, but Ian headed for the bathroom, saying something about not having had a chance to pee for a while. Before the door closed, Melissa and I were kissing. She held my cheek in her hand and looked into my eyes.

“I’m sorry about what happened in the pool,” she confessed. “It was beginning to feel wonderful.”

I took her hand and kissed it. “It’s all right, Melissa, we have plenty of time to make love.”

We exchanged another moist kiss.

“Do you want to do it now?” she asked.

I shook my head. “We don’t have to rush. I like pleasuring you, it’s fun.”

A broad smile cracked her face.

“Then I have an idea. Here, lie down with your head at the foot of the bed.”

I did as instructed while Lissa moved out of the way and onto her knees. Before I was even settled she had started removing my swimsuit and, without even a cursory glance at my sex, pulled them the rest of the way off cast them across the room. I shifted my hips nervously as her gaze settled on her primary target: my fully erect phallus. She gripped the base and let out a slight “mmmmm” before plunging her moist lips over the head, taking the whole thing into her mouth.

“Eeyah!” I cried, gasping for air as the burning warmth engulfed me completely. I had watched her perform this on Ian and thinking back to that alone made me feel like exploding myself.

I lifted myself up on my hands and watched Melissa’s head bobbing rapidly between my legs. I parted them slightly to let her have access to my testicles, which she grasped eagerly with her other hand, letting her fingers dance gently over them. I let out soft moans and lightly pumped my hips.

“You … are so … good at this. Too damn … good,” I grunted and fell back onto the bed, digging my fingers into her hair.

But as soon as I was getting into it, she stopped sucking me and slipped off the bed. She saw my frown and smiled back.

“Be patient,” she admonished and came to the foot of the mattress.

Kneeling on the bed, Melissa crawled over me, brushing her breasts past my face, down my chest, and resting them against my tummy. She positioned herself in the classic 69, lowering her mouth onto my engorged cock, her pussy right over my face, its slit glistening wet. I went for it hungrily, clasping my hands onto her buttocks and pulling her loins down so I could feast on it once again. The burning heat of her mound touched my lips and my tongue slid out, licking her eagerly, working itself into the folds of her sex, prying them open to taste her tangy juices. As I devoured her, my hands caressed and squeezed her behind, ran up her back, circled underneath to clutch her breasts, then came back to her plump ass and started the cycle over again. Slowly Lissa’s hips began to rock, sliding herself around on my face. While doing this, she pleasured my hardness more aggressively, gliding her mouth up and down over me faster, and gently kneaded my balls with her fingertips. Then *my* hips started to pump, thrusting my penis into her throat, and added my hands to the task of pleasuring her — a thumb on her erect clitoris and another rubbing into her anus — making her moan around my manhood. We were about to pick up the pace when everything changed…

Something warm brushed through my hair and I lay my head back to discover that it was the thick, leathery bag of Ian’s scrotum. He was standing at the foot of the bed, his hands holding onto Melissa’s hips while the underside of his penis rubbed along the crevice between her buttocks. He pulled back slowly and soon I was confronted with the sight of his fully erect manhood as it slipped off her cheek and bounced rigidly in the air above my face. His hand then wrapped tightly around the base and he used it to point his massive member towards Lissa’s damp pussy. The swollen head moved closer to her luscious folds and I quickly slid my thumbs down to either side of her labia, pulling them apart for him.

“What’s going on –?” asked Melissa, slipping her mouth from my member, but he replied without words. Ian had pushed the glans of his penis into her sex at that moment and got her undivided attention. She was so wet that he managed to slide himself all the way into her in the next second, giving a loud grunt of pleasure as he did so.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.

His hips started thrusting, pumping the immense shaft of his cock back and forth into her mound. I just lay there, enjoying the show. It was incredible, seeing his erect phallus sliding back and forth into her dark-haired pussy, watching it move between the hungry folds of her womanhood. Each time he thrust into her, his balls would press against her pubis, spreading lubricant into her silky forest, matting the hairs even more. The action of his lovemaking shook her whole body, making Melissa gasp with each penetration. Soon they were locked into the deep rhythm of sex, his hands gripping her hips, pulling her ass hard against himself.

Amazingly, Lissa managed to turn at least some of her attention back to my penis, taking it once again into her mouth and pleasuring me passionately. I decided to reciprocate by sliding my hands between her chest and my stomach and grabbing her breasts, kneading them fully with my hands and squeezing her nipples. Then I returned my mouth to her womanhood, flicking her clitoris, sometimes painting the upper part of her pussy with the whole of my tongue. Soon Ian was bucking, pounding into Melissa, his balls sometimes rubbing against my forehead or down onto the bridge of my nose. I found the scent of his scrotum, mixed with Melissa’s own odor, to be very arousing. Occasionally, my tongue would rub over the underside of Ian’s penis or his testicles, allowing me to taste the mixture of his skin and her juices. I didn’t want to freak him out too much, though, so I mostly concentrated on her pleasure.

As I continued to lap up the juices around her clitoris, I brought a hand up over her ass so I could use a finger to probe her anus. Ian’s thrusts had worked a lot of her lubricant around the aperture, so my index finger slid easily into her, and I turned it around inside her ass. Already her rectum was quaking as another orgasm welled up inside her loins, making her womb and ovaries shudder with mounting joy. Ian could feel her vagina begin to clamp around his erection and I felt her mouth slip from my manhood and her hand take over as she let out a cry of ecstasy.

“Ian! Oh God, Ian, I’m cumming! Fuck me!”

At her words he began pumping faster, slapping his thighs against her buttocks, pistoning his cock towards her waiting uterus. I could feel his swollen erection moving through the wall of her rectum. I wondered if he could feel me pressing against his penis? The pressure in Ian’s loins started to rise higher and higher and his breathing turned to ragged gasps.

“Melissa! Uhn, God, I’m gonna cum!”

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to experience Ian’s orgasm, so I pulled my hands from Lissa’s buttocks and let my head fall back, watching his penis pumping deep into in Lissa’s mound. More and more he was grinding against her rather than thrusting in and out, so I knew his climax was imminent. At the last instant, I decided to take a chance. I was afraid it would put Ian off, but I hoped the heat of passion would make this add to his pleasure instead of detract from it. I raised my right hand and clutched his scrotum. My palm gently kneaded his testicles while my thumb rubbed against the underside of his member and my ring finger probed the area behind his balls. I heard a muffled groan from above and in a flash I could feel his orgasm. The muscles in his perineum began to pulse, his scrotum tightened until its surface was rough and creased like a piece of dried fruit, and his penis started to throb. I could feel the semen coursing through his urethra as it passed my thumb on its way out of his body.

Meanwhile, Melissa continued to stroke the base of my member with her thumb and forefinger while she shuddered in spasms of orgasmic delight. Her whole body seemed to be experiencing the fervor of her climax. Her loins quivered as her vagina clamped hard around his spurting manhood and her uterus convulsed fitfully. She felt her arms go weak and she collapsed into my lap, burying her face against my genitals as she writhed in deep bliss. The intensity of her moans and cries tantalized my sex. Through all this, she still managed to pleasure my erection, bringing the whole event closer to a complete three-way explosion.

What pushed me over the edge was realizing that, after several seconds, Ian was still cumming and that his semen was suddenly flowing out around the sides of his cock. White fluid spread out over her labia and smeared into her dark hairs. The sight of this made em imagine how much he must have spilled inside here, flooding her cervix, her womb and the walls of her vagina. At the same moment Lissa plunged her mouth back down over my erection, taking me down to the root. The arousal of watching their climax, together with the spreading warmth of her mouth on my manhood, made me explode. My hips flew upwards, driving the head of my penis into her throat. Her fingers massaged my balls in their tight sac, kneading the seed from its delicate pouches, and coaxing it through my loins, past my prostate, along the barrel of my hardness and out into her throat. Melissa could feel my ejaculate splattering against her tonsils and she begin swallowing my semen hungrily. As she drained me, I buried my face against her mound and Ian’s testicles and let out a passionate scream.

“Mmmm, uhhhn, UHHHHN! Oh God, oh God! Mel-liss-aaaah!”

My face came away with streaks of Lissa’s and Ian’s juices on its cheeks. The combined scent of their sexes and my sweat were too much and I found myself diving back up and lapping my tongue over their intimate places. I drew long strokes with the tip from her perineum, along her slit, to the underside of his penis and his balls. I licked for several seconds before the passion waned and all of us began to relax. Ian’s penis grew soft (though even in his flaccid state he was still quite impressive) and he slowly withdrew it from his lover’s sex, which remained parted afterwards. Melissa lowered her hips once he was gone from her body and I found myself nuzzling her matted forest of hair and slippery folds, while caressing her buttocks. Panting, she still managed a soft moan around my genitals (which were now completely drained of their seed), then let the head of my penis fall from her lips.

Aching in the most wonderful ways possible, we stirred ourselves and moved to more comfortable positions on the bed. Melissa flumped onto her back, crashing her head into a stack of pillows. She clamped both hands firmly over her mound and squeezed tightly, raising her ass and causing her whole body to shudder as she thought about the incredible passion she had just experienced. She closed hr eyes and tried to relive all three orgasms in her mind: the throbbing of her own pussy, the pulsing of Ian’s cock in her loins, and the spurting of my cum in her mouth.

“Oh God, that was *so* fucking good!” she muttered aloud, then collapsed, panting and sighing.

Ian and I cuddled up next to her, weakly, and lay our heads against her shoulders, wrapping our arms across her chest. We lay that way for a very long time, never speaking, but thinking about various aspects of our feelings for one another. At one point I fell asleep and, waking sometime later on my back, found myself partially covered by a blanket, with Melissa’s beautiful back and bare buttocks to my left. She and Ian were asleep, face to face, gently wrapped in each others arms, with her right hand draped over her behind, where it lay lightly on my hip. It amazed me how she could share her affection so, cuddling closely with the man who had just cum, intimately, inside her body, yet find a little part of herself to give to the other man who had also pleasured her. I was learning to admire her with every passing hour…

So, closing out our night of lovemaking, I rolled to my side, pressing my chest against Lissa’s back and my thighs against her bottom, lay my arm across her hip and let my hand fall between hers and Ian’s bodies, resting the fingertips gently in her pubic forest. I fell back to sleep with the scents of sex in the room and chlorine in her hair, along with something distinctly Melissa that made me dream of stormy nights, dim corridors and blazing, passionate eyes in the dark.

* * * * *

I awoke suddenly with Melissa looking right into my eyes as she prepared to lower herself down over me. Things were hazy, but it was light inside the room, so figured it was late morning. I shook my head and struggled to keep my gaze fixed with hers. Lissa was straddling my hips. She held my growing erection in her hand, rubbing the tip playfully over her wet slit. Her eyes glowed with the same sexual hunger I had seen the night before in the pool, when she first took me inside her. Her raven hair was frayed in all directions, a remnant of the wild night of lovemaking we had shared with Ian, but nothing could dim the beauty of that sensuous face. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as she suddenly forced herself onto my rigid cock. The overwhelming sensation of being consumed by her fiery center forced me to let out a stifled gasp of pleasure. With a single, aggressive motion, I was complete engulfed by Lissa. Her sex burned with intensity and I felt myself beginning to tremble. We stay joined on the bed, motionless: Melissa atop me, leaning forward with her hands on either side of my shoulders, breasts slightly swaying, her nipples just brushing my chest hairs. The silence in the room was liquid, like being slowly immersed.

Melissa held herself atop me, resting her buttocks on my upper legs, feeling the burning stem of my manhood buried within her ravenous loins. The tight sac of my testicles pressed against her anus, her searing juices flowing slowly down over them. I raised my hands to her shoulders, caressing them, sliding down over her arms, then back up, then down her chest. I let them fall over her breasts, clutching them with the nipples in my palms, and kneading them. Lissa’s eyes never broke from mine as her hands tore mine away from her body and intertwined our fingers. Our palms pressed together as she used them to support her weight while she began to rock back and forth. We were finally moving together and I was completely in her power.

We established a smooth rhythm of lovemaking, Melissa’s rocking hips causing my member to piston inside her. Her breasts swayed in response to the motion, bringing them closer to my hungry mouth, but still too far to satiate my hunger. I drew my knees up a little and began lifting her with my hips, which made her lean forward. Our hand were still intertwined and our fingers were turning white, but we continued to brace each other. Now her ample bosoms were within sight and I lunged my head up to feast. Lissa’s skin was softest on her breasts. The creamy smooth skin, rough brown areola, and gumdrop nipples called to me and I sampled each one carefully. Licking the body of one breast, kissing the other. Drawing circles around the areola of one and tugging the nipple of another with my teeth. Finally taking as much of one into my mouth as I could, soaking it. The feel of her skin, combined with scent and taste of her sweat, was so sensual. I wanted more of her.

By now our arms were giving out and Melissa heaved her breasts onto my chest. She slipped her head down to kiss my cheek, then drew the tip around the shell of my ear, down over my throat and neck, then finally up to my mouth. The kisses were even hotter and more passionate than before, now that we were finally joined. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and I savored the taste. I couldn’t get enough of her and I clasped the back of her head with one hand, trying to pull her closer. Her body writhed against me, her nipples scraping my chest, her ass swaying, shifting itself around my penis, causing her sex to tighten and relax. My heart beat faster and I slid my hands roughly down her neck, over her back and onto her sumptuous ass, clutching it tightly. In response she sat upwards and arched her back. Her breasts jutted out fully in front as she threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream of pleasure before starting to pound her hips up and down onto my raging hardness. I fought back by pumping up quickly and passionately into her pussy while holding her bottom, bringing her womb closer to my tip. I was rushing towards climax when suddenly she stopped moving.

“Uhn, no! Please, please don’t stop. Not now!” I cried.

“Shhh, keep still,” she admonished.

Melissa remained perfectly still while I nearly cried out, begging her to let me thrust into her. I moved my hands forward to her chest, clasping her massive breasts, kneading them, thumbing her nipples, mashing them against her chest, grinding them — expending the building erotic energy building inside me. Anything to make her give and let me thrust, but she remained adamantly still. Worse yet, to tease me, she dropped her hand behind her and slid it under her ass to clasp my scrotum. I almost yelled as she began to gently knead my testicles, which only increased my urge to thrust up towards her uterus.

“You … are so … evil!” I cried.

Melissa frowned. “I don’t want you thinking that, my love. Here, how’s this…”

Suddenly she raised herself almost all the way off of my cock and slammed her body back down. The searing heat and soft, velvety glove of her vagina nearly forced me to ejaculate, but I held on. Then we started moving again, settling back into our original rhythm. I looked into her soulful eyes as we made love. Each of us could tell that the other was happy to finally be joined. After sharing so much of ourselves on-line, it seemed right and fateful to be sharing our bodies to express the love we had formed in cyberspace. And, in a few moments, the climax of that sharing would overcome us both and we’d truly be one.


I was beginning to wonder what Ian was doing. He has been laying on the far side of the bed when we started, but I got so tied up in Melissa that I wasn’t aware of anything else after that, until he spoke.

“Oh my God…”

Ian had moved to the foot of the bed and had been watching us. He obviously liked what he was seeing: the long, slender shaft of my penis buried inside Melissa’s open, wet slit, which was ravenously devouring me. My balls tight and ready to issue their hoarded seed. Lissa’s glistening anus, flaring open with each thrust of her pelvis. The sight made him hungry for her and he moved in, rubbing his manhood to full erection as he approached. Melissa saw me looking and craned her head back, smiling at him, and wiggled her ass a little. I could see him kneel on the bed and move up behind her, his hands stretched out to her shoulders. She lolled her head in pleasure as he kneaded them, working his hands down over her shoulder blades, following her spine and finally spread out to circle her hips and buttocks. Melissa was swaying with him in a sensual, erotic dance, while he gently rested his erection against her lower back. She could feel his tight balls rubbing against her bottom, then his whole cock, sliding over her sweaty skin in time to our own lovemaking beat. Each sway brought the tip of his manhood further down along the split of her ass. Eventually he grasped the base of his penis and guided the tip downwards, flicking it teasingly over her anus several times, each stroke making her gasp slightly. Then I felt the tip of him — the head — brushing the exposed parts of my own cock. He was smearing himself with Lissa’s lubricant, coating his member from side to side.

I had an idea what he was up to, so I stopped pumping into Melissa. She gaze me a quizzical look, but I reassured her.

“Stop for a minute, love. Let me out.”

She looked shocked. “I don’t want to.”

“Just for a moment, sweetheart. I think you’ll like the result.”

Ian watched as Melissa raised her hips and my penis slipped out with a slurp. He was greeted by her wide open sex, still hungry and waiting. He shifted his legs and hips, then plunged himself — the whole nine inches — into her pussy.

“Uhhhhn! Ohhh, ohhhh God!” she exclaimed.

Ian pumped deeply into her, generating lubricant to coat his whole manhood, for about half-a-minute, then he pulled out, leaving Lissa trembling. She dropped her hips and I quickly slipped my hardness back inside her, not wanting her to feel empty. She was still shuddering as we joined once more, but I kept her still, caressing her face as we waited. Then she felt the tip of Ian’s member pressing into her anus. She breathed in a gasp. He let it rest there for a moment or two before gently pushing forward, nudging her sphincter. It parted, allowing the glans to penetrate. Melissa’s eyes widened and she took in another gasp of air. Ian began a gentle thrusting motion to work the lubricant around inside her, moaning over and over again. Each time his cock would slip inside a little further, then further, then further. Each penetration made Lissa grunt or gasp. It was the first time she had let any man inside her nether place with his member. Now he was making long, smooth thrusts, pumping his shaft until he was completely inside her rectum. Then he went perfectly still.

The three of us were frozen like statues. I could feel Melissa trembling above me, her breath ragged, her nipples gently resting against my chest. Ian’s balls pressed right against mine. Both of us were repressing our instincts to thrust passionately into this beautiful, voluptuous woman. The potential for explosion was building rapidly when we suddenly started moving. It seemed perfectly-timed, almost intuitive, the way we began to make love together. I continued my thrusts into Melissa’s pussy. Ian, holding onto Lissa’s hips, engaged in driving broad, deep strokes into her and I could feel the movement of his cock through the walls of flesh between us, as well as the tingly sensation of his hairy scrotum rubbing over mine.

Melissa could lift her upper body and shift her hips a little, otherwise she was pretty much pinned between us. But she was loving every second of it: two men, with their big penises — no, big *cocks* — pumping inside her body, filling the orifices of her loins, seemingly ready to rip her apart. The synapses of the sexual part of her brain were firing again and again, sending waves of ecstasy searing through her body. Her insides trembled with delight, constantly on the verge of orgasm. Her voice wailed with cries of passion and pleasure as she reveled in the love of two men.

Ian was filing her rectum completely, his balls slapping wetly against her perineum with each thrust, or they would rub against my own testicles, creating a wonderful sensation in my loins. The tip of my penis drove nearer to Melissa’s womb, sometimes coming within millimeters of hitting her cervix. I longed for release into her body, so I could coat the entrance to her uterus with my semen. Lissa’s pelvis rocked in time to our thrusts — it was the only way she could move and stay joined with us — her heat building and juices flowing.

The three of us made love for may long minutes. The sounds of sex — soft moans, sighing groans, sudden gasps, whispered words of love — permeated the air. Melissa was the most outspoken, expressing her feelings in gasps for air.

“Oh God. Oh God, this is incredible. Oh, you guys … you guys are so … good to me. You’re gonna make me cum. It’s gonna be … so … beautiful!”

I tightened my hands on her ass and lifted her more with my hips, trying to increase the friction against her clitoris. Ian was all the way inside her now, grinding into her as he tried to trigger his own orgasm. My hands moved all over Lissa’s body: her back, her shoulders, her thighs, clutching and kneading her breasts. She lowered her head to kiss me, then raised up and craned her head back to beg for a kiss from Ian. Then I held onto her hips while Ian reached around front to clasp her breasts. She arched back more and he used this leverage to thrust deeper into her bottom. This is what made Melissa cum.

Throwing her head back, Lissa breathed in a deep gasp and then let out a passionate howl.

“Jesus! You guys … are tearing me … apart! I’m cumming! Jesus fucking Christ, I’m cumming!”

Melissa’s whole body began to shake and shudder — inside and out — as she was rocked by an explosive orgasm. Ian firmly gripped her breasts while holding his penis deep inside her, driving deep it into bowels. He could feel the walls of her rectum undulating over his phallus while the tight ring of her anus fluctuated around the base of his immense organ. I, too, ground myself into Lissa, lifting up my bottom and wriggling underneath her, holding my fullness all the way inside her trembling birth canal. It quivered, flexed, tightened, gripped, and rippled all along the length of my manhood, trying to milk me of my cum, but I tried to hold it back. Listening to her grunts and cries and thinking about what she must be experiencing was creating a tremendous pressure within my loins, but I wanted desperately to wait for Ian to finish so it could be just me and Melissa in the final moments.

Waiting for him didn’t take long, as his breathing became heavy and ragged. Right in the middle of Melissa’s orgasm, Ian’s began. He’d spent a lot of cum already, in the course of our weekend three-way tryst, but now he was prepared to give her everything he had left. He released Lissa’s breasts from his clutching palms and slid them down towards her ass. She fell forward, burying her head against my left shoulder, where she continued to groan with ecstasy. He then forced his penis to its maximum depth by holding her hips and pulling her back over him as far as his strength could allow, crushing Melissa’s buttocks against his bony hips. The head of his cock swelled in the final moments and explosions of delight surged through his loins, pulsing in time with the orgasmic throbs of her anus around the base of his manhood, and unleashed an onslaught of semen into her rectum. Long ropes of white magma erupted against the glistening pink walls of the inside of her ass as he cried out.

“Uhn, Lissa! Oh, baby! God! Love you, love you!”

Ian stayed within her, continuing to grind against her ample buttocks until after the last of his seed was spent. Then he held himself still, catching his breath as his cock diminished in size, but kept it inside her anus until the end.

Finally, I raised up against Melissa, stretching my cock as far as it would go into her body, pressing it right up against her womb. I could feel the incredible tightening in my loins, as if someone’s hand were making a fist around my internal sex organs and squeezing. Then I realized Ian’s hand was coming between our testicles and he cupped my pouch, rubbing the base of my cock with his thumb. He was returning the pleasure I had given him earlier. Now my lower body trembled as the pressure rose within me. I began to thrust my hips wildly under my lover’s body. I slid my hands up her back to her shoulder blades and pulled her breasts tightly against me. I began kissing her head, her cheeks, her ears … then I came. But instead of crying out, I whispered into my lover’s ear.

“Melissa … sweet Melissa … I’m cumming.” She raised her head and looked into my eyes. “I love you, Melissa.”

Her mouth dove onto mine and we began a deep, passionate kiss. Ian felt my balls tighten and the base of my penis swell as fluids began to course through my loins. The rhythmic pulses of my manhood told him that semen was surging down the length of my urethra and that I was about to ejaculate inside our lover. A moment later, cum gushed out the tip of my cock and into Melissa’s vagina, spraying against the entrance to her uterus, coating her cervix with a layer of creamy white passion. For several seconds my seed continued to spurt against her womb, until my glands were emptied of their juices and my testicles were drained of sperm.

The three of us rocked and ground gently together as we exhausted ourselves, orgasmic pleasures ebbed and waned, final drops of semen and lubricant spilling from their orifices. Melissa imagined the events going on inside her body: the contractions of her vagina and anus, the throbbing of Ian’s penis and the release of his ejaculate, the explosion of my cock and the filling of her womb with my cum. It gave her unbelievable pleasures she never imagined she would experience. Pleasures concentrated in one small area of her body, where our loins were joined together. Where we remained joined, even after all the pleasures of climax were gone, because we didn’t want to break that beautiful circle of love. Melissa’s breasts rested against my chest, her head now nuzzled against my neck, my arms warmly around her back. Ian leaned forward, stretched his arms out, rubbed her shoulders and kissed her back. I lay beneath them, coming down from my high, holding Melissa in my arms and gently rubbing Ian’s calves with my feet. We let our breathing ease and our muscles relax before finally extricating ourselves from the scene.

Ian pulled out easily from Melissa’s bottom and lay at the far side of the bed. Lissa rolled gently off of me, letting my member slip easily from her pussy, and lay on her side. I turned to face her, ran my right hand up and down her side, back over her bottom, then up and around the front to her breasts, then finally down to rest over her womb. Ian spooned up behind Melissa, pressing his limp manhood into the crack of her ass, and draped an arm over her chest. We held ourselves close together, cuddling and whispering soft words of love and passion. Ian and I shared kisses with Melissa until she rolled onto her back, exhausted and spent. Then we rested our heads on her pillowy breasts, her arms around us, our hands between her legs, and we drifted off.

* * * * *

We missed a lot of the convention that day — not waking up until after noon. Each of us was a little tired, a little achy, but every time someone asked us how the convention was going for us, we had to smile and get a little surge of energy from remembering what had happened. Though we had to make up something when they asked why we were smiling because they probably wouldn’t have believed us if we’d told them the truth…


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