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Making a Maid at College

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Chapter One

Being Ken and Sandra’s maid and sex slave was one of the happiest times of my life. But I came to realize that I should prepare myself for my future. Linda was ecstatic about my decision, assuring me that with a Business Degree she’d be more than happy to give me employment or at least help to get me started on my own.

My present employers at first weren’t too happy of the prospect of having to find and train someone new. But they did concede, and gave me their blessings as long as I didn’t disappear entirely from their lives. Of course I could never even dream of forever going without the pleasures we shared over the last two or more years together.

But before I begin on the next chapter of my life I guess I should help you get up to date on all that has occurred in the last few years. Shortly after my mother went to see her sister she became ill and found she had a cancer. Sandra immediately took me to see her. The Doctor was very vague about her condition or about any possible cure. We all decided that she should stay with my aunt while she was in treatment. I stayed too, to be close to her. Fortunately, for my mother’s sake, she didn’t suffer for long and in less than a month I returned to my duties as a maid.

I was quite surprised to find out the extant of the nest egg my mother had saved and left me. I had no idea, growing up I had always thought we were poor. I guess my mother worked in principle rather than need. I found myself the owner of a few properties and a hoard of money. It couldn’t replace my mother, but it gave me the opportunity to be whom and what I wanted.

With mostly Linda’s help and guidance and Ken and Sandra’s blessing I found a good therapist and forever left the boy in me behind. Except of course for a penis, and I am still not sure if I ever will want the surgery at this point in my life. I began hormone treatment and legally change my name a year later. I still stayed employed as Sandra’s maid, though I never accepted payment for the job. At least not money, there was so many other rewards to keep me satisfied, both mentally and physically.

Linda helped me get into a school, her old alma mater. Even though I could have paid for a off campus apartment she assured me that I should experience dorm life first hand and that her old school would be perfectly suited to girl like me. The rooms of the dorms were large and each one had its own complete bathroom so I really only had a roommate to keep a secret from. If I wanted too she said with a wink and a grin.

The dorms were ready for occupancy a week before school started and I had hoped to get in early and unpack at least a few of my more personal things in private. You know, my toys and enema kit. So there I was with Linda, Sandra and Ken following behind with most of the boxes entering the dorm where I would be living for the next few years. As I stood at the closed entrance to my room nervously trying to insert the key with shaking hands when it popped open and there stood my new roomy.

“Hy,” She squealed with an excited farm girl accent, “You must be Kary? I’m Deborah Jones, your roommate, Debbie for short, but you all probably figured it out already, about the roommate thing not the name. Come on in and make yourself at home. It is your home away from home now.”

She continued on prattling away as we entered the room and within five minutes she had given us her life story, or so it seemed. She had a very bubbly personality, appearing to be around 19, around five feet tall and about a ninety pounds soaking wet. I found myself liking her at once. I noticed Ken rolling his eyes before setting down the boxes and slipping out for another load. Linda and Sandra both wore amused smiles as they listened.

“Well now, who are your friends?” Debbie asked stopping suddenly to hear.

Linda poked me in my side to wake me up, “These are my best friends, Linda and Sandra and Ken who must of snuck out back to the car.”

“I’m pleased to meet you all.” She said with hand extended and started off on another oration about having an aunt and cousin in town here by the same names. Ken reentered with the last box and Sandra interrupted Debbie to introduce Ken and before she could start again made their excuse to leave.

“I’m sure Kary, that Debbie won’t mind helping you unpack, this is lovely large room but the five of us would just get in each others way and I’m sure the two of you should take the opportunity to get to know each other.” Sandra said with smile.

“I wouldn’t mind one bit.” Jumped in Debbie and off she went on again on how roomies should always be willing to help each other in any way possible.

“Thanks awfully,” I said with a mock sneer, ” I’ll just walk down to the car with you to make sure that I’ve got everything.”

Ken burst out in laughter as we neared the car, ” I’m sure you two will have a great time together Kary dear, that is if you ever get a chance to say anything around her.”

Both Linda and Sandra responded by giving him slaps on the shoulders from opposite sides making him laugh louder.

“Be nice Ken,” Sandra admonished, ” She’s a lovely girl and Kary is lucky to have such an innocent and cute roommate.”

“That won’t last long with our Kary in the next bed I’m sure.” He said over more laughter.

“Quit teasing you Meany.” Linda said wrapping her arm around my shoulder protectively, “Don’t forget you promised us all to come home once a month at least or anytime you want or need too. Of coarse we’ll be expecting an occasional phone call also dear. Try not to forget us to quickly.”

That seemed to be the breaking point for us all and even big strong Kenny got a little teary eyed as we said our good-byes. I stood and watched the car drive away feeling a little lonely. Then, with a sigh, I turned and walked back to my dorm to face my new roomy, a new adventure and a new life.

As soon as the door opened Debbie’s mouth started to run. I didn’t mind at all, it seemed to fill the void the departure of my friends created. I took the opportunity to survey the room and noticed that except for a couple of pictures, there wasn’t very much in the way of Debbie’s personal items. Two beds, two desks and small fridge with a sign saying no cooking in the room, I laid my garment bag on one of the beds and turned to look at Debbie sitting on the other talking away. She exuded a very homey appearance, a perfect peaches and crème complexion and showed no signs of slightest bit of make-up. Natural, straight blonde hair fell to her waist. Smiling to myself I thought she make the ideal farmers daughter poster girl.

“I’m talking too much aren’t I” Debbie said in suddenly shy voice. Looking down at the floor I realized I must have embarrassed her, ” I do it all the time.”

“No, of course not, not at all Debbie,” trying to make feel at ease I added, ” I was just thinking how pretty you are.”

She dropped her head lower and those lovely blonde tresses fell in front to cover the flush that appeared on her cheeks.

Looking up at me shyly she said, ” That means a lot to me coming from someone as gorgeous as you are Kary.”

It was my turn to feel embarrassed and then we both laughed at each other’s discomfort.

“Well,” I sighed, ” I guess I should get this over with.”

“It’ll be all put away in no time at all with the two of us working together.” She suddenly stopped and looked down again and in a meek voice asked, “That’s if you’d like my help?”

“Of course I do,” I said lifting her chin with my fingertips, ” I think it will great fun to have you help. I just want to change into some work clothes first.”

The look in her eyes and the smile she gave me was like the sun coming up, Debbie may only have been a year or so younger than I was but I felt much more older. I felt an attraction start to grow for this innocent little country girl.

“I’ll wait to your changed and I don’t blame you for wanting to change out of those fancy clothes so you won’t ruin them.”

“Well, I’m not worried about that. I’m just more comfortable doing house chores in my uniform. I’ve had to wear for so long now it just wouldn’t feel right without it.”

“Uniform?” she asked with a puzzled look

“I’ll show you.” I said opening up the garment bag. It was the last thing I had put in because I had planned on making sure that everything was clean before I put my stuff away. I was slightly shocked at first, it seems that someone had added a surprise for me with a note attached to the hanger.

My dearest Kary,

I just wanted to make sure you had something special to remind you of us and all the good times we had, just in case you get a little homesick. I still remember the first time you wore this uniform. That sparkle it lit up in your eye and the smile at your own reflection.

Love you.

M. Sandra

“That looks so pretty.” Debbie sighed from beside my shoulder. ” Is it a gift, I wish some one would give me a pretty dress like that.”

“Kind of, I guess,” I replied with a slight catch in my voice, ” it’s the first dress uniform Sandra had given me. You know, to wear for serving at parties or special dinners.”

I pulled the satin maid’s uniform out and held it up in front of myself to show Debbie. At first sight she looked kind of shocked and then her eyes grew very round.

“You were a maid?” She gently touched the hem and looked up at me in awe, “If my Pa saw me in something that short he’d blow his top right off.”

The look on her face and conviction in her voice made me laugh and her blush.

“Would you like to try it on?” I asked.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t. It’s much to fine and wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.”

“Well you can if you want too, I really don’t mind and it is stronger than it looks. After all I did work in it.”

I hung it up on a coat hook on the back of main door in plain sight. Debbie just stared at it with her mouth open. I got out the light blue cotton uniform I had brought with me and went to the bathroom to change. I changed as quickly as I could and five minutes later I found Debbie still admiring the outfit.

She turned and watch as I finished buttoning up the front and stared at me for a moment, shaking her head she exclaimed, “Man, your work clothing is nicer than my church dress.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the look on her face. I went to the garment bag and started to lift out my clothing.

“How about I just hand you things and you can hang them in the closet, okay?” I asked.

“Sure, no problem.”

I just wanted to be in a position to see the look on her face as I unpacked some of the clothing I had picked out on some the shopping sprees Linda and I went on. We always spent a lot of money on the fanciest and daringest out fits we could find. The bigger my cleavage got the more daring the outfits got.

The first four that came out were business suits, I was in college after all, different styles and colors. The only thing they had in common was the very short skirts. I like to show a lot of leg and the lowest one was mid thigh. Next came two long gowns, both were full length and made of the same thin clingy material, but one was red and the other was black. The red was strapless, the black one had spaghetti straps and cut low enough in the front to show lots of cleavage and totally backless almost to indecency.

I listened to Debbie rant on about the suits, how the skirts could be swapped with tops to look like so many different outfits. Her eyes grew wide as she fondle the red gown with a sigh, the black one brought a slight flush to her face and she seemed for once at a loss for words. Debbie’s flush deepened to a crimson when she saw the next item. It was dark blue sequin mini dress, haltered, and split down the front all the way past the navel and of course, it too was backless.

“Your so lucky to have such nice things Kary.” She sighed with a look of envy in her eyes. She looked again at the sequin dress and a mischievous smile play across her face. She looked towards me and held it out.

“Have you really worn this thing out in public?” she asked incredulously.

“Just watch and see me some time little girl.” I replied in a poor Mae West imitation. “I even might let try it out some time.”

We both laughed and Debbie hung up the dress with the others. Then she turned and stepped towards me and squeezed me in a bear hug.

“I just know we’re going to be the best of friends Kary.”

“I couldn’t wish for anymore than that dear.” I answered, trying to keep the excitement I was feeling from my voice.

I could tell she was braless as her small firm breasts pushed into me. Debbie felt as hot as I did. My excitement started to build. I really wanted to kiss her right then there. But I didn’t want to chance breaking the bond of trust that was starting to grow between us. I certainly knew I didn’t want to scare her off. Linda once told me that it’s possible to seduce any one you put your mind to, you just have to figure out a way to make them want you and be persistent. I had already started on a plan to seduce this little country girl and I was sure it wouldn’t take too long to do, especially the way she looked at me with smoldering eyes and flushed cheeks as we broke off our hug and looked into each other’s eyes. We both sighed simultaneously, Debbie giggled at that and it got me more turned on then ever.

“What’s next?” She seemed to purr.

An instant collage of sexy scenes flashed in my head, I wondered if she liked girls or boys, or both, or if she even knew the difference yet.

“That one I guess.” Pointing the case that contained my lingerie. Hoping we might find something to peak Debbie’s curiosity inside of it.

“But first, how about some refreshment?”

“Sure,” Debbie replied quickly, ” But everything on Campus is closed until Friday. We’d have to go into town for it.”

“No we don’t dear,” I moved a couple of boxes and pointed, ” I came prepared, I was warned that I might want to bring some goodies or get use to walking for a few days until I had time to get my car.”

Together we carried it to one of built in desks and Debbie plopped down onto the chair while knelt to open up the cooler. I glanced up and I’m sure she was looking down my top. I sure hope that’s why she turned her face to the window so quickly with a look of guilt on it. I thought I might try to give her a show by twisting my hips to face her with my knees parted enough to show my stocking tops under the short skirt of my uniform.

Keeping my face downwards and to the side I watched her from the corner of my eye while I passed cheese and crackers up to her to set on the desktop. Her hands shook a little more each time her eyes darted down than back up to make sure she didn’t get caught looking again.

Finally standing up with a bottle of wine in one hand and two glasses in the other I looked around the room for the box I had put my utensils in.

“Ah, there it is.” I said emptying my hands I went to the box. Only this time I didn’t kneel. I placed one foot forward with my legs slightly parted and bent at my waist. Knowing that my hem would rise above my stocking tops. I was sure I heard a sigh while I was digging around looking for the corkscrew and a knife and when I turned to face Debbie and her head jerk back to the window. When I got to the desk I sat on the top and crossed my legs so that my knees where almost at eyelevel with her. I noticed how flushed she appeared to be again.

“Do you like wine dear?” I asked trying to sound innocent.

” I don’t know, my parents were against it so I’ve never had any before. I’m sure they wouldn’t approve.”

“Well now Debbie,” smiling as we made eye contact, “They’re not here and what they don’t know won’t bother them will it.”

“They did make me promise not to drink alcohol.”

“Don’t worry dear,” I replied with a sly smile and a wink, ” I’ll cover for you and they’ll never know.”

I filled both glasses and handed one to Debbie, “To close friendships.”

“Yes, to close friendships.” Repeated Debbie.

Looking over the brim of my glass, I watched as she took her first sip of wine. She made a face, as she seemed to swish it around her mouth, took another then smiled.

” It’s not what I expected it to taste like. It tastes good though.” She said and enthusiastically drank down half the glass.

“You should just sip it dear,” I told her, ” If you drink to much to fast it might make you sick.”

For the next half hour we ate and sipped and chatted. Debbie told me about how dull living on farm could be and about how overbearing her father was. He never let any of his daughters go anywhere unless it had something to do with church or school and than there had to be adult supervision. She said she missed her mom, brothers and sisters already, but was glad to be finally away, free.

“Did you have any boyfriends?” I asked

“No,” she replied sadly. ” I didn’t really have any friends in high school. I got teased a lot. Except for Miss Johnson the girl’s gym teacher, she was nice to me. Everybody called her Johnny the Dyke. She wasn’t very big but she was tougher than some of the football players.”

She seemed to brighten almost child-like as she started to tell me about her teacher.

” Miss Johnson even let me call her Marty, which is short for Martha. She’s the one who helped me get here. First she got me a scholarship to this school, and then she got my Pa to let me go. She said it didn’t matter if he’d of let me go or not. She’d have helped me run away if she had too she said.”

She sighed and looked down at her empty glass, ” He didn’t talk to me all summer long, told my Ma to tell what chores he had for me. I know now that he loves me in his own way though. The day I left to come here, he came up to my room with a brand new Bible and said make sure you read the good book at least a half hour a day you here, just like at home and find a good church to go to on Sunday mornings. Don’t you ever be afraid to come home if things don’t work out for ya’. Good luck daughter and make me proud. Then he hugged me for the first time I can remember and I think he was crying, because I saw him rub his eyes as he left the room.”

When Debbie looked back up at me I could see how sad she really felt. A tear glistened on her cheek. I couldn’t help but choke up a little myself and reached out to hold her. She cried on my shoulder for at least ten minutes before she managed to talk.

“I’m so sorry Kary,” She said between sobs, ” The first day we meet and I’m balling like a baby all over you.”

“It’s okay Debbie,” I tried to console her, ” I don’t mind, what are friends for, anyway?”

“Thanks,” she sniffled, ” You are a good friend to say so. Lets get back to it or we’ll be up all night.”

“Sure, if you’re up to it.”

“Of course I am,” she said all puffy eyed, “I want too, really.”

“So?” I asked.

“So, what do you mean Kary?”

“Have you been reading your Bible dear?”

Debbie started to giggle. ” Haven’t even opened it yet.”

I went to a plain cardboard box that Linda gave me for a going away present. It contained a wooden chest of six drawers about two feet wide and three high. Two of the drawers were the full width of the bottom and the four on top were two rows side by side. She told me laughingly, it would come in handy for my unmentionables since I had so many.

“What’s that for?” Debbie asked.

“Linda gave it to me for my underwear,” She looked at me questioningly, “So I can keep the different types all sorted.” I told her.

She looked a little confused so I grabbed the case I had used for my lingerie and went over to the bed and opened it, spreading the contents in neat piles over the bed.

“Wow,” I heard from just behind me, ” I’ve never seen so many different kinds.”

“Why would you need all these?” She asked in awe.

“It depends on my mood I guess.” I replied, ” They make me feel sexy and excited. It sometimes turns on who ever might see me in them too.”

“Kary,” she said with a blush and a giggle, ” you’re so bad.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her as I handed her two of the piles, ” Put the high-cuts and bikinis in the top left drawer for me dear.”

“High-cuts?” She asked shyly, ” Can I see one.”

” Sure, go right ahead,” I replied smiling at her, ” I don’t mind at all giving you an education in the more feminine aspects of ladies apparel.”

Seeing her blushing innocence was really turning me on. I waited until she refolded and placed both piles in the drawer. She seemed to enjoy this and looked so contented I expected her to start humming at any moment.

“Next one down, thongs, g-strings and crotch-less.” I said and watched her eyes go wide as I placed the three piles in front of her

” I really got to see those, crotch-less?”

Debbie shook her head in disbelief as she inspected each bundle. I purposely placed a pair of black, stretch-lace crotch-less on top to see her reaction.

With wide eyes she said, ” I wouldn’t want to wear these with a skirt on a cold day.” She laughed.

I watched her run them over her fingers trying to see how the would go on.

“The little bow goes on top in the front.”

She made the adjustment and stood holding them in front of herself, ” They do look kind of cute, don’t they?”

“I think they’d look perfect on you Debbie.”

“Do you think so,” Then her face turned doubtful ” are you teasing me.”

“No,” I said looking into her eyes, “and I mean it, as a matter of fact I want you to have them. They’re brand new and they still have the tag, see. I insist.”

“No I can’t take them,” she looked at the tag and her eyes went wide, ” they’re much too expensive.” She tried to hand them back to me.

” No Debbie,” I insisted, ” Think of it as a thanks for all your help. Besides a girl as pretty as you deserves something nice. All I ask is to see you I them so I at least know that you’ve tried them on.”

“I don’t know if I could wear theses in front of some one.” She said as she blushed and pulled at the material while I studied her.

I couldn’t help myself from imagining Debbie strutting across the room with nothing but a smile and the panties then pirouetting for my viewing pleasure.

By the time the chest was filled the bottle was empty. I went to the cooler for another and grabbed the box that contained my bathroom supplies. Of course Debbie followed in. She sat on the throne as I organized my things. In just a few minutes I was filling a freshly rinsed tub. Dropping in some lilac bath crystals and foam bubble bath. Lots of it, I wanted the tub over flowing with bubbles that would last awhile to aid in my plan.

“Be right back.” I told Debbie.

I went to get a robe and towel, inside of it I had hidden hose and a corset with half-cups built in to push my nipples up and out. I also grabbed some special sexy, satin panties Linda had given me once that help to hide my special parts. I thought I should be prepared, just in case plan “A” failed.

Back in the bathroom, lilac filled the air and Debbie was still playing with her new panties. I put down my robe and towel and filled both our glasses, placing mine on the side of the tub. I turned to face Debbie and started to undo the buttons on the front of my uniform. I reached down to the last button before she looked up at me and realized I was staring back at her smiling. She turned red instantly and ran from the room apologizing on her way out the door.

I sunk into the hot water and lay back for a few minutes to relax before starting on the next step of my plan. I thought about how big this tub was and if I could?

“Deborah, oh Deborah.” I called out about fifteen minutes later.

“Yes Kary?” she answered almost immediately, her shadow crossed the doorframe.

“Be a dear and pass me the bottle please?”


She slowly pushed the door open and peeked around it before coming all the way in. She had changed into an old terrycloth robe that she held tightly to herself. The bubbles just covered my areola and showed lots of cleavage.

“Do me one more favor dear, or rather several?” I asked breathlessly.

“Sure, anything you want.” She beamed down at me.

“Oh thank you, you’re such a sweetie,” I beamed back at her, ” There’s an open box with a radio and tapes, put on something soft please. There should be some candles and a lighter in there too, can you bring a bunch in for me?”

“As I said before, anything you want, are you planning to stay in there long?”

“Maybe, so why get your glass and keep me company.” I tried to make it sound more of a command than an appeal.

Debbie blushed again and rushed out to fulfill my requests. Within five minutes she was sitting on the floor beside the tub in the glow of several candles as I filled her glass.

“It smells so nice in here Kary.”

“I love the smell of lilac and try to soak in it every night so I can wake up to the aroma in the morning.”

“We had a well at home, the girls were allowed two basins a day to wash in and every one got one bath a week whether we needed it or not Mom would say.”

“I’d shoot myself if I had to live without my daily bath.” I said and cringed.

“I did get to shower every day in high school.” She said rather vehemently, “Thanks to Miss Johnson, she made me her assistant so I got access and special privileges.”

“Your Miss Johnson was really good to you wasn’t she?”

“I think she liked me more then just as a student though.” She paused and looked around the room like there might be someone hiding in the corner then moved closer to whisper, ” I think she was a lesbian.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked thinking the wine must have been loosening her up as slightly slurring her words.

“Well, one time at a gymnastics meet, we did really good and stopped to celebrate on the way home. It was a two-hour drive back to our school and it was pretty late and most of the other kids were sleeping. Anyway, I got a really bad charlie-horse in my thigh, so Miss Johnson took me to a back seat that was empty to rub it down for me with alcohol. She told me to take off my track pants first.” She paused to sip her wine.

“Why would that make her a lesbian?” I asked trying to sound innocent.

“Well after about fifteen minutes it stopped hurting and I was leaning back into the seat with one foot on the floor and my leg over her lap. She must of thought I was sleeping because she whispered my name a few times. She kept on rubbing so I didn’t answer her because it felt so good and I didn’t want her to stop. You know what happened next?” she asked all wide-eyed and flushed.

I could hear the excitement in her voice; I just shook my head no and waited for Debbie to continue.

“She reached over and pulled the crotch of my gymnast suit to one side and sighed.” She giggled nervously, ” Then she started to touch me all over between my legs. I think I was so scared I shivered and she stopped. But after a few moments she started again and pushed her fingers inside a little, moving them in tiny circles. I got a really funny feeling inside me and I sort of moaned. I think she must of thought that I was waking up because she stopped then and rearranged my suit. I heard her inhale deeply and sigh, so I opened my eyes just a little and saw just as she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. Can you believe it?” She asked.

“Yes I certainly can.” I shivered with arousal of the vision she had just given me, ” I can just see someone taking advantage of a cute little sweetie like you. I would have loved to have been there to see it happen.”

She giggled nervously again and blushed deep enough to see it the candlelight. I turned on the hot water to heat up the tub and refilled both our glasses.

“This feels so good and relaxing.” I moaned, “Would you like to join me Debbie? I’ll close my eyes until you get in if your too shy.”

She looked up a little startled and I wondered if I might have gone to far. I could see her hand shake as she tried to sip her wine.

“It does look nice and comfy,” She said staring at steam rising from the bubbles with a dreamy look on her face. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Of course it is, there’s lots of room for both of us and I wouldn’t have offered if I hadn’t of meant it.”

“Okay,” she giggled, “but you don’t have to close your eyes, I was thinking how I could show you that I tried them on anyway.”

Debbie stood up and let her robe slide off her shoulder. Shaking her head, her long golden hair fell over her shoulders. Looking up at her flawless skin, her blush ran down to small but perfectly shaped, firm breasts pointing proudly straight out. A flat, hard athletic belly tapered to her hips. The panties framed her sex perfectly; there was a very small patch of all most white pubic hair at the top. Her lips, pink and puffy looking with excitement and the slightly darker, pink nub of her clit beginning to peak out from between them made my mouth water. I shivered with arousal.

I sighed, “Oh Debbie, they’re perfect on you. You look good enough to eat.” I took her hand and pulled her closer as she shyly giggled, “But take them off before you get in.”

She slipped them down her legs and stepped into the tub. I watched as she squatted into the hot water. Her pussy lips opened slightly as she lowered herself giving me a delicious view. I felt my erection growing and pushed it between my legs and underneath me and wondered how I would broach that subject.

Debbie sat facing me with a contented smirk on her face and her knees held tightly to her chest. I raise my feet to the rim of the tub and stretched out my legs keeping them tightly together. Taking one her ankles in my hand I lifted her foot and moved it over my leg.

“Stretch out,” I encouraged her, “Relax and enjoy it.”

Debbie laid her other leg across me and slipped deeper into the tub until I felt the touch of the back of her thighs against me and sighed. I felt a tingle rush through me and I shivered. I put a hand just above her knee and squeezed lightly and felt her shiver slightly against me.

“Did you like the panties?”

“At first they felt uncomfortable, but once I got use to them they kind of made me tingle all over.”

“I have other things that you might like to try on also then. Maybe some day I’ll take you shopping with me if you like them so that you can have your own.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun.” She said in almost childish delight.

“Kary,” she said shyly, “Can I ask you something kind of personal?”

“You can ask me anything you like dear.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Not really Debbie,” I decided to take the plunge at this point, ” I still haven’t really made a preference as to what I want.”

” What do you mean, I don’t understand?”

“I’m not sure if I prefer men or women.”

Debbie looked up at me with a slightly shocked expression. “You’ve been with both?”

“Yes, does that bother you?”

She hesitated a moment, “No, I guess not.”

“How did you feel after Miss Johnson touched you?” I asked.

“Kind of funny.”

“Did you like it?”

She looked down and whispered hoarsely’ “A little. Which do you like the best so far, men or women?”

“I’m not really sure, it’s not the gender that matters to me but the person, I think. Some men are very tender and considerate and some only care about themselves as far as sex is concerned. Women can be just the same too I have found out.”

“Have you had sex with a lot of people?”

“Enough to know the difference.”

I looked over at Debbie as we sat in silence and she stared at a candle in thought.

“If you could only have one person from all of the ones you’ve been with for the rest of your life, which one would you choose Kary?”

Looking at the seriousness of her face I thought for a moment about where this might be leading too. I also wanted to tell her about my little secret, which had become painfully erect underneath me and I knew what my answer had to be.

“Well if I really only had to pick one, I think it would have to be Linda. She and I have the most in common than anyone else I’ve been with so far.”

“You mean that beautiful lady that was here with you this morning?”

I shook my head yes and smiled.

“Well, wouldn’t that suggest that you’d prefer women over men?” Debbie smirked at me like she thought she had won an argument.

I looked her straight in the eyes so that I wouldn’t miss her reaction to the bombshell that I planned to drop on her.

“Can you keep a secret?” I asked and waited for her to nod yes, and then paused for effect, ” Linda’s not really a woman, she was born a man.”

Debbie’s mouth fell open and her eyes went wide in shock.

“Your not serious are you?” She asked in disbelief. “I don’t believe it, I think your trying to put one over on me.”

“Would I do that?” I asked her mockingly.

“I think you would, besides she looked too beautiful to be a man.” Shaking her head in disbelief.

I poured the last of the second bottle into our glasses and waited until she made eye contact with me again.

“Debbie,” I said to her seriously.


“There is something I think you should know about me. Especially seeing how we will be living together in this room. But you must give me your word of honor that you will never tell anyone, ever and if it upsets you, I’ll find another place to live okay?”

“Of course you can trust me to tell me anything Kary,” She placed her hand on mine, giving me a rush, ” You don’t have to worry about it, your secrets are safe with me and I all ready like you to much to want to see you leave. Your already the best friend I’ve ever had.” She hardheartedly replied.

“Thank you Debbie, hearing that means a lot to me.” She almost put me to tears and it took me a few moments to regain my composure.

I finished off my wine, set the glass down and used my arms to pull my legs out from under Debbie’s and managed to get my knees under me without showing anything off. As I knelt facing her, I looked into her eyes.

“I was born a man also Debbie.”

She looked at me in disbelief, her eyes traveled up and down my body inspecting me. “I haven’t seen too many naked boys except my little brothers and you certainly don’t look like any of them.” She said shaking her head.

“Well I guess seeing would make a believer out of you then wouldn’t?”

Debbie’s brow rose in question. I looked straight into her eyes and parted my legs enough to let my erection spring forward. Her jaw dropped in shock and she almost lost her glass as she slipped down into the water. If it wasn’t for our closeness I’m sure she would of went under.

As she sat up her head motioning up and down, stopping at my face, my breasts, my penis and back again several times until she finally made eye contact with me. Her face looked as flushed as mine felt and we were both breathing heavier.

“My God Kary,” she whispered, “it’s true, but,” She pointed to my breasts, ” But, how? Are they real?”

“Yes, I’ve been taking hormones for awhile now.”

“Wow, they’re bigger than mine,” she giggled looking down at my erection and pointed, ” can I touch it.”

“If you’d like too you can.”

Debbie slowly reached out and traced a line down the length, ” it feels so soft, ” she wrapped her hand around it and gently squeezed, “It feels very hard and hot too.”

She reached up and placed her fingertips against my left nipple and rubbed in little circles.

“I wanted to touch your breast the first time I saw them.” She said smiling shyly at me and sighed.

We both slowly leaned to each other until our lips softly met. Tenuously I stroked her upper lip with my tongue, she returned the action and I pushed my tongue further past her lips to dance together. I could feel Debbie’s hand cup my breast and gently squeeze as my arms encircled her waist drawing our bodies together. We moaned into each other’s mouth for several minutes before parting, breathing heavy with excitement.

We stared into each other’s eyes and spoke at the same time, “you’re beautiful.”

Without any words spoken, we stood together as if inseparable. Kissing each other’s faces and necks. Our hands explored up and down each other’s back and sides not even noticing the chill night air on our wet bodies. We stopped long enough step out of the tub and taking the candles we moved out into the other room. We lay upon the bare mattress, not caring at all except for our passion. With entwined legs we rubbed and against and kissed each other until the candles burnt out.

Somehow I ended up with Debbie lying on top of me. I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my thigh and the precum that had seeped from my penis where it was wedge between our stomachs. Debbie placed her hands on my shoulders and raised herself above me pinning me to the mattress.

“I could do this all night long with you Kary.” She said breathlessly.

“I think we already did dearest Debbie.” I replied.

With one hand she scooped up a drop of precum from her skin and said with a giggle, ” I think your leaking dear.”

“Hmmm, I don’t think I’m the only one.” And I slid my hand down between her buttocks until I found her pussy. Damping my fingertips while she moaned. Then bringing them to my face to sample the aroma before giving myself a taste.

“You taste as lovely as you look.” I told her.

Debbie grinned and stuck her fingers into the puddle of precum that was on my stomach to taste it. I reached back to caress her pussy again, but this time brought my fingertips up to her mouth and she brought a fresh drop of precum to my lips and we sucked our own juices from each other’s fingers.

She put her hand back to my shoulder and we wordlessly stared into each other’s eyes as I stroked her face.

“Kary,” she softly spoke, “I want to give you my virginity. I want you to teach me how to make love to you.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her, “Are you ready for that right.”

She looked down at me a moment before replied, “Yes, I am ready.”

I rolled her over onto her back with my thigh rubbing between hers and began to kissing all over her face towards hear earlobe for a nibble before working down her neck leaving a trail of love bites and licks. Moving across her shoulders I made line with my tongue down her side following her bottom rib across to where they joined. Then moved back through her cleavage before spiraling up to the tip of her right breast. I sucked a nipple between my lips and gently attacked it with my tongue until I heard her moan. Then repeated the process on the left one until she gave the same reaction. Moving back and forth until I felt her body quiver beneath me before moving further downward.

Debbie’s hands moved to my head, gathering my hair between them and rubbing the handfuls over her taut breasts as I left circling trails of saliva over her abdomen. I finally came to that little patch of hair that marked her sex and inhaled deeply of her fresh excitement. Pushing her knees outward, I started on the insides of thighs until I felt her body trembling. Then I slowly kissed my way down her outer lip, first one side then the other. Spreading open her flower I inhaled deeply, licking everywhere but her clit, saving that for last. Debbie jumped and emitted a squeak as my tongue first touched then moaned as it swirled around her anus, clenching her muscles each time I tried to penetrate it. Moving up to her vagina I pushed my tongue as deep as I could go. Feeling it contract around my tongue, trying to hold it in as I withdrew. Debbie’s hips twisted each time I entered her and her heavy breathing turned to gasps as she chanted, “Oh God, oh yeah.” Over and over, louder and louder.

I moved my hand between her ass cheeks and forced my thumb into her tight little pussy to suck her clit into my mouth. It felt huge between my lips as I rolled my tongue around it and felt it swell even more. The chant turned to growls and incoherent ugs as her hips began to literarily bounce off the mattress. In only moments her whole body jerked into rigidness, arching her back, pushing her hips and me up off the bed as she let out a scream and then slumping back down with a long throaty sigh.

I gave her shrinking clit one last stab of my tongue, her hips jerk spasmodically and she groaned. Crawling up the bed to lie beside her and taking her in my arms I pulled her partly on top of me.

She sighed deeply, ” Oh Kary, I’ve never felt anything so good in my life. Thank you for giving me my very first orgasm. I feel like every nerve ending in my body is standing up and screaming.”

“I enjoyed too,” I said squeezing her closer, “you wore me out sweetheart.”

“Not totally,” She said with a giggle.

I felt her hand slide down to my cock and grasp it pulling up towards the end so that the foreskin encased the glands. Moving to my left nipple she began to lick circles around the areola while rubbing my shaft up and down.

“I want to make you cum in my mouth like you did for me,” Debbie said looking into my eyes, “tell me if I’m doing it right.”

She moved to my other nipple, I was so excited I knew I couldn’t hold out very long.

” Baby,” I rubbed her head pushing downwards, ” you’ve got me so hot and bothered I’m going to explode any second.”

She moaned, speeding up the strokes on my cock as her head slid downwards on its own. I closed my eyes as my body shook with pre-orgasmic tension. I felt her breath, then the warm, wetness off her tongue swirl all around the tip. My whole body shuddered while I groaned and I felt the first volley of seed shoot with so much force it splattered onto my neck. I felt Debbie’s mouth encompass the end of my penis as the second blast made my body shuddered again and then again. My orgasm felt unending as Debbie fought to swallow it all down. I could feel some dripping onto me as it over flowed from the corner of her mouth.

Debbie continued to lick and suck on the head making my body quake and bounce off the mattress. Finally not being able to stand it any more, with the little strength that she had not drained from me. I pulled on her long golden hair until she relented and crawled up to share the remnants that was left on her face with me.

“Did I do alright?” Debbie asked shyly.

“Don’t worry,” I sighed, “it was great and so are you.”

She giggled and hugged me with a sigh. I rubbed my hand lightly across her shoulders having not enough strength to do much else.

“The sun’s coming up already!’ she remarked, “Maybe we should take a little nap before we finish.”

“I think I need more than a nap dear.” I said laughing.

Debbie got up and went to her closet pulling out a large box. Coming back to the bed she threw a heavy quilt over me and climb in to snuggle up against me in its warmth.

“We can make the beds later, good night Kary.”

“Good morning Debbie.”

I fell to sleep instantly, listening to that sweet little giggle that I was growing to love more every time I heard it.

Chapter Two

I was lying in the middle of a large bed covered in red satin. Several pillows propping me into a semi-reclined position as I looked down at myself. My breast looked huge, capped with large swollen nipples. Between my silk, hosed covered legs small fingers separated my lips and with them laid a body, its head covered with long blonde hair moving in a slow circular motion spreading a warm glow out from the center of my being.

My body was vibrating as I awoke with a familiar tightness in my groin. The room was filled with the light of a new day. The desk clock silently announcing that was 10:45. Lying on a cold bare mattress with the quilt kicked past my feet. There was Debbie lying across my stomach, one hand fondling my scrotum as her head slowly bobbed up down making slurping noises and moaning with pleasure.

I reached down to pet her long blonde hair thinking maybe it wasn’t all just a dream. She rolled over my body until our lips met briefly, looking in to my eyes with an impish grin.

“Sorry I couldn’t wait for you to wake up.” She giggled, “Good morning”

“Good morning sweetheart, I was wondering why I was having such a nice dream.” I said as I pushed the hair off her face to watch her blush. “What started all that?”

“I was just watching you sleep and I sat up to get a better look and the blanket slid down off of your breasts. They looked so beautiful I just had to touch them and then I thought it would be nice to look at all of you. But when I looked between your legs and saw your thing so soft and cute I started to think about last night and I just couldn’t stop myself.” She giggled.

I couldn’t help but smile back at her expression of childish delight and blushing cheeks. Pulling her down to me I wrapped my arms around her.

“Your such beautiful little jewel, I just might want to keep you forever.” I told her.

Turning her face into my neck I could feel the heat between us grow in what I’m sure was a deeper blush.

“Kary you make me feel so good.” She told in a soft shy voice that made me shiver.

We laid together quietly holding each other, in less than 24 hours I had grown to care for her more than anyone. I started to think how I could make her feel as special as I knew she was.

Sitting up I looked down at her, “Let’s have a shower, we’ve got a lot things ahead of us so we might as well get started.”

Debbie smiled at me and jumped up and followed me to the bathroom, “Don’t forget you haven’t finished what you started Kary.”

“What was that dear?”

“You know, taking me completely.” She replied in a shy whisper.

I smiled down at her, “That’s part of the plan dear.”

She giggled as I started the water and stepped into the tub pulling her in with me. It felt so good to feel the hot water running over my body while we soaped each other up. Debbie’s little hands seemed to find every sensitive spot on my body until I was shaking with lust. I turned to face the shower spray with her back to me. As I worked the soap into her breasts her areole swelled beneath my fingers and breathing hard Debbie pushed her ass into my groin and slowly ground her hips side to side. I slipped a hand down her torso until I felt that little patch of hair. She leaned her head back and began to groan and softly tremble at my touch.

I began to think of how much one night had seemed to change this cute little virgin country girl into a wanton slut. I wondered just how far I could take her. I knew that with a little patience and careful guidance I could dominate and make her my slave. I shivered at the thought of having my own personal maid. But first I would give her what she wanted and that would be her first gift to me, her maidenhead.

I sipped down to my knees behind her planting kisses along her spine. Leaning forward against the wall the shower spray ran down the length of Debbie’s back washing away the soapsuds and revealing her perfectly smooth flesh to me. I took a globe of her tight little ass in each hand and squeezed her flesh until I could see her pink rose bud. I licked gently at first listening to her moans. Then more forcefully I pushed at her anus as she strained to keep out my tongue.

“Oh, Kary,” she groaned, “That’s so nasty.”

“How does it make you feel baby?” I asked softly.

“It feels funny, it gives me tingles.” She replied as her hips quivered slightly.

“Try and relax, It’ll feel even better.” I promised.

I felt the tenseness in her legs soften this time as I began lick at her ass hole. Every time I tried to enter her she would tense again, so I reach between her legs and ran my fingers along her pussy searching for her clit. I was amazed to find that it had felt even longer and fatter than last night and I shivered at the thought of sucking that cock-like appendage between my lips. I traced my finger gently in circles around her nub feeling her shaking intensify, as her moans grew louder. Finally I forced my tongue past her sphincter.

“Oh god,” Debbie screamed once as she convulsed in orgasm.

Driving my tongue in and out of her ass I could feel her hot juices run unto my hand. I stood up behind her and forced her to stay as she was. I rubbed my penis around her snatch searching for her vagina.

“Yes Kary, please,” She moaned into the wall, “I’m so ready, please put it in me. Make me yours please.”

I gently pushed the glands into her tightness and felt her muscles instantly convulsing as waves of tremors shock her body. Pushing slowly deeper until I felt her hymen I stopped to enjoy the sensations that her quivering body was having on my penis. Using all my control not to blast a load to soon.

When I felt the constrictions of Debbie’s vagina ease I started to slowly piston in and out. Only going as deep as her hymen, saving the obstruction for the right time. Holding her hips to keep her from forcing herself to far onto my cock. Her moans turned to grunts and her breathing into snorts as tremor after tremor racked her body. Just as she began to scream out in orgasm I drove past her hymen. Her scream intensified as her hips buck back against my groin. I pulled her body to mine as she started to slide down the wall and we sank to the bottom of the tub.

She looked so beautiful, her eyes closed and a dreamy smile playing across her face as her body trembled. I leaned over her head and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Mmmm,” She moaned, ” I can’t belief how good that felt. The pain of when I felt you break my cherry just added to the pleasure. Thank you Kary.”

“Don’t fret dear Debbie,” I said looking into her glazed eyes, “I’m sure that there will be a lot more that in store for you.”

Giggling she replied, “When do we start.”

“Right now.” I said smiling at her.

I had been pinching the base of my cock so I wouldn’t orgasm until the right moment and this was it. I leaned over Debbie until the glands pointed at her mouth. I released my shaft and started to stroke it. It took only 3 or 4 before I exploded. I watched as the first volley sprayed from her chin to her forehead, rising up quickly taking the glands into her mouth she swallowed the rest, moaning in delight. I closed my eyes and sighed. College hadn’t really started yet and it was already turning out great already.

I was already dried and in my robe when Debbie finally managed to pick herself up on to her knees. She let the water run over her face a few moments before turning it off and sighed. I reached out a hand to help her up and out of the tub.

“I fell so drained,” She sighed leaning into me, “Is it always like this Kary?”

“Only with the right person dear.” I told her as I rubbed her back with the towel.

“I’m so glad we met Kary.”

Suddenly there was someone knocking at the door.

“Were you expecting someone today?” Debbie asked.

“No dear, not me.” I replied.

“What time is?” Debbie straightened in my arms, “Oh no, I forgot.”

Debbie grabbed her robe and ran from the room. I looked at my reflection and figured I had better fix it up before I faced any strangers. I could here Debbie’s voice in the other room. The other voice sounded kind of deep and I wondered whom might she have been expecting. I walked out into the other room to see Debbie struggling to get dressed quickly. Sitting at the desk with their back to me was her guest. I assumed at first it was a man, short hair and dressed in sweats.

“Oh Kary,” Debbie said excitedly, “I’d like you to met Miss Johnson the person that helped me get here.”

I was kind of stunned at first when she stood and turned, her manly hairstyle and clothing didn’t hide the fact that she was quite pretty.

“Hy,” I said after I recovered and held out my hand to her, “Debbie told all about how good you’ve been to her. I’m very happy to meet you.”

“Thank you,” she replied in a deep falsetto voice, ” I’m glad Deborah has a roommate that she can feel comfortable with.”

“I forgot Miss Johnson said she’d take to lunch and help me get a few things that she thought I’d need for the room.” Debbie started off with same nervous prattling I heard yesterday when we first met, ” I got a thought, why don’t you come with us?”

She looked to Miss Johnson, ” Oh I’m sorry, I should have ask you first, do you mind if Kary came with us?”

I spoke up quickly before she could answer, “It sounds like fun Debbie, but maybe another time. I’ve still have lots to unpack and I was told by Linda that the Dean would be waiting to meet me as soon as I was settled.”

Debbie kind pouted for a minute staring at me with those big sad eyes and half dressed.

“She’s right Debbie,” Miss Johnson interjected, ” If she’s to see the Dean she should be right quick about it and not to keep such an important person waiting. I’ll wait for you in the car don’t too long getting ready.”

“Okay Miss Johnson,” Debbie sadly replied, “I’ll be out as soon as I brush my hair.”

As soon as the door closed Debbie reached under the cotton dress she wore and pulled off her plain white panties.

“I want to wear the ones you gave me Kary,” she giggled, ” But I didn’t want her to see them.”

“You can’t wear them with that dress dear,” I said going to my chest and taking out a white thong, “Here These won’t show as much”

I knelt in front of her and held them out for her to step into, “lift your dress baby so mommy can put you in your panties baby.”

She giggled and complied as I slid them up her long thin legs. I took one more look at her pretty little pussy and saw her clit sticking out between the lips. I couldn’t help but suck it into my mouth just once before pulling up and adjusting the fit.

“Oh Kary,” she moaned, ” I’m gonna miss you, I can’t wait to get back.”

We kissed deeply and hugged before she turned and ran out the door leaving the echo of her giggle in the empty hall.

The cab dropped me off in front of the imposing entrance of a three-story house surrounded by a wrought iron fence. I pushed the button on the intercom and waited.

“Yes?” came the crackling reply of a woman.

“Hy,” I said nervously, ” it’s Kary Smith to see Dean Crandall.”

“Yes I’ve been expecting you, come right in.” the voice sounding more welcoming.

Greeting me at the door was a lovely blonde woman in a one-piece swimsuit, at first she appeared fairly young with long graceful legs, rounded hips and an average sized chest. But as I stepped up the stairs to the porch I could tell by her face she had to be at least in her fifties.

“So good of you to come by so soon Kary,” she offered her hand to me, “I’m Dean Crandall.”

“Well, Linda told me to present myself to you as soon as possible ma’am.” I replied as soon as I got over the momentary shock of realizing that this beautiful woman was the dean. She certainly wasn’t what I expected.

“Come in dear,” she said, ” we’ve been enjoying a day by the pool, while time and weather allows.”

I followed Dean Crandall through her house and out to the pool. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her buttocks. I was mesmerized by their firmness as they swayed from side to side before me.

She led me to a table beside the pool and offered me chair and poured two large glasses of what I found to be well-spiked lemonade. Looking around I noticed a girl lying on a lounge chair, face down and totally nude. Her long black hair was fanned out above her. It was hard to tell her age, but she looked quite young. Her skin was golden brown, appearing to be very firm and taut.

“That’s my good friend Amanda,” Dean Crandall spoke noticing my gaze and chuckling softly, “She hates to be disturbed during her baking.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I stated.

“Hmmm,” Was her reply looking at me with a slight grin before going on, “Lets get down to business. First off, how do you find your accommodation’s so far dear?”

“The dorm room is much more than I expected Dean Crandall and my roommate couldn’t be a better person.”

“I’m certainly glad to hear that Kary. But do please do not be so formal, you may call me Miss Jean.”

“Thank you Miss Jean.”

“Linda told me a great deal about you dear and that is why I asked that you present yourself to me as soon as possible. I was told that you worked as a maid for several years?”

“Yes maam.”

“I am always putting on several functions on the colleges behalf and would like to know if would care to work for me serving my guests? You would be paid of course, quite well.”

“Well Miss Jean,” I replied as a thought came to me, ” I hadn’t really thought of working during school. I don’t really need the extra money, but I know my roommate might be in need of a job. I’ll help to train her, and even take less money or work for free to help her out.” I looked at her with hope in my eyes.

“Well,” She paused in thought, “I will need to hire more than just you and it will save me that tediousness of interviewing scores of hopeful girls. I’ll tell you what Kary, if you agree to my other proposal that I have for you, than I’ll agree to yours?”

“Oh Miss Jean,” I said pleadingly, “I’d do anything to help out Deborah.”

From the corner of my eye I could see movement as Amanda sat up to look over at us. Miss Jean stared at me for a moment before the corners of her lips twisted up into a smile.

“Well dear,” She sighed, “I should think you might want to hear about it first. I’m sure I have not misjudged you and that you can be discreet. I like to entertain privately for some close and dear friends and I’d like you to be there as more than just a maid.”

I looked into her eyes intently feeling a tingle rush down my spine.

“I’ll give you time to think about it if you need to dear. You see, Linda and I have had a very long relationship and she confided in about just what kind of services you provided in your last employment.” She stared deep into my eyes, “I would like for you to work at these occasions in some what the same capacity.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard from the Dean of my school. I looked over to Amanda as she stared intently towards me. Raised up on her elbows with her back arched I could see her large breast still flattened beneath her. I could feel arousal starting to burn inside me as I thought about the possibilities of what could happen. Looking back to Miss Jean I could see a passion in her eyes and smile.

“Well I’m not sure what I should say ma’am,” I replied hoarsely, “it does sound like a wonderful adventure but I wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of my studies.”

“Don’t worry dear, being Dean does have its advantages you know and I can guaranty that your studies will in no way be jeopardized and of course all limits are respected at my gatherings or else that person does not get invited back.”

“Well Miss Jean, how can I not say yes to such a wonderful sounding offer. When do I start?”

“Great,” she beamed at me, “let’s start with the grand tour and all explain all your soon to be duties to you.”

Miss Jean stood, refilled our drinks and held out her hand to me so she could lead me back into the house to show me the kitchen, dining room and the den where formal parties were to be held first. She explained all expected duties for those functions. She took me through her whole house asking questions after question about me until we ended up at a pair of large doors at the far end of the library.

“And this my dear Kary,” She said standing before the doors, “is my playroom.”

Swinging both doors outward with a grand flourish, I stood in awe at the scene before me. The ceiling and walls were covered with mirrors; a bar made of Plexiglas fronted the back wall and there was Amanda, still naked pouring herself a drink. As we walked towards the bar I noticed that the furniture was of different makes and styles. Some were large and comfortable looking while others appeared to be made for bondage games with rings and straps attached.

Miss Jean offered me a seat beside her at the bar while Amanda leaned towards us from the other side. She was beautiful and I found my arousal growing while I looked over at her.

“Amanda,” Miss Jean said, “Be a dear and get the outfit that Kary will be wearing at my private parties.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her perfectly shaped ass as she sauntered to the end of the bar, bent over to retrieve a hanger and then came around to our side. On the hanger was a white leather skirt that was barely more than a strap. A leather half-cup bra, stay-up hose and crotch-less panties finished of the ensemble.

“What do you think?” Miss Jean asked.

“I think your parties must be a lot of fun.” I replied as a wave of excitement washed over me.

“Why don’t you try it on?” she said in a very seductive voice. “Amanda will show you to the change room.”

Without hesitation I followed her to glass panel and watched as she pushed on it and it popped open. She smiled and handed me the hanger.

“Don’t be too long sweetheart.” She said in a sexy whisper that was as erotic as she was.

I was startled at first sight of the room, it looked just like a high school change room with lookers along the wall and a bench down the center. At the other end was a large enough shower to hold about twenty people. There were several cameras mounted high on the walls facing different angles so that I was sure no corner was left unviewed. I shivered with excitement thinking what a kinky lady I had met up with. I changed as fast as I could. The stiff leather skirt barely covered my growing erection and luckily was tight enough so that it didn’t protrude too much.

I entered the playroom to find a naked Miss Jean seated upon an over stuffed couch facing the door I had just exited. She was twisting and pulling her very large nipples as her chest heaved with arousal. Amanda was on her knees with Miss Jean’s legs draped across her back noisily slurping away. I couldn’t draw my eyes away from that perfect ass wiggling back and forth.

“Come closer and turn around so I can see how it fits dear.” She told me, “Yes, it looks very nice. Now come and sit beside me.”

I sat beside her and she instantly pushed my face to her left nipple telling me to suck it. She moaned loudly. Her nipple felt about a half of an inch tick between my lips and as hard as a rock

I felt her free hand slide to my leg and under my skirt groping until her fingernails grazed the head of my cock.

“My, my,” She sighed, “Linda wasn’t lying about your eagerness.” Then she whispered to me, “Amanda doesn’t know about your secret dear, as much as I love your tender lips on my tits I want you to give her surprise. Start by licking her first and get her nice and wet, then, slam your pretty penis to hilt. I want to see the look in her face.”

I looked into her face and saw a wickedly devious smile play across her lips and smiled back. Sliding to my knees I moved to the back of Amanda’s neck. The instant my tongue touched her I felt her body shiver. I trailed a line of saliva making small circles on my way down her spine. Moving behind her I pushed her ass cheeks apart, and saw the pink ring of her anus. I couldn’t help but swirl my tongue on it lightly and heard a muffled groan exude from between Miss Jean’s legs as her hips trembled.

I looked lower to find that Amanda’s pussy was wet and swollen, the bright pink contrasted against her deep tan. I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina and started to fuck her orally as deep and as fast as I could. Her body started to shake instantly and she snorted into the other woman’s crotch continuously. I looked up after about five minutes to see a look of ecstasy on Miss Jean’s face while she kneaded her breasts.

She opened her eyes and smiled down at me and groaned, “Now Kary, give it all to her now.”

As quickly as I could, I straightened up on my knees and pulled the leather skirt over my hips. With one hand, I opened her pussy up as much as I could. Then with my other hand I aimed my cock and looking into Miss Jean’s eyes I drove my prick in hard and deep until my hips felt the firm flesh of Amanda’s ass.

“Oh God.” Amanda screamed and her hips convulsed.

Miss Jean’s whole body seemed to shake as she groaned in orgasm and she purred, “Perfect, Fuck my bitch hard.”

Pulling out all but my glands I started to thrust into Amanda as hard as I could, feeling my own orgasm building quickly. Each time our flesh made contact she seemed to tremble harder than the last emitting louder and louder grunts each time into Miss Jean’s pussy.

“Don’t cum inside of Amanda, Kary,” Miss Jean ordered between gasps, ” I want to watch you do it on my pussy so I can see the two of you sharing it.”

I held off for a couple more plunges deep into her before standing up squeezing the base of my erection. Miss Jean used Amanda’s hair to pull her head out of the way as I knelt in between her legs. I released my cock and it exploded shooting cum from top of her slit across her abdomen. Then I managed to aim the flow directly onto her pussy lips until it slowed to just a dribble which Amanda sucked off of the end.

“Eat my children.” Miss Jean moaned.

Amanda and I dove in feasting like starving puppies. Cheek to cheek we fought to scrape as much up as we could, sharing a tongue full with each other now and again while Miss Jean watched and encouraged us on.

After every trace was consumed and miss Jean thrashed through another orgasm, we sat between her legs exhausted while she stroked our hair gently.

Miss Jean sighed heavily and spoke, ” So Kary, now that you have had a little taste of what’s to come, what do you think?”

Looking up, I noticed first Amanda then Miss Jean both staring intently at me. I didn’t even have to think about it. My arousal started growing almost instantly.

“I can’t think of a better way to spend my nights,” I replied smiling, “I’d love to be a part of your parties if you want me?”

“Some how, after what Linda told me,” Miss Jean laughed and Amanda hugged me, “I knew you be happy to join us and I’m sure you’ll fit in just fine. Welcome to my household dear.”

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