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Lust at First Sight

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I turned to the right as I reached the sign telling me that the fishing lake where I used to spend so many weekends with my father was only five miles away. I knew that before I would actually arrive to the lake, I would pass the small town — well, little more than a hamlet — where I could stop and buy some food, a six-pack of beer and of course some bait and fishing-outfit I had to replace. I had plenty of opportunities to buy these things on the road;

however, father and I always bought them at “Uncle Fred’s Grocery and Fishermen’s Store”, where we had a coffee (Fred and dad always corrected it a bit) and some talk about what happened since we left.

This time the trip was a bit different as I did not live with my dad anymore and ran my own business, so I came alone on Thursday afternoon and he would join me only on Saturday. As I drew up to the store I immediately noticed that something has changed since the last time I was there. The sign above the door said “Hungry Bass Grocery” and the old, faded gold-and-green decoration of the window was replaced by blue waves and pictures of fish.

I got out of the car and looked at the store. The outside of the store received a new coat of brown paint and a new, red-and-cream striped sunshade. Inside there was a woman in her late fifties was standing behind the counter. She noticed me and waved with a smile for me to go in. I opened the door and expected the clinging sound of the old brass bell, but instead I heard the soft, muffled sound of a bamboo chime. Things have definitely changed.

“Hi, and welcome to my store,” the woman said, then added as she offered me a hand, “I’m Wilma. Please feel free to look around, if you can’t find anything, just ask!”

“Hi, I’m James,” I introduced myself as we shook hands. She had strong hands for a woman of her age, but she seemed to be quite an agile woman as well. She saw my confusion and had a questioning smile on her face.

“Sorry, I was just expecting to find Uncle Fred here,” I explained quickly.

“Oh, sorry Honey, I’m afraid you won’t find him here anymore. Her wife passed away earlier this year, so he sold the store to me in March and moved south to the seaside.”

“So finally he acted on his dreams, even if in a different way.” I said “He told us for many years that if Melissa gets better, they will pack up and leave.”

In the meantime, she stepped behind the espresso machine and asked me if I wanted coffee. I gladly accepted and I noticed that she also sold muffins and doughnuts. Already a change I liked. She told me about the tricks of renovating the store and I told her about my business. She obviously liked to chat, but she was not boring at all. Once finished, I decided to look around and she went down to the storage room to bring out something.

The whole place has been rearranged, although in a somewhat more logical and cosy way. Uncle Fred did not put too much effort into the decoration of the store. He had old metal shelves that he bought somewhere during the liquidation of a warehouse and the prices were written on small stickers on each packet or box. He did not bother to arrange the stuff on the shelves either; usually everything was left in the cardboard boxes they came in. While the shelves remained the same, the prices were written out on neat little blackboards with white chalk. Also, some of the old brands Uncle Fred preferred were replaced by others and I was especially happy to find a better selection of beer, including the bottles of a small local brewery. I started to put the things I needed into my basket that was also new — fancy wickerwork instead of the old plastic ones. I was looking at my checklist when suddenly the door flew open and I heard a young female voice.

“Aunt Wilma, I’m back! Brought you all the magazines you asked for, risking getting a hernia!”

When she did not get any response, she looked into my row, “Aunt Wilma, are you here?” When she saw me, she blushed, and said “Wow… Uhh, I didn’t know there was a customer.” Then she looked at me and our eyes locked for several moments. She finally said, “Which is, of course my fault, the store is open after all. Anyway, hi, I’m Suzie.” She tried to smile, but was obviously a bit embarrassed, so I desperately wanted to ease things up a bit. It was quite difficult however, because I could see in her eyes that she saw something she liked, and to be honest I saw something that I liked as well. We both stepped almost unconsciously a few steps closer.

Suzie was around 20 years old, she was a natural redhead, with short, curly hair, light skin and some freckles on and around her nose and her shoulders. She was a bit over 5′ tall and had a nice figure. She was not thin, but she had no extra weight either. With her nervousness gone she had that kind, absolutely-not-so-innocent girl-next-door smile on her face. She wore fringe short jeans with a flip-flop and a black spaghetti top that covered her nice, unsupported B-cup breasts. Altogether she was the kind of girl that you notice in a crowd but who will not draw the attention of every male on the street. She definitely drew my attention, however.

“Your aunt is down in the basement,” I said without breaking eye-contact, then added “Hi, my name is James. I’m here for a few days for fishing. We have a small cabin a bit farther down the shore.”

“Which cabin?” she asked suddenly.

“Uh, it’s the one in the large patch of reeds, close to the small bay. It is built on piers and is painted brown and green, so it is quite difficult to find during summer. Anyway there is a path leading to it from the edge of the lake.” I said this so quickly as if it would be a secret and wanted to tell it before someone disturbed us.

“Oh, I see,” she said, “I like the small bay; I usually go there for sunbathing on late afternoons, when the sun is not too strong for my skin. Can I help you with your list?”

“Sure,” I said and showed it to her. She helped me to find everything, but as we put the things into the basket, we noticeably made much more body contact than was necessary. I felt an inexplicable urge to speak to her, to touch her, to be with her and I had the feeling that she had similar feelings.

When I was ready, I went to the counter to pay. Suzie stepped behind the counter and we kept looking at each other as she scanned the things into the register. I paid in cash and as I gave her the money, she took my hand and held it as she searched for the change. Her hand was soft and warm and while the situation was not intimate or romantic at all, my whole body ached when she let my hand go.

Finally she said, “I hope to see you again.” Then she added, “Soon.”

“I hope to see you again too. Today.” I answered to her, and I really hoped that I gave her the right answer. She smiled on me and from her eyes I could read that I was right. She suddenly leant forward and we kissed each other. It was not a soft, first time kiss, but a raw, passionate, hot kiss. We only stopped when we heard her aunt coming up from the basement.

I packed everything into the car and left the parking lot. It only took me five minutes to get to the cabin. I brought in everything and put everything to its place, but during the whole time my thoughts were somewhere else. Or better said by someone else. I could not force Suzie out of my mind, so I decided that maybe the best idea would be to sit into my boat and go fishing.

The boat was still on the bank, turned upside-down, so I had to turn it over and push it onto the water. It was an old, battered metal boat, so I decided to check everything, to see if there was a leak or if the wooden seat was weakened by rot. Then I installed the motor and made a test run to see if it worked fine, but finally I decided to use the oars and make less noise. It was well past 4 o’clock in the afternoon when I was ready to leave.

As I left the pier, I started to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the silent rustle of the reeds, the song of the birds and the splashing sound made by frogs as they jumped into the clear water. The weather was hot, although the temperature already started to decrease. I was wearing my shorts, but decided to take off my shirt to get some sun. I took sun oil with me and used it generously to protect my skin, as one can get red like a crab quite quicly on the open water, sitting in a boat.

However, as I left the reeds and directed my boat towards the small bay, I caught sight of another small boat in the reeds, partly in the shadow. At first I thought that it was empty and just drifted in the water, but then I realized that there was someone in it. It was Suzie, and she was lying there on a towel, naked except for a pair of sunglasses. She had nice, firm breasts with tender, pink nipples and a bit larger than average areolas, and soft, red pussy hair that was neatly trimmed, but only shaved along the bikini lines. She had small drops of sweat on her temple and on her body. She was lightly slumbering. She was so natural, so beautiful that I had to spend a few moments just looking at her before I collected my strength to greet her.

“Hi, Suzie!” I called out to her finally.

She slowly sat up in the boat and smiled. She was not startled at all and she did not try to cover herself in any way. She had a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. “It took you almost three minutes to greet me and I could feel your eyes on me during all this time,” she giggled.

It was my time to blush. “Sorry,” I said to her “but you are so amazingly beautiful.” I decided that being honest and straightforward was the best strategy this time.

“Well, why don’t you come over so you can get a better view?”

She did not have to say it twice. I pulled up my boat to hers with a few dashes of the oar and was lying next to her a few seconds later. She moved over me, dug her fingers into my hair and we started to kiss. Once again, we kissed passionately, like people who knew each other for a long time and not like two strangers who first met a few hours ago. I embraced her with both hands and started to fondle her back, her legs and finally her ass. Her skin was soft and slippery from the sweat. She tried to moan in pleasure, but did not want to break the kiss, so it became a “Mmmmmmpfh”, but she kissed even harder.

When we finally parted our lips I told her to get on her back and so she did. The boat tilted heavily as we both moved, so we had to be careful not to knock it over. When she was on her back, I opened her legs wide and she put them over the gunwale. Her pussy was directly in front of me, dripping from excitement. I started to kiss her legs softly and then wanted to reach her pussy, but she hungrily grabbed my head and pushed my mouth to her loins.

I started to lap her pussy, than ran my tongue softly up and down her slit, finally pushed my tongue inside a few times. She grabbed the seat with both hands and raised her head to see what I was doing. She started to breath heavily and said “Oh, fuck, yes, that’s it! Yeeesss, that’s it!” I searched for her clit with my mouth and I found it easily, as it bulged out almost half an inch. I started to gently suck it as I pushed two fingers inside her pussy and started to finger-fuck her. Her pussy was hot and my fingers were soon drenched in her juices. To push her over the edge, I started to fondle her tits with my other hand.

This was too much for her; she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as her orgasm rushed through her body. “Ah, aaah, aaahhh!” was all she could say as her body tightened. I kept sucking on her clit, pushed my fingers inside her pussy once more, but did not pull them out until her orgasm subsided. Her pussy pulsed around my fingers, almost crushing them.

“Oh, my God, this was incredible!” she said, gasping for air when she was able to talk once again. “I never had such an orgasm before without a cock inside me.” Then she took my hand into her mouth to taste her own juices.

“You can do amazing things with your fingers and tongue, you know! My two ex-boyfriends did not really know how to use them,” she said.

“Well, my ex-girlfriend loved to have my fingers and tongue in and around her pussy,” I answered. “And how about your cock? Did she also like that in her pussy?” she asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Again, I decided to be honest and straightforward.

“Actually she loved to have my cock in her ass. She always said that I have a longer but thinner than average cock that fitted her ass perfectly.”

I was curious how she reacted to that, but finally it was my turn to be a bit surprised.

“Hmmm, I’ll have to test that,” she said, “My first boyfriend loved fucking my butt but he never spent time over making me relaxed enough.”

We just laid there for some minutes waiting for her to recover. When she sat up, we decided to bring the boats to the cabin, so I tied my boat to hers and rowed us to the pier. I sat on the seat and she sat in front of me, with her head in my lap. When we arrived, as I fastened the boats to the pier, she playfully got down on her knees and elbows next to me on her towel and wriggled her ass towards me.

“Come on, James! Show me what you can do with your cock. If it is at least as talented as your fingers are, you will make me pass out!” she giggled, as she parted her ass cheeks with her hands. I got out of my shorts and kneeled down behind her. I started to kiss her ass and to softly brush her clit with my thumb. She closed her eyes and purred like a cat. Then an idea rushed into my mind and I grabbed the sun oil from the boat. I squeezed some oil onto her anus and started to gently massage it, waiting for her reaction.

“Aaaah, fuck!” she groaned and I started to slowly push my middle finger into her ass. I pushed in only the tip, than waited for her to adjust, but again she was not so patient. It was clear that the sensation was not unknown to her. She started to push her ass up, so that my finger got deeper and deeper. When it was almost completely in, I added my index finger and slowly started to put some oil onto my cock. She slowly moved her ass up and down on my fingers and moaned in pleasure with each move. When I withdrew my fingers, she gave out a groan of dissatisfaction that immediately turned into a voluptuous sigh as she felt my cock slowly filling her ass.

“Oh, my God, this is fantastic!” she said, “Come, push it in completely! Your cock is sooo perfect!”

Her ass was tight and she squeezed my cock with an almost lethal force, still all I wanted was to push my cock more and more inside. I stopped halfway when I saw on her face that she needed some time to adjust again and added some more oil, but then I pushed it all the way in and after a few moments of rest I started to move my cock in and out while I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands.

We both moaned with pleasure in unison. Her hands got weak and she let her head down onto the towel, with her eyes closed. I closed my eyes as well and started to increase the pace and smacked her ass once. “Aaahhh,” she cried out and I took it as an encouragement. I increased my speed even more and smacked her ass again. “Once more, hit that ass once more!” she cried out again and I happily obliged. This was enough for her and she came around my cock. Just as in the boat, her body became tense and she grabbed my cock with her muscles as she started to wildly rock her ass. I could not hold back either, and started to pump my load deep into her ass, crying violently and pushing my cock deeper and deeper with as much force as I could muster up. Her grip was so strong she literally milked me as she pushed herself back and forth.

I collapsed on her back and then we both turned to our sides completely spent. My cock started to soften and as I pulled it out, my cum started to ooze out and dripped onto the planks. All I could do was to embrace her from behind and give her a soft kiss on her neck.

“Oh, my God, oh my God,” she said, gasping for air. She tried to say something else, but with no avail.

“Baby, you were fantastic.” I said, then I drew her closer to me and we both fell asleep.

I do not know how long we were asleep, but it had to be at least an hour, as it was already dusk when we woke up to the roar of a thunder and as large raindrops started to fall. In a few seconds it rained heavily and by the time we managed to get to our legs, we were soaked. Suzie grabbed my hand and motioned to the water, “Come, we need a bath anyway!” With that, she jumped into the water and I jumped after her.

The water was not deep, but the wind made quite large waves, so we had to tread to keep ourselves above the surface. I always liked swimming naked and I also liked the relative warmth of the water as the cool, large drops of the rain fell onto my head. She seemed to enjoy it as well. We both laughed and splatted water on each other. Then we climbed back onto the pier and ran back to the house laughing, as she tried to avoid me smacking her ass on the way.

In the house we dried each other with a towel and then I offered her some of my clothes, but she refused. She also looked at me angrily when I wanted to get into my pants, so I decided to stay naked as well. She made tea as I made some sandwiches. The counter was quite small and we had to cling to one another, however we did not mind that at all. Then we cuddled up to each other under a blanket with the food and the tea and we talked long into the night.

On one hand it was so strange as we only met a few hours ago, but on the other hand it seemed so natural to hold her in my arms, to give her small kisses on her neck, to fondle her soft breasts and to play with the curly public hair above her pussy. She visibly enjoyed it, although she found the last one funny and always started to giggle whenever my hand wandered there. Before falling asleep, she turned to me and said with a smile, “You know tomorrow you will have to fuck my pussy as well!”

I gave her a good-night kiss as I said laughing, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget that!”

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