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Lucy’s New Direction

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I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had pottered around at home for a while but was still annoyed at Andrew for being such a pain. Well no really, for being so boring. I had decided that I would treat myself to a day looking round the shops. It had been ages since we had had sex of any kind and he was always so busy these days.

To be honest the sex wasn’t a problem in some ways, I never seemed to want it when we were together. The problem was when I was alone like now. It was the boredom I guessed, but it didn’t help having a reason. I worked out hard to get rid of it as much as I could, tried desperately to keep myself occupied when he wasn’t here. Yet when he was it seemed like we had become brother and sister. Ridiculous when I was only twenty seven.

I showered and made myself look good. Feeling this way often meant that I dressed as though I was going to meet a lover. It amused me anyhow, though of course I never did. The thought was nice though. I put on my short black skirt and thin red cardigan over nice sexy undies. Lately I had found myself liking the feel of thongs in my bottom crease always reminding me that something was there and the tightness holding in my labia. Some of my friends didn’t like them for that very reason but I did.

The weather wasn’t too wonderful these days, the sun shone though it was chilly and I had to wear my long coat. I wandered around looking at what was on offer, allowing my coat to float open showing off my legs. The only problem with that was the shops were more or less deserted as it was a Tuesday morning only me in most shops and other women wandering. I had even become bored with looking around the shops; now that was a problem! I had seen some arty postcards in one shop earlier on, of people naked or near to it, men and women. It hadn’t helped. I constantly had that feeling of wanting to wee, that feeling of pressure inside, being horny. I bought some really sheer undies in one shop and considered changing as I was quite damp but put it off.

In one department store I saw a cocktail dress that was nice and then took ages finding the changing rooms, tucked away at the back as the main ones were being painted. There was no one around, not even to check taking things in or out of the changing rooms. I went into one of the cubicles and tried on the dress though the cut wasn’t exactly right as I am quite petite and eventually took it off. I was quite pleased by my reflection in the mirror in just my underwear and stockings. My breasts weren’t as large as I would have liked but they were nice and pert and looked larger than they actually were on my skinny frame. My hardened nipples showed through my bra.

I squeezed my breasts and felt an echo of the pleasure deep in my groin. I should have stopped then but my nipples hardened even more and it felt good. I stood for a while playing with them, even slipping down my bra a little. I knew it was silly and I should have stopped, but I didn’t. I watched myself in the mirror as one hand slid over my stomach and cupped my pussy. I was really hot by now, it was ridiculous. So damned ridiculous. My fingers had slid my knickers over and I was rubbing my wet fingers over my clit. I felt so silky down there, so soft and slippery. I decided I would stop. I could always go into a toilet somewhere if necessary. I would go home and have a run.

The curtain flew open! I half turned and looked in shock to see a woman staring at me! Dark red hair, piercing eyes, tall. For long moments we both stood looking at each other. I felt like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. I took my fingers away but by then the damage was done. My face was burning. I had never before been so embarrassed in all my life. It was so bad I couldn’t function. Suddenly I realised that my knickers were over to one side of my pussy, my bra was lower than my breasts. I tried to cover myself. My hands wouldn’t function properly. My mouth was dry. My body burning in shame. The woman was coming in! She closed the curtain behind her! She was taller than me. We were near together in the confined space. I couldn’t cope with this, my mind had stopped working properly.

“Mmm. What have we here. Such a naughty little slut.” The words slapped my face. I stood stock still. “Caught with her fingers in her cunt.” The dirty words catching me again. I tried to speak but only ended up stuttering. I shook my head, trying to deny the obvious. She took my hand and took it to her face, smelt then sucked my fingers. She laughed. I wanted to die of shame.

“Have you come yet?” I shook my head as I tried to look at the floor but could only find myself looking down the woman’s front. I noticed that her breasts were bigger than mine. She was bigger all round. Suddenly fingers touched me! I automatically moved back quickly, my cheeks hitting the cold of the mirror. Her hand at me again, no hiding from it but trying to twist away. She took my chin in her finger and forced me to look up at her face framed in a geometric bob.

“Keep still.” Her voice carried authority. I gave in to it, trying not to twist away as the hand cupped me again. My breathing sounded ragged and loud to me. Her finger rubbed insistently where had been moments or hours before. I whimpered uncontrollably. I couldn’t believe this was happening, it all seemed so surreal. Within seconds, though it could have been much longer as time had suddenly become elastic, I could not hide my arousal from myself any longer. Her fingers stole inside, cupping, parting the wet lips, insinuating themselves into my lava filled body. She gently pushed me back until the burning skin on my back touched the mirror again, my hips now pushing forward to her hand. She leaned forward and kissed me! I felt the softness of her skin against me, so unlike a man’s, tasted her lipstick, smelt perfume.

Her lips played with mine as my mind whirled. I had never really kissed a woman before. I found myself kissing back and as I did her tongue entered my mouth. I was reeling and suddenly I was coming! I felt the rigidity hit me as the pleasure exploded like fireworks and then the convulsions kicked in. All I could think of was the sheer pleasure and the fact that I had been kissed and brought to a climax by a woman! I was holding on to her desperately, if it hadn’t have been for her my knees would have buckled. Her mouth left mine to be replaced by fingers. Covered in my liquids! I suckled them unquestioning, tasting my own juices. She moved away slightly but I couldn’t concentrate anymore still cocooned in my orgasm. I vaguely noticed my clothes and handbag being put into her bags.

“Put on your coat, don’t fasten it. Come with me.”

I put on my coat obediently, the cool of the lining a shock at first against my heated skin. She took my dress with her hanger and put them on the rack as she walked out. I followed her and my possessions like a pet hugging my coat franticly around myself, virtually naked beneath. Everything was happening too quickly. I couldn’t cope. As I hurried to keep up, “My name is Marianne, you can call me that when I allow it. What’s yours?”

“Lucy.” I had no idea of what she meant. When I was allowed to? Outside she hailed a taxi and one miraculously appeared. She ushered me inside, got in beside me with her bags, gave an address and the taxi pulled away. Where was I? Where were we going? Who was Marianne? I felt in shock. I felt her hand at my leg, the coat fell away. Automatically I pulled it back looking at the driver in the mirror as he drove. He was taking no notice of his passengers. Marianne smacked my hand and moved the coat away again. Her hand slid between my thighs. I clenched them and was rewarded by another smack, this time on my thigh. The driver looked up at the sound and I released my muscles not wanting to be noticed more.

“Please.” I whispered softly to her.

“Be quiet. Don’t talk. It isn’t necessary for you.” Her hand began stroking my thigh insistently, possessively. She began by my knee, on the inside, but as the journey progressed so her hand progressed higher until the heel of her hand brushed teasingly against the gusset of my knickers. All I could think of was the touching of her hand, my exposure and that the driver at any moment could turn and find out what was taking place. I was totally embarrassed and couldn’t keep up with events. I felt as though my mind was running desperately to keep up with what was physically happening to me. I hadn’t time to stop and consider these strange events that were dragging me along with them.

The taxi came to a halt. As the driver checked the charge and Marianne took her bag to pay I pulled my coat over myself before he had time to see. We were outside the car, quickly into an expensive looking block of flats and then going through a doorway into, what was I presumed, her flat. Marianne dropped her bags on the floor and took her coat off and threw it onto a chair in the hallway, kicking her shoes off with it.

I was standing still, anxiety filling me. She came over to me and kissed me again, her arms were around me. She was still taller than me without her heels. I felt safe in her arms, my mouth melted against hers. Her tongue came into mine again. I knew I was becoming aroused and the shame was fuelling my arousal. She pulled away. I felt dizzy.

“Leave your coat and shoes there and come with me.” She turned, it was only when my coat was half way off that I even thought about what I was doing. Anxiety filled me and then I shyly removed my coat full and kicked off my shoes leaving my things with hers. Marianne had walked through one of the doors and I eventually followed, finding her sitting on a sofa in a living room. It was really stylishly furnished but I didn’t have the composure to take much in just then. I felt really silly in just my underwear and stockings. She patted the large sofa beside her and I timidly sat down beside her looking down at my near nakedness. Passively I allowed myself to be turned and position as she wished, laying over her lap on my back with my knees leaning towards the back of the comfortable sofa.

Her arms went around me again, taking care of me, protectively. She was looking after me. Her hand turned and lifted my face as she kissed me, tiny little kisses fluttering all over my lips. Gradually I relaxed and I held onto her and allowed myself to concentrate just on the physical sensations, allowing myself to be taken with the tide. My mouth had become soft and willing beneath hers. Meanwhile I could feel her hands on my body, caressing me. They felt so good. My arousal was growing so quickly! I was totally out of my depth. Still connected to her mouth I found myself arching to allow my bra to be undone and discarded. I wanted to cry as she began caressing my breasts.

I didn’t know why but I became emotional for the moment, my eyes damp as we still kissed and her hands captured and rubbed my breasts. I do not know how long we stayed like this but soon I felt her hand moving in small circles down my chest and over my stomach. They neared and neared the top of my knickers becoming more insistent. I felt like a schoolgirl again. I wanted it, I knew I did. I wanted this and knew it was wrong, I shouldn’t be doing this, but it was so wonderful. Her fingers slid beneath the waistband and I could feel my body arching, wanting her to go further. They played with my hair, played with the flesh of my mound. My head hung now as she held me, my mouth open and throat exposed to her as my breathing become faster and shallower. Before I finally closed my eyes I saw her looking at my body on her. She was looking at me and playing with me! Oh god I couldn’t cope with all this. The movement of the flesh that she played with was stimulating my clit and I knew I was lubricating profusely.

“Do you want this Lucy?”

“Oh God yes!”

“You’ve never been with a woman before have you?” I could feel her fingers on my flesh. I could feel my flesh moving around under her hands. I could feel every movement causing my clit to be erect and the movements moving it excitingly.

“No. No.”

“Does you feel wicked doing this?”

“Oh God yes.!” I did. I did.

“But you don’t want me to stop do you? You want it don’t you? I can tell.”

“No. Yes. Please don’t stop. Please!”

“You’re going to be a good girl for me, aren’t you Lucy?”

“Oh yes. Oh yes.”

“You’re going to do as you’re told aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

“Do you want to do what I tell you Lucy?”

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Marianne please…” My pussy suddenly filled with my juices. As though my insides had melted. I knew that I wanted her to tell me what to do. I wanted her to look after me, guide me. I would do anything.

“You’re to call me Ma’am from now on Lucy.”

“Yes. Yes, Ma’am. Yes Ma’am.” It sounded right. It sounded good. She was in charge. Her fingers felt so good. My fingers went to my knickers, pushed them down. Marianne pulled them off.

“You took them off for a woman, didn’t you Lucy?”

“Yes. For you.”


“Sorry Ma’am. Yes I did Ma’am.”

“You were a slut in the changing rooms weren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes.” Ma’am!”

“Yes Ma’am. I was such a slut Ma’am.” My legs were spread as far as I could get them. I wanted her fingers at me, in me, touching me.

“It’s because you are a slut, Lucy.”

“Yes Ma’am. I’m such a slut Ma’am.” I knew I was. The shame washed through me but my arousal didn’t calm, if anything it increased. Her mouth went to my breasts and sucked and bit at my nipples. They felt rock hard and so sensitive to every sensation. My body felt on fire.

“Whose slut are you Lucy?” Her words from my breasts.

“Your slut.” The words came out without me thinking. “Ma’am.” Then words hit me. Yes. Yes. I was her slut. My body arced up almost there, almost in orgasm, tantalisingly near. So near.

“Do you belong to me slut?”

“Yes! Yes!” Her fingers slid inside me, into my molten core and then were at my clit. I was there! It hit me. It took me. She took me. My body went stiff. The world stopped. Fireworks exploded. I screamed. I was crying. She was holding me. My body heaving. I felt sweat covering me. I was crying. Whimpering. It was so deep, so, so deep. She rocked me gently as I tried to understand, come to terms with the pleasure. Slowly I calmed in her arms.

She had me stand. I felt so weak. She led me from the room, into the bedroom, her hand caressing my buttocks as we walked. My thighs were slippery, my pussy felt bloated. I was so aware that I was totally naked, she fully dressed. She took out her earings and laid them on the dresser.

“Undress me, slut.” I removed her blouse. The name she called me accepted by me, the feelings of her power over me exciting. The buttons fighting against my fingers. I would do as she said. I somehow felt free submitting. Her bra was pink with lilac flowers in lace. I folded it carefully and laid it on a chair. Like a maid.. A naked maid. Slut! I was still aroused! I’d come more already today than I had in the previous month.

I fumbled with her bra, finding it strange to remove some else’s. Oh her breasts were beautiful, large and full, so feminine. The nipple and aureole large on each breast, prominent, dark against her pale skin. I wanted to be enveloped in them. I moved to her trousers. As she stepped out of them I felt her hand on my head for balance. Her knickers were red, with her reddish hair peeping around the sides. I could smell the scent of her, this was a woman I was with. I was nervous now, of taking these off, of her being naked with me. I looked up to be reassured by her nod and pulled them down and off, my hands enjoying the feel of her thighs.

The bedroom was lovely, the bed had a plain pink duvet covering looking freshly laundered and there were even flowers next to the bed. I scampered over to it and hid under the covers. Marianne looked so confident naked. She looked so beautiful, so feminine. Her dark rich hair in striking contrast to her body, the echo in the movement of her breasts as she moved. Her full hips and slim waist. I wished I looked like her. She came over to the bed and looked down at me and smiled a strange smile.

In the bed I pressed against her as she cuddled me in her arms. I felt the warmth of her flesh and her soft body against my breasts. My legs parted and pressed against her hip, tentatively I slid a thigh across hers. We lay like that for a while. So warm and safe. It was the first time I had time to think though I couldn’t think of anything other than the sheer physical sensation and the connecting feelings. I felt almost like a young virgin, so naïve, so gauche. In her arms I felt so safe and warm. Gradually my breathing settled but then my eyes filled. The arousal and feeling of gratitude overwhelming me again for a moment. I kissed her neck timidly.

“You want this?”

“Oh yes… Ma’am.”

“I think it is time for my pleasure now, don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes Ma’am.”

“And you’re happy to do as I tell you?”

“Oh yes I’ll do anything… Ma’am.” Suddenly anxiety filled me. “But Ma’am… I haven’t done this before. I’m scared I wont do what you want me to.”

“Yes you will.” She laughed. “I want you to kiss me. Kiss and caress. All over my body. And don’t forget… my pleasure is the important thing. You are to concentrate on making me happy. You’ve had yours for now. If you’re good we’ll see about you again later. Now begin, pleasure me slut.”

I kissed her neck and arm. Soon I had to move my body, kneeling, moving the duvet. I kissed above her breasts. I tried to think what I would like. I wanted to be good for her. A hand stole over her breast. It felt so nice, her nipple was hard and the flesh soft. I’d never felt another woman before. My lips moved down and played with the other breast. I was so scared. Gradually I began to relax into my task. It was so exciting. I could feel the rise and fall of her breathing, hear her soft murmurs which reassured me. I began suckling, then the other breast, I rubbed my face over them and carried on kissing and sucking. I heard her tell me to kiss elsewhere. I felt my own nipples rub over hers as I leant over her, moaning softly as the pleasure washed through me.

Across her stomach. I pressed my face against her, feeling the security of her body on me, then over her hips. I was afraid of her sex. Afraid of what I would be doing there. I moved down her leg to her feet, the duvet rucked down with me and her wonderful nakedness spread before me. She moved her legs apart. I took her foot in my hands and kissed it before moving up the softness of the inside of her leg. I was so excited now. At the top of her thigh I chickened out and kissed and licked her other leg. Repeating the process that I carried out on the first one. I went slowly back up the inner thigh, my breathing ragged, my breasts rubbing up the length of her. The smell of her femininity was close to my face. I wanted to but could I? Her hairs tickled my cheek. Her thighs lifted for me. I kissed her lips. Soft private lips. Damp with her juices. I licked them. They tasted very much like I did but not quite. I licked them again and they parted wider under my tongue.

My heart was beating so loud. I felt enveloped in her taste and smell. I carried on, each moment losing more and more control until I was lapping deliriously at her. Within her lips, over her clit. A pubic hair caught in my mouth. I tried to carry on but I had to take it out before I gagged. My hands slid over her thighs and stomach and buttocks. I felt her hands on my head, her legs parting and lifting more. I could feel her moving against my juice covered face. It made me want to do it more, faster, deeper. Her leg was pressing against my pussy. I was rubbing wetly against it. It was so good. She began to push me harder against her, rub herself more and more against my face. Breathing was difficult but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was her pleasure against me. I was squashed harder and harder. Her thighs suddenly held me tight for a few seconds and then it began again jerkily my mouth now flooded, her sexual perfume filling me. Gradually she calmed and I felt so elated as I crouched head down between her legs.

She pulled me up over body. I loved the feel of it, sliding my breasts and flesh over hers. In her arms again. Kissed again. My face coated with her. We lay rubbing and rocking and kissing, I never wanted it to end.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Ohh. Yes.”

“Ma’am! If I have to tell you again I will punish you!” A shudder ran through me. I wanted to please her. I was being bad. What did she mean! Punished! Oh my God! What would she do? I was trembling on top of her. Some of it fear, and underneath something more. I blushed hot. Moved off her and onto my back. Her body leaning over me, kissing me, fondling me. Her hand went between my legs and I spread and lifted them.

“Slut!” She laughed as her fingers brought me to the edge, but not over it.

“I can’t help it Ma’am. Its never been like this…. I’ve never done this…. Oh God!”

“You’re married. Even with him?”

“No never. Never like this.”

“What would he think if he saw you now?” Amusement on her face as she kissed my face.

“He’d… he’d never believe it, Ma’am. It would just never occur to him that I could… would. Neither would I have, Ma’am.”

“You probably wont do it again.”

“Why not? Why not? Don’t you want me any more? Don’t you like me, think I’m attractive enough?” Panic running through me like ice. She laughed.

“No it’s not that you silly thing. You are very attractive, very sexy.” Relief coursed through me, gratitude filled me. “Most women think about it. You’ve put your toe in the water, satisfied your curiosity. You may well run away from yourself, what you’ve done, the self induced shame.”

“No! I want more! I wont do that!”


“Sorry Ma’am.”

“We’ll see.” She kissed my mouth and I drowned in her once more.

I wanted desperately to come again. I wanted to be made to come. It was as though it was only her that made me, could make me. She kept me so hot and horny but not allowing me to peak. Some of the things she made me do, things she said, positions I had to adopt while her mouth and fingers explored every private place were so embarrassing, but even those made me hotter. I had no private places anymore. I had no private anything.

Eventually she squatted over my face and I looked up into her pussy. The dark pink folds, the shiny wetness, the aroma of sex. She lowered herself on me. I licked and sucked as well as I could. She used me, used my face to pleasure herself on. I loved it, holding onto her bottom as she leant over me. I could feel her breath on my lips as her head was above my gaping hole. I wondered that I may come with only her breath! Her entire sex covered my face. I became her sex, tasted it, smelt it, felt it. I heard the rude sounds of our joining, I saw nothing. She became more determined on me, more, more. Suddenly she came again. Floods of liquids over my face as I desperately strove to breath, my needs unimportant. She calmed and began sucking my folds into her mouth, rhythmically, and licking my clit. I wanted it to go on for ever but I couldn’t hold it with all the mental and physical stimulation I’d had. I came again, powerfully, desperately. I vaguely remember her pulling me higher up the bed and taking me in her arms. I fell into an exhausted sleep.

When I woke I was alone in the bed. Anxiously I looked around. Marianne, dressed in a robe, was sitting on the bed watching me. She took me in her arms and cuddled me.

“You slept a long time, it’s mid afternoon.”

“Mmm. I need to use the toilet… Ma’am.”

“OK come with me.” She walked from the bed and I swung out and followed. I was aware that she was dressed whilst I was naked again. It seemed quite normal. I went into the toilet and she leant against the door.

“Thank you Ma’am.” I expected her to go.

“I thought you wanted the toilet.”

“I do.”

“Well go then.”


“What. Shy?”

“Yes. Yes, Ma’am.” I whispered.

“Just think of what you’ve done, what I’ve seen, what I’ve done.”


“Put your but down on the seat and do it. Now, slut.” I did. At first nothing would come. I felt humiliated. I knew she wanted to watch me. I knew I should, I tried. She stood waiting. Eventually I felt it coming, then streaming from me. The noise was loud in the quiet, embarrassingly so.

“Good girl.” She made me open my legs and proceeded to wipe me. My face was crimson in shame.

We both showered together. I liked it. Our bodies rubbing wetly against each other, soaping each other, just holding each other as the water cascaded over us. I felt as though I had always been with her, that all the new unexpected things that we had done had happened all the time. I towelled her dry and then we rubbed cream on each other. She watched me all the time, not to keep an eye on me but to look at me. My nakedness felt natural with her, as though I should be naked for her. I dried my hair and reapplied my make-up all in the nude. Finally I dressed. I felt bereft. I didn’t want to go.

“Go on then, run off to hubby.” I wanted to cry. “Phone me. If you haven’t phoned in the next two days don’t bother.” At the door she suddenly turned me. “Take off your panties.” I complied. Standing before her. She pushed me back against the door. It was if we were back in the changing room again. Her hand delved up my skirt and found me quickly, roughly. I was a little sore now but I didn’t care. She fingered me urgently. I felt taken. I wanted that. She forced an orgasm from me as she watched my face. It wasn’t for me, she was demanding it from me. I gave myself and came loudly and full. As soon as I had she took my knickers from my hand and sent me away.

I went home wet and without any knickers, always aware of what I’d just done. I looked at people out of the corner of my eyes wondering if they could tell. My thighs damp, my pussy tender and bloated still. Covering myself with my coat even though now dressed fully except that small item kept by Marianne. No one could see but it was as though they could see what I’d been doing. With a woman.

That evening I was in a daze. I was surprised that Andrew didn’t notice or make a comment, but he didn’t. I was sad in a way that he couldn’t see the change, what I had become. My dreams were erotic. Andrew was there, I could perhaps have had him take me, but it didn’t seem fair, nor would it have satisfied. Anyway he would be too gentle.

The next day I couldn’t settle. I couldn’t eat or do anything for more than a couple of minutes. I had understood what Marianne had meant. I’d gone through every emotion, but I wanted more. I wanted her, to be hers. I phoned, my body trembling.

“So you want more?”

“Yes Ma’am. I do, if you want me.”

“I am pleased.” My body glowed.

“I will want you in his bed. I will want you to remember every time you’re in that bed what we do. I will want to fuck you and take you all over that house so that you’ll think of my fingers up your cunt or my mouth at you wherever you are, whatever you do. I will be there in two days.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I will be there all day and you will greet me naked. Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Are you horny now, slut?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Blushing at my whispered answer.

“What are you wearing?”

“Jeans and a T-shirt Ma’am. And underwear, Ma’am”

“Loose them.”

“Pardon Ma’am?”

“Strip now. This minute. All of it. Wherever you are.” I was in the kitchen. I looked around.

“Yes Ma’am.”

I took off my clothes, throwing them away from me. Not like I would treat hers I thought. They fought with me but I won. Standing as bare as I was born in my kitchen I picked up the phone again.

“I’m naked Ma’am.”


“Now I want to hear you climax. Bring yourself off for me. Don’t hold back Lucy.”

“Right Ma’am. It’s for you Ma’am.” I sat and spread and told her everything I was doing. When I told her I was going to come she had me delay until I begged and begged.

“What are you Lucy?”

“I’m a slut Ma’am.”


“Yours Ma’am. I’m your slut.”

“Yes that’s right Lucy. Now you can come.”

And I did. And after, with the phone resting back in its cradle, I sat naked in the kitchen. I sat naked in the kitchen, sucking my juices, and knew.

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