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Luck Be A Lady

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“Holy shit, I don’t fuckin’ believe it.”

That was all I could say after I checked my tickets. First off, my 6/49 lottery ticket had five out of six winning numbers, which according to the payout sheet paid $3,147.52 (Canadian). That was the bad news. The good news was the Pro-Line sports betting ticket that I had played. It was all long shots on baseball games.

Stuff like the Tampa Bay to beat the Yankees by 2+ and the under. Cincinnati to beat Arizona by 2+ and the over. With my wager and all the multipliers, the Pro-Line ticket netted me $6,199.00. So I had close to ten thousand dollars of winning tickets in my hand and my head was spinning, wondering where to start.

Well the first place to start was at my boss’s office, faking a sick gravelly voice and telling him I wasn’t feeling well. Mission Accomplished. The second was to drive into Toronto to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation offices and cash in my tickets. Armed with my winnings, I headed to the local branch of my bank to get the OLGC cheques cashed. Once I had the envelope stuffed with fifties and one-hundreds in hand, I had a decision to make. What to do with my money. Something the cashier at the bank said was resonating around my head.

“This must be your lucky day. If I were you I’d ride it for all it’s worth.”

Ride… maybe I should take it to the track. Mohawk and Woodbine racetracks were not to far away, maybe I could head on out and play the ponies. That thought lasted about two hot seconds before I dismissed it. I didn’t know a goddamn thing about horses, and the money would be gone in no time. The next thought that struck me was to head to a casino. There were a few casinos in Southern Ontario, three of them, in fact, with in driving distance. The one in Brantford I dismissed immediately: I’d heard it was almost all slot machines, and that didn’t appeal to me. So that left two options: Casino Rama in Orillia, about a two hour drive north of Toronto, or Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls. I thought Orillia at first, but as it was a Friday in June, the 400 North would probably be clogged solid with cottagers trying to escape the city. That, and I’d always loved the drive to Niagara. My decision made, I headed home, packed some stuff to stay away for the weekend, and headed south.

Well, west first. You have to go around Lake Ontario to get to Niagara from Toronto, and it seemed interminable, although it only took 45 minutes, to make the first leg of my journey through all the smaller cities that blended into one another. Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington. Then you made the big sweeping bend through Hamilton and then you were south of the Lake heading east, and to the part of the drive that I loved, where you went through smaller and smaller towns. Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, until there were just nameless hamlets, and trees, and vineyards, with the lake only two hundred yards on your left and the Niagara Escarpment on your right, so close it seemed you could touch it at some points. A peaceful, tranquil drive, steaming along through Niagara Wine Country at 130 km/h (until you get to the Seventh Street turn-off. The Ontario Provincial Police love to set up speed traps there).

As I peeled off the Q.E.W. onto the 420, I really started to get excited. I’d accompanied some friends to Casino Niagara before, only bringing a couple of bucks with me, burning through that quickly on Video Poker while they played whatever. This time however, I was going to have some fun, no matter what luck held for me that day. Highway 420 is a very short expressway, turning into a regular street, and that street led you directly to the Casino. I drove past all the cheap parking vendors that I had parked at before and headed right for the hotel adjacent to the Casino. If I was coming down here, I was staying in style.

I turned my car over to the valet at the hotel, and headed for the check in. Breezing past the gift shop (the one thing I hate about Niagara Falls: all the Canadiana kitsch), I headed for the front desk, greeted by a cherubic young girl, who eagerly sold me my room for the next two nights, giving me a run down of all the amenities that the hotel had to offer, gave me a room key, and welcomed me to Niagara Falls.

I headed right upstairs to my room, the second floor from the top. The room was packed with goodies, like a Jacuzzi, a good-sized, well-stocked mini-bar, a king sized bed and a balcony overlooking the Falls. It wasn’t cheap, but hell, for once I could afford to spoil myself. I made myself a double rye on the rocks, sat back and enjoyed the view, smiling as I looked back and forth between the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls on the… well, American side. I smiled as I watched. The Canadian side was way better.

I sat in my room, just relaxing as I looked over the tourist’s information provided in the room. Nothing really held my interest. I was here for one reason and one reason only: To test my luck. As I thought it over, two words sprung into my mind. ‘Sundowner’ and ‘Seductions’, two of the best strip clubs I had visited in my life, were side by side on Lundy’s Lane, and I quickly formulated a back-up plan. If my luck turned cold as hell on the Casino floor, and I was planning on losing all my winnings anyways, then I would cover myself in lap-dancers for the night and live like Hugh Hefner. There are far worse was to whittle away money.

I knocked back the rest of my drink, checked my look in the mirror, and caught then next elevator to the main floor. The doors to the elevator opened and the first thing that struck me was the Hard Rock Café, which is part of the hotel/casino complex. I looked inside as I walked past the restaurant and thought I might stop in later for a Hendrix Burger, or whatever was on the musically themed menu. I turned my attention from the restaurant to the escalators that led to the gaming floors, smiling as I approached my destination.

I smiled from ear to ear as I stepped off the escalator at the non-smoking floor. Stepping forward and looking around, I mulled over my options. The most striking and obvious option was the slot machines, but I had no interest in them. The feed-a-token-and-pull-the-handle routine left a too much to chance for my liking, and I preferred games where I had a little more control. Over to my left were some Blackjack tables, which seemed to strike my fancy, and I took a seat at one of the higher minimum tables.

The dealer was a bored looking, forty-something guy who looked like he’d rather be doing anything than flipping cards, but the cards sure liked him in my first few games. I busted on my first three hands, and he beat me on the next two. The sixth game was no different, with me holding a jack and a two, and with him showing a nine. I shook my head, and tapped at the table for him to hit me, knowing full well what the result was going to be. The only surprise was that the exact card I had pictured getting showed up in from of me, and the queen of diamonds made me bust. I was getting the distinct feeling this table was cold and was about to leave when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this hot little blonde have a seat beside me. She looked over at me, gave a little polite smile and plunked down her chip to join the game. I had no reason to believe anything positive would come out of playing another hand at that particular table, but stuck around anyways. As the dealer laid out the cards for then next game, I tried to be discreet in looking over the new player. Long blonde hair, very very pretty face, a sweet little curvaceous body on her petite frame, and dressed classy and elegantly in a little red dress with matching red heels. I was still looking at her when the dealer’s voice brought me back to reality, “Black Jack.”

“Hmm?” was my reply, and I looked down to my hand to see an ace and a king staring back at me. My face still registered shock as the dealer pushed two chips towards me to go alongside my bet, and continued dealing for my tablemate. She won as well, and turned and smiled a little more warmly at me. I looked into her blue eyes while I returned the smile, and was mildly annoyed at the dealer’s monotone, bored voice saying, “Will that be your bet for the next hand, sir?” I shot him a little dirty look as I took the two extra chips off the table and resumed playing.

Somehow, starting with that game, my luck changed for the better. I only lost two out of the next fifteen hands, getting Black Jack six times, and far making up for my initial slump at the table. Red Dress beside me didn’t fare so well, seeming to only break even after all that play, and got up to leave. She looked at me, smiled warmly again and said sweetly, “Good luck.”

“Thanks, eh.” I replied, “You too.” I watched those shapely legs walk away from the table and turned back to the game. Then I proceeded to lose the next four games. When the dealer pointed at the betting spot to ask if I wanted to play again, I got up from the table. “The girl leaves, and my luck goes with it,” I said with a wry smile, “What are the odds.”

“Go figure,” the dealer replied with a tired, sardonic tone to his voice. I only responded with a look that said ‘fuck you’ and walked away. I headed for the main aisle again, wondering where to head next. As I looked around the floor, the pink neon of a restaurant on that floor beckoned to me. My stomach gurgled, reminding me I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and I headed inside the place to get one of their steak sandwiches. The restaurant was an elevated one, and as I munched on the sandwich, I looked down at the floor, trying to decide where to take my luck next. While I pondered my options, I also looked around for Red Dress again. I knew it was fruitless trying to find one person in the sea of humanity down there, and gave up, instead deciding to shoot some craps once I was done with my dinner.

The cheque settled and my stomach full, I made my way over to one of the less busy craps tables. Again, this was a higher minimum table and there were only a few players surrounding it. I quickly wished a few more were playing, as the shooter’s touch was stone cold, throwing sevens at all the wrong times, ruining my Pass and Point bets. My eyes were glazing over as the elderly gentleman’s third seven in eight throws killed $80 dollars of my money from the table. It was all good for him however, as his sevens were paying dividends for him on his Don’t Pass bet, the whole one chip he had laid on the table.

I was grumbling under my breath, about to decide if this was the game for me, when the dealer shouted “Alright, we have a new shooter!” I glanced over in a nonplussed fashion over at the end of the table to see the elderly gentleman walking away with his winnings, but my mood lightened considerably when I saw Red Dress slide in. She saw me and smiled again, this time warmly in a familiar kind of way, and took hold of the dice. I quickly placed a $40 bet on Pass, and on a hunch, placed a $40 bet on Any Seven. The blonde rolled the dice between her hands then casually threw them down the table. A Five and a Two. My mouth was agape as the dealer slid $40 dollars to match my Pass bet, and $160 dollars to accompany my Any Sevens bet. I smiled at Red Dress, and she at me as she saw my good fortune.

She continued to throw lucky strikes for the entire time the dice was in her hands. There were a couple of long, drawn out series while I waited for her to throw the Point after the Come Out roll, but it all ended up working out for me, and I didn’t lose while she was the shooter. Alas, her luck was again mixed, and she surrendered the dice to someone else. As soon as I saw her start to leave the table, my instruction to the dealer was immediate, “Tray, please.” I slid the stacks of my winnings in the provided tray, and ran after her. She hadn’t gotten very far.

“Hey,” I said as I came up beside her, “I can’t let you get too far away. You’re my good luck charm. I’m Brock, by the way.” I extended my hand with my introduction.

“Stacy,” she said, looking at me with a funny smile that said she thought I was insane, but shook my hand anyways. “I’m glad my luck is working out for someone, I’m not doing that well myself.” I smiled as I listened to her voice, her Western New York State accent adding to my attraction to her.

“Well the least I can do is buy you a drink. I feel like I owe you a little something for this,” I held up the three-stack tray filled with casino chips. Her eyes went wide as she saw all the chips.

“You won all that at the craps table?” she started to laugh a little. I nodded and showed her how much I started with, and how much her presence at the Blackjack table and her shooting at craps netted me. She happily accepted my drink offer, and we headed to one of the many small bars on the casino floor.

We ended up talking for about ninety minutes over a couple of drinks. It was one of those discussions where, although you’ve just met someone, you feel like you’ve known them for years. I can’t remember one awkward pause, or any disagreement in our conversation. While we talked, I saw her beautiful blue eyes soften even more, her head tilt to the side a little as I talked, felt her hand brush mine when she talked, and all the while I felt myself more and more drawn to her. She had come to Niagara Falls with a friend of hers who was visiting from Colorado, and they decided to skip across the border and have some fun over here. She was telling a funny little story about what happened to her and her friend while they were crossing the border, and as she started laughing her hand landed on my thigh and stayed there. After we stopped laughing, her hand stayed on my thigh, her eyes gazing deeply into mine, her lips slightly parted while she smiled at me. I knew I didn’t want to let this one go.

I suggested we play a couple more games of something. She was hesitant at first but when I said I’d bankroll her, she shrugged and said ‘why not’. We walked towards the roulette tables, and I tentatively wrapped my arm around her shoulder, hoping it wasn’t too forward. On the contrary, she leaned into me a little as I guided her to one of the less busy tables. We arrived at the rail of the table, looking over the sparse number of bets placed by the players. She took a small stack of chips out of my tray, and made a couple of random bets, and I did likewise. The dealer spun the ball around the wheel, and when it landed, as it seemed to go prior to our drink, Stacy had mixed luck with her bets, but four of the five bets I placed came up roses. Red, Odd, Top Half and the Corners bet all came up for me, adding to my booty for the night.

“I’m telling you, its because you are with me. I’m up three thousand dollars tonight, and that’s all your doing.” I was grinning from ear to ear as I spoke. We placed our bets for the next spin, and continued bantering back and forth, with me insisting she was the source of my good fortune, and she protesting that it was just happenstance. Our discussion was halted by the ball coming to a stop, with me again coming out with four of the five placed bets I made coming up winners. I looked at her with an expression that said ‘see?’. She responded by just shaking her head. I smiled and said, “I’ll prove it. What’s your birthday?”

Stacy looked at me, unsure of where I was going and replied, “August 28th. Why?”

My face was full of confidence as I took a stack of chips out of my tray, ten one-hundred dollar chips, the table maximum, and placed it on Black 28.

Stacy’s eyes went wide, “Brock, that’s crazy, that’s a thousand dollars. You can still take it off the table.” I wasn’t worried. I was aware that the odds were hopelessly against me, but I was way up, and I was playing with the house’s money. Even if I bombed out on this pick, the money I won more than paid for my accommodations for the weekend, and any fun I could dream up of to indulge in. I still had this smug smile on my face, looking at Stacy, when I heard the clatter of the ball settling into it’s destination, and her eyes went wide again.

I thought to my self ‘Naw, it couldn’t be’, and had started to turn to the wheel, when I heard the dealer clear his throat and in a shocked voice call out “Black 28.”

I looked at the ball sitting in the Black 28 spot, and I did the simple math: one thousand dollars, multiplied by 35 to 1 odds, equaled $35,000. The first two words out of my mouth were a quiet, “Holy fuck.” The second two words were directed at the dealer, a little hoarse as I said, “Cash Out.”

The pit boss came over to witness the paying out of my table winnings, when added to my previous winnings from the past few spins, totaled $35,860, added to my other game winnings of $3,520, and my lottery winnings of $9,346.52, meant that in 24 hours I had earned more than I had made in the last fifteen months of working. Best of all, according to Canadian tax law, it was all tax-free. The pit boss and security then accompanied me to the front desk of the hotel where I deposited all but $4,000 in the house safe. I stood there in the hotel lobby after all the casino staff had left, with Stacy and myself just staring and smiling at one another.

“So, did you wanna get some dinner? I’m buying.” She laughed at that and those gorgeous blue eyes of hers looked deeply into mine as she nodded and said yes. “Well, lets see,” I continued, “There’s Rumours or The Hard Rock Café or…” I decided to press my luck one more time tonight, “…room service…”

I half expected Stacy to slap my face and storm off. Instead she cocked her head with a coy expression on her face, which spread into that warm grin of hers, as she said, “Alright. Room service it is.”

We headed to the elevator, and stepped inside as the doors opened. The elevator was empty, and I was looking forward to getting us upstairs and comfortable when I heard “Hold the elevator.” An arm slid in between the doors just as it was about to close, opening it back up, and suddenly ten people crashed into the elevator with us, pressing me back against the back wall with Stacy pressed right up to me face to face. Her hands were pressed against my chest and I held her at the waist as the invading party talked loudly and drunkenly. We paid no attention to them as we looked at each other, my hands gripping her waist a little tighter. The door opened at the floor the others had called, and as they all stepped out onto their floor, Stacy stayed exactly where she was, not moving away from me, her hands still on my chest. We were still gazing into each other’s eyes when the last of the drunken bastards looked back into the elevator just as the doors were closing, seeing the embrace Stacy and I were in and yelled out, “WoooHooo, someone’s getting lucky tonight!”

I blushed and shot a furious glance to the now-closed elevator doors, flustered and hoping Peckerhead hadn’t spoiled the mood. Stacy responded by grabbing my chin, turning my face to hers, and kissing me so very softly, grazing her lips along mine, a slow tender kiss that made me close my eyes and moan. It was a wonderful moment, and was interrupted by the elevator bell signaling we had arrived on my floor.

We walked to my room door, and once inside, Stacy marveled at the interior and sat on one of the very comfortable couches, getting relaxed as I poured a couple of drinks. We continued our conversation from earlier at the bar as we sat close to one another, holding hands, our thumbs tickling the backs of the other’s hand.

“Wow, this is an amazing room, it’s way bigger than mine on the 11th floor…” Stacy said as she looked around the room again, then her face went pale like something had come over her and said, “My room… Oh my god, Tess!”

“No, It’s Brock. Remember?” I said hoping to make her feel better than whatever triggered her sudden alarm.

She laughed a little, but her smile was replaced by something apologetic, “I’m sorry Brock, but I’ve gotta get back to my room. My friend, remember I was telling you she was up from Colorado? She’s waiting for me. I have to get back.”

I was desperate to keep Stacy around, and just blurted out, “So invite her up. We’ll have a few drinks up here and watch a movie or go out or something.” She looked unsure until I looked back at her with big pathetic eyes and said, “C’mon, please?”

She smiled again and picked up the room phone and dialed her friend. I could hear her as I turned on the big T.V. in the room talk to her friend. It seemed like a long phone call, especially with all the giggling and hushed tones Stacy was speaking in. I was flipping through the movie channels when Stacy hung up, slid back onto the couch with me, leaning against me and said, “She’ll be just a second, but she’s coming right up.” She smiled and kissed me again, just like she did in the elevator, and then cuddled up against me. I just smiled as I draped my arm around her and waited for the knock on the door.

We didn’t have to wait too long. There came a few soft knocks on the door only a few minutes after Stacy had hung up, and we both shouted that it was open. I was shocked to see who came thru the door. I had no idea that Stacy’s friend could be as beautiful as she was, but there she was. About Stacy’s height, short red hair, voluptuous figure, gorgeous face and in one of the white terrycloth robes that the hotel had provided. She smiled at Stacy as she walked towards the couch, then came and stood in front of me, held out her hand and said in a smoky seductive voice, “Hi, I’m Tess.”

I stood up, took the gorgeous redhead’s hand and greeted her as she came into the room. She was stunning, as beautiful as Stacy, and I couldn’t believe my luck that I’d be in the company of these two goddesses. I stood, like a gentleman should, took Tess’ hand, and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Brock. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Ummm, can I get you a drink?”

She held my gaze, “Tequila, if you please.”

I smiled at first, and then blanched a little, “Uh, I’m sure I’ve got some salt kicking around here somewhere, but I’m positive there aren’t any lime wedges.”

“That’s fine. I prefer to shoot it straight anyways.” Those eyes of hers remained locked on mine, and I couldn’t help but feel a little rush as I saw them twinkle in the light of the room. The slight half smile as she looked at me was unmistakable, and then I remembered back to the conversation on the phone, and wondered what all the giggling was about.

The tequila in the room bar was a high quality one, and so I poured a generous sized shot for Tess, a refill for Stacy and got myself a rye. I headed back to the loveseat the girls had seated themselves on, delivered the drinks, and had a seat on the floor facing them. “So,” I said, looking for a harmless topic of conversation to get things started, “How long have you two been friends?” Well, that innocent question started a long discourse from both Tess and Stacy on their relationship, from how they had met, to what kind of trouble they had gotten into together, to how they had tormented a couple of poor schmucks in a bar the night before in the town Stacy was from before heading up this way to have a little fun this side of the border.

Tess was in the middle of another story from a couple years back, and it was a long animated one. She was describing Stacy’s part in the caper, and as I turned in amusement to get Stacy’s take, I looked down along her incredible body and towards her legs. They were slightly parted, and as she saw me staring for that brief moment, she parted them almost imperceptibly wider, but just enough that I could see right the way up her red dress to the flash of white lace that covered her modesty. My eyes flashed instinctively up to hers, and were met by a very quick wink and a slight smile. I turned back to Tess, but she was involved in telling the story, and if she had noticed the tiny exchange between myself and Stacy, she didn’t show any sign of it.

The story was an amusing, engrossing one, and I listened intently to Tess’s tale until she finished by saying, “… and that’s how I ended up in Western New York and visiting Stacy, and as much as I’m enjoying the tequila, I would kill for a nice long soak. It was such a long flight.”

My eyebrows arched and I glanced over at the in-room hot tub as I said, “So what’s stopping you?”

Tess’ eyes went wide as she took note of the room’s amenity, and gave me another smile, and indicated that yes, she’s like that very much. I went to the tub and ran the water to fill it, then returned to chat with both ladies. We talked a little more about this and that, and I found myself becoming even more at ease with both of them, valuing their company on the evening. Tess glanced over at the tub and said, “Looks like we’re just about ready.” She walked towards the tub, and without any fanfare or self-consciousness, shed her robe, letting it fall to the ground as she took those last couple of steps to the hot tub. She turned off the water, and climbed in, giving me a side view of her full breasts before she slipped under the water.

“Ohhhh, that’s perfect.” She closed her eyes and tilted her head back against the edge of the tub for a moment, then picked her head back up, looked over at Stacy and I and said, “Why don’t you two join me. There’s plenty of room in here.” She saw my initial apprehension, and put me at ease by saying, “Come on, Brock, we’re all adults here. You have seen a naked woman before, right?”

I gave a small laugh and looked over at Stacy, who had something of an eager look on her face, and gave a resigned “Okay,” in response to Tess’ half-challenge. Stacy and I went to the side of the tub, and both of us disrobed at short order, and with as much a lack of self-consciousness as Tess had in getting in, almost presented myself as I climbed into the water. I looked over at Stacy as she joined us, and got a good look at her incredible body, with her pink nipples capping her lovely, full breasts and the sparse, trimmed blond hair topping her sex. She climbed into the tub and immediately slid in beside me, letting me drape an arm around her shoulders as she cuddled with me, both of us opposite Tess, who had relaxed against the side of the tub, her arms outstretched along the tub’s edge, her breasts just underneath the water. Her hand brushed the controls for the jets, and with a smile she turned them on, the hot water immediately bubbling and rolling.

Tess looked a little shocked as one of the water jets seemed to come upwards from the bottom. She smiles and said, “Strange place for a jet.”

“You’re sitting on the recliner portion,” I said. “If you turn that-a-way and lie back, the jets are positioned to hit certain muscles and give you a massage.”

“Oh. Strategically placed, then.” Tess looked at the water bubbling up from the massage jet, then gave us a mischievous smile, and slid over so that she was sitting on top of the jet. Her violet eyes immediately became unfocused and glazed, her mouth slackened as the water from the jet was directed at her core. She lifted one hand from the tub’s edge and ran it through her thick red hair, her head slumping back and rolling from side to side as the jet began to pleasure her.

I looked over at Stacy, almost as if to say ‘is this really happening’. Her blue eyes looked into mine, and she moved a little closer to me. I could feel the side of her breast brush my chest as she moved against me, the heat from her body palpable even in the steaming waters. She slid an arm around my waist, then motioned with her eyes for me to continue watching the show Tess was putting on.

My eyes gravitated back to Tess, and were treated to seeing her body begin to writhe as the flow of the water was trained upon her sex. She wriggled slowly over the jet, maneuvering the stream of water to her wetness, having it stimulate her. The way her body undulated as the stream of water pleasured her was something to watch, there was almost a dance-like quality to it. I was riveted to my spot in the tub, and almost didn’t notice Stacy’s hand as it glided over my leg, moving back and forth, and then, teasingly, her hand ran from stem to tip over my turgid member. She did it just the once, and I caught the look of mirth as she looked at me out of the corner of her eye. Her hand rested at the middle of my thigh, and she went back to watching Tess.

Tess, however, was lost in sensations the water jet was providing. Her head still sagged against the edge of the tub, her hand still stroking and combing through her luxurious red locks. Her other hand finally left the tub’s edge, and as her jaw slackened further, her eyes closed, the hand captured one of her full breasts, lifting it out of the water, caressing it before our eyes. As the weight of it rested in her palm, the forefinger and thumb pinched at the nipple stem, pulling upon it, tormenting the bud while her back arched dramatically. She called out, moaning incomprehensibly while the stream of water stimulated her sex, and her breathing quickened to the point where every breath sounded like a sob, every exhale became a moan. Her whimpers followed one anther, and finally her whole body tensed, frozen in a rapturous pose, and she screamed out a short, “YES!” before she slumped against the side of the tub, breathing as deeply as the hot vapours from the water would allow, her mouth slightly agape as she lay recovering.

Stacy and I just sat there silently as Tess regained her breath, watching the satisfied smile on her face, her dark eyes darting warmly back and forth between the two of us. With a deep breath and a short sigh she sat back up against the edge of the tub and said to me, as if nothing had happened, “So Brock, tell us about yourself.”

I was shocked after what had just transpired that Tess could change gears so quickly. I smiled an unsure smile for a moment, wondering if this was just a tease, but she seemed serious about her question. I looked at Stacy and she smiled back in an amused fashion, telling me Tess was earnest in her query. I stammered for a bit before giving the ladies the basics of my background. When Tess asked questions of me, they drew long thoughtful answers from me, and before I knew it, I had totally forgotten about Tess’ exhibition only a few minutes before. When the realization hit me, I was so disarmed and relaxed, that I found, despite the fact that I was seated in a Jacuzzi, naked with two beautiful women, that my member had returned to a flaccid state.

We lounged in the tub for a few more minutes and as a group decided to head to the couch to see what else we could do for fun. Stacy decided that a movie might be a nice option and Tess and I both agreed. The three of us climbed out of the tub toweled off quickly and found our way into the thick terrycloth robes that the hotel offered. Tess giggled and ran to the couch, jumping on it and claiming it for herself, lying all the way across it, leaving only a small portion at the end available. Stacy laughed, rolled her eyes and took up a position on the loveseat, patting the cushion beside her and saying, “Come on, Brock. If Tess wants to be that way, we can just move over here.” Tess giggled some more and stuck her tongue out at Stacy, and got even more comfy on the couch she had taken up by herself. I shook my head at all the playfulness as I grabbed the remote and sat beside Stacy, drawing my arm around her. I felt her snuggle against me while we looked over the Program Guide for something to watch. As the cursor hit a particular movie, both women made ‘Oooh’ing noises, which I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out meant they’d like to see that one. I selected that one and settled back on the couch, Stacy cuddled close to me.

The movie was something of a thriller, and I became somewhat engrossed in the twisting plot. Over the course of watching the movie, I felt Stacy’s fine form cuddle up a little closer, until at about the two thirds point of the film, she had one leg draped over my lap. I looked down at the thigh that slipped out from the part at the front of the robe, feeling it’s warmth upon the tops of my thighs. I looked a little surprised at her doing this, then turned for a moment to see if Tess had seen this happen. She couldn’t as the effects of the tub nad her orgasm led her to slumber, sleeping with her head propped against one of the pillows that decorated the couch. With a smile, I placed my hand upon the offered thigh, sliding my hand slowly higher, the opening of the robe on the back of my wrist, watching the robe part wider as my hand wandered farther up her thigh. Stacy’s eyes joined mine in watching the travels of my hand, seeing the split in the white terrycloth broaden and more of her lightly tanned flesh revealed. As my hand roamed higher, I shifted the position of my palm so that it ended up on her hip, the touch innocent, however it meant that even more of Stacy’s lap was revealed, as the robe separated right up to the belt, and bringing her slit into full view, as well as the blonde curls atop it. Both of us spent a long moment looking at her now exposed sex, and then at the same time lifted our heads to look at one another. Her lips were parted slightly, her face cast just a little downward, her beautiful blue eyes looking up at me, the coy seductive glance all the permission I needed.

I closed the remaining distance between the two of us, my free hand cupping her cheek as I looked deeply into her eyes, then studied her exquisite features, committing to memory every last detail of this goddess’s beauty, my breathing quickened as my excitement and desire mounted with each moment I looked upon her. “So beautiful,” I muttered as I looked upon her, almost in disbelief that a woman like this was sitting here with me. My chest rose and fell rapidly with my shallow breathing as I leaned forth and kissed her, as softly as we had done in the elevator, a soft, tender kiss that served as a prelude for things to come. As my lips left hers, I heard the softest of whimpers escape her lips, and my eyes were just able to catch her lift her leg from her lap, completely opening herself to me. My hand left her hip and moved across the front of her thigh, seeking the treasure she offered me. Softly my fingers glided over her folds, feeling just a hint of moisture upon them. Using just my fingertips, I explored every contour of her mound, toying slightly with her coarse curls, feeling the puffiness of her petals. I closed my eyes and leaned in to kiss her gain, this time both our lips parted, and we kissed a searing, passionate kiss, a product of the arousal pent up in both of us. I felt my shaft stiffen completely, and I wondered a little what made it more aroused, that I was touching Stacy’s most sacred place, or the immense thrill and excitement I received from the penetrating kiss.

I was gratified to feel Stacy moan hotly into my mouth, the muffled, muted sound belying the power and force with which her tongue attacked mine, taking the lead in the sultry dance they engaged in. I pressed my lips even tighter upon hers as I let her explore my mouth, then moaned myself as she withdrew ever so slightly from the kiss to suck hungrily upon my tongue. I tilted my head back, submitting to the suction she placed upon my tongue, almost not registering her hands as they undid the belt and opened the front of my robe, tossing the fabric aside, leaving only my arms and pecs hidden by the terrycloth. Her delicate hand journeyed between my legs, capturing the stiff rod between them, feeling her warm grip around it as she slowly stroked my member in time with the lazy meanderings of my fingers upon her wetness. This time we both moaned at the same time, which served only to fuel our passion. Her hand tightened it’s grasp upon me, while I responded by delving my finger between her netherlips, teasing her slit with my fingertip while my thumb ground at her clit, the fleshy pad of my thumb rubbing against her nub.

Her hips bucked immediately and instinctively at my invading finger, forcing me, not unwelcomely, to push more of my finger into her sex. She cried out at this, a sharp quick sound, as my finger slid to the second knuckle inside her, and then kept going, until the backs of my other fingers were pressed against her mound. I wriggled the tip of that finger inside her, pressing it upwards against her g-spot, knowing that that this slight pressure would do very little for her, but letting her know that I was aware where it was situated. She gasped slightly at the touch at the front wall of her sex, and her hand halted it’s stroking of my member, stopping midway along it’s length, her eyes flashing open and looking into mine. My eyes narrowed slightly as I grinned at her, and easily slid a second finger into her core, curling both of them upward slightly, and slowly began to thrust and withdraw them into her sex. Stacy’s eyes closed again as she gave herself over to my fingers and what they did to her, her hand intermittently stroking at my length as her focus shifted to what she felt between her thighs. With increasing pressure and speed, I pushed my fingers into her, feeling my fingertips make contact with the wall of her sex, and hearing the resultant sounds of pleasure come from the beautiful blonde.

As my fingers dipped deeply into Stacy, my mouth lowered to her neck, offered to me as her head tilted backwards, her long blonde tresses spilling over the back of the couch. I inhaled deeply at the hint of perfume that lingered upon her throat, and then kissed at her neck, savouring the texture of her flesh beneath my lips, eager to hear more of the moans that emanated from her. I was rewarded in short order, as my mouth hit a tender spot on her neck, causing her to press herself more tightly against my lips, her hand on my wrist as my fingers invaded her, guiding them into her, urging me to move them faster as they pumped into her depths. Every breath from her came out as a long, hot exhale, followed by a long gasp as her breathing became laboured. I looked down her body while I kissed her neck, and watched her lovely chest rise and fall, saw those perfect breasts quake from the motion of her hips as she ground against my invading fingers.

Her breath caught for a moment, and then the sweetest of whimpers came from her lips. I pulled away from her neck and watched this gorgeous woman as her body responded to my touch, my eyes capturing every detail of her features as they contorted erotically with her arousal. My fingers stabbed harder into her, making firm contact with her g-spot with every thrust, wanting nothing more at that moment that to see and feel her body explode around my fingers. She raised her hips off the couch, her hips tensing as she fucked back against my fingers, thrusting in time against them to heighten her pleasure. My jaw slackened in wonderment as I watched her, and saw her head thrash back and forth against the back of the couch, then suddenly she turned towards me, gripping my arm with her hand tightly as she bit into my shoulder. I could feel her muffled screams as she strove to keep herself from alerting Tess, who as I looked over, seemed to still be sleeping peacefully, despite the passion occurring not ten feet from her. Stacy’s nails dug into my arm, the ecstasy that she was experiencing overtaking her completely as my flesh vibrated with the effects of her muted moans, her teeth still biting me hard. I grunted both from the effects her orgasm had on me and from the pain of the bite and the stabbing fingernails, but kept pumping my fingers into Stacy until she came down from her climactic high.

She pulled slightly away from my shoulder as she recovered slowly, her breathing rapid and short as she clung to me, her eyes still closed as the aftershocks of her orgasm coursed through her. After a short eternity of her clutching against me, she opened her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes staring into mine with the same look I had given her with our first embrace on the couch. Her fingers ran through my hair just above my right temple as she just stared at me. I wasn’t uncomfortable under her gaze; on the contrary, it comforted me, and stirred my longing for her. Her fingers slipped out of my hair and landed upon the cheek below, a touch that made my eyes close involuntarily with it’s tenderness, and then spoke in a whisper so low I almost didn’t hear it, “Follow me.”

Stacy got up and guided me towards the bed, climbing atop it, and lay down on her side. I smiled as I saw her there and joined her at the foot of the bed, taking hold of her foot and kissing up along the length of her leg. As I kissed higher, she rolled onto her back, and I looked up at her over her glorious figure up into those eyes as my lips worked their way up her leg. I saw the expression upon her features, that downward gaze in her eyes that can be mistaken for nothing but unbridled lust. As my mouth had reached the middle of her thigh, her legs parted wide for me. I smiled inwardly, and continued kissing up the inside of her thighs, and just as my mouth was about to reach her folds, I felt her hands grip my head, lightly, yet firmly, her palms under my jaw line as he guided me higher up her body. “No. Now.” Was all she said quietly as she lifted me up to her face, kissing me deeply while I lay atop her, the underside of my shaft pressed against her sex. She grabbed my member, and with an almost frantic fumbling, positioned the head just inside her wetness, and tensed her hips, leading me inside her sheath.

It was my turn to gasp now, as the silky soft sensation of my shaft gliding over her velvet walls shut out all my other senses for a brief, glorious moment, and then I came back down from that nirvana, remembering that I was kissing her. My tongue tangled sensually with Stacy’s as I held myself up over her, my shaft plunging into her already, breathing hotly into her mouth as her moist core excited me exponentially. I broke the kiss and looked down at her, all the while my length lanced into her sex, watching as her eyes closed, her head turned just a little to the side and whimpered again, that sweet sound making my shaft swell even more. My own breathing became erratic as this incredible creature allowed me inside her, permitted me to pleasure her, her hands sliding along my sides gripping me every now and then as she felt me bury myself as far as I could inside her. The bed shook just a little with our lovemaking, my thrusts deep, yet slow, trying to make this last as long as I could.

I watched Stacy’s hand come off my side and move to her breast, cupping it, caressing it, then moved to the other to repeat the same attention. Seeing Stacy touch herself like that made me lose my composure a little, and the slow lovemaking I had in mind was lost, my shaft buried deep into her sex, withdrawn quickly, and then slammed back into her. Over and over I sank my shaft into her like that, feeling her sex moisten around me with the more vigorous penetration. Her free hand slipped around the back of my neck, pulling her shoulders up off the bed as her back arched, “Oh god, yes, Brock, fuck me.” she said, thrilling me even more, making my shaft power even deeper into her depths. Her moans and my gasps seemed to blend together, the bed rocking now with the strength of my thrusts.

My gasps became grunts as I felt my passion rise, and Stacy’s eyes briefly shot over towards Tess, and then an anxious look up at me, wordlessly telling me to keep it down lest we wake our companion. I smiled warmly as I closed my mouth, and concentrated on breathing thru my nose while my hardness slid hard and deep into her. Our eyes locked on one another, Her blue eyes staring into my grey ones as we made love, approaching our respective releases. Her’s seemed to come first, as her eyes remained fixed upon mine, but her head tiled back, digging into the mattress while I felt her legs spread even wider. Her hands clutched at my hips, holding on tightly to them. There was no sound coming from us save for the staccato sound of my breathing and the slight liquid sound of my shaft delving into her. The wordless, soundless passion between us seemed to excite me all the more, and I felt that familiar tingle in my groin that started to radiate out to the rest of my body. Stacy’s head remained pressed against the mattress, but her eyes widened, her mouth agape as her orgasm hit her at the same moment mine did.

My shaft exploded inside her depths, my load erupting into her moist core, coating her walls, as I clenched my eyes tightly in my effort to remain quiet, grinding my teeth as the force of my own climax hit me like a tidal wave, crashing down hard on me. My eyes opened to see Stacy’s mouth still open wide, but her eyes shut tight as her head rocked slowly from side to side. Her fingernails again dug into me as she held onto my waist, and then she relaxed her grip upon me. Her eyes opened as my thrusting slowed, and her hands moved from my waist into my hair as he and I looked for a long, long moment into each other’s eyes, before she pulled my head down to hers to engage me in a slow, languid kiss. My shaft throbbed the last emanations of my climax while we kissed, and then I rolled off of her, slid the bed covers over us, and lay with her as we recuperated from the intense climax, her head on my shoulder as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke hours later in the dark to the sound of the wind coming through the balcony doors, my eyes fluttering open as the sheer drapes blew into the room. Groggy and sated, I smiled one of those happy, satisfied smiles as I moved my arm to where Stacy slept to draw her closer and felt…


My eyes snapped open immediately as the tiredness left my body instantly. I looked over on the other side of the bed to see it vacant. I looked around the suite, a little disoriented from my slumber and then remembered Tess. I glanced over in the darkness to where she had been sleeping before, and found the couch just as empty as the bed. I tried to put two and two together, wondering why they would have left in the middle of the night without a sound. It took a few moments as I went over the possibilities.

Panic then struck me. “Don’t tell me they fucking robbed me, did they?” I said to myself. I threw on a robe and hurriedly went to where I had left my pants before, near the Jacuzzi. Searching my pockets, I pulled out my wallet, and saw all the money I had brought up from front desk still inside it. Another search revealed that my car keys were still in my possession. A little confused, I looked around the room, seeing if anything was missing. Nothing. Everything was where it had been left before I had fallen asleep. Not even a towel was missing from the bathroom. They just appeared to have left, leaving me alone in my suite. I admonished myself for thinking of the ladies as thieves, and then a little wistful as I was already starting to miss their company, when a soft sound caught my ear.


The soft moan came from the balcony, the one part of the suite I hadn’t searched. I smiled as I realized that the ladies were outside, and wondered what they were up to the sheer drapes were rustling just enough that I couldn’t see all that well outside. I walked to the doorway, pushed aside the drapes, and was quite astonished at what I saw.

Stacy and Tess were more than just friends. I was surprised, but very much aroused to see the clinch that the two ladies were in, both were nude, with Tess seated upon one of the deck chairs on the balcony, with Stacy positioned over her, one foot on the chair, both hands holding onto the balcony railing. My position coming onto the balcony was behind Stacy, and I as I stepped outside, Tess saw me from between Stacy’s legs, smiled, and went back to doing what she had been doing before: eating Stacy’s snatch. I leaned against the balcony doorframe, smiling as I witnessed Tess’s tongue running over Stacy’s folds, her hands gripping the backs of Stacy’s thighs. Stacy, for her part, hadn’t seemed to notice me, her long blonde hair cascading down over one shoulder, her head turned to the side, eyes closed while she enjoyed Tess’s ministrations upon her. Tess changed her grip upon Stacy; her fingernails lightly raking the tender flesh where her backside met her thigh while her tongue probed the blonde’s sex. I could hear Tess’s heavy breathing as she toiled upon Stacy’s sex, seeing her long, talented tongue pushing between the blonde’s folds, licking at her sensitive flesh. Stacy’s hips undulated as she tried to amplify the pressure against Tess’s tongue, her moans so soft, lost among the noise of the wind rushing by the building, and the rushing water from the Falls in the distance.

I stepped away from the balcony doorway, and moved to the other deck chair only a couple of feet away from the ladies. I sat back and watched the Sapphic display from the side, seeing Stacy’s breasts swaying a little as they hung underneath her frame, her face turned towards me, but her eyes still closed, her brow furrowed a little, her mouth slightly agape, opening a little with every one of her moans. Then her eyes opened and she saw me, and she merely looked at me while Tess went down on her. Not a look of surprise or recognition, she merely looked at me, but unblinkingly as she rode Tess’s tongue. Her eyes looked at me, they seemed a little unfocused, but stayed on me for a while, and then she closed them and tilted her head, her hand straying down between her thighs to Tess’s hair, lightly gripping the redhead’s mane as Tess’s mouth continued it’s efforts on her wetness. I watched Stacy’s hand caress the other woman’s head, Tess just a silhouette, backlit from the balcony lights. I watched the redhead’s tongue dart out to lick at the blonde’s wetness, and saw Stacy’s back arch from the effects from every delicate touch from Tess’s tongue.

I didn’t dare reach out to touch Stacy or Tess; for fear that I might ruin the beauty and the sensuality of the moment. Instead, I leaned back on the chair I sat on, parted my robe, and stroked my solid shaft. My hand closed over my member and pulled back on the foreskin, exposing the purple head. I groaned as the foreskin settled past the last ridge on the helmet of my shaft, and I took my index finger and smeared the pre-cum that oozed out of the slit at the end of my length. My grip tightened on myself as my hand started to travel back and forth over my turgid cock from the bottom of my cock head to the midway point of my dick and back again, short, rapid strokes while I watched Tess lap at Stacy’s sex. The blonde’s eyes opened half-way again as I pumped my fist back and forth over myself, and again, just looked at me, registering nothing it seemed, then traveled down to the motion in my lap. Her eyes stayed impassive, just seeming to watch me touch myself, but it was the sharp intake of breath as she watched me jack off that told me she enjoyed my display.

Tess’s timing could not have been better, for a moment after Stacy gasped at watching me stroke off, the redhead raised her hand and slipped a couple fingers into Stacy’s wetness. Tess’s elbow jutted out from between Stacy’s legs as she delved her fingers into the blonde’s depths, and from the motion that I could see, the fingers thrust deep inside her, trying to coax Stacy’s release from her Stacy’s knees seemed a little unsteady as the fingers added to the sensations Tess’s tongue brought her, and her eyes closed for a moment as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm her. Her blue eyes opened again, and her gaze stayed riveted upon my member, watching as my hand moved up and down it’s length, seeing the flesh stretch and relax as my fist clenched and pumped my rod. Her breathing came faster, and her breaths turned to whimpers, followed by her whimpers turning to moans. Those moans came faster and faster until they melded into a scream, her hips quivering as she held onto the balcony railing, riding Tess’s fingers and tongue. Her head turned away from me, snapping forward, and thrown backwards, letting me see her lovely profile ass she came in front of me, her screams lost in the noise of the street below.

Stacy held herself over Tess for a few long moments before weakly climbing down from her perch above Tess. The redhead smiled like the cat that ate the canary, licking her lips and gazing at her fingers, glazed with Stacy’s juices, then turned towards me, seeing my hand slowing it’s pumping at my length. She smiled, then looked back up into my eyes, and held up her nectar-coated fingers, offering them to me. I grinned as I got up off the chair I was on and knelt before Tess, taking hold of her wrist and guiding her fingers to my lips, groaning onto her digits as I tasted the heady flavour of Stacy’s arousal. I closed my eyes as I sucked the juices from the offered fingers, and once I tasted the last of them, I took Tess’s fingers from my mouth and drew her into a deep kiss, my tongue soft against hers as I explored her mouth, greedily searching between her lips for any hint of the nectar I sought. Tess moaned into my mouth as she sank into the kiss, and moaned even further as I brought my hand up to her chest and captured one of her heavy breasts in my hand, my thumb brushing over the nipple as I felt the weight of the orb in the palm of my hand.

I heard a quiet groan from Stacy behind me as she watched me kiss her lover, and I broke the kiss to look at her. Her eyes still flashed with lust as she watched me kneel in front of Tess, and said, “Maybe we should move inside?”

I glanced at Tess, and she nodded back to me with a smile of anticipation on her face. She got up quickly from the chair, took me by the hand and led me to the doorway, collecting Stacy’s hand as she led us both back inside. She headed directly for the bed, and slid on top of it at the foot, her body parallel to the bottom edge of the mattress, her legs dangling over to the side. She called my name and beckoned me to come closer, her eyes locked upon my still hard shaft as I moved to stand beside her. She gripped my cock as I got within arms reach, and guided me to her mouth, taking my member between her lips, the velvet feel of her tongue on the underside of my shaft like a little slice of heaven. I doubled over at the delightful sensation of her mouth enveloping me, and bridged myself over her, my hand holding the mattress on the other side of Tess’s head as I fought to retain my balance. My free hand snuck back down to Tess’s ample chest, gathering one of her full breasts into my hand while she sucked upon me, manipulating her supple breastflesh. I looked over at Stacy as she stood close by with a wicked smile upon her face, and looked back into my eyes as she asked the silent question, ‘Enjoying yourself?’

I could only muster a smile as Tess’s lips traveled up and down my shaft, but the smile seemed to have it’s effect. Stacy stepped closer, stepping between Tess’sshapely legs and kneeling between them. Her hands massaged the redhead’s thighs, her fingers playing with the sensitive flesh at the top of her legs. Tess wantonly spread her legs at first, and then brazenly lifted them in the air, still spread wide, but with her toes pointed towards the ceiling. Stacy’s face was an expression of lust, as she seemed drawn towards Tess’s charms, her face half-hidden by Tess’s clean-shaven mound ass he returned the favour that Tess had provided on the balcony. The reaction from the redhead was immediate, and a guttural moan emanated from her adding to the effect on my shaft as her wet, sloppy blowjob continued. I felt the moan vibrate my shaft, and my back arched, my head thrown back as the feeling was almost electric, the way the shock traveled through me. My breathing quickened as the sensation of Tess’s warm wet mouth surrounding my manhood, the suction she placed on it made my head spin a little. I forced myself to concentrate, taking hold of the nipple on breast my hand had covered, holding the nipple stem between my thumb and forefinger, and pulling upon it, lifting the breast by the nipple. I wiggled my fingers as if I were ringing a small bell, and watched the ripple effect along Tess’s ample breast as it shook, concentrating on it as I tried to compose myself, not wanting to orgasm too soon. It was difficult, however, because of the masterful job Stacy was doing between Tess’s legs, or so it seemed by the moans coming from the redhead as they became stronger and more frequent. I looked down Tess’s body and watched Stacy go down on her bald snatch with wild abandon, watching her ardent dedication as she attacked the redhead’s wetness. She feasted upon Tess as if her sex was the last thing she could ever taste, and the expression on Stacy’s face, although her eyes were closed as she ate Tess’s pussy, was one that said she loved every second of what she did to the woman lying before her, that she savoured every drop of Tess’s nectar that she could get to, then burying her tongue in between Tess’s folds. Tess groaned lustily as she felt the tongue slip inside her, and pulled her knees back towards her chest, giving me a better view of her sex as Stacy went down on her.

The blondes head moved languidly at first, and I watched with fascination as she went down on her lover, seeing her tongue work over Tess’s folds, watching the soft probing as she withdrew her tongue from inside the redhead, licking slowly at the exterior of her wetness, tracing along the contours of Tess’s petals, exploring every crevice and rise of her delicate nether lips, before moving her tongue higher to her clit. Stacy’s tongue fluttered over Tess’s clit, so rapidly I could hardly believe it, whipping the bud with her tender affections, leaving the redhead writhing on the bed as she took me deep between her lips, transferring the pleasure she received from the blond goddess to my shaft as she took as much of me as she could into her mouth. Tess’s mouth slowed a little in it’s journey back and forth over my shaft as the sensations she felt from Stacy’s tongue caused her to lose focus on fellating me, instead just moaning upon my hardness as she lifted her hips a little towards Stacy’s talented tongue.

Tess pulled my member from her mouth as she looked down between her legs to the gorgeous woman working her magic on her, breathing heavily, encouraging the blonde, “Oh yes, Stacy, Yes, baby… Eat me… Make me cum…” Tess’s head tilted back, pressing into the mattress as Stacy’s tongue snaked inside her, drawing out one long gasp from her before she gripped my shaft again and fed it to her mouth, taking me between her lips once again, her head bobbing back and forth. I doubled over again, both hands on the mattress as I held myself over Tess, almost motionless as I let her lips glide quickly over my shaft, my mouth agape as I felt the warmth of her mouth engulf my length. My eyes closed again as her moans came louder and louder, although muffled by her full mouth, until soon she took me out from between her lips, calling out as her release came swift and powerful, her heavy chest shaking as she bucked against Stacy’s tongue, sliding her free hand down to Stacy’s head, her fingers combing through her hair, running through her golden locks as the blonde licked her to her climax, seeming to revel in her spot between Tess’s legs, her tongue lapping relentlessly at Tess’s wetness as the redhead screamed out the blonde’s name, quick gasps followed by heated moans as she came hard on Stacy’s mouth.

Tess’s legs fell slowly back to the bed as she came down from her orgasmic high, her hand still on my shaft as she looked up at me, a sly, playful expression upon her face as she saw me looking down breathlessly at her, my own excitement held in check as the action paused. Tess rolled onto her side as she held my rock-hard member, kissed the front of my thigh and looked back up into my eyes, “Your turn, Brock.” Was all she said as she crawled around the bed, maneuvering herself so that she was on her hands and knees, her backside and sex still glistening with her juices, shining in the low light of the room. I took a deep breath as I gazed down upon the bare sex in front of me, finding so much beauty in Tess’s folds, before I seized my cock and positioned myself at the entrance to her sex. That’s when Tess surprised me, “No Brock, wait.” Then told hold of my shaft and positioned it at her tight star, pulling a little upon me, urging me to take her darkness. My shaft was still slightly slick from being in Tess’s mouth, and so I eased it slowly into her back passage, feeding it inch by inch into her, grunting at the tight fit, a wondrous sensation as I pushed in until I thought I couldn’t go in any farther, then felt Tess’ backside ease up a little more and let me slip in deeper, until at last I was all the way inside, my hips touching the cheeks of her ass.

She felt so tight, that my eyes stayed closed while she adjusted to my length completely inside her forbidden treasure, and then made the fit that much tighter and she rose from being bent over in front of me to kneeling with her back to my chest. The change in position compacted her darkness even tighter around my shaft; so much so that I needed her back to lean against as my knees felt a little weak. I just stood there for a moment, my chin on her shoulder as I breathed loudly, then she bucked her hips, guiding back into that familiar motion that I instinctively fell into with her. Every breath from me came out as a grunt as the tight ring of her sphincter gripped my shaft, so much so that I had to fuck her slowly, taking my time pushing into her backside before pulling out just as slowly. Before very long, Stacy had joined us once again, moving in front of Tess, kneeling in front of the redhead, her mouth locking with Tess’s. They kissed slowly while Tess’s ass eased more open, and I could feel the wash of Stacy’s breath as she exhaled, the warm wind rolling over Tess’s cheek to my face. I watched as the kiss deepened, seeing the first gentle touches of their lips and tongues graduate to a full-on, deep kiss, watching their heads move against one another while their lips remained locked.

Eventually, their mouths parted just a little so that their tongues could dance with one another just outside the confines of their lips, a slow, sensual duel of which I took in very moment, every vestige. My shaft began to pump harder into the redhead’s darkness as the enclosure of her ass, while still very tight, became more comfortable and easier to probe. The ladies hands moved tone another breasts almost in sync, Tess’s hands capturing Stacy’s orbs as the blonde closed her hands over Tess’s slightly larger ones. My head moved forward a little to look down over Tess’s shoulder and watch the careful movements of their hands, observing the expert, talented touches, witnessing the firm yet gentle caresses they played upon each other’s supple breastflesh. My breathing was quite audible as I peered over Tess’s shoulder, and she sighed quietly and happily as I watched, her head turning to the side and kissing my cheek, moving her mouth to my ear, capturing the lobe between her lips and sucking softly, her teeth intermittently nipping upon the delicate appendage. As she did so, she took one hand off of Stacy’s breast and smoothed her palm down the blonde’s torso and between her legs, dipping her fingers inside Stacy, swirling them around before withdrawing them and bringing her sodden fingers to my mouth, pressing them to my lips until they opened.

I sucked hungrily upon Tess’s fingers as she whispered to me, “Taste her… Isn’t it wonderful? Do you see why I love to fuck her?” I moaned against her fingers, her voice driving me wild, my member pumping harder into her darkness ass he spoke. She sensed my heightened arousal and continued, “You had her, didn’t you? You fucked her sweet pussy, until you both came… I could taste you when I went down on her…” Tess’s words were driving me crazy, every syllable sending a mini shock through me, adding to the ecstasy I felt from reaming her tight ass, I nodded wordlessly as I sucked upon her fingers, until she pulled them from my lips. She moved them back between Tess’s thighs, sliding them into her wetness, drawing a whimper from the blonde before she slipped her fingers back into my mouth, which pulled a long groan from me as I tasted the salty-sweet nectar upon Tess’s fingers. “Yes, Brock, taste how wonderful she is… Isn’t she delicious? Isn’t she divine?” Tess’s voice drove me mad with excitement, the low, hushed tones of her sensuous whisper making my arousal peak. I grunted as I felt my shaft swell inside her rectum, filling the space inside her as my member became oversized for one long, pleasure and pain filled moment, before I came hard, shouting out incoherently into the room, my cries echoing off the walls. I called out both ladies names as I erupted into Tess’s ass, my seed firing into her forbidden, my hands sliding up from Tess’s waist to join Stacy’s on her breasts, holding them tightly as I came, hanging on for dear life.

I opened my eyes in the midst of my climax to see Stacy’s blue eyes gazing at me intently, watching in awe at the ferocity of my release. My orgasm last for an eternity as Tess’s ass milked every last drop of my seed from me, until at last I was spent. I leaned against Tess, unable to move, my shaft still buried in her darkness, wavering against her as my knees threatened to buckle. Once my breathing slowed and returned to normal, I disengaged from Tess, my hands slipping down her sides and back to her waist. I kissed her shoulder and whispered to both ladies, “It’s been a long night. Shall we all get some rest.?” I received affirmative nods from both ladies, and we crawled under the warm covers of the suite’s king-sized bed, with me in the middle, an arm wrapped around both women as they nestled against my shoulders. It was a very restful sleep.

I awoke the next morning to in almost the same position I had fallen asleep in, only this time, when I awoke; I wasn’t alone in the bed. We rose, had a nice brunch from room service, and upon check out, traded phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Before they left, Tess mentioned that Stacy would be coming out to Colorado to see her in a few months, and hoped I could join. I smiled as I thought it over and the promise that such an offer held, knowing that I could well afford the trip, and wondering how long my luck would run for.

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