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He opens the covers and welcomes me in to his bed. He is already erect and his penis lays rigid on his abdomen. I lay on top of him. His hairy chest feels soft an inviting. I surrender to his warmth.

His hardness excites me and presses against me. Our mouths meet. Our tongues greet each other in a lover’s dance. He hugs me tightly. I am consumed my him. I squeeze his legs between mine. My penis stiffens against his. We share our arousal.

I love the way he kisses me. There is strength and authority combined with a lover’s gentleness in the way he explores my mouth. I want him to explore me. I want him to want me, desire me, and lust for me.

Take me.

Our bodies move together. Skin sliding across skin. Harness again hardness. Hair against smoothness. His arms squeeze my round cheeks. He loves my ass. I love the way he loves my ass. He kneads my globes with firm masculinity. I am hard.

I raise my body off his slightly. I am raised just enough to allow our cocks to brush and tease each other. I shut my eyes and let myself be consumed my the sensation of his organ against mine. He works his hips in a slow thrusting motion. He feels wonderful against me.

I lower myself down his body. His hardness is against my stomach. I kiss, lick, and nibble his nipples. His hands run through my hair. He sighs.

“I missed you” he whispers.

I kiss and lick my way down his lightly haired body. I kneel before his erection. He stretches his arms out and places his hands behind his head. I breath my hot breath on his cock. I let my relaxed lips run up and down his shaft. I feel his thick veins against my soft lips.

“That’s nice” he whispers.

I lick from the base of his cock to the tip of his glans. He moans. I paint his cock with saliva. I firmly slide my lips up and down the saliva path. I take his cock in to my mouth. He moans.

I massage his glans between my tongue and my hard palate. I love the way his spongy head feels in my mouth. I circle his glans with my tongue. I slide he penis deeper in to my mouth, past my soft palate, down my throat. There I let him rest. Feel my warmth, lover.

“Oooo yeah” he breathes.

I move my head up and down his cock in slow deep throated strokes. I feel his hands on the back of my head. He holds me in place once I have consumed his whole member. He thrusts in to my mouth. He wants to be deeper in me. I want him deeper. I want him inside.

“Oooo yes! I love it!” he exhales through gritted teeth.

He releases me. I suck him hard and use my mouth to fuck him in fast strokes. I feel his hard meat expand my throat. Releasing him from my mouth, I grab his hard dick and slap it against my face.

He chuckles. He knows I love to be dick slapped. I love the dull thud of a hard cock I aroused resonating through my head. I love the slap against my skin. I love the way it shows my lover that I am his.

He pulls me back up on top of him and rolls over on me. He thrusts his penis against my body. I surrender his strength. I am intoxicated my his masculinity and desire for me. I lust for his body.

He straddles me and sits on my chest. He smiles at me. I can only stare in to his eyes with man lust. He takes his meat and slaps it against my face.

“You like that?”

“You know I do!”

He gets off me and rolls me over on to my stomach. He lays on me. I feel the heat of his dick between my cheeks. He humps my naked body. I close my eyes and drink in the sensations. The hot dick between my cheeks, the hairy body against my back, the firm embrace from his strong arms, his hot excited breath on my neck, his teeth lightly biting my shoulder, all flash through my senses.

There is a naked man on your naked body, I think to myself. He lusts for you. He is powerful and horny. He needs your body to get him off. He wants to fuck you. He wants to fuck you and shoot his hot seed in to your bowels.

When he fucks you, he is going to look down at his dick thrusting in and out of your little asshole. He is going to feel powerful as he takes you. You are going to make him know he is powerful. You are going to make him know you love his power over you.

When he fucks you, he will watch the force of his thrusts ripple through your round cheeks. He will spank your ass to let you know you are his tool. He will grip your waist with strong hands and work your hole. His hole. It is his hole.

I feel precum soaking the sheets as I lie on my stomach. He gets off me. I don’t move. His hands slide over my cheeks smoothly. I love his touch. His other hand pours lubricant in to my crack. Fingers spread it around and tease my anus.

My ass yields to a finger. He slides expertly in to my hole. I feel it twist and slide in and out of me. I let him finger fuck me. More pressure and another finger slides in to me. They scissor, twist, and slide in my well lubricated hole.

Another finger enters me. I relax and let him have his way. His other hands pats, smoothes, and massages my cheeks. I sigh. How wonderful it is to submit to his masculine touch!

Suddenly my ass is empty. I feel him move behind me. I rise to my knees. I bury my face in his pillow, reach around, and spread my cheeks for him.

“I want you inside me” I whisper.

I feel him mount me. I feel his penis pressure my anus. His glans slips inside me and he waits. I let my body adjust to his penetration. Once I am comfortable I push against him. He grabs my waist and pushes all the way in.

I never tire of the feeling of a hard cock entering me for the first time of the morning. Subsequence penetrations do feel wonderful, especially since I am already relaxed and he can really just shove it in. But being beached for the first time of the morning is special.

My body must adjust to his girth. My bowels are more sensitive to the way he fills me. His balls are swollen with the cum he will give me. We have yet to get off. The morning has just begun.

He gets a nice rhythm going. The movement of the bed and his thrusts are neatly mated. My relaxed body rocks to his motion. I picture his cock sliding in and out of me. I have seen the pictures he took of fucking my ass. They were hot, but seeing it in action must be amazing.

I concentrate on my ass. I try to feel every nuance. I feel his body collide with mine. I feel his stiff manhood slide in my anus. I feel the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, pressure of him filling me.

His hands grip my waist tightly. I love to be held tightly. I listen to his breathing. He is getting close.

“Oooo Rick! You feel sooo good in my ass! I love the way you fuck me!”

His breathing becomes more urgent. His thrusts are more forceful. The bed is rocking violently. His grip tightens. Our bodies slap together. His thrusts rock me with bone shaking force.

“I want your cum baby. I want your load in my ass. I want to go through the day with your seed in my ass”

I feel like a fuck doll. He pulls me toward him while he trusts in to me. The movement of the bed recoils us apart and we are ready for another thrust. He spanks my ass.

“Oooo that’s is baby! Spank me. Make me feel you. I am yours. Take my ass. FUCK ME!”

The feeling in my ass is a blur of thrusts and collisions with his body. Slam! Slam! Slam! We ram together. He needs to fuck me hard. He needs my body to get off. He loves to fuck my ass and cum in me.

I grab my cock and jack off. His breathing has become haggard. He is going to cum in to me. I imagine the semen traveling from his balls, through his thick shaft, to spurt out his swollen cock head and in to my hot bowels. I start to cum at the same time he screams.

“Ah Baby! I am cumming in your tight ass. Oooo honey can you feel my hot jiz? Oh you feel so fucking hot!”

“Yes baby I feel your hot load filling my body. I love your cum. I need your seed in me baby. Give me all you got. CUM IN MY ASS!”

My body is rolling in the boiling surf of orgasm. I spill my semen on the sheets while he fills me with his. I cum and cum as my lover fucks me. I shake and shiver as my body struggles with the sensations rushing through me.

He stops pumping my ass once my orgasm has died. He struggles to catch his breath.

“Lay on me” I say.

With out exiting my ass he lays on top of me. How delicious to have my lovers softening cock rest in my love hole and know his load is deep in me. The semen under me is still warm and sticky. I enjoy the weight of him on me. I feel him breath and sigh. His breath is warm on my neck.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

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