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Lonesome No More

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Lisa closed her eyes and tried to remember every second of her dance with Craig last night. They had been at a small dinner party at the beach. She had gone with her mother and hadn’t dressed to impress anyone. After all, everyone there knew everyone else. What she didn’t know was that Craig’s wife had passed away since she had seen him last, and this was supposed to be his first outing since the funeral.

Now Craig was quite a man. A former Navy SEAL, he had kept fit after retirement, and he often elicited silent moans from the women in their circle, and now he was “available.” He had dressed casually for the dinner, and looked just as good as the friends had remembered.

Lisa only knew that, when he had asked her to dance, her heart didn’t return to its normal pace until after she got home. The slow music had allowed him to hold her tightly and feel for herself just how fit he was. His chest seemed to be made of steel, and his arms encircled her completely, giving her safe feeling she had not felt in a long time. His thighs were strong, yet supple, and when their hips brushed, she could swear she felt an erection.

This thought brought her to reality-lying in her bed with one hand rubbing her excited clitoris and the other pulling her nipples. If she could only get Craig alone, she knew she could bring the smile back to his face. Even though he was as old as her Dad, Lisa felt that Craig was a pretty good specimen of a mature lover, and could probably thrill her as no young surfer dude could.

Lisa would have to be classified as a complete beach babe. Long, golden hair, dark, year-round tan, and a tight, toned body were just the beginning. It seemed that every inch of her body was curved sexily. Her tits were a luscious 36-DD and she had an ass to match. When she began to develop her killer body, she lost her modesty. Short skirts, tight tops, sheer dresses, it didn’t matter-Lisa was a born exhibitionist. She absolutely loved flaunting her body, but she loved fucking even more.

Losing her virginity during her first year in college, Lisa had perfected the art of seduction. She knew how to use her body to its greatest advantage, dressing for maximum exposure and the promise of sensual delights. She had always worn the skimpiest bikinis available, and her tan lines were part of her awesome sex appeal. At age twenty-five and the veteran of a bad marriage, she had begun to be a little more exclusive in her choice of lovers. Now, she had Craig in her sights as her next conquest.

Lisa’s fingers began to strum her clitoris as her body began to pull her up the slope of her passion. Now, just rubbing her nipples gave her the pleasure she wanted, and as she slipped two fingers into her moist cunt, she began to moan and writhe. Fingerfucking herself slowly, she pulled her breast to her mouth and sucked her nipple back to its erect state. Biting it, she mashed her clit with her thumb and brought herself to her first orgasm of the day.

Smiling to herself, her eyes half closed, she thought aloud, “Well, Mr. Craig, the next one’s yours.”


Craig had finally decided to move forward after his wife’s death, and the beach seemed the best place to do it. He loved it and his wife had detested the place, so there were few great memories, and the people here were much more open and friendly than in the city. His circle of friends had dwindled, due to divorce, family changes and all the other stuff that makes up life, but there was enough companionship for the time being.

An amateur chef, Craig had decided to make soup and distribute to his friends. He was in the downstairs kitchen when his phone alerted him to an incoming text which read, “Whatcha doin’ big boy?” He saw that it was from Lisa and thought back to their dance last night. Feeling his cock tingle, he smiled as he told her he was making soup.

“Need a little help?” she asked.

“Sure,” he sent back and, when the phone was silent a few minutes, he turned back to peeling vegetables. Shortly, Lisa walked into the kitchen, wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops. As it was a little chilly, her nipples were poking the fabric of the shirt into very nice tents, which Craig noticed immediately.

He had watched Lisa go from being a cute, sexy teenager to a very beautiful, sexy woman. Every move of here sensuous body exuded sex and here she was, looking like a teen wannabe, but definitely putting out a woman’s vibes. “Hope I didn’t startle you,” she said, as she leaned in to kiss his cheek, making sure to press her nipples into his shoulder. He was wearing a swimsuit and no shirt, allowing her to drink in his sculpted torso, thinking just how great it would feel against her chest.

“Oh, no. I wasn’t expecting you this quickly,” he told her. “So, what’s up?”

“Nothing. Just felt like you might need some company. I know how to make soup, and thought you might like some help,” she said, as she began washing vegetables in the sink. She leaned to turn off the water, and the hem of her t-shirt rose up on her round asscheeks.

Craig noticed, but didn’t say anything, thinking, “This vixen is here to seduce me. Maybe I’ll let her have some fun.”

He sat at the table and began peeling tomatoes, turning his back to the delightful scene at the sink. Lisa noticed and made it a point to splash plenty of water, most of it hitting the front of her t-shirt. “Oh shit, this water’s cold!” she squealed, as she turned around.

When Craig turned, he was pleasantly surprised. Lisa’s t-shirt had become almost transparent, showing both of her perfect breasts through a veil of fabric that she was pulling down, making the view even better. If possible, her nipples stood out even more than before.

He smiled, and said, “Would you like me to get you a dry shirt?”

Lisa noticed the bulge in his swim trunks and said coyly, “Well, I guess that would be nice.”

He left to go upstairs and Lisa smiled at how well her plan was going. She quickly stripped off the t-shirt and slid her delectable ass onto the countertop. When Craig returned, she was using a Roma tomato to rub her pussy lips, smearing it with her juices, and had just inserted the tip into her very moist pussy. He smiled at her when she looked at him, her eyes half closed in lust.

“I see you don’t need the shirt,” he quipped as he stepped between her spread legs.

“No. I need something you have to take this tomato’s place,” she said, pulling at the waistband of his trunks. As she leaned forward to kiss him, her hand slid down the front of his trunks, and much to her delight, she found a very aroused cock. Pushing Craig’s trunks down to his ankles, she looked at the monster she had uncovered. A full eight inches long and as big around as her forearm, Lisa felt a sense of trepidation as she tried to wrap her hand around his dick. She was delighted that he was clean shaven, knowing she would soon have her torrid lips around his shaft.

“Damn Craig. You sure do have a big dick!” she said as she began to stroke it.

“Why, Thank You, my Dear. I hope we can make very good use of it,” he told her, laughing quietly. Taking the tomato from her hand and licking off the juices she had left, he used his other hand to caress her ripe breast. Craig then noticed and complimented Lisa’s sexy tan lines.

Long ago, she had decided that tan lines were sexier than nude tanning, but being the exhibitionist she was, she chose extreme bikinis for her sunbathing. A two-inch by two-inch square of cloth always covered her delectable pussy lips and extremely large clitoris, and the effect was dramatic. Here, where Heaven meets earth, was a square of white skin in a sea of dark creases and folds that promised the voyeur the thrill of his or her life. Lisa reveled in the image of her cunt, so white and pure, yet so fucking ravenous for pleasure.

Her nipples presented an identical contrast, with the white, untanned strip being only an inch wide and covering her nipples and a small strip of skin above and below them. Her nipples stayed covered, but her dollar-sized aerola didn’t. It was as if she wore flashing signs saying, “Eat here!”

Craig took all this in instantly, and began to formulate a plan to fuck this hot woman like she had never been fucked before. He began by holding her face in one hand and kissing her forcefully, opening her lips and pushing his tongue past her teeth and to the back of her mouth, causing her to gag momentarily. Gently pushing his chest, she said, “Let’s make this enjoyable. I want to suck your tongue, your cock, your nipples, your fingers, your ass-everything you’ve got, but I need it at my pace, OK?”

She leaned in and kissed him sensuously, allowing his tongue into her mouth slowly, giving him an example of her oral talents. After toying with the tip, she slid her tongue beside his and under it, licking the underside sexily. Suddenly, she withdrew and began licking his face, eyes and forehead with the tip of her fiery tongue. She moved to his ears, licking each one in turn and bringing out a quiet moan.

“Oh, so your ears are erogenous? Just think what they’re gonna feel like when I get my thighs around them,” she said huskily, thoroughly enjoying the power she seemed to have over this mature stud.

While Lisa was tongue-fucking his face, Craig had stepped out of his trunks and begun to get himself in position to return the favor. He had gently pulled Lisa’s ass to the edge of the counter, and when she broke her kisses, he sat down and pulled her thighs over his shoulders. Before she realized it, he had his muscular tongue on her clit, which had slipped from its hiding place and stood proudly at the top of her ripe, succulent lips. Knowing that he would return to those tasty morsels in due time, he attacked her clit, thrashing it with the tip of his tongue over and over, bringing Lisa to the edge quickly.

Pulling away, he looked between her splayed thighs and asked impishly, “You want a quickie?”

“Hell yeah, but I want some more too,” she said, as she pulled his head back to her cunt. Her clit looked like an inch-long banana and was standing like an erect penis. Craig simply sucked the sensitive piece of flesh and mashed it with his lips.

Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs, falling back onto the countertop and squeezing Craig’s head between her muscular thighs. Her fists pounded the counter as she came and he continued to apply pressure to her clit. Bucking against his face, she finally pushed him away, giving herself a chance to get her breathing back close to normal and allow her clitoris to cool off.

“Damn that was great!” she said, as she sat up and pulled his lips to hers. As they kissed, she slipped her hand between them and began stroking his cock. Using her thumb to massage the precum around the head, Lisa wasted no time slipping off the counter and kneeling in front of Craig. She used her titties to massage his cock, and even dribbled a big drop of spit on it to make the massage more sensual.

“Do you like that, big man?” she asked coyly, never stopping her rhythmic up-and-down efforts. Not waiting for an answer, she bent her lips to his cockhead when it split her breasts and laved it with her tongue. Each succeeding upward thrust put more and more of his dick into her waiting mouth, and soon she was giving him a very erotic blowjob. Holding her breasts under his balls and using her other hand to guide his cock into her mouth, she felt his hand on the top of her head, gently urging her to suck more deeply. Cocksucking was one of Lisa’s most practiced sexual skills, and she relished the task.

Craig knew immediately that she was enjoying herself and released the pressure on her head, allowing her the freedom to work her magic on his throbbing cock. He leaned back on the edge of the table and watched her head as it moved back and forth. She used her tongue on the underside of his cock as she put delightful pressure on the head with her lips. She sucked slowly, making sure to keep all the sexy pressure just where he liked it.

He moaned when she tickled the junction of his shaft and sack with her tongue, and she giggled, giving him an added thrill. Holding the shaft, she took the head out of her mouth and looked up into his eyes. “You ready for me to show you all my talents?” she asked, wagging his cock in front of her face, licking the head each time it passed her lips.

“I think you’re doing a pretty good job right now, but if it gets better, bring it on,” he said as she returned his engorged cockhead to her mouth. This time though, Lisa kept her tongue at bay and guided his dick to the back of her throat. She only had about two-thirds of the shaft in her mouth and Craig thought she would gag.

Demonstrating exceptional skill, Lisa relaxed her throat muscles and slid the head past them, sucking his entire cock into her mouth, and resting her nose against his abdomen. By contracting and relaxing her throat muscles, she effectively kept his manhood covered with her hot mouth and throat, coaxing a load of cum to churn in his balls.

Slowly moving her head backwards, she slid a hand to his balls, massaging them gently, and renewing her assault on his cock. Sliding it in and out her mouth, she felt him begin to tense up. Knowing the signs well, she slipped his cockhead into her throat and, at the same time, parted his asscheeks and slipped a finger into his asshole. The combination pushed him over the edge, and his cock spewed a rope of cum down her throat. A second spurt took the same path, as she sucked harder and pushed her finger deeper into his ass.

Finally pulling her lips off his dick, Lisa took care to lick each and every drop of gooey cum off his shaft, leaving it shiny with her saliva. She still had her finger embedded in his ass and began to move it sensuously, causing Craig to hump her face in time with her slow in and out ministrations. Again, this multi-tasking siren had accomplished her intent, as his cock quickly regained hardness. Extracting her finger from his ass and looking up past his cock, she said, “How was that?”

“It was fucking great!” he replied enthusiastically, pulling her up so he could kiss her fully. This time though, he grabbed a tit in each hand and began rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. Lisa took the opportunity to run her hands across his chest and down his sides, getting even more excited as she felt his rigid abdominal muscles and his obliques, especially where they led down to his pubic area. She could feel herself getting wet, and as Craig began kissing her nipples, she began to grind her hips into his groin, almost trying to fuck him standing up.

Craig stopped fondling her nipples and slid his hands under her arms, picking her up so that her tits were in his face. Holding her there, he began to suck each nipple in turn, pulling them with his lips, licking each breast all over, then returning to suck her tasty nipples again. Lisa thought she knew her body, but this man was bringing out sexy, uncontrollable desire from places that surprised even her.

Just when she got used to his nipple manipulations, she felt his cockhead slide into her pussy. The angle of her body, as she was suspended by his hands, allowed him to enter her cunt and put the head of his dick directly on her g-spot. By wrapping her legs around his body, she was able to maintain the exquisite contact and began to climb the orgasm ladder again. She slid one leg down and the shift put her clitoris directly atop Craig’s cock. She kept her hands on his shoulders, but he slid one hand between them and pressed her clit onto the top of his cock. The sensation was incredible! Never before had her titties, g-spot, and clitoris been stimulated by one man at the same time!

Lisa was so fucking hot! Craig slid about an inch of wonderful manmeat into and out of her now leaking cunt easily while keeping up the pressure on her clit and sucking her nipples. As her breathing became more ragged, and her fingernails dug into his shoulder, he stopped moving and laid her on the table, her legs hanging off the edge.

“Oh, don’t stop now!” she said breathlessly.

“I’m not. Hold your knees out of my way,” he said, as he reached between her legs and began rubbing her engorged cuntlips. “You’ve got the meatiest cuntlips I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, they’re hot for your cock,” she said, squirming, trying to capture his cockhead.

Craig had a different idea. He held his shaft with one hand and rubbed her extra large clit until it popped out of hiding. Then taking her blood-filled pussy lips and wrapped them around his cock. Humping gently, he soon had her clit out again and started bumping it with his cockhead.

Lisa was delightfully surprised again. Whatever was this man going to do next? She enjoyed the sensations of his cock sliding between her lips and rubbing her clitoris almost as much as she had enjoyed his massage of her g-spot. Again, she started up the slope of a nerve-wracking orgasm. As she began to breathe harder and fuck back, he increased his speed, causing her to forget everything but the wonderful feelings in her cunt. Groaning loudly, she opened her eyes and saw he had a smile on his face.

“What a beautiful fucking man!” she thought, as she looked down between her jiggling titties and saw his cockhead slide between her lips and strike her nerve center. The visual was almost enough to drive her over the edge, and she began to whimper, “Put it in, please! I can’t stand any more teasing! Fuck me now!!!”

Suddenly he took her by the thighs and placed her cuntlips on his cockhead, taking only a second to make the move, and thrust into her slick, molten cavern, burying his entire cock in one stroke. Never had she been filled with so much cock. Her lips were stretched around its girth, and the head was pressing against the very back of her pussy. His hold on her legs did not allow her to move freely, and she had to take what he dished out. The thought gave her a brief moment of apprehension but he quickly began thrusting and her mind was centered on her hot pussy.

Craig was in no hurry, so he intentionally kept his pace slow and methodical. Enjoying the hot friction of her pussy walls and lips, he leaned back and put every centimeter of his cock into her with each stroke. Feeling his skin contact her cuntlips, he looked down and asked, “Well, is it everything you expected?”

“Oh fuck yes!” she replied breathlessly. As she neared climax, Lisa tried again to wriggle her ass, but Craig held her still.

“Let me fuck you now. I’ll give you a chance to use that ass soon,” he said, picking up his pace slightly.

She was getting nearer and nearer to orgasm as he sped up, finally cresting and screaming at the top of her lungs, “God, yes! Fuck me with that dick! Pound that pussy sexy man! Oh my fucking God!!!!”

As she began to come down, he held his cock in place, allowing her to ripple her cunt muscles along his length. Quickly, she began to feel the stirrings again, but Craig had a different idea. Using his amazing upper body, he lifted her off the table and turned her so that she was facedown on the table, never breaking the contact between her cunt his dick, her legs hanging off the edge and her tiptoes on the floor.

Thinking he was going to continue doggie style, Lisa said enthusiastically, “Oh, yes. I love it from behind!”

When he got her situated like he wanted, he slid back and forth for a few strokes. “You like that, sexy woman? I could fuck you for hours like this. Your ass is so fucking hot, jiggling when my dick bottoms out in that hot cunt of yours. Now you can wiggle that ass! Fuck me back!”

And fuck him back she did. Every time he pulled his cock back, she wriggled around on the head, creating intense, hot friction until he plunged back in to the hilt. They were hitting a quickening rhythm and Lisa knew she wouldn’t last long.

Suddenly, he smacked her ass with the palm of his hand-not hard, but certainly hard enough to get her attention. As she jerked, he grabbed her hips and held her ass to his groin, grinding his cock in her molten pussy. Where he had slapped her had become extremely warm and suddenly, she was aware of the eroticism of the moment.

“Again!” she shouted, and Craig complied, slapping her other cheek, then rubbing it tenderly.

“You like that baby? You want to be treated like a slut?” he asked as he continued pounding into her.

“Oh yes! Wanna be your slut! Spank my ass, Stud. It hurts so good. Fuck meeeee!” she screamed as she climaxed again.

Thinking he was ready to come, she relaxed as she came down. Suddenly Craig parted the twin globes of her hot ass. When her asshole came into view, he was surprised that it was smooth and did not pucker at all.

“Your asshole looks like it’s been fucked before. You an ass slut too?” he asked, sliding the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips.

“I’ve played with a buttplug occasionally, but never been fucked back there,” she replied, her voice taking on a deep, throaty sound. “But I would do it for you and your big, throbbing cock.”

That was all Craig needed to hear, and he quickly slid his cunt-slickened cockhead up to her asshole. He encountered amazingly little resistance when the mushroom of his cockhead entered her sphincter. She groaned when he stopped, then moved backwards to get more of his dick in her ass. The friction was incredible for both of them and even though they were going slowly, Lisa was getting near another orgasm. She wiggled her ass to get the most penetration, and when he bottomed out, she came, screaming like a banshee.

“Oh, God, fuck meee! Fuuuuckk mee!” she managed to scream, as he began pulling his shaft out of her super tight asshole. When just the head remained inside, he asked, “Do you really want me to fuck you, Slut? Your young boyfriends don’t know what a real fucking is! You ready bitch?”

“Oh fuck yes I’m ready! Ready to take that cock deep! Do it, Stud!” she replied, moving her ass back onto the shaft. By now, she had her feet planted firmly on the floor and was using the table for leverage. Intent on giving him the fucking of his life, she continued gyrating until he was buried ballsdeep in her ass. Now she began to move her ass like she wanted to. Small tight circles caused Craig to moan, aware of intense heat and pressure on his shaft. Unknown to him, she had been fingering her clit, giving herself an extra sexy sensation. Slowing her gyrations slightly, she began thrusting forward and back. It was as if a heated velvet glove held his cock and was using every trick in the book as it masturbated him. Suddenly she stopped wiggling and just fucked. Looking over her shoulder, she asked, “How’s that ass now, fucker? Ready for more?”

Before he could think about replying, she had resumed her forward and back motions, again wiggling her ass. This time she had increased her speed and her asscheeks were bouncing and jiggling as their flesh slapped together. This sound, along with the slurping noise of his cock sliding in and out of her ass created an unworldly aura. His entire universe was centered on the beautiful, tight ass he was fucking. This visual, along with the incredible physical stimulation on his cock, sent Craig over the edge. He had been fucking for over an hour, and it seemed as if he had built up a gallon of cum.

When he shot the first spurt of jism, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “Oh, my fucking God!!! Shoot your cum in my ass! Fill me up with spunk!!! Oh, God- I’m cuuummming!”

Craig continued pumping his load into her ass, which seemed to tighten around his cock and milk it for every drop. It was beginning to leak around his shaft, yet he continued to assault the round pleasure ring. Lisa was still moaning incoherently as he finally pulled his spent cock out of her ass with a distinct “Plop.”

She slumped forward on the table, smiling and humming to herself. His glistening cock hung down, completely spent.

As she slid off the table, he gathered her in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. As he placed her gently on the bed, she looked into his amazing eyes and said, “I want to do that again, but I need to shower first. Want to help me?”

His smile of assent lit up her world and she stood beside him, rubbing his cock and brushing his shoulder with her breast. They groped each other as they got into the shower, allowing the warm water to cascade over their bodies. Soaping each other sexily, they managed to caress, probe, and massage until they were aroused again.

While they were drying each other, the doorbell rang. “Get rid of them. I’ll be waiting,” Lisa said as she pumped his erect cock with the towel. Tim grabbed a pair of sleep shorts on his way out and had them on when he reached the front door and opened it. He didn’t realize that is stiff dick was making a very obvious tent in the front of the shorts.

Lias’s mother, Angie stood on the bottom step and was eye level with his cock. “My, my. What a way to greet a lady. I must say I’m impressed,” she said, making no effort to hide her admiration of his equipment. “I do hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Oh, no. I just got out of the shower. Won’t you come in?” he answered, as he noticed her outfit and how it accented her mature body. She was a taller version of her daughter-longer, toned legs, bounteous breasts that had little sag, and full, sensuous lips. Her hair, longer than Lisa’s, was the same golden color, and her tan, if possible, was even darker than her daughter’s.

She was dressed in a white terrycloth romper that covered only the top half of her breasts, and, also displayed a very nice cameltoe. Her nipples were on alert, and he could see the swell of her breasts pushing against the fabric. All in all, this was one sexy woman, and Craig, under normal circumstances would have welcomed the opportunity to try and seduce her. With her freshly-fucked daughter in the next room, he thought better of the idea.

“May I come in?” she asked.

“Certainly. It isn’t often that beautiful women come calling,” he answered as he stood aside and let her enter, glancing at her rear end and liking what he saw. “Damn, what I couldn’t do to that ass!” he thought.

Angie sat on the sofa and patted the cushion beside her. “Sit down, Stud. I’ve got something to tell you,” she said seductively.

Sitting down, he knew immediately what she had in mind. She leaned into his shoulder and put her arm around his shoulders. “I know you’ll never get over Mary. It’s still hard for me to believe she’s gone, but at least she’s not suffering anymore. Tell me, are you OK?”

“Thanks Angie. That means a lot. I know you and Mary were close, and I’m content knowing she’s better off,” he told her sincerely.

“Well, now that we have that out of the way, I’ve a question and I want an honest answer,” she said, moving closer so that her body contacted him from his shoulders to his knees. “How long has it been since you’ve slept with someone?”

Thinking quickly and really not sure how to answer, Craig hesitated and answered truthfully, “It’s been quite a while. Well before Mary got so sick. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I just want you to have this,” she said, taking his head in her hand and turning his face to hers, their lips inches apart. She hesitated just a second and then leaned in with her eyes closed and kissed his lips, softly at first, then forcefully, opening her mouth and sliding her tongue into his waiting mouth. She drove it in and out sensuously, using her free hand to caress his chest and pinch his nipples.

Breaking their kiss, she said quietly, “Mary knew I’ve had the hots for you for a while, and told me if she died, she would expect me to make you happy, whenever you’re ready. That’s why I’m here.”

Looking into her eyes, Craig, overwhelmed by Angie’s sincerity, asked quietly, “Are you sure? I mean, I’m flattered that such a beautiful, sexy woman as you would even think about such a thing. I don’t know how we would go about it, and won’t your friends talk about you?”

“Well, honestly, several of us drew straws, and I’m the lucky one. We’re all concerned about you and we want to keep you around and somewhat happy. If sex isn’t the answer, just tell me and I’ll make it happen,” she said plaintively. Again, her sincerity moved Craig, and he made up his mind at that instant.

“I must say that I feel like the lucky one, and here’s your answer,” he said as he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. When they broke, she was smiling and said, “That answers that question.”

Laughing at his questioning look, she said, “We all wondered just how good a kisser you are. Now I can happily report that you’re great!”

“Just what else did you girls wonder about?” he asked.

“Oh, the usual stuff; how big your dick is, do you shave down there, do you like to eat pussy. You know, the things that girls talk about that men just don’t know they talk about,” she answered, with a smile on her face. “The problem is, it just might take more than one session for me to answer all the questions, if you’re ‘up’ for it!”

“Feel for yourself,” he told her, taking her hand and placing it on his very erect cock. “What do you think?”

“It feels bigger than I expected. Do you SEALS do some kind of cock-growing exercise in your training?” she asked as she stroked his dick through his shorts.

Laughing aloud, he said, “No, it’s just naturally that large. Still, size isn’t everything.”

“No, but it makes the other things better,” she said, as she slid her hand under the waistband of his shorts, encountering the plum-sized head of his cock. “That feels nice!”

“Yes, it does,” he said as he leaned back and let her have her way. She slid her hand down his shaft and tried to wrap it around his massive cock. “Let’s get these clothes off!” she exclaimed as she jumped off the sofa.

While Craig sat and watched, Angie gave the top of her romper a slight tug and let it slide down, displaying her body for his inspection. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” he said appreciatively. “If I wasn’t hard already, I would be now.”

“You say the nicest things,” she said, basking in the compliment and smiling invitingly. “Now it’s your turn.”

He stood up and put his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts. Angie’s eyes betrayed her emotions as she held her breath and looked down as his cock became hung in the elastic.

“Here, let me help you,” she said as she tugged the shorts towards her and allowed his dick to spring free, then bouncing like a teenager’s. “Oh, my!” was all she could say, as she took in the entire length and breadth of Craig’s massive tool. “Just how big is that thing?” “Big enough to make some women very happy. I don’t remember ever having a complaint,” he answered, moving a hand to her breast, cupping it and rolling the nipple. Bending to kiss the other nipple, he heard Angie moan, and looking up, saw that she had her eyes closed.

“So, how long has it been for you?” he asked quietly.

“Too fucking long! Quit talking and love my titties!” she said breathlessly.

And love them he did-kissing, licking, sucking, pulling, massaging-everything he could do to bring pleasure to this sexy woman’s breasts. As her breath became more ragged, he felt she was about to climax.

He knew that some women could orgasm from having their breasts loved, although he had never been with one. Increasing the pressure of his lips on her left nipple, he pulled the right one repeatedly until she grabbed his head and held it in place, groaning incoherently, her hips thrusting back and forth violently. Her climax lasted about ten seconds, and she released his head and kissed him fervently, using her tongue like a paintbrush in his mouth.

“That was so fucking great,” she exclaimed breathlessly. “I can’t wait to get that cock in my pussy and return the favor. Sit down, Lover.”

Wasting no time after he was seated, she threw her legs outside his and began humping the underside of his throbbing shaft. She was nowhere near as wet as Lisa, and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to penetrate her without pain.

Angie was game and reached between them to grab his dick and position her cunt over the head. Rubbing it back and forth, she smeared some of his precum on her outer lips, and quickly slipped the head inside. Then she stopped.

“It’s so big. Give me a minute to get used to it.” she said, holding her body still. She licked her fingers and rubbed her clit, moving slightly and getting a fraction lower on his shaft. “This is so embarrassing,” she said.

“Just give it a minute,” he said compassionately, moving his hands to her thighs and rubbing them gently. “Lay back and let me work on you with my tongue. That usually gets things rolling.”

As she reclined on the sofa, he held her legs up, exposing her pussy to his lustful stare. “You have a beautiful cunt,” he said, leaning down to kiss it tenderly. “It tastes great, too!” he said as he began licking her outer lips, gently at first, then more insistently, finally stabbing her slit with his tongue. She began to squirm and moan, and soon, his tongue was coated in her slick nectar.

Grabbing him by the ears, Angie pulled his face to hers and said breathlessly, “Look Stud. Let me pop one off the way I want to and then I’m all yours.”

Intrigued, Craig let her have her way. She sat him up, so that his dick was standing straight up. Swinging one leg over his, she said, “OK big boy. Hold that cock steady while I get the angle I want.”

Leaning on the back of the sofa, with her tits swinging in his face, she lowered herself onto his cockhead, stopping after it slipped beyond her lips. As she pushed her ass back, the friction on the head of his cock was incredible. He then realized that she was masturbating herself, with the head of his cock rubbing her g-spot. This way she could control the pressure and speed of the sensations on her sensitive nerve endings. Groaning incessantly now, she had her eyes closed and didn’t realize he was sucking her swinging nipples when they came within reach of his hungry mouth.

Every sensation in her universe was centered on the pleasure she was getting from his cockhead against her g-spot. “Oh Fuuuuuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she screamed. “Don’t move! Here it comes again! Oh shit! Ohhhh God! Fuuuuck!”

Even though he was not imbedded in Angie’s cunt, he could feel her spasms working from deep within to her madly vibrating g-spot. The sensations almost made him come. Damn, she was hot!

Finally, she stopped shuddering and slumped down, allowing his cockhead to slip from her lips. She looked at him and said lazily, “That’s the first time a new lover has let me have my way with his dick. You are some kind of special, and I’m going to reward you royally. Just name your guilty pleasure, and I’ll fulfill your fantasy completely.”

Craig, noting some movement in his bedroom doorway, saw a still-nude Lisa peeking at them. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I’ll think up something on the way,” he said, taking her hand and smiling broadly. Lisa, a look of horror on her face, slipped into the closet, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Stopping where Lisa would have no trouble seeing them, he pulled Angie to him and hugged her from behind. As she closed her eyes and leaned back into his strong arms, she sighed contentedly and said, “You’re so good to me. I just wish Lisa could find a thoughtful, sexy man like you. She’s still shy around guys, and she needs to be brought out of her shell.”

Suppressing a laugh, Craig cupped Angie’s soft tits and said, “Maybe it will happen. Who knows what she does when you’re not around. I bet she’s more experienced than you think.”

As his hands were working their magic on her breasts and nipples, Angie sagged back until her ass contacted his cock. Moving easily, she arranged her backside so that Craig’s massive tool was nestled between her cheeks. “You ever try anal?” she asked.

“Yes, but I need to fuck that hot cunt of yours first. Maybe we can work on that in the future,” he answered, turning her around and bending to kiss her deeply. “Do you know how sexy you are?” he asked between sloppy, tongue-sucking kisses. Pulling her sensitive nipples, he eased her back towards the bed. “Lie back and let me give you the fucking of your life.”

Doing as she was directed, Angie sat on the edge of the bed, then slid back and lay on her back, throwing her heels towards the ceiling and said, “Fuck me till I can’t walk! I want that monster cock in me so deep I can taste it.”

Craig knelt, taking the head of his cock and rubbing her outer lips, coating it with sweet smelling juice. “I can smell your desire,” he said. “I love to fuck a bitch in heat. I may just eat that pussy after I fill it with cum. Think you’d like that? How about another woman? You think you could stand a different tongue in that hot pussy?” As he was talking, Craig had slid his cock into her clenching cunt until their bodies were joined as closely as possible.

“You are one tight cunt. Fuck. I can barely move,” he said, licking his fingers and coating her outer lips that were stretched around his massive shaft. Moving slowly, he pulled part of the way out, then plunged back in to the depths of her pussy, driving his cockhead into her cervix. Pulling out again, he felt her loosen up and when he drove into her this time, she met him, pushing her cunt onto his shaft. He fucked her more easily now, alternating between slow, almost lazy strokes that seemed to last forever, then deep, plunging, rapid-fire thrusts that caused her breathing to become labored and ragged. A mild climax shook her, and then she concentrated on his technique.

Slow, then fast; he fell into a delicious rhythm that suited her to perfection. She met his easy thrusts, let the hard, fast ones pin her to the bed. As he probed her depths, she realized Craig was touching her in places she had never felt a dick. Not only that, he was filling her as she had never been filled. It felt that every nerve, every feeling in her body was centered in her quivering cunt, there to be assaulted deliciously by his tireless, steel-hard cock. She climaxed again, a little more excitedly this time, and began to talk to him.

“Come with me Fucker! Give me that load! Feel my cunt pulling your dick? Let’s come together! I want your juice deep in my pussy. Hold it there and shoot that spunk. Make me a cum whore!” He held his dick as deep into her pussy as he could and let her talented sex cauldron work its heated magic on his cock. It pulsed around the head, her muscular walls milked the shaft, and he felt his load churning its way towards its goal. Short of an earthquake, he was determined to give her what she wanted-a full load of cum, deep in her cunt.

The first spurt was so forceful, it almost hurt him. When it blasted from his cockhead, Angie screamed at the top of her lungs, sounding more like she was in pain than the ultimate pleasure she was experiencing.

“Oh my fucking God!!!!! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m fucking cumming with you! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! S-o-o-o-o fucking good!” she screamed, as his cock continued to spew hot cum into her until they both collapsed.

He rolled off her, his dick making a slurping sound as it pulled from her sodden cunt. He suddenly felt another body on the bed and was pleasantly surprised to see Lisa kneeling between her mother’s splayed legs, taking aim at her cum-leaking pussy. Without a word, she began licking the juices, capturing them on her tongue and swallowing luxuriously. As her hands slid up Angie’s body o her breasts, she felt her mother raise her head. “Craig? Who’s eating my pussy? If feels so good! Oh, God, here comes another one!”

He watched as Lisa grabbed Angie’s thighs and plastered her lips to her mother’s pussy, sucking all of his cum and Angie’s copious juices into her mouth. Crawling up her Mother’s body, she positioned herself over her mother’s now open mouth. Letting a stream of cum drop from her mouth to Angie’s, she followed it with a passionate kiss that led to the two of them swapping the precious fluid back and forth.

“So, just how innocent do you think I am, Mom? That’s Craig’s second load I’ve had in my mouth today. The other one was in my ass! I fucked him silly before you got here, and now we’ve got to decide just what we want to do with him,” she said as she lay between her mother and Craig’s body. “Do we want to keep him and his fuckpole to ourselves, or do we want to share him with the neighbors?”

“Let’s keep him to ourselves for a week or two. How long do SEALS stay horny?”

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