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Listen with Your Heart

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“Jason. Remind me again why I’m doing this?” I asked my older brother as I got out of his car.

“Jordan, quit bitching. I really like Patty and she needs someone to look after her brother.”

“So, I’m supposed to somehow entertain him while you go get laid?”

“Exactly. Besides, she says he’s a fag, so you maybe you can get laid, too,” he chuckled.

“Remind me again why I’m not supposed to hate you.”

Jason grinned. “Because I’m the only brother you got.”

Jason grabbed my neck in a headlock and ruffled my hair.

It was hard to stay mad at Jason. We were always close growing up. We grew up with a single mom who worked a lot, so I really relied on him for everything. Even now, we were still close and shared an apartment.

Jason is 28 years old. He was always very athletic. He has a nice muscular build and played hockey and baseball in high school. He’s slightly taller than me at 6’1″. We both have dark blond hair and blue eyes and it’s very obvious when you look at us that we’re brothers.

I’m 25 years old. I’m not at all athletic, but I have a nicely toned body from my regular workouts on the treadmill we have at home. I was a total nerd in high school, but I became a lot less socially awkward in my college years. That was mostly due to Dan. He was my boyfriend for three years, up until we graduated and he moved across the country.

We stepped up onto the porch and Jason rang the doorbell. Then Jason turned to me and said, “Oh, I forgot to mention that he’s deaf.”

My mouth fell open. Great. How am I supposed to communicate with him?

Patty opened the door and grinned. She was cute and athletic looking with long strawberry blond hair and sparkling green eyes. Exactly Jason’s type.

“Hi, Jason,” she said with a coy smile before turning to me. “You must be Jordan. Your brother’s told me all about you.”

“Hey, babe,” Jason greeted her and then leaned in and gave her a quick kiss.

“Hi. It’s nice to meet you,” I offered.

“Come on in,” Patty said.

Jason and I followed her inside and she gave us a quick tour of the small ranch house. We followed her down the hall into one of the two bedrooms, obviously her brother’s bedroom. He was sitting at his laptop computer with his back to us. It looked like he was working on a web site. His monitor had a little mirror on top of it and when he saw us, he swiveled around in his chair.

“Kevin. This is Jason and Jordan,” she told him, pointing to each of us in turn. She looked directly at him and signed our names while speaking.

Kevin held his hand up in a wave. He looked at me and gave me a bashful smile before looking back down.

Kevin’s red hair looks like he just got out of bed. His beard looks like it could really use some shaping up, but at least it wasn’t long and bushy. He’s got a few extra pounds on him, but I wouldn’t put him into the ‘fat’ category. His cheeks were a little red like he had been blushing. He has the same sparkling green eyes as his sister. I smiled to myself. This wasn’t going to be so bad. He’s very cute.

“Kevin can read lips, so just speak normally, directly to him, and he’ll understand you,” Patty said while moving her hands for Kevin.

Jason and I both nodded.

“Okay, I just need to finish getting ready and then we can go to dinner,” Patty said while signing.

I thought it was really cool how she automatically moved her hands while she spoke.

“Jason?” she asked quietly, without signing this time. “Can you help me get a purse down from my closet?”

“Sure, babe,” he grinned.

Jason followed Patty out of the room like a puppy dog, leaving me standing there in front of Kevin. I shoved my hands in my pockets and gave him an awkward smile.

“Um… So… What are you working on?” I asked him, nodding towards his laptop.

He got up and moved a chair next to his and motioned for me to sit. He had Dreamweaver open on his MacBook Pro and was working on a web design. I was really impressed with the design of the page.

“Wow,” I said. “You’re really good. Is that what you work on professionally?”

He nodded.

“I work as a developer, but I’m no good at design.”

He smiled and nodded slowly. I’m sure he had guys like me where he worked. Tell me what to do and I can do it, but ask me to draw an icon and you’ll get a stick figure in a box. And don’t even think about asking me to come up with color schemes.

There was more awkward silence. I didn’t know what to say. Or, uh, whatever.

“So… How old are you?” I asked.

He held up his fingers in a 2 and a 7.

“I’m 25,” I said, holding up my fingers like he did.

He rolled his eyes at me, but he smiled, so I didn’t feel completely stupid.

“Um… We learned the sign language alphabet in sixth grade. I don’t remember a lot of it, but….”

I spelled out J-O-R-D-A-N with my fingers.

Kevin made a noise like a laugh and I turned red in embarrassment and dropped my hands into my lap.

He then made a hand motion like he wanted me to do it again.

I took a breath and spelled: J-O-R-D-A-

When I got to the “N”, he reached out and moved my thumb into the correct place.

He grinned really big and I grinned back.

“Thanks,” I said. “Can you show me the whole alphabet?” I asked.

He spent the next fifteen minutes giving me a refresher on the alphabet. At one point, he grabbed my wrist and held it tight while I moved my fingers. I quickly realized he wanted me to keep my hand still, but I liked his hand on me, so I pretended for another minute to not understand.

When I got everything perfect a few times in a row, we were both smiling and I spelled out: T-H-A-N-K-S.

He brought his hand to his mouth and then moved it like he was blowing me a kiss, but without puckering his lips. I looked at him confused. He slowly spelled ‘T-H-A-N-K-S’ with his fingers and then repeated the motion.

“Oh!” I nodded. “I get it. Thanks,” I said, while repeating his sign.

“Can you teach me more?” I asked.

He held up his fist and moved it kind of like he was knocking on a door.

“Is that ‘yes’?” I asked while I spelled Y-E-S.

He repeated the motion and nodded his head.

“Are you guys ready to go?” I turned to see Patty and Jason standing in the doorway.

I looked at Jason, who had a smug smile on his face, and shook my head at him. They obviously had been making out in there.

I looked at Kevin and spelled: R-E-A-D-Y.

Kevin stood and made both hands into an “R” letter in front of his chest and then spread them apart. He then moved his hands in another sign.

“I’m ready. Let’s go,” Patty translated.

I repeated it and Kevin ‘said’ YES.

Jason raised an eyebrow at me as we followed them out and I ignored him.

We walked to Jason’s car and Kevin pointed at the car and made a motion like he was driving.

I asked “Car?” and repeated the movement, and he said YES.

Kevin and I rode in the back seat together and I caught him looking at me a couple times. He also caught me looking at him a couple times. We both started grinning and then giggled.

Throughout dinner, Kevin continued to show me signs as things came up. I had a really good time and I really liked Kevin. He was really sweet and I could tell he had a good sense of humor. I was really eager to learn new things and I was grinning the whole meal.

While Kevin was using the restroom, Patty thanked me for being so nice to her little brother.

I shrugged and tried to act casual. “He’s a nice guy.”

As we were walking out of the restaurant, Patty and Kevin were signing between themselves. He cut his eyes to me briefly and brought his two fingers to his chin and folded them in and smiled. Patty smiled back at him and nodded. I guessed whatever that sign meant was about me and I filed it in the back of my mind. They were smiling, so I was hoping that it wasn’t bad.

We drove back to their house and while Patty and Jason ‘said goodbye’ in the other room, Kevin and I sat in the living room.

He looked at me and made a sign like a letter ‘C’ and swiped his other finger through the hole, then spelled E-M-A-I-L. He grabbed a piece of scrap paper and a pen and gave it to me. I wrote my name and email address on it and gave it to him.

“Thank you,” he spoke out loud while he made the sign. It startled me. It was the first time I had heard him speak. I had no problem understanding what he said.

I immediately responded, “You’re welcome” and smiled. He showed me the sign that meant you’re welcome and I repeated it back to him while I said “you’re welcome” again.

He hesitated for a second, then moved in and hugged me. I hugged him back and we held onto each other for a few seconds. It was a really nice hug. He felt warm to my touch and when I leaned in to him, I could smell his cologne and his hair. Man, he smelled really good.

We slowly moved apart and I looked up at his face. He blushed and looked away. He was shy. It was so endearing to me.

I stepped back as Jason and Patty walked in.

“Ready to go, Jordan?” Jason asked and I nodded.

I waved to Kevin as I left and he waved back.


Kevin and I exchanged emails daily over the next week and we got to know each other a little better, what kind of things we liked and didn’t like. We liked the same movies and TV shows and we were both big Star Trek fans.

I had bought a DVD to teach me sign language and was eager to show him some of the new things I learned.

Saturday night Jason and I drove over to their house. We went out to dinner at a fairly nice restaurant and had a really good time. I could tell that Kevin was really impressed with what I learned and he patiently corrected my mistakes and taught me a bunch of new ‘words’.

I caught him looking at me several times and he’d look away, but he’d be grinning. That I had made him happy and made him grin so big had me glowing inside.

We repeated the pattern of Saturday night dinners with Patty and Jason for the next month.

So I had known Kevin for about a month when one night after dinner, he invited Jason and me inside to watch a movie.

Kevin went and got his blu-ray disc of the new ‘Star Trek’ movie and he put that in and we watched it on his HDTV in the living room. I was a little distracted by the captions at first because my eyes tended to move down and read them without looking at what was going on. I quickly got used to them and was able to ignore them for the most part.

We were really engrossed in the movie. It wasn’t until near the end that I suddenly realized that Patty and Jason had left. I looked at Kevin and he shrugged.

After the movie was over, he turned off the TV so that we could ‘talk.’

That was when I heard moaning and groaning coming from the bedroom. I gasped and looked at Kevin with my mouth agape. He held up his hands like ‘What?’

I pointed to the hallway that led to the bedrooms and made the ‘international sign’ for sex: poking my index finger through my other hand in an ‘O’ shape.

Kevin’s mouth fell open and we both started to giggle. Our giggles quickly became full on side-splitting laughs. We laid back on the couch howling. I was laughing so hard I was in tears. I liked to hear Kevin laugh. He had a nice loud laugh. I wiped my eyes and smiled at him.

Kevin suddenly pushed forward and kissed me on the lips. I gasped in surprise and pulled back. He eyes widened and he looked absolutely mortified. I saw his green eyes well up and he started to get up.

I pulled him back down and I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him back. He was hesitant and unsure and I wondered if this was his first kiss.

So I asked him, ‘F-I-R-S-T K-I-S-S?’

He nodded and signed, ‘YES’.

I responded, ‘NICE.’

He blushed and looked bashful. ‘THANKS.’

Kevin stood up and pulled me up. We walked back to his bedroom. From the sounds coming from Patty’s bedroom, Jason was apparently making her very happy. I looked at Kevin and nodded towards Patty’s bedroom door and plugged my ears and grimaced and it made him laugh.

He closed the door behind us and we sat on his bed. I was nervous, but he was trembling.

I wasn’t sure how far we were going to go, but I wanted his first time to be perfect for him. I wanted it to be special.

I signed to him, ‘I LIKE YOU’, exaggerating ‘like’ to show that I very much liked him.

He repeated the same to me, then signed, ‘J., I THINK YOU’ and made the motion that I had seen him make with Patty the first time we went to dinner.

“What does that mean?” I asked, mimicking him.

He smiled and finger-spelled C-U-T-E.

I grinned widely and signed to him that he was cute, too. I took his hand in mine and leaned in and kissed him tenderly. Our mouths opened and soon our tongues where touching. We laid down on his bed and held each other and kissed. I gave him tender kisses on his chin and his beard and his neck, before moving back up to his mouth.

Our bodies pressed close together and I know he could feel my hard six inches pressing into him, because I could feel the steel bar in his pants pushing into me.

As we made out, our hands explored each other and I finally couldn’t resist. I ran my hand down his side to his hip, then slid it over the lump in his crotch. Kevin groaned and began kissing and sucking on my neck.

The feeling of his beard whiskers on my neck was driving me crazy. I squeezed and rubbed his dick through his jeans. It felt big and hard and hot.

I moved up and pulled my shirt off and tossed it onto the floor. I reached for his shirt and he grabbed my hands to stop me. He looked at me nervously, like he was embarrassed.

I signed, ‘O.K. I LIKE YOU, K.’

He relaxed his hands and I pulled his shirt off. His chest was covered in red hair. He had a soft belly and chest and love handles. He was still really cute to me. He reached out and ran his hand over my chest and flat stomach and said, “Sexy.”

“You, too, Kev,” I said as I raked my fingers through his chest hair.

Our hands roamed all over our bodies as we made out. I moaned when his hand brushed over my dick. I pushed my dick into his hand to let him know that I liked what he was doing.

My hand moved to his belt and after he didn’t object, I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He reached down and did the same to me. We pushed our pants and underwear down and tossed them onto the floor. After pulling off our socks, we were both completely naked.

Kevin had a really nice dick. I thought that I had a nice 6-inch cut dick. He was bigger and thicker than mine, 7 inches and uncut. It was perfect.

I signed ‘YOU BIG’ and he blushed bright red. He crawled under his blankets and I got under with him.

We both reached for each others dicks and our lips moved together for more kissing. I slowly stroked Kevin’s fat dick as he stroked mine. His hand felt so good on me. I hadn’t been with anyone since my boyfriend in college. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long and by the way Kevin was breathing, he was getting close too.

I wanted to give Kevin a blowjob. I pushed Kevin onto his back and bent down and licked the head of his dick. I swirled my tongue around, lapping up all of his delicious pre-come. Kevin gasped and then moaned. His hands moved to my head and he bucked his hips up. The head of his dick pushed into my mouth and I pushed his foreskin back with my lips and slid down the length of him. I applied suction and came back up.

I slowly sucked up and down Kevin’s cock, causing him to groan loudly. I don’t know if he knew how loud he was, but I didn’t care. I liked that he was having that reaction to what I was doing to him.

I slurped up and down, bobbing and sucking. I felt Kevin’s nuts retracting and his breathing quickened. His body trembled underneath me.

He groaned loudly and tapped my shoulder urgently. I increased my suction and bobbed faster. Kevin’s body stiffened and he cried out in a loud groan that sounded like the first syllable of my name. His cock pulsed in my mouth and fired jet after jet of semen into me. I let the hot, thick cream pool onto my tongue until I had to swallow to make room for more. I had to swallow three more times before he finally stopped coming.

I moved up to his side and kissed his bicep. He looked at me through half-open eyes. He had a big, goofy grin on his face.

He reached between my legs and took my cock in his hand. I rolled over onto my back. He smeared the pre-come around for lube and began stroking me with a firm steady grip. He licked my neck as he jerked me off and when his mouth started sucking hard, I let out a moan and I erupted. My dick spurt wads of come all over my chest and stomach.

He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed some tissues and wiped me off and we tenderly kissed for a little while until we fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning tangled up around Kevin. Our arms and legs were intertwined and my head was resting under his chin. We both woke at the same time and reluctantly pulled apart.

“Good morning,” I smiled. “Did you sleep good?”

He signed ‘GOOD MORNING’ and nodded with a ‘YES’.

“Me, too,” I said while signing ‘ME SAME’ like he taught me.

I reached up to Kevin’s face and ran my fingers through his scruffy beard. He smiled at me like I was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and I felt a surge of happiness run through me. I smiled back at him and we both started giggling.

He pushed me onto my back and moved on top of me. I was looking at him lustfully and I saw that mirrored in his beautiful green eyes. He ran his hands all over my body in wonder, kissing his way down my neck and chest. He tentatively flicked his tongue at my left nipple and I whimpered and my body shuddered. He looked up at me in surprise. His lips turned up in a smirk and he did it again, causing the same reaction in me. He then went to town licking and sucking on my nipple, then moving to the other one.

I ran my hands through his shaggy red hair as he kissed his way down my chest and stomach. He licked up and down my dick, driving me crazy with pleasure. He licked and kissed the tip of my dick, then took it into his mouth. I gasped and moaned as shivers went up and down my spine.

“Please, Kevin,” I quietly begged, temporarily forgetting he couldn’t hear me.

He moved further down my dick and I flinched and jerked as his teeth scraped the crown. He looked up at me wide-eyed.

“No teeth,” I said.

His face blushed red and he said, “Sorry.”

I gently touched his face, feeling his whiskers against my fingers. “It’s okay, Kevin. What you’re doing feels really good.”

He closed his eyes and leaned into my hand then kissed the palm of my hand. It was so loving, so tender. I knew then that I was falling for him.

His head bent back down and he sucked my dick back into his mouth. He slowly and tentatively moved up and down, then started to suck. I moaned and my body convulsed. He grew more and more confident with what he was doing, encouraged by my body’s reactions to him.

I tapped his shoulder and he looked up at me. “I’m going to come, Kevin.”

He continued to stare into my eyes as he sucked my dick. I couldn’t tear away from his eyes. I came with such force that he choked. My back arched and my eyes rolled back into my head. My vision went white with explosions of color. I kept spurting and spurting.

I opened my eyes and panted as I tried to catch my breath. I could feel Kevin licking all over my dick and crotch, cleaning up the come that had leaked out of his mouth. I looked down at him and he looked up at me and grinned. His lips and chin whiskers were wet with my juices. I pulled him up to me and kissed him. I licked his chin, sucking the remnants of my semen from his beard.

He was on top of me, his legs between mine. His hard cock was pressing underneath my ball sac. Oh god, I wanted him to take me so bad, but I knew we weren’t ready for that yet. I was pretty sure that he didn’t have lube or condoms.

I reached between our bodies and wrapped my hand around his dick. He groaned and pushed into my hand. I chuckled. He looked down at me questioning and I nodded. He started moving his hips, thrusting his cock into my hand. He mashed his lips into mine while he bucked hard and fast into my hand. He started grunting and groaning really loudly and I pushed my lips up against him, trying to stifle his lusty moans.

After a few minutes of pumping, he groaned and his body jerked and convulsed and I felt the hot spurts of his load jetting onto my chest and stomach.

We laid together for a while, gently touching and kissing until we got up to shower. He went first, then I took my turn. He even gave me a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt to wear so that I didn’t have to put on yesterday’s clothes. They were a little baggy, but Kevin was grinning and signed that I was really cute. I loved the feeling of being in his clothes.

We were in the kitchen having a bowl of cereal when Jason and Patty walked in. We were all kind of nervous and weirded out. They knew we had sex and we knew they had sex. Kevin glanced at me and we both giggled nervously.

Before Jason and I left, Kevin and I made plans to go out to dinner just the two of us on Wednesday. When Jason and Patty weren’t looking, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss and then I gave him a really big hug.

On the way home, Jason teased me about Kevin.

“Shit, little brother, you had that boy moaning louder than his sister when I ate her pussy.”

“Shut up, Jason,” I blushed. “And don’t be gross. Kevin is really sweet. He would die of embarrassment if he knew that you guys heard him.”


Kevin and I went to dinner just the two of us on Wednesday and we had a good time. I wished I could talk more to him in sign language, but he was really patient with me and taught me a lot. I was amazed that I could remember as much as I did, but I was very much invested in learning. I wanted to be able to communicate easily with Kevin.

Since I had to work in the morning, I didn’t come in when I dropped him off at home, but we did make out a little bit in the car.

I took a deep breath and signed, ‘K. YOU MY BOY?’

He looked at me confused for a few seconds while he was trying to figure out what I was asking. I started to get nervous.

A big grin appeared on his face and he signed ‘YES,’ then repeated my sign, adding an extra sign at the end.

“Boy-Friend?” I asked, and he nodded.

I did the sign for boyfriend and we hugged tightly. I felt Kevin trembling in my arms. He was crying. I then realized that I was crying, too. I moved to look him in the face. I wiped away his tears and kissed him. He returned my kiss with passion, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I sucked his tongue. We finally had to break the kiss so that we could catch our breath. I kissed the tip of Kevin’s nose and we laughed.

I reluctantly had to go and we made plans to see each other again on Saturday.

On Saturday, we wanted to ditch Patty and Jason, but Kevin emailed me and said that Patty was upset we didn’t want to go with them. So we ended up ‘double dating’ again. He asked me if I wanted to spend the night with him. I immediately replied “YES!”

When we got to their house, Patty immediately pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my cheek. I blushed bright red, and looked to see Kevin just standing there smiling at us. When she finally let go, I gave Kevin a hug and he leaned down and kissed me.

“Ugh,” Jason complained. “I don’t need to see my little brother kissing another dude.”

I held my hand up behind my back and flipped him off.

“I think it’s sweet,” Patty said.

I grabbed Kevin’s hand and we walked out to the car, both of us grinning like idiots.

After dinner, we decided to see a movie. The theater only had one movie that showed captions, so our choice was limited, but luckily it was something we all wanted to watch. While the movie played, there was an LED board on the back wall that showed the captions backwards. They gave Kevin a mirror thingy that fit into the cup holder. He could see the words and the action on the screen at the same time.

The best part was when he grabbed my hand and held it the entire movie.

When we got back to Patty and Kevin’s house, we hung out for a little bit in the living room. Jason asked Kevin about watching movies. Patty translated for Kevin, saying he could read the captions, but he could also feel the sound vibrations. Kevin patted his chest over his heart, showing he felt the vibrations.

When Kevin moved his hand, I put my hand over his heart and felt it beating.

Kevin stood up and grabbed my hand. With a quick goodnight to Patty and Jason, he dragged me into his bedroom and shut the door behind us.

He grabbed me and kissed me and started to undress me. We were both laughing at how horny he was. We were soon naked and underneath his blankets.

After making out for about 10 minutes, Kevin’s head went down and he took my dick into his mouth and started to suck me. It was so good, but I didn’t want to come so quickly. I pulled him up and he looked at me funny.

“Not yet,” I said.

I pushed him onto his back and started to give him a blowjob. When I got all seven of his inches into my mouth and buried my nose into his bushy red pubes, Kevin moaned loudly. I bobbed up and down a few times and let him fall out of my mouth with a pop. His hand gripped the back of my head and he bucked his hips up. He wanted more. I chuckled and then moved up and straddled him. I sat down on his dick and started to grind my ass on him.

I looked into his eyes and signed, ‘I WANT YOU.’

He nodded desperately. I got up and went to my overnight bag and pulled out a new bottle of lube and a new box of condoms. I climbed back onto him and opened the lube I poured some into my hand and reached behind me and smeared it around my hole. I pushed some into me with my finger.

I opened the box of condoms and tore one open. I grabbed Kevin’s cock and dropped a little lube on it. Kevin watched me as I rolled the condom down his thick shaft. Kevin moaned when I lubed up his latex sheathed cock. I smiled to myself. If he thinks that’s good, just wait. I positioned myself over him and slowly lowered myself until the head popped into me.

I closed my eyes tight and tried to relax. I bore down and pushed and I slid down a couple of inches. I gasped at the intense pain.

Kevin tapped my thighs. “Hurt?”

I opened my eyes to see him looking up at me with concern.

“I’m okay. It’s been a while.”

Kevin’s eyes sparkled when he looked at me. His hands moved up and down my body before settling on my waist. I took a deep breath and I felt the pain start to fade. I lowered myself a couple more inches and paused. A moment later and I had him buried complete inside me.

I braced myself on his body and lifted up, then slid back down.

I gasped as his cock pushed against my prostate. “Oh god,” I moaned, throwing my head back. My dick surged back to full hardness and I began moving up and down on him. Kevin groaned loudly as I rode him. We stared into each others eyes while I made love to him. His hands gripped my hips tight and he began pushing up into me.

I rode him harder and faster, whimpering each time I bottomed out. He grabbed the lube and poured some into his hand. He wrapped his hand around my rock hard cock and started stroking me. His touch was too much for me.

I bit my lip. “I’m coming, Kevin!”

My dick spurt a wad of come and it splattered under Kevin’s chin. Several more shots fired out onto his hairy chest and his stomach.

He let out a series of grunts and groans and then shouted “JORDY!”

His fingers tightened around my hips and I felt his cock pulsing inside me.

My arms and legs felt like jelly. I slumped forward onto his chest and his arms moved around me and he held me on top of him. His cock never went soft and I finally had to roll off him onto my back.

Kevin’s chest was heaving as he panted. I reached over and stroked his furry chest, rubbing my come into his body.

I sat up and carefully pulled the condom off his still hard dick. I tied the end off and he took it and tossed it into the trash can.

We rolled onto our sides facing each other and tenderly kissed.

‘YOU HANDSOME’ I signed to him.

He looked nervous for a second. ‘I GOOD?’ he signed.

I grinned and tapped my chin and gave a thumbs up. “The best.”

He grunted and rolled me over onto my back and straddled me. He kissed me hard. I maneuvered my leg so that he was between my legs. I wrapped my arms around him and we made out hot and heavy.

He pushed back onto his knees and looked down at me and signed ‘MY BOYFRIEND’.

I signed back ‘YES.’

I ran my hands up and down his furry chest and soft belly. My dick was hard again. His had never softened.

He looked down at my body lustfully. He had an intense look on his face and he signed something I didn’t know, but it looked obscene the way he pounded his hands together. He followed that with what I think was ‘AGAIN’.

From the way he was looking at me and the throbbing seven inches that jutted out from his body, I had a pretty good idea of what he wanted ‘again’.

‘YES. PLEASE,’ I signed and spread my legs wider.

Kevin grabbed another condom and opened it. He rolled it down his shaft and then poured lube on it. He spread the lube around with his hand and looked down at me.

I pulled my legs back towards my chest and he got the idea. He leaned in and slowly pushed it inside me. He looked up at me to make sure I wasn’t in pain.

I wasn’t. I was nice and relaxed and he slid right in. I moaned and pushed back against him. He leaned over me on his hands and I wrapped my legs around his waist and butt.

I ran my hands down his back and gripped his butt and pulled him, urging him in further.

He looked down at me with what looked like a pained expression, but I knew that it was intense pleasure. He started moving in and out, slowly at first, then faster and longer strokes. After a few strokes, he hit my prostate and I bucked under him and my body shuddered. He smirked and then jabbed me again. I looked up at him and whimpered, begging for him to keep doing it.

Kevin was a fast learner. My shy Kevin was replaced with a confident lover. And he was good.

I was writhing underneath him as he pounded me hard and fast. His hips slapped against me while his big balls tapped against my ass. He was groaning and grunting loudly. His bed was squeaking and thumping underneath us. I was moaning and whimpering while he watched my reactions.

“Kevin, you’re so good… I’m gonna come… Oh god, Kevin!”

I pushed my dick against him one more time and I came hard. My dick exploded from the inside out, painting both of us in my white hot sperm.

Kevin grunted and shouted, “Uh! Uh! Oh! JORDY!”

Kevin’s body convulsed in an intense climax as he emptied his nuts into the condom. His eyes were closed tight and his body was shuddering as his chest heaved. I felt his cock finally starting to soften and he pulled out of me. He tossed the semen-filled condom into the trash and then pounced on me.

Kevin laid on his side next to me, and gently kissed me, peppering my face, neck and shoulders with light kisses.

His hand rubbed circles on my chest. He lifted his hand and made a sign. His fingers moved so that his middle two fingers were bent down while his other fingers and thumb remained out. He tapped the hand gesture on his chest and then on mine.

“What does that mean?” I asked, looking into his eyes.

“I love you,” he said.

I looked into his eyes and saw how much he meant it. My eyes welled with tears and I made the ‘I love you’ sign and pressed it to his chest.

“I love you, too,” I told him.

Kevin kissed me passionately. I wiped his tears away and gently raked my fingers through his scruffy whiskers.

He wiped my tears, then turned me onto my side and pulled my back to his furry chest. He spooned up behind me and wrapped his arms tight around my body and held me close to him, with one hand on my chest over my heart. I felt him kissing the top of my head.

It was so still and quiet that I could feel his heart beating. I felt it synchronizing with my own heartbeat as I fell asleep in his arms with a smile on my face.

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