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Lingerie Party

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My roommate was having a party, one of those lingerie parties where you buy lotions and toys. I wasn’t really into it, besides, I had a date. I hadn’t been out with Jeremy before, so I’d taken the time to really get dressed up. Short skirt, tight sweater, the whole “I want you now” look.

As I finished getting ready, the sales rep for the lingerie party showed up. Her name tag said “Sharon.” She was an attractive woman, probably in her late thirties, long black hair pulled back in a pony tail. As my roommate, Heather, helped her set up, I waited for Jeremy. He was late. Heather’s guests arrived and everything was set up in the living room. I peeked in and saw an array of toys, lotions, books, movies, everything under the sun spread out. Some of the stuff I couldn’t even recognize.

Just as the party was beginning to get under way, Sharon’s cell phone went off. I watched as her face fell and then she bit her bottom lip. She explained to Heather that her normal model wasn’t going to be able to make it. That would really hurt the presentation. Her entire demonstration was based on the model. Heather looked at me and smiled. I knew immediately what was going through that brain of hers and I wanted no part. Heather grabbed my hand before I could turn and run.

“Please. You know you want to. Come on, be a sport. Please.”

Heather and Sharon begged and pleaded and in the end I was convinced to stay and help out until Jeremy showed up. Sharon smiled, running her eyes up and down my body. What had I just gotten myself into?

Sharon handed me a stack of lingerie and asked me to go put the first one on. She told me to be sure to wear black heels with all of them. It really helped the presentation. Whatever. I retreated to my bedroom and stripped out of my clothes. As I put on the first teddy, I was pretty sure this was going to be tame. The first teddy was a light pink, silk baby-doll style. I looked in my mirror before going out and was amazed at how sexy it looked on me when it looked so innocent laying on the bed. I walked out into the living room and was greeted with ohs and ahs by everyone.

Sharon came up behind me and demonstrated how the teddy fit and could be adjusted. As her hands came round to show how the bodice was cut, her hands cupped my breasts. I felt a shiver run through me. I hadn’t expected this. Coming around in front of me, she knelt down and I felt her hands reach up between my legs. She was demonstrating the snaps on the crotch, but all I could feel was her fingers grazing across my pussy. Because of the way the teddy was designed, I had no panties on. I was getting drenched.

Sharon had me walk around the group on my way to change into number two. Things were definitely getting weird. As I modeled the next three pieces of lingerie, Sharon stroked and rubbed me without really having to. Her method of demonstration was enough. Finally, I was down to the last piece. A small black leather bra and panty set that had a chain connecting the bra to the top of the panties. I felt suddenly very wicked.

I walked out and felt a heat that I hadn’t expected when Sharon looked at me. Her hands showed off the chain and gently stroked my stomach as she did it. I heard the doorbell and Heather went to answer it. Sharon pulled on the leather straps and then brought out a leather whip that was supposed to match the outfit. As I stood there, Sharon slowly brought the leather whip down over my shoulder and rubbed it over my breast. My nipples were immediately hard.

Heather came back in, smiled at me and then sat down. I had no idea who had been at the door. I’d find out later that it was Jeremy. Heather had let him into the foyer and asked him to wait. I was in the middle of something. As Heather left him standing there, Jeremy looked around and stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes were looking into the mirror against the foyer wall. It had a straight view into the living room. Jeremy stood there and watched in the mirror as Sharon leaned me over and gently brought the leather whip down across my ass. Without meaning to, I moaned. I was getting so horny.

Sharon stepped away and said the next portion of the party was coming up. Lotions and body oils. Sharon stood behind me and without saying a word, unhooked the leather bra. I felt her push the straps down and my breasts were revealed. She knelt behind me and gently stripped the bottoms off. I stepped out of them and stood there in the middle of these women, naked.

Jeremy stood in the foyer and continued to watch. His cock had grown hard in his pants when he’d seen the whip come down on my ass. Now, watching me naked except for heels, he was rock hard. His eyes were on me as Sharon laid me back on the table and slowly poured a drop of oil onto my stomach. She was saying something about the taste but all I could concentrate on were her hands. Slowly, her fingers massaged the oil into my skin. Her hands moved up and down on my stomach, not going high enough to touch my breasts, but not going low enough to touch my pussy. I was frustrated.

Sharon grabbed another bottle and squirted a couple drops into her hands. This time, she smiled at me and then brought her hands down on my breasts. I moaned as her hands rubbed the oil into my skin, her fingers massaging my nipples. Jeremy watched her hands moving over my breasts, squeezing gently. I moaned and arched my back up. Her fingers were squeezing my nipples. Sharon said something about how the oil heated up. I closed my eyes and waited. Lowering her head, I moaned as I felt her warm breath blow out across my nipple. My nub immediately hardened, tingling from the increased heat of her breath and the oil. I felt every nerve in my body react.

Sharon invited one of the other women, I think her name was Clair, to come over and try. Without hesitation, Clair leaned over me and I felt her breath on my other nipple. I moaned again and arched up. Sharon told her to lick my nipple and taste how good the oil is. I held my breath as I waited. Gently, Clair’s tongue reached out and flicked across my already taut nipple. She pressed her tongue against me again and then her lips closed and sucked. Sharon had motioned for another woman to come forward. Her lips closed over my other nipple and now the two women were sucking my breasts as the other women watched. I moaned and felt my pussy contract slightly. I was so excited.

In the foyer, Jeremy had taken his excitement in his own hands. Unzipping his pants, he’d slid his hand down inside and was rubbing his palm over his growing cock. Watching me spread out on the table and having these women lick and suck me was too much for him. He should have imagined how it felt to me! I was going crazy with lust.

Sharon said the last lotion she was demonstrating was one of her best sellers. Everyone seemed to want it and she didn’t know why. I knew why as soon as she started to demonstrate on me. Leaning over, Sharon parted my legs. My shaved pussy was open to the world on full display. I knew my pussy was dripping wet and everyone could see that. Jeremy did. His eyes were glued to the smooth wet folds of my shaved pussy and his hand rubbed his cock harder.

I shook as I felt the cool drips of lotion across my pussy from above. The lotion dripped down over my lips and inside me, sliding down to my ass. Sharon reached down and I moaned as I felt her hand rub the cool lotion into my pussy. Her fingers gently opened me and made sure the lotion was everywhere. I felt my orgasm building. I was totally lost in her hands until I heard her say something about flavor again.

I looked down and watched as she settled between my legs and her tongue licked over my pussy. I about jumped off the table. Her tongue gently moved over my lips and then down to my ass. I moaned. She told Heather to come try and I watched as my roommate, who had never even hugged me with any sexual overtones, settled between my spread legs and flicked her tongue across my pussy. My orgasm was hard and intense as Heather’s tongue moved over me, rubbing my clit. She licked her lips as Sharon asked if anyone else wanted a taste. Clair came forward and without hesitation was between my legs lapping at the lotion. My body shivered over and over again as woman after woman licked my wet pussy, tasting me and the lotion. I had no doubt the lotion was going to be a big seller again tonight.

After cumming at least three more times, Sharon moved on to the next section. Toys. I felt my body getting hot again. Straddling me on the table, her heels on either side of my head, Sharon spread my legs wider. I could see up her skirt and saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was shaved like mine and was dripping wet. I suddenly ached to taste her but knew that wasn’t part of the demonstration. Yet. Sharon had grabbed one of her toys to show off. I briefly saw it as she lowered it to my waiting pussy. I moaned as the tip of a black latex dildo was pushed inside my tight pussy.

Jeremy was going wild watching in the mirror. His cock was harder than he’d ever imagined. His hand stroked up and down his cock as he watched Sharon on top of me pushing the dildo in and out. He could see my juices covering the black latex as she pulled out. His hand was gripping his cock, rubbing the head as she pushed it back inside me. I moaned and arched, feeling another orgasm rip through me.

Sharon rose off the table and told me to turn over and get on all fours. I did, my breasts hanging down, swaying gently. Sharon brought out a box. Slowly she told the group of women, who were now all gently rubbing and stroking themselves, trying to do it covertly but not succeeding, that this next toy was a personal favorite. She recommended it for all women. I couldn’t imagine what it was.

Sharon took the lid off the box and Jeremy watched from the mirror as she slowly pulled a string of beads out of the box. Six beads attached to the string. Sharon stepped over to me, standing beside my ass. I moaned as I felt a drip of oil over my ass and then I knew. And I was excited. I’d never felt this before but I’d heard it was amazing. Gently, Sharon pushed the first bead into my ass. I moaned as I felt the pressure. Then, the second bead and then the third. My ass was full with beads but I knew there was more to come. As the sixth bead was pushed into my ass, I was moaning, pushing back against the air, desperately wanting to be fucking something.

Sharon left the beads in me, filling me as she pulled out another box. I looked at the massive dildo she held in her hands. It had to be 12 inches long, at least two inches thick and I knew it was going to feel incredible. Sharon looked at the crowd and asked if anyone wanted the pleasure of demonstrating this one. Heather sat up and as the hostess she was selected. I closed my eyes briefly and then looked over my shoulder as Heather slowly guided the head of this massive cock into my pussy. It stretched me, pulling me wide. I moaned and pushed back against it. With the beads still in my ass and this gigantic cock being pushed inside me, I was lost in the excitement.

Heather slowly pushed and twisted the dildo in my pussy. Sharon was stroking my ass as she watched Heather. I closed my eyes and then looked up. Suddenly, I saw Jeremy standing in the doorway watching in the mirror. His hands were around his cock, rapidly jerking it. My eyes watched his cock as he watched me in the mirror. I moaned and felt my orgasm building to an eruption. Heather was pumping the cock harder and harder into me. As I moaned and started to cum, Sharon pulled the string in my ass and slowly the beads popped out. I screamed out an orgasm that I had never had before. I moaned and bucked my hips, pushing back against the cock as each bead popped out of my ass.

Jeremy was jacking his cock and I watched as his eyes closed and then his cock erupted onto the floor. I watched as his cum squirted everywhere, dripping onto the floor. I moaned and bucked again.

Heather slowly withdrew the cock and I watched as she licked the tip. Sharon patted my ass and said I was done for the night and that I did very well. I slowly crawled off the table, not sure if my legs would carry me. I walked over to Jeremy in the foyer and reached out to grab his still dripping cock in my hand. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the room of women behind me were rapidly stripping, grabbing toys and each other. I took Jeremy’s hand and led him to my bedroom.

As the women got to know their toys, I got to know Jeremy’s cock. I laid on top of him on the bed, my legs spread on either side of his head. His hands were gripping my ass as his tongue dove in and out of my pussy, rubbing me with small circles. I moaned as I held his cock in both of my hands, my mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft. After being tortured with nothing but toys, I was roughly sucking his cock, wanting to feel him throbbing in my mouth. Jeremy opened my pussy wide, holding the folds open with his fingers as his tongue circled my clit and flicked rapidly across my hard nub.

Finally, not able to take it any longer, I crawled up, my back to him, and slowly lowered my pussy on his hot, hard cock. He moaned and thrust himself up, pushing deep inside me. Leaning forward and resting my hands on his legs, I pushed myself up and down on his cock. He was so big and I was so horny. I felt his cock throbbing, pulsing inside my hot hole. I squeezed my pussy down around him and my orgasm shook my entire body. I moaned and swung my head wildly as my pussy contracted over and over again. Jeremy moaned, grabbed my ass and slammed his rod inside me. He shouted as he came hard.

Rolling off him, I took his spewing cock in my mouth and sucked. As my tongue circled his massive tool, I smiled. In the morning I was going to call Sharon and see if she could use me again. Jeremy was going to come with me and be my body guard. He found out he liked to watch as much as he liked to fuck.

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