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Late Night Park Adventure

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I was always fascinated with oral sex, i’m not sure what started it or why it appealed to me so much but it just does. If I ever started dating a chick and found out she didn’t go down that would be it for me. It was a deal breaker she had to suck cock or i wasn’t interested. Swallowing wasn’t as important but it was preferred. When watching porn my favourite part was the blowjob watching the girl on her knees being fed a thick meaty cock was the epitome of sexy for me.

I liked watching the guys expression as they had their poles polished wishing i could be sitting in their situation. Then something changed in me. it was almost like a click when one day i was watching some porn stroking my cock watching the girl eating cock like it was her last meal when suddenly i wasn’t picturing myself as the guy anymore. I wanted to be the girl crawling in between a guy’s legs fucking my mouth with his dick. This shocked me it was almost like a slap to the face i stopped wanking straight away and shut down the web browser just sitting there. My cock was still rock hard pulsating quickly in time with my rapidly pounding heart.

How could this be? I wasn’t gay i’d never been interested in cock before and i wasn’t sexually attracted to guys so why had that thought popped into my head? I opened my browser again got a new video up and running because let’s be honest i still had a raging hard on and there was no way in hell i was going to give myself blue balls. i was wanking as fast as i could watching a girl and guy kissing the guy going down on the girl trying to cum as fast as possible before another blow job scene came back on. But it seemed my trusted friend was against me and wouldn’t blow it’s load until the girl slid to her knees taking the guy in her mouth. My hopes of the urges being a one time thing were false when my imagination put me in her position going to town on a thick dick. I blew my load onto my chest just as she got up onto a desk and the guy starting fucking her. I sat there a pool of rapidly cooling spunk on my chest still thinking about going down on this guy. I took a good long look at the guy fucking this girl and i had no sexual attraction to him what-so-ever. But as i watched his cock sliding in and out of this girl’s pussy i wanted to taste it.

I cleaned myself off with a tissue and went for a shower to clear my head, it was a Sunday today and my parents where out shopping which is why i had quickly rubbed one out before my shower. A quick description for me is in order i think at this point. I’m tall, very tall about 6′ 3″ and 18 years old. I had just graduated from high school and was looking to start University some time soon. I’m naturally tanned and fairly fit having played a lot of basketball, most people would describe me as lean. I didn’t have a ridiculous six pack that you see on most super sporty guys but i was definitely toned. I had a couple of girl friends through out high school but was single at the moment and i was by no means a virgin having been with my last girlfriend for a year before breaking up. I was brunette like my mum and dad with blue eyes and i had a brother and sister who both had already left home me being the youngest of course.

I got out of the shower still thinking of my feelings from watching the porn and feeling wrong about the whole thing. My feelings had subsided a fair bit from when i had been wanking because i no longer had a hard on so the whole thing felt like some surreal dream. Even with this thought though i knew those feelings weren’t gone, they were still there bubbling under the surface and i figured it wouldn’t be just this one time thing. These things never are. I looked at myself in the mirror hoping that my reflection could tell me what to do, i was so intent on what i was doing that i jumped when my mum called me to come help with the groceries. I moved out of the bathroom throwing on a pair of basketball shorts and a shirt, turning off the light and heading down the stairs two at a time as only the young can.

“Have you only just gotten up it’s twelve o’clock” my mum said to me as i picked up the first bunch of groceries.

“No i’ve been up for a little bit” I said starting to head up the stairs.

“You should be up earlier you need to find a job, no one is just going to knock on the door and hand you one you realise” she nagged at me as i started up the stairs.

“I know mum” i rolled my eyes when i reached the top of the stairs, this had been an argument we had often. My mum followed up behind me with her own load of groceries, she dropped them onto the floor looking at me with suspicious eyes. She probably knows i rolled my eyes, i thought to myself even though i knew she hadn’t seen me. She always knew when i rolled them though.

“Well you’ve been out of school for half a year and you can’t just do Uni even if it’s just a casual job you need some money” she said to me as she had said a half a hundred times before.

“I know mum” I replied roboticly. This time it was her who rolled her eyes as she walked away. My sexual energy was still rolling around inside me so i stared at my mum as she walked back towards the stairs to get more groceries. My mum was in her fifties and slightly over weight but still looking pretty good. She had D size boobs and was much shorter then i was. I had never seen her in a sexual light before but i had also never thought of sucking cock either so this was a day of personal discovery for me. I thought of her naked seeing her sucking my dick or straddling me and it made me gag slightly. Not because she was ugly just because she was my mum. That made me almost laugh with relief, i wasn’t sexually interested in my mum at all, at least some things were still staying the same.

“Why are you so happy all of the sudden i had expected an afternoon of sulking from you” my mum said to me coming back up from downstairs with the last of the groceries.

“I dunno just a good day i guess” i said smiling.

“Alright, what are your plans for the rest of the day?” she asked me starting to unpack the groceries putting them in the fridge and pantry.

“Not sure, probably just meet up with Connor at the park for some basketball then back home to work on my resume” I said helping her unpack. I could see that my saying i would work on my resume made her happy. I had no intention of working on it but knew saying so would get her off my back for a little bit.

“Matt i need your help down here for a second” my Dad called up from downstairs. 

*Alright im coming” I called back, i gave my mother a quick kiss on the cheek and said good bye to her planning on leaving once i helped my Dad with whatever he needed. I dropped down the steps two at a time again walking into the garage to see my Dad. Halfway through the door though my stomach suddenly turned into a knot. My Mum was one thing but what if i suddenly wanted to suck my Dad off or something. I hesitated before going around the corner to my Dad’s bench in the corner of the garage where i knew he would be. I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do, I decided i couldn’t just stand there he would come looking for me and see me standing here being all weird. I decided to bite the bullet and just keep going, if i indeed had feelings then i could work it out from there. Just wing it had always been my motto. 

I walked around the corner seeing my Dad standing there at his bench struggling with a chest of drawers he was making. The butterflies in my stomach went away as soon as i saw him. I sighed with relief glad that i didn’t want to just rip his pants off and go down on him. My Dad was tall like me but a couple of inches shorter, he had a bit of a pot belly and was in his fifties like my mum. 

“Yeah Dad you called?” i said stepping next to him. 

“I need you to hold this for me” he said still intent on some measurements he had been making when i came in. I grabbed hold of the chest of drawers holding it steady while he hammered some stuff in. He looked over me seeing me in my basket ball shorts.

“You going to go play some ball are you?” he asked going back to some more measurements he needed to o.

“Yeah i was thinking about playing for a bit then grabbing something to eat, some breakfast/lunch type thing” I picked up my basket ball standing in front of him.

“Alright don’t fill up to much we’re having spaghetti for dinner tonight” he went back to his wood work completely forgetting me, I grinned to myself as i stepped out of the house heading towards the park that was at the end of the street. As i walked along i pulled out my phone and sent a text to my friend Connor.

“Yo, playing some ball at the park if you want to come down, I’ll be there for a couple of hours then probably get some lunch so send us a text or whatever.”

I sent the text walking slowly down the street marvelling at how beautiful the day was. Connor lived only a couple of blocks over from me and we had been friends for years. He was mopey at the moment because he had just broken up with his girlfriend but it seemed like he was coming out the other side. I had thrown a few balls and was warming up slightly when i heard a shout from behind me. I turned to see Connor jogging towards me in his basketball shorts as well. at 5’8″ he was much shorter than me but with his sandy blonde hair and green eyes he always did better with girls than me. After the morning i had i looked at him with new eyes as i had everyone else in my life. I felt my cock twitch in my pants at the site of him, i swallowed quickly trying to surpress my urges and not get flushed.

“Sup dude got your text, let’s play some ball” he grinned his lop sided grin at me and i smiled, shaking my head as i passed him the ball. We played for at least two and a half hours before i collapsed my chest heaving as i tried to catch my breath. Connor dropped down next to me lying down in the grass.

“Did you hear about that new bathroom complex they built in the park” Connor said sitting up turning towards me. I closed my eyes catching my breath slowly.

“Of course where have you been they’ve been building that for weeks” i said keeping my eyes closed.

“Yeah i know that but i heard that at night the toilets are used for other stuff” I kept my eyes closed but i was listening carefully.

“What do you mean other stuff” I said feigning indifference.

“Well after like midnight men go into the male toilets but some guys go into the female one, they do like a glory hole thing” he grinned stupidly at me. My heart rate had quickened and i opened my eyes looking at him. Still feigning indifference i replied.

“That doesn’t sound like the place i’d want to be, i’d probably get stabbed or something” I got up slowly saying goodbye to Connor. He waved goodbye to me and headed off to his house. The walk back to my house seemed to stretch for an eternity as my heart raced. I have no idea why the thought excited me so much but i had begun to formulate a theory about my urges. I got home and had an early dinner because i hadn’t ended up grabbing lunch so i wolfed down my spaghetti. I sat watching my a movie with my parents, i was so zoned out that i had no idea what the movie even was. I said good night to them and went into my room locking the door wanting to test out my theory. I turned on my computer and went onto my favourite porn site and found a video. I watched the video up until the point of the blow job and again all i craved was to be the girl filling my mouth with some hot man meat. Although there was one difference this time, when the guy came in her mouth i decided i wanted a piece of that as well. A drop of precum had seeped out of my cock and i dabbed it with a finger putting it in my mouth, it tasted salty and i decided that i liked it. 

I just wanted to slam my cock and cum already but i had resolved to test out my theory, i paused the porno and logged onto my facebook. I flicked through the pictures of all my guy friends, inluding Connor, rubbing my cock looking for someone that i would be willing to give head to, i settled on Connor looking at a picture of him and me at the beach with our shirts off and i closed my eyes imagining crawling to my knees sucking his cock. The load i blew thinking about sucking off my best friend was the best i had ever had. I took a scoop of cum and raised it to my mouth but now that my orgasm had passed it felt weird so i just wiped it up with some tisses. I rolled over and closed my eyes turning off my laptop and bed lamp and tried to sleep. No matter how much i tossed and turned sleep just wouldn’t come. I looked at my bedside clock, 11:30, i had been trying to sleep for forty five minutes but i still felt as awake as ever. My mind drifted to thoughts of the toilet in the park and I wondered whether people were there now sucking each other off. Just thinking about it caused a tent to form in my pants and my heart rate climbed the more i thought about it. I closed my eyes as i struggled with my desire and the taboo of what i was feeling. I jumped out of bed threw on a t shirt a pair of jeans and a black hoodie. I left the hoodie unzipped as i looked around my room trying to find a reason to stay, the erection in my pants screamed at me so i quickly put on my shoes.

I had long since found a way out of my room from the window even though my bed room was on the second floor. I landed lightly on the ground looking back up at my dark room, i took a deep breath and moved around my house jumping the side gate and i jogged quickly to the park. Any place always looks different at night and this park was no different, i made my way quickly to where i knew the new bathroom facilities had been built. I found them quickly and in the low glow of the light around the toilets I saw several men moving quickly into the men’s room. I stood about fifty metres away watching men come and go trying to summon up the courage to go in. After fifteen minutes of standing there my hard on had not ceased but i was starting to think about going home. This was pretty good for a first time, the next time i came i would definitely go in. Just as i was getting ready to turn and go a middle aged man walked over to me.

“First time eh son, i was about your age when i first did something like this i know how scary it can be” he said smiling easily. He was one of the men i had seen going in when i had first gotten there, I had even thought to myself that i would be willing to suck his cock. 

“I…uh i was uh… just walking home…from uh work and i needed to pee…so i um…” I trailed off swallowing heavily thankful that it was dark so he wouldn’t see how flushed i was. He laughed, it was a beautiful sound. It was easy but not condescending.

“Okay calm down kid, let me explain anyways, both male and female have three disabled toilets at the end. It’s the only part of the toilets that meets so a construction friend of mine cut a glory hole in each of the three disabled. During the day the holes are plugged up but at night they open up and the juices flow,” he laughed that beautiful laugh again “just so you know the male toilets is the one you want to go into if you want to get your dick sucked” He looked appraisingly over my buddy.

“But if you want to suck some cock you go into the female ones, it all depends what you’re here for kid. I hope to see you around here again” he smiled at me again, tapping me on the shoulder once before walking away. I swallowed watching him go, turning back to the toilets i saw several more men go into the men’s toilet, there must’ve been a dozen in there now. I started walking toward the men’s toilet, just as i got close to he door i looked around. Seeing no one around me i quickly walked away and entered into the female’s toilet. I blinked a couple of times waiting for my eyes to adjust having stood in the dark for so long. The room was about fiteen metres across with stalls on one side and mirrors on the other. The room was close to twenty metres long with three large disabled toilets at the end. All three of the doors were locked with one guy waiting anxiously behind a door. I started walking slowly toward the disabled toilet when a man pushed past me quickly. He was overweight and breathing heavily holding his pants up clearly he had an erection even though i didn’t see it.

He moved to the middle stall and knocked a couple of times, I watched as a man opened the door wiping his mouth and the overweight man walked in closing and locking the door. The doors to the toilets were the ones that went all the way to the ground so i couldn’t make out what they were doing, but when i heard panting and grunting i could guess what was going on. I looked again at the man standing at the far right toilet waiting, he glanced at me briefly then looked down. I stood back five metres and watched what was happening, the door to the far left opened and a man stepped out glancing at me briefly before walking out of the toilets. The man who had been waiting quickly occupied the toilet closing and locking the door. I moved forward standing behind the toilet he had been behind. 

The middle stall opened again and the over weight man stepped out sighing heavily and buttoning up his pants. He looked at me looking over my body and winked at me before walking out of the bathroom. I watched him go for a few seconds then stepped back as the stall i was standing at opened. A man in his early thirties stepped out sucking on one of his fingers. He stepped out looking over me like everyone had already done tonight.

“It’s all yours kid, remember to clean up before you leave. Also you have to close the hole down when you’re down otherwise those on the other side won’t know there’s no one in here.” He stepped past me and walked out of the toilet. I stood at the threshold of the toilet breathing deeply my stomach doing backflips. I stepped in and quickly closed the door locking it. I looked around but it looked like every disabled toilet i had ever seen, there was a toilet with a bar to help people off the toilet and a sink and mirror. I moved to the back wall where i figured the glory hole would be. It took me a few seconds to find it but eventually i found a circular crack in the wall covered by a piece of circular plaster the same colour as the wall around it. I felt around a bit and found a little lever almost flush with the wall. The whole thing would’ve been about head height if i knelt.

I tested the lever slightly and the hole started to open, i quickly snapped it shut again. I stepped away for a second trying to catch my breath wondering what i was doing in this place.

“Matt you know what you’re doing here, you came to suck some cock” i muttered to myself under my breath. I moved back up to the wall and sunk to my knees as i had seen many a porn star do, this simple action made my still rock hard cock jump slightly in my jeans. My knees touched the ground but instead of being cold tiles the ground felt warm and soft. I moved back slightly lookiing at the floor especially where my knees had been. When i moved back my knees moved onto hard cold tile but it seemed where the hole was the ground there was some type of soft sponge that had been painted to look like tiling. In the harsh light and standing up there was no way you could tell the difference. Upon further inspection I found that underneath the hole was a sort of shelf that flicked out that someone could lean on. I had no idea what this would be used for so i pushed it back into the wall, where like everything else it was almost invisible. 

I decided that it was enough procrastinating and it was time to put up or shut up. I grabbed hold of the lever and pushed it across watching as the hole opened about fifteen centimetres in diametre. I saw to the other side into the men’s toilet, there was no one in the toilet but the door quickly opened and a man rushed in fumbling with his pants. I sat back slightly as a soft cock was pushed through the hole. I was shocked i had only ever seen a cock in porn and now one was hanging in front of me. My breath was heavy and just that was enough stimulating to make the cock harden slightly. Now that i was here with it staring me in the face i had no idea what to do with it. The cock started to bounce slightly as if eager to be touched, i didnt want the man to start making a scene on the other side so i grabbed it into my hand and started to stroke it.

The feeling of another cock other than my own in my hand was incredible. It felt exactly like my cock but i got to see it from an angle i had never seen before. I grinned as i felt it harden, i put my head to the wall hearing the man on the other side moaning with my hand motions. Within seconds it had become fully hard, i stared at it examining it with almost a scientific fascination. It was a bit bigger than my cock maybe 7 1/2″ whereas mine was pushing 7″. His cock was dark but it was clear the man on the other side was white and the more i stroked it the more purple the head got. I was getting into a good rhythm enjoying the feel and heat that radiated off it examining every vein and giggling as they pulsed faster and faster. I had just begun to wonder if i should start sucking it when the guy cummed in my face.

It was so surprising that when the first stream hit across my face coating from eyebrow down my cheek that i opened my mouth in sheer shock. The second shot landing half in my mouth and down my chin, instinctively i spat up the sweet load as another almost shot into my eye. After three streams the guy was done and pulled his cock out of the hole walking away. I felt a bit of his load still on my tongue, it was sweeter than mine but warm and a little creamy. I decided that i liked the taste of cum and wished i hadn’t been so quick to spit it out. I wiped the cum off my chin and face scooping it into my mouth enjoying the feeling off it going down my throat and enjoying the taste, I had just swallowed my first load. I couldn’t believe what i had just down i quickly flicked the lever again closing the hole and stepping away. 

I turned as i heard a knock on the door to my stall, it completely freaked me out. Was there a time limit you could be in here, did someone want to take my place. Or what if it was the guy i had just jacked off maybe he was coming cause he wanted more from me. The person on the other side knocked again and i was a second from opening the door when the guy knocked on the stall next to mine, the middle stall. I heard the door open then close and then more grunting coming from the toilet next to mine. I turned back to the hole in the wall and sunk back to my knees. I took a deep breath and flicked the lever again the hole opening up before me. Again i saw a man quickly enter the toilet but from my angle all i could see was pants then it went dark before another beautiful cock was pushed through. 

This one was different from my first for one thing it could only have been 6″. It was also a lot thinner then mine, i decided that this time i would definitely try sucking. As i started to stroke it smiling as it grew in my hand again i saw that even fully erect it would still have only been 6″. This one was much paler than my last and when it became fully erect in my hands the head didn’t go purple this time. It made me excited to think that every cock would be a unique experience, someone new to get to know every time. My excitement was getting the best of me and when i felt the cock starts to pulse quickly like the last time i pinched the base to stop the man from cumming. The man’s moans turned to groans as he was stopped from cumming. I licked the tip of his cock quickly getting my first taste of a cock, it was sweaty and warm on my and i fell instantly in love. The man on the other side continued his moans and i could hear his muffled voice urging me on. 

I took the head into my mouth sucking on it but the man didn’t seem to be moaning any louder. I pulled it out for a moment and thought about how i liked my cock to be sucked, even though it had only happened a couple of times and both times hadn’t been very good i knew exactly how i would like it. I took the head of this man’s penis in my mouth again this time i flicked my tongue against the very tip. The moans that came from the other side of the wall were all the confirmation i needed. I smiled as i took more of his penis in my mouth swirling my tongue around the head as it passed my teeth. I probed his urethra with my tongue getting my first taste of his precum. Even though his penis wasn’t massive i was only halfway down it’s length when the head touched the back of my throat. I immediately took it out of my mouth breathing heavy wondering how girls were able to deep throat. I looked at the cock in front of me again and smiled as i saw it was covered in a thick sheen of my saliva. I took it back in my mouth greedily going halfway down again before stopping and moving my head almost of it. I ran my tongue along the bottom of his cock as i bobbed my head up and down it’s length, sucking, licking and swallowing his precum.

I felt his cock pulse again but this time it was in my mouth, i wanted to keep it in my mouth so i went halfway down his length again as far as i could and swirled my tongue along the base of his cock. The veins of his cock pulsed in my mouth and soon i felt his first load shoot down my throat, this was the first time someone had properly cum in my mouth and it made me pull back. His second shot landing on my tongue and as i attempted to swallow those two shots his third, fourth and fifth shot coated my face. I closed my eyes grinning as he coated my face in his cum. I decided that i enjoyed having a guy give me a facial. Still with his warm cum coating my face i took his cock back in my mouth bobbing my head slightly feeling it deflate. I moved my head off his dick moving it up with one hand I licked the whole thing clean making sure i get every bit of cum. When the dick disappeared back into the wall I scooped the cum from my face and gobbled it all down. I knelt there for a few seconds eagerly waiting for another guy to come in. When the door opened a grin spread over my face as i sat back waiting for my present. Another cock was pushed through the hole and by the colour the guy on the other side must have been black. This would be my first black cock i thought as i immediately took it in my hand. 

As i rubbed and fondled this beautiful black dick barely holding myself back from launching my face onto it i realised what i had become. I was a cum slut, a little cock sucking whore and i knew that instant that i would be this way forever. When fully erect this black cock had to be 8″ long easily the biggest dick i had ever seen. I ran my hand up and down the length wondering how i would fit this monster in my mouth, and for the first time since this whole experience wondering how it would feel up my arse. Because i knew now that i wanted to try anal i wanted someone to stick their pole up my tight virgin hole. I took this beautiful black member in my mouth flicking the tip with my tongue. I took more of it in my mouth running my tongue along the base as I had the guy before this one. I was rewarded with many moans coming through the wall and i heard the man encouraging me. I only took about a third of his monster dick in my mouth but i bobbed my head up and down the length as fast as i could. My mouth filled with saliva and i made slurping sounds as the cock moved in and out of my mouth. I continued at this pace for what seemed like hours when finally the man came in my mouth. 

This time i moved my mouth onto the head of his dick just as i sensed he was about to cum so i was able to clamp my mouth over his cock and swallow every stream of cum he fired from his cock. I licked it clean again and was sad to see it disappear into the hole. I quickly flicked the lever closing the hole before someone else could come in. I checked my watch and was surprised to see i had been here for nearly forty five minutes. Taking off the time i spent hesitating outside i had been sucking cock for a solid thirty minutes. The revelation made me laugh as i got to my feet checking the mirror to make sure i was cleaned up and grabbing paper towel to clean up any cum i had missed on the floor. Then i pulled my pants down and grabbed my aching dick intent on making myself cum. It was only three strokes in when i erupted, luckily my other hand was ready to catch my cum and i quickly gobbled it down to.

I smiled to myself shaking my head as i swallowed the last of the cum pulling my jeans back on I opened my stall to see a man waiting to go into the stall. I grinned at him as i walked pass giving him a wink

“Have fun” i smiled as i walked past and he gave my arse a slap on the way through. This made me laugh as i walked out of the female bathroom and around the corner to run straight into Connor….

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