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Knights in Shining Armor

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I have been at home all day, sunning by the pool and reading. The sun drives me nuts, excites me beyond all reason and all I want to do is come. I leave the pool, wrapping a towel around my naked body and go inside, hurrying to my bedroom and the “blue boys”, my vibrating friends. As soon as I settle down in bed, I insert the more active one against my clit and start thumbing through a Penthouse Letters magazine.

I move my thighs to adjust the vibrator, but I can’t get the angle exactly right. I flip onto my tummy, grinding down on the toy, but still can’t quite reach what I want. I want danger and excitement and, mostly, I want to come a few dozen times.

I get up, dress, grab the boys and head out to my car. As soon as I close the door, I know I have made a good choice. There is an interstate highway that goes directly through my town and I drive there, pulling into the light traffic and quickly accelerating to 74 mph, setting my cruise control. My CD player is programmed with broadway musicals, which start playing loudly as I drive along. I am singing along with the pounding dance music and feel myself finally relaxing. I am wearing loose knit shorts and a scrub top, no undies to bother me or slow me down. I reach into my bag and pull out one of my blue friends, turning the black knob and appreciating the powerful hum. I pull my legs up and open, sliding my toy inside my already excited pussy, lodging it against my clit, this time feeling the sensation throughout my body. I pull my shirt up and use one hand to manipulate my nipples, pinching and tugging, feeling them grow hard and tight.

This is what I want, to feel the danger of speeding and impending exposure while feeling the powerful vibrations against my needy pussy and clit. I pass many 18 wheelers on the highway, and I see them looking down into my speeding little car, enjoying the view of my exposed breasts and spread legs. It makes me even hotter to think of them watching me.

I am happily driving down the highway, on my way to nowhere in particular, when I feel my car shift and start to drive funny. Damn, just as I got my vibrator in the exact position I need it, I have to stop the car and see what is wrong. I stop on the shoulder, pull my toy from my very unhappy clit and toss it into the back seat. I adjust my clothing the best I can and get out to inspect the car, as if I know what I am looking for. Amazingly enough, even I can recognize a flat tire when I see one. Shit! I ponder my options, who to call and who would actually come to help. As I stand there, feeling like a maiden in distress, a big pick up truck pulls in behind me. I am standing on the passenger side, looking at my flat back tire and feeling pretty overwhelmed and frustrated when a very nice-looking guy walks up and offers his assistance. If he had a cowboy hat, I swear he would have doffed it. He even had the slightest southern drawl as he called me “ma’am”.

I know that women make a big deal about the lib thing, but I personally find it wonderful that men are able to do things like kill bugs and change tires. This man, my new best friend, says his name is Chuck and he would be glad to help me with my problem. He begins opening doors and assembling all the foreign-looking apparatus that goes with car repairs and then settles down near the rear of my car.

I stand beside Chuck as he diligently begins working on my car, doing all the mysterious things that men do to remove a bad tire and put a good one in its place. I chat about the weather and my car and how very grateful I am to have him stop to help me, my knight in shining armor. I know he is looking at my legs, appreciating their lovely, if short, shape. I move a little closer, letting my legs spread the tiniest bit, so he might catch a whiff of my very excited pussy. As I stand beside him, I feel his strong fingers on my leg. I look down and see the smile on his face as he slowly runs his hand up and down my calf, feeling the smooth, soft skin. I am torn between wanting to be a very good girl and wanting this man to continue touching me. His hand is work-coarsened, feeling very good against my bare skin. I am thinking perhaps I would have even more fun stopped here with Chuck than driving down the highway alone.

We have opened the two passenger doors and I keep hearing a funny sound. I look around, expecting a huge bug of some kind, one that could make that constant hum. Chuck hears it too, and stands up to check out the area. Suddenly, he leans into the back seat and reaches for something. As he emerges from the car, he has a huge smile on his face….and my still vibrating blue boy in his hand. I start to blush as I see him fondling my toy, but my shame changes to instant desire as he slowly moves the blue cock closer to his face, first inhaling the fragrance of my pussy and then intimately licking the head. His eyes close as he tastes my juices on the toy, enjoying it completely.

Now he looks at me, lust in his eyes, his smile wicked. He moves closer to me, pulling my face to his as he kisses me deeply and hungrily. I stand on tiptoe to return the kiss, pressing my stiff nipples against his chest. His hands slide under my shirt, restlessly moving over my bare back with his rough fingers. His hands move down my back and into my waistband, sliding down over my tight ass and pulling me closer against him. His fingers are in perpetual movement. He spreads his hands for a moment, and then my shorts fall down, to the ground.

As I stand there, half naked, he resumes his positon beside my flat tire and pulls me close again. His mouth immediately goes to my needy pussy, burying his face deep inside my pink. His lips and tongue move constantly, licking my clit and then probing deep inside me. Occasionally, his tongue just runs up and down my slit, separating the lips and massaging all they touch. The excitement of this is more than I can tolerate, and I feel myself coming against his face. He never stops, never slows, just keeps eating me as I soak his face. When my moans slow, he pulls my hands and brings me down to a stooping position in front of him. Chuck is anxious to see my breasts, and wastes no time pulling my shirt over my head. Suddenly, I am straddling his lap and he is suckling my breasts like a starving man. I can feel his erection through his jeans as I wrap my legs around him, close my eyes and just enjoy the sensations of his skilled mouth on my aching nipples.

The next thing I notice is a male voice, calling Chuck’s name. His friend, seeing Chuck’s truck stopped on the highway, has also stopped to be of assistance. He has pulled in the front of my car and is approaching us rapidly. My first thought is of my lack of clothing, or modesty. But Chuck’s hands hold me in place. His rough jeans rub against my swollen clit as his mouth continues to lave my nipples and breasts. He does stop long enough to introduce me to Jack, his best friend and business partner. I open my eyes briefly, looking up at another fine specimen of manhood, before the rubbing on my clit drives me over the edge and I start coming again. Chuck holds me tightly as I begin jerking against him, my nipples hardening more and my moans turning to deep-throated cries. I fall against him as I return to reality, my head on his shoulder and my arms around his firm body. I take a moment to assess my situation. I am naked on an interstate highway, two wonderful looking guys totally interested in me, having amazing orgasms with no demands on me…..perhaps I have fallen down the rabbit hole!

As my breathing returns to normal, Jack reachs down and helps me stand. He sits down next to his friend, with me standing before them. I briefly touch my swollen pussy, feeling my juices flowing down my thighs. Chuck holds up my blue toy and they both smile. They encourage me to spread my legs further and Chuck inserts my vibrator deep inside my wet pussy. He slowly moves it in and out as the vibrations drive me wild. Jack happily pulls me closer to him and starts to lick my wet thighs, his tongue touching everywhere as I hold his head for support. His mouth is amazing, slurping up my juices, exciting me with his insistent tongue, his fingers sliding up and down the back of my thighs. He caresses my ass, massaging and shaping it with his calloused palms. I can feel myself stiffening, my legs tightening around Jack’s head as another orgasm moves up my body. Chuck leaves the vibrator deep inside me as my spasms start, grasping the blue toy and pulling it even deeper. As my body calms, Jack removes his face from between my legs and stands up. He pulls my toy from my throbbing cunt and leans me into the car, face down on the back seat. My legs are spread, my pussy so swollen and wet. I feel hands on my hips and then a hard cock entering my pussy. I thrust back against it, feeling the entire hot length being buried inside me. I move against it, pushing back and forth and then up and down. I can feel the cock start to grow even larger and then feel the hot come rushing into me, filling me. As soon as that cock is removed, I can feel another one, even larger, taking its place. Even as swollen and wet as I am, this cock stretches me, fills me beyond capacity. I am a fucking machine now…pushing back with all my energy against this invading heat. A skilled finger is rubbing against my hard clit, making my inner muscles tighten and a roar start in my head. I would have bet I didn’t have any orgasms left, yet here I was, about to come again. I can hear my own voice, begging to be fucked, begging to be helped as I reach for just one more orgasm. I keep saying that I am a “road slut” and I want to be fucked, I want to have my hot cunt filled with hard cock and hot come. I hear a loud cry from behind me and the sensation of being filled again. Almost immediately, I am coming, so hard and fast, calling out, crying out, screaming to my lovers to please, please help me!

I rest against the back seat, catching my breath. I feel gentle hands wiping my aching pussy, cleaning all the come that is flowing down my thighs. Soft kisses are being placed on my legs, ass, back. Someone is helping me put on my shorts. I stand up and Jack pulls my shirt into place, kissing my mouth softly, tasting of me. I look down and see that my tire is fixed. The friends place my blue toy into my bag, closing doors as they work. They both escort me to the driver’s side, making sure I safely get into the car and my seat belt is on. They both press business cards into my hand, smiling.

I drive away, not looking at the cards until I return home. And I smile to see “Knights in Shining Armor, Inc” is the name of their company and “Let us take care of all your needs,” is their slogan.

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