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King of the Strippers Ch. 02

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Chopper pointed towards the back of the club. My knees almost gave out. With his firm grip on my shoulder we started walking. My head was spinning. I had no idea what he was going to do.

He opened the door to the back office and pushed me inside. The office was richly appointed. There was a desk to one side with a bar and couch on the other. He turned and locked the door behind him. My heart was beating ninety to nothing.

“Take your clothes off,” he said simply. Why did I need to take my clothes off to give him a blowjob? But I wasn’t about to argue. He smiled when I dropped my pants.

Then he started removing his clothes. I felt my heart sink. My mind was racing with possibilities, none of them good. Once his shirt was gone I could see his incredibly chiseled chest and the full extent of his bulging muscles.

I watched as he undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. His leg muscles were that of a running back. My eyes went to the leopard print thong he was wearing. It had an insane bulge in it.

He reached for the thong and pulled it down revealing that biggest black cock I had ever seen. It hung almost to his knees. His pubes were short, which only made his cock look that much bigger. My eyes zeroed in on his balls. They hung down a good three inches behind his cock and probably held enough cum to get twenty women pregnant.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like walking around with a cock that big. I watched that thing swing back and forth as he walked over to the couch and sat down. He leaned back getting comfortable. He spread his legs and said, “Get me ready boy.”

The cocks I had serviced earlier were all hard and ready to go. They were easy. All I had to do was open up and take them in. This one was soft. It would be up to me to make it hard. I was so nervous I couldn’t breath. I walked over to the couch and sank to my knees between his powerful legs.

“You ever sucked black meat before?” he asked staring down at me.

I couldn’t find my voice. I nodded my head no.

“Didn’t think so,” he said emotionless. “Lick my balls.”

My eyes darted to his huge balls crushed between his legs. I took his cock in one hand and pulled it out of the way. I used my other hand to pull his balls free so they lay open on the couch.

A quick glance found him staring at me, waiting. I wondered how many times he had been in this exact position.

I leaned down between his legs and ran my tongue over his huge nuts feeling his cock jerk between my fingers.

Apparently he liked having his balls licked because every time I did it I felt that monster jerk in my hand. I continued to lick feeling that monster coming to life. And feeling it grow between my fingers caused that now familiar tug between my legs.

What was happening to me? I felt like my body had betrayed me as I continued to feel that tug as I dragged my tongue over those huge balls.

“Kiss it boy,” he said flatly. He was very used to giving orders.

I brought his growing cock to my lips. He was at least half hard and coming around fast. I studied that thing wondering just how much bigger it would grow. I brought it to my lips and planted a kiss right on the tip. My eyes darted upwards looking for some sign of approval.

“You like that boy?”

“Yes sir,” I said automatically.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.”

I found myself kissing that black cock as if it were my long lost girlfriend. The more I kissed it, the harder it got.

He was sitting there like a king, staring down at me with this crooked little smile on his face. “I hear you been sucking cock all night,” he said. “I bet you didn’t run into anything like this,” he chuckled. He was hard as a rock by then. I wrapped my hand about the shaft and squeezed as I continued to kiss the head of his cock.

“Now you can suck. And you better be good,” he said burning a hole in me.

I opened up wide and felt the smooth skin of his hard shaft slide between my lips. His shaft was warm and throbbed with excitement. I ran my tongue up his slit, a force of habit by that time, and got yet another taste of dick. Each taste of dick was now causing that tug between my legs.

That had not happened with the boys in the bathroom. What was happening to me? Was I starting to like this?

I tried not to think about it as I pushed down on his shaft taking more cock. It slid across the flat of my tongue, filled my mouth completely, far more than the others.

I moved my free hand down to those huge balls. I took them in my hand and gently rolled them between my fingers feeling their immense weight. I could only imagine the amount of cum they held.

“I think you like that black meat…don’t you boy?” he said lauding his control over me.

I continued to run my tongue over the head and up his slit trying to ignore what he was saying.

“You know what they say. Once you go black, you never go back,” he laughed. “You like that black meat. I can tell.”

I began to wonder myself. There was no doubt in my mind that my cock would be throbbing hard had I not been wearing the device. At least I was saved from that embarrassment.

“Ok…that’s good,” he said pulling me off. His cock was waving back and forth with a mind of its own, slick with my saliva. “It’s time for me to get some of that white ass of yours.”

I instantly freaked out. It simply never occurred to me that he would want to do that. I was terrified. He saw the sheer panic on my face.

“Now, now,” he said. “I know you like that black meat.” He laughed a little. “Don’t worry…I’m going to turn you out proper.”

Turn me out? What did that mean?

“Grab that couch boy. Push that sweet little ass of yours up for me.”

I bent over the couch and stuck my ass straight up in the air. I couldn’t believe I was exposing myself like that. I never felt more humiliated or helpless in my life.

He moved up behind me. I could feel his cock pressed between us. Somehow it felt even bigger that way. I felt his hand snake down between us. He took my balls in his huge hand and teased them a little sending tingles up my spine. His fingers explored the device, its hold on my manhood. I felt that sinking feeling as he withdrew that hand as there was only one thing left.

“Now that is some sweet ass,” he said whacking it. “You ever give this ass up to anyone?”

“No…sir,” I said on the brink of tears. There was no way that huge cock would fit.

“Mm, mm, mm. Yep. Once you go black…you never go back,” he said. He moved so the head of his dick was right up against my rosebud. “I’m going to pop a nut in you so big you will be leaking for weeks,” he laughed.

I felt his big hands grab my hips, hold me still. I knew what was coming. I couldn’t focus; my thoughts everywhere. I held my breath and felt him thrust forward.

“Arrrrhhhhhhh!” I screamed feeling that thing enter me. I felt like I was being split in two.

“I do love a nice tight ass,” he crowed. “You can have them girls. They ain’t nothing but trouble. But now you take a nice tight ass…especially one as fine as yours…now that’s what I like,” he said slapping my ass hard.

“And boys suck cock better than girls too,” he said slapping my ass again. “Yeah…I’d rather have a white boy any day…especially one with a nice tight ass,” he said continuing to push more cock.

I thought I was going to pass out. My ass was burning. It felt like that black cock was going to go all the way up my body. I had never felt anything like before in my life.

“I used to fuck girls…but not any more,” he said with another whack. “Too much trouble. Boys understand cock…will suck it for hours. Once they get a taste for dick…they want it all the time. They’ll lick your balls too.” He bent over to look at me, “You liked licking my balls…I could tell. You won’t get a girl to do that!”

Then something strange started to happen. The pain started to fade. I had an ass full of black cock and it didn’t hurt anymore. That feeling of being violated was quickly being replaced with one of feeling connected… sexually.

Clearly he noticed. He leaned down by my ear and said, “What do you think about that black cock now?” I could hear the pleasure in his voice as he snickered.

He started rocking back and forth. “I remember my first time. Thought I was going to hate it.”

He was rocking slowly, gently easing it in and out smoothly. It was a fluid, rhythmic cadence that was definitely sexual.

“And I did at first,” he said reaching down playing with my balls again. I buried my head in the cushions. “But then it started getting good to me,” he went on.

He was fucking my ass in nice, smooth strokes. My perception was changing. I no longer felt like I was being violated. I was being made love to. And now it seemed my body had completely adapted to his huge size. I was taking it with ease, and to my surprise, pleasure.

“Now see you are lucky,” he said, “because I know how to fuck an ass.” He held my hips still and pushed his cock a certain way.

“Ooooohh,” I moaned suddenly overcome by a warm, fuzzy feeling. What just happened? What did he do to me?

He leaned back down to my ear, “See what I mean? Ha, ha.” He straightened back up, held my hips and did it again just to prove his point.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned again. I could have sworn my dick was leaking cum. But how could it? It was soft.

“It’s getting good to you, huh,” he snickered. “You’ll see.”

Then he thrust into one more time. This time I could feel his powerful thighs pushed up against the back of my legs. Those huge balls of his were draped over mine. “You got every inch of that big black cock in you now boy. Ha, ha.”

It felt good, real good. And it felt sexual too. Very sexual.

“Yeah…that’s what I thought. Not so sure now…are you?”

He started with those smooth, easy thrusts. There was no question I was being fucked. I had never experienced that role. My ego was putting up a battle, albeit a losing one. The more he did it, the more I slipped into that role. He started taking bigger strokes. I fought the urge to push back against that cock. I didn’t want him to know he was wining.

But I found myself being lured into his nice, easy strokes. I was completely focused on his cock and the wonderful feelings it was giving me. “Mmmmm,” I moaned feeling that warm, fuzzy feeling again.

“Yeah…it’s getting good to you…”

He did it again. It felt like I was leaking cum from my cock. But that was impossible. That damn device was clamped around it. I was soft. How could I feel like this with a soft dick?

Then he did it several times in a row. “Ahhh…mmmm…ooooh…ahhhhhh.” I felt his huge fingers poking at my face. I turned slightly towards them and he stuck them in my mouth. I immediately tasted more dick.

“Ever taste yourself boy?” he said pumping my ass. I sucked my cream off his fingers.

He kept hitting that spot with his dick making me leak like a sieve. “Mmmmm …oooh….aaaaahhhh….mmmmmm” I moaned filling my mouth with more cum from his fingers.

“You really like that black cock now…don’t you?” he said.

I was fighting a losing battle. I couldn’t believe that cock was making me feel so good. I had the taste of dick in my mouth for hours. I felt him plunge into me again and I wiggled my ass. That felt even better.

“That’s it…now you’re getting it,” he said pumping away. “I do like a nice tight ass,” he laughed.

Somehow he had taken control of me, my body, everything. I pushed back, meeting his thrusts, sending these incredible sensations through my body. “Ahhh …mmmm …ooooh…ahhhhhh.” He was draining my balls a few drops at a time and it was simply incredible. I had to accept the fact that I was gaining pleasure from being fucked. And I wanted more.

Each time he got close to losing it, he stopped leaving that thing buried to the hilt. I would catch my breath too. Invariably I found myself wiggling my ass, working his cock, letting those feelings wash over me.

“Oh yeah…that’s good. I ain’t through with you yet white boy. No, no. How’s that cock feeling to you now, huh? Feels pretty damn good doesn’t it. Oh yeah it does. Everybody loves the dick. Ha, ha, ha. Yeah…all they need is a taste.”

Once he caught his breath he started slamming that thing into me some more. “Oh man I love fucking white boys!”

I buried my head in the cushions, pushed my ass up even higher realizing that angle felt the best. I gave myself over to him completely.

“I told you I’d do you proper…” he laughed.

I felt him push against that button and hold it. He started massaging it in minute moves. I could feel my heat building. The constant massage of his cock held my focus like nothing else I had ever experienced. Every fiber of my being hung on the minute moves constantly rubbing my button.

I could feel myself starting to lose control. Sweat was pouring out of me as I became enveloped in pleasure, sexual pleasure of the greatest dimension. It just kept building.

“Oh fuck! Oh shiiitttttt….oh maaaannnnnnn aaaaaahhhhh aaarrrrggghhhhhh!” I screamed as my orgasm ripped through me. I pushed back hard against that cock, bucking like a cheap whore. It was the most blinding orgasm I had ever had. I could feel cum rolling down my inner thighs in huge globs as my balls exploded over and over again. I felt like I was going to pass out.

But Chopper kept driving that cock of his into me, harder and harder, trying to catch a nut himself. That huge cock felt like a jack hammer, building in speed and intensity.

Then I felt the death grip on my hips followed by the feeling of my ass being filled with wave after wave of hot cum.

“Arrrrgggghhhh,” he screamed. He jammed his cock forward again, “Yeeeaaahhhhh …aaaaaahhhh,” he hissed as his cock pulsed, his body jerked, his balls pumped another load into me. He still had a death grip on my hips holding me perfectly still on the end of his huge cock. “Oooooooh…..fuuuucccckkkkk.”

I could feel that cock pulsing in my ass, coughing up the last little bit of cum. I had been there so many times. I knew what he was feeling. Even though I knew it was wrong, I was still responding to the inherent eroticism of it all. I felt a strange sense of pride getting him off so big.

Then he came back to Earth and started to ease that monster out of me. I found myself holding on to those last little erotic sensations as he finally slid out of me altogether. I collapsed on the couch. There was this warm and fuzzy feeling coming from my ass that was strangely appealing. I could feel cum oozing from my ass, running down my thigh. I was still trying to get over the mind blowing orgasm I had just experienced.

“Ain’t no girl going to make you feel like that…” he said walking over to the bar. He ran a washcloth under the tap. “You can bet on that,” he said wiping himself clean.

I realized he was right. I had just been fucked by a man and all I could think about was doing it again. I wanted more dick.

I watched him walk over and sit in a chair across from me. He pulled out a cigar and lit it. He put one leg up on the arm of the chair showing off his cock, took a sip of his drink.

My eyes were glued to his dick. I wanted more. I wanted another orgasm like I just had. I was greedy. I looked down at the device still around my cock. “When does this come off?”

He looked me right in the eye, studied my face. “You thinking about dick?” My face turned red as a beet. Busted! I guess now I knew what he meant by ‘turning me out proper.’ He pulled the key from his neck and opened the device. The inside was covered in cum.

He opened a drawer and pulled out a satin thong. “Put this on.”

I slipped it on, pulled it on place. I was immediately impressed by the cool feel. “Wow.”

“You earned it. Come back tomorrow night. I’ll show you how to make some real money.”

“Yes sir.”

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