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Kelsey Bottoms

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“What a week,” she thought to herself as she drove down Interstate 30. Getting away was the best medicine she thought as she brushed her cheek with the back of her hand wiping away a tear. “Give us some space, that’s what we need.”

She had called her friend and told her she would be driving up for an overdue visit. She was not expected until tomorrow but she had to go, get away from the phone and think. She figured that one night in a Hotel room alone would be all right. So she started out on the four hour drive.

Time slipped by after she had been on the road awhile. Her mind was elsewhere.

She seen a sign that made mention of a detour ahead. She knew that was not where she wanted to be, in the middle of road repairs, so she took the first exit she came to. The sign read, ” Kelsey Bottoms.”

As she turned off of the main road onto the tar road, she looked at her cell phone on the console and thought what a nice little route this was going to be. Tall trees shaded the road. Wild flowers splattering colors all along the roadside.

Shay was so caught up in the scenery, she had not noticed the dark clouds forming ahead. They were some pretty intense thunderstorms with rolling clouds. You could see the hail and rain. She began to smell the approaching rain.

She was a little shocked at how fast this storm slipped up on her. She never liked driving in the rain, much less a storm like this that she had headed right into.

The tall trees shaded the road normally but the black skies made the headlights necessary. She cut her Kenny Chesney CD off to allow her to concentrate more on the roads and she began to slow down. She knew how easy it was for her Mustang to hydroplane. Her speed had dropped to 35 miles per hour as she approached a curve. The rains were pouring and her windshield wipers were not able to do their job…


The smell of coffee filled her nostrils as she opened her eyes. A few blinks to focus her eyes. Her mind was racing. There was a fire along one wall of this old place. Smelled musty and was lit only by the glowing fireplace and an oil lamp in the center of a table. The windows were boarded up on the inside. There were two old chairs by the fireplace. She recognized the clothes draped over them and along the hearth. She reached for her head as she sat up in the bed grabbing the old quilt that was on her. Her long blonde hair was wet. She felt a knot on her forehead that explained the confusion. She could her the wind howling and the rain beating down on the tin roof. There was a drip from the ceiling in the corner hitting a wooden table.

The old door flew open and she squinted her eyes to focus on the frame of someone forcing the door closed.

A twinge of panic went through her. Who was this, where was she she wondered as she glanced over at her clothes across the room.

As the stranger turned and began wiping the rain from his face he seen her sitting up in the bed holding her head.

“I knew the smell of that coffee would get you stirring,” the man stated with a little hint of humor.

Shay asked calmly, ” Where am I at? Where is my car? And my cell phone?” She then started to pull the quilt up on her as she started to get up.

“Hey! Hold on pretty lady. Your all right. You took a hit on that head when your car hit the ditch.” By then he was at the side of the bed. He could tell she was scared.

“Just stay down Shay!” he said as he reached for her bare shoulder and she pulled back away from him.

“How do you know my name?” Shay asked abruptly.

“I looked at your drivers license to see what your name was. OK! Now let me look at that head again” he ordered.

Shay pulled away more, ” I’m OK. Just get me too my car. Please.”

“My name is Rick,” he stated as he climbed up on the bed As she moved away more he pinned her against the wall looking at her forehead.

“Dayumm!” Shay shouted as she pushed his hand off of her head. “Is it cut?” she asked.

Climbing off the bed he replied with sarcasm in his voice, ” Fuck no it’s not cut, and this is just what I needed. I leave one ‘poor helpless bitch’ in town and I get boarded up with another!”

Shay took offense by his remark but she was still a little concerned about the situation she was in.

“Just give me my clothes please and I will get to my car. My cell phone must be in there. I will call for help for both of us. You wrecked too?” she asked.

He began to laugh. He pulled a cork from a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine he had picked up from the table, ” Lady, about two years ago I wrecked when I got tied up with the bitch.”

Shay could tell he was a little disgruntled about someone. She knew she wanted out of there.

She watched him take a drink from the bottle of wine. He was at the old rickety table and the light from the oil lamp illuminated his face. He was a nice looking man. She could see his muscular build through his wet T-shirt.

His jeans were wet as well.

Without looking at her, he took another big swig of the wine and placed it back on the table.

“We have a problem here Shay. The bridge is washed out. Even if you could get your sweet little ass to your car, you could not get out of “Kelsey Bottoms”. So looks like you are stuck here with me.” His tone in his voice was just enough to piss her off.

Shay touched her forehead and then began to climb off the bed. ” I think I can take care of me. I want to get to my car, my cell phone is there. I didn’t ask for your help but I do appreciate your taking the time to help.”

As she shuffled to her clothes draped on the chairs, he watched her. His hands on his hips, he was smiling to himself. He knew what was under that quilt. He did take his time as he undressed her while she was out of it. He even touched the gold ‘S’ charm resting inside her navel. ” Bet I could make that wiggle”, he thought to himself.

As she reached for her jeans, the quilt slipped off her right shoulder and exposed her tanned back. From the angle she was standing, Rick could see the round full breast attached to her chest. The thought of her breast still fresh in his mind excited him.

Shay felt his eyes on her. She glanced over at him.

“I would not be much of a man if I let a lady out in this storm. You really need to stay till the storm lets up,” Rick said with a smile on his face. It made her uncomfortable. ” Yeah, you will stay here.”

“Excuse me?” Shay asked with touch of resentment in her voice. ” Who the hell do you think you are?”

By now Shay had forgotten about modesty and had let the quilt fall to the floor as she wiggled into her jeans. Her breast fully exposed. The fire light flickering making them seem to be dancing in a seductive motion. He caught a shimmer of light beaming off the gold ‘S’ charm in her navel. His eyes then went back to her luscious breast.

Rick watched them and he knew she was going no where.

“You mentioned some ‘poor helpless bitch’ earlier. That’s not me and if your attitude with her is like it is now, she is a very lucky lady that you are gone.” Shay pulls her blouse on and begins to button it. Not even bothering with her bra.

Rick tipped the wine bottle up again and laughed out loud as he placed it back on the table.

“You know,” Rick replied as he sat on the table, ” her ‘good luck’ as you put it of me being gone, just became your good luck Shay. You see…we have these little tiffs pretty regular. We always make up. I will go back into town tomorrow, she will be pissed, I will take her down right where she stands, give her a good fuckin’, we will talk all around our problems but we will start all over again. I will practice the fuckin’ she is going to get on you.” He had her attention. He gave her a wink and a nasty smile that made her really become concerned.

Her mind was racing even more. She decided to take the ‘I am not in the mood’ approach, hoping it would work.

She slid her boots on and was zipping them up and blasted him. ” Look…I have left a situation for a day just as you have. I am not in the mood for this shit! If I wanted to be talked to like this, I would not be out here in the middle of fuckin’ nowhere soaking wet, a headache and some smartass wanting to use me for a test run for what he has in store for ‘the poor helpless bitch’ at home.” She began walking to the door.

Shay had no idea, that approach only excited him.

She pulled the door open and the blowing rain had her soaked again but she was determined to get to her car.

Shay made it off the old porch when she felt arms surround her and her feet were off the ground.


Shay was kicking and telling Rick to put her down.

He did. He slammed the door and walked holding her from behind to the bed. He laid her on the bed quickly and laid his wet body on top of hers. Pinning her down with her arms out stretched. Wedging himself between her legs forcing her to spread them.

“Now see what ya done Shay!” he shouted out, a little out of breath. For a tiny lady she was a fighter. ” We are both soaked again.”

His right hand took her right hand to the left one so he could securely hold them both with one hand. He then slid his left hand between them to the snap on her jeans. She could feel his hand.

Now she was concerned.

Shay began to talk to him asking, ” What are you doing? You don’t want to do this. Let’s talk. Maybe we both could let off some steam. Come on head is hurting.”

He grunted in her ear as he pulled her boots and jeans off, ” I’m going to make you forget about that headache.”

He had her undressed from the waist down so quick. He flipped her over and stood over her reaching for the snap on his jeans. Unsnapped and unzipped just as fast. His jeans were on the floor with hers. Rick knelt down picking the pile of jeans up and watching her at the same time. He turned and walked to the door and tossed them out in the rain. Shutting the door he told her, “We can talk. I will talk you through everything I do. I may even give you a test. Pay close attention.”

Rick picked up the open bottle of wine and a full one and took them to the area in front of the fireplace. He placed them on the hearth.

Shay was trying to keep a cool head and trying to remember all the classes she had taken for situations like this.

Rick came to the bed and pulled her up standing her on the floor. He then took the mattress from the bed and lifted it over his head. Shay could see his slightly hard cock dangling in front of him. He plopped the mattress down on the floor in front of the fireplace. When he turned and reached for the wine she darted to the door. He was at it before she was.

He took his hand and buried it in her long blonde hair, tilting her head up to look at him. He was so excited by the look on her face. It was a mixture of ‘No’ and ‘maybe.’ He felt an adrenaline rush. He knew she would be a fighter. He thrust his hard cock at her tummy and told her, ” I want you to fight Shay.” He then led her to the mattress.

“I know what you are doing” Shay replied. ” You say you want me to fight when you really don’t. You want me to just take your shit…well FUCK YOU! You are gonna have a fight. I am so God dayum sick of you son-of-a-bitches thinking you can just fuck with women and they have to take it. I know you can take me you bastard! And that’s exactly what you are going to have to do because I sure as hell am NOT going to GIVE it up!” With that she slapped his face. It startled her. She knew it had to be fear and adrenaline. Her hand was stinging, she knew he felt it.

He pulled her down by her hair. It was evident he was feeling her slap. He was rotating his lower jaw as he stared at her.

He ripped her blouse from her. And then he done the same with his shirt as he straddled her. Never taking his eyes off hers. And now he was holding her arms over her head with one hand.

He reached for his wine and took a big drink. Taking the bottle from his lips a little he told her, ” You just fucked up, I was going to tell you what I was going to do to you as I done it.” He shakes his head side to side slowly still holding the wine bottle to his mouth, ” now I am just going to do what I want to without warning you.” He took a mouth full of wine, held it in his mouth and placed the bottle on the floor. He then leaned to his prey slowly letting the wine pour from his mouth onto her breast. He was really excited at how her breast looked being in a pinned position. The wine rolled to her back. She could feel it.

Shay thrust with all she had to try and knock him off balance. She was no match.

Shay felt his hand that was holding her arms up over her head relax as he was fondling her nipples. She felt she needed to try to stop him. Or do I she thought to herself. She took the chance. She pulled her right hand free and dug her manicured nails into his chest.

She felt the pain shoot through her breast like fire as he pinched her nipple so hard. She gasp for air. He inhaled deeply.

He begin to maneuver his body around. He turned his body on top of hers so he could place his head between her legs and his cock at her mouth.

As he was on his hands and knees holding himself above her, he looked between their bodies and told her, ” I know you know what to do. You hurt me and I will hurt you Shay.” With that being said, he lowered his cock to her face.

She was seeing this engorged, thick cock coming at her. She couldn’t breath. She felt a surge of mixed feelings.

Just then she felt his tongue dart between her lips opening her up. She gasped, her lungs filled with air.

Shay turned her head. Rick thrust into the side of her face. He then sunk his teeth into her mound. It worked. Her head turned towards his hard cock. He felt her breath on him.

Rick slid his index finger down the crack of her ass. He placed his finger hard against her hole and told her, ” Open your tight fuckin’ mouth or I am going in your tight ass!”

Her lips opened with teeth clenched.

Rick pushed his cock against her teeth three times before he applied pressure to her ass hole. Her mouth opened.

She wanted to bury her teeth in him, but the sucking impulse overtook her. His thick cock was being tugged into her mouth by her expertise. He began to push into her mouth in time with her suction.

As he ravished her between her legs, she tried so hard to not feel. He was violating her. He began to push himself into her mouth with a faster pace. He was lapping at her like a thirsty animal. She placed her hands on his ass. The movement of her hips was something that slipped up on her.

Shay could tell by his movements and sounds he was about to unload in her mouth. The bastard would not get the satisfaction she thought to herself.

Shay noticed the unopened bottle of wine in arms reach. They had moved around enough that she could get to it. She stretched to get the bottle as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. A strong contraction in her womb took her by surprise. She knocked the bottle over.

“Oh God!” she thought. His thrusting stopped. She was tasting his precum in her mouth. She wanted more.


Shay heard his sigh. He raised his self up pulling his cock from her mouth. He licked his lips and told her,” You want wine? I will give you wine Shay.”

Rick moved to her legs. He reached for the unopened bottle of wine as he sat on top of her legs.

Rick picked the bottle up by the long slender neck. He smiled at her as he placed the corked end of the bottle to her wet spot.

Shay tightened her muscles with all she had, knowing all along she would not be able to stop him from using the wine bottle on her, nor did she want to.

Rick pulled the hood back from over her clit and placed the cork on it. He began to drag the cork back and forth. He slid his finger to her labia. She was wet.

“I don’t hear you begging me not to fuck you with this bottle. I don’t see you putting up a fight now Shay,” Rick stated in his condescending voice, ” you going to beg me NOT to fuck you with this wine bottle Shay?”

He then turned the bottle tip downwards and pushed it into her tight pussy. He begin to twist it and move it side to side as he watched the bottle appear and disappear. He also watched her face. She could not hide the fact that she was hot. Her deep blue eyes were a give away.

Shay realized she was tightening her muscles with every thrust he made into her. She was beginning to enjoy the sensation of the bottle being used on her. She turned her head, closed her eyes.

“Am I still being violated?” she thought to herself. Followed by a faint moan.

When Rick heard the moan he pulled the bottle from her and slid it down her crack. Her eyes opened. He smiled at her.

He got on his knees between her legs. Placed the corked bottle to his mouth and uncorked the wine. Rick took a long slow drink from the bottle and swallowed. He then filled his mouth again with wine, placed the bottle to the side of him. He was not concerned with Shay using the bottle on him now. She seemed to be too preoccupied now. Rick slid his big hands under her ass and lifted her ass in the air, legs spread. He opened her up and placed his mouth to her opening. He forced the wine inside her.

Shay could feel his mouth blowing into her and the wine running down the crack of her ass. She wrapped her legs around his head.

Rick’s tongue slipped in her.


Shay stopped trying to ignore the feelings that were taking over her body. Rick was slowly consuming her pussy. Every flick of his tongue, every lick, every poke and every time she felt his breath on her she wanted more.

He placed his hands on her hips and flipped her over. Pulling her ass in the air he was on his knees behind her. Rick placed his right hand on her shoulder and shoved her shoulders to the floor making her ass more in position for him.

“Please don’t.” Shay said quietly as she looked at him over her shoulder. She had never had anal before. Then she wondered why she was trying to stop him. Her body was clearly wanting more.

Rick laughed and replied,” you bitch…you say please don’t and your backing that tight ass up against me the whole time.”

He leaned back and looked at her exposed pussy from the back. The folds of her lips. The swollen clit peeking out. He placed his hands on her ass and placed his face into her. Licking her with his tongue flattened taking long wide licks. He felt her shudder. He then took his right index finger and slid it inside her. With the angle of entry he was able to touch that little rough spot in there. He manipulated it.

Shay began to push uncontrollably against his face. He had to steady him self she was bucking against him with such force. The second finger slipped into her. He was really working her tight hole. He could feel her clamping around his fingers, as if refusing to let them leave.

With his fingers still in her, he leaned over her back and took the hair and pushed it away from her neck. He then placed his teeth onto her flesh and bit. Shay did not notice the bite, only the sucking he started doing on her neck.

Rick leaned to her ear and whispered as she rode his fingers and moaned in animal like sound, ” Hey bitch, the rain has stopped. It’s still daylight. You can leave now.”

“No! No! You bastard,” Shay shouted in a husky sexy voice. “You are finishing this. You are violating me. Finish me!”

Rick laughed at her as he slid his two fingers from her tight pussy that had formed a suction on his fingers.

“Violate…” he sighed as he touched the head of his cock to her wet hole. ” Violate and ‘finish me’ are not on the same page.”

He then he pushed himself all the way in her. He heard her moan as he opened her up completely. He was impressed with her tightness. And her ability to stay in place. He really was ramming her ass. Then he raised up a little and plunged deeper into her, he hit that rough spot again.

Rick heard the sound of a woman encased within her orgasm. Shay was now in an uncontrollable zone letting herself feel all of him.

Rick began to thrust harder into her. He reached under her to her tummy to see if he was slamming her hard enough to make the gold ‘S’ charm in her navel wiggle. It was. He felt the first surge of his cum passing through his cock. He clenched his teeth and tossed his head back as he held her hips tightly keeping her from moving from him. Surge after surge of hot cum spewded inside her. It was coming out of her as fast as he was putting it in.

Rick collapsed on top of her and they laid together trying to collect their breathing patterns. He was asleep in no time.


Shay wrapped up in the quilt and went outside and picked up their jeans. She went back inside, closed the door and began laying their wet clothes along the hearth and chairs again.

“What are you doing?”, she heard Rick mumble as he seen her at the fireplace.

Shay replied, ” They should be dry by morning.”


The rest of the night they talked. They talked about their relationships. They talked about likes and dislikes. Tattoos and piercing. Their lifestyles. everything they could think of.

Before the morning came, they had pleased each other several times.

There was no question in Shay’s mind if this was “being violated.” Each time after the first time, she initiated the act. She also made sure they went on for hours.


Shay heard birds chirping when her eyes opened.

Rick was gone.

She was dressed and at her car quickly. Her car had been placed on the side of the road now. Out of the ditch.

She got in the car and found a note on the passenger seat. It read…

“Shay … Your cell phone is in the glove compartment. I put it there when I took you from the car. Just in case you got away from me, you would not been able to use it if you couldn’t find it. You would be mine for the night as planned. About tattoos, I think you should get one. You said you were afraid of it hurting. You are a tough lady. You said you would not know what to get. I picture a tiny wine bottle. You know the shape I am refering to. Have the words “Violated vs. Willing” placed across the label… Research the words. You seem to be confused about the meaning. In your case, they mean the same.” Rick

Shay tossed the note out the window as she sped off. She turned on the radio. She took the road slow this time. There were a lot of curves.

She reached the bridge. She could feel the anger swelling up in her.

“The lying bastard,” she said out loud. She stopped her car at the center of the bridge. This bridge was maybe a couple of years old. A concrete structure that was so high. The water would have to of been up twenty feet to wash this bridge out.

The local radio station is reporting rainfall total of ten inches.

Shay drives across the bridge and as she drives she glances back in her rear view mirror.

The sign in her mirror read….” Kelsey Bottoms Creek”.

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