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Keep Your Chin Up

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Amy, my gorgeous Amy, is helpless, her hands tied above her head. She follows my every movement with large, almost cartoon eyes.

I step closer, a brush of clothing, my hands hovering in the dip of her waist. I hear her soft breathing as her open mouth strains toward mine, mewling for the touch of lips. Her tongue glistens, waiting to dart out and meet me.

As I curve my fingers around the back of her slender neck, delving into her naturally red hair, boyish and cropped, she tilts her head back and rubs it catlike against my hand, eyes narrowing in pleasure, welcoming the caress.

“Please,” she says, opening her eyes to find mine. “Kiss me.”

I smile, shaking my head, stepping back, looking her over. From her bare feet to her skinny wrists, every inch makes me ache for her, my sexy ginger pixie. Her small tits are held tightly in her faded black Metallica T-shirt. With her hands held high, those firm mounds are emphasised and pushed out. The T-shirt’s ridden up a little, exposing a strip of pale belly between T-shirt and skirt. Not that there’s much belly to see, she’s skinny, a little too skinny, but you try telling her that.

“Tie me up”, she’d suggested, whispering in my ear while we were fooling around downstairs. So now she hangs, straining on tip toes in the narrow doorway, suspended from my dusty chin up bar, only used twice in a burst of get fit eagerness before being abandoned to the back of my wardrobe. Now suddenly that bar’s got a new lease of life.

Her delicate wrists are strapped up in two of my rarely worn ties, interviews and funerals, these connected to a thick black belt, looped twice over the bar.

I lower my eyes to where her slender thighs disappear beneath her pleated brown mini skirt. She watches me as I look, and moves one foot a little to the side, parting those thighs a little more, a temptation I can’t resist. I step forward, our close proximity making my heart beat harder. I lift her little skirt slowly upwards, exposing more skin, skin that’s white as ever despite the warm summer and then hitch it right up, revealing the nakedness beneath, the flesh with a pinker tinge. I tuck the skirt into its waistband so it stays put. As I step back to take in the new view my cock twitches, trapped in my trousers, a wet patch of anticipation seeping into my boxer shorts

She opens her legs as much as her position will allow, which isn’t far at all, and hangs her head to one side, resting it against her bicep, looking at me as if to say: Well here I am, what are you going to do now?

Peeking out from beneath her crumpled skirt, her blushing, naked pussy draws my eyes downwards and it’s all I can do to stop myself falling to my knees to kiss her there. She’s trimmed herself, Brazilian? I never know these days, a narrow strip of gingery hair on her mound points down to the puffy lips and crimson slit beneath.

Having never tied her up before, I’m running on instinct, and right now it’s telling me that getting down on my knees and burying my face in her soft, damp folds would be far too easy.

I peel my T-shirt off and throw it to the floor. Stepping closer, I lift my hands to her wrists and take them delicately, my bare, slightly haired chest against the dark cotton that covers her breasts. Our mouths move intimately close, she moves forward to kiss, a brush of lips her only reward before I pull my head back, just enough to foil her plan.

“You’re mean,” she whines, only to be ignored, wriggling in her bonds, acting like a spoilt little girl denied her treat, her breath playing hot on my lips.

Ever so slowly I bring my hands down her arms, feather light fingertips leaving her shivering, all the while our eyes dance together, the energy between us beginning to really flow, sparking on our breath. Still her lips strain for mine. She moans.

My hands reach her T-shirt sleeves and slip lower still, dipping into the concavities of her armpits. She wriggles and tries to suppress ticklish giggles.

“Don’t, don’t!” she cries. I smile.

The T-shirt is Lycra tight around her slight curves, hugging her tits. As with her skirt I know she’s naked beneath it, her tiny nipples fight for freedom, pressing against cotton.

I tease it upwards, revealing her belly then push my fingers into the warm space between skin and T-shirt, sliding up past her pierced belly, brushing the ring with my thumb, and then up her ribcage. I take her breasts in my hands, forcing the fabric to accommodate, my fingers spreading and curving over them, giving them a squeeze, her nipples grazing my palms. She whimpers and without thinking I’m kissing her, welcoming her eager tongue deep inside my mouth. The burning need in me rises, and I kiss her back harder, squeezing her tits with rough circles.

Pulling back, a little breathless but continuing to squeeze her firm mounds of flesh I see something shining in her eyes, like she’s feeling a rush of victory after our kiss perhaps?

That won’t do.

I release her breasts and with deliberate hard tugs, I yank her T-shirt upwards and over her head to the sound of her surprised yelps. Her small tits give a quick wobble as they’re released, adding to the thrill I always get at the sight of her tiny pink nipples and the freckles scattered randomly across each breast as if from a flick of God’s wrist.

For a moment, with her T-shirt over her head, she’s blind, and the possibilities assault me from all directions. I stand back a full couple of paces, to think, and take in the view.

There are so many things I want to do it’s hard to think clearly. She’s a banquet laid out before me and I know everything tastes good. Generally when we fuck there’s not much thought involved, passion and intensity yes, planning no. So having her tied like this forces me to slow down and consider different directions, make the most of this opportunity.

While I think, I can’t help but reach out and trace circles around her tiny nipples, slowly zeroing in on the peak at their centre. I watch and feel them stiffen against my fingertips, it always amazes me to see their transformation. Muffled by the T-shirt, she murmurs softly.

This restraint was her fantasy, I decide to combine it with one of mine. It feels like a day where boundaries are more fluid than usual, so why not take advantage. An idea crystallises, and all other possibilities fade into the background. I grin, feeling myself growing at the thought, the need to fuck boiling over.

There are other things to do before that though, for a start her perfect little breasts are there for the taking. Holding her waist, I lower my mouth, flicking her tiny nipple with my stiff tongue until she whimpers loudly, twisting and pressing her breast against my open mouth, teeth grazing pale skin.

I feel hot and nervous with the nasty thoughts swimming inside me, and an excited tightness in my chest that I’ve not felt for a while, not since the first time. I move my mouth to her other nipple, flicking and wetting it while my thumb slides over the first one, now slick with my saliva. As I do so lurid thoughts play in the cinema of my mind, my hunger grows with each one, increasingly stifled by the cage of my jeans.

I give her tits one last lingering suckle and then release her. Making as much noise as I can, so she knows exactly what I’m doing, I unbuckle my belt, then open my button fly with one quick jerk. It always feels good to do it like that, the pop-pop-pop of buttons swiftly pulled from denim. If only she could see how cool I looked.

I smile to myself, slipping my jeans down my legs and pulling them free, my cock bulging from my tight shorts, a damp stain spreading at their peak.

Pushing my hand into the humidity of those shorts I wrap my fist tight around my shaft, marvelling at how damp and slippy I am. My shorts are soon gone, leaving me naked, slowly stroking myself as I eat her with my eyes. I feel a sense of power flowing into me, I’m in control now, and she can’t even see, blinded by her T-shirt.

I step closer, she seems to sense me near, tensing at first then writhing like a slut, pushing her pelvis out at me, gyrating slowly, trying to tease me into action.

I brush her nipples again with gossamer fingers, eliciting a sweet moan. My mouth hovers near her ear.

“Would you like to know what I’m going to do to you?”

She nods her head ever so slightly in agreement.

“Tell me.”

Delaying my revelation, I trail my hands down her front and release her skirt, pushing it down slender legs to her ankles, bringing her sharp hips into full view.

I have an urge to spin her around and view her beautiful and now bare bottom, but as strongly as the desire burns, I deny myself the pleasure of it right now, taking her cotton covered face in both hands and pulling it to me, the fabric stretched tight over her open mouth.

I kiss her covered nose, just a peck, leaving my mouth close as I speak, holding her head tight and still.


She grunts something in return, it sounds like an affirmation.

“Guess what I’m gonna do.”

“Tell me,” I hear the need in her voice. “Tell me.”

I lift her T-shirt, exposing her lips and the tip of her nose, yet keeping her eyes covered. Those lips twitch into a smile, then that sweet mouth opens, tongue flicking out, searching for mine.

I kiss her, as I press my cock against her belly, my body finding a natural rhythm without thought, craving friction.

“It’s something we’ve never done before.”

“Uh huh.”

I continue kissing her softly, my raging desire held back with a fragile thread, but the gravity between her legs won’t be denied. I slide my hand down her belly, lower, teasing, getting close then backing off. Inevitably gravity wins and I follow that Velcro strip of bright pubes down and then delicately between her open thighs.

Amy gasps, a wonderful sound, as I brush the very tips of the short hair that carpets her folds, a mere suggestion of a caress, tracing the contour lines of her sex, touching without touching, letting her hair transmit the sensations from my fingers to her flesh.

She’s whimpering by the time I allow my fingers to rise up against her, the tips finding her weeping entrance, almost sucked into her, such is the easy liquid slickness of her cunt.

“You’re so fucking wet,” I say, not sure if I’ve felt a flood quite like this before, amazed as my single digit follows its own path, easing between swollen lips, spreading her plentiful lube into more distant folds and crevices.

Her body melts onto my hand, her pelvis rocking, pushing her mound backwards and more insistently forward as my finger finds its own rhythm

“What are you going to do?” she asks between breaths.

I slide my finger to where her lips converge and her clit nestles in its flesh hood and start a little circular dance. Amy’s panting and open mouthed and I speak into those gasps, our breath mixed together, my excitement rising as I think about what I’m about to say, and then do.

I lift my mouth to her fabric covered ear, kiss it, then say:

“We talked about it the other night, do you remember?”

She nods, almost in time to the gyrations of her hips.

“I think so.” A whisper.

“You said you wanted to try it, someday, but you were a little scared.”

“Ohh,” I notice her movements change, slower now but intense, grinding against my hand, her breath deeper. “I think I’m still scared.”

I move my hand, the heel of my palm against her clitoris, while my fingers reach down, seeking entrance into her. I push one, then two inside, parting her flesh, fingers sinking into the sodden heat of her as I whisper in her ear.

“But you want someday to be today don’t you,” a statement, not a question.

“Yesss.” She replies, either in response to that statement, or the insistent penetration of my fingers, or more probably both.

“Its going to be today Amy, I’m going to do it today, right here.”

She whimpers and I smother it with a kiss. The way she forces her tongue into my mouth, the hunger of it, tells me everything I need to know.

I want to see her face, to look her in her eyes so I lift her T-shirt right up, leaving it tangled up around her hands. Her face is flushed red, a little sweaty, her eyes wide, projecting her desire and fear into me. She looks impossibly beautiful.

I kiss her again, cradling her warm face in my hands. I can smell her rich scent on the fingers of one hand. I let my mouth wander, kissing her nose, her cheeks, her forehead, and then back to her almost desperate mouth. I replace my lips with my fingers, pushing two of them into her mouth, watching as she licks herself from them, sucking them past her lips and deep inside. Her eyes never leave mine until I pull my fingers from her mouth. Then she follows them down, watching as I trace lines to and around her breasts, circling each nipple before returning them between her legs.

She moans with relief as I re-enter her, my other hand reaching behind her head and grasping her hair, pulling her to me as I kiss her again, my tongue matching the rhythm of my deep thrusting fingers. We writhe with that motion, my cock leaving a wet trail against her hip as we grind in giddy anticipation of sweeter movements to come.

Something’s building in me that demands release, I need to be moving inside her, I need that friction, that movement. Those lurid images returning to my mind, I can’t wait any longer to move forward, to journey to those new places.

I break away from the kiss, and pull my fingers from inside her. Gravity, again, takes over and I have to kiss her again, and again, holding her against me. Finally I break away and step onto the new path. I nod, ever so slightly, caressing her face as I look in her eyes, and she nods back, a subtle dip of her head. Let’s do this.

My mouth leads the way, kissing her chin, then underneath, her throat, her breasts, her ribcage, down and around. I move between her and the door frame into my bedroom beyond, eliciting a giggle along the way as I kiss her underarm.

The downy hair at the back of her neck draws my mouth, and the soft touch of my mouth draws a contented sigh from hers.

“That’s lovely,” she murmurs and pushes back against me, the head of my cock – wet with lust, lightly resting in the crease of her behind as she moves against it.

I follow the trail of her spine with my tongue, holding her narrow waist as I sink ever lower until I’m kneeling behind her, my mouth finding the end of the path, where her body splits in two.

Her heavenly buttocks are right there, I tenderly kiss the middle of each one, my breath thick with lust then bring my hands down to them, squeezing and kneading the round globes as she wiggles her behind at me, tempting me, pleading without words, encouraging with her sighs and whimpers.

I dig my fingers into her muscle and pull her cheeks apart, I see the target, her neat little brown hole, the wrinkles pointing inwards the centre, disappearing inside her.

Amy pushes back, offering herself to me and I lean forward to meet her. I feel her tense up a little in anticipation, my own heart stilled in my chest as I close the final distance with my outstretched tongue.

“Ohh, ohh, God.” She moans, as the tip of my tongue finds the centre of that little hole.

I feel so filthy, my head buzzing with it, swirling with the essential wrongness of this, and the urge to go deeper.

“Ohh that’s good,” she says, pushing back against my probing tongue. I press a little harder against her willing arse, thrilled at her response.

My hands are wrapped around her thighs, giving purchase as I allow myself to sink into the moment, her moans drift down from above, driving me onwards. My head spins as I feel her opening for me, and without hesitation I push within.

Amy moans, a delicious, wanton sound, her bottom writhing against my tongue. She says:

“You dirty bastard,”

“You dirrrty…”

Oh that feels….”

Her words slip away, replaced by soft whimpers of pleasure, music playing in my ears as my tongue stabs into her anus, again and again. I slide my hands up her legs, and find her desire has breached the dam, a slippery flood of it trickling down her thighs.

God this feels wonderful, and I want more, I want the next step. I pull my tongue away and guide two fingers between her legs. She shudders, crying out with need and presses down, chasing my hand as much as her bindings will allow as I gather some natural lube on my fingers. Unable to resist the penetration, I invade her, pushing deep into her heat, feeling her clench and spasm around my thrusting digits. I return my mouth to her anus, kissing it as I finger fuck her, pushing my tongue back in again, preparing the ground again for the invasion of my fingers.

I ease her cheeks apart again, looking straight into the bull’s-eye and tickle that tight little pucker with one fingertip. I twist it, circling, dipping in then out like a marble rolling around a bowl, teasing her, teasing me, the tension rising.

Amy shifts on her feet, getting comfortable, then shudders as I press against, and ever so slowly, into her. She looks down over her shoulder at me, straining her neck to see. I look up at her, holding her bewildered gaze as my finger disappears inside her, past the tight muscle, into the cavity beyond.

She opens her mouth as if to speak, but instead releases a low moan as I slowly withdraw my finger again, leaving just the first knuckle inside.

“Go steady,” she urges, a little breathless.

I nod up at her and lower my mouth, giving her buttock a little kiss to reassure. Slower this time I ease my finger back into her, marvelling at these new sensations, the heat of her innards, the soft, slick walls and the occasional pulsing of her anus against my invading finger.

I’m going steady, slowly easing my finger in and out of her, and I feel her tension releasing, allowing me easier access. Amy begins to writhe again, and so I go a little less steady, twisting my finger as I move it. She moans her appreciation and I go further, easing another finger into her heat, stretching her further.

Again she stiffens, and I slow everything down, but not for long, the relaxation coming quicker, her moans a little louder from above.

I lick the fingers of my free hand and bring it up between her legs, finding and playing with her clit, her response instant.

“Oh God, do me Dave, do me, do me, do…”

I watch as her arsehole swallows my fingers each time I push them into her pulsating hole, twisting them deeply in and out in time to her urgings.

“Do me, do me, do me, please do me”

Reality’s been slowly catching up with them, but those lurid images return, the last act playing in my brain, and demanding to be acted out. I find it hard to believe my cock will fit, but there’s a rage inside me that insists I find out.

With one last, slow withdrawal and a gasp from Amy, I pull my fingers from within her bottom and stand up, legs stiff. I slide my hands around her waist and pull her close, nuzzling into her neck, she turns her head, craning for a kiss and our mouths meet, a slow thrusting of tongues. I feel her chest rising and falling, her whole body seems to be quivering slightly.

“Do you want me to?” I ask, then kiss her again. She may be tied up and helpless, but I need that last green light. Her mouth pauses against mine for a long heartbeat and then she nods, returning her tongue to mine, pushing it deep into my mouth.

“Yes,” she says, pulling back from the kiss. “Just do it before I chicken out.”

I nod and kiss her again, giving her a little squeeze.

“I’ll just get some stuff.”

I back off and step into the bedroom behind us, heading straight for the drawer where I keep the little silver packets and other things.

I return with a packet and a bottle. I tear the packet open and throw it spinning like a Frisbee past her and into the hallway. She tries to look back over her shoulder as I put it on, rolling the tight ring of latex down over my rock hard shaft that stands like a totem. I always enjoy this moment, this little ritual before fucking, having always done it it’s never felt like a chore, and it doesn’t now, instead it steadily heightens my anticipation.

Putting one on is what I do before I fuck, and now I’m going to fuck her in the naughtiest place there is. I’m buzzing, it can’t be real but it is, I’m in the moment I’ve dreamed about.

Condom on I reach down for the lube, pick up the small black bottle and twist off the cap. I squirt some of the clear silicone liquid into my hand and use my palm, and then my fist to transfer it to my cock, spreading it along the length of my shaft right to the very tip. I squirt more and add it to the end, moaning as I massage the blood tight head of my cock.

Amy’s still looking over her shoulder as I squirt more onto my fingers and step back in close. Again her straining mouth finds mine, but my attention is elsewhere so I’m only dimly aware of the fluttering of her tongue in my mouth. Instead my mind is on my lubricated fingers, finding their way back into the crevice of her behind, seeking and finding the closed door again. This time when I push the entrance is easier, the lube and her desire meaning she opens smoothly around my finger, and the next one. She releases a long exhalation into my mouth as I open her up again and she’s nodding, encouraging and purring as my fingers move inside her.

“I’m going to put my cock inside you now.” I say, withdrawing my slippery fingers.

“Yes.” She nods, then turns her head away from me, looking forward as I step to the side, now directly behind her. I pull her close, pressing my chest against her back, nuzzling her neck, lifting my mouth to her ear.

“I’m going to fuck you now.”

She nods again and adds “I can’t believe I want it so much.”

“You want it because you’re a bad girl.” I say, then ease back, giving myself room, guiding, lowering my cock down, easing into position deep in her buttock cleft. Amy wiggles her bottom, helping me to the right spot, her soft gasp tells me when I’m there, my thick cock poised against her tight arsehole.

“Just tell me if it’s too much.”

My legs are shaking as I try to press inwards and upwards, one hand on Amy’s waist, the other on the back of her neck. She lowers her head, I can hear her breath rushing through nostrils and occasionally a whimper from her throat. It’s not happening, she feels tense. I pull back a fraction and then try again, a subtly different angle, a different pressure.

She moans, and gives a little, just a fraction.

“Whoa, careful.”

I hold still, caressing the back of her neck.

“You okay?”

She laughs, although it’s almost a sob.

“I didn’t know you were so fucking big.”

I chuckle.

“You never complained before.”

“You’ve never been such a dirty bastard before.”

I move the hand that gripped her waist around to her front, angling towards and then down that ginger landing strip. Her cunt feels wet and succulent against my fingers.

“You seem to be enjoying it.” I say, my fingers playing in her folds and teasing them apart.

Amy whimpers.

“Oh fuck you’re not wrong,” she says, and begins writhing against my fingers. “You are not, fucking, wrong.”

I seek and find her clit, the attention of my fingers starting a quake within her, her whole body shaking.

I know this is the moment, everything, and my cock in particular, is screaming at me and I push a little harder, feeling something giving, feeling her opening up, fraction by wonderful fraction as my fingers dance on her clit as she writhes against me. Both arms now wrapped around her, one on her breasts, the other continuing that dance and I pull her close, and we’re both moaning as her body allows the thick head of my penis into her anus. The only way I can possibly move is inwards and she’s looking up at the ceiling, panting and shaking as inch by inch I penetrate her, slowly filling up that dark cavity with cock.

I feel that impossibly tight ring of muscle moving up my shaft, and I’m dimly aware of the feel of her breast in my grasping hand, her body naked and hot against me, but mostly it’s all about the slow progression of my cock, ever, ever deeper until I’m fully enveloped and can go no further. I want to merge and climb inside her, and the last thing I want to do is withdraw, but I do, I have to because then I can begin that giddying slide again.

I lean in and bite her shoulder as I push into her again, still slowly, but quicker and she’s pushing back against me, rocking her pelvis back and forth, caught between my fingers and my cock, her cunt and her anus. I bury myself right up inside her and pause. Guessing my intentions or wanting the same thing she turns her head and we crane for another kiss, a clash of deep straining tongues and panting breaths. No words though, not anymore.

I withdraw slowly as we break off the kiss, enjoying the slick friction and then push back up into her again forcing breath from her lungs and I change gears and she responds to my quickening thrust and it’s all downhill from here, no longer thinking just following the gravity, following the friction, letting lust take over.

I’m fucking Amy arse, I have been for a while, lost in the moment, holding her skinny body tight against me, a hand on her throat, the other buried between her legs, hunting her joy in her wet cunt and both of us are animals, moaning panting animals beyond words and I feel her rising, her body jerking, and the chin up bar creaks above us and we’re both close and her eyes are closed and her mouth is open, her tongue out and reaching for the ceiling, the tip of it flickering and just as I think I’ve not seen her doing that before I feel the start of the final tremor running through her, her sphincter closing around me tight, tighter, tighter. I come just before her own wave hits, exploding inside her, everything shattering. I hold on just enough, keep thrusting just long enough to surf her wave as she crests, holding on to her as rises up and then comes down, shuddering, almost sobbing.

Quickly gathering my senses and my breath I withdraw, that alone causing both of us to shudder some more, and then I reach up, unbuckling the belt and loosening the ties.

She falls slowly, I catch her and we sink to the floor. She curls up in me, shaking, and I hold her. I hold her for a long time, until her breathing returns to normal and she turns and holds me, our bodies cooling. I peck her forehead, letting my lips linger a fraction of a second.

“You okay?”

“I want to sleep.”

“Shall we go to bed?”

She nods her head, and allows me to lead her, hand in mine, into my bedroom. We climb on the bed and slide beneath the covers, wrapped in each others arms, sleeping away the rest of the afternoon.

Later, after we wake, whilst holding me tight, she nuzzles against my neck and whispers:

“You can do that again sometime,” then leaves a trail of kisses down my chest and beyond.

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