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Katie’s Night Out

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The water was hot enough to make my nipples get hard as though my body was cold and I was getting into a lukewarm shower. I pulled and tugged at my nipples and my pussy started to drip from more than just the water cascading down my body in tiny rivulets. I had no other plans that night so I let my fingers trail down to my freshly shaven pussy. I quickly got myself off with the jets and my expert hands.

With my tall, willowy figure I wasn’t one to not have a guy on a regular basis and I had had sex with plenty but the relationships usually never lasted because they could never get me off in sex. I’d always end up getting my release with my fingers while they snored in bed next to me. So as a result, I was single. But, with one last bit of resolve I decided to go to a bar…a bisexual bar. I kept trying to convince myself that I was adventurous.

I didn’t think that wanting to go to this bar had anything to do with my past arousals of thinking of another girl’s dripping pussy and how wet and hot I got when I read a lesbian porn story. At least I tried to tell myself that. Not that I had any experience there. I was always telling myself that I was and still am straight. What I didn’t know was that was about to


As I sat at the bar drinking my White Russian, I noticed a small, almost fragile looking red head in the corner looking as unsure of her surroundings as I’m sure I looked. So I decided to go over and try to strike up some kind of meaningless conversation.

“Hi, I’m Katie,” I said.

“Oh, uhh hi, I’m Kira,” the small, petite red head said.

We started into some conversation about nothing in particular and I was getting pretty bored when she asked me why I was at the bar. All that went through my head was why am I at this bar? I decided to tell her that I was slightly interested in things of the bisexual nature. What I didn’t tell her was that my pussy had started to drip at just the mention of why I was here.

“So why are you here?” I asked

“Oh my friend is a lesbian and she wanted to pick up some girls…well she did and so now I’m here alone.”

What kind of friend is that? I thought to myself. I looked over at her rosy cheeks and pale pink lips with a slight drop on the bottom lip that made it look like she was pouting. My eyes dipped down to the nice neck line with a small necklace and a wonderfully low neckline on the blouse she was wearing. The slight bit of cleavage with the pixie face and red hair and my pussy started a fire that I had never felt before. When I realized the directions of my thoughts I blushed and turned my head. She turned to me and asked if I was alright and I said yes, but that my thought had run away from me.

She gave me a cute little smile revealing perfect white teeth. I looked into her forest green eyes and saw there a mischievous twinkle then a flash of lust.

Did I see that wrong? I thought to myself… no, I saw it right.

Her forest green eyes and my light hazel eyes locked onto each others and we stared at each other for a few seconds. She must have seen the lust in my eyes because she leaned over and placed a small yet wet kiss on my lips. As she pulled away I followed her only to get caught in a bigger, more passionate kiss. I placed my tongue on her lips and she parted hers to allow me to enter. For over a minute our tongues danced a dance that only we knew. I reached my hand over and scooted the drinks over placing a hand on her face while the other one went to her shoulder, then to her chest, then to the erect nipple. I felt her intake of breath in our kiss and knew that even though I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, I was doing it right.

Our heads parted and we looked into each others eyes and knew right then what both of us wanted. I whispered in her ear and she nodded. We got into my car and kissed a more passionate kiss than before. I reluctantly broke the kiss to start the car. While we drove to my house the car was silent but not a bad silence, one of anticipation and wanton lust. Half way to my house, she put her delicate hand on my inner thigh and I gasped at the feeling. Guys do this to me all the time…why is this any different? I kept asking myself.

Before I could get the key in the door we were kissing again, a long kiss with our tongues playing just as before. I put my hands on her breast and squeezed a nipple between each finger and thumb. She moaned and I kissed her deeper. I finally got the key in the door and we were in. I broke from our embrace long enough to close the door and lock it. We were back in each others arms once again this time just looking in each others eyes and reading everything we needed to know. We both knew that we were virgins in the game of girl-on-girl but that we both wanted to be experts.

I took her hand and kissed it then led her to my bedroom. I lit some candles and turned the main light out. We looked at our figures in the candle light and our lust grew deeper. I knew that I had to have her hot pussy in my mouth. I had to have her sweet, musky juice all over my face as a pleasured her. I knew that this night would reshape my life and I wanted it to. We came into each others arms and kissed a slow, deep kiss…one of lovers in the night. I put my hand on the first button of her shirt and undid it slowly, taking my time, not wanting to rush anything. I slowly revealed her breasts and black lacey bra. So she did come prepared for something, I thought to myself.

I unhooked her bra strap and thought her breasts to be about 36 C, a wonderfully proportionate size for her body. I looked at her nipples. They were pink in the center and then went to a nice shade of brown. I bent my head looked closer. I heard her suck her breath in anticipation but I just looked. I reached my hands down to her pants button and methodically undid her button and then her zipper. Her tight jeans fell off with a little bit of pushing. She stepped out of them and I looked up to see she had a black lacey thong on to match the bra. I hooked my thumbs in the strings on the side of her thong and pulled it down. I looked to see that she had soft red curls. My gasp and moan told of my approval. I stood up to full height, about and inch above her head. We leaned into another agonizingly beautiful kiss. I took her ear into my mouth and suckled on it, giving her the chills. I kept going down and when I got to her nipples she gasped in sheer ecstasy when I took one into my mouth.

She took her hands and put them on the back of my head and pushed it into her nipples. I opened my mouth a little more and let in more of her perfect, tender breast. I changed nipples and took my other hand and played with her other nipple. She moaned and I knew that this is what I should be doing.

She pulled me up from her nipples and took me in her arms. I felt excited to be next to this wonderful woman while she was completely naked. I could tell that her body felt foreign against my shirt buttons and pants. She looked at me and showed me her lust in her beautiful green eyes and took the collar of my shirt and slowly ripped open my shirt, not bothering with buttons. She hastily undid my pants and took my sheer black thong with it. She took me into an embrace and unfastened my bra letting them fall free. As she did that the cold air hit my skin with a wonderful sensation causing my nipples to become perkier then they were. She could tell that they almost hurt from being hard. She delicately took a nipple into her mouth and all I could feel was her incredible tongue on my soft skin. Her hands roamed my body, feeling, touching, scratching and rubbing. She stood and we shared another kiss.

“Get on the bed, lover,” I said

She gave me a look that I was beginning to fall in love with already and turned around giving me a nice view of her cute little ass. She got on the bed doggy style and I couldn’t resist giving her a little swat on her pretty ass. She gasped and looked back at me and I just wiggled my eyebrows. She crawled up and put her head on my pillow and spread her legs. I could see the soft folds of her creamy pussy and the juice that had long since started flowing. Her tight little anus ring is what got my attention next. It was tight but I could also see that she had experimented with some things of her own. I was impressed.

She looked at me and sat up to give me another kiss while fondling my breasts. I laid her back down and told her to relax…to let my please her. I got down on my stomach and sniffed in her heavenly sent. I went into a sheer ecstasy when I smelled what I had wanted to smell since high school – another girl’s aroused pussy.

I stuck my tongue out and let it trail along the folds of her pussy lips then went out to her thighs. I kissed my way up to her hole but never got close enough to satisfy. Then I went to the other leg and did the same…teasing all the way. I could hear her moan and gasp so I continued. I let my tongue touch her love hole and her hips bucked off the bed. I let her settle down again and this time got close to her clit.

“Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue!” she kept saying, over and over again.

I let the flat part of my tongue slit hard against her clit letting her feel my rough taste buds as they trailed their way across her nub. She groaned and I could feel it come from some where down deep. She wanted this. She wanted me. I began a steady motion with my tongue getting her close to her moment of completion when I stopped. She looked at me and I saw a look of almost anger. I looked at her and rubbed her thighs. She took her own hands to her clit but I stopped her.

“Please…what are you doing? Let me cum for you?!?” Kira pleaded.

“Do you trust me?” I asked

She nodded but I could see she didn’t want to. I got up from the bed and got a few pieces of ribbon and lightly tied her hands to the bed posts, then her legs apart from each other. I looked at her pussy and could see that she had come down from the beginning of the high she was about to encounter. I walked back over and got onto the bed and let my finger trail through her love channel. She groaned and my pussy went into lubrication over load. I got my finger nice and wet and brought it to her mouth. She opened and licked my fingers clean of her love juice. I put my fingers in her pussy once again this time fucking her with my fingers. She moaned and I could feel her pussy muscles enclose around my fingers trying to get them deeper inside her. Her hips started to buck in unison with my fingers as they gently then roughly fucked her. She was about to climax and I took my fingers away. She looked at me and was angry this time.

“You have to let me cum. I’m dying here…” she stated harshly

I looked into her beautiful eyes and told her to lie still and enjoy the pleasure. She gave me an angry nod of her head and I got back down on my stomach with my face just inches away from her gorgeous pussy lips. I reached my tongue out and let it lap up at her clit once again and I heard her sharp intake of air and smiled. My long tongue slid down feeling and exploring the whole way and found her hole. With one motion my warm tongue was in her hot pussy. I wiggled my tongue and she bucked her hips off the bed. I took my finger and put it in her pussy to get it lubricated enough and in one forceful move my finger was inside her tight anus.

“Ooohhhhh! Fuuuck, yes that feels so gooooood Katie! KATIEEEE!” Kira screamed.

As my finger fucked her from behind and my tongue assaulted her dripping pussy I could feel her orgasm coming. This time I let it come and with the force of a freight train her orgasm hit her. Her body bucked off the bed and her back arched. She closed her eyes as she screamed my name.

“OOHHH YES!” she screamed

My finger kept going in her anus, not letting up while my tongue still worked at her clit and her love hole. As her natural high began to subside, I started to kiss her all over making sure she knew that I loved her and her body and that I loved eating her delicious pussy out.

“Let me outta these,” she said, referring to the ties I had put on her earlier.

As soon as she was out she kissed me long and hard. I could feel her nipples against mine and it reminded me of how much my pussy ached for attention.

“My turn…” Kira said in her seductive voice that I was learning was hard to resist.

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