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Kate’s Good Time

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Kate had undressed only one short hour ago, and already she needed a break. She waited until the man kneeling behind her spurted his thick cum into her cunt and pulled out. Several other men and women were in various other positions around the room, sucking or fucking each other. Kate stood, and felt the slippery wetness of sweat and sperm run down her body.

The man who had just cum in her was now sucking on a pair of huge tits, while their owner had her asshole fucked.

Kate wandered out of the room and down the hall towards the refreshments. The warm semen oozed from her cunt and down her thighs, spreading a slick wetness that she felt with each step. Kate swallowed several times, clearing her throat and tasting the creamy jism that had coated her teeth, tongue and gums. She turned into the cozy room and sat down on a bar stool, wet and naked. The bartender, a pretty young blonde, smiled from the other end of the bar and started towards her.

“Coke.” Kate said hoarsely, then cleared her throat and repeated it.

“Looks like you’ve been busy.” The blonde bartender said.

As a reaction, Kate looked down at her pert breasts and stomach. She felt a twinge in her pussy when she saw just how much cum was still clinging to her tits and red cunt hair. She knew she was making the stool wet from her sloppily creamed pussy, but that only added to the eroticism of it all.

The bartender put a glass of soda in front of her, and Kate offered her wristband to show she had an unlimited account. The blonde bartender smiled and nodded. Kate picked up the cold drink and downed a gulp, then another. The cold, bubbly liquid cooled her throat.

As the bartender moved away, Kate asked her a question. “Do you have a mirror around here anywhere?”

The blonde stopped and turned around, smiling and pointing over towards some nearby tables. “Over there on the wall, best we can do.”

Kate thanked her and slipped off the stool and strolled over. The blonde bartender watched her shapely, glistening body walk toward the mirror. Absentmindedly, the bartender wet her lips with her tongue.

Kate looked into the mirror and saw her reflection, and felt her pussy twinge again. Looking back at her was a 22 year old redhead, with firm, pert tits, nice legs, and a shapely figure, but this girl was glistening wetly in the mirror, and thick streaks, lines, and globs of sperm had covered most of her face, hair, neck, tits, stomach, ass, and cunt. Kate stepped closer to the mirror and looked at her face.

Streamers of thick white, glistening globs of sperm ran up and down her cheeks, into her hair, and across her forehead. The shiny pearlescent white lines crisscrossed her neck too. Her thick red hair was matted in places, and others showed white droplets suspended in her curls. Thick globs of cum oozed slowly down the sweeping curve of her tits, and some of the droplets were clinging sensuously to her nipples. Kate licked her lips and slowly returned to her stool.

“Been quite a night huh?” The bartender asked, wiping the ring left on her neat bar by Kate’s glass.

“Pretty good.” Kate said. “Plenty of guys to play with.”

The bartender chuckled. “You catch any big ones?”

“One guy was pretty big.” Kate said, holding her hands about ten inches apart.

“Hmmmm. I’ll bet that felt good.” The blonde replied.

“He was okay, but there was a guy with a short, thick cock that really got me off.” Kate said.

The blonde leaned over the bar on her elbows, and Kate could read her name tag. It described her name as Carrie. The bartender pointed at Kate’s wet body. “Which one was he?”, chuckling at the sight of her sperm covered tits.

“Hmmm, I think he’s still in my pussy.” Kate said, “or leaking down my thighs.”, she added with a laugh.

“God you’re a sexy bitch.” Carrie said huskily. “Do you do women?”

“Hmmm, sometimes.” Kate said. “Depends if they’re what I like.” Kate eyed the blonde, noting her full breasts, her flared hips wrapped tightly in her black pants, the long, blonde hair braided and clipped up behind her head. “You’d qualify.” She said, looking back at Carrie with a sultry look.

Carrie licked her lips, smiling.

“A little service please!” A man’s voice called out from the other end of the bar. Carrie lingered for a long moment, then turned and walked down towards the semi-naked man. Kate watched Carrie’s hips sway as she moved away, and glanced at the man. He stood with a towel around his waist, and ordered several drinks. Carrie was handing him the paper cups, drinks to go, when several animated voices with naked bodies entered the room.

Kate looked around and a man and two women entered the room. Either they’d just arrived, or they’d showered recently. All three were smooth and dry, both the brunette women showing fine tans. Kate knew the taller of the two from previous visits to the club, and she recognized Kate. The voices trailed off as the man and other woman saw Kate sitting at the end of the bar.

“Oh Kate!” the woman exclaimed, “you’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?”

Kate smiled and nodded, and the woman leaned over, giving her a short kiss on the lips. “I’d like you to meet Jennifer and Tom, some friends I brought along tonight.”

Tom was an athletic looking young man of perhaps 26, with a nice looking cock standing between his legs. His light brown hair formed a thick mat over his chest, which Kate didn’t care for.

Jennifer, on the other hand, was incredibly sexy. Jennifer sported an all over tan, not a trace of tan-lines. She had soft, sexy brown eyes, and long brown hair that hung past her shoulders. Best of all, she was petite, almost flat chested, with a large pair of dark, cone-shaped nipples. Her legs were lean and Kate felt her pussy just oozing her cream at the sight of Jennifer’s hairless pussy. Jennifer’s eyes were drawn the streaks and pools of cum all over Kate’s fair body.

“Hi.” Kate said, smiling at Jennifer.

“Hi.” Jennifer replied quietly.

“Hey, Tom.” Margaret said, and Kate looked at her friend too. “Why don’t you try the green room? It’s got just what you’re looking for.”

Tom smiled, and said good-bye to Kate and the other two women.

Kate looked right at Jennifer. “How old are you Jennifer?”

“Eighteen.” She said, blushing and then casting her gaze away from Kate’s intense green eyes. Jennifer’s eyes locked on the small pool of sperm that was trickling down between Kate’s breasts.

“This is her first time here.” Margaret said. “She’s never been to an orgy, so this is all new to her.”

Kate nodded. “What do you like to do?” She asked Jennifer.

Jennifer looked up and over at Margaret, and saw a barely perceptible nod from her older friend. She looked back at Kate. “Get my pussy licked.” She said in a quiet voice.

“Hmmm, don’t we all?” Kate said, finishing her drink.

“Yes, but Jennifer likes something special with it.” Margaret said. “I’ll leave you two to talk about it. I’m overdue in the pool. See you later girls.”

Margaret walked out the door, with Jennifer’s face looking slightly worried. Kate soothed her and told her to sit down on the next stool. The small girl did, staring at Kate’s sperm-drenched body.

“I look like a slut huh?” Kate asked Jennifer.

The girl nodded slightly, her eyes still staring at Kate’s tits.

“Well, I love the feel of it on me, and I think it’s really sexy.” Kate said, looking for a reaction in Jennifer. Seeing none, she continued. “Not too many women like guys to cum in their mouths, or all over their faces and tits, but I love it.”

Jennifer looked up at Kate, and smiled a little. This encouraged Kate.

“I think it’s really sexy to be sitting here next to you, covered in cum, sperm all over my cunt, ass, tits, and face, and you’re trying to pretend that nothing’s out of the ordinary. I’m so wet right now I could cum by just touching my clit.” Kate said.

Jennifer said nothing, but looked at Kate’s reddish bush. She looked back at Kate, and reached out, brushing her fingers lightly through Kate’s cum soaked pubic hair, and caressing her just above her clit. Kate moaned.

Jennifer’s fingers found Kate’s pearl, and Kate shuddered, causing droplets of cum to wend their way down her body. The fingers withdrew, and Kate opened her eyes, seeing Jennifer licking her fingers slowly.

“So you like to be sucked?” Kate asked. Jennifer nodded. “By men or women?”

“Both.” Jennifer said boldly, although only one woman had ever eaten her, and she’d experienced a tremendous orgasm.

“So what sort of special pussy-eating do you like?” Kate asked.

Jennifer blushed a little and began quietly. “Well, it’s my fantasy, and I thought, well, I thought I could do it here.”

Kate smiled at her charming bashfulness. “What’s it about?”

Jennifer related her complex fantasy. “I want to be tied up, with my legs spread, sitting over a girl’s mouth, while guys cum in me, one after another, and she licks their cum out of me.”

Kate felt a mini-orgasm course through her body. “That’s hot!” She said. “Do you like cum in your mouth?”

“It’s okay I guess.” Jennifer said. I’d rather have it in me, or on my titties.”

“Titties” Kate thought to herself. That certainly described her small tits. The nipples were now standing up firm and hard. “How many men had you thought about?” She asked the girl.

“Oh, five or six.” Jennifer said.

“How about twenty or thirty?” Kate shot back.

Jennifer’s eyes widened. “Twenty or thir…Ohhh!”

“I’d love to suck cum from your pretty little pussy.” Kate said. “And feel the guys shooting their hot, thick sperm all over our tits and faces.”

“Can you wait fifteen minutes?” Carrie asked, approaching them behind the bar. “My shift ends then, and I can help you set that up.”

“You can?” Jennifer asked the blonde. “Really?”

Carrie nodded, smiling. “As long as I get some of your pussy too.”

“Sure!” Jennifer said. Her nipples were getting even harder, standing out like pencil erasers.

Carrie walked away and picked up the phone. She made several calls while Kate and Jennifer talked about the details of her fantasy. “I imagine I’m tied up on my knees, with my hands above my head.” She began, “and my feet are tied wide apart, behind me, making me lean forward so my pussy is exposed, and a girl is tied up underneath me, eating me out. Then the men come in and take turns fucking me, cumming quickly and filling me with cum. Each time they pull out, I can feel their sperm running out of me, and the girl licking it up. I get wetter and wetter from all the cum, and it’s all over my ass too.”

“What’re the guys doing while they wait?” Kate asked.

“They stand around us, maybe one or two fuck you and make me suck them afterwards, tasting your pussy and their sperm. Some shoot all over my titties, and some guy rubs his cum all over my bare mons for you to lick.”

“Hmmm, hot and nasty eh?” Kate chuckled.

“Yeah. Maybe one of them cums in my ass too.” Jennifer said, then quickly added, “Oh! Did I really say that?!”

Kate laughed. “I’ve had so much cum in my ass that I couldn’t hold it. Like a sperm-enema!”

Jennifer’s fingers slid between her legs and she began fingering her clit. “Oh God! That’s so hot!” Kate saw the large, pink clit poking out from between the girl’s labia.

“Mind if I try a taste?” Kate said, sliding off the stool to her knees.

Jennifer spread her legs and guided Kate’s head to her bare cunt. Kate began licking Jennifer’s pussy, tasting the slippery cream that flowed from between her legs. Carrie came back and said things were getting set up in one of the rooms. The blonde leaned over and looked at Kate sucking the flat-chested girl’s cunt. “Taste good?”

“Umm-Hmmm” Kate moaned.

Another bartender came in, a thin man with an obvious personal choice in preferences. He smiled at the sight of the two young girls at the end of the bar. His voice was high and he had a lisp.

“Gee! I’m never tho lucky near the end of my thift!” he lisped.

Carrie exited, and came back about three minutes later, completely naked, and tapped Kate on the shoulder. Kate looked up and saw that she’d been right about Carrie’s body. It was beautiful. And she had a thick blonde bush, shaved over her labia and clit.

“Let’s go.” Carrie said.

The trio headed down a hallway, and met a pair of twins coming out of a room. Both were bleached blondes, but identical twins.

“Aren’t you two cute.” Carrie said. “Want to join us for some fun?”

The twins looked at each other and shrugged, an impish gleam in their eyes. One of the twins pointed to Carrie’s full breasts and then her mouth.

“You want to suck them?” Carrie said, cupping her tits. They shook their heads in unison. The other twin pointed at Jennifer’s small tits, and large nipples. The first twin knelt and made pleading motions. Jennifer laughed, unsure of what they wanted to do.

Through pantomime, Carrie got it. One wanted to suck Jennifer’s tits, and the other wanted to kiss her. Jennifer shrugged and said “why not?”.

The twins pulled her down to the floor, in the hallway, and positioned her on her back. Carrie pulled the smaller Kate in front of her, and then back against her. Carrie’s hands began to feel Kate’s still wet tits, sliding over the slippery mounds and down her belly. The twins moved into their positions. The first twin bent her head, and began sucking hard on Jennifer’s nipple. The thin, tanned girl arched her back up and pursed her lips.

“Ooooh, suck it.” She said. “Ahhhhh.”

With her mouth open from saying her “ahh”, the other twin bent down and opened her mouth. A flood of thick, white cum poured from her mouth into Jennifer’s, then the blonde twin leaned down and kissed her deeply, swirling her tongue around inside Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer had been surprised at first, and even swallowed a little of the sperm. Now they swished and swirled it around and over each other’s tongues.

“God!” Carrie whispered into Kate’s ear. “I’d love to do that to you.”

Kate moaned and leaned back against Carrie, feeling her warm softness. On the floor, the other twin raised up and Kate could see sperm on Jennifer’s right nipple. The second twin repeated the cum-kiss of her sister, and then kissed her sister too.

“Thanks.” One twin said. “That was good.”

“And you have lovely nipples to suck.” The other said.

“We’d love to join you…” The first said.

“But we have to leave.” Her sister finished.

They said their good-byes, and continued to the room. Jennifer was feeling very hot now, her hips swaying sensuously with each step. She was massaging the cum into her right nipple when they entered the room. Inside was a small room with all sorts of restraining equipment. Kate and Carrie put the leather wristlets on Jennifer and then on her ankles. Kate reclined on her back, and Jennifer knelt over her. Carrie tied Jennifer’s ankles to a pair of rings set into the floor for the purpose. Then, using a chain that hung from the ceiling, she hoisted Jennifer’s bound wrists high over her head. Jennifer was strung out, leaning forward slightly, looking down at Kate’s reddish bush. Carrie put wristlets on Kate, then tied her wrists together behind Jennifer’s back. She looked them over, and Jennifer was moaning from Kate’s tongue caressing her sopped snatch. Something was missing.

Carrie put anklets on Kate and then lifted her legs up, and tied her ankles together with a long piece of rope over Jennifer’s shoulders. Kate’s heels were resting in Jennifer’s armpits. Thus bound, both girls presented their charms for anyone’s pleasure. Kate’s legs were wide enough that her cuntlips gaped open, and her pink anus was easily available. Carrie stepped out of the room for a moment, but Jennifer never noticed. Kate had her close to orgasm.

Jennifer was working on her second orgasm when Carrie returned, and Jennifer started, struggling in her bonds. Carrie was wearing a leather harness that crossed between her full breasts, with a pair of leather straps running between her legs. Attached to the two straps was a dildo, about two inches protruding from her cunt. It looked as thick as Jennifer’s arm. Carrie wore hip-length leather boots with long heels, and black satin gloves that stopped just under her armpits.

Carrie stepped over to Jennifer and Kate. “You two are nasty sluts.” She said, holding Jennifer’s face up by the chin. “And you’re gonna drink gallons of cum tonight. Both of you.”

Right one cue, eight naked men entered the room and began circling the girls. Jennifer looked at their stiff cocks, no two were alike. “Who’s first?” Carrie called out. The man with a long, thin cock stepped forward and then moved behind Jennifer. He shoved his cock up her cunt roughly, and began pumping her hard and fast. The unexpected roughness caught Jennifer by surprise, and she gasped. As he moved faster though, she began to feel her orgasm climbing out of her, getting ready to wrench her body.

Kate let her tongue graze Jennifer’s clit each time the girl’s hips rocked fore or aft. Kate’s face was already wet from Jennifer’s sweet, tasty juices. The cock pumped in and out of her cunt, pulling her cuntlips along the shaft with each outstroke. Faster and faster he went, his balls brushing Kate’s forehead. The man grunted and shoved in hard, and began moaning out loud. So did Jennifer. Kate craned her neck back and flicked his balls with the tip of her tongue. The man shuddered again, and then began to pull out. Kate positioned her mouth under Jennifer’s gaping cunt.

The sperm leaked out of her slowly, and Kate was impatient.

“Squeeze that cum into my mouth Jen. Flood my face.” Kate hissed.

The cum rushed out of her cunt and into Kate’s mouth. Kate lifted her head and lapped at the tan girl’s pussy, then sucked the cum from inside her. It began to fill her mouth, the man’s cum and Jennifer’s cream. Kate swallowed it all.

The second man had a thicker cock, but not as long. He too roughly fucked Jennifer and came, pulling out and shooting the last jets of sperm onto her bare cuntlips. Kate again lapped it up, making Jennifer cum again and again. Several men later, Kate’s face was soaked and Jennifer’s thighs were a creamy, slippery, sperm-laden mess. The next man had a long, thick cock, and he slowly pushed it into Jennifer’s cunt. He stopped when Jennifer gasped, a full two inches still remaining out of her pussy.

“God! Fuck me!” Jennifer cried. “Fuck me with that big cock!!”

The man pumped, faster and faster, building his speed like a train. As he moved faster, Kate could see more of his cock disappearing inside of Jennifer, and her own pussy was leaking cream down around her asshole. The man had huge balls, and Kate licked at them as they swayed over her face. In and out, out and in he went. In and out, in and out, inandout inandout, faster and faster until Jennifer was shuddering and crying out with each thrust. The man slammed his cock into her, pressing against her tight little ass, his cock buried to the hilt inside her tiny cunt. Then, with a hard, slamming thrust that could be heard across the room, he rammed his cock up her cunt and fired his load. Kate sucked on each of his low hanging balls, feeling them quivering as they expelled their load of cum.

Jennifer was crying out in luscious orgasm, her body shaking in time to his spurts. In one swift motion, he withdrew his cock, leaving Jennifer’s cunt gaping like an open door. Kate felt the flood of sperm begin, and she lapped at Jennifer’s pussy. Kate’s tongue disappeared as far as she could extend it, right into Jennifer’s spread open cunt. Then the flood began. Kate felt Jennifer’s muscles spasming over and over, followed by a warm rush of thick cum. There was so much that it ran down her cheeks after coating her tongue. Jennifer rubbed her sopped snatch against Kate’s face, moaning like crazy.

Kate’s own body was creaming too, and her wetness had spread down her ass. Her pussy glistened with her juices, as did the crevice of her ass. Kate wanted so much to touch her clit, to come too! She felt someone kneel down and press a cock to her asshole. It was large, thick, and hot. He pushed, and with her juices lubricating her butt, pressed his meat into her ass. Kate moaned loudly, the sounds muffled by Jennifer’s cunt pressed firmly into her face.

The man began pumping Kate’s ass slowly, and Kate looked up and saw a man with the most gorgeous cock she’d ever seen. His cock was about seven inches long, nicely proportioned, about 3 and a half around, and it had the nicest head on it. The man slipped it up Jennifer’s cunt and then pulled out, pressing it to her asshole.

“We’re gonna butt-fuck both you bi-sluts and fill your assholes full of lots of thick cum.” Said the man fucking Kate. Kate’s asshole clenched the cock, letting the man know she was ready. Kate watched the cock disappear slowly into Jennifer’s tight ass. Jennifer moaned a lot, and then almost screamed.

“Fuck me! Grab my ass and fuck it!” Jennifer yelled.

The men both began pounding them, hard and fast. Kate felt like her whole intestines were filled up, and she started climaxing right away. Someone, Kate couldn’t see who, lifted her head and pressed her face into Jennifer’s cum-dripping cunt. Kate sucked crazily, licking Jennifer’s clit and tasting the sperm still oozing from the girl’s pussy.

More voices entered the room, and Kate could sense lots of me all around her. Her asshole tightened it’s grip on the cock, and that was all the man could take. He grunted and shoved his cock deep into her butt, and then Kate felt it swell up and begin spurting. Seeing his partner cum, the man fucking Jennifer shoved deep into her tight little ass and began spurting. Jennifer shook and twisted, moaning loudly. Both men pulled their cocks out with a loud popping noise. Kate watched Jennifer’s asshole pulse and twitch, closing up as a few droplets of sperm leaked past her hole.

Kate heard Jennifer moaning and something wet splatter against her tits. Men began cumming quickly now, shoving into Jennifer’s cunt or asshole, and spurting after just a few strokes. Several did the same to Kate too. Some, over eager, shot their cum all over Jennifer’s ass cheeks, and Kate watched the thick goo slither down her ass towards her tongue. Kate heard women’s voices too, and Jennifer breath came in pants. Sperm splashed against Kate’s tits, thick and hot. Some ran down her sides, and more spurted onto her left nipple. She could feel it dripping on her, from Jennifer most likely, and Kate licked Jennifer’s pussy again.

Carrie called a halt after a few more minutes, and began untying the girls. Kate stretched her aching legs, as did Jennifer. Carrie didn’t untie Kate’s hands, and lowered Jennifer down on top of Kate’s sperm-drenched body. The two girls’ flesh met, and the felt each other slide in the slippery wetness that covered them both.

Carrie untied Kate’s hands and moved the girls face to face. Each looked at the other. Jennifer’s small, tanned face was covered in man-goo. Sperm streaked her hair, and her chin was covered in a shiny-wet, white gel. There wasn’t a place on her face, save her eyes that had been wiped off, were there wasn’t thick semen. Jennifer looked at Kate’s face too, seeing Kate’s forehead and hair splattered with cum. Kate’s cheeks and mouth were glistening wetly, a thick creamy juice covering her chin.

Carrie tied each of the girl’s hands behind the other, so that they were hugging each other. The sensual slipperiness of the cum on their bodies made them press and writhe against each other.

“Lay down on the floor sluts.” Carrie commanded. The girls did, with Carrie pushing them onto their sides, and spreading their bodies as far apart as she could. “Kiss each other. Just use the tips of your tongues.” Carrie said harshly. Kate looked at the sperm covered tongue Jennifer offered, and extended her own, likewise coated with cum and cunt juices.

The door opened and men poured through it, jerking their cocks over the two girls. Kate looked around and could only see men and cocks surrounding her and Jennifer. “Cum bath!” Carrie said loudly. “Cum all over these bi-sluts.”

Sperm began flying and splattering all over them both. Some men contented themselves with standing and spurting on them. Others crouched or knelt, sending jets of hot jism hosing over their faces or tits. The girls closed their eyes tightly, tongues extended, and let them cum. Kate felt some land on her ear, and Jennifer felt a man wrap her hair around his spurting cock, then wipe himself with her hair.

Cum seemed to be flowing over them from everywhere. The musky scent of it and naked, sweaty bodies filled the room. Jennifer felt rough hands part her cheeks and a cockhead press past her asshole. Sperm gushed up her ass and the man withdrew, holding her cheeks apart, and fingering her butt until most of it leaked out of her hole. Some man lifted one of her arms and shot his thick, hot cum against her armpit, then pressed her arm down and rubbed it in.

Kate’s legs were spread and her cuntlips pulled wide open. Sperm surged over her clit and cunt, running down to her asshole like a river. Man after man spewed his seed onto the two girls, until at last, the final cock released a torrent of thick, warm sperm into their mouths. The girls had been swallowing thick cum for twenty minutes and now, they felt it all over them.

At least the way they were, they were relaxing and not having to do anything. Kate and Jennifer’s pussies were sopped, along with the rest of them. Both wanted a final climax though, and they began rubbing their clits over each other’s sperm covered legs.

“Now the real fun begins.” Carrie said. Kate and Jennifer heard her, but they were busily climbing close to another orgasm.

Hands pulled them apart, and pried their legs open. Mouths began licking and sucking their sperm-drenched twats. Jennifer felt a mouth on her right nipple, licking and sucking the sperm off of her. Kate too felt it, and gentle fingers wiping the sperm from her eyelids. Both girls blinked their eyes open, and looked around.

There wasn’t a man in the room.

Women, bi and lesbian, were greedily fingering, licking, sucking and dildoing the two girls and each other. One woman, with huge tits was sucking Jennifer’s cunt while a short-haired brunette fucked her asshole with a strap-on dildo. Moans filled the room, and Jennifer and Kate kissed, letting their bodies slip and slide together. The two girls watched as a girl sat on a dildo and worked Carrie’s thick dildo in and out of the blonde’s cunt. Carrie, still standing began to shake and the girl pulled the foot-long dildo out of Carrie and bent her head back. Carrie came, her spasming cunt showering the girl below with her copious creamy juices. The girl buried her face between Carrie’s legs and brought the blonde to a screaming climax, gently helping her to the floor.

Someone untied Kate and Jennifer, and the two girls stretched. A busty girl came over and pushed Jennifer onto her back, and then straddled her chest, fingering her clit.

“I’m gonna cum on your little tits too, you hot, sperm-covered bitch.” the girl said. Kate watched as the woman’s cream spread on Jennifer’s chest, and Jennifer rubbed her hard right nipple into the girl’s snatch.

Afterward, Kate and Jennifer decided a shower was in order. They both stood and stretched again. Their bodies were thoroughly coated with sperm and cunt-juices, and Kate had to hug and kiss Jennifer once again. Both of them had their hair almost plastered to their heads with sperm and sweat, so they put their arms around each other and walked to the showers.

Soaping Jennifer up was a delight, and the lithe, tanned girl undulated as Kate’s hands roamed her body. Jennifer soaped Kate, squeezing and massaging Kate’s firm tits. Hands lingered between legs, and juices began flowing once again. Kate sat on the cool tile floor and ate Jennifer out, then Jennifer ate Kate’s pussy.

As they dried off, using the towels provided, two men entered the showers. Kate recognized the man with the bigger cock as one who had fucked Jennifer and cum like a horse. He too recognized both girls.

“Had enough for one night eh?” He smiled, standing with one leg up on a smooth wooden bench. His long, thick cock hung semi-hard between his legs.

“Not yet.” Kate said. She knelt down and began sucking the man’s cock to hardness, while Jennifer smiled and toweled her hair. The other man came over and watched, getting hard again too. Kate was sucking, making the slurping noises one makes when sucking a thick cock. Jennifer knelt behind Kate, and lifted her hips up. Jennifer began fingerfucking Kate’s wet pussy, and then offered her ass up to the other man. He slipped his cock into her moist slit and began pumping.

Kate worked for long minutes, then began jacking the man’s cock towards her face. “C’mon stud, don’t you want to fill my mouth with cum? Don’t you want to soak my tits with your creamy hot cum?”

The man grabbed her hair and pulled her back, and Kate aimed his cock at her face, working up and down his shaft frantically. Jennifer was getting a hard, fast fuck too, and working a fourth finger into Kate’s sopped snatch. Kate felt herself coming, and she licked the head of the cock, sucking it, as if she could suck the sperm from his balls.

Jennifer moved her thumb and slipped her whole, delicate hand into Kate’s dripping cunt. Jennifer lost her balance and fell forward, sliding her hand into Kate halfway to her elbow. Kate clenched down and came hard, releasing the cock and putting both hands on the floor. The man began jacking himself off, and pulled Kate back up by her hair.

His cum sprayed out like a hose, splashing against Kate’s face and open mouth. More spurted against her tits. Kate swallowed the load in her mouth, tasting the bitter-salty liquid, and licking her lips. Her cunt was so full, clenching and unclenching rapidly. Sperm ran down her front, over her tits like a river, warming her nipples.

The man fucking Jennifer swelled inside her drenched cunt, and then fired the load of his life. He couldn’t believe these girls were so hot that they’d take cum from forty or fifty men, then suck off one more while her bi-friend fist-fucked her. His sperm gushed into Jennifer’s tight little cunt, and he could feel her spasming in return. He leaned back and pulled out, pressing his cock to her brownish asshole. More sperm gushed, thick and warm, all over her puckered, pulsing anus, spraying over her asscheeks.

The men both sat down on the bench, sweating and panting. Kate smeared the jism over her tits, and then reached back, smearing some onto Jennifer’s small tits too. Jennifer slowly withdrew her hand, her lower arm glistening with Kate’s juices. She licked her fingers off, and then kissed Kate’s spermy face, licking the cum from Kate’s chin and cheek.

“What a pair of hot babes!” The big cocked man said.

They smiled and got up, thanking the men and going over to their respective lockers. Kate slipped into her skirt, and pulled her Orlon sweater over her head. She packed her bra and panties into her purse. The sweater hugged her body tightly, and she liked the feeling of the cum still on her tits. Jennifer asked about her bra and underwear, and Kate took them, stuffing them into her purse as well.

Jennifer slipped on her jeans, feeling the sperm on her ass and cunt, and then put on a half-shirt, leaving her lean, flat stomach exposed. Kate reached under her sweater and wiped some cum from her left tit, then smeared it over Jennifer’s exposed tummy.

“I’ll lick that off when we get to my place.” She said.

Jennifer smiled and looked up at Kate. “Only if I can fuck you with my hand again.”

Kate pulled the small girl to her and kissed her hard, their tongues meeting fiercely, tasting of pussy and sperm. Kate broke it off and looked into Jennifer’s eyes. “Any time you want, just as long as I can suck your tits and lick your pussy.”

The two new friends walked out into the parking lot, letting the cool air caress the damp places of their bodies, and the sperm and juices still clinging to them. Jennifer followed Kate home, and never left.

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