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Just the Two (of Three) of Us

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We set up a night that I am going to be in town and your wife won’t be. Our plan is to have fun with each other naked and see if we can cum up with a plan to get the wife involved. I tell my wife that I have to go there on business and your wife is planning a shopping trip with friends.

As drive by your driveway I see that there are two cars in the drive. I call you on your cell and see if I am too early.

I hear you talk to me as If she is in the room.

You say “Hey Tony! Great to hear from you. ”

I ask is your wife home?

“Yep she is. Her trip got cancelled.”

I ask “Do you want to cancel our plan?

I hear your wife ask “Who is on the phone?”

You tell her it is an old college buddy that is in town on business.

“Why don’t you have him join us for dinner tonight?”

You ask me. “Hey that’s an idea. Tony we were going to go out to eat. Why don’t you join us?”

I say “That would be fine Joe. I’d love too.”

I hear her say “If he hasn’t gotten a hotel yet he could stay in the guest room.”

You tell her “We’ll work that out.” “Tony, Just drop by the house and we will go out when you get here.”

I say “Great. I’ll be there is about 10 Minutes.”

When I arrive you introduce me to your lovely wife and we visit for a little while. She is a knock out with large firm tits and a figure to die for.

She tells me to bring my stuff in and put it in the guest room beside your bedroom. She says she is going to freshen up to go out.

When she leaves the room you tell me that she is a lightweight and if she drinks just two or three drinks she will go right to sleep when we get home and you can slip out to my room.

I say that is great but we will play it by ear.

We have a great dinner at an upscale restaurant. We both make sure she gets several drinks and refills. I think it was 6 by last count. I love her drunk.

She is getting rather flirty with you and a little with me by dessert.

We walk her to the car and put her in. You tell me “She will be out like a light by the time we get home.”

I reply “I don’t know. I think you might be getting lucky tonight.”

You reply “Could be.”

I ask “If you do, could you leave the door a little opened and a low light on?”

When we get home Jessica heads to get ready for bed and we sit in the living room watching the news. In a few minutes she comes to the hallway dressed in a very see through lace night gown that shows of her lovely curves and beautiful nipples. She tells you “I’m going to bed and I think you should too honey.”

She turns to go back to the bedroom and says “See you in the morning Tony.”

“Ok. Have a great night.” I reply.

I give you enough time to get into the action and I get ready for bed myself. That means getting naked and putting on a robe. I quietly open my door and see the light spilling from your room. I hear the sounds of passions sex coming from your room and the squeak a bed only makes when someone is getting well fucked.

I slip down the hall and look into your room. Damn!! What a lovely sight!! I see you on the bed on your back with your feet toward me. Jessica is on top of you, riding your hard dick like there is no tomorrow. I am instantly hard. I see your cock, hard as a rock, sliding in and out of her tight wet hole as she rides you.

I see that you have your face buried in her beautiful tits and your hands are rubbing all over her cute ass. MMmm Damn lucky fellow I think.

She sits straight up with your cock buried up to the hilt. She is grinding her clit into your pubic bone.

I see you look over to me and wink. I open my robe and let you see my hard 6.5 inch cut cock that is hard as steel looking at this. I Begin to slowly jack off watching you.

Your wife begins to pick up the pace of her grinding and begins to moan, low at first and working up to almost a scream. She is cumming and taking you with her. After a very long orgasm she falls forward on your chest. You pull her knees forward and reach up and grab her ass.

You start to hammer in and out of her cunt in a blaze of speed. Soon I hear her getting off again and you join her. I see your cock start to pulse and I know you are Cumming in her tight wet hole. MMMmmmm

I watch the cumm start to seep out as you slow your pace. You hold her tight and are whispering to one another after cumming. I see you cock soften and slip out followed by a rush of hot cumm. I wish I had a camera. MMmmm

After a few minutes you roll her off of you and she rolls over, facing away from you and falls fast asleep.

You roll back onto your back. You start to get up and I hold up a hand to indicate to stop. I crawl into your room and to your side.

I whisper “Damn!! That was hot!”

You say “You’re telling me.”

I reach over to your soft cock and lightly rub. Your cock and balls are so wet.

You say “Think we should here?”

“Think she is out for the night?”

You look over to Jessica and, as if on cue, she snores lightly.

I put a finger to my lips to indicate you should be quiet and I move down to your cock. I love the smell of her wet pussy juices on your cock mixing with your cumm. I lift your softened cock and lightly lick the head. I swirl my tongue around the piss hole and then the whole head. MMmmm The taste of her sweet pussy lips is all over your cock. It makes me so hard. I lick down the shaft and lick your balls. I feel your cock stirring and getting a bit harder. I take that as a good sign. I lick back up the underside of your shaft and suck your head into my mouth. I suck in your whole cock and have my nose buried in your ball sack.

I feel your dick swelling in my mouth as my tongue swirls around your lovely cock. I love the taste of sex on your dick. I love the sight of your wife’s lovely ass as she sleeps beside you. When you are fully hard I begin to bob up and down your cock. MMm I love the feeling of your member in my mouth. I feel your hand reaching down and playing with my hard cock.

While I am enjoying your cock in my mouth I see your other hand start to rub your wife’s lovely ass. I love this sexy overload: your cock in my mouth, your hand on my hard dick, Jessica’s ass near my face with your fingers exploring its lovely shape. Mmmmm

I keep sucking, bobbing up and down on your hard dick while I watch you finger her. I can see that she is still very wet from your cumm and hers.

I hear her moan and mumble “You still Horney big boy?”

I pull up and look at you. I wonder if we are about to get caught.

You say “Can you blame me baby?” and keep rubbing her ass and fingering her pussy.

Jessica moans and spreads her legs a bit more.

You indicate I should get up. I do and you do to. You indicate I should fuck her.

I look at that perfect ass, so well-shaped and wet and I can’t hold back. I crawl up between her legs and spread her ass cheeks. I love the sight of the cute asshole and lovely pussy lips. I rub my dick head against her lips and love how wet she is. I feel her fingers reach under and start to rub her clit. I lean forward and ease into her. Damn what a tight pussy she has. MMMMmmm

I ease into her and she pushes back. When I am balls-deep in her I hold it for a moment. I feel her rubbing her clit madly. I slowly pull back until only my cock head is inside her. Then I push back inside. We fall into a smooth rhythm of fucking.

You are standing at the side of the bed her face is turned away from you. I see your hand pumping your long, hard cock. I open my mouth and you move over to slip your hard man-meat back in my mouth. MMmmm I love this feeling. Her pussy wrapped around my cock. Your cock in my warm, wet mouth. MMmmm

Jessica is getting close to another orgasm.. She rubs her clit furiously and squeezes her legs tight together. Her ass checks grab my cock like a vice. At the same time you start to cumm in my mouth. I swallow the first shot or two and then my cock gets squeezed out of her pussy. Your cock starts to shoot cumm all over her ass and back. “Oh God!!” she cries out as she hits her peak. Damn!! What a lover.

You lean down to kiss her cheek as she turns back toward you. I take the opportunity to slip out of her and off the bed. You cuddle her until she is softly snoring again. I love looking at this woman in love who has been so well fucked. Damn! What a night I think to myself. You roll away from her and face me. You roll off the bed and onto your knees.

You come over to me and whisper “Now let’s get you off.” and you grab my hard cock.

You are jacking me off while you swirl your tongue around my head. I am so slick from her pussy juices and your cumm. I lean back against the closet door for stability. I feel your warm mouth engulfing my cock. I love how your hands are playing with my balls while you bob up and down. You take almost my whole dick in your mouth before you pull back up to the top.

As I get close you suck hard on my dick head and pump my shaft like a madman. Mmm I start to shoot my hot cumm into your mouth. I want to cry out but can’t risk waking up your wife. I feel your mouth slip from my cock and you keep pumping my dick. I cumm in your open mouth and on your face and shaft. You swallow all you can and begin to lick my shaft and head clean when I stop cumming. Oh man does that feel great.

I slip down to my knees and whisper “That was so hot!”

You say “I know.”

We could not have planned a better night. I tell you I better get to bed before. As I pick up my robe and look back at the two of you my cock starts to stir again. MMmmmm I think to myself what our next meeting will be.


The next morning I wake to the smell of coffee and put on my robe and head downstairs. You are there in the living room in your robe too. “Coffee is in the kitchen if you want some.” I go get a cup. We sit and make small talk about the evening until Jessica comes down the stairs. She isn’t dressed at all. Stark naked. Her perfect body is the stuff of dreams. She is holding a digital camera in her hand.

You say “Jess. Shouldn’t you put on a robe with Tony visiting?”

She says “Well I was going to until I check the camera.”

We look at each other and then her. “Camera?” you ask.

“You have always been after me to let you take pictures of my naked or of us having sex.” she explained. “Well yesterday I took a bunch of pictures of myself for your birthday next week. Since I was in a sexy mood last night I set up the camera on video mode before I came to get you to go to bed.”

“Really?” you reply.

“Yes” she said. “I was going to surprise you with it but you surprised me with it.”

Neither one of us know what to say. “What did it catch?” you finally ask.

“It caught me and Joe fucking as well as the two of you getting off and you fucking me.”

After a moment of silence I start to mumble “I’m sorry. I was going to the bathroom and …”

Jessica holds up a hand to stop me. “Look Tony. I know Joe is horny almost all the time. This is an interesting side I did not know about however. It might be interesting to explore.”

“You’re not mad?” you ask.

“No. I am pretty fucking turned on right now. Hot enough that the first hard cock I see I plan on fucking it.”

She turned to walk back to the bedroom with a wink and a wiggle of her cute little ass.

What happened next is another story.

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