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Just the Beginning

Category: Anal Sex
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It’s not often a person gets to share their dreams and fantasies. But when they finally do share them with someone special they might come true. Faith shared her dreams and fantasies but what she didn’t expect was a hidden desire that she wasn’t aware of until her partner showed her that she wanted it more than anything during a pashing session where his fingers touched a spot she didn’t know could be pleasurable. She has since spiraled into anal heaven. This story is just the beginning of that spiral.


Lying face down naked on your bed I hear you rummaging through your drawers until I hear you find what you’re looking for. As you walk back to the bed I rake my eyes down your body, pausing long enough to admire the muscles of your chest and coming to rest on my favourite part of male anatomy, standing to attention just for me, I lick my lips unconsciously and a tingle passes through my body.

“Faith, are you sure you want this?” you ask, concern lacing your voice.

Almost in a whisper I reply, “I’m positive….Just be gentle. Will it hurt much?” I ask not wanting to know the answer, only wanting to experience it for the first time.

“Well it will be a little uncomfortable but…,” leaning down you whisper into my ear, “in the end I’ll have you screaming in pleasure.”

A small not quite audible, “Oh”, escapes my lips but I trust you implicitly.

Placing your hand upon my back you tell me in a gentle voice, “Just relax Faith. Enjoy the sensations. If you want me to stop tell me. I’ll follow your directions and if you want me to stop altogether tell me. I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to, ok?”

Encouraged I reply in a confident voice, “Ok. I want this. Please continue.”

I close my eyes and wriggle around a bit to get comfortable. I feel you shift on the bed and your hands start rubbing and massaging my back. It feels good. Slowly you move down my back rubbing in circles and massaging until I feel your hands on my ass.

“Faith, you really do have the most gorgeous ass.” You say with a smile.

I giggle and you continue your massage down my legs and then back up to my ass. Feeling quite relaxed I hear a cap being flipped open and a squishing sound. Moving your body you use one hand and shift my legs apart and sit between them. Rubbing my ass cheeks with one hand, I feel the warmth of your other hand and my cheeks being spread slightly apart. I jump as your cold slick finger slides up and down my ass crack. Each time you pass my hole you push against it until finally you push right in.

I let out a gasp and revel in the new sensation. You stop moving and just let your finger rest inside for a moment.

With concern you ask me, “Shall I continue Faith?” I try and come to terms with what’s actually happening to me. I can’t believe I’m letting you play with my asshole. I can’t believe I actually like the feeling of a finger up my ass.

Taking a deep breath I tell you in as much of a steady voice as I can, “Yes, please don’t stop.”

You wiggle your finger a bit, each movement sending out a tingle throughout my body. You push against the edges trying to stretch my hole further. It hurts a bit and I’m still not sure what to make of all of this but I know that I love what you are doing. The feeling of being full, of exploring something taboo — it’s exciting!

I hear the cap being flipped open and you withdraw your finger to a slight squish sound. You put more, what I now know is lube, onto your finger and bring your hand back to my ass. Without delay you slip your finger back into me and wiggle it a bit pulling out to the tip of your finger. I feel a second finger join the first and slowly you push in. You rest inside for a minute letting me get used to it and then you slowly pull out then plunge back in. You push your fingers apart stretching my hole. I gasp a bit but I only want more. You start to fuck my ass slowly with your fingers. Picking up speed you go faster and faster until I can’t even tell anymore if you’re in my ass or not. It’s just endless pleasure and I don’t want it to end.

I feel myself getting wetter and wetter between my legs as you finger fuck my ass. Moaning a bit I try and tell you what I’m feeling but all I manage to utter is, “Don’t stop.”

But stop you do. You withdraw your two fingers and pop the cap on the lube. My eyes shoot open.

With a slight tremble to my voice I hurriedly speak out, “No, not three, I can’t handle three.”

With an authoritative tone you tell me, “You can handle three, Faith, I know you can.”

You lube your fingers up and come back to my ass. You push three fingers against my hole meeting resistance but you persevere slowly until with a pop all three fingers are up my ass. I gasp and feel your fingers in my ass only managing to utter, “Oh” over and over.

Very slowly you start to fuck my ass. Amazingly it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. You pick up speed and fuck my ass. I get lost in the sensations until all I know is I love being fucked up the ass like this. I can feel myself dripping each time you thrust into me. I start to moan and breathe heavily.

“I…want…more,” I manage to utter out.

Suddenly you remove your hand and I hear the cap of the lube being popped, again you squeeze some lube out and I wait to feel your hand once more. But instead you crawl up the bed and I feel the top of your cock at my asshole. I gasp and bite my lower lip in anticipation. You push in and bit by bit you slide into my asshole until you’re all the way in. I can feel your breath on my neck as your weight settles onto me. This is amazing. I finally have your hot hard cock up my ass and I LOVE IT!

I turn my head to the side and open my eyes to see you smiling at me.

“How does that feel?” you ask me.

How does that feel? How does it feel? Like I was made for this, my ass is custom made for your cock and for getting pleasure. Breathing heavily, I whisper to you, “Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, please don’t stop.”

You start to slowly thrust in and out, gently rocking back and forth, a slow sensual fucking of my ass, your breath warming my neck.

I close my eyes and a moan escapes my lips.

You shift your body and continue to fuck my ass. The feeling of my ass being so full is magnificent. I’ve never felt anything like this. You pick up speed trying to hold off really letting go.

Breathing heavily I utter, “Please fuck my ass harder.”

You comply and with much grunting and heavy breathing you go for it, no holding back, you fuck my ass.

I feel the familiar tingle between my legs, my own juices pooling onto the bed beneath.

Breathing heavily unable to really catch my breath, my hands open and close and search around for something to clasp. Moaning louder and louder I barely can hear your balls slapping against me.

You fuck my ass until you can take no more and must release. With some final thrusts you come in my ass. It is with those final thrusts I feel myself fall over the edge and with a moaning scream my body spasms, my pussy clenching and unclenching.

You remove yourself from my ass and go and clean up.

I slowly unclench my hands from the sheet and lie there trying to get my breath back as I wait for my body to calm down I try and will my beating heart to slow. Taking deep breaths I feel you come back and lie down next to me. As I feel your hands push aside damp hair tendrils from my face, I slowly open my eyes and look into yours, smiling I whisper, “Thank you,” as my body spasms and I relax even further. Your hands caress my face and leaning in, your warm breath on my lips, you breath into me, “You’re welcome, Faith,” and close the gap and softly kiss my lips.

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