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Just That Kind of Woman

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So like most folks, when something like this happens to them, I never saw it coming. You are probably asking yourself what the “it” is. I’ll tell you. What I never saw coming was my formerly straight-laced wife being turned inside-out by a lesbian coworker of mine, and more. But I’m getting ahead of myself, which besides being disorganized probably isn’t very helpful or fun for you. Let me start at the beginning.

My name is Chris and I have been married to my wife, Gretchen, for almost six years. Gretchen and I are both 30 years old, having been out of college for a couple of years when we met. I, of course, think Gretchen is the absolutely most beautiful woman in the world but from an objective point of view though attractive, she is not runway model gorgeous. Gretchen is 5’6″ and weighs about 145 lbs. She has brown hair, brown eyes and her complexion is a shade on the side of year-round tan. As far as measurements go, she is a 34B (in some bras, she has to go to the C cup) with about a 26 inch waist and her hips are 36 inches. We are still waiting to have kids and she tries to keep in shape so her body is fairly toned. That should give you enough to form a pretty good mental picture.

OK, on to what happened. It all started at work one day. I manage a warehouse for a uniform supply company and one of my coworkers is a lesbian named Lisa. Lisa and I have worked together for about three years now and have become pretty good friends. She has come to dinner at our place a few times and she and Gretchen get along, but it’s not like they have ever been really close. Anyway, one day at work, I was reading an article in a magazine about a movie entitled, “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister.” It is the true story of the life of one of the first openly lesbian women. The review mentioned that Anne Lister had seduced quite few married women and the actress who played her said Anne was sort of an arch-seducer who seemed to just have this kind of power over women. Lisa said that she had never heard of the woman but wasn’t really surprised. She said that just like with men, there were a few women who seemed to be able to bed pretty much anyone.

After that Lisa got kind of quiet which was pretty unusual for her. I assumed that she was thinking about going to bed with such a figure and kidded her about it, asking if she needed some time alone.

Lisa laughing said, “No, that’s not it at all.”

“Then what,” I asked.

“It’s nothing,” Lisa replied but I wasn’t about to let it go at that so I continued to press a bit. Finally, almost apologetically, she said that she was one of those women. I couldn’t help myself and gave a slight chuckle before I could stop it. I immediately apologized as I really didn’t intend to offend Lisa.

Lisa said, “We’re still cool but it’s true and has basically always been that way. Lisa explained that she figured out she was a lesbian by the time she was a senior in high school and had gone through college bedding quite a bevy of coeds, some of whom were “straight.” She said that at first she figured it was just the fact that many women see college as a time for experimenting. Her opinion changed when she seduced a married female professor of hers. Since then she’s come to realize it’s something of a gift. She said most people think it’s about technique but in reality, for her at least, it’s because she is so sensitive to others. She said she just can seem to sense what the woman needs even when she isn’t aware of it herself and then gives it to her.

Then she asked me a question that made me think. Lisa asked, “Have you ever noticed the women I bring to work social events?”

I immediately knew just what Lisa meant. At every single holiday party or company picnic, Lisa was accompanied by an absolutely stunning woman and it was always a different one. To be honest, I had often wondered how because Lisa is not unattractive but she is pretty average. I’d guess about 5’4″, 135lbs, black hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. I don’t know for sure—even now I’ve never asked—but I’d guess she was about a 36C and has a bit of bubble butt. Well, we work in a warehouse so you can guess it’s also not money or power attracting these women either. Thinking about it, I said it was clear she does OK in the love department but that was a far cry from being able to bed essentially any woman.

At that point, the conversation took a sharp turn in the direction that leads directly to how I started my story. Lisa simply said, “I don’t know that I could bed any woman, but I’m sure I could seduce Gretchen.”

I had taken a sip of water and damn near spit it out. I told Lisa that there probably are a fair number of married women she could seduce but Gretchen wasn’t one of them. I went on, explaining that Gretchen is pretty straight laced. I noted that Gretchen and I dated a long time before she let me touch her all over, even though several of our make-out sessions had gotten pretty hot. Regardless of how aroused she was, Gretchen was always in control of her libido, not the other way around.

Lisa said she heard me but that she just knew she could make Gretchen’s passions overwhelm her more rational side. Lisa went on that she was certain that she could get Gretchen so aroused that she would beg Lisa to make her cum.

I told Lisa that I didn’t see that as possible but I certainly didn’t want to even see if she could turn Gretchen into a lesbian.

This time Lisa laughed, saying “I didn’t say anything about turning Gretchen into a lesbian. You’ve been reading those online erotic stories too much. Gretchen loves you, always will and will never be a lesbian, but I can make her respond sexually to point of desperately needing release.”

I told Lisa that I still didn’t think so but guessed it would remain forever a mystery because even if she said she had seduced Gretchen, I wouldn’t believe her.

Lisa said, “No problem, I’ll do it front of you.”

“Oh, come on Lisa,” I replied, “Now, you want me to believe you can get my wife so hot that she’ll beg you to make her cum right in front of me.”

Lisa simply said, “Yeah, that’s about right. Of course, there are a few things I want you to do to make the set up fair.”

I told Lisa, “I haven’t agreed but let me hear what your conditions are.” I couldn’t believe I was actually considering letting Lisa try to seduce my wife, but I honestly didn’t think for a moment she could do it and I must confess, even if unlikely, the thought of getting to watch it turned me on.

Lisa said the conditions had to be right. I said, “I suppose you want me to make sure that Gretchen has had a bit to drink.”

Lisa replied, “On the contrary, I don’t want her to have had any alcohol. I want her completely aware of what is happening to her body. It’s important that she can feel everything.”

Lisa asked, “As a rule, how often do you two have sex and do you know if she masturbates regularly?”

I said that we typically have sex once or twice a week and that as far as I knew Gretchen only masturbated if I was out of town or we hadn’t the chance to be intimate because I was sick or schedules were too hectic or something like that.

Lisa said, “Good, so I want you to make sure that for a week before I do this, you and she don’t have sex or pleasure each other in other ways. Moreover, you need to keep her busy enough that she doesn’t masturbate either. That way her body will be a little in need of sex, even if she doesn’t realize it.”

Lisa described her plan to me; not this Saturday but the next (so there could be the week without sex) she and Gretchen would go for a run which they sometimes did. She said the run was the perfect set up for three reasons. First, it put Gretchen in clothes that were easy to get off when the time was right, so disrobing her wouldn’t break the mood. Second, it would elevate Gretchen’s temperature and it was always easier to seduce someone who was warm to start. Finally, a good physical workout would have Gretchen filled with endorphins, an already aroused state. Lisa said with that her job would simply be to turn the arousal from the workout kind into the sexual kind, which would be easy enough.

Lisa told me that she wanted me to be sitting in the easy chair in the living room reading the magazine article that had started this whole thing—but not to let Gretchen see the article before that—and with the TV off as it was too distracting. For some reason Lisa seemed compelled to explain to me this whole thing. I think so I would know it was no trick and so she could prove it would unfold just the way she said with my wife helpless to stop it. As such, Lisa explained that she would ask me about the article which would raise this idea of an irresistible seductress in Gretchen’s mind and have her thinking about lesbian sex. It would be how if someone tells you not to think of a pink elephant you immediately can’t think of anything but that.

I was amazed at how much thought Lisa put into this and it made me wonder if she hadn’t had designs on Gretchen for some time now. Also, although I still thought Gretchen wouldn’t succumb, Lisa’s thought process seemed logical enough to make me wonder if I should agree.

My lecherous side eventually won out and so two Saturdays from that conversation, I found myself sitting in my easy chair, thumbing through a book while Lisa and Gretchen were out for a run. I had the magazine on the table beside me, article bookmarked to pick up as soon as I heard them at the door. As you can imagine it was one of the longest waits I’ve ever had, the minutes seemed to drag out endlessly. Finally, though, I heard the girls racing up the driveway and tagging the garage door. They often ended their runs with a sprint to the finish but I knew this time that Lisa wanted it particularly to kick in those endorphins and that she would let Gretchen win to give her the extra rush of victory. I quickly picked up the magazine and opened it to the article, placing the book with bookmark on the table and pretending to read the article.

Gretchen came through the door first, dressed in a gray cotton sports bra with the zipper in front and gray cotton shorts—the kind with the lining so she didn’t have to wear panties. The material between her breasts was damp with sweat. Lisa was right behind her dressed in pretty much the same outfit but in black. They both plopped down on the couch, taking deep breaths as they recovered from the run. As instructed, I asked how the run was.

Lisa panted out a, “Good.”

Gretchen laughingly said, “Lisa really tried to push it today but in the end I kicked her butt.”

Lisa reached over and gave her a squeeze on the shoulder and said, “You really looked good out there today. I could tell your workouts were working from your figure but it really showed on the run today.” Lisa clearly wanted Gretchen to bask in her victory.

Gretchen and Lisa sat on the couch for a few minutes, coming down slightly from the race part of the run. Finally, Lisa asked me, “What are you reading?”

I told her it was an article about a movie.

She said, “What movie? Maybe we could go see it sometime.”

I replied that I’m not sure that it would be a movie for us to see, explaining what the movie was about and giving the same information about how the actress called the character an arch-seductress.

Lisa asked Gretchen whether she thought such a thing was possible.

Gretchen said, “I’m skeptical. I’ve always kind of felt that people only get seduced if they want to be seduced. No one is really seduced against their will.” Gretchen then said, “Well, Lisa, you’re the only lesbian here. What do you think, do such women exist?”

By way of answer, Lisa leaned in and nuzzled Gretchen’s neck while lightly stroking Gretchen’s arm. Gretchen clearly hadn’t expected that and I could see she was kind of at a loss, but I could also see goose bumps pop up on the arm Lisa was stroking.

A moment later, Gretchen seemed to regain her wits and said, “Lisa, I know what you are trying to do and it won’t…” She never got to finish the sentence because Lisa swiveled, throwing her leg across Gretchen’s legs so that now she was on Gretchen’s lap, facing her and holding her down. In the same movement, Lisa leaned in and cut Gretchen off mid-sentence with a kiss while now stroking the other arm as well.

I saw Gretchen’s eyes fly open in surprise and she look over at me so I knew she was still aware of my presence. Lisa’s kiss had a mounting urgency which drew Gretchen’s attention back to her. Gretchen made muffled sounds of protest, not quite words, but they were cut off by the continuing kiss. Once or twice, I saw Gretchen kind of shake her head as if to collect herself but the incessant kissing and the stroking of her arms always was enough to make that never quite possible. Eventually, Gretchen’s eyes seemed to lose focus a bit as she just surrendered herself to Lisa’s kiss. Lisa went on kissing Gretchen for some time after that, continuing to stroke both arms until Gretchen’s body relaxed and she sort of sank into the couch and it was clear she was breathing a bit heavier.

Lisa must have sensed the change as well because she broke the kiss, sliding to the side as she began to softly kiss all over Gretchen’s throat. There was an incredible sense of stillness in the room as Lisa’s hands slid off Gretchen’s arms and began to slowly and softly glide up and down Gretchen’s sides. Meanwhile, Lisa’s mouth had moved up Gretchen’s neck and she was gently blowing across Gretchen’s ear. In the silence, all I could hear was Gretchen’s increasingly heavy breathing and Lisa whispering how sexy she thought Gretchen was and how she could make her feel so good. Gretchen’s back began to arch a bit and I could see her nipples just starting to harden.

Again, Lisa was one step ahead and her hand had already moved to cupping Gretchen’s breasts, feeling their heft. She took one of her fingers and began to softly circle one of Gretchen’s breasts, starting on the edge and spiraling inward toward the nipple. The effect was immediate, even through the heavier fabric of the sports bra I could see Gretchen’s nipple become a hard point. Of course, I had seen Gretchen’s nipples get hard before but never with such speed. To be honest, I’m not sure I had ever made them that hard. Lisa was still caressing Gretchen’s neck with her mouth as the other hand began to do the same thing on the other breast with the same effect. Gretchen’s back arched thrusting her breasts upwards as if in search of more contact and Lisa hadn’t even touched her nipple yet.

Gretchen again glanced at me and I thought surely she would stop Lisa, but just then Lisa placed a hand over top of each of Gretchen’s breasts, trapping a nipple in between the fingers on each hand. At this point, Lisa made good use of the fact that Gretchen was still sweaty from the run. The sweat provided just enough wetness to keep the sports bra from being scratchy. Instead, the sweat acted like a lubricant, allowing Lisa to roll Gretchen’s nipples between her fingers. You could see them seemingly get harder with every deep breath Gretchen took. Gretchen probably didn’t even realize it but she turned back to Lisa.

Lisa began kissing down Gretchen’s throat as one of her hands deftly unzipped the sports bra. Now I saw what Lisa meant that running attire was perfect for seduction. If Lisa had to stop to lift a shirt over Gretchen’s head, it might have broken the spell. I’d say mood but at this point it was clear that Lisa was casting a spell of seduction over Gretchen.

I thought there was still a chance that Gretchen would stop it before it went too much farther but had to admit it wasn’t looking good. So Lisa managed to unzip the bra and sort of slide it off Gretchen’s arms without her even really knowing it. Of course, she was helped by the fact that as soon as she had unzipped it, Lisa had slid her kisses over onto one of Gretchen’s breasts and begun to suck on the nipple, while she rolled the other, now bare nipple in between her fingers. Gretchen let a small moan out. I was shocked as Gretchen usually made almost no sounds during sex, perhaps a moan or grunt when she climaxed but nothing like what I just heard. By now Lisa was working over Gretchen’s breasts like a woman possessed, switching her mouth and fingers from side to side so both nipples got some of each kind of stimulation. Gretchen’s breath was now shifting from deep to sort of panting and she was making small moans almost all the time.

Lisa again sensed the change and was pushing forward before Gretchen could adjust to that level of pleasure and tell her to stop, which from time to time it seemed like Gretchen was almost but not quite able to do. Now Lisa was sliding her kisses down Gretchen’s tummy while her hands kept busy on Gretchen’s nipples. Lisa’s tongue circled Gretchen’s belly button and began to what I can only call, tongue fuck it.

Gretchen simply went, “Uuuuhhhh.”

Lisa began to kiss even lower, running her tongue just along the line where Gretchen’s sports shorts hit her tummy. Gretchen’s legs had fallen open and I could see a definite wet spot had formed in the crotch.

I thought Lisa would be more direct now but she wasn’t. Instead, she moved her mouth to Gretchen’s inner thigh up by the left knee and began to softly kiss it. Lisa’s hands had moved off of Gretchen’s breasts and were stroking the outside of Gretchen’s thighs while Lisa’s mouth kissed the inside. She was drawing nearer and nearer to the center and Gretchen was, by now, so wet that I could smell it from where I sat. Lisa blew across Gretchen’s cloth-covered mound and like the nipples earlier the effect was immediate, I saw Gretchen’s clit become so hard it was like a large bump in her shorts.

Gretchen looked at me once more but Lisa changed tacks again as her mouth now moved to Gretchen’s right inner thigh up by the knee and she kissed it even more softly, and Gretchen’s attention shifted involuntarily back to Lisa. Lisa was once again working ever so slowly toward Gretchen’s core. Gretchen’s hips had begun to make those small Fuck Me circles that told me it was time to enter her.

This was yet another plateau of arousal and Lisa was clearly getting ready to make her next move, getting Gretchen’s shorts off. It was here that I thought Gretchen would put a stop to it. Unlike the bra, I just couldn’t see how Lisa could get them off without Gretchen’s help. What I hadn’t noticed was that in addition to turning Gretchen on, Lisa had used her hands sliding up and down the outside of Gretchen’s thighs to slide Gretchen down so that her ass was right on the edge of the couch and indeed Lisa was feely squeezing and caressing Gretchen’s ass while she kissed her inner thigh. Still the shorts would have to come off and I remained hopeful. Lisa looked over at me and winked as she gave Gretchen’s inner thigh a little nip, no pain but evidently very intense because Gretchen went “aaahhh” and her hips bucked up.

When Gretchen’s hips raised, in one smooth swift motion, Lisa pulled the shorts down to just below Gretchen’s knees where gravity made them fall the rest of the way to the ground. Shit, Lisa was playing my wife like a fucking violin. I was positive that Gretchen didn’t even know that the shorts were gone and she was totally nude. I was certain that at this point Gretchen was no longer aware I was even in the room, her attention totally drawn to what Lisa was doing to her.

It was clear now that Lisa would take my wife but I still had hopes that, at least, Lisa couldn’t make Gretchen beg her to make her cum. I was sure that as long as Lisa didn’t stop, Gretchen was too far gone not to cum. But, as I said Gretchen was the silent type so I thought the begging part would never happen—not that it would be much solace. Lisa was backing to kissing my wife’s thighs, now running her tongue along the crease where the leg meets the crotch and Gretchen was clearly enjoying it because her hips were really rolling now. Lisa gave Gretchen’s clit a quick kiss and it made Gretchen spasm a bit, her legs shooting straight out for a moment before relaxing again.

Lisa then took one of my wife’s pussy lips in her mouth and sort of rolled it up and down. It was fucking amazing. When Lisa released it, I could see how engorged it had become. Then she took the other pussy lip in her mouth and slid it back and forth. It too was fully engorged when she let it go. I now realized now why she had done that, with both of them so swollen they parted leaving Gretchen’s diamond hard clit fully exposed. I could actually see Gretchen’s clit pulsing.

I figured Lisa would now move in for the kill and she did give Gretchen’s clit another quick kiss. Gretchen’s hips bucked up so violently that I thought she would break Lisa’s nose. Lisa, however, had obviously been expecting it and had gotten out of the way.

As Gretchen’s hips bucked, I heard her say “Oh God.” In all the time we had been together, she had never spoken so much as a syllable but Lisa had her giving that age-old lust cry.

I sat stunned as Lisa now began to tongue fuck my wife but, how can I put this, backwards. I’m sure that doesn’t make sense so let me explain. Lisa refused to go as Gretchen would have wanted. When Gretchen’s hips rose, Lisa withdrew her tongue and when Gretchen’s hips fell, she plunged in. I would have thought it a bad idea but clearly it was having quite the effect as Gretchen’s hips moved up and down wildly trying to get Lisa’s tongue as she wanted it. Gretchen was now more bathed in sweat than when she returned from the run.

Suddenly Lisa began her tongue fucking in exactly the rhythm that Gretchen wanted, eliciting an “Oh fuck.” I had never heard Gretchen use that word in the bedroom or anywhere else. Still, it was clear Gretchen was headed straight for orgasm. I felt relieved as Gretchen would cum but wouldn’t beg for it.

I should have known better because just before Gretchen could climax, Lisa stopped tongue fucking her and just softly blew across her clit, keeping her from going over the edge and letting her arousal subside a bit. After a few moments of the blowing, Lisa returned to tongue fucking Gretchen in reverse. Gretchen was going crazy with lust and need. Her hips were moving frantically, trying to get the tongue how she needed it.

And, Gretchen was voicing a nearly constant stream of moans and aahs interspersed with a quite a few “Oh Gods” and “Fucks.” It was like she was a different woman, so vocal that I would have never believed it was her. At one point she actually tried to grab Lisa’s head to get it to go how she wanted but Lisa simply shook her head and Gretchen’s hands fell to her sides as Lisa caused another burst of pleasure.

Once again Lisa suddenly shifted the tongue fucking into exactly the rhythm of Gretchen’s fucking motions. Once again, Gretchen’s arousal immediately spiked. Gretchen was absolutely hurtling toward orgasm. I was sure there was no way it could be stopped this time. Indeed, Gretchen drew even closer to the precipice. It was like a rollercoaster going up that initial hill and the first car had reached the crest, but somehow Lisa kept Gretchen from going over. At first, she did absolutely nothing, giving Gretchen no stimulation at all causing her to slide back from that crest.

Then Lisa went back to softly blowing on Gretchen’s clit.

I heard Gretchen sort of croak, “Please.”

I’m not sure whether that counted as begging, but Lisa clearly wasn’t satisfied with it and said, “Please what, Gretchen?” As soon as Lisa said it, she blew a particularly strong stream of air directly on to Gretchen’s clit causing Gretchen’s pussy to spasm just a bit.

It drew an “Oh fuck, please,” from Gretchen and this time there was certainly a tinge of pleading to the words.

I certainly would have said that one counted but Lisa still wanted more, she wanted her triumph absolutely complete. While still blowing on Gretchen’s clit so she wouldn’t lose the edge to her arousal, Lisa very quietly said, “Gretchen, I can keep you in this state for a long time so you need to tell me exactly what it is you want and use my name when you do so.”

I saw Gretchen kind of stiffen and I thought for a moment Lisa might have pushed it too far. But as always Lisa was a step ahead, almost like she needed Gretchen to show that last bit of resolve. Lisa had leaned in given Gretchen’s clit two quick sucks and with those sucks it was over.

Gretchen’s legs were shaking and she burst out, “Oh God, Lisa. I can’t take anymore. For God’s sake please make me cum.”

Lisa looked over at me smiled. She had done exactly what she said she would. Gretchen’s arousal and need had taken complete control of her. Lisa had broken what I thought was my wife’s impervious control.

Lisa turned back to Gretchen. She resumed sucking Gretchen’s clit softly and slowly. Gretchen was basically in one continuous long moan now. In a few moments, Lisa added the tip of her tongue softly flicking across the tip of Gretchen’s clit. Obviously I couldn’t see the flicking and I’ll tell you later how I know that’s what happened.

Lisa took her hands and used them to slide Gretchen’s hands onto Gretchen’s breasts. Gretchen was rougher on her nipples than I would have ever been—and in fact they were quite tender the next day—almost as if she was trying to get herself off with the sheer force of playing with her nipples. Lisa was still sucking and flicking on Gretchen’s clit. Then Lisa slid a hand around and began to lightly tap on Gretchen’s asshole causing this crazy motion of Gretchen’s hips. First, Gretchen’s hips would swing up, increasing the pressure on her clit, and then down, increasing the pressure on her asshole. Gretchen was beside herself.

Lisa slid a finger into Gretchen’s pussy and began to press firmly on her g-spot. She continued all the stimulation for a few moments and then suddenly stopped. At this point, having been totally wrong or not, even I wanted Lisa to have pity on Gretchen.

But the lull was absolutely momentary. Lisa suddenly resumed it all; the sucking, the flicking, the tapping and the pressing, just as fast as she possibly could. And then the damn broke, Gretchen let out the most guttural moan I’ve ever heard as the tidal wave of orgasm swept over her.

The convulsions in Gretchen’s pussy were so strong that she squirted, another first. One of the spasms was so intense that Gretchen practically sat bolt upright before collapsing back onto the couch. Lisa kept going and I could see one orgasm leading right into the next until it seemed the Gretchen was just one huge mass of orgasm.

This went on for a bit before Gretchen squeaked, “Stop.”

Of course, even before the word was uttered, Lisa had begun to slow the pace down. She didn’t altogether stop as that abrupt a halt would have been cruel. So Lisa gently led Gretchen back down to earth.

When it was over and Lisa finally pulled her face off my wife’s pussy, here was the scene. Lisa’s face was covered in my wife’s cum and my wife had one leg draped along the couch with the other hanging limp. Gretchen’s pussy was soaked as was the couch. Gretchen’s entire torso was covered with the bright red of sex flush and her nipples were even redder from where she had all but tormented them. Gretchen’s hair was plastered to her head. Gretchen didn’t pass out, but her eyes were glassy and totally unfocused. I was sure there wasn’t a coherent thought in her head and it was clear that it would be quite some time before there was. As I said, my lesbian coworker had just turned my wife inside-out. What happened next is another story.

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