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Jordan Opens My Eyes To New Things

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My name is Damien and I am 30 year old single guy. I am just under 6 foot and I have a slim fit build. My hair is receding a these days – but what I do have I like to keep neat and short but not shaven. The hair is dark and the eyes are brown. Women say there are jealous of my long eyelashes. All in all I am not a bad looking guy without being a ‘hunk’.

I had been working on the night shift for a couple of year already. I enjoyed it for so many reasons, not the least of which was being away from the office politics on display during the day. This way I was my own boss and people left me alone. Not only that I could sleep all day and enjoy the daylight while others were at work. But the on problem was it left my social life in ruin. Finding a girlfriend was not easy when you have leave parties at 10 to get to work. I was getting lonely if truth be known. My job was with a radio station as an overnight producer. I took calls before they went to air. So my social life was being overrun by these people who liked to flirt with a guy on the end of a phone they knew would always answer. A couple of times I went against my better judgment and met some of these people. Let’s just say that the dates were not a success.

For a while now I had been getting these calls from a gay guy named Scott. He had asked me from the beginning if I was gay and I was quite upfront in saying absolutely no. But so what – does not mean you can’t be friends. We would chat every now and then – sometimes for long periods of time. One night he had obviously called into one of those chat lines and conference called me in for a bit of a laugh. It was amusing talking to all these guys quite harmlessly about nothing in particular. It turned out that one of the guys was also involved in radio. Anyway he started calling me at work every now and then and chatting about radio until one night he asked if I wanted to visit his station. I was genuinely interested in the kind of station he worked at so I thought why not – seeing as I had the next two nights off work.

I met at the station at around 11pm. There were only a couple of people around so it was easy for him to show me around the place and for us to talk. Jordan was a little bit taller than me and had a full head of hair which was a mousy colour with a few curls. His eyes were blonde and he was a more solid build than me. I think Jordan was at least 2 or 3 years older than me. We chatted for quite a while about the workings of the station and working the late shift. The subject eventually turned to sleep patterns and how on your nights off you find you are awake all night.. That said Jordan invited me back to his place for a drink and to watch a movie. He was not that far away – just a nice stroll.

His apartment was nice with lots of modern type furniture. He offered me a drink of wine and as he handed me the glass he leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away quickly. This was totally unexpected. I was sure that he knew I was not gay. I had not been flirting at all with him at least I did not think so.

“I’m sorry” said Jordan “I just find you so attractive. Even though I know you are not gay I wanted to kiss you all night. I hope that is not going to ruin our friendship.”

“Not at all – I am flattered. To be honest I have never thought about kissing or being with a guy before and now that I am over the shock I think it was quite nice.” I said.

Jordan looked pleased that his actions had not ruined the night. “Well I am sorry just the same and I promise not to try that again.”

“that’s a pity I said” hardly believing the words were coming form my mouth. “I think it might be fun to experiment some more – if you can’t try it with friends than who can you try it with?”

Jordan was stunned. “What do you mean exactly? Do you want to have sex with me?”

I nodded. Secretly I had thought about being with a guy a few times. I always wondered what it was like and if it would be the same as being with a woman.

Jordan said “Ok if you are serious about this then you will need to prove it to me by stripping naked right here.”

I was never one for gyms or locker rooms so I don’t recall ever being naked for another guy before – especially not with one who was looking at me in a sexual fashion. I was too nervous to strip seductively. I just stripped down to my underwear while Jordan watched with eyes bulging. “C’mon” he encouraged as I held the waistband of my navy briefs. I pushed them down slowly and was surprised to see my cock was quite hard. I had been so nervous I had not even thought about my cock being hard, but there it was for Jordan to see.

“Wow you are serious and you have a great body.” Said Jordan. “If we do this though you are going to have to experience it all – otherwise you will not be able to truly judge gay sex.

Again I nodded as Jordan approached and kissed me deeply. I could not believe how horny it was having a guy looking at me naked, feeling my body and kissing me. His kisses were sensuous and soft at first and then more passionate as the minutes passed. My cock was as hard as it had ever been when he finally pulled back from our embrace and then started to slowly lick his way down my chest. He placed his hands on my ass as he licked the tip of my cock. I moaned as I felt his tongue touch me and lick up the precum oozing out. He looked up at me with his blue eyes, his hands still on my ass as he engulfed my cock in one go. No woman had ever done that before. But here he was taking my 7 inches into his mouth and sliding his mouth up and down on it. I was so excited by what was going on that I could barely stop myself from cumming right away. Jordan sensed this and pulled back a little. Then he said “I am going to do what I bet no woman has done for you before.” With that he picked up the pace on my aching cock. I was panting and moaning as he drew me closer to the edge. I tried to warn him that I was about to cum but I could not get the words out. Then I felt the wave hit me as my balls released what felt like a lifetime of built up cum. I exploded deep in his mouth. He did not miss a beat swallowing every last drop of my juices.

When Jordan finally released my cock there was not a drop of cum to be seen. He then stood up and pushed me down on the bed so I was sitting in front of him. I watched as this gorgeous man slowly removed his t-shirt and then his pants. He was wearing a white g-string that was barely containing his obviously hard cock. Jordan noticed me glancing down at it and said “it’s been hard since you walked in the door. You are so sexy. I kept trying to tell myself you were not gay and that I have to control myself. I never imagined that we would be doing this – only hoped.” With that he removed his g-string and stood there naked in front of me. I have never really had the chance to look at another guy up close naked. I have never seen a hard cock other than my own. Now I had one in front of me. His balls were shaved – in fact there was not a trace of hair on his body. His cock was bigger than mine – 8 inches I think. It was cut like mine too. I was so horny now but I was not really sure what to do. Jordan reached out with his hand and pulled me onto the floor in front of him. I was kneeling in front of this huge cock which was pointing straight out. He pulled my hands up to touch his chest and run my hands down until they touched his cock. I played with it for a while feeling his hardness and stroking it gently.

“I want you to suck me. I want you to taste man juice for the first time. I want you to know the pleasures of giving a man a blow job. Open your mouth and suck on my cock,” said Jordan

With that I opened my mouth and tasted a cock for the first time. What juices were leaking tasted warm. I felt hornier than I had ever been in my life as I felt his cock slide in. I sucked on his length as he pushed it in slowly. He guided it and showed me how to avoid gagging as his cock jerked with anticipation. I was sucking my first cock now as he grabbed my head and guided me back and forth. I felt his cock throb as the pace increased. I think Jordan was more excited than he realised because like me it took no time before I felt he was on the verge of exploding. But he did not let me slow down. “I am going to cum in your mouth and all over your face” were his last words before I tasted cum for the first time. It hit the back my throat and quickly filled my mouth. He pulled out and stroked the last few spurts of cum over my face as some dribbled down my chin.

“Do you like the taste” he asked.

“Mmmm it’s slightly salty but very warm and somehow horny.” I said licking my lips.

Jordan pulled me up and we kissed deeply sharing in his juices.

We kissed for a while standing and then fell onto the bed. Our legs in a tangle, our cocks touching one another. His hands were all over my body. It did not take long for my cock to spring back to attention as it rubbed against his cock which was also hardening. His fingers worked their way through my pubic hairs and around my balls. He then surprised me a little when a finger rubbed against my ass and then slowly worked its way into me. I let out a gasp as he started to rub my prostate, Then all of a sudden he stopped and pulled away. He left me lying there naked on the bed as he left the room without saying a word. I felt so vulnerable now.

It did not take him long to return. It was clear what he had in mind by the objects in his hands. In one he had a packet of condoms and in the other was some kind of lubricant. I was going to experience something I had only had passing thoughts about. Jordan asked me to put the condom on his hard cock. It felt strange rolling it on to a cock that was not mine. He then pushed me back on the bed. I looked him in the eyes as he crawled between my legs and lifted my ass in the air a little and began rubbing the lube into my ass. It felt nice having his fingers working in and out of me.

Jordan looked at me and said “now you are going to experience what it is like to have a man in you.”

With that comment he pulled my legs up over his shoulders and guided his cock to my hole. It felt like nothing else as the tip pushed through my entrance. He went slowly to minimize the pain – encouraging me to relax as he worked his cock ever more into me. I gritted my teeth as the pain came over me. But while I felt the pain I could also feel a heightened horniness. I did not want him to stop.

We did not talk or say anything now. It was just a collection of moaning from both of us as he started to get into a rhythm. I was being fucked for the first time and loving every minute of it. Both our bodies were dripping in sweat as Jordan pounded me for the next few minutes. I loved the feeling of his cock in me – I felt almost complete with it there. I felt Jordan’s cock twitch and I knew he was about to release his load. He moaned loudly as he pushed deep in me for the last time. He was filling that condom up quickly his cock throbbed deep in my ass. Jordan collapsed on top of me as he withdrew his cock and pulled the condom off. Both of us were panting. He did not need to ask me how it felt because he could see it written all over my face. We kissed deeply.

Jordan told me to relax for a few minutes and then join him the shower. After the water was running few a few minutes I decided it was time to follow. I did not want this night to end. I did not want to lie there on my own for too long in case I had time to think too much about what I had just done. I wanted to enjoy the moment for what it was without letting the outside world in and thinking about how my life would now be changed forever.

Jordan soaped me up – not missing an inch. His gentle hands then ran over my body and washed the soap away. The mood was broken the sound of the phone ringing. It was after 1 in the morning now so you tend to be a bit weary when the phone starts to ring. I stayed in the shower as I heard Jordan say hello. It was not a long conversation, but I could not make out what it was about. Jordan handed me a towel as he stepped back into the bathroom. “I hope you will stay the night” he said. “I would love to”. With that he threw me a white robe. Jordan found another robe he stashed in the cupboard and led me back into the lounge room. The lights were dimmed as he handed me a glass of wine. It did not seem right to talk just yet. We just took the moment and each other in.

The silence was broken by a knock on the door. Jordan jumped up and without asking who was there let the guy in. I recognised the voice as soon as he said hello. It was Scott. “I did not believe Jordan when he said you were here and that he had just fucked you – so had to see for myself.” “I thought you told me you weren’t gay.” Said Scott. “I’m not – but I guess I have thought about it at times.” I replied. “Why didn’t you ever talk to me about it during all those chats we had – long before I introduced you to Jordan” asked Scott. “I guess I was always just waiting to be left alone with a guy and it would just sort of happen. If I had to plan it I would have been to scared.” “So” asked Scott “did you enjoy it – was it everything you hoped for.” “It was amazing,” I said.

Jordan invited Scott to join us for a drink. We chatted for a while about this and that. But before long the subject returned to sex. I knew where things were going when threesomes was brought up. None of us had ever been in one although we all admitted it was a fantasy – but maybe the combinations I dreamed of were a little different to Scott and Jordan. “I feel overdressed” announced Scott. With that he stood up and removed his jeans and shirt to reveal a black g-string. “You know I have had a crush on you since the first time we talked. I always wondered what you looked like and I can tell you I am not one bit disappointed.” Said Scott. He looked then at Jordan who nodded. Scott then came over and planted a kiss on my lips. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and then licked his way down my chest. “Lets try a threesome.”

This night had been one of so many firsts already – I was not about to knock back another one. Scott was not a guy you would knock back. He was about the same height as Jordan but a bigger frame. He too was shaved all over. His hair was dark and short, his eyes were green. Scott was the youngest of us – being only 19. The age gap had been another reason I had never actively pursued exploring my sexuality with him before. But now it did not matter.

Before long we were a mass of naked bodies kissing and licking each other all over. I sucked on Scott’s cock as Jordan teased mine. After a while we headed back to the bedroom – all three of us with massive hardons.. I had only cum the once and my balls were ready to explode.

Jordan lay face down on the bed. His ass slightly propped up by a couple of pillows. He guided my cock into him after we had all put condoms and ky on. I pushed my cock into Jordan’s ass. It did straight in as my balls slapped against his cheeks. Scott was behind me – standing at edge of the bed. My ass was staring him in the face as I slid in and out of Jordan. He held onto me as he pushed his cock in. His cock was 9 inches long and uncut.

We started to work up a pace. Scott would pound me as pounded Jordan. We were all so turned on none we could not last long. Scott pulled out as he was ready to cum and removed his condom and came around to cover my face in his juices as I filled Jordan’s ass. We were a mass of bodies, sweat and cum. As I pulled out of Jordan and removed the condom, Jordan turned over to reveal his hard cock. It was not going to take much to make him cum for the third time that night. Scott and I began licking either side of his cock. The sight of it alone was enough to send Jordan over the edge. His cum shot into the air and landed on his chest. Scott and I licked it up together and shared a three way kiss. All our juices mixed in together.

We collapsed not long after that. I spent the rest of the night between Scott and Jordan. It was a night I would never forget.

* * * * *

I hoped you enjoyed the story. I would love to get some feedback from any of you to tell me if you too enjoyed it and if it made any of you horny or even made you cum while reading it – male or female. Love to stay in touch with anyone who wants to correspond also. I still have not been with a guy for the first time – this is just a fantasy. I welcome any suggestions for how I should experience my first time or suggestions for future stories.

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