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Is It Hot In Here?

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Yeah, Niki was my girl, and to this day I still don’t understand why. She was as cute as they come. A farmer’s daughter and he sure knew how to grow ’em, if you know what I mean.

About 5’ 3’’ short, long straight brown hair, green eyes, cute little nose, and full luscious lips. Tits, oh those beautiful tits, not too big, not too small, you know just right. She was about 10 Lbs. over perfect weight.

That ass was to die for. When she put on those tight jeans and walked by the guys they all had to take another look before they let her walk on by.

All the guys wanted her. One look at her and you could just tell she was built for sexual pleasure and everybody knew it. I had to put up with every guy around trying to get in her pants when we went out. Hell, she even had other chicks hitting on her she was so hot.

Me? I’m just a regular guy, 5’11’’, 155lbs, brown hair, and blue eyes. I guess I’m built ok. Oh, by the way, my name is Scott.

It was a hot summer Saturday morning and Niki and I both had the day off from work. We had planned to sleep late and just have fun and enjoy the weekend. When I woke up kind of early Saturday, I just couldn’t go back to sleep. The main reason why was there was Niki lying beside me, naked. We had stayed up late last night fucking our brains out till we just couldn’t go on, and then collapsed in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

Now there she was just lying there sleeping so innocently, that body made for sex begging me to do something to awaken it. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see her beautiful pussy just waiting for attention. The aroma of the hot steamy sex we had just a few hours earlier still lingered in the air and the sight of her and the smell were making my cock come alive. I just had to roll over and put my nose between her legs and breathe in that wonderful scent.

That is all it took, I positioned myself between her legs. My face was just a couple of inches away from that wonderful pussy of hers. I lay there smelling it till I couldn’t take it any longer. My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as it found its way between her full, swollen pussy lips and very tenderly began to slide up and down her slit, still warm and moist from the night before. I dipped my tongue in her sweet hole and started to slide it upward till it reached her now awakening clit. I licked and stabbed the end of it with just the tip of my tongue. It twitched and that is what brought Niki out of her restful sleep. I heard a low throaty moan and felt her hands on my head as she awakened and spread her legs as far as she could to let my lips and tongue have their way with her now hot, dripping pussy.

The next thing I heard was “Oh God Scott, eat my pussy” as I used my fingers to pull the soft skin hood back from over her now big, swollen clit. I wrapped my hot, wet lips around it at the tip and began to suck softly up and down its length as my tongue pushed and encircled it sucking her closer to the edge of orgasmic pleasure.

I could feel my hard, throbbing cock drippin precum. It was trapped between my belly and the bed as I humped the bed to give my hot, swollen member some pleasure of its own. I sucked and pulled up on her now spasming clit with my hot, wet lips till it slipped from between them and snapped back down. My tongue immediately started an assault between her swollen, sloppy pussy lips as I started to tongue fuck her dripping hole.

I heard a loud squeal from Niki and the words, “OH GOD Scott! I’M GONNA.” She never got to finish her sentence.

I immediately jumped up from between her legs and off the bed and ran out of the bedroom saying “I got to go piss.” I was leaving her there with her beautiful body tensed and tight as a bowstring, in agony, begging for sexual release.

As I ran out of the room laughing I heard Niki scream, “Scott, you pussy eating bastard! Get back up here and make me cum!”

As I made my way down the stairs to the bathroom I heard Niki scream, “Scott, you’re gonna get it now, damn you.” I knew the payback would be nothing less than pure sexual tormenting pleasure.

This was just the beginning of what Niki and I loved to do to each other. We would do this all day long, just play around with each other and when we got a chance, bring each other to the edge of orgasm and then stop just before it happened.

The teasing and playing was the agonizing sexual pleasure that would build us both up to the night ahead when we would finally give in to our pent up sexual frustration of the day. Before the night was over, we both knew we would be acting like sex-crazed animals, with no intention of stopping until we were both completely spent and sexually satisfied.

You know, I just thought, maybe this is one of the reasons why Niki stayed with me.

I jumped in the shower to wash off the lingering aroma and stickiness of the pure sexual pleasure from the night before and the more recent coating of pussy juice all over my face. I didn’t want to have to confront Niki right then. I figured by the time I took a shower she would be downstairs and have her mind on other things by then. Boy was I wrong!!! I had only just gotten started when Niki shoved back the shower curtain and stood there naked with this sheepish little grin on her face.

She said, “Look Scott, I’m not mad. As a matter of fact I think you were great last night and I just want to give you a little reward.” With that she reached out and grabbed hold of my still half hard cock and started stroking it. I couldn’t move. She was the best I had ever seen when it came to giving a man sexual pleasure with every part of her body. I loved it when she stroked my cock. Sometimes when I would eat her pussy till she cum, she would make me lie on my back and she would jack and stroke on my cock till I exploded all over the place.

It didn’t take but a few strokes and she had me right where she wanted me. I was putty in her hands and she knew it. She had my cock standing up, swollen, fat and throbbin. As the water ran down my back she kept pulling on my cock in a slow sensual rhythm with her eyes glued on it so she could see when the first drop of precum showed up. It was only a few strokes before she got what she was going for. As my cock started to ooze the first drop of precum from its piss hole, Niki moaned and started to squeeze a little harder and milk my cock until the cock juice was running out all over the head. With that she dropped to her knees and slipped her hot wet lips around it.

She knew exactly what to do. I heard myself groan, and from my mouth came, “Ahhhhhhhh!!! Baby, suck my cock.” I was lost somewhere in a sexual cock sucking bliss. Niki was a cock sucking machine. She was all over it and up and down it, shoving it down her throat and then sliding her hot, wet mouth back up to the head where her tongue was like a silky, wet, warm whirlwind around it as her soft wet lips firmly sucked at the same time. It was more than I could take. I started to hump my hips for her as the pressure in my balls became too much.

Again somewhere from inside me came a moan and the words, “Baby I’m gonna cum!!!”

With that Niki immediately stood up, turned around and started walking out of the bathroom. When she got to the door she turned around and looked at me with that cute little grin and said, “Hurry up and get your shower done. I want to take one too,” and walked out.

My mind was a blur, as my cock was left throbbing and jumping with every beat of my heart. Damn that little slut!!! I should have known that was what she was up to, but I just couldn’t help it. It felt so good, there was no way I was going to stop her.

Well I got my payback for getting her all horny upstairs and just leaving her like that. Now we were both a couple of horny fuckers and it was just morning! When we got like that there was no telling what would happen before the day, evening, and night were over.

As I walked out of the bathroom, Niki was walking in. I grabbed her by the arm and planted a warm, wet kiss on her delicious lips. When we came up for air I looked into her come fuck me eyes, and said, “Truce.”

She looked at me and said, “Ok, I won’t do that again Scott. I’m sorry.” There was that little lying grin again as she walked on into the bathroom to take her shower. That’s ok. I was on my guard now and she wouldn’t be able to do that kind of thing so easy now.

We had a light lunch and Niki said she wanted us to go shopping at the mall. I hadn’t been to the mall shopping in a while so I said, “That sounds like fun, let’s go.”

Niki had on her tight little hip hugging jeans and a halter top. She might as well have had a sign on her that said, “Come fuck me hard.”

I knew what she was doing and it was working. She was trying to make me horny by looking like that and parading around the mall for all the horny guys to see. I would get a few looks and a little grin from some hot chicks every once in a while myself so that’s why I like to go to the mall. But damn! When Niki walked around it seemed like she was the main attraction. Every male from 14 to 70 years old would undress her with his eyes as she walked by. Now I didn’t worry so much about the real young ones or the older ones. It was those guys from about 18 to 45 I had to keep a close eye on. If I left her alone for just a couple of minutes, I would come back and there she would be, talking and flirting with some guy. She knew it drove me crazy and made me horny as hell for her. That’s exactly why she did it.

We went into a department store and were looking around when Niki said, “I think you need some new jeans. Let’s go look at them.” We walked over to the men’s department and were looking at jeans when she picked up a pair and said, “Oh Scott. I think you would look delicious in these. Why don’t you try them on?”

So I thought, “What the hell.” I did like the looks of them. I started looking around for a dressing room when I spotted an open doorway in the back wall of the men’s department. It was the dressing rooms. You went in the doorway and turned to your right and there was a hallway with about six dressing booths down it. Well, I knew what Niki had planned. I knew when I got done trying on the jeans I would walk out and there she would be practically rubbing it all over some cute unsuspecting guy. I was the only one in the dressing rooms so I walked on back and opened the half door to one of the booths. I went in and took my jeans off and slid the new pair on. Just as I was zipping them up the door to the booth opened behind me. I spun around to see what the hell was going on and there stood Niki.

I said, “Niki! What in the hell are you doing in here? This is the men’s dressing room.”

She just grinned and said, “There’s nobody but us in here and nobody saw me come in.” She said, “Oh Scott, you look so hot in those, we are going to buy them for you. Now, get out of them and we will go pay for them.”

“Well,” I thought. “If that will get us out of here before anyone catches us in here then fine.” I slid them off onto the floor. As I was bent half over I felt Niki put her hands on my ass and start rubbing it. I said, “Damn Niki, you better stop that.” That’s when she reached around from behind and grabbed my half hard cock and started jacking on it. I just froze. I couldn’t do a thing to stop her. About 10 strokes and she had my cock standing straight up and throbbin.

Then she stepped in front of me and pulled down her pants and said, “Fuck me like a dog Scott.”

I couldn’t stand it. She was bent over in front of me with that sweet little ass sticking up in the air and pushing it back and rubbing it all over my cock. I grabbed my cock and put the head against her hot, wet pussy lips and shoved it in, clear up to the hilt.

I heard Niki say, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Scott, fuck me!”

I started rammin’ my hard, fat, throbbin cunt reamer in and out of her hot, sloppy, little puss as fast as I could so I could get her fucked and get the hell out of there before someone caught us. About that time we heard someone come around the corner into the hallway.

“Damn” I pulled out of Niki and said, “Get your pants up fast!” Neither one of us got to cum. We both flew into our jeans and out the door of the dressing room we went. There stood a guy in the hallway holding a pair of pants with a funny look on his face. As we walked by I pointed to the pants he had in his hand and said, “That looks like a nice choice.” Niki just giggled and we got out of there fast.

When we walked out of the dressing rooms there stood a clerk just staring at us in amazement. I handed him the jeans and said, “We will take these.”

He was standing there with his mouth half open and said, “Yeah, sure.” We were paying for the jeans and the clerk just kept looking at us as Niki stood there beside me giggling and rubbing her hands all over my arms and chest. The clerk gave us the jeans in a bag and said, “Thank you.”

I said, “Thank you,” with a grin and Niki and I got out of there as quick as we could. As soon as we got out of the store we both just busted out laughing and down the mall we went.

On the way home in the car Niki said, “Hey, let’s go home and get cleaned up and go out tonight and prowl.”

I agreed, and at the same time thought, “Oh damn.” I knew just what she had on her mind and with any luck at all this was going to be one scorching hot sexual night before it was over.

We went home and threw my new jeans in the washing machine along with some other stuff and just relaxed a little. As evening turned to night Niki and I took showers and got ready to go out and see if we could have a good time. Niki was the last to get ready. It was a warm summer evening and I had no idea what she would wear.

When she came out of the bathroom and said, “Well, I’m ready,” I took one look at her and my cock instantly came to life. She had on a little, sheer, white, cotton tank top that was cut off just below her tits, with a pair of tight, little, white, cotton shorts to match. She had no underwear on and it was quite obvious. With her deep brown tanned skin, you could see her nipples and pussy with no problem at all. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as I stood there drooling with my cock growing harder every second.

She turned around and showed me the back and looking over her shoulder, grinned at me and asked, “Do you like it? I bought it the other day in hopes you would.” You could see every inch of her sweet tight little ass.

I said, “I love it.”

We jumped in the car and were on our way to our local bar where we hang out with some friends on the weekend. We walked in and every head in the place turned to look. Niki might as well have been naked from the way everybody was staring at her.

We were greeted with the old familiar, “Hey, what’s happening,” as we made our way past the pool table on our way to the bar where some friends were sitting. Niki spotted a couple of friends right off who were a pretty hot couple themselves. She was a tall blond with long legs and an ass that wouldn’t quit. He was a good looking guy with big shoulders and a tight little butt. Niki and I had often talked about what it would be like for all four of us to get together some time and swap partners and fuck each other’s brains out. But, it just seemed like the opportunity never came up. We had a couple of drinks with them and talked about what each other had been doing.

Then one of the guys I knew who had been playing pool came up to me and said, “Come on Scott let’s play pool partners with these two hot chicks back here.” You can have one and I will take the other.”

I looked at Niki and she said, “Go on, have some fun.” So I went back to the pool table with him and we flipped a coin to see which chick got which guy. I’m glad we did it that way because both the chicks were hot little numbers and it would have been hard to choose any other way.

As I played pool I could see Niki was not having any problem attracting guys to talk to and buy her drinks. They were practically waiting in line to get next to her and she loved it. I played a couple of games of pool and decided to go see how Niki was doing. She has a tendency to drink a little too much in a situation like this and I didn’t want her to get sick and spoil the night. When I made my way back to her, to my surprise she was doing really well. She had guys all over her and wasn’t but just a little bit buzzed by the booze. She had a guy on each side of her and one guy had his hand on her ass while he talked to her. I came up from behind her and reached down and removed the guy’s hand from her ass.

I leaned over her shoulder and said, “Hey sweet meat, how you doin?” She looked around and saw it was me, turned around on the stool and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a big, hot, wet kiss on my waiting lips. Damn, she practically shoved her tongue down my throat.

The guys who were all around just kind of started leaving slowly, mumbling things as they walked away like, “Who the hell is that lucky guy?” and “Man, I would like to put the meat to her one time.”

When Niki finally came up for air I looked in her eyes and said “Hey baby, you’re just about ready aren’t you.”

She just laughed and said, “Hey big guy, let’s get the hell out of here and go for a drive.”

I was all for that so I grabbed her by her sweet little ass with her arms still around my neck and lifted her off the barstool and stood her on the floor. I took her by her hand and led her through the people toward the door.

As we were just about to leave our friends and the guys who were hanging around Niki, yelled, “Hey! Where are you guys goin?”

Niki turned around and in a sexy little voice said, “Bye guys.” You should have heard all the whoops and hollers along with a catcall or two as we walked out the door.

As we walked to the car I said, “Niki, you are a naughty little girl making all those guys cocks hard and then just walking off and leaving them.” She said maybe she needed her little butt spanked for being a naughty little girl like that. We just laughed and got in the car and sped off into the night.

As I drove, Niki was all over me, kissing me and running her tongue all over. Her hands went straight for my body. One was rubbing my chest and the other rubbing my crotch. She had my cock hard in no time at all.

I said, “Hey you hot little piece, where do you want to go?”

It still wasn’t very late, about 10 PM. So Niki said, “Let’s drive down to Old Town and see if there is anybody around.” I agreed. Old Town was a small little burg about 15 miles from where we lived now. We had both grown up there and had gone to high school there too. So we knew some people there who just might be around and looking for some fun on a Saturday night.

We weren’t but a couple of miles out of town when Niki unzipped my pants and got my cock out and began playing with it and stroking it. I left one hand on the wheel and slid the other down between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet. Those guys back at the bar really had her HOT!!! She kept kissing on me and stroking my now rock hard cock as I slid a finger in her hot little hole and started finger fucking her. I slid my finger out of her puss hole and slid it up between her pussy lips until I found what I was feeling for. Her clit was hard and swollen. My finger was wet with pussy juice as I let it slip and slide all around it. She let out a deep throaty moan and her mouth went straight for my cock. She had precum running out of my cock all over the head of it from all the jackin and strokin she had been doing on it. That’s the first thing she did was to lick all of my cock juice off the head. Then she started to suck my cock like there wasn’t going to be any tomorrow. I had to pull my fingers out of her pussy, and put that hand back on the wheel because it was getting hard to drive with the way she was working on my cock with her hand and mouth.

I didn’t want her to stop but I had to tell her, “Niki, if you don’t stop I’m gonna cum.” She reluctantly gave up her sexual assault on my hot throbbing cock in hopes of better things to come before the night was over. We were just coming into Old Town when we saw a light on in a small building where we knew a local rock band practiced. We were friends with all the guys in the band and their chicks so we decided to stop and see what was going on. As we pulled up outside we could hear the loud music coming from inside.

Niki said, “Cool. They’re practicing. Let’s go in and watch for a while.” Then she looked at me, grinned and said, “Yeah, Todd might be here.” She knew full well if the band was there Todd was there.

I just smiled and said, “Yeah he might be.” I looked at her and added, “Candi might be here too.”

Niki just looked at me grinned and said, “Let’s go.”

Todd is a close friend of mine. We grew up together and went to school together. He was a good looking guy and well built. Niki and Todd have the hots for each other. They didn’t want to be a couple or anything like that, but there is no doubt they wanted to get in each other’s pants. As a matter of fact, Todd has run around with Niki and me a lot. He and his girlfriend, Candi have come up to the house and spent a lot of evenings just hanging out, drinking, and having fun.

Candi! Wow!!! Talk about a HOT piece! I have to admit, Candi and I would like to get naked and wear each other out fuckin and suckin till we can’t move from total exhaustion. Todd knows that, just like I know about him and Niki. Todd and I have talked about swapping a few times and I think Niki and Candi like the idea, too. We just haven’t had a good chance to make it happen yet.

We walked in the door and the place was really rockin. They had it cranked up and were pounding out some of the best hard rock I have ever heard. Todd was singing his guts out when he looked up and saw us and motioned for us to come on in. We went over to the side of the room where all the guy’s chicks were. We stood there enjoying the music and waiting for them to get done with the song. As soon as they were done they all agreed they were rocked out for the night and it was time to split.

Todd came over and said, “Hey guys. What you doin?”

I told him, “We were just out for the night looking for the action.” I looked around and didn’t see Candi. I asked Todd, “Where is your woman, man?”

He told us that Candi’s brother who is in the service was home for the weekend and she hadn’t seen him for a while so she went home early to spend some time with him and her family.

I said, “We were just out driving around. If you guys are done do you want to go cruising with us for a while and maybe drop by the house and drink a couple of beers?”

He said, “Yeah that sounds great. Let me grab a towel and wipe some of this sweat off.” He grabbed a towel and off we went. Niki was all smiles and squirming with delight. She knew that my hot little sports car only has bucket seats in the front. I had a small pillow that we put in between the seats for her when she wanted to sit close to me. When we got to the car she didn’t waste any time getting it and putting her sweet little ass right up on it so we all could get in the front. It was very close with all of us in the front. You had to be right up against the person sitting next to you.

Todd had on a pair of cut off jeans and a t-shirt. I could see Niki had her leg pressed hard up against Todd’s. God that had to feel great, their naked skin against each other. We were all talking about things we had done since the last time we had seen each other. I could see and feel Niki squirming around, rubbing her leg against Todd’s. There was no mistaking the smell of Niki’s hot, wet, little pussy getting all heated up again because she and Todd were rubbing their naked skin against each other. I couldn’t tell for sure but I knew Todd’s cock had to be getting hard with the way Niki was acting.

Damn! I thought she was going to mount him right there in the car. Todd had a nice sized bulge in his pants and Niki had mentioned that to me on more than one occasion. I wasn’t sure but a bulge like he had, it was sure to mean a big, fat, long cock and Niki knew that too. We were taking the country roads to our house because we had been drinking and besides, it was more private that way. Niki and Todd were talking and I could see Niki had let her hand slip down onto Todd’s leg and was rubbing it. Todd was doing the same thing to her. My cock was hard just watching those two making each other hot. We were still a few miles from the house and I thought I would see just how hot I could get those two. We were on a stretch of road where there weren’t any houses for a few miles. I slowed down the car and stopped. Niki looked at me, puzzled.

I smiled at her and said, “I have got to take leak.” I jumped out of the car and went around behind and acted like I was taking a piss. That’s all it took. She was all over Todd and he wasn’t putting up any fight. I slipped back around the end of the car where I could watch and wasn’t disappointed with what I saw. Niki had Todd’s cock out sucking on it for all she was forth. Damn! We were right about Todd’s cock. It had to be 8 or 9 inches long and a couple of inches across. I have a good 7 inches and mine’s about as fat as Todd’s but with the extra length of his it looked huge. I couldn’t stand it. I had my cock out stroking it watching those two going at it. Todd had his fingers buried in Niki’s pussy finger fucking her to a heated frenzy. The harder he crammed her puss with his fingers, the harder and faster Niki jacked and sucked Todd’s huge cock.

When I thought none of us were going to last much longer I put my cock back in my pants and opened the door and climbed behind the wheel. Of course the dome light came on when I got in and I could see just how big Todd’s cock really was. Damn! It was big. Niki and Todd stopped what they were doing and just looked at me waiting to see what I would say.

I grinned and said, “I think we better get to the house and have a beer. What do you guys think?”

They just smiled and said, “Yeah that sounds great.”

We weren’t but a couple of miles from the house, but Niki couldn’t stand it. She was worked up to the point of no return now.

She leaned over and stuck her hot, wet tongue in my ear and said, “You hot fucker.” Then slid her hand down to my crotch and unzipped my jeans. She got my still hard cock out and started stroking it. About half a dozen strokes and she went down on it and began sucking the fuck out of it. Todd was over on the other side of Niki, finger fucking her and jacking his big cock at the same time. Niki was in sexual heaven. She had two big cocks, one on each side of her. They were hot, hard and drippin precum, just aching for her attention. A few minutes was all it took and we pulled into the driveway at the house. I stopped the car and Niki came up for air and saw we were home. Todd and I got our cocks back in our pants as best we could with them still hard. Niki pulled her shorts back where they belonged and we all made our way into the house.

When we got inside, I turned on a couple of dim lights we had in the living room and said, “You guys just relax. I’ll get us a beer.” Todd sat down in the recliner and Niki crawled up on the couch and leaned back where Todd had a perfect view of her hot, steaming little pussy. I walked into the kitchen to get us all a beer and I could hear Niki and Todd talking.

As I was opening the beer I heard Niki ask, “Do you like this Todd?”

Todd answered, “Oh fuck yeah baby.”

I peeked around the corner and Niki had her legs spread and was pulling the leg of her shorts back so Todd could see her wet, dripping pussy. I stopped and watched a second and saw Niki rub her pussy and slide a finger in and out. Todd’s cock was hard as hell and about two inches of the end of it was sticking out of the leg of his cutoffs. He was rubbing the big, swollen head of it as he watched Niki finger fuck herself.

I walked back into the living room and sat the beer down and Niki grabbed my arm and pulled me down beside her. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled my mouth to hers with one hand while she continued to finger fuck herself with the other. I put my hand between her legs and pulled her finger out of her hot, sloppy pussy and slipped mine in where hers had been. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pushed them down enough to get my cock out.

I told her, “Those shorts of yours are soaked. You better get them off.” I had no more than said those words and she was out of them and her top as well. Her beautiful tits were standing out firm and high and the nipples were hard as hell. I couldn’t resist. I had to squeeze them and suck on them. I took my lips off Niki’s hard nipples and looked over at Todd. He had undone his cutoffs and pushed them down enough to get his big, swollen cock out and was leaned back in the chair stroking on the big, hard fucker watching me and Niki go at it.

I looked at Niki and said, “I think Todd could use some help.”

I no more than said it and she was on her way. She stood in front of Todd naked and beautiful for his eyes to feast on her body that was made for sex. She got on her knees in front of him and pulled his cutoffs down and off him and tossed them to the side. She spread his legs apart, slid in between them and reached out and took hold of his big, throbbin cock. She started licking it up and down, running her hot, wet mouth and tongue all over it. I saw her pull her head back just enough to look at the head of his cock as she milked a few drops of precum out of the piss hole. She reached out with the tip of her tongue and tasted it and immediately stuck the head of his oversized cunt reamer between her lips and started to suck on it. She was sucking on as much of it as she could and what she couldn’t get in her mouth, she had her hand wrapped around pumping and stroking it, bringing Todd to a cock sucking high that only Niki has ever been able to do for me.

I had taken my pants and shirt off and was leaning back on the couch stroking my hard, throbbing cock while I watched Niki drive Todd crazy with her hands, lips and tongue. Todd was moaning with sheer pleasure.

Then I heard Todd say, “Oh Niki, I’m gonna cum.”

She would have loved nothing more than to suck and pump about half of Todd’s big, hot, sticky load of man cum into her mouth and then pull off of it just in time to pump the rest all over her and him until she had drained him dry, but she wanted the first big load of Todd’s cum to be pumped into her hot, sucking pussy. She immediately stopped and leaned back and watched Todd’s throbbin, jumping cock in hopes she hadn’t gone too far to keep him from cumming anyway. She was an expert. Two more seconds and there would have been no turning back for Todd’s climax. She had perfect timing.

He thrashed his head from side to side in sexual agony, moaning and then said, “Oh Niki, you hot little fucker.” His labored breathing slowed as Niki stood up and walked back over to me and put her pussy right in front of my nose.

She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled my face into her hot steaming hole and said, “Eat my cunt, Fucker.” Her puss had gotten so sloppy there was pussy juice running down the inside of her leg. As she mashed my face into her cunt and started rubbing it all over me, I licked and sucked every drop I could get. Her clit was as hard as I had ever seen it. It was sticking out, long and hard and I was sucking and licking on it as she humped her incredibly hot puss on my mouth. When I knew she was getting close to letting go with a huge squirting load of her own, I pulled my mouth away and looked up to see her face. Damn! The look in her eyes told me she was a million miles away from the cares of the world. She was lost in some kind of wonderful sexual bliss. I have seen that look in her eyes more than a few times. Her eyes were begging for what we had been working on all day and night.

That look with out a doubt was saying, “I NEED FUCKED AND NOW!”

I broke away from her and looked at her and Todd and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

As soon as we got to the bed she put her hands on Todd’s chest and gently pushed him down on the bed. She immediately mounted his face in a sixty-nine position and lowered her steaming puss onto his waiting mouth. Todd used his hands to spread her pussy open and began to lick and suck. He must have been doing a good job eating her cunt because I heard Niki let out a squeal and she started humping her hips up and down on his face as she made a dive for his huge, throbbing meat. She started her cock sucking assault on him with only one thing in mind. I knew what that was too. She was going to bring him to a sexually heated state where he would have no choice but to throw her down and fuck the hell out of her.

There was something so incredibly erotic about watching the two of them sucking and licking each other. I was on the bed kneeling beside them stroking my cock while he ate her pussy and she sucked his pole in and out of her cherry red lips. I could imagine how good it felt. I had been where he was on many occasions and I knew what a good little cocksucker she was. I also knew how sweet her pussy tasted. I knew it was leaking juices all over, and his tongue kept licking back and forth trying to catch it all. Her clit was swollen and hard and glistening with her pussy juice and the moisture from his tongue.

I kept watching as she began to hump his face. I knew she was close to cumming. Todd was thrusting his hips up against her mouth and I could see his balls were getting tight against his shaft. Niki knew he was getting close and she didn’t want him to cum yet. Before he could explode in her mouth, she released him from her mouth and moved her hands off him again. I watched his cock jerk and throb as she lifted her face up off him.

“What do you want to do, Todd,” I asked.

“I want to fuck your woman, Scott,” he groaned. With that he pushed her up and off of him. I helped her get onto her back and she spread her legs for him. Todd reached down and pulled her legs up. He forced her knees back against her chest, bringing that tight little pussy of hers up in the air where he could get to it. His cock was dripping precum when he laid it against her hot little cunt. He rocked his hips back and forth a couple of times attempting to impale her on his slick rod. The torture they were going through was too much. I couldn’t stand to watch it when I could see how bad they both wanted it inside her.

I reached over and grabbed his cock and placed the knob right against her pussy hole. With one thrust he slammed it home. She squealed and he groaned as her pussy walls clung to his cock. Immediately he started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I watched his balls slap against her ass and heard their groans as they got closer and closer to climaxing. I was so aroused my hand went back down to my own cock. I was watching them and starting stroking my meat, timing myself to Todd’s thrusts. Niki’s breath was coming in short little gasps. Her head was thrashing back and forth against the bed. Her hands grasped the spread and her knuckles turned white as her body strained toward his.

“Fuck me,” she begged. “Fuck me with that cunt reamer! Make me cum!” she demanded. Her breathing got tight as her entire being concentrated on the spot where their bodies joined. “Uhn, uhn, uhn,” she groaned with each stroke.

“Ohhhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she panted over and over again as her hips and ass humped and shook with the force of her orgasm. Watching her I could feel myself getting closer. My cock was slick with my own precum as I rubbed my hand up and down from the head to the base of the shaft. Todd just kept pounding her slit with his huge man meat. Finally Niki started to come back down from the blissful plane she was on. She saw me there beside them and reached out toward me. I moved closer and she grasped my hard tool in one hand and began jacking me off.

Todd’s balls were hugged up tight by then and I could tell by the look of concentration on his face that he was going to blow his load in that sweet little pussy of hers. My own cum was beginning to climb up out of my balls. I groaned as Niki stroked me faster and faster. My cock was pointed right at them when I felt the cum expanding it as it moved toward my slit in preparation for release. I stood there with my head thrown back as I thrust into her hand. I couldn’t hold it back any more. The first gush of cum shot out all over the two of them. Great gobs of hot, white, sticky cum continued flying all over them as my cock emptied itself of the load it had held in all day. Niki aimed my cock right at them as Todd gave a final grunt.

“I’m cumming in your puss, you sweet little bitch,” he grunted at her. He held himself rigid as his cock spurted and filled her pussy. I continued to pump my own load all over them as Niki jerked on my member, milking it for all she could get.

Todd continued to hump and thrust his hips hard against Niki. His huge cock was still pumping his cum into her. He was dumping such a big load of his hot, sticky cum in her that it was running out of her hot, little cunt down the crack of that sweet little ass onto the bed where they were fucking. The sound of the wet, slapping pounding he was giving her mixed with the unmistakable smell of hot fucking and was insanely erotic as it filled the air.

Niki was still jerking on my cock, making sure I was totally drained and that she had all the cum out of my cock she could get. When she was satisfied she had it all she reached for me and pulled me down to her and started deep kissing and sucking on my lips and tongue while Todd continued to slow hump her just to feel that hot little cunt some more before he pulled out. When he was satisfied, he slowly let his big, fat meat slide out of her still sucking pussy. As it left her hot little hole there were big, hot gobs of cum gushing out of Niki’s little fuck hole and it was running down the crack of her ass onto the bed to make the already soaked spot under her cute little butt bigger and wetter. Todd’s cock was covered with gobs of cum that he humped and wiped all over Niki’s hard little belly and legs. Todd’s cock was beginning to soften as we all let out moans and sighs of sexual satisfaction. We finally all collapsed next to each other on the bed. Niki and I were facing each with our arms around each other and Todd had curled up behind Niki with his limp member pressed against her sweet little ass.

I was lying there thinking, “Is it just us or Is It Hot In Here?

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