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In The Blink Of An Eye

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It had been six months since I’d moved in next door to an amazing lady. She was in her early to mid sixties, had a vibrant warm personality, and immediately befriended me showing genuine concern after my divorce. Madeline and I became good friends. I very often stopped by after work to check on her, see how she was doing, and generally on the weekends, did a few odd jobs for her. Having Madeline as a friend, someone to talk to, made the days easier to deal with and not quite so lonely.

She was also a very attractive woman too, and even though she was at least twenty years older than I was, I had in fact entertained fantasies about her, though I would never have acted on them.

It was in the middle of the week that I woke to the sound of sirens and emergency vehicles just outside my window. Throwing on my robe, I dashed outside and stood waiting out on the sidewalk as the paramedics soon brought her out on a stretcher, loading her into the ambulance.

I managed to catch the real true fear in her eyes as they carried her by, reaching out to touch her forehead only briefly. As I did, I saw the telltale signs of stroke, now just as fearful as she as they loaded her into the emergency vehicle for the trip to the hospital.

I called a bit later of course, but as I wasn’t a family member, there was little information they were willing to give me, except for saying Mrs. Jones was stable and that was all. The next day however, Janice, the older of her two daughters came by the house. Janice was my age, though perhaps younger by one or two years. And though we had never met formally, I knew enough about her from Madeline that I felt I knew her.

Janice too, like me…had recently been divorced. Seeing her pull her car into the driveway, I immediately headed over, though hesitant to ask, too curious and worried about my dear friend not to.

I stood at the screened kitchen door and knocked, moments later Janice appeared, saw me, and smiled, though it was an acknowledged friendly smile that she in fact somehow knew who I was.

“Hi, I’m Mark Edwards,” I said introducing myself. “I live next door to your mother.”

“Yes, I know, mom’s told me a little bit about you, thank you for helping her around the place,” she added, though her look now took on a more somber serious note even before I asked the question.

“How is she anyway?”

“Not good, but at least she’s alive. She had a stroke.”

I had already guessed that, but hearing it confirmed still shocked and saddened me.

“The doctor’s said it may be a while yet before we know the true extent of everything, but right now, she can’t do much of anything. Can’t speak, can’t move her arms or legs…” She stood and began to cry. Though I didn’t know her from Adam, I quickly gathered Janice in my arms as she sobbed uncontrollably. When she finally managed to compose herself, we sat down at the kitchen table together.

“With a great deal of physical therapy and time, mother might regain some of her normal functions, but until we know for sure, I’ve taken a leave of absence from work, and will be moving in to help take care of her when she’s finally released to come home.”

I of course offered whatever help or assistance that I could, which Janice seemed very grateful to hear, then returned home, saddened and once again feeling alone with the loss of my friend as I saw it, knowing that things would probably never be the same again.

Several weeks later, Madeline came home.


Out of respect, I gave Janice and her mother some privacy and a chance to settle in before sticking my nose in the screen door several days later. When I did, Janice smiled upon seeing me, surprising me with a warm friendly hug as I entered.

“How is she?”

“Ok I guess, but it is bad, she’s pretty much paralyzed just as I told you before, though the doctors are still optimistic that in time, she’ll regain some things; though she may never walk again, in time, they do think she’ll be able to speak. But right now, not much of anything.”

“Can I see her?”

“I’m sure she’d like that, but let me check first. Though she can’t say anything, I can see some emotion in her eyes, so let me tell her you’re here and how she responds to that. Right now, she’s sitting in her favorite chair by the window, it’s about the only exercise we’re able to give her at the moment, just getting her to sit up for a short while. But at least that’s something.”

Janice came back down a few minutes later and told me to go ahead up to her room.

“I promise, I won’t stay too long,” I said taking Janice’s hand for a moment, trying to give her some sort of reassurance that everything would turn out ok, though I didn’t feel that myself. And I wasn’t prepared for what I saw either, as vivacious and full of life as Madeline had been, she was hardly a shell of her former self as she sat looking at me with her face seemingly frozen in time. What Janice had told me however was true, even though she was unable to speak, or even really acknowledge my presence in any way, I saw a slight movement in her hand as it quivered in her lap, a look in her eyes that told me she was still fully aware of everything, and even brightened somewhat upon seeing me when I entered.

I kissed her forehead and sat down, taking her hand in my own and felt it as she stopped shaking. There seemed to be even a bit of a press from it as I did, though it was almost negligible. I told Madeline that I would continue to be around, help out Janice and herself however and whenever I could, and then holding to my word soon after left.

The days passed, and though Janice continued taking her mother to therapy, there seemed to be little if any progress being made, though she did manage to sit for longer and longer periods of time in her chair by the window than she had done in the beginning.

The first real sign of recovery came when Madeline managed to somehow get from her own bed into her wheelchair all by herself, stunning Janice when she went up to check on her. How she had done it, she wasn’t even sure, though there was marked improvement in her hand. And, though she still couldn’t control it well enough to be able to write with it, at least it seemed, she was beginning to be able to use it if even in a very limited way.

Like I said, Madeline was a remarkable woman.


The one very unexpected by-product of all this, was that Janice and I had grown close now ourselves, much closer in fact. On rare occasions after Janice had gotten her mother to bed for the night, she would come over, and share a glass of wine with me, or just sit with me on the couch. It had been just such an evening, when unexplainably we shared a brief, yet very passionate kiss together, which had led to a great deal of fondling and petting though we both soon recovered our wits ending the session, chalking it up to emotional frustrations. Janice had soon returned home after that, but I found myself thinking about her more and more, my own frustrations getting the better of me as fantasies about her increased to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was sitting on the very same couch where we had kissed, where I had sat caressing her soft breasts, feeling and enjoying the hardness of her nipples as they pressed wantonly, invitingly against the palm of my hand. Before I even realized it, I had undone my zipper, freeing my cock, and began stroking it. I allowed my fantasies of Janice to continue until I felt the warm sticky fluid of my eruption coating my hand. I then stood, preparing to clean myself up, grabbing a tissue out of a nearby box though I hadn’t placed it there for that reason, and began wiping away my spending which I had sprayed against myself nearly everywhere. I don’t know why I suddenly did it, or what it was that triggered the action or thought, but I suddenly spun around glancing up through my window.

The window by the couch I’d be laying on, masturbating as I had been, faced the side of the house where Madeline and Janice lived. Why I hadn’t realized it, or considered it until now shamed me. I was almost fearful to look up, but that same fear caused me to do so, and as I did, I saw Madeline sitting there in her large oversized chair looking down at me!

Embarrassed, ashamed, I quickly stepped away from the window, though without drawing the curtains, as that would have made things even more obvious. I could only hope that Madeline hadn’t really seen anything, or even if she had seen me lying there for a bit, was unaware of what I’d been doing. Gathering myself, I waited for a while, and then headed over to their house just as I very often did to check on things.

At least Janice was pleased to see me, though not quite for the reasons I’d been hoping for as of late. “Oh Good! I was just about to call you,” she stated. “I need a favor.”

“Sure, whatever you need,” I told her nervously, yet mildly relieved at the moment.

“Would you mind sitting with mom for a bit? I need to run out and do a couple of errands I’ve been neglecting to do. Shouldn’t take me any longer than an hour…would you mind?”

“Not at all!” I assured her. “Take whatever time you need.”

Janice grinned. I think it was the first time in a very long time that I had actually seen her do so. “Thank you, I really appreciate this. And…I’m going to pick up something special for dinner tonight, so I want you to come over and join us later,” then adding before I could even respond to that, “And I would also like to pick up where we left off the other night, after mom goes to sleep,” she said boldly intimating to me that she too had been just as aroused as I had been, even though we’d both half-ashamedly ended it as though neither of us should have even been entertaining such thoughts.

“You sure?”

“Very sure,” Janice said, standing up to kiss me, once again thanking me as she gathered up her purse and started to head out. “Mom will be glad to see you,” she added, and then left. I couldn’t help but wonder though, if she had indeed seen anything, “would she be?”

I slowly climbed the stairs to Madeline’s room, nervous, apprehensive of what I might see or find when I got there. In a way, over the weeks I’d been coming over, I had in fact learned to gage change in her emotion, just through her eyes. It was amazing that so simple a thing could indeed express joy, sorrow, or even exhaustion whenever I looked in on her. The only one I hadn’t seen, and never hoped to see in her eyes was anger or disgust. As I turned the knob on her bedroom door, I wondered which of those I might actually see in her eyes.


Madeline wasn’t sitting in her chair when I entered, but in bed. I could only assume that Janice had come up and helped her back into bed after having sat up for a while, and gave a quick nervous thought to her accidentally seeing me as well, making a mental note to never again be so foolish as to do what I did there on my couch by the window.

I was relieved to see what almost looked like a smile in her eyes, even in her face as I entered. I noticed there was the slightest of movements of her lips, as though she was attempting to speak, though she obviously couldn’t, giving up. There was a tray near her bedside, and I noticed a small jar of lip-balm on it, her lips looked dry as I picked up the jar and gingerly applied a small bit of the ointment to them. As I did, I again saw a knowing look in her eyes, her lips again trying to move, then surprisingly, the touch of her tongue on my finger as she licked it!

Her response startled and surprised me, though I attempted to hide it, finishing her lips ensuring they were well coated, then sat next to her in the bed, once again holding her hand as I most often did. And as I did, I again felt the press of her hand as it held mine, there was noticeable difference in that now since the first time I had held it. She was indeed trying to show me she was very much aware of it, and was trying to return the affectionate contact in whatever way that she could.

There was no doubt about it. As I looked into her eyes I could see a brightness there I hadn’t seen in a very, very long time. Even as she looked away, I followed her gaze naturally, realizing as I did where she now looked. I felt the flush spreading rapidly across my face, not sure if she was indeed looking at, where I was myself now looking. But as I looked up once again, as she did, I caught a hint of movement in her lips, almost but not quite a smile, along with an extra press of her hand as she increased the firmness of her grip on mine, as much as she could, more than she ever had.

“Had she seen me?” I wondered. “And if she had, what was she telling me? Or was all this my own over active imagination, reading into things that weren’t there?”

With every ounce of strength that she had, I felt Madeline release her grip on my hand, felt and then saw the movement of her arm, though she didn’t lift it so much, as merely forcing it to graze across my thigh as I sat next to her on the bed. I thought at first that it was some sort of involuntary movement, but then I felt it as she rested it fully, relaxing it as it came to sit in my lap, her hand once again pressing. It was the lightest of pressure really, but there was no mistaking it. Her hand now sat, her palm beating like a heart, gently, softly, yet continuously as it lay against my penis!

I almost bounded up off the bed. My mind was a whirl of mixed emotions, confusion, yet I continued to sit there, once again telling myself that what I was feeling, thinking, wasn’t at all what it was. I was again disgusted with myself for even imagining it, though the look on my own face must have carried over to Madeline, as I somehow managed to look her in the eye, seeking some form of assurance I hadn’t lost my mind…or worse, that she had!

There was indeed a look of sadness there, but it wasn’t a sadness directed towards me, as much as at me, as though she herself had somehow offended me in some way.

“Madeline, I know you can understand me; we’ve, or rather I, have sat here talking to you before, and I know by the look in your eyes, that you do indeed understand me, and have even communicated with me in a way whenever we’ve done that. So…I’m going to ask you to do something for me, if you do indeed know what I mean, what I’m saying, then I want you to blink once for no, and twice for yes. Ok?”

Madeline blinked twice, and I again saw the brightness and recognition coming back into her face, though more so her eyes as she lay there looking at me.

“Madeline, could you…did you see me through the window earlier?”

Once again she blinked twice. I swallowed, hard.

“Do you know what I was doing?” This time, she didn’t just blink twice, but four times in succession, rapidly. Her eyes grew wide, there was even excitement in them, and again, another emotion I hadn’t seen before, until now. I was again dumbfounded by all this, not at all sure what to think about, or make of it. As I sat there, I felt movement in her hand once again as she managed to lift it, placing it over mine, I gripped her hand, felt her pull it, and knew as she did there was reason and purpose behind it, thus letting her do so, though giving her motion to it myself at her direction.

“You want me to do something for you?” I asked, as Madeline again blinked twice. Her strength wavering, though she fought with every ounce of it that she had left as she seemingly pulled on my hand, helping her as she did, following her movement, guiding her until it came to rest upon her, upon her breast.

“Madeline?” I said looking at her, where she again blinked twice. “You want me to…to…touch you?” I asked, not believing I had actually heard myself say that.

Two blinks.

With my hand lightly resting on her breast, I felt her grip release, much as it was, and then again movement as she managed to coax her arm back towards her side where it now rested comfortably. I watched as her eyes closed, her breath suddenly quickening.

“My God!” I thought. “She can’t mean what I think she means, can she?” I sat there for a moment, unmoving, her eyes once again opening, this time showing me an almost pleading expression in them as I looked down on her. But I continued to sit, my hand remaining where it was yes, but motionless. I could just see Janice coming home, or someone else walking in, catching me. I envisioned myself being hauled away in handcuffs, thrown into a jail cell, and them throwing away the key. I’d be convicted for molesting Madeline against her wishes, and even if she was to somehow convey to them she had wanted it, I’d still be convicted for doing it anyway as Madeline was obviously in no condition to know what she was doing either.

“God Madeline! I can’t!”

One Blink


One Blink, then two blinks, and then two more blinks in rapid succession once again.

I cupped her breast, heard her sigh and watched as her eyes closed once again. Dressed in the simple shift she was wearing, she was very thinly covered by the soft flannel material, immediately evident that she was wearing no bra as I continued to sit there, softly touching and caressing her breast. To my surprise, I felt the hardness of her nipple now pressing through the material, I allowed my finger to dance upon it, gliding about in small short feathery circles upon it, her breathing again intensified as I did so.

Even as she lay there in the bed, she seemed to squirm contentedly as much as she could manage. “Does it feel good?” I asked. She opened her eyes, and though she didn’t at first blink I could see from them as she looked at me that it did. I reached up, placing my other hand on her neglected breast, now likewise caressing and teasing that one, both nipples now responding, her eyes once again closed as she slipped into a revelry of relaxation and peacefulness that I couldn’t begin to comprehend or understand.

I touched and caressed her ever so softly and slowly for a very long time, until I heard the sound of her gentle, peaceful snoring as she drifted off to sleep. Quietly I stood, leaving the room, and went back down the stairs where only minutes after that Janice returned.


We had taken our meal upstairs in Madeline’s room, Janice feeding her mother small bite sized portions, much of which she had had to mash up together, more liquid than solid, though I am sure it must have tasted as good to Madeline as it did to us. I went back down the stairs shortly after that, as Janice prepared her mother for bed, joining me a short time later.

“Wow, she’s already asleep,” Janice told me. “I haven’t seen her that relaxed since I got here!”

I could only smile. “You know, you can talk to her,” I stated. “She can communicate, with her eyes,” I explained further, though without going into detail as to what it was we actually did talk about, I did tell her that Madeline had answered me in simple blinks of her eyes to yes and no questions.”

Janice was excited to hear this of course, chastising herself that she hadn’t considered that earlier before now. “And something else too,” she told me just as excitedly. “She made a sound tonight that I haven’t heard her make before. Honestly Mark, I thought she was actually trying to talk to me!”

“What did she say, or rather what was the sound?” I asked.

“Well, she did struggle with it at first, but I could tell she wasn’t choking, or coughing or anything like that. But she did stick her tongue out just a little, I thought at first that her lips were dry, and that she wanted me to put some ointment on them for her, but then she did this soft T F sound, or something, but it sounded like “thff” or something like that anyway.”


“Yeah, but then after that…she also made an ‘o’ sound, and that was an ‘o’ sound easily understandable.

“Thff O?” Hmmm, I wonder what she was trying to say.

“I don’t know, and she seemed to become rather exhausted after trying to, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she really was trying to speak.”

“Maybe she is Janice, I guess only time and her ongoing therapy will eventually tell.”

I still felt a little guilty about what had happened earlier, wondering in some strange way that maybe Madeline was trying to convey to her daughter that I had in fact taken advantage of her, molesting her against her wishes, against my own sensibilities as well. But I shook that off, remembering the look in her eyes, her lucid understanding of what I had asked her, and what I honestly believe she had asked of me.

Janice and I made love for the very first time together that night, where I stayed with her downstairs in the living room on the couch. And though things weren’t certainly awkward in the morning when we woke, I knew Janice had a lot to do, and had to get up early in order to help her mother get ready for the day.

“I’ll be back later,” I told her, giving Janice more than an affectionate kiss this time, and hurried home to then shower and shave myself.


After I had showered and shaved, I grabbed myself a cup of coffee and went out to sit on the couch by the window, turn on the TV and watch the early morning news. Glancing up, I saw that Madeline wasn’t sitting in the window, it was early yet, and I figured that Janice was still helping her mother through the more intimately difficult routines of their morning together.

I had finished my cup, deciding to pour a second, and just happened to glance up and out my window. Madeline was indeed there now, and not looking out as one might have assumed she would, but looking down, obviously towards me. I smiled, waved, and then felt a little foolish as there was of course no real response from her that I could see at this distance. In addition to that, I felt myself blushing again, remembering what she had seen me doing, and then worse…what I had allowed myself to do to her.

To complicate the situation even more, I felt myself becoming erect as I stood there wearing nothing more than my robe. I don’t know why I even considered it, perhaps because I had managed to convince myself she’d actually enjoyed it, and that it had brought her some measure of enjoyment. “Had it?” I asked myself, as it had certainly seemed so from our unique little conversation, not to mention the almost exhausting one afterwards as Madeline eventually made it known to me what she wanted.

It was then that I realized, we could still talk in our own unique little way. I hurriedly ran upstairs to my room, fished around in my closet for a moment until I found what I was looking for, and then dashed back down stairs to the den. Looking up towards her through the binoculars I had grabbed, I could clearly see her face as though I were sitting next to her. I swear as I did, that the corners of her mouth actually turned, but it wasn’t even that so much, as suddenly she blinked twice, and then blinked twice once again.

“Yes…yes,” I said to myself speaking for her. “Yes…did she want to watch me? See me again?” It was still an uncertain thought, certainly a dangerous question to be posing to her, even now. But I also knew that unless I was as clear and succinct about it as I could be on my end, I’d never really know. And if in my doing that, actually did bring her some measure of pleasure, some break away from the horrible boredom she must have been dealing with, then so be it.

Still looking at her face for any expression, any sign whatsoever, I pulled the sash on my robe, allowing it to part. I was indeed erect already, just standing there thinking about it, and though I wasn’t entirely sure just how much she could clearly see from her vantage point, just the fact I had done that would be obvious enough.

Her eyes definitely grew wider, and once again, I caught the unmistakable double blink, a brief pause and then another one. I reached down with my hand, grasping my prick, she blinked again, twice again, and this time, her mouth formed an oval, her tongue came out to rest on her lips, which she then unmistakably licked. I continued to stand there stroking my prick, until I was entirely satisfied that this was indeed what she had wanted me to do, to see. Unfortunately, the angle wasn’t as conducive for her as I knew it could be, and for the moment anyway, I placed the binoculars down on the table and leaning now laying down on the couch sideways to her, where I knew she could still easily see me, began fondling myself quite pleasurably, more so, because I knew she was now watching me.

I was really starting to get into it, now wondering if Madeline was in her own way, enjoying it as much as I was, which is when I heard the sound of Janice’s voice calling out to me through the kitchen door. The way our yards were set up, it was easier to cross back and forth between the two houses through a small side gate on the fence connecting the two of us, both leading to the rear entries. Hearing Janice’s voice as she called out, startled me into action, jumping off the couch, quickly gathering my robe and throwing it back on, I immediately answered inviting her in. Seconds later she appeared, likewise wearing a robe, smiling at me.

“I could use one of those,” she said seeing my now cold cup of coffee sitting on the table. She passed by, giving me an affectionate kiss and sat down on the couch. I didn’t dare look up, though standing where I now was, I couldn’t have seen Madeline anyway, and could only hope that Janice wouldn’t realize the logistics of her positioning, and become aware that her own mother could most likely see her from where she was sitting.

“Be right back,” I said pleasantly and dashed back into the kitchen to pour her a cup along with refreshing my own.

When I returned with the coffee’s I was surprised to find Janice now sitting there entirely naked.

“Surprise!” she grinned. “In case you don’t know…I didn’t really want the coffee, but what I do want…is for you to come over here and fuck me!” It was obvious that like myself, Janice hadn’t been wearing a thing beneath her robe either.

“Ah…maybe we should take this upstairs to the bedroom then,” I suggested actually turning, still holding the two cups of coffee in my hands.

“No, I really don’t have the time,” she said simply. “I shouldn’t leave mom alone for too long really, but was still so aroused from last night, wanting to jump your bones this morning even, that I thought I’d come over, force a nice quickie out of you to tide me over until later. So please Mark, just put the coffee down and come make love to me, like I said, I really need to hurry and get back to her.”

To put it mildly, I was torn. Bad enough that I had been standing there jerking myself off for her mother, not one hundred percent sure even then that I fully understood her, or that she was agreeing to what I was standing there doing, but to then fuck the woman’s daughter, in front of her while she watched was something else entirely. Aside from closing her eyes, she had no way of not watching it if I did as Janice was asking me to do. And on top of that, I had no idea how she’d feel, respond or act towards me if I did.

“Unless you’d rather not,” Janice suddenly stated waking me from my fugue though it had only been seconds since she’d asked me to.

I was damned if I did, and damned if I didn’t the way I saw it. But with Janice sitting there naked as she was, it would be far easier trying to explain things to Madeline afterwards. At least she’d be a captive audience, were as Janice would most likely be wounded, take offense, and never want to have anything to do with me again if she felt like I wasn’t interested.

I put the cups down, made my way over to the couch, letting my robe fall as I did. I was also very careful not to look out or up through the window, too afraid of what I might somehow see, or feel…when I did. There would be plenty of time for that later. But for now, there was Janice once again smiling, open arms, and open legs as she suggestively beckoned me to join her on the couch.

The only real plus side to this, as far as Madeline went, was I knew that even though she’d be very aware of what we were doing, at least with me being on top of her daughter, she wouldn’t actually see anything. It wasn’t much, but I hoped it would be enough to lessen any animosity she might show me because of it later. And though these thoughts remained very much in my mind, the moment I felt my prick slide into that hot slick tunnel, I forgot everything else and concentrated on the pleasure I now felt and shared with her.



“No condoms!”

Janice had told me the previous evening she had gone off the pill, she hadn’t intended on getting intimate with anyone again for quite some time. And though I had driven down to the store shortly before going over to dinner and buying some, we had left them next door.

“Just don’t cum in me,” she said simply enough. “I know it’s not the best plan…but, I’m not about to get up and run over to grab one either!” she informed me. “And besides, I want to taste you when you do,” she added suggestively, which nearly made me lose my load the moment she had said that.

I managed to hold off, long enough at least that Janice soon afterwards climaxed, joyously digging her fingernails into my back as she did, crying out once again with a mixture of stressful release and pure pleasured need as she came. Just hearing her brought me to the brink, and I immediately pulled out, not wanting to spend myself inside of her, sitting back on my haunches as I did, Janice sat up with me, now grabbing my cock, sucking it, pumping it as the first delicious squirt raced up my shaft, soon filling her mouth.


As much as we’d have both preferred it, Janice hurriedly dressed rushing back to check on her mom. We’d been at it for perhaps less than five minutes total. Truly a quickie in a sense, yet erotically satisfying, both of us knowing that we would continue on with it later, taking things a lot slower and even more pleasurably.

Before she left however, once again she asked me to do her a favor. “I need to run home, check the mail, water the plants and check messages. Would you mind sitting with mom for an hour while I do that?”

“Not at all,” I assured her, though once again somewhat fearful and nervous when I next looked Madeline in the eyes.


Janice called me a couple of hours later. “Ok, I’m heading out now. Just got mom back into bed, so chances are she’ll already be asleep when you come over. I shouldn’t be gone any longer than an hour, so…THANK YOU!” she said grinning over the phone by the sound of her voice. “And I promise, I’ll thank you properly later on this evening, too!”

I was about to tell her that she didn’t need to thank me for anything, even feeling sheepish about all of it as it was, but all I heard was the dial tone, telling me she’d already hung up. I had little enough time as it was to wave at her as she backed out of the drive as I crossed the yard entering the side gate into their yard, and then into the house. I knew I should go upstairs, check on Madeline, hoping in a way that she would indeed be asleep. I figured I would open the door checking on her, and if her eyes didn’t open when I did, that I would then return and wait on Janice’s return. I don’t know what I expected to hear, but I stood there for a moment hesitating, and then turned the doorknob. Stepping in, Madeline’s eyes were indeed closed, and I nearly shut the door, but then they opened as she turned her head more easily than I’d seen her do before, and looked towards me.

“Thh ooh!” she said, looking at me, her eyes clear and bright. I stepped in, the hairs on the back of my neck and arms suddenly standing straight.

“Say it again,” I told her walking over to sit next to her on the bed, taking her hand just as I had always done.

“Thaaa Ooh!’ she managed breathing deeply as she did so, but the sound coming out of her mouth sounding more like words than ever before.

“Madeline, are you trying to say thank you?” I asked her.

She blinked twice, rapidly, and there was indeed an upturn to her lips as she did, her eyes widening, her hand pressure on mine clearly felt. But even more importantly, I noticed a tear in the corner of her eye as she said it again, watched as it rolled spilling down her cheek. I caught it with the tip of my finger.

“Why are you thanking me though? For what?” I asked myself. Though there was obvious improvement and progress being made here, there was still far too much uncertainty as to what we were really talking about. “Madeline, could you see me earlier? By the window? On the couch?”

Once again, she blinked twice, her lip quivering. “Ya a a” she moaned more than spoke, but it was evident she was trying to speak to me in words, rather than just blinking the way she had done.

“Then you also do know that Janice and I had sex,” I said nervous about her response, but she gripped my hand, her eyes again blinking, and forced the word, “Ya!” But there was also a smile in her eyes, which spoke even more clearly to me as she did all that. I couldn’t help but let out a relieved sigh, though even as I did, I felt her hand release mine, traveling on its own once again resting directly in my lap. I felt her hand squeeze, once again no mistaking her intent.


I sat there, stunned looking at her. “You just said please, yes?”

She blinked twice, easier and quicker still for her to do so, but her hand continued to press against my crotch.

Once again my mind was a blur with whatever it was she wanted me to do, my concerns likewise boiling over as I sat there trying to justify it if I did.

Then, right or wrong I reached down unzipping my pants, soon standing and removing them entirely as Madeline lay there watching me. I sat back down next to her, her hand immediately coming over to touch me, her fingers wrapping themselves around me though it seemed to take a lot of effort out of her in doing that. It was evident, she just needed, wanted to see me, touch me, which she had, for whatever reason that might have been. But then without asking, I once again reached up, and slowly lifted the flannel nightgown she was wearing up past her hips, over her breasts revealing her still marvelously nude body beneath as I did. Her nipples were already hard, long before I leaned over to kiss them, sucking them tenderly softly. She moaned, it was an obvious moan that brought pure joy to my ears as I continued to lick, kiss and gingerly suckle her breasts.

I then chased away the image of uniformed officers hauling me off, beating the hell out of me first in the driveway before throwing me in the back of the car, hauling my ass of to jail.

I made my way down her tender flesh, licking and kissing her slowly until finally finding myself directly over her pussy, my finger tip just brushing against the surface of her clit, more fully exposing it. I licked her there, felt her shudder beneath me, licked her again and then again and again. And each time that I did, I could feel and sense her response to it. I slid one finger inside her, felt the moisture as it gathered, still flicking and licking her tiny little nubbin of pleasure. Madeline again moaned, the sound itself bringing me far more pleasure than I was giving her.


I continued licking, continued to softly finger-fuck her pussy, gently sucking her clit until it became obvious to me that she was truly on the verge of having an orgasm.

“Oh!” she said once again, the sound clear, sharp even more so than the first. Then I mouthed her, licked her, until she came shaking uncontrollably beneath me as she did.

I sat up looking into her eyes. There was a look of pure relaxation and hopefulness that I found there. Even so, I stood preparing to once again dress and leave, and though there was still plenty of time yet before Janice was expected to return, I was now nervous about her doing so. The movement of Madeline’s hand actually startled me, she reached out, immediately finding my still hard penis.


“Madeline? You…you want me to…to…”

She blinked twice, blinked twice again, and again and again, over and over until I finally touched her forcing her to stop. “Ok, ok…easy now, easy.”

There were again tears in her eyes, but I quickly settled myself between her legs, allowed the head of my prick to kiss her there for a moment, seeing her eyes only then close, somewhere the thoughts and memories perhaps now mingling with whatever images or sensations she was remembering. I slowly began to slide inside her, finding her warmth welcoming, enticing, and oh so heavenly!

I began moving within her, slowly at first, then quickening the pace as I felt her respond to it, her one good hand now coming up to rest comfortably upon my back, giving me the assurance as she did so, that this was indeed what she wanted, needed and desired more than anything else at the moment.

I made love to her then, no longer caring even if Janice came home early, walked in on us as I fucked her own mother, right now, at this very moment in time, all I was concerned about was Madeline, how she felt, what she was indeed feeling, and somehow knew as we lay together that it was only the beginning.


Janice returned home a short time later. I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for her when she came in.

“How’s mom?” she asked.

“She’s doing well,” I told her honestly. “In fact Janice, you should probably go upstairs and see her, I think she has something she’d like to tell you.”


I didn’t answer her though, I just smiled and watched as she flew up the stairs.


It’s been several months now. Several months of intensive, hard fought effort on her part, but Madeline is walking and speaking again. Sure, she has to use a cane now to steady herself, and not always are all her words understood. But she’s living again, enjoying life again, spending time in the garden, and looking forward to spending time with her first grandchild, who will soon be arriving before too long now.

Janice and I married of course, moving in with me where we can still help out when we’re wanted, or needed to, which even now isn’t all that often. But we’re here, and Madeline is back to being pretty much her same old self again, perhaps even better in some ways.

We’ve never spoken or discussed what happened between us, there’s no point in it really. And for whatever reason that it did, or that we did, that much remains between the two of us, and always will.

We occasionally share a knowing smile with one another, but it’s still the smile in her eyes that I remember even more and which speaks volumes more than words could ever say when she does.

But it’s also the frequent twin blink she often throws at me whenever no one’s looking that says it all.

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