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If the Shoe Fits

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I work for a medium-sized company in the Midwest. There is no shortage of pretty women working here; however, there is one special lady I will never forget.

She is an attractive 30-something woman, tall and slender with short brown hair and glasses. Always well dressed, if a little conservative and always engaging.

Talking with her, makes you feel as if she is genuinely and intensely interested in you.

One Friday afternoon in spring, I was in the Customer Service Department checking my mailbox, when she walked in. She was wearing a silk blouse; knee-length slit beige skirt, and a pair of cream peep-toe heels, complete with bows and ankle straps.

After a couple minutes of small talk, I found my gaze wandering to her feet. Sheer nylon stockings sheathed her shapely legs and her toenails were a painted creamy pearlescent color. I felt a rush of desire and my cock stirred fitfully. As my gaze lingered longingly, I felt fingers touch my chin, she lifted my head up, and our eyes locked. My ears burned hot as I blushed sheepishly.

“We need to talk,” she said in a low voice, “come with me to my office.”

Lovely, I thought to myself, as I followed her back to her office, now I’m in for a sexual harassment lecture, or worse….

When we reached her office, she motioned me inside, shut and locked the door, and sat down in one of her chairs. “Please sit down,” she said motioning to a chair, across the coffee table in front of her.

I sat down dejectedly, not looking at her, ready for a lecture.

“Please look at me,” she said in a husky voice.

I looked up curiously to see she had her legs crossed and I could not help myself as my eyes slid from her lovely feet, up her smooth calves and thighs to where I could see, through the slit in her skirt, the tops of her stockings held in place by a lacy garter belt. I felt my cock stir again as I locked eyes with her again and she smiled coyly over her glasses at me.

“I can tell you like my shoes. I appreciate the compliment; perhaps I can return it.” She gave me sly look and slipped off her left shoe. “Come over here.”

I was mystified, but did not hesitate. I walked over beside her, my stiff cock unmistakably bulging out my slacks.

“I’m flattered,” she said looking at the bulge, “and today, flattery will get you somewhere.” She unbuckled my belt, undid my pants, and let them fall to the floor.

I couldn’t believe what was happening; this was like something from a fantasy, not real life. My mind reeled as she pulled my briefs down until my cock stood out, stiff and hard.

“My, my, aren’t you eager to please,” she said as she scooped up a large drop of pre-come with a long fingernail before it could fall to the carpet. She licked her now full fingernail with the tip of her tongue. “Mm;” she purred, “is there more of that?” She looked up at me with a smoldering glance.

My cock throbbed in anticipation as I distantly heard myself say, “Oh yes. Much, much more!”

“Good.” was all she said and picking her shoe off the floor, she reached up, slid it up along my shaft, and buckled the strap tightly around the base of my cock. The heel cup cradled my balls and my shaft stretched down the soft leather arch and into the warm toe. Two inches of my cock stuck lewdly out of the toe of her shoe and the head was now purple, the skin stretched taut. Pre-come dripped into her hand as her long fingernails lightly stroked the underside.

“Oh.” I moaned softly and felt my knees weaken as my shaft quivered in the soft, supple leather enclosure.

“I see you really like my shoes now”, she said teasingly, rubbing the pre-come over the head of my throbbing cock. She leaned over and took the tip between her lips as she stroked the shoe back and forth over my deliciously secured shaft. I could feel her tongue flicking and caressing the head of my cock as her lips nibbled and sucked the shaft protruding from the toe of her shoe. The combined sensations of her mouth and the soft leather were intensely erotic.

After five minutes of the most exquisite sensations, I moaned to her softly, “I’m going to come”.

Her mouth left my cock with a wet pop. She looked up at me and said, matter-of-factly, “Well, you’re going to have to come in my mouth then,” and wrapped her lips over the head again as her eyes flashed, daring me.

This was too much for me and my vision went gray as my muscles clenched and emptied my balls into her mouth in several spurts. I gasped and sagged against the wall as she swallowed convulsively, drinking down my warm come. She let go of the shoe and my cock slipped out of her mouth. It softened and shrank, leaving a shiny trail up into the toe.

She reached up, unbuckled her shoe, and kissed up the last drops of come from the head of my soft cock. “That was delicious,” she purred releasing my softening cock from its delightful confines, “would you like to return the favor?”

“Very much so,” I said dropping to my knees in front of her.

She moaned as I kissed, licked, and sucked each of her toes through her silky stockings. I lovingly caressed her feet and ankles, moving slowly and kissing my way up the inside of her calves and behind her knees. As I started up her thighs, she moaned a soft “Oh, yes” and spread her legs, lacing her fingers in my hair.

I looked up and, to my surprise, saw there was nothing but a tiny white silk g-string covering her pussy. I never would have guessed! Her fragrant juices soaked through the wisp of silk between her thighs, turning it transparent. I continued to kiss my way up her thighs, slowly, prolonging the ecstasy, until she pulled my head under her skirt and wrapped her legs across my back. I sucked her into my mouth, silk wrapping, and all, savoring the flavor of her lust. She thrust her mound up against my face and I slipped my tongue between the lips of her sex, pushing the thin silk deep into her.

She gasped and pushed hard on the back of my head as I continued to probe her moist slit with my tongue. As I lapped at her juices, I moved down and teased her tight little rosebud, thrusting the tip of my tongue in until I could feel the pulsing grip of her sphincter.

Her hips twitched in a spasm of pleasure and she squealed, “Ooh. Yes! Again. Yes! It feels so good!”

Her juices seeped out, soaking my nose and mustache as I probed her tight little anus some more and then slid my tongue up under the silk, pulling it out and to the side, and substituting my tongue. As my tongue slid to the top of her slit, I found her clitoris and began to lick and nibble the erect little button.

Her breathing was ragged now as I slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy, moving in time to the rhythm of my tongue. Suddenly, her hips thrust forward and she went rigid as her orgasm washed over her. I sucked as much of her into my mouth as I could and held it under pressure until she relaxed into trembling shudders as the afterglow raced through her body. I licked from her clit to her anus, lapping her sweet nectar as she quivered and trembled, stroking my hair with her fingers.

Suddenly she tensed again and sobbed softly, “I’m coming again. Coming. Coming. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

After a couple more minutes, her legs slipped off my back and she pulled my head out from under her skirt. She cradled my head in her hands and brought me up to kiss me deeply.

As we finished the kiss, she looked into my eyes with a slightly dazed look and sighed, “That felt wonderful, thank you so much.”

“It was my pleasure,” I said, adding, “It was the least I could do after you showed me your lovely shoe.”

She slipped her shoe back on, wiggling her toes. “Mm, look at that,” she said, holding her foot up for me to see.

There were drops of come glistening like little pearls between her lovely toes.

“If you like these shoes,” she said, suggestively a sultry gleam in her eye, “wait until you see what I wear on Monday.”

I could tell the weekend would be a very long one…

“…what you gonna do in those shoes?”

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