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I Fisted Him, Now You Fist Me

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Deb couldn’t wait for her girlfriend Jessica to arrive at her place after work on Monday for a drink. She had a story for Jessica and was itching to tell it, knowing how Jessica would freak hearing all about what happened to Deb that weekend.

“So what is it you’re dyin’ to tell me about, Deb?” Jessica asked, settling down with a beer.

“Wait’ll you hear, you ain’t gonna believe it. It is so fuckin’ wild. I been itchin’ tell you all about it, Jessica, because I know you’re a slut who’ll appreciate it.”

“Well, thanks for the compliment,” Jessica chuckled, sucking on her brew.

They got comfortable on opposite ends of Deb’s leather couch.

“So you know I’ve been surfing these sex chat rooms online, right? Well I started chattin’ it up with this dude. We’re getting all hot and nasty with our talk and the photos of him, assuming he ain’t fuckin’ with me and sending me fake ones, make my clit twitch. I mean the guy is a fuckin’ looker. Twenty years old, gorgeous face, a nice, trim, smooth, hard body. All tanned. Nicely shaped cock, though it ain’t hard in the pics. Well we get to the point where we’re sharing fantasies. And I confess to him that I always wanted to fuck a dude up the ass with a big strap-on cock.”

“Yeah, you’ve said that more than once, Deb,” Jessica said. “The way you love to slam your rubber one up my cunt.”

The two friends laughed; it’s not that Deb was unfamiliar with sliding a thick rubber cock up a tight hole; it’s just that previously the hole had always belonged to a female.

“Well, I figured he’d listen to me but then beg off. But the dude really surprised me, saying he’d been fucked by women with a strap-ons, but not for a long time. And that he’d love to do it again. So even though all we were gonna do is chat and shit, I decided to take a chance and invite him over. And told him to make sure he was good and ready to have me put his butthole through the paces.”

“You are too much, Deb,” Jessica chuckled.

“I’m so excited waiting for the dude to arrive my nipples are stiff as corks. Just the way they are now me telling you this story, Jessica.”

“Let me have a feel,” Jessica said, with a lewd smile, reaching out with a hand as Deb leaned over, Jessica squeezing Deb’s firm titties, rubbing the nipples, visible through the thin white cotton.

“Look at you, you can’t keep your hands off my tits, can you? Maybe I should take this top off?”

Now Deb whipped off her halter top as Jessica ripped off her T-shirt. The two of them were a pair of stunningly beautiful, slender blondes. Though they had only modest buds up above, those buds were topped by very sensitive, big, corky nipples. Now they both reached over to play with each others’ cute little tits and aroused nipples, kissing while they fondled..

“Let’s take the rest off too, okay, it’s hot in here,” Jessica suggested to Deb. True, it was a hot day, but most of the heat in the room was being generated from Deb telling her story. Now the two of them ripped off shorts and panties and quick as a wink were as naked as the day they were born. They’d known each other since they were in high school. About a year after they met, they got a little stoned and decided to fool around with each other. That was fun, finger games, eating pussy. After that they doubled on a guy up once in a while and swapped too a couple times when they went out as two couples.

Now, naked, they pulled back to opposite sides of the couch again, casually spreading apart their legs, flashing pussy between their sleek thighs. Each had a pretty one, sitting in the midst of a dense tangle of golden curls. They loved having thick rugs between their legs, and guys seemed to like it too. They could never figure out why some chicks shaved it smooth down there or why some guys liked hairless, shaved cunts. They both loved having a golden, bushy “V”. You had to make your way through some thick forest to get to the prize.

Jessica dropped a hand between her legs and started idly playing with her pussy.

“I can’t help myself,” she chuckled as Deb, too, slid a hand between her legs.

“Shit, I’m almost as wet startin’ to tell you this story as I was when it all actually happened.” Deb said, working a couple of fingers up her tight, slippery cunt.

“So tell me, tell me what happened,” Jessica begged.

“I’ll do more than tell you, slut. I got something to show you too,” Deb said, getting up off the couch and crossing the room to a desk, taking something out of a drawer, giving Jessica a wicked little smile.

“I had the dude, his name was Greg, take off his clothes and I took a picture of him. Look at his dick,” Deb said, handing over the Polaroid.

Jessica’s eyes went wide when she stared at the Polaroid which showed Greg with an aching erection, rising proudly from his flat stomach.

“Wow, he is cute! What a body. And what a nice cock!”

Deb smiled, happy to share like this with her girlfriend, keen to see Jessica’s reaction.

“Glad you like the picture,” Deb said, resuming her story. “So we small talked a little, but we done plenty of that online. And both of us knew why he was here. That’s when I had Greg undress and took that picture you’re looking at. Now you gotta remember, I’d told the dude I sort of wanted to pretend I was a guy, that we were going to be two guys, and I was going to do him. So I made sure to do myself up as a stud. You know me, Jessica, I don’t have much in the way of tits and my hips are nice and narrow. You even told me that sometimes, when I’m dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and a baseball cap I could pass for a cute teenage boy, you know, a Leonardo or something. So that’s what I did. I put on a pair of old jeans, a T-shirt and tucked my hair under a cap. Down below I got a big rubber dick strapped to myself, which makes a very impressive bulge in the crotch of my jeans. The dude’s been eyeing that bulge since the minute he walked through the door. Looking over at the mirror I can’t help but smile to myself. I gotta admit I look pretty convincing. I look like a hot, young, trim dude with a big, big stiff cock.

“Wanna get fucked?” I ask him bluntly.

“Yeah, I wanna get fucked,” he says. “Right up my ass.”

“Where the fuck else, huh? But first I wanna see you suck it.”

“So now I pull off my jeans and my briefs and nine inches of thick, life-like rubber cock pops right out. He starin’ at it like it’s a work of art or something. Then he comes down and gives me one hell of a blow job, lickin’ and suckin’ away at it like he can’t get enough. ‘Lick my balls!’ I order, and right away he’s lapping away at my rubber balls. ‘Now rim my ass,’ I tell him, pulling the strap aside, letting him see it. He starts to give my asshole a thorough tongue bath.

“Oh man, I can picture him lapping away at you, Deb.”

“He loved it too, Jessica. I had to make him stop so I could get to his ass.”

“Tell me about it, lemme hear what you did.”

“So I tell him to get up on his elbows and knees and stick it out for me. He snaps right to it, assuming the position like he was just born to turn over and stick it out for a stud. I mean, this dude’s really got himself a hot ass.”

“Is that butt for me?” I say to him.

“Yeah,” he says, waving his gorgeous, smooth bottom in my face.

“I start off by giving him a playful spanking, then I begin to massage his buns, spreading them open, staring at the hole. Man, the sight of it really made my clit twitch,

“Deb?” Jessica interrupted. “Bring out that dildo, the one you used on the dude, let me look at it while you keep talking.”

“Sure thing,” Deb said as she went and got it.

“Check it out!” Jessica said, as Deb handed it to her.

“Strap it on, Jessica,” Deb told her. “Strap it on and play with it. While I’m tellin’ you the story, you make believe you’re the one who’s fucking the dude.”

“Damn, you know how to get freaky, Deb. That’s why I love you.”

Jessica strapped on the dildo and started fisting the shaft, forgetting about her very aroused pussy and swollen clit for the moment.

“First thing I do is make a meal of the dude’s butthole, eating out his ass nice and slow. The stud loves it, groaning and hissing like he can’t get enough. You know me, if there’s one thing I love it’s a nice, tasty asshole that loves to be eaten up.”

“Don’t I know it!” Jessica cackled.

“But then I want to taste something else. So I take his dick in my mouth and I start to suck it, giving him one of my patented leisurely blow-jobs, making sure to stick a finger up his ass while I’m chewin’ on it. And while I’m suckin’ his dick I’m playin’ with mine. ‘Cause by now I’m really feeling like I am a guy. It’s almost like I can feel that I have a dick.”

“I’m kinda feeling like I have one right now,” Jessica said, stroking it.

“No shit, that looks just like the dick I fucked the stud with,” Deb said as the two of them laughed lustily.

“Anyway, let me go on. By now I’m ready for the main act now, so I grab hold of the lube. ‘Ready to take it?’ I ask him. ‘Ready as I’ll ever be,’ he tells me, ‘Where do you want it?’ I tease. ‘Up my ass, all the way, deep!’ he begs like a slut in heat. So I slap some lube between his cheeks and ream him out with a couple of stiff fingers. He’s pushin’ back like a horny slut or something, greedy to take my fingers up his ass. I dig ’em in nice and deep. He’s tight and smooth. Damn, I just love feelin’ up a guy’s ass, don’t you, Jessica?”

“A guy’s ass, a chick’s ass, I love stickin’ my fingers up a hot ass, period. Especially yours, Deb,” Jessica said with a provocative wink and a smile.

“Later, babe, later. But now lemme just talk and tell you more. After I stretch him out with three fingers, taking my time, I finally pull ’em out. I work my dick between his cheeks, just teasing him, rubbing it around his slick hole as he’s pushin’ back, greedy to take it all.”

“Oh fuck! I can’t wait for what’s next,” Jessica hissed, excitedly fisting her shaft.

“Now I kneel behind him and work it in, my dick. Right away he’s grunting and moaning like the hot bitch he’s become, pushing back on it, wanting every inch. Well, I give him every inch. And not just from behind. Man, I fuck his ass in every position you can think of. I have him stand up and bend over. And then come at him from the rear. I have him sit on it. I put a pillow under his butt and get on top of him, doing it face to face. I love looking at him while I drill his young horny ass. You came at my ass like that one time, remember Jessica? A pillow under my butt, me spreading ’em wide and lifting my bottom, you getting between my legs, slammin’ it inside me, first my cunt, then up my ass, the two of us staring at each other.”


“Yeah, kissing, that was great. And you really socked it to my ass, the way I was socking it to the kid now. After about a half hour of this I’m really starting to work up a sweat. Man, fucking can be hard work, let me tell you. So, finally, I pull out of him. He just stays up there like that, on elbows and knees, stickin’ it out for me, his hole wide open again.

‘You like showing it off, huh?’ I ask him. ‘Yeah, especially now, after you’ve fucked it nice and hard,’ he tells me. ‘Shit, the sight of that is just too hot,’ I tell him, staring at his asshole. ‘I’m gonna catch my breath and keep doin’ you some more, dude. You look like you can use it.’ He gives me a real nasty smile. ‘Anything you got for me, I can take,’ he tells me.

“Those were pretty provocative words and right away they made me think of something. One time I rented myself a couple of porno tapes. You know how I’ve had this thing for guys doing guys. So I got me a nasty gay tape to go with the straight stuff. I’m watching this scene where all of a sudden one dude works his whole fist up another dude’s ass. I mean he really buries it up the other stud’s bottom. We’ve all heard how some fags like to do that to each other. But to actually see them do it, aw shit!”

“I gotta rent me that one; I always wanted to check that out, butt fistin’.”

“Anyway, the dude’s braggin’ he can take anything I got. And I got me a fist. The dude had no trouble taking the rubber dick you’re playing with over there, so now I’m thinking maybe I can fist his cute ass.”

“You shittin’ me? You really did that?”

“Just play with that dick and listen, okay?”

Jessica’s hand was a blur, stroking the thick rubber shaft.

“So I tell him about that tape I watched and ask him if he’s ever thought about that being done to him. He admits he has. I ask him if he feels like trying it now. And he says, maybe. And then he does this amazing thing, he reaches back and spreads his cheeks as wide as possible. If that ain’t telling me something, what is.”

“Oh man, I can’t believe what you’re about to tell me.”

“Anyway, for this I’m thinking the jelly may not be enough. So I go to the bathroom and get a big jar of Vaseline. Greg’s looking back at me, excited as shit, playing with his dick while I unscrew the lid and dip my whole hand in the jar, just like the guy did it in the video. Then I bring my hand down between his buns and right away I bury four greased fingers in his ass. Then I add the thumb, twisting all five around inside him, stretching him open. The kid is breathing hard now, excited as shit. I keep pushing until I have the first set of knuckles inside him, then the second. You should’ve seen the sight, Jessica, his asshole stretched to just about the max around my five fingers. But it wasn’t quite the max yet, ’cause the widest part of my hand still wasn’t inside him. So now, slowly, I keep pushing, twisting it around. He’s hissing and grunting, breaking out in a sweat. But I just keep pushing until, suddenly, my whole hand is inside him, his asshole wrapped around my wrist. I can hardly believe it, I got my fuckin’ hand buried up a stud’s asshole! Inside, I bunch my fingers up into a fist and then I really start pumping it inside him. ‘Fist my ass, fist it!’ he hollers as I really give it to him now. Shit, talk about feeling power over a man. I got the stud up on his elbows and knees, stickin’ it out for me like a slut, like my own personal sex slave. And what am I doin’ to him? I’m rammin’ my fist all the way up his sorry ass!”

“Oh God, I gotta play with this too,” Jessica said, reaching under the dildo harness for her pussy while she kept stroking her rubber dick with the other hand.

“Now, slowly, I turn him over so he’s on his back, my fist still buried deep inside his ass. And then, while I keep fisting him like that, I bring my mouth down and suck him off. Man, you wouldn’t have believed the kid’s load. I got me a mouthful of cum to swallow. Slowly I pull my hand out of his rugged young bottom, the bottom I had just fisted! You should’ve seen his asshole, it looked obscene! The kid is wasted, laying there, catching his breath. But me? I’m all revved up. So while he regains his strength, I unstrap the dildo, spread my legs, and beat off. Shit, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so strong!”

“I wish I coulda seen it,” Jessica said.

“Here,” Deb said, handing Jessica another photo. “The camera was still there from the night before. So while I had my hand buried up his ass, I grabbed it and managed to snap this shot with my free hand.”

“Holy, holy shit!” Jessica gasped, her eyes wide as she stared at the image of Greg’s asshole wrapped around her girlfriend’s wrist.

“Pretty nasty, huh?” Deb said, proud to show off just how far she’d gone.

“You know what all this is makin’ me think of, hearing your story, looking at these photos?”

“No, what?” Deb asked.

“Ass! And more specifically, your ass, Deb.”

“You wanna fuck it?”

“I wanna fuck it so bad! I wanna fuck it, I wanna lick it, I want to shove my fingers up inside it. I wanna do your fuckin’ ass til it’s done. Hearing all that shit you just told me about you and that dude, it’s just made me feel bottom crazyright now,” Jessica hissed, showing off her cock, the very same one Deb had used on the kid.

Deb, as Jessica knew well, just craved having her ass fucked. And Jessica had, over the years they’d been intimate with each other, really come to love fucking it.

“Okay, but then how about we make believe we’re guys, two horny studs. No pussy play, no tits. Just ass and dick. That cool?” Deb suggested.

“Sounds freaky to me, I love it!” Jessica enthused.

“That means I gotta strap one on too, and let’s put on T-shirts and a couple of baseball caps, cover our tits and hair and look more like guys,” Deb said.

Deb got everything they needed, first strapping one to herself, then handing Jessica a T-shirt and hat. They stood next to each other and stared into a mirror. With the two life-like rubber dicks, each with a set of balls, strapped to themselves, and their tits and long hair covered, they definitely looked boyish. In fact, they looked like two of the cutest boys you could ever hope to run into.

“Wow!” Jessica sighed, staring at the two of them.

“What a couple of hot lookin’ studs, huh?” Deb said, turning to Jessica. Then she looked down at the big strap-on Jessica was now wearing and took hold of it.

“I like your big cock, stud,” Deb said, stroking it, licking her lips. “I like it a lot.”

“Well if you like it so much, how about you suck it, then. Blow me, dude! Suck my big dick like you mean it!”

Jessica fell back on the bed as Deb brought her face down to the rubber dick. She sucked it hungrily now, thinking how the dude had sucked the same one, how she had buried it up his young horny ass. Then she licked the pair of rubber balls, and after that pulled aside the strap and dug her tongue between Jessica’s cheeks.

“That’s right dude, lick my hot male ass, I fuckin’ love it!” Jessica barked, getting right into the fantasy.

“I’m gonna eat out your stud ass like it’s never been eaten,” Deb hissed at Jessica, and then made good on her promise, giving Jessica’s asshole a lavish tongue bath, slurping away at her hot, aroused anus like she’d really been starving for it.

“Now I want me some ass,” Jessica said, helping Deb get up on her elbows and knees as Jessica’s girlfriend — or, for now, ‘boyfriend’ — stuck it out for Jessica like a frisky kitten with a red-hot bottom

“My ass is so fuckin’ hot, my ass really needs it,” Deb purred, looking over her shoulder at Jessica as Jessica pulled aside the dildo strap and dug in for her own anal feast, forcing her greedy tongue between her girlfriend’s cheeks as Deb reached back with an arm and pressed Jessica’s face against her bottom.

“Rim it, lick it! Fuck it, fuck it with your tongue!” Deb begged as Jessica forced her tongue inside. After a good, long taste, Jessica pulled her tongue away and slid in a finger in its place, working the finger in deep, Deb all the while still looking over her shoulder. With Deb watching her, Jessica sucked on the finger, then stuck it in again before reaching over so Deb could have a taste too.

“We’re fuckin’ sluts for ass, ain’t we?” Deb chuckled.

“We sure are. Now hand me that lube,” Jessica said, pointing to the tube sitting by the bed. Then Jessica slapped a big dab between Deb’s cheeks, rubbing it all over, working it inside first with one, then with two stiff fingers.

“Oh yeah, grease me up, get me ready!”

“Ready for what?” Jessica teased.

“Ready for your big cock!”

“You want it?” Jessica said, kneeling behind Deb now, cock in hand, poised and ready.

“I want it so fuckin’ bad!”

“And just where is it you want it?” Jessica purred, keeping up the tease.

“I want it up my fuckin’ shithole!”

“Here it is, then,” Jessica said, pressing the tip against Deb’s slick sphincter.

“Oh yeah! Go on, Jessica, shove that big fuckin’ rubber cock of yours all the way up my tight, slutty ass!”

Jessica grabbed hold of Deb’s hips and started driving it into her bottom with the raw, savage fury she knew her girlfriend always relished whenever she got fucked, cunt or ass.

“Talk to me, stud, tell me you like it.”

“I love it!!!” Deb shrieked. “I love it up the ass, I love having my ass stuffed with thick, hard dick!”

Jessica fucked Deb’s bottom with deep, smooth strokes, working the full length of the shaft inside so that the rubber balls were slapping against Deb’s smooth cheeks, Deb desperately pushing back against Jessica’s thrusts, keen to feel every solid inch inside her rectum.

“Deep, deep!” Deb shouted, meeting Jessica’s savage thrusts with keen, eager enthusiasm. “Ass fuck me! Ass fuck me! Pleeeease ass fuck me!!!”

“Look at how nice and hard your dick is, stud, you must really be loving it,” Jessica whispered huskily in Deb’s ear as she reached around and took hold of Deb’s strap-on, playing out the fantasy that these two girlfriends were, for the moment, two horny studs with stiff dicks and hot asses.

“I’m a stud who loves to feel it!” Deb gasped, turning to look at Jessica.

“And I’m a stud who loves to see another stud take it!”

“Take it where?” Deb teased, wiggling her rear as she pushed back to take more.

“Take it in the ass!”

“My ass loves it, my ass is in love with your dick!”

“Your ass is in love with dick, period!”

“Let me turn over and you get on top of me, okay stud?” Deb suggested as Jessica pulled out. Then Deb put a pillow under her buns and jackknifed her legs, holding on to her ankles, giving Jessica easy access to her already well-fucked asshole.

“I want to suck that dick some,” Jessica said, wanting a chance to chew on some life-like rubber cock, her girlfriend’s.

“Oh yeah, blow me, suck my fuckin’ dick before you fuck my ass some more!”

“And lick your balls?”

“Yeah, lick ’em!”

“And taste your ass now that I’ve fucked it,” Jessica said, snaking her tongue as deep as she could into Deb’s asshole, nicely dilated now.

“Ooooh yeah, I love that tongue, but now I need some more of that big cock of yours, stud,” Deb pleaded, tugging at Jessica, who now got between Deb’s legs and slid her big rubber cock all the way up Deb’s ass another time. And Jessica reached down to hold on to Deb’s cock while she fucked her ass, only heightening the fantasy for the two of them of being two studs with stiff dicks, making it.

They looked into each others’ eyes and their lips met as they kissed, first tenderly, then passionately, all the while Jessica thrusting deep into Deb’s bottom, Deb bucking up to meet the rugged thrusts.

“I love it! I love it like this!” Deb sighed, feeling scorchingly aroused and sweetly tender at once. These were two street-smart Italian bitches from Brooklyn, but they knew how to be tender with each other, as well as rough and nasty. Deb was tempted to reach under Jessica’s T-shirt and take hold of those big, firm tits she loved so much. But she restrained herself, remembering that it was she who insisted ‘no pussy, no tits.’

They went the rounds, Deb getting on top of Jessica, riding the shaft, impaling her rectum on every one of the thick, solid nine inches. They even got up off the bed and did it standing up, Jessica coming at Deb from the rear, Deb bending way over, hands on her knees, happy to take whatever Jessica had to give her. Which was plenty!

Finally, after fucking her butthole as thoroughly as Deb had fucked Greg’s a week earlier, and with the same rubber dick she had used on him, Jessica slowly pulled the thick shaft out of Deb’s overheated rectum.

“Oh, man, look at you!” Jessica said, looking down at the gaping hole as Deb reached back to spread herself wide open and give Jessica a better view.

“My ass feels like it’s been fucked!” Deb hissed, a lusty grin on her face.

“I’ll say!” Jessica enthused, lowering herself and burying her face between her girlfriend’s buns, digging her tongue into the open hole she’d just fucked.

“Taste good?”

“I love fuckin’ your ass, Deb.”

“I want more, I want you to stick your fingers back inside me,” Deb said, taking hold of her girlfriend’s wrist and bringing Jessica’s hand down between her cheeks as Jessica slid her fingers inside Deb’s rectum again.

“How many fingers you got in there?”


“Stick in another, three ain’t enough,” Deb told her girlfriend as Jessica rammed a fourth finger into Deb’s dark, humid rectal depths, Deb pushing back eagerly against the fingers, her steamy ass hungry for more rough play.

“Now the thumb,” Deb instructed as Jessica slid in her thumb, all five fingers stretching Deb’s asshole wide open.

“Mmmmh, that’s beginning to feel real good!” Deb purred, grinding her bottom against the probing fingers.

“I’ll bet,” Jessica sighed excitedly, twisting her fingers around inside.

“You know what?”Deb said, turning to look back at her girlfriend. “You know what I did to the kid? How I fisted his ass? How about you try to do that to me now, Jessica? I wanna feel what that’s like.”

“You’re shittin’ me, Deb!”

“No I ain’t, I want your whole fist up my fuckin’ ass!”

Once when they were making it and feeling extra hot they had tried to fist each others’ pussies. Deb managed to take Jessica’s hand inside her cunt, and loved it, but Jessica couldn’t quite turn the trick when Deb tried to fist her pussy.

“There’s a big jar of Vaseline in the bathroom, go get it, Jessica.”

Jessica came back with the Vaseline and the two girlfriends stared at each other, realizing the extreme erotic adventure on which they were about to embark.

“Here,” Deb said, pulling the Polaroid out of a drawer and getting it ready, “you can take a picture later of you doin’ it to me.”

“And just how do you want me to do it?” Jessica asked, nearly breathless with excitement.

“I’ll get up on the bed and turn over. You just stick your hand into the jar and get it all covered with grease, okay?”

“I’m gonna do this to you Deb, I’m really gonna fist your ass?” Jessica asked in amazement.

“You sure as shit are gonna try!” Deb said, assuming the position as Jessica dug her hand into the jar, covering the hand with petroleum jelly.

“Here goes,” Jessica said as Deb bit her lip and Jessica brought her greased hand between Deb’s cheeks. She slid five fingers in right away, working them in past the first set of knuckles.

“How’s that?”

“Feels great, keeping pushing it in.”

Jessica gazed in astonishment as she drove all five fingers past the second set of knuckles, Deb wincing a little now, breathing hard as she endured the awesome intrusion. Jessica couldn’t believe the sight, her hand slowly disappearing inside Deb’s rectum. She kept pushing, amazed at how she was stretching open her girlfriend, how Deb was able to take it like this.

“Okay, slow down a sec,” Deb begged, taking a few deep breaths, concentrating to relax her muscles. This was a first for Deb, taking a fist up her ass, and she knew it.

“Good, now keep pushing,” Deb told Jessica, giving her the go-ahead to resume fisting. Deb slowly pushed forward until the widest part of her hand was stretching Deb open, Jessica’s eyes glued to the scorching sight like a pair of lasers.

“Oh shit… oh fuck!” Deb groaned, reaching back to run a finger around the rim of her obscenely dilated asshole, Jessica’s hand wedged well inside it.

“Here goes,” Jessica warned, pushing it in further until, suddenly, her whole hand was now inside her girlfriend’s ass, Deb’s anal ring tightly gripping Jessica’s slender wrist. As a wrist it may’ve been slender, but it was thicker than any cock.

“Oh man, you got the whole fuckin’ thing inside me! You got your hot fist rammed up my slut ass!” Deb groaned, reaching back to run a fingertip around the circumference of Jessica’s wrist. “Take a picture, I wanna see it.”

Jessica picked up the digital camera with her free hand and snapped off a shot. Then the two of them stared at the image.

“Damn, check it out!” Jessica said.

“Holy shit, look at us, that is so obscene.”

“I can’t fuckin’ believe I’m really doin’ this to you, Deb!”

“Well believe it, slut, ’cause you definitely have got your whole fist buried up my hot little ass. So fuck it! Jam it in there, hard and deep!”

“Oh yeah, I’ll fuck it okay, I’ll jam it in there,” Jessica hissed in Deb’s ear. She had slid all five fingers into Deb’s asshole, followed by the rest of her hand. And now that the whole hand was inside, she bunched it up into a fist, as Deb had told her she’d done when she fisted the kid. And this fist was meant for fucking! Now Jessica stood over a kneeling Deb who was sticking her butt up nice and high as Jessica rammed that fist inside, pumping it in, twisting it around the warm depths. Deb’s sighs and moans had turned into shrieks and howls as she endured the savage rectal assault, relishing every moment.

“Oooooooh, yeah. Oh God, yeah! Fuck it! Fist it! It feels so fuckin’ amazing! Do it to me, Jessica, do it! Do it! Do it! It’s driving me craaaazzzzy! That fuckin’ fist of yours in my ass! Pump it! Fuck it! Fist it! Do it! Deep! Rough! Hard! Hard! Hard! Oh God… oh God… oh God!!!! That is just too much!”

“Too much, or not enough?” Jessica growled.

“Not enough, I want more… more!”

“You’re a greedy bitch, ain’t you, Deb?”

“I’m greedy for your fuckin’ fist… you hot, nasty cunt!”

“And my fist is greedy for your fuckin’ ass… slut!”

“Use it! Ream out my rectum!”

Jessica just kept churning that fist inside her girlfriend’s bottom.

“Deeper, I want it deeper… harder!”

“But I already got my whole fist inside.”

“Keep pushing, I want more!” Deb begged, frantic with desire as an awed, amazed Jessica now kept pushingdeeper. Now it wasn’t just Jessica’s fist that was buried inside Deb, but some of her forearm. She kept pushing past the wrist, stopping after another inch of her arm was inside Deb, Jessica sure this must be her limit as Deb gasped and groaned, the sweating pouring off her sleek body, giving her smooth skin a glossy sheen.

And so Jessica just kept on pushing, working more and more of her forearm up into Deb’s rectum until it was in halfway to her elbow.

“Okay, stop,” Deb said, reaching back to take hold of Jessica’s arm. “That’s it.”

With half her slender forearm buried up Deb’s bottom, Jessica slowly pumped and twisted, giving Deb the most utterly penetrating of rectal massages. Her hand was deep inside her girlfriend’s body. Could intimacy have been any more profound than this… or any more depraved?

“This is so amazing, Jessica,” Deb whispered, turning to look at her girlfriend. “You’re so deep inside my body, so, so deep! I feel so filled. So fuckin’ stretched!”

“This is flippin’ me out, what I’m doin’ to you” Jessica moaned, almost breathless with excitement. “I’m never gonna be able to look down at this right hand of mine without thinkin’ where it’s been stuffed.”

* * * * *

“And where’s that, tell me?” Deb begged, wanting to hear it again.

“Up… your… ass…!” Jessica hissed lewdly at Deb.

“That’s right, up my fuckin’ shithole!”

Deb was breaking out in a serious sweat now, her fingers between her legs, creating a blur as she stroked her own cock, pressing the rubber base of the cock-and-balls combo against her soaked, scorchingly aroused pussy, rubber saying hello to clit.

“Ahhhhh… ohhhhhh… argggghhhh…. I’m cummmmming!” Deb howled, loud enough to wake the dead, as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm, Jessica able to feel the throbbing of Deb’s asshole against her forearm.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the spasms subsided and Jessica began to withdraw her hand from her girlfriend’s bottom. She did it slowly, enraptured by the sight of more and more of her hand becoming visible as she withdrew from the warm, humid depths. When Jessica had finally withdrawn her fingers, Deb whipped around and took hold of the arm, staring at it. There was a clear line halfway to Jessica’s elbow which marked how far she had gotten it in, everything below that was slick with Vaseline.

“My ass feels so good, Jessica. Nobody, nobody’s ever been as intimate with me.”

“Oh Deb, I’ll never forget this. It was the most amazing thing, shoving my fist up your ass!”

“… and now it’s time for you, Jessica, it’s time for me to do your ass…!”

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