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Husband Sets Her Up

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Things have been strained with my husband of thirteen years lately. I love him, but the sex had become so routine, boring…and infrequent. When he suggested that we go away for a weekend I was thrilled, and thought to myself that maybe we could talk about our troubles, and find a solution.

We went to dinner, and then stopped at the bar in the hotel. I noticed a very handsome man sitting close by when we sat down, but being the faithful wife that I am, I just stole a few quick glances at him.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to talk, but when I mentioned being unhappy with our sex life he got sooo angry! He said that he saw me looking at the other man in the bar…he called me a slut. I knew he had been under a lot of strain at work, but never expected this attack from him…he has always been a very gentle, caring man. I tried telling him how wrong he was…that I had never been with another man, but he wasn’t listening. He told me that he couldn’t even look at me, and stormed out of the bar. I was very hurt, and I admit a bit angry. How could he talk to me that way after all the years we had spent together?

As I got up to leave I noticed that the man I had seen earlier was still in the bar, but didn’t really give him much thought as I walked out. I went to our room hoping that my husband was back in the room, and that we could make up. As I unlocked the door someone slammed into my back & pushed me into the room. I was stunned, and scared as I saw the man from the bar behind me. I tried to push him away, but he grabbed my arm, and pushed me further into the room…slamming the door behind him. He didn’t say a word when I tried to race for the door…just grabbed me, and forced his mouth onto mine. His kiss was hard, and brutal as I struggled against him trying to free myself. I reached out to strike him, but he caught my hand, and crushed me against his hard body… still grinding his mouth on mine. He pushed me onto the bed, and said that he knew that I wanted him…he saw me looking at him in the bar, so quit the play-acting.

I was scared, and started to try to reason with this madman, but he told me to shut up…he knew all about women like me….teasing men to get what they want. He fell on top of me on the bed…tearing at my clothes, and forcing his mouth again on mine. Feeling his mouth on mine, his tongue forcing inside, his hands on my body I felt such shame….thinking that my husband had been right about me…I must be a slut because as afraid as I was… it felt good. My struggles lessened as he tore open my dress, and he took a nipple into his mouth…sucking, and nipping with his teeth. My shame increased as by body arched towards him, and a moan escaped me.

I couldn’t believe it….here I was being attacked by a stranger, and I was enjoying it!! He reached down to my panties…could feel my wetness, and started to chuckle saying “see, I was right about you bitch.” He pulled them aside, and drove a finger inside of my wet pussy… pushing in deep, and hard. I no longer thought…just reacted. I moved my hips against his hand as my hands gripped his shoulders. He kept thrusting in & out as he lowered his mouth to my pussy…his tongue lapping at my wetness, and I had the best orgasm of my life!

He rose off of the bed saying “it’s your turn now bitch,” and stripped. He was beautiful…his body was hard, and obviously aroused as he moved over my chest, and pushed his hard cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over the tip tasting his juices. His hands tangled in my hair as he pushed forward…sliding inside of my mouth… not being gentle as he rammed his cock deep into my throat. I fought the urge to gag, and he started fucking my mouth….pistoning in & out. I could feel my juices running down my legs as he moaned, and his cock started throbbing, enlarging as he started to cum in my mouth….his hands pulling me tight against him….his cock forcing his seed down my throat. He pulled away, and I fell back onto the bed. His eyes were sparkling as he said “okay bitch… turn around, and show me what else you have.”

I slowly turned onto my stomach…wondering what was wrong with me….how could I be so excited by this man? he grabbed my hips, pulled back, and forced me into a kneeling position. I felt his hands stroking my ass, kneading it, and dropped my head to my arms as he pulled my soaked panties down my legs. His hands again roamed my ass….down to my wet pussy. I squirmed as he now thrust two fingers deep inside of me…feeling so full…so good. He pulled his fingers out of me, and smeared my juices on my ass…spreading my cheeks apart as he rubbed his hard cock up & down along my crack.

I pulled away…scared again….thinking that he couldn’t mean to fuck me there….people really didn’t enjoy that did they? He slapped my ass, and said “quit teasing bitch…you know you want it.” He grabbed my hips and drove his hard cock into my pussy in one thrust…my moans, and the sound of his cock slapping against my wetness the only sounds in the room. He started kneading the globes of my ass as I pushed back against him…the fear forgotten in my lust until I felt his finger enter my ass. I squealed, and started struggling again, but he didn’t care….his finger thrusting in time with his cock in my pussy….his other arm holding my hips in place as he started fucking me faster, and harder.

His finger felt huge inside of my ass… making me feel unbelievably full. My squeals turned to whimpers as my body betrayed my lust, and I started cumming. He laughed as he felt my pussy contract, and my juices flow. As my pussy still clenched, he pulled out of me…hand, and cock…my cry of loss sounding very loud in the room. He said, “don’t worry slut…I’m not done yet.”

He held my hips…pulled my ass towards him, and shoved his cock in my ass hard. I cried out in pain, and pleasure….never imagining that a cock in my ass could be so exciting. He started pumping my ass….taking long, deep strokes. I could feel every inch of his cock as his balls slapped against my ass. I ground my ass against him wanting more. He laughed again, making me feel ashamed.

He asked, “Is this what you want bitch?,” and started fucking my ass harder. I was meeting his thrusts, moaning when he slapped my ass, and said “Answer me slut!.” I cried out in surprise, and said “yes… please….” “Please what bitch?” he asked, and reached his hand around to my clit. I didn’t care anymore if I was a slut…all I wanted was for these feelings to never stop. I was panting as I answered him…”please fuck my ass…please don’t stop.” Those words were echoing in the room when I heard the door open, and my husband walked in.

I raised my head as I heard the door opening, and saw my husband walk in. My ecstasy, and passion turned to horror, and shame as he closed the door behind him….his face impassive. I tried pulling away from the cock buried in my ass, but I was held tight as he kept on thrusting. I could not speak… could only moan as his hand continued to stroke my clit….my body burning for release.

My husband said not a word as he moved next to the bed, and started taking off his clothes. I could not look him in the face knowing that I had proven him right. He grabbed a handful of my hair…wrapped it around his hand, and pulled my face up to his hard cock. I opened my mouth to beg forgiveness, but could utter no words as his cock rammed down my throat. My mind couldn’t understand this….how could he be hard seeing his wife being unfaithful….allowing a strange man to fuck her ass brutally…something she had never shared with him?? Why did the strange man not stop??

I stopped trying to think as he started fucking my mouth with his cock. The two of them started fucking in rhythm…the stranger’s cock in my ass forcing my mouth harder onto my husband’s cock. I had never felt so ashamed, so humiliated, and yet so excited in my life. They increased their tempo, and I heard my husband say “that’s it…fuck her good” as his hand tightened in my hair…pulling me harder & harder onto his cock. The man behind me said “I think she’s ready.” Before I could wonder at those words they both pulled out of me. I felt so empty….so lost, and I whimpered in need. The stranger lay down on his back pulling me onto him, and pushed my dripping pussy down onto his cock.

I cried out in pleasure forgetting my husband until I felt him behind me. He pushed my head forward, and I was held tight from below. Not understanding what was happening I started struggling, and felt my husband’s sharp slap on my ass. The shock stilled me for a moment, and that was all that was needed….my husband rammed his cock inside of my ass. My breath was taken away as I was stuffed full. My moans came out broken, and high pitched as they both started fucking. I couldn’t move….only feel, as they drove into me harder & faster. My pussy began to spasm as I started cumming again. The man beneath me said, “that’s it bitch…milk our cocks….”and I did.

I tightened around them, and felt both of them start to throb inside of me. I cried out my pleasure, and their voices joined mine as they both started filling me with their cream. It was too much, and I think I must have passed out from pure ecstasy. I was next aware that I was lying on the bed exhausted, and I heard my husband saying, “It worked just like we planned Jack…I owe you one…”and then the sound of a door closing. I felt him climb onto the bed, and he wrapped his arms around me. I fell asleep in his arms with a smile on my face.

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