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How He Tamed the Wild RedHead

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It was Saturday night and it was getting close to the end of Angela’s shift. She had learned long ago that dancing was a way of life and she was used to the long nights but her feet were sore and she was light headed from the 2 drinks she had had with a couple of the customers so this made her human and she longed to be in her room fast asleep. The money was good this week though and she couldn’t complain about that, this job was the reason she owned an expensive sports car and a house, so she headed back out onto the floor to hustle a little more.

Angela had chosen a small green dress that was low cut showing off the generous cleavage of her 38 c cup chest very well. The skirt tapered out a little bit and ended just under her butt cheeks, this not only showed off her long shapely legs it but it also enhanced her hour glass figure. The shade of green Angela had chosen for the dress complimented her waist length copper red hair and made her green eyes stand out. Immediately she felt someone touch her arm and she heard a deep voice ask “Hey sweetheart can you come over here and reveal the rest of that package for me?”

Angela turned around to see who the owner of the voice was and found the same guy that had been bugging her all week to go out with him. The guy’s name was Jeff and he wasn’t bad looking with his blue eyes, dark hair and goatee but she had no interest in any man after her last relationship, besides he was there everyday even though she continued to say no and that was a little weird in her books. “I thought I told you to go away” she said and then turned and headed in the other direction towards the main bar, Angela didn’t scare easy but she had a bad temper and this guy was on her last nerve. “Charlie, can you get rid of that guy once and for all please” she said to the over sized bouncer standing by the bar. “What guy” he asked as he searched the area she was pointing to. “Never mind, as long as he left it doesn’t matter” she mumbled and went back to catch a few more table dances before they played the last song.

The night went by faster than Angela expected and she was thrilled when it was time to get dressed and pack up. She didn’t rush and was not surprised to find she was the last one out of the dressing room. It was the last day for her in this dive and she was going to be happy to jump into her car and head home tomorrow morning, it had crossed her mind to leave tonight but she had a 6 hour drive and there was no way she would make it there in the shape she was in. She took another glance in the mirror and she assured herself that the green dress was decent enough to wear on the long dark walk down the row of motel rooms to her unit on the end. Angela walked past the d.j booth and stopped long enough to take one last look at the large stage. It was a half circular stage against one wall which was covered by a large mirror, the pole in the middle of the stage was brass and was sturdy enough for the pole work she liked to do, and a runway about 10 feet long and about 5 feet wide protruded out the front amongst the tables around the stage. She was athletic and liked to do some gymnastics in her show so the whole stage had been perfect and she had done some really good shows this last week.

Angela caught sight of the manager sitting at the end of the long bar counting out the cash for the night and she joined him sitting on one of the tall leather bar stools across from him. “Came to collect my millions Tom” she said smiling at him. “I’ll give you a million when you sign a contract to work here for the rest of your life sweetheart” he laughed then said “And since men don’t like to watch 90 year old women taking off their clothes and squirming around the stage, I can’t see you getting that million any time soon”, she just giggled. Even though he ran a dive Tom had been able to stay some what decent and treated the girls with respect and she liked him. “I guess I’ll just settle for the few measly pennies you pay us then” she finished the statement with a wink, he just shook his head and replied “I could start paying you pennies you know”. “And I could start working somewhere else” she threw back at him with a giggle. Tom threw the envelope with her weeks earnings and told her to get out and then as Angela was walking out the door he said “See you in a month babe”.

Angela walked out into the cool night air and took a deep breath inhaling deep, after being in the stuffy bar all night long it almost felt like she was reborn. Turning and heading down the long row of motel rooms she shivered a little from the quiet emptiness around her, usually she was walking with one of the other girls and hadn’t noticed how far it really was to her room. “I don’t remember it being this dark” she mumbled and as she approached the door to her room, just then there was a crunch and Angela felt something under her shoe. She bent down and lit the lighter she held in her hand and found the remains of a light bulb, “God damn drunks” she growled. Making it to her room she had to put her bag down to search for her key, finding it she slipped it into the lock and pushed the door open so she could pick up her bag. She was just turning around to grab the large duffle bag when suddenly she felt something cold pressing at her back and a hand was covering her mouth preventing her from screaming.

Angela froze and had a sudden feeling like her guts were going to fall out. “Just keep quiet, grab your bag, and get in the room and there will be no problems honey” she heard a male voice whisper in her ear, she nodded and obeyed picking up the bag and entering the dingy room that she had been staying in all week. Angela’s eyesight had adjusted somewhat to the darkness and she looked around the room and almost giggled when she found herself thinking that it was a good thing she had cleaned the it before she had left for work. She was given a good shove the rest of the way into the room and she heard the click of the deadbolt lock as she lost her balance and landed on the loveseat sofa that was set against the wall when you entered the room.

“Who are you? And what do you want?” Angela asked trying to keep her voice steady so as to hide the fear she felt. She moved so she was sitting up and squinted her eyes trying to get a look at the guy but although her eyes had adjusted to the dark it still wasn’t enough to see who her captor was, but it was good enough to catch the gun he was holding in his hand. Angela paused and then repeated her question only this time she sounded scared which still wasn’t bad because she was terrified. The stranger moved closer and her eyes widened when she realized who it was. “But you left” she stammered and she realized that this was why Jeff had left, so that he could wait for her in the darkness after smashing all the light bulbs therefore getting her alone and defenseless. Jeff put his forefinger to his lips indicating for her to be quiet, while keeping the gun aimed at her he walked over and turned on the small bedside lamp.

The lamp didn’t provide a lot of light but there was a small dim glow that washed through the room and Angela could see Jeff as he sat at the end of the bed still holding the gun in her direction and just stared at her. The way he sat there staring at her made her feel very uncomfortable and she squirmed in her seat wishing she had put her sweats on before leaving the bar. Jeff smiled at her and then said “Stand up love, I want to see all of you when you start peeling off those clothes”, Angela shook her head in protest but quickly thought again when he pulled back the hammer on the gun, her whole body felt like rubber as she pushed herself up to stand in front of him.

“I have a better idea” Jeff said with a smile and he motioned Angela towards the small kitchen table that was set against the wall between the bed and the love seat. When she didn’t move Jeff stood up and approached her then took her by the arm and pulled her to the table where he roughly forced her down so that her upper torso was laying on the cold table and she was in a bent over position. Tears began running down Angela’s cheeks as her hands were being tied to the legs of the table so that she couldn’t move, “Don’t worry babydoll, I want this to feel real good” and he slid a pillow under her head giving her cushion from the hard surface of the table. Moving behind her Jeff pushed Angela’s legs apart using his own for leverage and then bent down to tie each one to a table leg on the opposite side of the ones her wrists were tied to so no she was bent over the table spread eagle.

Jeff moved to where Angela could see him, she felt helpless and scared but watched as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a switch blade knife and placed it on the table right in front of her then shrugged off the leather garment and dropped it on the floor at his feet. “Oh God, please don’t hurt me” she whimpered and her whole body began to tremble in fear. Jeff didn’t say anything and moved behind her again picking up the knife as he did so. He was pressed up against her hard and she could feel his cock growing underneath the denim material of his jeans. She jumped when she heard the tearing sound of her dress and then flinched as the cold steel of the flat side of the knife glided up her back as it cut away the green material of her dress.

“Jeff please don’t do this to me” she begged between sobs, but her pleading was ignored as he finished cutting away the rest of her clothes leaving her totally naked and vulnerable. Angela felt a chill run through her body when she heard him whisper in her ear from behind her “Tonight I’m going to tame you sweetheart, and then you will belong to me forever. He paused for a moment and then added “I’ve known since the first time I saw you that you were meant for me, but obviously you need a little help to understand that.” He lowered himself to his knees behind her and she could feel his warm breath on her pussy and then the warm wet touch of his tongue as he slid the tip of it down the crack of her ass all the way down to her clit, she tried to say “don’t” one last time but it got caught half way down her throat and only a soft moan made it past her lips.

Angela moaned again as Jeff slid his tongue into her pussy deeper to rub her clit gently and she could feel her own juices flowing making her pussy wet. She tried to keep her body from responding to his touch but it was of no use and Angela could feel the orgasm building slowly inside her whole body as Jeff softly worked her clit with his tongue. The pressure built up in her and just when she thought she was going to explode in orgasm he stopped and moved his tongue back to slide deep into her hole and fucked her with his long wet tongue. “You belong to me sweetie, you just don’t know it yet but you will by the end of this night” he murmured from between her legs when he had again stopped just as he had brought her to the edge of another orgasm. Jeff’s tongue was soft and warm as he used the fullness of it to slide it from her cunt hole all the way back down to cup her clit and slowly massage it. She felt his tongue stop massaging her clit and begin making slow circles around and over it making the small pink nib stand up.

At first Angela didn’t know what was happening because she had never experienced anything like it before. Her whole body began to vibrate and she felt so hot that she thought she was going to combust right there, her legs were shaking so bad that she didn’t think she would ever walk right again and there was a strange feeling moving all the way through her body down to her pussy and she cried out “OOOOOOH NO” as she realized she was going to orgasm for this stranger like she hadn’t for any other man. Angela felt like she was going to pass out from orgasm as it took over her whole body and she could feel her own hot fluids run down the her inner thighs as she came, she could heard him moan as he tasted her.

The orgasm had left her feeling like she was drugged. Weak and half in a daze, Angela was barely aware of her legs and wrists being released. She felt herself being lifted and carried to the bed where Jeff laid her down gently. She could only watch as he undid the buttons to his shirt removing it and then the same with his jeans revealing a hard chest and boxer shorts. He smiled at her and then removed the satin shorts and her eyes grew when she saw his big 8-1/2 inch hard cock. She shook her head in protest as he laid down on the bed beside her but he ignored her as he ran the tip of his fingers all the way up her the inside of her leg making waves of goosebumps. His fingers made their way up to her pussy where she could feel his one of his fingers slide in and rub back and fourth on her clit gently. Angela was so sensitive from the orgasm Jeff had forced on her before that her hips bucked from the light touch and he smiled at her with satisfaction.

Angela’s arms were still weak from when she was tied to the table so she couldn’t struggle when Jeff took both of her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head. She watched as he lowered his head so that he could take one of her soft pink nipples in his mouth. He sucked on it gently for a minute and then stopped and began to swirl his tongue around the now hard nipple. It was then that Angela’s body began to betray her and she arched her back giving him more access to her large firm breasts and he responded by moving his hand from her pussy up to the other breast to gently massage it and playing with the nipple between his forefinger and thumb. “I want to hear you beg for me to fuck you sweetheart” he whispered in her ear. “Noooo” she sobbed but knew that it was in vain because she already wanted him to take her and her defenses were dwindling fast.

Jeff moved over her so that he was straddling her. “I want to feel your mouth beautiful” he said and then moved farther up so that his cock was only an inch from her lips. “use your tongue first baby” he urged and she reluctantly did as she was told and used the tip of her tongue to caress the head of his cock lingering over the hole and sometimes stopping to play with it. She heard his breath catch as she slid just the head of his cock fully into her warm mouth and sucked on it gently. He was circumcised and he was one that liked to shave, and she was finding herself getting turned by the effect her mouth was having on him which made the saliva flow in her mouth lubricating it more for him. Jeff immediately felt this and moved up more pushing his cock deeper into her mouth and filling it. “OH FUCK” she heard him gasp and he began to move and grind his hips slowly making his cock slide easily in and out of her now full mouth.

Jeff’s cock was throbbing in her mouth and she thought he was going to explode and fill her mouth but he stopped and stayed very still. Angela could hear his heavy breathing and she knew he was trying hard to keep himself from cumming but she wanted him to cum and she used her tongue to stroke him softly. Then she began bobbing her head so that she was fucking him with her mouth as her tongue was sliding back and forth along the length. She could feel his cock suddenly get rock hard and almost swell in her mouth the moment before he came. She moaned with anticipation and he exploded filling her mouth with his load. Jeff was deep enough in her mouth that Angela had no choice but to swallow it and he held himself there until he had made her swallow every last salty drop. It wasn’t until his cock began to go soft that he pulled out of her mouth and she felt what she was sure was disappointment.

Jeff moved back down her body using his legs to push hers apart and she began to tremble as he continued to move down so that his face was level with her pussy. Angela was still sensitive and her hips bucked when she felt his tongue lightly flick her clit. “Mmmmmm” he said when he realized how sensitive she still was and he pinned her down to the mattress so she couldn’t move. It didn’t take long before he had her at the edge of another orgasm with his tongue then he stopped to look up into her eyes and he saw what he wanted “what do u want baby, tell me” he asked her softly then added “all you have to do is ask me for it”.

Feeling like she was going to die if she didn’t get the release her body was screaming for, that she finally gave Jeff what he wanted “Pleaseeeeeeeee Jeff, Oh God, Please fuck me. I need you too” she begged desperately. That was all the urging he needed and he quickly moved up and she could feel his cock resting on her smoothly shaved pussy as he forced her legs farther apart to give himself better access to her hole. “Kiss me” he growled as his mouth closed over hers sliding his tongue into her mouth at the same time, she opened her mouth accepting the kiss and let him explore her mouth.

Her eyes widened when she felt the head of his cock push against her hot and extremely wet pussy stretching her to accommodate his big thick cock. Jeff began pumping slowly pushing deeper with each stroke until he was almost all the way inside then he gave one more hard push and Angela screamed out as the orgasm washed over her entire body, she could feel the warm feeling inside her pussy as her cum gushed out around Jeff’s cock and ran down the crack of her ass to create a large wet spot on the bed. With his mouth locking hers in a kiss he reached down and slid his finger into her ass hole using her own cum as lubrication and she squirmed but couldn’t stop him from sliding it all the way in as he fucked her hard. It was the second time she came for him that he finally let his load go in her and she could feel his hot fluid filling her and intensifying her orgasm.

He lay there with her pinned beneath him trying to stay inside her as long as he could. “Who do you belong to baby?” he asked her in a low seductive voice, she didn’t have to think about the answer but it took her a minute to find her voice “You” she replied breathlessly. “Good girl, consider yourself tamed” he whispered to her as he rolled to the side, pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her as she fell into a deep sleep.

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