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House of Venus

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Casey sighed, licking the cappuccino froth from her plastic teaspoon and leaning back in her chair.

“I don’t know, chickie. Sex with Justin is fantastic, but…”

“But you want to try something new, right?” Tara, as usual, could read her best friend’s mind like a book.

“Exactly!” Casey exclaimed. “How did you know?”

“Well, before me and Craig broke up, we talked about stuff like that.”

“Stuff like what?” Casey’s ears pricked up.

It was Sunday, known to the young women as ‘CafeDay,’ because it was the only day both friends had free from work. As a managerial type, Tara worked the 9-5, M-S shifts, while as a model for Mens’ magazines, Casey was busy most nights. They were seated in a small booth in a trendy café on the Queen Street Mall, drinking fashionable cappuccinos and catching up on a week’s worth of gossip.

“Unusual stuff, stuff that you don’t get to do every day, that kind of thing.” Tara admitted.

“Tara, babe, you’re going to have to be more specific.” Tara, looked away, slightly embarrassed.

“Ok, just check out this club,” she said quickly, handing a small, lavender business card to her friend. “I know a girl at the office whose cousin works there.” Tara said by way of explanation, before quickly standing up.

“You leaving already?” Casey asked, disappointed at their weekly meeting being cut suddenly short.

“Yeah, sorry chickie. Blind lunch date.” She shrugged apologetically, rolling her eyes in obvious code for my mother set me up – again. Casey giggled.

“Have fun. Don’t stay up too late!”

“Oh, I won’t. Believe me.” Tara grinned, grimaced, and left. As she walked away, Casey examined the laminated card in her hand.

“House of Venus?” She wondered. Well, it might be worth mentioning to Justin. After all, Tara had said it was unusual, and she needed a surprise for their two-year anniversary next Saturday.

* * *

“Hey baby?” Casey asked, rolling over in bed to rest her chin on Justin’s naked chest, tweaking his nipple gently.

“Hmmm?” Justin groaned, a sweet, post-lovemaking smile plastered on his face.

“Babe, have you heard of a club called ‘House of Venus’?” she asked. Justin shook his head sleepily.

“Is it some kind of boutique?”

“I don’t think so, Tara gave me this business card on CafeDay, she was kind of embarrassed about having it, I think. Wanna go check it out?”


“What about Saturday night? I want to do something different for our anniversary. Something special.”

“Ok sweetie, whatever you want.”

“Aw…” Casey grinned, and curled up against Justin’s warm body to sleep.

* * *

Saturday night rolled around, and Casey and Justin prepared to go out. The plan was to share a romantic dinner at Manicis’, hit their regular club for a few hours, then check out ‘House of Venus’ to investigate. The dinner was amazing. Justin had arranged a candle-lit table by the window with a seaside view, and over desert, presented her with a beautiful ruby drop-pendant on a liquid-silver chain, which he fastened gently around her slender neck. Having already phoned the enquiries number on the business card, Casey knew just what was in store for her lover that evening, and promised that he would have his present soon.

After the meal, Casey and Justin met up with a few friends at the Sly Fox Inn, and spent the next few hours sipping cocktails and rum-and-cokes respectively. At 11:30, the pair politely excused themselves, among catcalls and lewd suggestions, and laughingly, caught a cab to the address printed on the card.

They paid the fare and found themselves out the front of a huge mirrored warehouse, similar to the one where Casey’s first modelling job had taken place.

“Well, this brings back memories.” Justin commented, remembering their first meeting as model and photographer. Casey just smiled at him, and led him through the door to the counter.

The woman behind the glass counter wore nothing except a sheer black negligee on her perfectly formed body. She smiled at the couple as they approached her. Justin cleared his throat nervously and looked to his girlfriend. This was not what he had expected.

“Name please?” The woman asked in French-tipped accent.

“Oh, of course. The reservation’s under Casey.” Casey said. The woman checked her reservation book and smiled.

“This way please.”

The three stepped through a heavy black curtain, and into a brightly lit hall. Justin was a little worse for the alcohol he’d consumed, and his eyes wandered to the woman’s perfectly rounded ass cheeks as she sashayed in front of them. Casey, who had deliberately stayed fairly sober, felt a small pang of jealousy. Justin, able to sense her feelings, quickly squeezed her hand and kissed her on the cheek. He smiled at her.

“Your ass is much nicer.” He whispered.

The woman ushered them into a small room, then followed.

“Welcome to the ‘House of Venus.’ My name is Jacqueline, and I will be your host this evening.” Jacqueline smiled. “Is this your first visit to our couples only exclusive club?” Casey nodded.

“Yeah, it’s our anniversary. I wanted to do something different.”

“Well, then, I had better explain the procedure.” Their host smiled. “From here, I will lead you to the bathrooms, where you will be bathed and cleaned. From there, you will enter the viewing room. I will meet you there to discuss your options. I do not want to ruin your evening by revealing all too soon. Follow me please.”

Jacqueline led the way down the hall, to an elaborate bathroom. As it was in Roman time, there was a huge sunken, steaming pool in the centre of the room. Other couples were sitting together, being lavishly soaped by young men and women in skimpy swimwear. Jacqueline asked them to strip down, then took their clothes to a locker and left them alone.

“Would you care for something from the Substance Bar?” A feminine voice asked from their left. Casey and Justin followed the voice to find a blonde woman, dressed just like Jacqueline only in red, standing behind a plush bar. Justin had quickly sobered up from the shock, and asked the pretty lady what she meant.

“Your Substance Bar allowance in included in the cover charge, which I am informed, has already been paid. We do not serve any addictive drugs, but you are welcome to help yourself to what we do make available.” Selecting a joint each, Casey and Justin smoked to relax their nerves. Both were naked, and feeling self-conscious.

They allowed a young man and woman to lead them to the bath. The water was delightfully hot, and they sat hand in hand as their bathers lathered sweet-smelling soaps and oils all over their naked bodies. Feeling the effects of the pot, Casey became more adventurous, and leaned over to kiss her lover, sliding her body onto his and pressing her lips gently against his neck. Their bathers giggled at them, prised them apart and handed them bathrobes to slip into.

“Enjoy your evening.” They chorused, as the ushered the couple through yet another door and onto a balcony.

Jacqueline was waiting for them.

“I trust you enjoyed that?” Casey nodded dopily.

“Where are we babe?” Justin whispered loudly in her ear.

“We’re in heaven baby.” Casey replied. Jacqueline motioned them closer to the balcony, and for the first time they could hear moaning on the floor below. Curious, they peeked over the balcony and gasped simultaneously.

In one corner there was one huge bed, roughly the size of six king size beds. In the other corner was a huge, steamy hot tub. Stationed all around were sexual apparatuses. But the most amazing thing was that, everywhere the eye could see, there were beautiful, sexy men and women, orally stimulating each other.

“As you can see,” Jacqueline began, “our employees are not permitted to have intercourse with one another. This must be saved for the clients. However, they must spend their free time stimulating each other to ensure that they are ready to serve a client at any time.” Casey and Justin just stared, unable to believe their eyes. “From your booking I see that you have a Class C Reservation. You are therefore entitled to select only two of our employees for your pleasure, and are limited to one man only.” Jacqueline continued.

Justin looked at Casey in wonder.

“Is she serious? Did you know about this?” he asked her.

“Some of it, yes. I didn’t know about the procedure or anything, I just knew there was sex involved.” Justin frowned suspiciously.

“Is this about wanting to have sex with another guy?” he asked.

“No! Sweetie, this is your anniversary gift. No other men, only girls.”

“Three girls?” Justin’s drug-fucked mind was quick to comprehend.

“You pick one, and I pick one.” Casey suggested.

They browsed what was on offer for ten or so minutes.

“All right. I choose her.” Casey pointed to a pretty Asian girl with long silky dark hair. She was currently standing in the spa, expertly gliding her tongue around another girl’s pink pussy, making her moan and writhe on the edge of the tub. True to form, Justin soon selected a busty blonde, her sexy lips wrapped tightly around the huge cock of one of the men.

“Splendid.” Jacqueline announced. “This way please.”

Again, Casey and her boyfriend were led away through another door, and down a hall and into a luxurious apartment, complete with big-screen television, a lounge room, bedroom and bathroom.

“Enjoy your evening.” Jacqueline smiled, and left.

Justin turned to his girlfriend.

“Are you sure you want to do this? How much did this cost you?” He asked her, his face creasing in worry. Casey smiled reassuringly.

“Babe, don’t fret.” She told him. “I’ve wanted to try something different for a long time. It’ll be fun, ok? Just promise you’ll save your ‘special stuff’ for me, ok?”

“Promise. I love you Casey.”

“Aw…I love you too Justin.”

They kissed, but broke apart when they heard the door open. The women they had selected walked in wearing sheer negligees that seemed to pass as the uniform here. The blonde in black, the Asian girl in white. As Casey and Justin were already sitting on the lounge, the girls sat on the opposite side, stunning legs crossed demurely.

“Hi, I’m Alaska,” the blonde began, “and this is Sia.” She said, indicating her Asian companion.

“I’m Casey, and this is Justin.” Casey completed the introductions.

“I’m told you two are partial to pot, so we brought some with us.” Sia produced two joints, and lit the first one, inhaling deeply and holding her breath, before turning to Alaska and kissing her deeply, exhaling to fill her lungs with the sweet smoke. Beneath the bathrobe, Casey saw Justin become rigid. Taking the initiative, she moved to the other couch, took the joint and took a drag, sharing it with Sia when she was done. Justin moaned, seeing his girlfriend’s glossy lips pressed against Sia’s naturally dark lips turned him onto new heights.

Alaska moved beside him, and offered him the second joint. He felt a little guilty about sharing it with her, but watching Casey and Sia swap smoke, their tongues darting into each other’s mouths made him forget any misgivings. Obviously his girlfriend wanted him to have fun. He pulled Alaska into his lap and shared the entire joint with her shiny red lips.

Casey meanwhile had finished her joint with Sia, and now the girls were kissing passionately. Sia’s hands moved downward and she untied the tie on Casey’s bathrobe, slipping the garment from her shoulders. Naked, but for her necklace, Casey shivered as the cold pricked up her pink nipples.

“Mmm…” Sia moaned, urging Casey onto her back on the leather couch, before pressing her own semi-naked form on top of her. Propped up on her elbows, Sia kissed Casey’s mouth and neck, gliding her tongue over Casey’s collarbones. Casey groaned in her drug-heightened pleasure, as Sia moved downwards, swirling her tongue over Casey’s firm breasts before taking a stiff nipple in between her brown lips and biting gently. Casey yelped in pleasure.

Justin, hearing his girlfriend’s cry, looked over to see if she was all right.

“Oh, God…” he uttered. He had never imagined that such a sight could turn him on so much. His girlfriend being pleasured by another beautiful woman. He imagined that he could feel real pleasure on his cock. Looking down, he realised it was not imaginary. Whilst he had been distracted, Alaska had moved his bathrobe to the sides, and was gently stroking his impressive length with her slender, red-manicured fingers.

“Mmm…Justin, your cock is so beautiful. May I taste it?” She asked sweetly. Seeing that Sia had discovered Casey’s favourite pleasure – sucking one nipple whilst rubbing the other simultaneously, he figured it would be fine.

“Sure you can.” He replied.

Alaska slid off the couch, kneeling in her black negligee in front of Justin. She licked her pouty lips, before sliding his stiff length all the way down her throat in one go. Justin gasped. He had known she was a professional but this was an incredible feat. His cock was a thick, eight-inch number and even Casey, experienced as she was, had to work it down gradually.

His moans caused Casey to glance over at her lover. She bristled with jealousy momentarily, until Sia moved up to her mouth again.

“You know,” Sia whispered, “I bet he’d enjoy that more if we helped Alaska out. That’s too much cock for just one girl.” Casey grinned, knowing that what Sia was suggesting was Justin’s ultimate fantasy.

“Don’t I know it.”

The girls scrambled over to the other couch, and positioned themselves on either side of Justin. He was leaning back with his eyes closed, and didn’t seem to notice a change until he felt three clear tongues, running up and down his throbbing shaft.

“Oh, wow…” he groaned, stroking their heads each in turn, running his fingers through first black, then blonde then brunette hair.

After a few minutes of licking, Alaska stood up and suggested they retire to the bedroom. Justin almost howled with disappointment, but reluctantly agreed. As he slowly stood, regaining his other senses, the girls all ran ahead of him and dived into the huge waterbed. Justin slowly followed, but paused at the door, seeing that Casey and Sia had resumed kissing, and Alaska was lying behind his girlfriend, tweaking her nipples and nibbling gently on her neck and shoulders. Casey was moaning loudly into Sia’s mouth.

“Justin? Are you going to join us?” Alaska asked. Justin stroked himself and shook his head reluctantly.

“I just want to watch a bit.” He explained.

“Don’t waste your energy baby.” Casey reminded him.

Alaska slipped the straps of her black negligee from her shoulders, and pressed her naked breasts against Casey’s back. On the other side, Sia did the same. Justin moaned as his girlfriend pressed breast-to-breast with Sia, her arms snaking around the Asian girl to slide the white negligee up to expose her beautiful naked ass. As if on cue, Sia rolled Casey onto her back, and she and Alaska removed their only clothing, before taking a nipple in each mouth.

Alaska then concentrated solely on Casey’s breasts, while Sia moved between her legs, opening her up and admiring Casey’s shaved pussy, glistening with her juices.

“How do you taste, sweetie?” asked Sia, bending her head to Casey’s pussy and flicking her tongue over her little clit. Casey squealed as Sia began to eat her gently, licking, kissing and gently sucking on her clit and lips, and sliding alternate fingers into her moist pussy. Alaska was sucking on her nipples, sending little sharp waves of pleasure all through her body. It was all too much, and within a matter of minutes Casey was screaming as she came hard enough to equal her best orgasm at Justin’s hands.

Seeing his girlfriend writing on the bed under Sia and Alaska was inviting, and Justin moved to sit beside them, still absently stroking his cock. As he sat down the waterbed rippled, causing the now kneeling Alaska to fall headfirst into his lap.

“What have we here?” she asked, before sliding her mouth over his length. Justin groaned. Casey lay back on the bed, momentarily spent, as Sia joined her blonde companion, taking turns sliding their heads along and around Justin’s cock, tongues darting out and circling his head. Then Alaska would suck gently on the head, whilst Sia licked his thick shaft. They then swapped, and Sia began deep-throating him whilst Alaska ran her tongue over his smooth, shaved balls, gently pulling one, then the other, then both into her eager mouth. Sia made a growling noise in her throat, her vocal chords vibrating against Justin’s throbbing dick, sending delightful waves of pleasure down to his toes. The bed rippled again as Casey, feeling left out, pulled her lover onto his back and began to suck firmly on his small hard nipples, adding to the already intense sensations pulsing through his body.

“Oh, god…I’m gonna cum real soon…” Justin groaned, his face contorted with pleasure. Casey joined Sia and Alaska, taking turns sucking him into their mouths. Justin could hold it in no longer, and with a yell he released his pent-up seed, bathing all three girls faces with his sticky cum. Eyes half-closed, he watched, transfixed, as Alaska began licking Casey’s then Sia’s face clean, then Sia cleaned Alaska, then all three girls turned their attention back to his still hard-cock.

“Oh, no more…” Justin pleaded as Alaska slid him down her throat again.

“But baby,” Casey crooned, sliding up beside him, “we aren’t done with you yet.” Justin kissed her deeply.

“I love you, you know that, don’t you?” Casey smiled.

“Of course. Would we be here if I wasn’t sure?”

“I guess we woah! Oh god!” Justin cried. While Alaska had been bringing him back to life, Sia had climbed on top of him, and was now facing the other way, slowly riding his cock. Alaska straddled him in front of her, and the two girls kissed passionately, fondling each other’s naked bodies.

Then, with a thrust, they swapped, Sia slid back and was replaced by Alaska, sliding Justin’s cock into her tight, wet pussy. Intrigued, Casey sat up to watch, and Justin groaned as the pleasure threatened to take him to new heights. The girls swapped again, working in perfect unison as Justin’s rigid cock slipped from Alaska’s pussy to immediately find its way back to Sia’s snug sex. Twice more they swapped, before both dismounted, beckoning to Justin as they slid off the bed and kneeled before it, arching their backs invitingly. Casey joined them, urging her lover to come fuck her from behind, the way she liked it best.

Justin quickly obliged, ramming his cock into Casey’s aching pussy. She screamed, as he thrust his sizeable length in and out of her with such force and enthusiasm. He gripped her ass in his hands, pulling her towards him with every stroke. Presently, he became aware that Alaska and Sia were groaning in impatience.

“Oh yes Justin,” Sia groaned from beside Casey, “come do me now.”

“Yeah, that looks so good. Please fuck me.” Begged Alaska.

Reluctantly, Justin withdrew from his girlfriend, and slid himself into Sia, then Alaska. Alternating between each girl at random, feeling he slightly different sensations each dripping pussy had to offer. He was a kid in a toystore, sampling all the delights they had to offer him.

Alaska decided it was time to change positions. Taking charge, she stood up, pulling Casey with her, then lay her down on the bed, legs dangling over the side. She opened Casey’s legs wide, then lay on top of her straddling her waist and opening her pussy lips so that their clits rubbed deliciously against each other. Sia told Justin to leave her, and suggested that he fuck the other two. Justin kneeled before them, and was able to slip his hungry cock into either girl as they ground their pussies together, mouths locked together, sucking wildly on each other’s lips and tongue.

Sia left the room, then returned, lubricant in hand. She knew Alaska loved to be fucked in the ass, and had already been informed that, although Justin was willing to try this, Casey was not ready to be filled there. While Justin fucked Casey’s tight pussy, Sia knelt beside them and began licking Alaska’s tight little ass, lubricating her finger then slipping it inside. Justin watched and Alaska yelped as Sia worked first one, then two, then three fingers inside the blonde girl’s most private place. Alaska bucked wildly, grinding her pussy onto Casey’s with such force that Casey began cumming again.

She slid out from under Alaska, as Sia invited Justin into Alaska’s ass. She lubed his cock with her smooth hands, then guided him in. When he had a rhythm going, and Alaska was screaming her delight, Sia lay beside them and positioned Casey atop her in a 69 position. Justin was fucking Alaska in the ass, and had a perfect view of his girlfriend’s first taste of pussy.

Unsure what to do, Casey apprehensively bent her head to lick Sia, her tongue pressed nervously against her clit. Sia moaned into her pussy, encouraging her.

“Oh, yes Casey, taste me again. Your tongue is so soft…” Sia groaned, before pulling Casey down and sliding her tongue inside her. Casey again bent her head, sliding her tongue in delicious circles around the other girl’s slightly larger clit. As her confidence grew she began lapping at Sia’s pussy with wild abandon, feeling her movements mimicked on her own bud. Both girls were writhing and moaning under the other’s touch, and Alaska was screaming with pleasure as Justin, spurred by the sight of his lover making love to another beautiful woman, pounded her ass with all the strength he had.

Suddenly they were all cumming at once. Alaska cried out and began convulsing as her orgasm hit her in wave after wave, Her ass gripped onto Justin like a vice, milking him as he lost the fight not to cum, and poured his second load of he night deep within the blonde girl’s ass. As Alaska bucked, the waterbed rippled, and Casey and Sia had to press their mouths tight against the other’s pussy to keep balance, resulting in the pair cumming wildly together, muffled screaming as they continued their assault on the other’s clit until both were thoroughly spent.

As Justin collapsed, exhausted on the bed, Alaska and Sia took their leave. The happy couple slipped beneath the soft blankets and fell instantly asleep, curled lovingly in each other’s arms.

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