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Hot Fun in the Hot Tub

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Driving back from the book store I couldn’t help but grin at the events of the last couple of days. I’d had a threesome in a clothing store changing room with a clerk and my wife, then I’d just got done making passionate love in the back of my SUV parked in the parking lot of my favorite book store to a pretty young pregnant woman whose name I didn’t know.

I’m not some sort of lothario. I have dated a few women in my life, and had a fulfilling if rather ordinary sex life. But in the course of less than a week I’d had two sexual encounters that could just as well have come from the plot of a porn movie.

“This is the peak,” I thought to myself. “This is as exciting as my life is ever going to get. From here on out it’s all male pattern baldness, weight gain and arthritis.”

Boy was I wrong.

I got home and parked my SUV in the garage of the rambling, two-story home my wife and I share. It’s set off a ways in the woods, with a long drive way that gives us plenty of seclusion. The bottom floor is all open – kitchen, dining room and living room – and opens out onto our spacious back yard with a outdoor kitchen/patio area, pool and hot tub. It was late in the year and I’d had the pool emptied and prepped for the winter the week before, but we keep the hot tub operational all year.

Walking into the house I could hear two female voices coming from the patio area. I could also feel a bit of a cool draft and smell the tang of fallen leaves that permeates our yard in the fall.

The house was dark, but there was the flicker of candles coming through the windows and open door, so I walked to the back to see what was happening and found my wife in our hot tub with Tyler from the clothing store.

I stopped in the door way, and the ladies hadn’t seen me yet. My wife was seated in the tub neck-deep in the water. Tyler was straddling and facing her and talking just low enough where I couldn’t make out her words over the sound of the jets. I couldn’t see any more of my wife than the side of her pretty face and her damp, ash-blonde hair. Tyler, on the other hand, was naked above the water which came up to just below her large, D-cup breasts which were currently dangling in my wife’s face.

Tyler’s big, pale white titties were capped off with perfect pink nipples. I stared for a bit. During our encounter in the store Tyler hadn’t taken her top off. Now I was seeing her topless for the first time, and I was struck by how gorgeous she was. In addition to her heavy, perfect breasts she had the outlines of three stars tattooed on her left shoulder in dark blue. She’d also died her hair since I’d last seen her. It was now as red as a top sign and gathered into two loose pony tails coming down in front on either side of her neck.

She was still wearing her horn-rimmed geek glasses though, a bit steamed up because of the hot tub.

The bottom of her hair was wet and plastered fetchingly to her shoulders and breasts.

As I watched I noticed Tyler’s body moving up and down with her one arm disappearing down into the water while the other clasped my wife’s face to her breasts. I imagined the hand I couldn’t see was busy pleasuring my wife.

Tyler had her eyes closed – if they’d been open she’d have seen me – and the two were clearly entranced with their love making.

Despite having just fucked a pregnant young beauty in the back of my SUV twice not more than an hour before I was instantly hard. The thought of my wife naked and aroused alone is enough to start my motor no matter how tired I may be. But catching my wife in the middle of a steamy, candle-lit hot tub romp with a teenaged sales clerk we’d just met was enough to give me heart palpitations.

I quickly looked around to figure out how I could ease my way into this situation without breaking the magic spell between these two humping nymphs. I looked over at the outdoor grill and saw it was cooking. Quietly I moved to it, opened the cover and saw that my wife had been cooking chicken and vegetables for three.

Clearly, she’d invited Tyler over and had been expecting me. Doing my best not to alert the ladies to my presence, I went inside and grabbed the necessary plates and utensils, and returned to the grill to get the chicken and vegetables off the heat just in time (it was good I showed up when I did).

I could hear moans and gasps escalating from the hot tub. I glanced over and saw my wife now sitting up with Tyler on her lap, their faces pressed together and from the movements of their arms both hands working furiously at each others naughty bits.

I set the table, then rushed back in side to put a six back of Grain Belts into a bucket of ice before coming back out just in time for the grand finale. Tyler and Jess were kissing furiously and humping at each other’s hands. Tyler’s mouth opened and she began moaning into my wife’s open mouth, joined soon after by my wife’s moans.



“Oh fuck.”

“Yes, god, right there”


They came together, clinging to each other furiously and running their free hands all over each other’s bodies. The flickering candle lights gleamed off their wet skin, and their wet hair clung to their firm bodies. My wife’s tanned skin contrasted beautifully with Tyler’s pale tones. Tyler’s bright red hair blazed. Their breasts squished against each other, heaving with the passion of their embrace.

For a moment they held each other so tight and silently I thought I was about to witness them strangle each other to death, then they released each other with a gasp and retreated to opposite sides of the hot tub like weary fighters retreating to their corners after a hard round of battle.

I wasn’t sure that they’d opened their eyes at any point since I’d been home. They’d been so wrapped up in each other, they’d been completely obvious to me even as I prepared the food and set the table. I didn’t want to scare them, so I softly cleared my throat and said “Dinner is served, ladies.”

They both opened their yes and looked at me, both a bit sheeplishly.

“I called Tyler,” Jess said.

I laughed. “I see you did!”

“I can’t help it,” she pouted. “I’m in love with this girl. Nobody makes my pussy as wet as she does. Except you, of course.”

I laughed again.

“I invited Tyler over so the three of us could have dinner and get to know each other. I mean, Tyler’s had her tongue in my pussy and you’ve had your cock in her ass, the least we could do is have a nice supper together.”

At this Tyler gave her a soft below in the ribs. “He didn’t fuck my ass.” Then, looking at me with a gleam in her eye, “perhaps that’s something we should do something about.”

My wife giggled at this. “Yes, I think it is.” Then to me again, “I’m glad you rescued dinner. Tyler and I got…distracted.”

“I’ll say you did,” I sad with a chuckle. “Well, the dinner is hot and the beer is cold. Shall we?”

I held up two towels I’d grabbed out of the closet we keep in the deck. My wife stood up, the water dripping off her soft curves and from the underside of her swaying breasts, and I helped her step up out of the tub onto the deck. Her skin goose pimpled in the chilly air, and I quickly dried her front off – kissing each of her nipples as I bent down to dry her legs – before spinner her around to dry her back.

I ran the towel down her back and let it fall to get caught between me and her ass as I ran my hands over her cool skin to cup her breasts from behind.

“Hey, mister, I’m chilly. We’ll do more of that later.”

“Sorry, ma’am, couldn’t be helped.”

She laughed as I finished drying her, then draped her robe over her shoulders. I then pulled out a chair at the table and she sat down. I heard a splash behind me and turned around to see Tyler standing up.

She was a sight to behold. She was every bit as curvy as my wife, though her breasts were a bit bigger. She was snow-white from head to toe something accentuated by her flaming read hair but perhaps the sexiest thing about her was her tattoos.

In addition to the stars I’d already seen, she had a full sleeve of colorful tattoos on her right arm as well as more stars that went down from her left shoulder, around the outside of her left breast and down the left side of her rib cage to the swell of her bountiful ass.

And around her left thigh she had a stylized gun holster tattoo complete with roses, thorns and a gun.

She was an alabaster, punk rock princess. I’d already fucked this girl once in cramped changing room stall under the harsh fluorescent lights of a retail establishment, but this was the first time I really got to drink in her beauty.

I was quickly falling in love with this girl.

I looked at her face and saw her looking back at me with a half smile, biting part of her lower lip. She shifted her weight, putting one knee forward and cocking a hip seductively.

“Are you going to dry Tyler off too or are you going to let the poor girl freeze?”

My wife was right. I was busy eye-fucking Tyler and hadn’t even noticed the hard nipples and pebbled flesh. I rushed over with the towel, helped her out of the tub, and commenced drying her off. I wasn’t nearly as handsy as I was with my wife – this whole situation was still very new to me and I still wasn’t sure where the boundaries were, presuming there were going to be some – but Tyler did sneak in a kiss on the corner of my mouth and a whisper in my ear.

“I said I wanted you in my ass, but what I really want is your cum in my pussy again.”

I very nearly came in my pants at that. “But what if you get pregnant?”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” she said softly as she smiled up at me. I was stunned speechless, and she stood on her tip toes and kissed me pushing her tongue deep in my mouth.

“Ok, you two, supper is getting cold,” my wife said breaking our kiss.

We sat down and commenced passing the food around and dishing up. I grabbed a beer out of the ice bucket, popped the top and took a big swig.

Tyler grabbed one too and mimicked me with a big drink of her own, punctuated with a rather loud belch. But trust me, this girl even made burping cute some how.

“Are you old enough to be drinking that?” I asked.

“I’m two years away, are you going to call the police?” she asked with an arched eyebrow.

We all laughed at that, then the table fell silent as we all started to tuck our chicken and vegetables away. Soon the plates were empty, and we were all on our second beers. We sat back in our chairs enjoying the glow of the candles, the comfort of full bellies and spreading warmth of the beer in our bloodstreams.

“So how was the book store?” Jess asked. “Did you find any inspiration, or at least a good book for your night stand?”

Now this was going to be interesting. See, I don’t lie to my wife. Ever. She is my best friend, and the coolest person I know. And while our sex life had taken a turn toward the adventurous of late, as evidence by the nineteen year old girl sitting across from me who had just finger banged my wife to an orgasm before saying she wanted to take my dick in her ass. But to this point our adventures had included both of us.

I had no idea how she’d feel about me doing a bit of freelance work without her. But, again, I don’t lie to my wife so I told her what happened.

“So, what you’re saying is, you fucked a stranger at the book store?” asked Tyler.

“Well, in the parking lot of the book store, but yeah.”

“I think it’s hot, and so great that you made her feel better about herself,” she said with a grin.

“Yeah, that’s my husband. He’s such a giver,” Jess said smiling as well.

I relaxed, feeling relieved. I’d been worried about this conversation and now it seemed as though, somehow, my wife was actually going to be ok with this.

“Let’s get in the hot tub again,” Jess suggested. I took that as my cue to start clearing the table, but instead Tyler took my arm and guided me to the hot tub while Jess ran inside (cute little ass bouncing) and came out again with the bucket re-filled with beers.

I felt Tyler undressing me, pulling my shirt over my head and my pants down, then felt my wife’s hands pulling down my underwear. Soon I was standing their naked, and the giggling girls pushed me into the hot tub.

I came up sputtering out hot, chlorinated water and felt two soft bodies on either side of me. I sat down and reached over my head to grab a beer, then settled in to enjoy the hot water. Not to mention the hot babes who soon snuggled up on either side of me.

I put my arm around Tyler and she put her head on my shoulder. Jess took my beer out of my hand and took a swig out of it. I put my arm around her as well and the girls passed the beer back and forth, giving me a swig now and then. Soon the beer bottle was empty and discarded over the side, and we sat there enjoying the warmth and the closeness.

Needless to say, by this time I had a raging hard on. I’d been sitting with my head back and my eyes closed, head buzzing a bit from the beers, when I felt a hand curl around my dick.

“I didn’t think you’d be able to get it up again after such a work out earlier,” Tyler whispered in my ear.

“He’s a resilient sort of fella,” Jess whispered back her hand joining Tyler’s. “Plus, how can he resist the ministrations of his girls?”

“Is that what you two are?” I asked. “My girls?”

“Oh yeah baby,” Jess breathed in my ear. “I’ve always been your girl, now Tyler is your girl too.”

She reached over and took Tyler’s arm and pulled her into a position straddling me with her breasts in my face. The same position Jess herself had been in under Tyler when I’d come home earlier. I felt my hard, throbbing cock brushing against Tyler’s small bit of trimmed pubic hair.

I released a long moan. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Tyler reached down between us with and grabbed my cock with her hand, palm facing away from me, and began to slowly stroke me. My wife had turned to face me, breasts jiggling with her movement, and sat up on her knees.

She looked right into my face. “I want you to fuck Tyler, and then I want you to cum in her.”

“Honey,” I said quietly back. “She’s not on the pill. If we do this, there are going to be consequences.”

“Those are consequences I want. I want you to make her pregnant. I want you to swell her little belly up. And I want Tyler with us. I want her to be a part of our family.”

I looked at Tyler and she was smiling and nodding. “We had a long talk about it tonight, and it was love at first site. I saw you guys at the store and without even knowing you…something just clicked.”

With that I sat up and began kissing her breasts. “I think he likes that story,” my wife said.

I looked up at Tyler and her big brown eyes were staring back at me through those glasses. I pulled her head down to me and gave her a passionate kiss.

My wife moved behind us and wrapped her arms around Tyler holding her breasts. She tweaked Tyler’s nipples and the girl moaned into my mouth.

I pushed my tongue deep and met hers. Our tongues twirlers and I began humping up at her rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her slit.

I stood up fully intending to fuck this girl immediately, but in standing up Tyler went to her knees in front of me and my cock, exposed just above the water level, all but popped into her mouth.

My wife moved around from behind Tyler and took up a position beside her. She wrapped her arms around Tyler’s body, fondling her breasts, and they were soon taking turns blowing me.

Tyler took me all the way in her mouth, burying her nose in the skin above the base of my cock. Then she pulled all the way off and my wife took over working just my tip with her tongue and lips.

This was a fantasy come to life. Ever since I’d begun to have sexual thoughts about girls I’d fantasized about having two beautiful women go down on me at the same time and here it was coming true.

It was too much. I was going to come, and I didn’t want to just yet, so just as the girls were locking lips with my cock head between them I pulled back.

“I don’t want to come just yet ladies,” I said in response to their pouting looks. Then Jess pushed Tyler up so that her upper body was out of the water, her glorious tits swaying over the edge of the tub, and started kissing her pale white ass cheeks.

I sank back in the water to watch as my wife kissed and licked her way all over Tyler’s heart shaped bottom working her way to the middle. Then she used her hands to spread Tyler’s cheeks exposing her rosebud. Jess looked back at me and winked, then began to bathe Tyler’s asshole with her tongue.

It was so hot I nearly came in the warm water without even touching my cock. Tyler clearly had similar feelings moaning loudly and fondling her breasts.

Jess buried her face in Tyler’s ass, also brining one hand down to work her pussy as well. Soon Tyler was bucking against Jess’ hand and using one hand to keep Jess’ face between the cheeks of her round ass.

“Ohhhhhhh gooooodddd that’s gooooodddd!” She screamed. “Lick asshole and make me come!”

And come she did, pulling Jess’ face into her ass and trapping her hand in her pussy with clenched thighs.

As Tyler came down from her orgasmic high, Jess turned to me. “She’s ready for you stud.”

I stood up and waded closer. As I neared Jess took my cock and hand and put it in her mouth giving me a few strokes. Then she put my cock head at the entrance of Tyler’s and rubbed it around mixing the precum oozing out of my dick with her saliva which already was already making Tyler’s anal area slippery.

“Slow, my dear,” Jess said. “This is her first time like this. She’s excited, willing and ready but go slow.”

“I love you,” Tyler said looking over her shoulder at me. “Now put that thing in me.”

Jess had me all lined up, so I reached down and grabbed Tyler’s hips and applied slow, moderate forward pressure.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnffff,” Tyler moaned biting her lower lip.

“God that’s fucking hot,”Jess said watching my cock head push into Tyler’s ass.

Suddenly, the head of my dick along with two inches of my shaft popped into the tight heat of Tyler’s nether regions. She shuddered, her bright red tresses flying in the hair as she buried her face in her crossed arms on the side of the tub.

I held still, letting her ass adjust to my cock. I felt her sphincter squeezing me as I looked down admiring the view of my dick partly buried in that beautiful round, white ass.

Jess looked up at me and smiled. “Sexy, isn’t it?”

I nodded, then closed my eyes and focused on matching rhythm with Tyler who had begun to slowly rock back against me. With each thrust she took a bit more of me into her, until I soon found myself burying my cock all the way up to my balls and Tyler increased the intensity of her thrusts.

“Fuck me,” she said hoarsely now with hands on the side of the tub pushing back against me. Pushing so hard, in fact, I was having trouble keeping my balance. Jess moved behind me, steadying me and running her hands over my chest.

“Yes, fuck her,” she whispered in my ear. “Fuck that hot ass.”

I moaned and redoubled my efforts, pounding my cock deep into Tyler’s bowels. Her ass cheeks jiggled with my thrusts, my wife moaned into my neck and kissed my ear. I felt my orgasm building in my balls, and felt Tyler slow and begin twitch with a building orgasm of her own.

As I made my last desperate thrusts into Tyler’s ass, Jess reached around and began to rub my balls whispering “fill her up with your come” over and over again in a husky voice that told me she was near orgasm herself. She must have been fingering herself back there, and the totality of everything came to me. Here I was in a hot tub fucking a beautiful teenager in the ass while my massaged my balls and rubbed her own orgasm out.

I could hold on no longer. I squeezed Tyler’s hips and buried my cock then let go with a massive load up into her guts.

Wave after wave of orgasm washed over me, and it took a moment to realize that Tyler was in the midst of a wild orgasm of her own. Had I not been clamped on to her rear so tightly she’d have bucked my cock right out of her ass.

She was sobbing with pleasure, so loudly I thought our neighbors would hear even miles away.

My wife milked my balls as loads after load erupted from my cock into Tyler’s cream ass, and from the feel of Jess’ tits shuddering on my back (not to mention the back of her hand on my ass cheeks as she worked fingers into her own twat) I could tell she wasn’t exactly left out of the fun.

Soon enough, though, orgasms subside and I found myself panting and leaning over Tyler’s back side my cock still buried.

“I don’t want you to pull it out yet,” Tyler said pulling my hand down around under her and clutching it between her swaying breasts.

I pushed it in as far as it would go – eliciting one last shudder from Tyler – and kissed her neck softly.

But eventually my once turgid penis shrunk to the point where her ass squeezed me out.

I sat back into the water on the other side of the tube admiring the stream of come leaking out of Tyler’s little pucker.

Jess soon had her tongue buried in that pink asshole licking up every drop of semen she could find.

Amazingly, Tyler dropped and hand down and fingered herself to another moaning – if small – orgasm while Jess rimmed her.

If I hadn’t already been well and thoroughly fucked I’d have been rock hard and ready to go again. As it stood, I simply admired the sight and sound of it, then reveled in the feel of both girls moving in on either side of me again, laying their heads down on my chest.

“Your girls love you,” Jess said.

“Indeed we do,” said Tyler. “So, when am I moving in?”

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