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Her Fantasy Came True

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My wife and I have a very satisfying sex life and although our fantasies include most anything imaginable they never go beyond that. Pat, my wife, is in her mid 40’s and I just crossed the 50 mark this year. Following three children she isn’t the woman she was at 18, but yet she is sexy enough that walking through Wal-Mart men will turn and take a second look.

Short light brown hair frames her blue eyes and sparkling smile. Her breasts, a 36D, are fuller and heavier now than year’s back but the nipples, smaller than a pencil eraser, are still as sensitive and surrounded by light areolas the size of silver dollars. Her ass is still just as rounded and soft to the caress. She keeps her pussy shaved except for a small patch just above the edge of the slit, that accentuates the pouty lips.

As I said our sex life is great. She has no problems with being open with her fantasies or with knowing mine. We love to read the letters in Forum or watch an X rated movie and masturbate together or each other. One of her favorite fantasies is to have two men while I watch, and I always find it erotic to whisper in her ear about how it would happen while she let’s her favorite vibrator work over her clit. By the time her orgasm overtakes her my own cock is throbbing and I’ll release a load onto her tits or cover her clit with my hot cum. I began to wonder if she would get as excited if this fantasy came true and began making some plans……

During the fall on Sunday and Monday night I get together with a bunch of the guys and we watch the football game. We rotate homes every time and we were all over at Dave’s one night when I began looking over the guys that might play into my plans. The four of us had hung out together for a long time, so there wasn’t much hidden between any of us. We had talked often about women and sex, two of the other guys were married and Ron was in his late 30’s and been divorced a couple years, so it wasn’t strange for us to sit and talk openly about sex.

Last year us guys had taken a ‘bachelor’ week and gone up to Jerry’s hunting camp. We had all had a few to many beers one evening and watched a real 4 star fuck video. We all ended up jacking off while watching it, and I think everybody got just as excited watching each other as what was on the video! Ron is single and in his late 30’s, Pat had even mentioned a number of times how handsome an Afro-American he was, but all she knew of black cocks was what she had seen in porn movies. What I knew was Ron had the largest cock I have ever seen in my life. Pat always thought I was big at 7 1/2″ and 5 1/2″ around, my circumference was about the same as Ron’s, but his cock was at least 10″ long. Dave, Jerry and Sam were all about the same size as me. Dave’s cock was slim but the head looked like a large purple bulb, Jerry’s was thicker than any of us. Sam had never been circumcised and as he masturbated the foreskin would slide up over the head as he stroked. I had eventually told Pat about what happened that week, which never failed to drive her wild.

The following night was my turn to play host, so I thought it was as good a time as any to start putting my ‘plan’ in action. The game was a blow out by halftime so we drank beer and talked. Pat usually wandered around during the first quarter but then would say goodnight and go on up to bed. We were by ourselves and I brought up the subject of fantasies during sex to see what the other guys thought about it. Needless to say it was a lively discussion. As the guys all left after the game ended there wasn’t one of them that didn’t leave without a bulge in their pants, myself included. By the time I got upstairs I had my cock out and was stroking but the surprise was when I walked in the bedroom.

Pat was spread eagle on the bed, one hand was working a dildo in her pussy and her other hand was holding the vibrator tight to her clit. I started stripping my clothes off but before I could her hips arched off the bed and I watched her climax. As she recovered from her orgasm she dropped the vibrator and pulled the dildo out and got on her knees “Fuck me now!…shove that cock of yours deep and cum in me!” I held my cock out in front of me and slammed it all the way to the base. “I started downstairs and heard you guys talking and the more you all talked the hotter I got! I never realized the fantasies other people had.” As Pat talked I rammed harder and harder and felt the first release of cum shooting up inside her. She grabbed the vibrator and pressed it to her clit while I kept unloading and before my cock slipped out she had brought herself to another ripping orgasm.

The next morning I awoke to her lips around my cock and when she saw I was awake she stroked my cock and told me again how she had listened from the stairs and played while listening to us guys talk. This got us both so turned on it’s needless to say we were late for work that morning, but what a way to start the day. Seeing how excited she got made me think that my plan just might work. It would be a couple weeks before I was host again which would work out just right.

It was the end of the third quarter and I quietly checked on Pat who had gone up to bed early. Poking my head in I could hear her even breathing and knew she was sleeping. Hurrying back downstairs the guys were waiting for the commercials to get over, sitting down and grabbing my beer and the remote I asked if they would like to see a short ‘home movie’ I had made. They were laughing and joking but fell silent when the movie started. There on the screen was the hum of the vibrator working up and down Pat’s wet cunt. Complete silence surrounded us and the only sound was that of the video. As the vibrator rubbed her clit she began to push the dildo between the wet lips of her pussy and glancing around I could see the tented pants of all the guys. As the video ended with Pat having an intense orgasm Ron was the first to speak…”rewind it and let’s watch it again” and with that he pulled his cock out and began rubbing his fist slowly up and down the shaft. The other guys all nodded in agreement and pulled their cocks out. I chuckled and as it was rewinding I stood and removed my clothes.

“Let’s all get naked, but don’t anybody cum yet,” and I clicked PLAY. As the video played again I began, “Pat has a fantasy to be fucked by a bunch of guys and I would like for it to come true.” The look on their faces was at first shock then they all broke into wide grins. “Give me a few minutes then quietly come up,” and I hurried upstairs. Kneeling beside the bed I reached up under the covers and began to caress Pat’s thigh, my fingers lightly brushing against the pouty lips. She moved in her sleep and the legs opened slightly, slowly I leaned forward and my tongue traveled along the slit. As she began to wake from the pleasure my tongue was providing she took my head in her hands and pressed me closer. Holding her hips I turned her so her feet were on the floor and as I pressed between them she spread open for my tongue to begin delving deep inside her. I worked faster and faster over her clit and could feel her orgasm building. Behind me I heard the guys come into the room, and glancing over could see them all standing naked with their cocks protruding lewdly in front of them. Motioning for 1 of them to come over I stood and using my cock rubbed it the length of her gash feeling the wetness from her slit cover the head. Her body arched wanting to feel it enter. Stepping aside I grabbed her vibrator and placed it against her swollen clit and nodded for Dave to step in-between her legs. Holding his cock against her spasming pussy he shoved forward and his balls began slapping against her ass. The vibrator was bringing her rapidly to the peak and I lifted it from her clit.

“Ohhh, Stan!!! Please don’t stop now, I’m toooooo close! I want to cum, pleaseeeee let me cum!” she moaned.

“How bad do you want to cum, lover…..real bad?” Dave continued to slam into her and I could see his stomach muscles tightening so knew he was close.

“YES!! BAD!!” she was at the very edge of her orgasm and her voice was deep and husky, full of lust wanting release.

I motioned the other guys over and taking her hands wrapped them around each of their cocks and stepped back. Her eyes opened wide at the touch of these strange cocks. “Then enjoy your fantasy and cum,” and I pressed the vibrator hard to her clit. Her orgasm completely overtook her and she began bucking against Dave’s cock. I knew what the muscles of her pussy could do when she climaxed and it had the same effect on Dave. He slammed tight against her and with a low guttural moan began to unload his cum deep up inside her. Pat’s hands became a blur as they stroked the two cocks……”Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy Godddddddd .. I’m cumminggggg….what are you doinggggg to meeeee?” she began to scream.

“I thought you would enjoy your favorite fantasy and the guys were more than willing to help,” I smiled. Dave began a slow movement in and out draining the last of his load, and as his cock became soft he slipped out. His cum coated the outer lips and glistened in the moonlit room. Her hands continued stroking the cocks she held and taking Dave’s place I rammed my engorged cock deep into her cum filled pussy. Watching Dave fuck her and the two cocks in her hands had driven me to the very edge…..

“Make those cocks cum on your tits!” I managed to get out. Lust completely encompassing me…I was doing everything I could to hold back. I could feel it filling my balls but when Dave crawled up on the bed and holding the base of his cum coated cock against her lips I couldn’t hold back any longer. Pat’s lips sucked in his flaccid tool and my first hot load shot into her mixing with the load already inside her. Grabbing my shaft I pulled out and finished the hot loads onto her belly. Jerry had been watching and stroking his rod and as I jacked the last spurts of my cum he pressed the thick purple head against her opening….”ohhhhh…gawddd…thick,” Pat mumbled through the cock in her mouth…..Jerry began a rhymic cadence buried inside her cunt. His eyes moved between his cock moving in and out of her and up to the two cocks she held in her hands.

Ron and Sam placed their hands over her’s and began urging her to stroke faster. As she continued to suck Dave’s cock she watched her hands and the cocks they held. The sight was erotic. Her pale hand stroking the length of Ron’s black cock, the veins straining the length of the shaft and his hand covering hers helping her along. On the other side the foreskin was slipping up and back over the darkened head of Sam’s cock….Reaching up I pressed her breasts together and we all watched as first Ron and then Sam began unloading. They both shot across her breasts and as their cum mixed it cover her breasts and nipples. Jerry let out a howl and began banging hard against Pat’s pubic bone and her eyes widened as his load released……”ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“Can you cum again for us, lover”? I asked.

The only response was a moan from her as her hands emptied the cocks. Jerry crawled up on the bed across from Dave and held his flaccid cock to her lips, releasing the cocks in her hands she grabbed the two at her lips and began licking and sucking each in turn. Ron and Sam held their cocks and were rubbing the cum around her breasts. As I knelt between her legs and my tongue touched her clit she stopped…..”What are you going to do?”….my tongue circled her clit, the site of all these cocks had stirred deep in my mind and I had to taste the mixture of cum… I reached again for the vibrator and as it pressed against her clit my mouth enclosed her violated pussy and I began to suck the three loads that had been left….Ron moved down beside me and moving in close began licking and sucking. Together we licked and sucked taking turns pressing our tongues as far inside as we could.

The vibrator began to take her to another orgasm and as it overtook her the muscles of her pussy began to spasm and filled both our mouths. Sam was the first to recover and his cock began to harden and motioning us away he turned Pat over on her knees and entered her. Holding her hips he began humping her…..the climax was still racking Pat’s body and the muscles sucked against the shaft moving inside her. Ron held his cock and stroked slowly and as I watched it begin to stand rock hard. “Mind if I help with that,” I asked and reached over and actually enjoyed the feel of the long hard flesh I held in my hand. Sam glanced over at my hand masturbating Ron’s cock and holding Pat’s hips began to shudder as his cock unloaded again only this time deep inside her wet cunt. As he fell back against the wall his cock hung limply against his balls….

“Now you’ll feel the heat of me!” Ron commanded and pulling Pat back until her thighs touched her calves he held his stiff prick to her dripping cunt and slowly began entering her. As I watched it begin to disappear, Pat pulled away and as she slowly relaxed the entire 10″ of rod disappeared completely filling her. His hips began pumping; as he pulled back Pat would squirm closer not wanting it to leave her cunt. Reaching between his legs I cupped the heavy balls as they slapped against her asscheeks. His motion increased and I could feel the cum filling his balls and as I gently squeezed, his cock began to spasm and unload fully into her well used pussy.

As we all sat and relaxed the guys looked at the clock and began dressing, knowing they had to get home. As Sam was leaving he whispered in my ear “Sandy has some fantasies maybe the four of us can get together some evening.” That sounded like a good idea and told him so.

Being as Ron didn’t have anything to go home to he spent the night and next day with us. Needless to say Pat now knows the feeling of a black cock, and Ron is coming over again next weekend. But then that’s another story…………

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