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Hands Off

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Bill and Beth carried their bags into the luxurious San Francisco hotel room. Both offered flattering remarks about the room and the view as they walked through the living area, past the wet bar and into the huge bedroom. They threw their bags on the bed and met at the large window overlooking the ocean. Beth placed her arm around Bill.

“Isn’t this marvelous?” she asked her husband. “This is going to be SO much fun.”

“Too bad you have to attend all those conference sessions,” Bill offered in a semi-consoling tone.

“We’ll have to make up for it somehow,” Beth answered, patting him on the butt.

Beth, at 30 years of age, was the youngest assistant superintendent of any school district in her region. She obtained her masters while teaching. She received a principal’s certification and corresponding job within eight years of graduating from college and took just two more years to get her superintendent’s certification.

She was bright, energetic, and drop-dead gorgeous. At 5’8” and 130 pounds with flowing auburn hair, she had caused more than one erection in the classroom and office.

Her husband Bill was 31. A former semi-pro baseball player, he had the body and looks of a male model. He was not the main breadwinner in the family, but kept Beth sexually and intellectually stimulated.

They were on the west coast for a school administrator’s conference. Also at the conference would be Beth’s boss, Tom. He was bringing his wife Susan and daughter Laurel. Beth and Bill had met Susan at functions before. She was 39, ten years younger than her husband, and a very attractive, short blonde. She was a good host, which served her well in her capacity as a school superintendent’s wife.

Their daughter, Laurel, was a 20-year-old college student. This would be the first time Bill and Beth had an opportunity to meet her. They had, however, heard all about her extracurricular activities at the local college and her excellent grades and her athletic prowess and on and on and on.

As Bill and Beth unpacked, Tom called to invite them to dinner with his family. Bill kindly accepted and the arrangements were made.

“Just look interested when the conversation turns to school stuff,” Beth said. The couple had showered…together…and she was working on her hair after getting dressed.

“Yeah, yeah. I know,” Bill answered. “The kid and I can talk sports.”

Beth shot him an angry, disgusted look.

“Speaking of which…remember the rule,” she said.

“Which one?”

“Hands off.”

“Oh, THAT rule,” Bill said meekly.

He inspected his wife’s dress approvingly, threw on a sport coat and they headed for the restaurant. The couple arrived before Tom and his family, so they sat in the lobby, watching the customers come and go.

Soon, Beth saw her boss hold open the door for Susan and Laurel.

“There they are,” Beth said to Bill, rising from the bench they occupied.

Beth and Susan hugged and exchanged greetings, then she and Tom shook hands.

“Beth, this is my daughter Laurel,” Tom was saying.

Bill didn’t hear him. His eyes were transfixed on the heavenly creature standing before him in the short skirt and sweater. Her blonde hair fell lightly on the slim shoulders. Her breasts pushed against the sweater in a smooth, rounded line. Her waist, hips and long legs matched perfectly the dimensions of her hourglass figure.

Laurel’s blue eyes shined as she shook Beth’s hand. Beth was saying something about hearing so much about her. She introduced Bill.

“Glad to meet you.”

Bill saw the mouth move, the hand extend. He recovered just in time to keep from totally embarrassing himself and Beth.

“Hi. My pleasure.”

The group was ushered into the restaurant. While on the way to their table, Beth gave her husband the kind of piercing look he had learned to read as “be good or I’ll kill you.” Bill knew from experience that death was unlikely, but his wife could go into a sexual deepfreeze that took considerable effort to thaw.

The conversation, as Beth had warned, was boring Bill to tears. And apparently Laurel, also. More than once, eye contact between the two of them indicated mutual admiration for each other and tedium with the proceedings. From where Bill sat, he could see the girl’s tanned legs extending out from under her skirt. He also discerned that the skirt rode further up her legs the longer the conversation lasted.

By the time dessert arrived, the young man was glimpsing flashes of black panties as Laurel crossed and uncrossed her legs. Each time, their eyes met. Each time, her eyes sparkled a little brighter.

That night, Bill and Beth lay naked on the bed. They rolled together and came together. In Bill’s mind, Laurel was the one wrapping her legs around his waist.

The next morning found Beth scurrying out of bed to get ready for the opening of the conference. She would be attending the morning sessions, then breaking for lunch and back for three more hours of workshops.

She kissed Bill on the forehead.

“I’ll see you later, hon,” she said.

“OK. Enjoy,” Bill replied.

“Yeah, right.” Beth grabbed her notebook and smiled back at him as she left the room.

An hour later, Bill was showering. He hadn’t thought out the day’s agenda totally, but he envisioned something like eating breakfast, exercising, sightseeing, swimming and waiting for Beth to get back.

It was mid-morning when he changed into this running shorts, tank top and sneakers. The health club was empty except for two older gentlemen in the sauna and another man on an exercise bike. Bill stepped onto a treadmill and programmed in a short training run. He settled into a comfortable pace and looked out the club’s windows onto the city.

A few minutes later, a reflection in the glass caught his eye. Laurel glanced around the room and moved directly to the weight machines. A towel draped around her neck pulled her shoulder length blonde hair against her skin. She wore a black jogging bra and loose fitting shorts that were cut high on the sides.

She sat at a leg machine and put the towel on the floor. Bill watched as she did lifts with one leg, then the other. Short reps, with lots of weight. Her muscles were prominent and well defined.

Soon, she moved to a calf machine almost directly behind Bill’s treadmill. Laurel lay on her stomach and lifted the weights behind her with her left ankle. Bill saw her shorts ride up her thighs in the reflection. The girl’s ass was barely visible under her shorts as she lifted, then lowered, the leg. She switched legs. Again, he focused on the crease of skin separating her ass from her legs.

Bill was going to have to get off the treadmill. He couldn’t watch any more without a noticeable bulge emerging from his shorts.

He walked past the sprawled out girl and into the sauna, which was now empty. He ran the towel over his face. Not all the sweat was from the humidity of the small, wooden sauna.

He adjusted the heat settings and turned to sit on the bench. At the same time, the door opened and Laurel walked in.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully.

Bill swallowed hard, took a deep breath and tried to be nonchalant.

“Hi. Do you do a lot of weights?” Bill asked her.

Laurel laid the towel on the bench and sat next to Bill. The top of her sports bra was damp with sweat and her nipples protruded noticeably. “About five days a week. I’d rather jog, but with the weather…you know.”


They exchanged full body scans before locking eyes again.

“So, what will you be doing while your wife attends the conference?”

Bill hesitated. “Maybe sightseeing. Waiting for her to get back.”

“Ah.” Laurel wiped sweat from her neck, then innocently swiped across the tops of her breasts, inside her bra. “This feels great. Very relaxing.”

Bill watched her lean back until she lay on the bench, one foot on the floor, the other on the bench with her leg bent sharply. Only a thin piece of silky material in her shorts separated her pussy from his view. And she knew it.

He looked at the tempting rise and fall of her breasts. The ab muscles. The hips and thighs. Down to her ankles.

This was one of the most perfect female bodies he had ever seen and she was playing him like a veteran. Or was he dreaming? Was his lust overlooking the simple fact she was in the same place at the same time?

Laurel was smiling…inwardly. She saw his eyes in the window when she arrived. She saw his eyes while she worked out. She felt his eyes now.

The minutes passed. Moisture spread through Laurel’s bra, making the outline of her full breasts even more pronounced. Bill wanted to leave. He wanted to stay. He wanted to touch her.

Innocently, Laurel’s bare foot brushed against Bill’s leg. Higher, to the bottom of his shorts. Then, without a word being said, it moved away. Her eyes were closed. His cock was getting harder.

The words echoed in his brain. “Hands off.”

Bill undressed the girl in his mind. The breasts rose from her tanned chest, the nipples large and pink. Her closely shaven pussy beckoned him. Her clit long and hard.

“Jesus,” he said to himself. Bill tried to will his cock back into submission. To make it shrink with thought alone. It didn’t work.

Laurel was leaning back up, facing the older man next to her. He was very attractive. Very sexy. Vulnerable, she thought.

“I’m in room 1450. Join me for a drink after I shower?” she asked.

Bill instantly envisioned her in the shower naked. “Half an hour?”

“Sure. See ya then,” Laurel replied with a big smile.

She walked out of the sauna with a swing of her hips. Her shorts rode up her ass, clinging to the crack between her cheeks. Bill once again wiped the sweat from his face before placing the towel in his lap. Just in case.

He changed in the room and waited until 45 minutes had passed. With a quick glance in the mirror, he headed out of the room and onto the elevator. Soon, he stood outside room 1450.

Bill knocked. The door opened and Laurel, now dressed in a tank top and shorts, welcomed him with her familiar smile. They exchanged greetings as Bill walked to the living area. Laurel offered him a drink, which he accepted, and he watched as she poured from a small bottle in the drink cabinet. She took two glasses into the area where Bill sat and joined him.

Her breasts swung freely under the tank top, cleavage clearly visible even without her having to bend over. When she handed Bill his drink, all but the ends of her breasts were perceptible.

Small talk filled the next few minutes. Noticing her glass was nearly empty, Bill offered to fill it. Laurel assured him her father would be picking up all liquor tabs, so Bill took both glasses to the wet bar.

Before he could turn back around, two arms were around his waist. Two hands were then sliding down the front of his shorts.

“You looked SO hot in the sauna,” Laurel whispered from directly behind his head. Her right hand found his cock and outlined it with her fingers. “I wanted to touch you.”

Bill’s throat was as dry as sandpaper. His palms were sweaty. The skin on his neck crawled from the girl’s breath.

Laurel’s hand skimmed across his balls and back up, over the ever-growing shaft.

“Hmmm. That feel’s good.” Her voice was soft, low, and seductive. Her hands gentle.

“More than you know,” Bill said.

The girl giggled. She pressed her breasts against his back and her pussy against his ass. Bill reached behind her and grabbed the small, firm ass. He squeezed gently.

“Turn around,” she said. When he had, she added, “Undress me.”

The voice was in his head again. “Fuck it,” was his inward response.

He grabbed her tank top right above her shorts. With both hands, he pulled it over her breasts, over her head, over her outstretched arms. As he dropped it to the floor, he marveled at the perfect bare breasts.

Laurel took his hands and placed them on the tops of her breasts. Slowly, as if not to break them, he ran his fingers over the soft skin. He outlined the breasts with one finger before putting them in his palms, kneading them. The nipples grew instantly.

The girl’s eyes were closed. Her head tilted back slightly.

“Take off your shoes,” Bill told her quietly.

She kicked them off and looked up at the man. He unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down over her hips. A pair of small, silky black panties came into view. As the shorts fell to the floor and she stepped out of them, Bill looked at the curve of her hips, thighs, calves and ankles.

Bill reached inside the waistband of the panties and slid them off, kneeling in front of the girl. He smelled her sex. She was shaven except for a thin strip of brown hair above her clit. Her legs were flawless–smooth and strong without being muscular.

Laurel stepped away from Bill. “Now you. Slowly.”

Bill stripped as instructed. He felt his cock growing with each movement of his body. By the time he was down to his boxers, the hard-on pushed out in constrained urgency. It sprung into view when he lowered his boxers and precum glistened at the tip.

This girl was getting him close to cumming and she had barely touched him.

They stood naked, together…a couple feet apart…Bill getting harder by the second.

“Turn around,” were Laurel’s next words.

Bill complied once again. Awkwardly, he put his hands by his side, feeling her stare. After a few seconds, he turned back to face her.

“I want you to make love to me,” she said in a plaintive tone.

Bill didn’t think he needed to be urged. He wanted this girl as much as he’d ever wanted anybody. Not for love, but for sex. Pure sex. But, he understood her words better than she might have expected. He would love her.

Bill walked up to Laurel and quickly, strongly, put his hands behind her and lifted her into his arms. Her beautiful legs hung limply, her blonde hair fell below her head. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her down as if she were fragile.

As Bill climbed into the bed, she parted her legs slightly. He slid between them. His hard cock rubbed against her pussy and clit. She moaned quietly, almost imperceptibly. But he heard it, felt it in her body. The cock continued until it rested on her breast, her nipple.

Laurel pressed the cock against her skin. She rubbed it over her nipple, both the nipple and shaft getting harder. Then she wrapped her fingers around the cock and pulled it up, toward her face.

Bill moved forward. The cock touched Laurel’s lips. Her tongue flicked across the tip and over the base of the head…underneath, where it is most sensitive. This time Bill moaned. His cock jerked upward until she brought it down with her hand and placed it between her lips.

Bill felt the combination of tongue and lips work on his cock. Her hand stroked the base and down to his balls. He could cum, but he wouldn’t. He would love her first.

Without warning, a pair of hands stroked Bill’s ass. He realized instantly they could not belong to Laurel. He jerked his head around and saw Susan standing naked beside the bed.

“What the…,” he started to exclaim.

“It’s alright, hon,” Laurel said. “Just let it happen.”

Bill was immediately struck by the attractiveness of this older, naked woman. Fully clothed and in the company of her daughter she had not drawn Bill’s attention. But standing there now, with her fine breasts and petite figure in full view, she was rather sexy.

“Go on,” Susan said calmly. “Please.”

Laurel put her hands on Bill’s shoulders. “I want you in me.”

Confused, shocked and extremely horny, Bill quickly moved down until his cock was at the entrance to Laurel’s hole. He watched as Susan moved beside him, reaching for his shaft. With fingers lightly gripping it, she helped him slide it inside her daughter.

Laurel’s legs spread. She lifted them until they wrapped around Bill’s waist. Her feet rested on his ass. Bill breathed in deeply as the tight cunt ate his cock.

“Oh, yes. Fill me up. Fuck me,” Laurel was mewing.

As Bill began a rhythmic pattern, Susan ran her fingers over Laurel’s breasts. She squeezed the erect nipples and smiled down at her daughter. Effortlessly, Susan swung her legs onto the bed and straddled Laurel’s head. She was just inches away from Bill’s face as he continued to pump Laurel.

With her cunt now on Laurel’s mouth, Susan leaned forward so Bill could put a breast in his mouth. The man quickly sucked on the full, firm tit, licking the nipple heartily. The sound of his balls hitting Laurel’s ass echoed in the room. Moans came from all of them in alternate waves.

As he had suspected, Bill was the first to cum. He could no longer hold back and shot two streams of warm cum into Laurel. His grunts clearly told the women he was cumming and they urged him on vocally. Bill felt his balls contract and more cum spewed into the young girl.

“Oh, Bill. Yes. Yes. Don’t stop,” Laurel cried out.

He needed no more influencing than that. Long after he normally was done, he came inside this sexual creature. Susan’s breast was nipped, chewed and sucked until it was red. Apparently she didn’t mind as she came moments later. Watching from the closet, playing with herself all the time, she was ready long before. She now screamed for Laurel to lick her clit as her juices flowed. Bill grabbed both breasts and squeezed the nipples, watching Susan’s contort with orgasm after orgasm.

As his limp cock withdrew from Laurel, he moved down and put his tongue deep inside her. Her moans gave away her readiness. He moved to her clit and she came instantly. He sucked it feverishly as she arched her back, lifted her ass off the bed and came repeatedly.

The sound of the two women’s sexual satisfaction was getting Bill hard again. Mother and daughter came several times, the bed bouncing mercilessly. The more he tried to eat Laurel, the more she came. He put a hand on one of her breasts, feeling it move like jello under his palm. Until, finally, the bed was nearly still.

Susan collapsed on the bed next to Laurel and Bill. Within minutes, however, they were competing for space around Bill’s cock. Watching it grow. Watching it cum on Laurel’s sweet breasts.

Meanwhile, two words swirled around in Bill’s energized mind.

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