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Granny Moves on

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An old Army friend of my husband showed up one day out of the blue. Norman had just bought a business hear our home town and came by to say ‘Hi.” To my husband.

That is how Fred and I became interested in RVing. Norman sold motor homes and travel trailers over in Ohio just across the state line. We visited Norman at the sales lot and Fred was hooked on this as the only way to travel. So we bought a new motor home with all the bells and whistles. We also found out about snow-birding.

So as winter approached we took off on our first ever trip in our motor home. I was a learning experience for both of us.

Our home is in western Pennsylvania on the shores of a large lake. So after making arrangements for someone to act as caretakers for the winter we took off to do this thing called Snow-birding.

Fred was as good driver and we planed our trip well. The first day we made only one hundred and fifty miles but it was a nice trip and a safe one. We parked in a really nice campground in southern Ohio near the Ohio River. The second day we found ourselves in Kentucky. Again we had no problems and the campground host was a very nice couple that invited us to a Friday night get together at the social room. It was a pot luck dinner and social.

We had a ball. Fred talked RVs and how to pick a park, and things to see along the way. What a wonderful bunch of people and none friendlier. We met a couple about our age that was going south to winter in Texas. In a town named Mc Allen. Fred spent a lot of time talking and listening. He came to me and said he thought we should go to Texas instead of Florida.

So the next morning we followed Thelma and Tom Stark down the road. Tom had made this trip many times and knew where to stop for lunch, where to park free and where a big rig could get gas easily.

Thelma and I hit it off right away and found that when the boys were off doing guy things we enjoyed one another. Fred has been a good husband but he’s never been much of a talker. Tom on the other hand always took the lead in story telling and the conversation often got around to mature people and how they seem to enjoy sex more on the RV trail than at home. Some of his stories got very close to risqué to say the least.

However Fred and I are not prudes. We did not admit to our new friends that in our youth we had once engaged in a wild party with some close friends. It was only a few times however Fred and I had talked it over and had agreed we would only engage in group sex to see if we liked it. We did. Fred more than me I think but it was engaging to say the least. We moved about six months after we started swinging and we just never started up again in the area where we live now.

Tom and Thelma introduced us to several casinos along the way. I found I enjoyed playing the slots and the free drinks. Fred was not a big gambler either but we enjoyed the noise, the people and a free place to park the coach while we gambled. It may have been cheaper to pay for parking in a campground away for the casinos. But it was fun. It was also the first time Tom came on to me. But it was so subtle that I later wondered if it was just my imagination. I knew better and did mention it to Fred. Fred said it’s was just his way but if I wanted he would talk to Tom about it.

I said ‘No.’

But then Fred said “Maybe Thelma and Tom were into sex with other couples.” Of course Fred was remembering our past history and I suspected he also had noticed that Thelma was very pretty, well figured and had a kind of wild way about her.

I asked Fred “Would you say we might be getting into some thing a little over our heads.”

Fred reminded me we were full grown adults. Not the kids we were when we had tried swinging so many years ago. I agreed but said I thought he was looking at Thelma at little too close. He only laughed. But I saw the writing on the wall and so I took a second look at Tom.

I was forty six at the time, Fred was fifty three. Tom was fifty one and Thelma surprisingly was the oldest of us all. But she surely did not look it. She was fifty eight. Her slim figure and her make up kept her looking very good.

We stopped at the welcome center just inside the Texas state line. We got maps and lot of information of things to see on the way south. We were still in the Welcome center parking lot when we all gather in our motor home for lunch.

Tom brought up the subject of nudist camps just down the road right on the coast. He said it was as perfect place to spend a few days soaking up the sun. I did not say a word I just let the boys sound each other out. I think what made Fred change his mind was when Thelma said she loved to get naked and lay in the sun. She added she often rode in the coach nude just for the fun of it.

Tom added she would read sexy stories to him as he drove so when they got to a rest area they were hot and ready for a roll in the hay. This was a little more than I wanted to know but Fred was eating it up.

Thelma said “Why don’t’ we all get naked and have lunch and see how you guys (meaning us; Fred and me) like the idea.”

Knew it, just sure as hell I saw it coming for days and here as last it all came out in the open. Thelma was on her feet slipping off her top. Tom was smiling from ear to ear while my dear husband had his eyes fixed on Thelma’s chest.

Thelma leaned forward unhooked her bra and let it fall into her hands. I must say her firm pointed little breasts hardly even quivered let alone sag. My forty double D’s hang to my waist. Well maybe not that far but mine are not as firm as Thelma’s.

Tom stood and looked at Fred. Tom said “Well?”

Fred said “Why the hell not.” Fred stood; looked at me smiled and unzipped his shorts.

I stood there like the dunce of the bunch just taking in the scenery. Tom dropped his cut off jeans and I was not surprised at his manliness. He was well hung and it looked rather swollen as if it were going to grow to a much larger state.

Tom’s met my eyes and he smiled at me. He knew right then he was going to end up fucking me before this day was over. I smiled back knowing he was so right.

Fred is not one to be bettered he is well hung also and when he dropped his shorts he was already nearly fully erect.

The three of then looked at me and I hunched my shoulders as if to say “well okay, give me a minute to enjoy the view.”

I pulled up my top and as it came over my head Tom smiled got even larger. He knew I was a busty Polish blonde but he had no idea just how busty I was until he saw my melons swing free from my bar.

Fred said “That’s why I married her. Great Tits.” I tossed my bra at him.

Tom said “I agree Wilma has beautiful breasts.”

Tom never notice I removed my panties and was fully naked. He was still looking at my swinging melons. I some how finished making lunch. Fred and Thelma were sitting on the same side of the table looking into one another eyes. Tom came up behind me and asked if he could help.

Tom pressed forward and his rather swollen member slipped between my legs to lay right along my very wet split. I froze as Tom moved back and forth a few times wetting his member. I was getting wetter by the minute and could not do a thing about it.

I had my head down looking into the sink, my heart was beating fast and my fingers were griping the edge of the counter tightly.

Tom reached around cupping my breasts. His cock throbbing between my legs and all I could do was stand there letting him have his way.

Tom moved one hand down to fine my mound under a thin blonde covering. Tom had his fingers rubbing my clitoris as he rubbing his cock back and forth.

I heard a gulp that I knew so very well. I turned my head to see Thelma with her head in Fred’s lap.

The table blocked the view but I knew from the sound Fred was making Thelma had his cock in her mouth.

Tom pulled my hips back away from the counter. He spread my legs bent his legs found the right angle and pushed up and forward. His cock slipped into me as easy as if we had done this all day. I gasped and pushed back taking a little more of him.

Tom took long slow strokes letting me feel him from the tip to the hilt. I was hot and it felt wonderful. I bent forward moving back some to give him more room. By now my head was almost on the counter my ass wiggling from side to side and being banged into at a regular pace. I was getting a good fuck and loving every minute of it.

Tom had his hands on my hips helping me move to and fro. He spread his hands so his thumbs were near the crack of my ass . He dug his thumbs in and I felt my tiny asshole spread open. The air was cooling. I knew Tom was getting an eye full. I wondered if he was an ass man or just looking. My ass was not virgin but it had been a long time. Maybe too long.

My emotions kind of got away from me and before I knew it I was screaming and shaking my ass from side to side. I squeezed down hard and my pussy gripped onto Tom’s cock. He squeaked, yelped and shoved harder up into me. My legs gave out as I climaxed and flooded down my legs. Tom sank to the floor with me. But kept his cock firmly planted in my pussy. Tom later said if he had not moved down with me I would have broken his cock off as my pussy was gripping his cock so tightly. I guess I was very excited. My pussy only does that tightening thing when I’m really aroused.

I looked up to see Fred half out of the booth seat with his cock still in Thelma’s mouth I had to admit that girl was one hell of a classy cocksucker. Tom wiggled around and got free of me. He stood over me. His cock still about half hard. It was dripping with our combined juices. The foam had formed a large drip hanging on the tip of his cock. Well what was I to do. Let that stuff drip on the floor of our new motor home. I thought not.

I lifted my head up leaned forward taking the head of his cock in my mouth. God was that a sensation I had missed for some time. Not just sucking a cock. No; it was sucking a strange cock. The feel of a cock that had never been in my mouth before was so erotic. I got all excited all over again. I continued to suck his cock deep into my mouth as I rubbed a finger across my clitoris. This was really getting to be a very interesting lunch break.

Taking a moment to look at my husband I saw him lift Thelma’s ass onto the table spreading her legs as he did. I knew my darling husband was going to repay her in kind. Thelma was smiling with Fred’s thick cum still on her smiling lips.

I returned to what I was doing as Tom took my head in his hands pulling me closer. I felt the head of his cock punch the back of my throat. God I loved sucking a hard hot cock. I rubbed my clitoris faster as I moved my mouth back and forth on Tom’s quivering cock. Tom said “sick it Baby, I do love a good fucking blow job. Wow.”

My darling Fred finished our jobs about the same time. The four of us managed to get calmed down long enough to finish lunch. Tom and Thelma went back to their coach and in an hour we were once more on the road.

Fred had not said much so once we were bouncing down the road I asked him if he thought going to a nudist camp was a good idea. He said “Why not.” I could not come up with a good reason not too so we went bouncing.

We pulled up to the gate of the nudist camp. Tom leaned out the window spoke to the man and we were waved through with out further ado.

We followed a golf cart to a long row of motor homes. Fed pulled through just like he had done this a thousand times. The awnings were put out. Doors and windows were open to let in the cool ocean breeze. As they say it just don’t get any better than this.

But then it did. Tom came over naked as the day he was born and said “come you two. I want you to meet the owner and his wife. You’ll like them Peggy is a pretty Polish blonde with knockers just like Wilma. We told them about you guys and we are all invited to a special party tonight for a select few.”

Well I knew what that means and as my husband always says “Why not.” I knew Fred would not have a problem with it.

Pete and Peggy were as friendly as any two people we had ever met. Smiling, happy and wanted nothing but to be helpful. They took us around showed us the pool area, how clean the bathrooms were and introduced us to another couple that were workamper’s they worked during the season for there space and a small wage.

Fred showed some interest in this workamper thing and said he was going to look into it. But I was looking at Pete and Peggy and I noticed Peggy seemed very interested in me. I wondered if maybe she might be a little bisexual. We’ll see tonight for sure.

Fred and I rested, no sex but we did take a few minutes to talk about our hosts and new friends. Fred was feeling very protective and said if I ever wanted to not go forward with this just say so and we would get the hell out of here. I told him I would and assured him so far I was fine with it. His smile assured me he was fine also.

Tom knocked on the door telling us through the screen he and Thelma were going to the pool and asked if we wanted to join them I said not me but Fred said maybe he would be over shortly.

Ten minutes later Fred kissed me and said he would not stay long. I rolled over on the sofa closed my eyes and started to dream.

I woke a few minutes later to a soft knock on my door. I turned to see Peggy and the workamper lady Jean standing there. I invited them in and they sat a bottle of chilled wine on the table. I got out the glasses and we toasted each other to a new friendship.

I’ll not go into a lot of detail but to say soon the bottle was empty, I was spread eagle on the bed. Peggy had her mouth pressed tightly to my wet cunt and Jean was squatting over me with her dripping pussy wetting my face from ear to ear. I would have screamed when I climaxed if I could have but I was too busy licking and swallowing Jean’s robust climax. I thought her juices tasted a lot like male semen and wondered if she might have been fucked just before they arrived. I was having too good a time to care.

As I washed up and kissed my new friends ado I wondered just how much longer it was going to take to get down near the Mexican border.

Fred arrived home as the sun was setting and red as a beet. I greeted him with a kiss and started to hug him when he yelped and pulled away. I told him what I though of an old fool who lays out I the sun too long and want to get the baby oil.

Fred laid on the bed and as gently as I could I applied baby to him red body. Mostly on his back but he also got some sun on his privates. What a stupid ass he can be at times.

It was after dark when Tom and Thelma came by to invite us to a private party in a private building where special friends gathered.

Fred insisted I go and have a good time. I did not want to leave him or not have him around it I needed him. Of course Tom said he would take good care to see I did not get into too much trouble.

The room was small with chairs around a round table. The table was padded and looked more like small round bed than a table. The guy who was Co-owner of the camp ground was smiling in the dim light as we came in.

I was introduced to Nathan. He was an older man with a round belly and what I observed to be a rather long thick cock but by the way it hung limp I assumed he was not longer able to perform. I was right about that but he still had ways to perform and give the ladies deeply satisfying pleasures.

A pretty little lady named Hazel with flat nearly child like breast was selected first to get up on the round table. However her hips were wide and as Fred calls it the head space between her legs at the crotch was generous.

Hazel was a red head with a bashful smile and that look of meekness about her. But with some help from friendly words and few joyful comments Hazel was soon stretched out on the table face down.

Nathan opened a small cabinet behind him and removed two bottles of body oil. There was a warming element in the cabinet that kept the oil ready for use.

I observed that Nathan had thick strong hands and nimble fingers. He was a master at giving Hazel a body massage and with delicate touching he soon had her breathing heavily.

Our little band had grown to four couples. Plus me and Nathan as the only two singles. I wished my Fred was here.

Of course I noticed that all four of the men including Tom had full erections. I guess they were interested in what Nathan was doing to Hazel. Hazels’ husband a husky strong looking man named Carl stepped up to the end of the round table were Hazel’s head hung close to the edge.

Carl stroked his wife head lovingly and moved closer. Hazel opened her mouth and Carl’s cock disappeared from sight.

Just as Carl pushed his cock into his wife’s mouth Nathan pushed two fingers into her ass. I thought at first he was pushing into her pussy but no, he had two of his massive fingers pushed deep into her round firm ass.

My own ass tightened thinking of how that might feel. One lady was quick to drop to her knees taking a cock in her mouth as she continued to watch Hazel. I don’t know if the cock she was sucking was her husbands or not.

Thelma was jerking on Tom’s cock and I just stood there watching Carl fuck his wife’s mouth. Another man who I would have reason to come to know later stepped up and asked Carl to move over. Carl gave ground and the second man replaced Carl’s cock with his own. Hazel seemed happy to suck any cock that was close to her face.

Thelma took me by the hand and together we both squatted in front of Tom. I was so hot from watching the show going on all around me. I had no problems helping Thelma suck her husband’s cock. Thelma squatted I however only bent at the waist when it was my turn to willingly enjoy Tom’s cock in my mouth.

Hazel squirmed and shook as she climaxed and the man who’s cock was in her mouth pulled back to let Hazel have a climax that shook the whole building.

Nathan removed his fingers from her ass and washed her with a cloth. All seemed to return to normal for a few minutes as Hazel was helped from the table. The cock sucking was on hold for a few minutes as a new lady mounted the throne.

This lady rested on her back with her legs spread wide and her knees pulled up so her heels were on the edge of the table. Nathan took his thumbs and forcibly spread her pussy so wide it gapped open. Another lady mounted the table and sat so her pussy was over the face of the other. Nathan licked his lips with the longest tongue I had ever seen and it soon disappeared into the gapping pussy before him.

Once again the spectators were soon doing what ever turned them on. I had Toms cock in my mouth and Thelma was standing by waiting her turn. I was bent over as before when I felt the unmistakable feel of a cock head touch my pussy from the rear.

I lifted my head from Tom’s cock looked around as there was the man who had had his cock in Hazels mouth.

He smiled and said “Hi I’m Dr. Charles Crane. You look so beautiful I wonder if I might indulge in your charms.”

By this time I was so hot I only smiled nodded and went back to Tom’s cock.

Dr. Crane was gentle, as he took a grip on my hips, wet his cock head in my wet pussy juice and then slowly pushed into me.

It felt good, I was so excited I wanted to feel a man spurt semen into me in either place I had a cock.

Thelma let me know it was her turn and I gave way. I held onto Tom’s leg for support as the Doctor moved a bit faster and plunged deeper in to me. He was pulling me back into him as he pushed forward in a nice rhythm that worked for me.

My motor was running and I was getting wind up. I was dong my squeeze the cock thing when the doctor stiffen, jerked and I felt that ever so pleasant warming feeling flood my insides. I responded and gave him as good as I got. I don’t know if it was because I had a totally strange cock up my cunt or if I as just horny but no matter I had one hell of a climax and the juices ran freely down my legs.

My legs gave out and I went to my knees my head now resting on Tom’s legs. I felt a few last drops of something slimy drip on to my back and knew that the doctor had not finished when I pulled free. I thought of turning around and sucking his cock to kind of make us both happy but I was too tired.

Tom, Thelma and I walked out into the night air. I was still dripping and it felt kind of sloppy but exciting as well.

I looked in the screen door on our coach and saw Fred lying on the floor. I scream and burst in. Tom ran in next to me as I lifted Fred’s head. I second later the Doctor was pushing me away and checking Fred. He started to do CPR but he knew it was useless.

Fred had had a massive heart attack and was most likely dead before he hit the floor. The next few hours were hectic and with the police, medical personal there it was even more so.

Dr. Crane gave me a shot and Thelma helped me to bed. Fred’s body was shipped home and the funeral was five days later. I was still in shock and I think what made it even worst was that I had been out having a good time while my husband was dieing.

The phone rang and it was Nathan asking what I wanted done with the coach or did I want to leave it in storage there. I had forgotten about the coach. I told Nathan I would check into having it brought back here. He reminded me it was going to be winter here very soon and it might be better to leave the coach there unless I had a heated place to put it inside. After all the winters here were sometimes pretty severe. He was right of course so I told him I would get back to him in a day or two.

I called Norman and asked his advice. He was so pleasant he asked about me and how I was doing. I thought he was really the first one that seemed concern about how I felt. It made me feel good.

After sometime he said he would send a man to get the coach and he would put it up in an indoor storage building along with his for the winter. I said for him to bill me and hung up.

The next Monday morning a man knocked on my door and introduced himself as Denny and he was the one going to Texas to bring back my coach. I had to sign a few papers before he could get going. I invited him in and offered him a cup of coffee since I had just made a pot. I was still in my robe as he followed me into the kitchen.

He said he worked for Norman part times driving coaches both delivering them and sometimes like this bringing one back from some where.

I looked at Denny. He was about fifty, broad in the shoulders and had a happy pleasing smile. I liked him right off. After only two cups of coffee he asked if I would like to ride along with him.

I knew he was interested in me for more than a traveling companion and he knew I had just lost my husband but he still asked in such a way as to make it sound legitimate.

I said for him to have another cup of coffee while I packed my bag.

I dashed into the bedroom pulled a bag out of my closet and tossed it on the bed. I looked up to see Denny standing in the door way. I looked at him. He looked at me and I kicked the bag on the floor as he walked toward me.

My robe was tossed across the room as were his trousers. He took no time in foreplay as he mounted me straight away and his most pleasant erection was in me up to the hilt and we were off on a rampage together.

Denny made me climax twice and then lifted me up turned me around and took me doggie style before he finely empted his cock and balls of all he had to offer.

He joined me in the shower and there I went down and gave him a blow job with the warm water cascading down over me. His semen was sweet and yet strong in a strange way. I had never tasted cum like his and I liked the taste, smell and even how his cock felt in my mouth.

I packed and he carried my bag out to his car which had a tow dolly on the back. It would be used to tow his car back behind the coach on the return trip.

The conversation was light, jovial and at time whimsical. Then as the miles rolled by Denny started to ask me about my marriage and if I was really ready to move on or was today just a period of grief in some way.

I thought about that and when I was ready to answer him I thought I would tell Denny of my happy marriage, the openness of it and that what we did was simply because I wanted it to happen. I was horny, he was here and so that was why I let him into my bed.

I said I was in love with Fred, but we still engaged in sex with others but up until that last night we had always were together when we indulged in swinging.

Denny said he had done some swinging except in his case he was mostly the third partner in a threesome. He said he had been in a three some with a lot of married couples and he liked it that way. I saw his point and agree for a single man it was a good way to get his sex and not worry about commitment.

We stopped for lunch about two in the afternoon. He topped off the tank and as we came out of the dinner Denny suggested we go ahead and get a good night’s sleep and leave early in the morning.

The motel was just down the block.

I shower first and returned to the bed area with a long towel wrapped around me. My breasts were some what confined but still showed they were of a size that most men like. While I stood at the mirror brushing my hair Denny came up behind me kissed me on the back of my neck. He was naked as he stepped around me and entered the shower room. I just happen to notice he had an erection. I decided I liked this man.

The shower was big enough for two. It turned me on as much as it did him when I soaped up his erection and jerked him nearly to a climax. But it was so thrilling feeling him expand in my hand and feeling his balls tighten up. God it was thrilling and my pussy got so wet I started to finger myself with my other hand.

Denny cupped his hand over mine as I masturbate myself and him at the same time. This was a first and damn was it a turn on.

We kissed and letting go I laced my arms around his neck. We hugged rubbing our soapy bodies together. I don’t ever remember ever and I do mean ever feeling this close to a man.

My heart was racing and my head was dizzy. I was in fact swooning. I was acting like a girl on her first date with a guy getting her turned on for the first time in her life.

We burst from the shower dripping wet. Whirling around we landing on the bed. He came up between my legs and I reached down to guide him where I wanted him. He slipped into me easily and began to work right away as if it was a race to see who would explode first. Like a couple of kids we banged together, grunting and groaning seeking that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We hit the wire at the same moment it was a tie race. We screamed, jerked and shook to an ending that words will never express.

He tried to keep his weight off me but could not hold himself up so he rolled off. Panting we lay with out words trying to catch our breath.

It was dark when I woke. Denny was still on his back breathing easily. I cuddled up tossed an arm over his mountain of a cheat and went back to sleep.

The next morning we were a little less frantic as we once more headed down the road. We made several hundred miles and found we were with in one more night of our destination. Denny drove well into the night before we stopped.

He pulled into a small but nice motel and we were quickly in bed. It had been along day of driving and Denny was really beat. There had been rain for a couple of hours and that added to the long hours he slipped into bed with out showering. He mumbled something about in the morning and closed his eyes.

I was tired too but at the same time I was fascinated by this man. I rested on my side with my head on his shoulder. He was breathing easy and seemed to be close to sleep.

I let my hand trail down his belly and come to rest on his limp cock. I loved the feel of it soft and wrinkled. He did not move as I lifted the covers and slipped my head to where my hand was.

I pushed back the skin, and sucked the head into my mouth. I did not suck his cock into my mouth I just let the head roll on my tongue.

Slowly I felt this cock stiffen and before long I had a mouth full of rigid cock. I moved my mouth up and down on his cock. I was not moving fast or trying to make him come. However I did think that would be the end result of my attentions.

I took my time and let my tongue investigate ever ridge and throb of blood through his cock. I let my tongue tickle the little mouth at the tip. I tasted the fluid that seeped out as he become hard. My fingers were rapped around the shaft between my mouth and its base.

I was making myself as aroused as I thought he was becoming. I felt his balls tighten up. The shaft got harder and the head swelled up. The first throb was a tightening of his muscles and the fluid shot for the tiny mouth on to my tongue. I moved my mouth up and down a few more times and the spurting continued five of six more times. I let the fluid fill my mouth but I did not swallow it. I let the semen roll across my tongue and tasted its strong flavor. Then I lifted my head from his cock rolled on my back and let the mouth full slip slowly down my throat. It was different than any other time in my life that I had swallowed cum. It was some how more personnel and loving on my part. I did this purely for my own joy. Denny never said a word and let me have my fun.

We woke in each others arms. Denny rolled over on his side took me in his arms and kissed me. It was a loving tender non passionate kiss. He held me for a few moments longer than I thought he would and that tenderness gave me goose bumps.

I thought old girl are you falling in love with this man. I did not seem real. Here I am a widow at forty nine, mother of two daughters and grandmother of two fine young boys. This was almost too much to think about. We would make it to the campground by this afternoon and tomorrow would be on the return trip.

I had a lot to think about and I wondered if I should confess to Denny about the campground and what had happened here. I did not really know this man. Maybe he would be offended at my actions here and the openness Fred and I shared. What if Old Nathan would say something? There were just too many ifs and if I was going to really get to know this man I had to be open and be up front about my somewhat checkered past. This thought kept me quite for a good part of the day as the miles rolled bye.

At lunch I said “Denny you do know I’m a grandmother don’t you?”

He looked up smiled and said “How would I know that. But I thought you might have children and if that was so there was a good chance you had grandchildren as well.”

I said “I guess you’ve thought about it then? Have you also thought about us? Or is that too much too soon? Am I asking too many questions?”

He looked at me sipped his coffee and said “Yes.”

He went back to eating. I knew he was teasing me with a one word answer. I did not ask any more questions. Well not until we were once more on the road. Here I had a captive audience. I think I saw Denny swing his eyes in my direction once or twice. He was waiting for me to ask more questions. He even smiled once and then returned his attention to the road as well he should have. But he was waiting I knew that.

“Do you know where we are?” He asked.

I looked around and said “No; should I?”

He turned off the highway and pointed at a sign. We were pulling into the camp ground where my coach was in storage. I got a lump in my throat and a tightening in my chest. I took a few deep breaths and wiped my eyes.

Denny pulled the car over to the side and stepped out. Nathan came out of the office and greeted Denny as if they were old friends and indeed they were. Nathan came around to my side opened the door and gave me a hug as I stood up.

Nathan said “I’m so sorry you had to return under such conditions. I got you coach all ready for you to stay in for how ever long you want to stay before heading back north. Did you have a nice trip?”

I hugged Nathan and said we had a nice trip and that Denny was a fine safe driver. Nathan smiled.

Nathan said “Why don’t you two go get cleaned up and then about six come up to the house and have dinner with me and a friend.”

Denny answered for the both of us and said we would be there. I did not argue the point and nodded my agreement.

Denny carried I our bags and said he was going to shower and shave. I stripped naked, turned the bed down and plopped my ass on it. Denny stood at the end of the bed. Stripped naked and let me see his erection was fully extended and proudly pointing at me.

I jump up wiggled on hands and knees to the foot of the bed lowered my head to just the right angle. Denny captured my head between his hands and pushed.

His cock plopped into my mouth and he started fucking my mouth in rapid succession. I was surprised at his eagerness to get off. But I welcomed him with open mouth as I grabbed his ass puling him fully into me.

I heard him say “Oh, my God you cocksucker.” and then he pumped the first of several loads of thick salty cum into my mouth. I welcomed it, savored it and eagerly swallowed it.

His cock was still firm but going down slowly as he stepped back. “God that was the best fucking blow job I ever had. I was so god damn horny. I needed that. Now I’m really hungry I wonder what on the menu tonight?” He laughed and said “Maybe you. I know Nathan likes you.”

I wondered how he would know anything about me or the camp ground and it special benefits. But I had a lot to learn.

Looking at myself in the mirror I smiled and thought not too bad for an old broad. I thought Granny its time to move on… If you like this one let me know and I’ll go for a second part. But only if I get a good response.

I want to thank all the readers that E-mailed me after the first five. Especially the ladies. A special thanks to Cora and Simon (mother and son) you could fill a novel for me …

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