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Giving in to Temptation

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As a newly appointed detective assigned to a special police operation Georgina was less effective than the effect she had on men, which was electric. It wasn’t just a pair of long legs or the tiny waist emphasizing large breasts, it was more than that, it was the innocent look upon her face when listening to them. She had a way of tilting her head to one side looking intently into a mans eyes as though he were the only man in the world and what he had to say was important. Sitting in his car with her Sergeant, Angelo was getting the full treatment.

“Look Angelo, I’ll take the risk. All you have to do is get me in there and keep out of the way. I can’t walk in by myself as the club is for couples.” Georgina said. Thinking too she needed a chaperon in that den of iniquity.

“I’m your sergeant and responsible for you if anything goes wrong. Everyone is as bored with the tedium of this operation, just as much as you. I don’t see why you’re bothering to stick your neck out. Just take it easy, keep your head down and let the others take risks. Besides, the operation isn’t getting anywhere. I heard it’s over budget and you know what that means.” He replied.

At least he hadn’t rejected the idea outright but then men hardly ever rejected her. She swiveled in the car seat to face him knowing the skirt was riding up to flash a glimpse of stocking top and a lot of leg. “I’m aware of what they say behind my back. Everyone thinks I got this job because of the way I look. I need to prove myself Angelo. What do you think?” She asked.

“I’m trying to think about my wife and kids and not look at you.” He shot back at her.

“The suspect, code named Bob, is a member of that club and I’m convinced that’s where he meets our mystery man from the customs service. He’s been tailed day and night, the phones are tapped, and after six months nothing. No sighting of the mystery man or how he’s been tipping off the suspect. I’ve already joined the club anyway. All you have to do is walk me in there and I’ll scout around. I won’t take chances, I won’t blow it, promise!” She said in the best little girl pleading voice she could conjure.

He was uncomfortable feeling guilty just sitting there with her and wished she hadn’t mentioned blowing it. Especially with those pouting lips of hers. “You know what kind of club it is don’t you? What they get up to in there. Debauchery! They keep it all very confidential, that’s why we couldn’t get in there undercover. Besides, no one else thinks it’s a likely spot. What’s your cover name then?” He asked, wanting to talk rather than think. He watched her blush with a delicate pinkness covering the slight cleavage on show. The tight skirt and top was an obvious ploy but knowing it didn’t help his defenses.

“Fanny Titus.” She said. He laughed out loud spilling tea from the cheap plastic cup almost squeezing it flat. “Well, they all use false names. I hadn’t thought about it and was put on the spot when they asked. Stop it, its not that funny. I got a look at the register while joining but it wasn’t much help, they all use silly names: that’s what put it in my mind I guess. It’s all over you, you slob.” She complained while brushing him down.

“Stop that! It’s hard enough thank you. I mean sitting here close to you. Your starting something my wife can’t finish. The kids have been keeping us up all night.” He paused for a moment attempting to concentrate as a means of a distraction from her. “The register could help. If you find out his membership name we could tie in the dates he visited the club with the information leaks. It’s more important to eyeball the character from customs though. But, I don’t see how we can share anything we find out with the team. The whole thing is against the rules. We’ve got to do this right for any information to be of use.”

“Look, all we have to do is identify the mystery man. Then we tail him to his home address. Tell the boss we suspect him and make something up why. Leave the rest to someone else. They can bug his phone and follow him, putting the two of them at the club.” She enthused.

“Make something up.” He muttered. “He looks shifty, maybe?” Angelo teased.

“Once we know who it is we could go back through the records and discover something meaningful and follow it up.” She said, leaning in close.

“That might work.” He mused. No longer glancing at her body he was staring straight ahead at the steamed up windshield, at last hooked on the idea.

Entering the sordid club was one thing, having the courage to mingle with strangers was another matter entirely. Angelo is reluctant to strip off; in fact he is scared to shed the ‘uniform’ of a plain-clothes detective. Emerging from the changing room she sees he has opted for a toga revealing nothing but a pair of cankerous knees. They meet at the bar where for once he wasn’t ogling her body, being far too busy with the spectacle of topless waitresses. She enjoyed his embarrassment almost tempted to tease him for a change.

So used to having men stare at her body it was almost refreshing to be around half naked women as a distraction from her figure. Feeling uneasy about her own risqué attire she took a deep breath and headed toward Angelo. She needed to get into the main lounge and back into something less revealing and the sooner she did the better. “OK! You stay here. I’ll go into the main lounge and find out where he is and we’ll meet up in an hour.” She told Angelo. Pausing at the entrance to the main clubroom Georgina looked back at him smiling to herself considering he looked like a small boy in a sweet shop.

Gingerly stepping through the entrance to the main lounge she discreetly looked around. In the dim lighting it was difficult to make out much and there was no sign of her quarry. She stood alone hoping not to be bothered by anyone. The sumptuous décor of the large room was split in to discreet alcoves where couples were sitting talking or something more serious, which she tried not to notice.

Moving between the cavorting couples and threesomes she finds they take little notice, as the unwritten rule is to live and let live and definitely not to bother anyone who wishes just to watch. Standing around trying to get her bearings in the dimly light room she wondered where to lay in wait for Bob. From following him they knew he was somewhere in the club but there were more than a few private rooms off the main lounge and she could hardly barge in on them. It was only then she noticed the floor lights and what they were doing to the flimsy little outfit she wore. Shining up through the dress it had become not just brazen but completely transparent. She had selected this dress from the rack as the least revealing. Unable to wear her black underwear beneath it she was now standing among a dozen men and women blatantly displaying her body.

At that moment a young man, handsome enough to have an exaggerated confidence in himself, started flirting saying the usual drivel normally dismissed. It was just the right moment, as the suspect walked in while the two of them appeared to be just a part of the crowd, two people flirting together. She studied Bob over the young mans shoulder finding the situation comical. Here she was a police officer, almost naked, observing a suspect while being propositioned. Intending to shake the young man off at a suitable moment she watched Bob disappear through a door.

“Those doors where do they lead to?” She said, interrupting his prattle.

His eyes lit up at the possibility of taking her off to one of them. “They’re private rooms. The red light means one is occupied. The green one means it’s free.” Jimmy said. She had just worked it out for her self when the light came on over the door Bob had entered. There seemed no need to entertain this persistent young man but before she could dismiss him he added. “The blue light means you can observe the next room. A little private show for inspiration.” He said, sharing a conspirator’s smile.

She looked at him with a gleam in her eye hoping this was the chance she was looking for. Taking this as a sign of encouragement he elaborated. “There is a one way mirror. You can.” She held her fingers to his lips working out the rest on her own. She would take a look to see if it was possible to set up a miniature camera on her next visit. Quietly entering a small room furnished with luxuriant carpet strewn with large soft cushions she saw a connecting room through a glass panel taking up one wall. In plain view was the suspect, their man Bob.

The young man had naturally followed her in and once there she couldn’t send him away without making a fuss, perhaps raising suspicion. Ignoring him she lay on a cushion mesmerized by the sight of Bob sitting comfortably with a dark haired beauty completely oblivious to her presence. Having avoided looking at the semi naked bodies in the lounge she avidly concentrated on this man stroking then caressing the woman with his lips. Watching them perform only inches away was fascinating Georgina. A subtle harmony between her and the dark haired woman began to grow.

Concentrating so hard on the display before her she was hardly aware of Jimmy’s conversation or felt his hands on her body. It was as though Bob were touching and caressing her naked body in time with the dark haired woman. The fusion in her mind between the two actions was mesmerizing. With a cushion under her hips and her face pushed against the glass she became locked with the intimate couple unable to take her eyes from them or move away from the young man behind her. He had been astute enough to follow the actions of the man on the other side of the glass, caressing her neck whispering into her ear then kissing her gently all the time mirroring the others foreplay. Georgina had become one with the unknown woman feeling hands and lips caressing her body, becoming as excited as she. When the woman accepted Bob into her body it was as though Georgina was accepting him into her own wet place. Timing it to perfection the young man entered her.

In confusion Georgina gasped with shock. Feeling as though this criminal was taking her she felt humiliated by this profound submission. Having planned on capturing him she instead was the one being taken. Her state of arousal sapped all resistance leaving her completely at his mercy. She had at that moment subsumed the woman’s persona to become a slut for his use. Like her she bucked and swayed upon his cock taking it all, wanting it all, needing it all.

In time with the couple before them Jim thrust forward pressing her against the glass where her view was a close up of Bob’s entry of the dark haired woman. In rhythm with Bob, Jimmy rammed home pumping her until the other couple collapsed in a heap upon the floor. In unison they too completed their journey. She watched in fascination the woman’s after glow gradually subsiding, compared to the man’s dispassionate dismissal of her. Having used her he no longer wanted her.

Slowly coming to from her own orgasm she lay supine and confused at the feelings overwhelming her. There was no time to wonder at what she had just let happen as another man entered the room beyond the glass panel. He was short and stocky in complete contrast to Bob. He slapped the girl on the rump obviously telling her to leave. He flicked a thumb in Georgina’s direction then followed the woman to the door. He turned obviously telling Bob the next room was occupied, that they were being observed. The short man had covered his face but it was too late she had seen who it was and recognized him. In a panic she rolled over pulling the young man with her away from the window. He was telling her he hadn’t come and that it was his turn. With little time to think she stopped his protest by grabbing his cock in both hands and with great reluctance opened wide sucking it into her mouth.

At that moment the short man looked in to see a couple intent on their own small world of sex oblivious to anything in the far room. He said something but so terrified of being caught she continued with the task in hand hoping the man would quickly leave. He slapped her bare bottom and left. She relaxed just a little on hearing the door shut just as the young man started to come. Holding onto her long blond hair in a death grip he gave full vent to his passion forcing her to swallow or drown. Gasping for air she rolled over away from him almost drowning in shame. Turning from the young man she looked into the next room desperately wanting a distraction from thinking about what she had just done.

This time the two men were in deep conversation. That they knew each other well was obvious but they shouldn’t have. It was no surprise to find tissues and wipes in one corner of the room for which she was grateful to the clubs organizers. With a quick look back through the connecting window she kissed the young man and left. Dressed as she was it was no time to be caught by a couple of desperate men. Terrified of being seen by them she hurried back across the lounge heading for the bar needing the safety of her partner and decent clothes. When she spotted Angelo in a booth with his eyes closed and head back she wondered if he was ill. On seeing there was a head in his lap she knew he too had given in to temptation.

It suddenly brought home to her what she had just done. She didn’t even know the young mans name. What kind of woman did that make her? Sacrificing her body for the job was going too far, yet there had been something else at play, something powerful that had taken her over. Unable to bring herself to interrupt the sergeant she strode off to the changing room.

She waited for him in entrance hall until he sheepishly emerged from the changing room. “What do you think you were up to?” She hissed at Angelo. His guilty look was ignored, not giving him time to defend himself she growled at him. “Lets get out of here, quick.” In the car park they avoided eye contact as she told him all she had seen leaving out that she had company at the time. They skulked in the car park both feeling guilty though as the short man appeared through the large double doors it evaporated to bring back the professional intensity now riveted upon Bob’s mystery contact.

He left alone without the gang leader as they expected he might, obviously not wanting to be seen in each other’s company. Giving him a minute to get ahead they counted the long seconds. Headlights on, they pulled away smoothly as if there were no hurry at all. They would catch him before the motorway all the time careful not to catch him up on the winding country lane. “OK! Yes I agree.” Angelo said, not wanting his indiscretion to escape back to his wife. Georgina would report this new information inventing some trail excluding the club and her sergeant.

Flushed with success at the arrest of both villains her own story had been retold in the canteen, at the pub and anywhere else someone was willing to listen. Her reputation had suddenly changed. Taken off the team because of a previous case in collaboration with the customs man there was now time to relax and think about her career and the promised promotion. She promised herself a pampered break, a weekend away.

Driving down a country lane she asked herself what she was doing and pulled over into a lay by. In one swift movement she turned around and headed back to town. At the motorway junction she drove a full circle back down the lane. “What the hell! You only live once.” She said out loud, smiling broadly.

To quell a certain curiosity she had decided to visit the club merely to test herself, with other excuses coming to mind to ease the way. There were reasons lurking just below the surface too alarming to admit to. The words exhibitionist and voyeur were forbidden. Looking through a rack in the changing room she couldn’t find anything to wear and almost gave up. Either they accentuated her body leaving everything on display or they were simply obscene. The same revealing dress was there and with reluctance she pulled it on. Meeting the young man again she abided by the club rules not to ask his name. She felt the need to get to know him even if it was after the event. Feeling self-conscious before him and the crowd she agreed to retire to the same private room, perhaps to test her resolve not to give in to him. After all she had a sexual encounter with him so surely that entitled her to some private time with him.

It was difficult not to notice a large erection under his short toga while they tried to converse. It reminded her it had been inside her twice before, distracting the conversation. It was also difficult preventing him from stroking her body in the equally short gown. When she protested he tickled her until she fell back on the cushions helpless with laughter and the gown twisted around her middle. The flimsy garment was no protection at all. Holding her down with one hand he stroked her body while she thought she should put a stop to it, before it was too late.

He sucked upon her nipples pulling at them with his teeth leaving her squirming in pleasure. An attentive tongue slid down her belly to find her clit ready to be sucked and nipped. Gasping for breath she marveled at being held at a peak for so long her body felt numb. His young arrogance is forgiven for he has proven himself to be a master of control and it is her body she wished to be under that masterly control. He even pays her attention prolonging the pleasant feeling of satisfaction that enveloped her. Leaving in the early hours she vows never to return, but where was a woman to go to meet a man when working such odd hours of the day, especially someone with such talent.

He had told her he would be there next Thursday and not wanting to lose his interest she turned up telling herself, unconvincingly, it was on the spur of the moment. “Our room has been booked but isn’t ready yet so I thought we could mingle with the other members.” He said. She suspects he is showing off his latest conquest and at first she is nervous yet it is surprisingly enjoyable being paraded around the club wearing nothing but a silk sash. It is carefully wrapped around her body barely covering the essential bits. On entering their private room an open panel reveals an array of toys, which she finds intimidating. “We don’t need anything like that!” She said indignantly. “You don’t need them. I should be enough for you.” She adds, a little hurt that perhaps he sees her as an older woman and needs a little something more to turn him on.

He laughed at the hurt look upon her face. “You are more woman than I have experienced in a long while. Ever!” He said, now looking serious.

“There is something appealing about a young man looking so intense.” She thought. The earlier excitement generated while being on exhibition hadn’t disappeared, merely inhibited for a moment for it to resurface with greater intensity.

“What are you doing?” She gasped. Lying back letting him explore her body she hadn’t felt a break in the rhythm of his movements, so it was a surprise to feel both wrists suddenly clasped. When he clamped her ankles to the floor she complained. “No! Don’t do that, please. I can’t move. Please, let me go!” She pleaded. The dreadful thought of being naked and helpless in this immoral club where anything could be done to her left her terrified. Although some other emotion was creeping upon her too.

“Now you can’t stop me caressing you. I shall drive you mad with passion.” He promised, with a devilish smile that told her he meant it.

She was about to tell him he didn’t need the restraints when a touch made her gasp and lunge for him. It was no good she would have to suffer the pleasure until he was ready to release the building torrent of passion. It was true, if free, she would have clasped him to her unable to hold back. It was worth the wait, even when it seemed like torture, the eventual climax was overwhelming. She jerked upon the restraints, letting go vocally as well as mentally.

“OK! I admit it. That was good. You can release me now. I didn’t know it could be like that. All the time I just wanted to grab hold of you. It was so frustrating. Nice though!” She admitted sex could be better than fantastic so from then on she let him take the lead.

With each visit he takes greater control of the sexy games played out in their private room. It was after the sixth of such sessions that he managed to convince her to journey from their private room out into the lounge. He led her on hands and knees around the lounge as a slave displaying her openly to others. It wasn’t such a big step from when they had toured around sharing a drink with other members only now she is being presented more blatantly. The dress had been replaced long ago, by a tight corset that pushed her breasts up and out, leaving everything on open display. “Have you met my sex doll? She’s always ready and willing for me to play with.” He said while gently stroking her backside protected by nothing but a thong cupping her sex.

She closed her eyes in embarrassment wishing she hadn’t given in to the suggestion. She heard the words knowing they were just a tease to turn her on but felt humiliated. He told the couple on the sofa opposite, “She lets me do whatever I want with her. As long as she gets what she wants, of course!” They laughed together at her state of submission. It was a surprise to find how right he was. She was being turned on by this undignified display. Led off back to their private room she has to attend upon him rather than pounce on his body, which she craved to do. For as much as she needs him she submits to his direction with the expectation of a great fulfillment.

Before every session the anticipation and thrill of trying something new captivates her. The following Wednesday they toured the lounge as usual only she was in for a shock. Excited beyond endurance by his blatant exhibition of her body they finally retreat to their private room. She tries to be patient but pulls at the manacles holding her to the floor. “Please, Jimmy. Just take me I want to feel you inside, I need you.” She begged. He was taking his time with a large dildo teasing her to destruction. She looked as though she would explode only he held back. “Look into the mirror. Ask your audience if they are ready for you to come.” He said.

This sudden revelation shook her. On the wall opposite the glass panel she had spied through was an equally large mirror. She was spread eagled, naked, looking up at it unable to escape the unbecoming image. How could she have been so stupid? Behind that mirror was another room. This game would have to stop. She must cover her body. His lips brought a delicate gasp to hers bringing the passion to yet another high. “Please, Jimmy.” She begged, not knowing if the words were for freedom or satisfaction. In frustration she writhed on the floor before the unseen audience until there was no choice but to acknowledge their presence. “Please. Whoever you are. Please let me come. Watch me come. Do it Jimmy. Let me have you. Now!” She begged.

On the drive home she agonized over every moment at the club, upset to find how out of control she had become. How was it possible to carry on with such a private performance before some unknown person? Maybe there had been more than one. It had also been a shocking acknowledgement to admit how desperately she submitted to his bidding. That depraved exhibition should never have happened. She had displayed herself to others in the lounge but sharing their naughty secrets with strangers was going too far. “I’ll tell him tomorrow.” She murmured. Above all she would have to keep this sordid affair confidential; in her position she was desperately vulnerable to immoral exposure, so the secret would have to be kept inside the club at all costs.

She wanted to tell him ‘NO’ but somehow the word drifted from her mind once changed into the outfit ready for him in the lounge. “OK. It was a bit of a shock but you enjoyed it, right? We’ll wait until another room is available, a more private one. OK?” He said. She nodded her head feeling she was somehow letting him down, unable to meet the challenge. “Go and get changed you’ve moved on from that dress. See Angie in the changing room she’ll dress you up in something outrageous and we can pass the time in a more challenging way until the room is available.” He ordered her.

With her mind in a whirl she stood poised with a hand upon the door unable to leave the changing room. Wearing nothing but a leather harness with collar and leash he was again pushing her toward another challenge. At least he had promised to take her to a private room so maybe it would be possible to tolerate this blatant exhibition of her body. The club members weren’t exactly strangers anymore as many of them had been stroking her body over the last few weeks. “Off you go dear. You’re blocking the way.” Angie told her. With a slight nudge she was out there among the throng where Jimmy took hold of the leash whisking her away to a quiet corner.

She couldn’t escape now the harness had been tightened clasping the leather cuffs on wrists and ankles, preventing her from standing. Another humiliating encounter had started with their usual tour of the lounge, with Georgina following tamely on hands and knees. As usual they stopped for a moment while he discussed her with strangers. There was no rule against touching anything uncovered, which had a shameful significance now everything was laid bare. After an hour of continuous teasing she desperately wanted to be led away to a private room. She was ready and more than willing for whatever was planned, however wicked.

Too late! Exploring fingers had teased her into a state of orgasm right there before everyone, watching, some idly glancing, others clearly aroused ready to join in if invited. She quietly let go, past caring what anyone thought. With glistening wetness shining upon her thighs she crawled behind him through the crowd of partying men and women. From then on it became easier to let go, to admit it was more than Jimmy’s skill that kept her coming back for more, it was the subversive thrill of the club.

Enjoying their appraisal of her large breasts, even the lewd remarks, brought a thrill of fear in case he did relent to their requests. She looked up at her master with desperation in her eyes but he was idly talking to a couple seated opposite. He wasn’t taking notice of what was happening to her. A vibrator had been slid into her pussy. With eyes closed in a little world of her own she concentrated upon the sensations, occasionally feeling a helping hand, not knowing who’s it was, no longer caring. The teasing produced small tremors throughout her body until she caught herself whimpering with pleasure letting everyone know her state of arousal.

Unable to hold on any longer she threw her head back to yell a silent sound. The man sitting before her watched this exhibition with rapt attention and with perfect timing spilt his load into her mouth and over her face. With eyes wide she watched his crotch grow close as he guided her head into his lap. Mindlessly she sucked him into her mouth not caring it was a stranger’s cock, thinking only of the reward this act always led to. Sucking it dry she tongued it clean and let it slip from between her lips.

After this unasked for intrusion it became an easy step to allow someone to use her mouth more enthusiastically. Jimmy was in no hurry to retreat to the private room while Georgina tamely followed him around the lounge. Still in a state of excitement, yet docile to anyone’s touch, she dutifully submitted.

Sitting opposite another couple he offered Georgina to the husband. As his words filtered through into a distracted mind she gasped at the idea. Too late to mount an objection the stranger eagerly pulled Georgina’s mouth over his penis without ceremony or even a comment. His wife was obviously reluctant but the club rules are clear about reciprocal arrangements. Watching her husband in dismay she sees there is little choice. Slipping to the floor before Jimmy she joins Georgina in a less than enthusiastic race. With what had become a reflexive action Georgina worked out her own frustration on the stranger bobbing her head as she had learnt to do so well.

They visit each secluded seating area in the lounge. Becoming more frustrated from not receiving satisfaction her vocation becomes more animated, desperate for the reward she craves. At last she has her aching wet hole filled only to glimpse Jimmy sitting opposite, meaning someone else was filling her. She had endured the depraved games feeding a newly discovered exhibitionism but this was definitely not to be tolerated. Sharing her sex with a stranger was going too far. She hadn’t even seen who it was behind her. So close to a climax it was impossible to stop the inevitable. Even if she had the will to stop him she couldn’t push the stranger away with him holding on to the leather straps gripping her body. Given no chance to recover her head was pulled into someone’s lap, with a man before her and another taking her from behind, she was trapped between two strangers.

Sprawled at Jimmy’s feet she lay stunned and ashamed. That she had allowed them to use her in such a disgraceful act, that she had let go so easily, coming so much and for so long, was terrifying. The intensity of feelings had been so overwhelming it stunned her. This would have to be the last visit. It just couldn’t happen again. Besides, tomorrow was the start of a new assignment so she could put all her energy into work and forget this sordid place.

Jimmy leaned over her to say. “By the way, don’t worry about your club membership fees. I’ve paid them from what was paid for your services.” He told her. The news seeped through her mind and body leaving her emotionally and physically limp. If she hadn’t been lying at his feet she would have collapsed. On top of the already deep felt shame this news was difficult to come to terms with. The words rang through her mind tolling a dreadful downfall, “I’m a professional slut. I’m a prostitute.”

“You wouldn’t want to let the membership lapse.” He hesitated unsure if she was ready for the next stage of the scheme. “If you leave the club your guaranteed anonymity would be lost. If your secret escaped back to the authorities you might lose your job, wouldn’t you?” He asked. She looked at him, seeing his seriousness, telling her he knew exactly who she was and what she did for a living. The threat hit her hard. If the police authorities found she was visiting such an immoral club the job would certainly be in jeopardy, perhaps she might even face prosecution. This was serious trouble not just a game.

Jimmy was by no means uncomfortable over accepting payment for his part in her downfall; aware that she could not possibly have been brought to this lowly state if she hadn’t in some perverse way wanted it. He hadn’t taken her to a private room for almost two weeks keeping to the lounge leaving her satisfaction to others, occasionally letting someone else take her to a side room for something more unusual. “I’m afraid I’m going back to university next week my little pet. You had better make the most of it this week. After that your on your own.” He said, watching the reaction carefully.

“At last!” She thought, “A way out of this dreadful mess.” Without him there at the club she would be free with no one to lead her into temptation. Perhaps one more visit after he leaves, keeping to the shadows out of trouble, never to return.

The next night, as promised, she attended the club dressing as ordered, ready to comply with whatever was demanded with whom she had been given. “You look ravishing tonight. I might even try you myself.” He said. Her heart fluttered bringing a pang of guilt to think she had been brought so low as to become excited at these words.

He took her to what she had thought of as their private room for the first time in weeks. From the moment the door was closed she imagined being discovered with colleagues looking on from the next room. The sex was wild. She thought all her inhibitions had been stripped away yet with the promise of imminent freedom a greater undiscovered lust had surfaced. She thrashed about, without fetters to restrain her body pulling at him thrusting upon his manhood using her own sex as a tool to achieve satisfaction. It mattered not at all whether anyone was watching for this was they’re last week together. He had taught her well.

Caught so thoroughly in his trap she had relented to being an unconditional sex slave. There was an inkling of self-knowledge that this status was in someway satisfying a deep need but she tried to suppress the thought. She hadn’t pleaded with him for some time to take her himself and not give her to others. She had given in to the inevitable evening of making the rounds performing shameful acts with strangers until it had become a normal occupation.

Quietly working away in her office she wore a butt plug under the staid business suit with it reminding her every minute of the day what she had become. Up until then it had been possible to forget that sordid condition as soon as she reached home but suddenly it had intruded into what she thought of as normal life. Sitting at her desk she dare not fidget for every movement was a tiny humiliation. She just wanted to forget it was there. The plug had been introduced as a means of protecting this place from unwanted attention. At the club it was a more elaborate affair with a tail, which she learnt to flick with a swing of her hips, to everyone’s amusement. When she was instructed to wear one all the time, with ever-larger sizes, she couldn’t ignore the implications. They were obviously designed to stretch her anus for an easier access.

With relief and regret the last night had arrived. It had been over six months since that second visited to the club, full of confidence looking for nothing more than a naughty evening. Whereas now she had come to think of herself as a selection of orifices for the use of anyone interested. The more debased the acts performed the more dependent upon Jimmy she became. Once in the club she forgot the normal life outside until the day another jolt reminded her of that other persona. As usual she was completely naked among a group of men almost unaware of their touches as she waited to find out what last humiliating task had been planned for that evening. Someone’s finger entered her but she dare not look up to see whom it was exploring what had once been a personal place.

It was so commonplace she hardly noticed the hand guiding her head into a lap. She got to work without a word spoken until he pulled her head back spurting into her face. Gripping her hair he pulled her head up to look him in the eye. Andrew Phillips, the Customs officer she had helped arrest was smiling at her. It wasn’t a pleasant smile. For a moment only, they looked at each other, before she bent to the usual task of cleaning him up. It was the only way she could escape from looking at him. She whimpered, sobbing, still continue with the routine despite wanting to run. Wearing a harness about her body with chains to her ankles and wrists it wasn’t possible to run or even hobble.

“Enough.” He said. “There will be plenty of time for that.” With a rough pull the chain was tightened leaving her more helpless than before. She couldn’t even reach up to her face to wipe away his come. Seeing the futile movement he told her. “No need. Let everyone see you are a come slut.” He took a hold of the leash leading her away from the lounge.

“No. Not down there!” She squealed. He gripped the leash tight chocking her, pulling her ear close to his lips. “The club’s rule is that you must enter the dungeon willingly. When the dungeon master asks, you will say ‘Yes master.” He whispered. “Understood?” He said, nodding her head with the collar. “Whatever he asks you will say, ‘Yes master.’ Understood.” He demanded menacingly.

Trembling with fear she descended the stairs into the unknown. She had heard of this area of the club but had never even dare ask what it contained. At the entrance an unassuming looking man dressed in casual clothes stopped them. “Do you have a pass? OK.” He said. Turning to Georgina he asked in a perfunctory manner, “Are you here of your own free will?” She hesitated wanting to say, “No!” Wanting to run and hide. Thoughts of what the consequences would be if she refused were overruled by the dread of being helpless in this mans hands. At last the overwhelming fright of what he might do to her outside of the club, who he would tell, of what he would tell, overruled the indecision. “Yes, master.” She gasped.

“You have read the rules!” He stated, rather than making it a question. She again had to bring so much effort to bear to answer it seemed like an age before the capitulation. “Yes, master.” She spluttered.

They were in the gloom of a large cavernous cellar the tears blurring ominous shapes scattered around the cold tiled flooring. “I have some exercise machines booked for us. You look fit enough but some extra training won’t hurt. Not me anyway.” He laughed. Guiding her to a set of stocks he clipped the collar to a chain hanging from the ceiling where she perilously stood waiting for him to set-up the equipment. If she fell from the high heels she would hang. It crossed her mind this might be the only way out. Lowering her head into the stocks he chuckled. “Well. I’ve caught you now. You should have approached me. Why did you turn me over to the police? You could have made a lot of money from my friends and me. No! You just had to play the honest clean cop. We both know different though, don’t we? Don’t we?” He asked.

An answer was required and all she could manage was a hoarse whisper, “Yes, Master.” She said, not understanding what the question was with her mind in such a whirl. He pulled upon a nipple.

“Does this get your attention? My dishonesty was over money. Your dishonesty is keeping quiet about this club. Your superiors would not be happy about your nasty little habits. Would they?” He said.

She sobbed an undecipherable response which was either, ‘Yes, Master.” or “No, Master.” She was lucky he decided to move on.

“Punishment. If you were wondering why you are here, it’s for punishment. You have been a naughty slut. For six months I was banged up behind bars while you were here indulging your fantasies. You have been a common whore giving yourself to whoever wanted you. Isn’t that right?” He asked.

She nodded her head but this time it wasn’t good enough he wanted more. A slap on her rear emphasized the question. “Yes master. I’m a filthy whore, master.” She whimpered. He demanded more so she told him, “I’m a filthy come slut.” She said. He looked at the tears and snot running down her face mixing with his come.

“Look. Come slut. Look” He said holding a mirror up to her face. With a finger he scrapped the mess around her face to her lips. “Lick it up come slut.” He demanded. Her tongue slipped around her lips all the time he found more for her to slurp and lick.

“I asked Jimmy who he was with that night. At first I dismissed the mystery woman as the link between Bob and me. After all what policewoman working undercover would go to such lengths, actually fucking while on the job! It didn’t take long to work it out though. He showed me a photo and that was it. During the trial I wondered how I could use those photos of you in that room to best effect. When he said you had returned, well that was it. I paid him to give you a special treatment. We cooked up a special training scheme in debauchery, designed just for you. Each week he visited me in prison with photos and a report on your progress where I planned what he would do to you next. Little by little you were molded into becoming a present for me on the day of my release. Your down fall is rather greater than mine, so now for the final treatment. You’re completely in my hands now, down here out of the way. I can do whatever I like with you.” He said slowly, relishing the moment.

“Lets begin then shall we.” He said. “I’m afraid, ‘the sooner we start the sooner we finish’, doesn’t apply.” He teased her. Chuckling to himself he clipped nipple clamps upon her hanging breasts. Bent over as she was they were a perfect target. Clenching her teeth she managed not to cry out, not that it would have mattered in the dungeon. In anguish she watched him fitting a weight to the light chain hanging from her breast. Another to the left breast caused equal torment. The nipples were elongated straining under the weight. She watched them swelling unable to move her head away unable to close her eyes for fear of what torment was to be next. Not wanting to see yet needing some warning of the pain sure to come.

Now behind her out of sight she was startled by a slap to her rump. Over her shoulder a riding crop flicked her long blond hair. “Just to let you know what’s next.” He said. The tip of it slapped her buttock. Firm but not hard, just enough to sting. She remembered his stocky build and the hard muscles in his arms and began breathing hard in fear of a certainty that dreadful pain was to come. A few stinging swipes led her to believe he was teasing her, that he was preparing for a dreadful retribution. A very different touch shocked her as something entered her anus.

“My, what have you been up to?” He asked. She hesitated not knowing if he required an answer, besides she didn’t understand. “This thing just slipped in. Easily!” He said. “Explain yourself slut.” He said looking amused, holding a large phallus in front of her face. He chuckled, “Well?”

“I have been wearing a butt plug. A large one, Master.” She said, feeling and looking completely humiliated.

“What for?” He chuckled as though it were a perfectly innocent question.

“For men to.” She couldn’t say it.

“What for? Slut.” He said, pulling on a nipple. She shuddered, braced her body and mind to say something that hadn’t been said out loud before.

“For men to use my bottom, Master.” She said quietly. He wouldn’t leave it alone picking at something she had not wanted to think about. She had shunted it away even when being abused she had ignored the possibility, the time when even this opening would be used.

“What men? What for exactly!” He pressed.

“Any man. I wore a large butt plug to make it easy for anyone who wanted to fuck my bottom. Master.” She said. The sordid truth spilt out like a confession of murder, with the emotional torment such a squalid revelation brings.

He stopped before her taping the phallus in the palm of his hand wondering what to do next. He released the nipple clamps causing the blood to flow with an excruciating effect. He was hard put to think of a way to humiliate her more than already accomplished. Jimmy had been instructed to bring her down but not even Jimmy could have brought a woman to this lowly state without her compliance. “I was wrong. You’re not a come slut. You’re a sex doll. A three hole sex doll.” His voice was low and he was thinking out loud.

“Yes, master.” She agreed. He stepped back a little to look her over. “Since when have you made this available?” He asked, while teasing her anus with the phallus.

“Never, master. I’ve just finished with the biggest of the butt plugs, master.” She spoke in a rush attempting to assure him this hole at least was virgin as though it were her only saving grace. Undoing the clamp he raised half the stocks, helping her stand. The long blond hair flowed around an attractive face as though helped by a breeze. Her skin was silky smooth without a blemish. For the first time he looked past the large breasts noticing a tiny waist, rounded hips and long legs. “Turn round.” He ordered, flicking at her with the crop. Her bottom was a perfect heart shape. An idea occurred to him. Revenge is one thing but a business deal is far more interesting.

He retired to a private room that wasn’t overlooked. Lying back on the soft cushions he told her. “Show me.” He said. Puzzled she wondered what he meant for she was perfectly naked. “Show me these new skills. Pleasure me.” He demanded. Relieved to be released from the dungeon she was eager to please, afraid of being returned there. “No! Not that thing, it’s been used by too many. Not your mouth either that’s more worn than your pussy. Again she hesitated a moment until realizing what he meant. As instructed she turned around and gently lowered herself upon his hard cock. It was a tight fit but she managed to ride him to his satisfaction. For the first time she received not the slightest pleasure while being used. Her body was being exploited entirely for his satisfaction. She was completely resigned to it but the feeling of his come spurting up her bottom was degrading.

She followed him to his car wondering what more humiliating punishments he would inflict upon her sore body. Where he was taking her didn’t matter for he had made it so very plain she belonged to him now.

Slipping out of her mouth the man spurted over her face, which hadn’t happened for some time as she had such skill, a man would normally only lose control when she was ready to let him. Standing up she meant to wipe her face but he held the wrist tight warning her not too. He turned her head gently to face the man behind her. Obediently looking down she noticed he too had come into her and automatically dropped to her knees to clean him. Licking him clean she found it was this stranger who had come into her bottom. Introduced like this to each in turn she discovered by taste how they had used her. Each of these men had deposited their semen into her somewhere and now it was running down her thighs and chin for they hadn’t stopped to let her clean up. She licked at it as some ran down her face onto her lips.

The men stood around holding glasses of scotch and soda or gin and tonic as though it were a refined cocktail party with genial chat about the weather and golf, all the time watching her lick her lips of their combined sticky fluid. One of them guided her hand between her legs meaning for her to mop up the trickle of fluid, then lifted it up to her mouth. Sucking and licking her fingers she tasted their salty come while they looked on, transfixed by the regular movements of her hand. Down, wipe, up and lick. The humiliation was so intense it blocked out all rational thought leaving her body to respond like an automaton repeating the movement until completed.

On her knees, circled by the group of strangers, she noticed one of them had become ready again. She heard herself say, “If you wish you can use my bottom, Sir. It is tight but I am sure I could stretch it open for you, Sir.” To each in turn she smiled offering herself, occasionally licking her lips meaning it to be a provocative gesture.

“She’s just as promised. A right filthy whore! You can do what ever you like with her.” One of the men said. She didn’t know his name and wouldn’t dare ask.

Having satisfied themselves they had her crawl around the floor mewing or lying back with legs spread playing with her body until she came, or pretended to. They were competing with each other inventing humiliating tricks until eventually they tired of the performing sex doll. She had proved Andrew right that she would do anything their twisted imaginations came up with. This evening’s gentlemen hadn’t been very ingenious though as always the fee had been exorbitant and handed over without question.

Andrew had her shower then bring him a drink. “That’s the fourth session this week. You’re certainly popular and very profitable.” He said, chuckling to himself. The new apartment he had installed her in was sumptuous but she preferred to return to her own small apartment even at this late hour.

In her inspector’s uniform she stood straight backed with a reputation to match. Before the new recruits she posed a formidable authority figure and was aware of her reputation and of the nickname, iron knickers. Little did they know she rarely wore anything at all under the smartly pressed skirt. At least she no longer had to wear the butt plug with her bottom kept relaxed by constant use. Almost every night she entertained tormenting males and enjoyed every minute of the humiliation.

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