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Girl’s Night Out

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Things had been rough the past few months, what with Joe’s company filing for reorganization and the threat of him being unemployed and the pressures at home that it created. All we seemed to do is fight and it was tearing us apart. It was a welcome intrusion when Janet called and asked me to go out for a girl’s night out. Joe acted so glad to get rid of me and Janet said that Rob was all for it.

I knew that Rob was cheating on her and so did she, but she had a comfortable lifestyle and didn’t let on that she knew. We made plans to go out Friday night and she would pick me up around 6. Joe hadn’t come home from work when Janet arrived and I left him a note. He knew about the night out and I just told him that I didn’t know when we would be home and not to wait up. I put on my jeans and a knit top and put on a little make up and some perfume. Janet showed up promptly at 6 and we talked for a few minutes and then left. “Where are we going?” I asked her. “You leave it all up to me Robin, I have it all planned out.” We went to the Outback for dinner and had a couple of drinks afterwards.

After dinner we headed back to her car and I had to admit that I was feeling much better after the drinks. Janet got on the interstate and I asked her where we were going. “I told you Robin, to leave it all up to me,” was all she said. Soon we were leaving the city and I decided to leave it all in her hands.

A half hour later, we pulled up in front of a bar somewhere out in the boonies. We got out and went in, it was a slightly run down place poorly lit and decorated as well. We were shown to a table where we promptly ordered drinks. Soon a spot light came on and our attention was drawn to a stage where three nice looking guys appeared. Two of them were white and the third one was black. The music came up and they started to dance and then to my surprise they started to strip! Being a country girl, this embarrassed me, but I tried to hide it from Janet. Soon they were down to g-strings and were thrusting their covered cocks at everyone. As the spotlight drifted, I could see nothing but women in the audience all screaming for them to take off their g-strings. My eyes focused on the black man, the bulge in his g-string was immense!

After several minutes of coaxing, they ripped off their g-strings and my eyes got as big as silver dollars. Joe and I married after high school and his was the only cock I had ever seen. I had seen pictures, but not the real thing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that big black cock swaying in front of me, it must have been 10 inches! Janet could see my excitement and called him over to our table. She gave him a $10 bill and he grabbed his cock and stroked it towards our faces, it was mere inches from our faces and it looked even more huge close up. After a few minutes, he returned to join the other guys and I finally looked at them too. One guy was about Joe’s size, 6 inches and the other guy was about 8 inches. My heart was racing, and I kept looking around thinking Joe would come in and catch me. Janet laughed at my nervousness and ordered us some more drinks.

We drank for awhile and I asked her how she knew about this place.” I learned about it from one of the girls I work with,” she said. “She also told me that these guys would fuck you if you asked them , but you have to do it outside because their boss doesn’t approve.” I turned a bright red in the face and Janet just burst out laughing. “You like men don’t you honey?” she asked. I had never thought of cheating on Joe, though I had to admit that our sex life had suffered since the problems at his job.

“You want the black guy with the huge cock, don’t you?” Janet smirked. “Don’t be ridiculous Janet, that would be wrong.”

“Tell me Robin, have you ever fucked anyone but Joe?” I didn’t want to seem like a country bumpkin, but I didn’t want to lie either. “No,” I replied, “but I have thought about it.” I couldn’t believe I was saying this or that we were even talking about it. “Want me to set it up?” she said.

“No, Janet, please don’t. I couldn’t live with myself.”

We had some more drinks and I noticed it was getting late. “We should be going,” I said to Janet.

“It’s only 11, the night is young,” she replied. We stayed another hour and watched another strip tease, but I was getting uncomfortable after this one. There was a strange wetness in my crotch and I got up and went to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom and went into the stall and pulled my jeans and panties down and sat down. I relieved myself and as I was reaching for my panties, I noticed a wet spot right where my pussy had rested against them. Joe had caused me to get wet, but he was the only one. Why had I gotten aroused?

Was this what I wanted? I reached down and felt my pussy. It was wet, but I had already wiped, why? Suddenly the touch of my own hand on my pussy caused me to lean back and I began fingering myself right there on the commode! Before I knew it, I had quite a rhythm going and a flash of heat came over me and my hand was drenched in my warm, wet juices. Was it the drinks? Was it the strip tease? Or was it the sight of another man’s cock? I pulled my panties and jeans back up and washed my hands and returned to Janet. “Let’s go home,” I said.

We walked out to the car, both of us a little tipsy now. Janet made a wrong turn and we drove around trying to find the interstate again. Janet turned down a side road and the car sputtered and quit. She tried to restart it, but it was no use. Here we were, at midnight, on a dark unfamiliar road with a car that wouldn’t start. After about 20 minutes of fretting, we saw headlights and Janet got out to flag them down. It was a nice looking man, I would say in his late 40’s in a pickup truck. He got out with his flashlight and looked under the hood.”

He had Janet crank it over while he watched under the hood. “Turn on your headlights,” he said. Janet did and he motioned for her to come out to the front of the car. “Your headlights are real dim, ma’am, I think your alternator’s gone.”

What were we going to do now? He offered to give us a lift to his house and we could call someone and Janet accepted. We all three squeezed into his pickup and headed down the road. A ways down the road, we took a curve and Janet, who was sitting next to him, was forced into him. His elbow brushed her left tit and she started giggling. I guess it was the booze. We turned and went up a long dirt driveway and saw a house at the end of it. He pulled up to the house and we all got out and went in. It was a modest country home, the usual deer head on the wall and very modest furnishings.

“Phone’s over there,” he said and Janet went to pick it up. There was no dial tone. He had disappeared into a back room and Janet yelled that there was no dial tone. “Guess I should have paid the bill,” he said coming back in with a rifle in his hand. “Sit down on the sofa, both of you,” he ordered.

We sat down scared shitless and stared at him and the gun. He threw Janet a length of rope and told her to tie my hands behind my back. “Let us go and we’ll forget all about this,” Janet said. “Do as you’re fucking told bitch!!” he screamed and brought the rifle to Janet’s cheek. She began to tear up and tied my hands behind my back. “Let me see how good a job you done,” he told her and Janet offered her knot work for his approval. “Stand up!” he ordered, and Janet got up. He pulled out another length of rope and tied her hands too and shoved her back on the sofa next to me. Then he went off to the kitchen.

” My God Robin, what’s going to happen to us?” Janet asked me. “I don’t know Janet, but if we keep our heads, we might get out alive, maybe he just wants money.” My life had brought so much trust of other people and felt that nothing would happen. He came back in shortly and had a fifth of whiskey in his hand and took a big swig. He came over to the sofa and asked if we wanted a drink. When we refused, he pried Janet’s mouth open and poured some in, she gagged. Then he came to me and I opened my mouth as he poured it in, I coughed but I swallowed it. Next he got us up and took us through the house and out the back door.

There was a building out back and he took us in there. The place was well lit and I could see chains hanging from the ceiling and a bed in the corner. There were several video cameras set up and hanging on the wall I saw whips and other things I’d never seen before. He shoved me on the bed and took Janet over to the chains hanging from the ceiling. He untied her and told her to take her clothes off. “No fucking way!!” she screamed and he backhanded her. She fell to the floor and he brought the rifle up to her head and told her again.

She got up and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and then undid her jeans and let them drop. She was standing there now in her red bra and panties and he slapped her and said, “Everything!!” She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall. Janet had a nice chest! Her tits are much larger than mine, about a 38c I’d say. The cool air made her nipples stick out. She hooked her hands in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and stepped out of them. Janet had a shaved pussy!! He took her hands and attached the chains from the ceiling and she hung there on display. He spun her around and touched her tits and her ass, ran his hand over her firm stomach and brushed along her clean shaven pubic mound.

With no warning, he slapped her ass. “WHACK!!” She screamed and he told her she had a nice ass, it was nice, firmer than mine and slightly upturned. Then he came over to me and jerked me up off the bed and untied me. “Your turn bitch.” he said and smirked at me. I pulled my blouse off and dropped it on the floor and unbuttoned my jeans and let them drop and stepped out of them. Remembering what had happened to Janet, I quickly unfastened my bra and pulled my panties down. He was not as impressed with my undies, white cotton. “You must be a country cunt,” he said as he picked up my white undies. The he noticed the stain from my earlier wetspot. “Somethin got you horny girl?” I just looked down at the floor. He pushed me over to a chair in front of Janet and tied me to it.

He left the building for awhile and I asked Janet what she thought was going to happen to us. Through teary eyes, she said, “I don’t know Robin, but if we cooperate maybe we’ll get out of here.” I sat there staring at Janet and was amazed at what a terrific body she had. I was never transfixed with women’s bodies, but I sometimes compared my body to other women’s. She looked very athletic hanging there, her 38 tits with just a slight sag and her flat, firm stomach and I couldn’t get over her shaved pussy, I always thought everyone kept their pubic hair. I ended my gaze with her long, tanned, silky smooth legs.

As I sat there gazing, my mind wandered back to my childhood. We were raised in a Christian environment and sex was never mentioned. The first person that told me about it was my cousin, Robert. He thought it was funny when I told him that mom and dad never did what he was talking about. He offered to show me all about it, but I ran home and didn’t talk to him again for a very long time. Next, my cousin Amanda slept over one night and I woke up in the middle of the night to movement in the bed.

I woke up to find Amanda fingering herself, “What are you doing?” I asked. “Oh come on Robin, it’s natural, ain’t you ever done it?” When I confessed that I hadn’t, she took my hand and made me touch myself and pretty soon, I got this warm, fuzzy feeling all over. After that, I began doing myself pretty regularly and it got to be something I couldn’t live without. One day, out at the barn, Amanda yelled, “Robin, come here, I want to show you something.”

When I went into the barn, she went over to the stall and grabbed our horses cock and started jacking it off. “Just watch,” she said. And before too long, the horse started whinnying and naying and this gusher came shooting out of his cock, I thought that was amazing. In high school, I met up with my Joe and we began dating regularly. Joe would always touch me when we parked after a date and we got pretty hot, but I wouldn’t let Joe do anything other than pet. After we were married and left on our honeymoon, I was scared to death. Joe wasn’t too sympathetic and just took me very roughly. It hurt so bad, but he just shoved his cock in me all the way and then when he came, all I could picture was that horse cumming and I thought I would never hold all of that in me.

I was relieved when he was done, and after awhile of his fucking, I got used to it and it felt much better than my hand. Joe was very conventional, only straight missionary sex. He said my tits were too small and rarely ever even looked at them, much less touch them. I had never had oral sex, but he required me to give it to him. He said that my pussy was full of germs because I couldn’t clean it out well enough to suit him, but his cock was external so it was clean. The first time he came in my mouth, I thought I would throw up. He held my head and made me swallow it and I didn’t like that first load too much. After I sucked him a few times, I got used to the taste and I actually relished it. When the trouble began at his job, he quit fucking me pretty much, but still made me suck his cock a lot.

Just then, the door opened and the guy who picked us up came back. This time, he had another man with him, younger and tall. “Lookey here what I found,” he told his friend. His friend just smiled and surveyed the prizes. “Their car broke down, now ain’t that a shame?” and they both laughed. He pointed to me and said, “This one’s got cum in her drawers, she’s a hot one.” His friend went over to Janet and he turned on the video camera and aimed it Janet’s way.

“Nice tittie,” the friend said. “Go ahead, take whatever you want, she won’t mind.” and then they both giggled. He reached up and grabbed Janet’s tits and Janet winced in pain. Then he bent down and took one of her nipples in his mouth as tears began to roll down Janet’s cheeks. “Don’t worry honey, you’ll enjoy it before we’re through.” His hand slid down across her tight stomach and stopped at her hairless pussy, “My God, it’s bald!!!” and they both giggled again.

He spread the lips of Janet’s vulva and inserted a couple of fingers and began to move them in and out. Janet’s tears increased and he sped up. Then he planted his mouth on hers and tried to kiss her as he fucked her with his fingers. She tried to pull away, but he grabbed the back of her head and kept it in place, never missing a stroke in her pussy. He pulled back and told her to let him in her mouth, when she refused, he grabbed her throat and started choking her, she soon complied. He abruptly stopped and backed away, and pulled down two ropes from the opposite wall.

He stretched them over and attached them to Janet’s ankles and pulled on another rope and Janet was raised up off the floor, her weight now supported by her wrists and ankles. As Janet’s ankles came off the floor, they were spread apart too. When he reached the height he wanted, he stepped back and started removing his clothes. He wasn’t too badly built and when he removed his boxers, a huge, thick cock emerged. Like I said, the only one I’d ever seen before tonight was Joe’s. This guy was about 7 inches and was uncircumcised. He rolled the skin back off the head and it was a bright red with a small amount of cum collected on the end.

He wiped the cum off the head with his finger and raised it to Janet’s lips, “Lick it bitch!!!” She stuck her tongue out and collected his sample and swallowed it and he moved closer to her twat. He stroked his cock as he inched forward and I could see the terror in Janet’s face as he eased into her bald pussy. She grimaced as he got the head of it in and then she screamed as he jammed the rest in without warning. “ARGHHHH” as he began to pump in and out of her.

The position she was in caused her body to sway and as he withdrew, her weight forced her back on his rod. He began to pump her fast and furiously and you could her the resounding clap as his balls hit her ass. Soon, he reared his head back and cut loose with his load,”EEEEHHAAA!!” he screamed and the cum began to seep around his cock and puddle on the floor. The guy behind the camera untied me from the chair and retied my hands behind my back and inched me towards Janet. “Clean her up!!” he said. “I can’t, with my hands tied” I told him. “With your mouth, you dumb bitch!!” I was shocked, I had never even touched another woman’s pussy, much less with my mouth! I saw him reach for the rifle and I inched my head towards Janet’s dripping cunt. I extended my tongue and tasted the first salty cum and the taste was good. I began licking around the outside of her bald pussy and catching the cum as it oozed out. “Put you tongue in there bitch and be quick about it!!” I inserted my tongue and licked up and down her vulva and then I broke through and my tongue was in her now. I slurped and licked and then I felt Janet moving and before I knew it, she unleashed a torrent of her own fluids, it about choked me. J

anet began to moan and screamed, “Don’t stop Robin, don’t stop!!” and I licked at her and took all she had to offer me. “Looks like we got us a couple of carpet munchers her man,” the old guy told his friend, and they both laughed. As I was lapping at Janet’s cunt, the older guy moved in behind me and started rubbing my ass. I jumped at first, but went back to licking Janet as she was building for another orgasm. Soon, I felt pressure against my pussy and realized that he was pushing his cock in me! I jerked up and he shoved my head back in Janet’s pussy and entered me.

It had been over a month since Joe fucked me and I had never been fucked from behind before. Eating Janet’s pussy had made me wet and he slid in easily. I hadn’t seen his cock, but it sure filled me up. He pumped and I licked, I bet it was quite a sight! Soon, a heat overcame me and I found myself moaning into Janet’s pussy as he pumped his load in me and Janet screamed from another orgasm. He pulled out and made me turn around and lick him off. Janet was lowered to the floor and he told me to go sit on her face. I had never been eaten before and didn’t know what to expect, but Janet sure enjoyed it, so I should too.

A small drop of cum dropped on Janet’s lips and she sucked it in as I lowered myself to her face. When I was close enough, her tongue came out and guided me the rest of the way. I rested on my knees and rocked my pussy across her lips. The feeling was exquisite!! Her hot tongue felt good in me and I let my head drop to her pussy and began eating her again. It was cumbersome because my hands were still tied behind my back, but I didn’t let that slow me down.

We were both becoming very excited now and our passions consumed us. The older guy moved behind me and I felt something greasy on my ass. He rubbed it up and down my crack pausing at the entrance and working it into my asshole. He started with his pinky and worked his way up to his thumb. Then I felt something larger trying to gain entrance. MY GOD, I’ve never been fucked in the ass, it was his cock!! “No, please,” I screamed with my mouth still full of Janet’s pussy. He put his hand on the back of my neck and shoved me into Janet’s pussy and rammed his cock in my ass. Tears began to flow as he began pumping my ass, but Janet never stopped eating me.

Soon, I relaxed a little and it didn’t hurt as much and to take my mind off of it, I returned to eating Janet. He pumped my ass and Janet and I ate each other. Janet and I both had a huge orgasm and then he pumped my ass full of cum. As he withdrew his cock, a big glob of cum dropped on Janet’s forehead. He went over to his buddy and said,” What do you think of our little nymphos?”

I was on top of Janet and my hands were still tied so I couldn’t get up. The younger guy came over and pulled me up on my feet, I could feel the dried cum on my face. Janet was told to stand up and after she did, he said he wanted us to kiss so he could tape it. I’ve never kissed a woman before, but I had already done a lot tonight I’d never done before. We eased up to each other and Janet took me in her arms, as mine were still bound. We licked the dried cum off each other’s face and began a slow hesitant kiss. At first it was minor, and then we let our tongues in each other’s mouths.

Feeling my small tits against Janet’s larger ones made my nipples really hard and I began to get wet too. I wondered if Janet had the same feelings as we sucked on each other’s tongues. “That’s enough, now both of you get on your knees and suck my cock!” We got down and his cock swayed before us. Janet went for his balls and I took the head in my mouth. It was larger than Joe’s and it felt good resting on my tongue. I bobbed back and forth while Janet took first one ball and then the other in her mouth. I slowly began to take more of it in my mouth and I enjoyed feeling his head against the roof of my mouth.

Janet worked her way up his shaft and when she reached my mouth, she began licking my chin as well as his shaft. It was an unusual feeling, but good. I worked at it and finally went all the way down to his balls, but it hurt a little. As I kept working at it, it became easier and I couldn’t wait for a nice flood of jism. I didn’t have to wait long, soon he filled my mouth with cum and Janet sucked up what leaked out of my mouth.

Now spent, he told his buddy to come on over and have a turn. Between guys, Janet and I kissed and shared the remaining cum on my face. The other guy was Larger and was already hard having watched what had transpired. He stood before us and this time Janet took the head and I took the balls. I could hear little moans from deep in Janet’s throat and I knew she was getting off on this. It was hard for me to suck his balls with my hands tied behind my back, so I licked his shaft and then as Janet deep-throated him, I took one of her nipples in my mouth. It felt so soft and good on my tongue and I sucked it like a cock, taking more and more of it in my mouth. Her moans were getting louder and I sucked harder and lightly bit her nipple. My tits had never been sucked, so I sucked hers like I would want mine sucked.

Soon, Janet and he came together and the cum dribbled out of her mouth, it fell on her other tit and I moved to it and licked it up and sucked on that nipple. He withdrew and Janet and I immediately kissed and shared his load. They led me over and had me straddle the bed with my knees on the floor and told Janet to eat me, which by now she did without protest. Her tongue felt good as she licked my ass first and she licked around my puckered, violated anus. She moved down and stuck her tongue in my pussy and it was like someone turned a furnace on, I felt so hot.

She brought her hands up and spread the lips of my pussy and licked my clit, I exploded in an orgasm. One of the guys worked his way behind Janet and lubed her ass, she knew what was coming, but she had been ass fucked before and she liked it. He inserted his cock and when he thrust forward, her head dug into my pussy and her nose pushed against my asshole. It was this way with each thrust and it drove me nuts. She whimpered between licks as the cock in her ass was building her towards another orgasm and her mouth and nose were sending me towards one as well. It seemed like all 3 of us came at once, it was incredible!

Both of us lay spent and used on the floor as we caressed and cuddled each other, we had been through a lot and found out a lot about each other too. After laying there for about a half an hour, the guys got us up and made us go over to the bed. They brought out something that looked like a dog harness and told Janet to put it on. She stepped through it and pulled it up around her waist and they tightened it up and brought out this huge black dildo. I had never seen a dildo before, much less been fucked by one. They inserted it in the harness and there was a small piece that came out on Janet’s side and they positioned it at her clit and cinched it up tight. Janet gasped as the piece hit her clit, I knew it was exciting her.

They told her to fuck me with it. I thought back to the club and that huge black cock wiggling in my face. This one was a good 12 inches and about 3 inches wide. “Have her suck it first to lube it and get used to it,” the one guy said. They untied my hands and zoomed in with the camera as I inched up to it and took it in my mouth. Seeing me suck her cock and pushing it back on her clit really turned Janet on and her face became flushed. There was no way I could take it all in my mouth, but I managed over half of it. Janet pumped it in and out of my mouth so she could feel her part against her clit. I imagined it was the black guy from the club and I got wet, so wet it began oozing out of me.

I reached down and fingered my own clit as I sucked this big black rod. Janet and I both came at once. I immediately lay down on my back and drew her to me. I helped insert the cock in my wet cunt and Janet eased it in. She started pumping in and out until she was able to get it all in. When she had it all in, I guess it pushed back against the part in her clit and she pumped hard and deep to accomplish that with each stroke. I reached up and cupped her tits and began sucking them as she fucked us both. Her pussy began to flow out and onto mine and that just made it that much slicker and increased her pace. She filled me with that big black cock and I filled my mouth with those wonderful tits of hers. She reached down and began to knead my small tits and twist the nipples. We both came in one huge explosion!

Afterward she fell forward and we hugged each other and kissed. The guys made us give them one last blow job and then we got dressed and they took us back to our car. It turned out that the coil wire had just come loose and they fixed it and we were on our way. We never told anyone about what happened. Now, when we get depressed, we get a motel room and fuck each other’s brains out while we watch a tape from that night.

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