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Getting Even with Eve

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One look at Eve and you would never believe that she was once a county police officer. The 5’10” 39-year old was cute, but very thin. She weighed no more than 100 pounds with measurements of 30-24-30 with double-A cup tits. Hardly someone that one would picture as a law enforcement officer. Almost everyone she knew had predicted that she would never make it as a cop. In some respects they were right, but not in the way that they had thought.

Eve had made an adequate cop, but once she became pregnant with her first child her motherhood instincts kicked in and she resigned from the force. That seemed a lifetime ago to Eve. At 39 she still looked good. She kept herself in shape and he cute face looked several years younger than her age. She wore her black hair straight and just above the shoulder. Her light blue eyes were perhaps her most striking features.

Unfortunately for Eve, after her third child her marriage ended. She worked hard to make ends meet and was a good mother; all too often putting her kids ahead of her desires to find someone to share her life with. But that had changed just over a year ago. Eve met Ralph at the gym and they became good friends. Both were divorced and had a lot in common. Now the two of them were planning their marriage together. Ralph loved Eve, but he had to admit that being with her was very frustrating at times. Eve had strict beliefs about sex, and insisted on waiting until their wedding night. It had been five years since she had divorced, and slightly longer than that since she had enjoyed sex. She had to admit that she was just as frustrated at times as Ralph after a night of heavy kissing and groping. But she had gone this long and was not about to give in now.

Simon could not believe it when he saw Eve. It had been twelve years since he had last seen her. It was Eve’s last year on the force, just before she had gotten pregnant. She had busted him on a trumped up charge that cost him three years in prison. He had been out for nine years now, but the first three years of freedom were very difficult on him. Not very many people wanted to hire someone on parole for drug dealing. And Simon’s wife had divorced him while he was in prison. To make matters more worse was the fact that he was innocent of all charges.

Eve didn’t think about Simon very often. She had truly thought that she had done the right thing. Simon was a known drug dealer, but mostly he dealt with pot in small amount. Still, he was a low life who took advantage of kids and was just smart enough to keep one step ahead of the police. Then there was a brutal assault on a young woman. Eve was the first on the scene and thought that she heard the woman whispering “Simon” before slipping into a coma. Simon Roberts became the primary suspect, but there was no evidence to charge him. Fearing that he would flee, Eve took matters into her hands. She stole some cocaine, enough for a felony distribution charge, from the evidence locker and kept it on her while she was on patrol. Seeing Simon’s car she followed him and pulled him over for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Then, after searching his car she “discovered” the evidence and arrested Simon hoping that they would be able to find someone to talk while he was locked up. Unfortunately, someone did talk. And it turned out that Simon had nothing to do with the crime at all. But it was too late for Eve to do anything about it then. So, thinking that Simon had it coming anyway, she tried her best to put the incident behind her.

Simon stared at Eve as she sat in the restaurant with Ralph. He had often vowed to get even with her somehow. Now that he knew that she still lived in town he decided to see what else he could find out. He followed them home, learning where Eve lived. He observed her over the next few weeks and discovered that her three children spent every other weekend, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, at their father’s. Now Simon began to put his plan into action.

It was Friday night, and Eve’s ex had just picked up the children so she decided to take a nap until Ralph came by, unaware that Simon was already in the house. When he peeped through the kitchen doorway he was pleasantly surprised at finding her asleep on the couch. Simon took out a small bottle from his pocket and poured a little into a napkin, then crept up on her. He shoved it into her face and held it there until certain that she was unconscious. He then unlocked the door and waited until Ralph came by. After no one answered Ralph opened the door and came in, never expecting someone to be waiting behind the door to grab him. The same napkin that had been used on Eve was shoved into his face and soon Ralph dropped to the floor.

Eve awoke with a start. She realized at once that her arms were bound behind her back and her legs were spread apart, each securely fastened to the end of a bar chained to her ankles. When she realized that she was naked she had to fight off the panic. Looking around she saw Ralph tied naked to a chair. Unlike her he was gagged.

“Well, you finally decided to wake up and join us.” Simon greeted her.

“What the hell do you want?” She asked, realizing who it was that stood over her. “You’re going back to prison for this.”

“Maybe so,” Simon told her, “But not until I get even with you for framing me and sending me away the first time.”


“What am I going to do?” He interrupted. “Well, let’s just say that I learned a few things in prison. After being raped a couple times by other inmates I learned how to do the same. So I’m going to fuck you every which way possible to get even for what I had to endure because of you.”

“Please don’t,” Eve begged him. “I’m sorry that I framed you. It was a terrible accident.”

Ralph’s eyes widened at his fiancee’s admission.

“Sorry won’t be enough.” Simon assured her. “But at least I have your confession on tape.”

He pointed to a camcorder on a tripod that was capturing her every exposed moment on tape, causing her to blush in shame.

“First, I’m going to make you cum for me.” Simon told her as he got on his knees between her legs.

“No, please don’t. I haven’t had sex since my husband left me. I’m saving myself for my wedding night.” She pleaded.

Simon was even more pleased by this. Ignoring her protest he dropped between her legs and began licking her pussy. Eve’s hips jumped and slid trying to escape his tongue, but it was no use, Simon had full control over her body. And soon, despite her own feelings to the contrary, she could feel her pussy responding. It wasn’t long before she felt her pussy climaxing against his face.

Simon got up and removed his clothing. At the sight of his 8-inch pecker standing fully erect she began to panic anew. But Simon wasn’t ready to stick it in her just yet. Instead, he reached for a black satchel and removed a vibrator with a strap on it. He thrust the vibrator into her wet pussy, securing the straps around her waist, then turned it on. The buzz immediately began stimulating her pussy.

“Now I want you to suck my cock.” He told her.

Eve’s eyes went wide. She had sucked her ex-husband’s dick a few times early on in their marriage, but had never really enjoyed it. And eventually stopped doing it all together. She tried to resist as he straddled her chest and placed his rock hard cock to her lips. But he pinched her nose tightly closed until she opened her mouth for air and thrust it in between her lips. Grabbing her by both sides of the head he forced her to begin to guide her lips back and forth along his thick shaft. As Eve sucked, she could feel the vibrations in her pussy threatening to make her orgasm a second time. She could see Ralph out of the corner of her eye and was appalled to see that his six-inch cock was erect as he watched her being forced to suck Simon’s dick.

Eve gasped as her orgasm began. When she stopped moving her head Simon began fucking her face, gagging her as his cockhead hit the back of her throat. Just as her orgasm subsided she could feel his beginning. The first dribble of cum landed on her tongue, then was followed by a thick stream jetting into the back of her throat as he groaned in delight. She choked down the warm, salty fluid as it continued splattering her mouth. Simon did not stop until his cock was fully drained.

“There, we’re even,” she spat in disgust, trying to ignore the vibrator that was still working in her pussy, “Now please leave us alone.”

“Oh, we’re just getting started.” Simon said with a grin.

He pulled Eve up and onto her knees. It was difficult for her to manage with her feet so far apart and her hands behind her back. But Simon eventually got her into position over Ralph’s lap.

“Suck his cock.” Simon ordered.

Eve was disgusted. It was one thing to be humiliated like this. But now she was going to have to perform her first sex act on the man she loved against her will. Seeing no other option she opened her mouth and began sucking Ralph’s dick.

Ralph hated what was happening. But he couldn’t deny the pleasure that he was feeling. It had been over a year since he had had sex. Ever since he started dating Eve. He couldn’t count the number of nights he had to rush home and masturbate because she wouldn’t relieve him any other way. He had wanted to wait until their honeymoon to make it special for her. But now that her warm mouth was on his cock he found himself enjoying the hell out of it. Especially since she had told him previously that he shouldn’t expect any oral treats from her in the marriage. Ralph was ashamed of himself for taking pleasure in this, but it had been too long and he was not going to fight it. Unfortunately it lasted less time than he had hoped. Ralph’s hips began to thrust up and down in his chair as his balls grew tight and he could feel his cum rising to the top. Eve could tell that he was about to cum. She readied herself and took him in her mouth, surprised at how much more he blasted into her mouth.

“Swallow it!” Simon demanded. And Eve did her best to comply. Then the vibrator in her pussy unleashed a third, more powerful orgasm and she found herself continuing to suck Ralph’s rod until her body threatened to collapse from this latest climax.

Simon lifted her and put her down on her back on the floor. Then unfastened the straps and mercifully removed the vibrator that had been tormenting her. But her relief was replaced by fear when she saw Simon’s cock standing ready again.

Without warning he threw himself upon her and rammed his stiff cock deep into her belly. Eve cried out as she was fucked for the first time in more than five years. Simon pounded her with growing excitement, enjoying his revenge on the cop who had wrongfully imprisoned him. Eve hated Simon for doing this to her. But her body was responding against her will. All that had happened so far, combined with the three orgasms she had already experienced, had her physically turned on in a way she had never experienced before. She cried out in disgust as she felt her pussy accepting Simon’s invading cock, and knew that she was going to climax for him. She tried her best to hold it back, but soon had to give in as she felt the first waves of another orgasm shooting throughout her body.

She caught herself crying out with pleasure as Simon’s cock sent a series of multiple orgasms through her. She had never experienced multiples before, and did not know how long she could take them, but her body was enjoying every fucking moment of it. Then Simon’s pace altered, and she knew at once that he was about to cum.

“Not in me, please don’t cum in me!” She begged. But Simon had waited too long for this. He slammed his hips hard against hers and felt his cock explode inside her. He continued pounding her wet hole, shooting his load deep inside her pussy.

As soon as he was finished he unlocked her legs and pulled her over to where Ralph was seated. Eve’s legs were weak from the continuos orgasms and offered no resistance. Seeing Ralph’s pecker erect once more she knew what was coming next. And lowered herself onto it without Simon having to say a word. As soon as she began riding her lover she felt her body convulse in orgasms again. She cried out loudly and banged her hips up and down on his cock, climaxing several times before Ralph came inside her.

Simon helped her off of Ralph’s cock, and lowered her on the floor face down. All Eve wanted to do was lie there, but Simon still had plans for her.

“Now I want to show you what a good ass-fucker I became in prison.”

Eve tried to roll over, but with her hands still tied behind her back Simon had no trouble keeping her in place. Eve could not bare the thought of being fucked in the ass. Once her ex had tried putting a finger up there and she had gotten so upset that she wouldn’t have sex with him for nearly a month.

“Please, not that. Anything but that.” Eve begged.

“I had to get fucked in the ass because of you, so you’re going to get it to.” Simon said, rubbing his cock against her tiny puckered opening.

Eve screamed as Simon began pressing his cock, slowly, into her asshole. She tried to resist, but his continued on until the head of his cock broke through, causing Eve to scream even more. Little by little he shoved deeper into her chute. Eve felt as if she were going to be torn in two, then Simon thrust all the way inside her and began pounding her tiny asshole. As he fucked her he reached around and pinched her rock hard nipples, ramming her with pure lust for what seemed like forever before he finally blasted in seed into her asshole.

When he pulled out of her ass Eve was shaking. Her body was in pain and lust at the same time. Simon lifted her off the floor and took her over where Ralph set.

“Do you want her ass too?” Simon asked, seeing Ralph’s cock stiff and ready.

Ralph nodded.

Eve could not believe it when Simon told her to sit her ass on Ralph’s cock. She guided her loosened asshole on it and tried to press down, but found her asshole too sore to bring herself to do so. Then, without warning, Simon jerked her legs up causing her to slam down on Ralph, impaling herself with his hard cock up her ass.

“Let’s get her together.” Simon said, pulling her legs up and getting on his knees between them. He thrust his cock inside her pussy. Eve jumped when she felt the two cocks rubbing together on either side of the thin layer of skin separating her pussy and asshole. The pain wracked her body as both cocks invaded her. But very quickly the pain turned into undeniable pleasure as her pussy began responding to the twin cocks inside her. As Simon fucked her hard and fast her ass rose up and down on Ralph’s cock in her ass. Soon she was jerking up and down herself, feeling another orgasm about to unleash. “Oh god, fuck me!” She cried out as the most powerful series of orgasms of the night washed through her. Both men did there best fucking her two holes simultaneously as Eve climaxed again and again. Ralph came in her ass but Simon was still busy fucking her ravaged cunt. Eve continued riding both cocks until Simon finally emptied his balls inside her one last time.

Simon pulled out of her, leaving Eve sitting on Ralph’s lap; his cock still stuck inside her ass.

“I’ll be leaving now,” He said, getting dressed and grabbing the vibrator and camera. “But don’t think of calling the cops. I’ll have this tape edited in such a way that it will look like you wanted it. I won’t have to do anything to prove how much you enjoyed it. Then I’ll release it on the internet if anything happens. In addition to your humiliation at having everyone in town seeing you getting fucked in all holes like this, there’s the small matter of you confessing to framing me. Which will probably get you locked up as well. So we’ll just chalk this up to a lesson learned.”

With that, Simon walked out of the house feeling avenged.

Ralph struggled until his gag came loose. “What are you going to do, Eve?”

Eve sat silently, then slowly stood, freeing herself from Ralph’s cock in her ass. She knew that she had to get her arms free, then until Ralph. But she knew one thing more; Ralph’s cock was stiff and ready. So she turned around and sat back down on it, shoving it deep inside her cunt. “Shut up and fuck me!” She whispered as she felt another orgasm already approaching.

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