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Gardening Lessons

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Susan was watching David through the bay window of the bedroom in her upmarket house. She knew that he could not see her because of the lace curtains in front of the window. David had been working for them for about four years now, he had started as a scruffy fourteen year old earning extra pocket money working in the garden. Susan was noticing more and more how he was no longer a scruffy fourteen year old but had filled out into a well built young man with dark curls and blue eyes that looked right through her whenever she was in the garden to give him his instructions on what she wanted him to do for the day.

She had always had special feelings for David but lately she felt stirrings of a different kind towards the young man who was always so polite to her and who seemed so naive to the facts of life.

Susan and her husband were well off, comfortable if you will. Suzan had all that she needed except that her husband could not satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite.

She masturbated constantly, trying to find relief for the ever present desire that burned between her legs. When she made love to her husband she experienced orgasms but never enough to satisfy her, after he was finished she often put a hand between her legs and replaced him with a finger, quietly bringing herself to climax once again while he lay asleep next to her.

David was busy cleaning the pool and had taken off his shirt, his shorts were loose but as he bent forward Suzan could see the outline of his tight buttocks with no lines to indicate that he was wearing any underwear. Just the thought that his young virile, probably virgin, penis was hanging freely just out of view excited Susan.

She felt her desire welling up inside her, her outer vaginal lips starting to swell in response to her arousal. She felt her inner fluids begin to flow and her clitoris becoming erect. David looked around and seeing no-one who may object he dived into the pool, he swam a quick length with Susan watching every move of his muscled body. David walked out of the pool at the steps and Susan gasped as she saw that David’s wet shorts were clinging to his lower body like a second skin.

The outline of David’s penis was clearly visible to Susan, it hung limply down the one leg of his shorts and Susan was sure that she had never seen anything that long in her thirty two years. It was huge and she stared as the shaft moved under the thin material of David’s shorts. She reached up and cupped her one breast in her hand squeezing hard, feeling her vagina contract in response to the stimulation. Susan pinched her nipple through her clothing. She closed her eyes and shivered, she was now fully aroused and she could feel slippery wetness escaping from between her pussy lips and no matter how hard she forced her thighs together she knew that her panties were soaked with her juices as her vulva continued to open and close slightly, she wished that she could take that gorgeous penis and insert it up inside her.

Suzan stripped off her shirt and bra and then her skirt until she stood in only her panties, which did little to hide her vagina as they were transparent in the front and she only shaved between her legs, leaving a neatly trimmed red bush of pubic hair in the front.

Suzan could feel her heart pounding as she knew exactly what she was about to do and what the implications may be. She took hold of the lace curtains in one hand and in one movement pulled them aside. David, seeing movement looked up from his work and saw Susan standing almost naked in the window, but she pretended not to notice him. She stood in full view of David, reached out and picked up a hair brush off the dresser and proceeded to brush out her long red hair. David’s mouth fell open but he did not look away from the unbelievable scene in front of him.

As she lifted her arms to run the brush through her hair, Susan’s large, firm breasts changed shape, her nipples were dark with lust and David was close enough to see the wrinkles in the swollen aureoles around the erect nipples. He had always had a crush on Susan but what would a woman like her see in him? Out of the corner of her eye Susan watched as David became more and more uncomfortable, looking down she saw the effect that her nudity was having on him. The magnificent bulge in the front of his pants was getting bigger, Suzan could clearly see the shape of the head as his erection grew and she felt her inner vaginal muscles contracting in response.

Suddenly David turned and ran, Susan was puzzled at the boy’s response, she reached up and drew the curtain closed again. She placed the brush back on the dresser and walked over to the bed, turned and flopped backwards onto the soft mattress. Her body burned, her breasts ached and she knew that she would once again have to satisfy herself. She reached between her thighs, feeling the hard shaft of her erect clitoris through her panties. Susan lifted and spread her thighs, opening herself up to her probing fingers.

She closed her eyes and imagined David being there, touching her aroused vagina for the first time and the effect that it would have on him. She was formulating a plan to try out the tool that hung between his legs and her thoughts became more erotic as her fingers proceeded further. She dropped her legs, reached under her buttocks and removed the panties and lifted her legs high again. As Suzan spread her thighs she heard the sound of her vulva opening, longing for something thick and hard to be inserted into it.

She slipped the middle finger of her one hand between the outer lips of her vagina, as she did so her finger gently parted her inner folds to completely expose the opening. Suzan slowly rubbed the tip of her finger around the entrance to her vulva, wetting her finger thoroughly. She then slowly pushed against the tight hole, which opened to allow her to penetrate herself further until her finger was deeply inserted inside her. Suzan turned her finger upwards slightly and rubbed against the soft spongy area of her g-spot. She shivered with pleasure but needed more. Still stimulating her g-spot she reached up with her other hand and from under her pillow brought out a vibrator shaped like a six inch penis.

Reluctantly she removed her finger from inside her, she then placed the head of the vibrator against her clitoris and twisted the other end, turning it on. A low hum emanated from the little motor and it felt as if her clit was being given small shocks as she had placed the tip of the vibrator right on the sensitive tip of her clitoris, causing her vulva to contract tightly. She placed a finger tip at the opening to her hole and felt her inner muscles nibbling at her finger, needing to be penetrated again. Instead of using her finger this time Suzan moved the tip of the vibrator downwards between the soft wet folds of her outer vagina until it was resting at the entrance to her vulva, the low frequency vibrations causing waves of pleasure to wash over her.

Suzan applied pressure to the back of the vibrator and it slowly started to penetrate her. As she inserted the artificial penis into herself Susan lifted her legs higher allowing the hard shaft of the vibrator easy entry into her waiting pussy. When the shaft was half inserted into her Susan released the pressure and slowly retracted it slightly. The inner muscles of her vagina closed around the rubber penis, resisting the removal of the source of the pleasure that she was feeling deep inside her. She again put pressure on the vibrator and it slipped easily into her, helped by the constant flow of juices that were flowing out of Susan’s vagina past the vibrator and down between the wide spread cheeks of her buttocks.

Susan took her free hand and felt with her finger around the rubber shaft of the vibrator where the hole of her vulva was stretched open to accommodate the instrument. It felt good as she rubbed the sensitive folds around the shaft and she felt the inner lips responding to her soft touch. Susan then explored further, running her finger past her vagina, between the cheeks of her buttock. She felt how slippery she was down there with her own juices and it felt so erotic as she spread the wetness over the area below her vaginal opening, she lifted her knees as high as she could and began sliding the shaft of the vibrator in and out of her aching hole, then, without withdrawing the deeply inserted vibrator, she rolled over so that her wide spread knees were under her with her buttocks in the air, exposing herself entirely to anyone who should walk into the room. She then continued stimulating her vagina with the vibrator. By now Suzan was coming close to climax and she knew what she needed to take her over the top.

She placed a finger of her free hand over her clitoris and rubbed the shaft furiously. Her vulva tightened around the vibrator as the inner muscles of her vagina contracted. Susan could not stop cumming, her imagination ran wild with thoughts of David’s enormous penis, waves of erotic pleasure that flooded over her. The contractions slowly subsided and she withdrew the vibrator and her fingers. She knew now what she had to do to get David and she smiled just thinking about it.

The following day David was back, Susan saw him through the window again and set about putting her plan in action. He was washing the car when she walked out onto the pool deck. Under her sarong she wore a white g-string which did little to hide her figure, her nipples were already erect in anticipation of what she was about to do. There was no-one else at home which gave Susan piece of mind to seduce this young man without fear of discovery. Susan laid back on one of the low deck chairs, making sure that she was positioned in such a way that she was in full view of David. She loosened her sarong, letting it hang on either side of the chair. Out of the corner of her eye she saw David watching her every move, she was wearing dark glasses so that he could not see the direction of her gaze. Teasingly Susan dropped both her hands down to her g-string and pretended that it needed adjustment.

She slowly pushed her fingers under the elastic on either side of her pubic mound, sliding them downwards between her legs. She could feel her fingers brush lightly through her bush of red pubic hair until they touched her outer lips, now, instead of adjusting the fabric triangle to cover more of her mound she gently pushed her fingers together and pulled the thin strip of material upwards, parting the lips of her vagina and exposing part of her mound with it’s cover of red hair. David pretended not to be looking but Susan could see him watching the patch between her legs and he had washed the same spot on the car three times.

Susan was sure that by now David had a throbbing erection and she decided to play out her erotic fantasy of the previous afternoon. She knew that one wrong move would scare David away and her chances of ever seducing him would be lost. Again pretending to ignore David, Susan lifted her one hand and lightly caressed her one breast, sending pulses of pleasure downwards between her legs and up into her vagina. Without making it too obvious, Susan slipped her fingers under the fabric of her top. Her fingers were now directly in contact with the firm warm flesh of her breast. Slowly moving her fingers she felt her erect nipple, hard with lust.

David could see the outline of Susan’s breasts from where he stood, the nipples standing out stiffly, teasing him. He could not understand why Susan had stood in front of him the previous day with hardly any clothes on. She had not seen him standing there and he had had time to stare at her naked breasts with their dark nipples. He had seen the dark shadow in her panties and the faintest hint of Susan’s clitoris where it stood out proudly from between her lips. David had seen pictures of what women looked like down there but he had never seen a real one, his erection was becoming uncomfortably large and he was scared Susan would see him and make fun of him so he turned and ran. That night he had laid and thought about what he had seen and after a few strokes his penis had ejaculated in his hand.

Now here in front of him was Susan, again with very little on and again unaware that he was watching her. David saw as she had moved the small triangle of fabric covering her mound, partially exposing her pubic hair and pressing up between the lips of her vagina. David felt his shaft swelling, he had always had a larger than normal penis. The guys at school had teased him, making him shy of the size of his shaft. He felt his erection growing as Susan had seductively massaged her breast, pressing her fingers under her top onto the naked flesh beneath. David wanted to run again but he couldn’t. Susan had now taken her breast fully in her hand and was gently squeezing it, causing the nipple to press harder against the fabric covering it, trying to escape.

Moving slightly to one side, pretending to water the flower bed, David was able to get closer to where Susan was lying and be at a better angle to look up between her slightly parted thighs. All the time he was praying that Susan did not notice him and cover up, he was shaking with excitement. He had never before been exposed to so much naked woman, his mouth was dry and his brain raced, he was petrified that he would be discovered.

Out of the corner of his eye David saw Susan reach behind her and loosen the tie at the back of her bikini top. He watched mesmerized as she lifted the top over her head, exposing her breasts to his gaze. She lay back, bathing in the early morning sun, her breasts pointing upwards with her erect nipples reaching skyward. David thought he would burst. His erect shaft was now straining against the shorts he was wearing and it would have been obvious to anyone seeing him that his penis was now fully aroused, a prospect that David did not cherish as it would bring the usual comments on how big his penis was. He just could not keep his eyes off of Susan’s breasts and partly exposed vagina.

“Good morning, David,” Susan greeted.

David nearly fainted, he had been caught spying on the boss’s wife.

“Eh, good morning,” he replied, trying to move away.

“Come over here, David,” Susan instructed.

Susan had watched David carefully as she massaged her breast. She longed to clamp her thighs tightly together and press them against the swelling between her legs, she was getting so aroused watching this young man trying so obviously to hide his erection but she noticed that this time he did not run but instead moved closer, her heart raced, he was looking directly between her legs and she longed to spread them for him and show him the wet, slippery heat that waited for him.

Susan had removed her top and watched as his shaft moved in his shorts, fighting for space. It was then that she blurted out “Good morning, David” and fully expected him to run then, but he stayed. Even though he was trying to escape he had replied.

It was now or never, and she called him over.

David was fascinated that Susan didn’t make any attempt to cover her nudity as he approached. He openly stared at Susan’s breasts and this aroused her even further.

She asked David if he liked what he saw and he replied very nervously that he did. Susan felt a flood of liquid heat escape from between the lips of her vagina as she realised that she was going to have him.

Suddenly standing up, Susan took David by the hand and led him inside. She could feel his uncertainty but knew that she could reassure him. No words were spoken as she led him through the house to the main bedroom.

“Would you like a shower?” she asked David.

Now David knew that if they showered she would have to see his penis and would make fun of him and therefore didn’t answer.

Susan took his hand again and took him through to the en suit. As she walked David noticed her buttocks moved teasingly and his arousal made him less reluctant.

Susan reached into the shower and set the water, as she bent forward her breasts moved and David stared, Susan smiled when she saw the direction of his eyes, both had removed their dark glasses.

Susan was at a level of arousal that she had never before experienced. Her clitoris was fully erect and her juices were flowing freely from between the tight pink lips of her vagina. She was breathing heavily and the anticipation, and uncertainty of what was about to happen made her light headed. Susan could see the shape of David’s penis through his shorts, it was huge and the large head was clearly outlined, she swallowed hard, this was a dream come true. David stood uneasily as Susan set the water but never took his eyes off of her. She took hold of her g-string and in one movement it lay on the floor. David was mesmerised by the sight of her exposed vagina, the lips visible beneath the strip of red pubic hair and her clitoris standing out from between the lips.

Susan stood under the shower, running her hand over her body in a manner which nearly drove David wild. She took up a sponge and seductively ran a bar of soap through it repeatedly, watching his eyes all the time. Susan then started to sponge her entire body with the soapy sponge. Bending forward with her buttocks against the wall she rubbed her legs from ankles to her thighs, slowly, provocatively. The roughness of the sponge on her skin excited Susan even more and she longed for direct physical contact between her legs. She turned away from David, her back towards him. She spread her legs and bent forward and in so doing her thighs and buttocks parted, exposing her fully aroused vagina to David’s stare.

As she bent Susan felt the swollen outer lips of her vagina open slightly and she ran her hand up her soap covered legs and thighs and thrust her fingers between her thighs over her clitoris and deeper to where David could watch as she carefully parted her lips as she pushed her fingers deeper, opening herself to his gaze. Showing him what he had never seen before. David saw her fingers part her outer lips, stimulating the inner folds of the area around her opening. Then her fingers were past the opening, teasing the soft area between her vulva and her anus, circling, parting the cheeks briefly to give him a glimpse of her tight little anus, pink and sensitive.

Susan stood again, she could no longer wait. She called David over to her. He approached as if in a daze. Susan stepped out of the shower for a moment, took hold of David’s shorts and pulled downwards, as she did so she leaned forward in order for her to remove the garment. There in front of her was the most magnificent penis she had ever seen. It had sprung free right in front of her and she could see every detail of the fully erect shaft and circumcised head. The veins stood out up the length of the shaft and the head was pink and smooth with a very prominent “eye” in the tip.

Reluctantly Susan stood up again and took David by the hand, leading him into the shower.

David held his breath as his shaft was exposed to Susan’s inspection for the first time, fully expecting her to laugh. Instead she gasped, stood up and took him into the shower with her. Susan’s lower body was still soapy, she turned to him and handed him the soapy sponge, guiding his hand towards her breasts. He held his breath as he felt the firm, rounded flesh under his fingers for the first time. Nature took over and guided his hands to gently massage Susan’s nipples, feeling her writhe in pleasure and lean back against him. He took her other breast in his other hand and applied gentle pressure to both her breasts, circling her nipples, teasing her gently and all the time feeling the throbbing need that hung between his legs.

As David continued stimulating Susan’s breasts and nipples she reached down between her thighs and felt for the probing erection that was teasing the back of her legs. Her fingers closed around the head of David’s penis and she heard him gasp. Susan lifted the shaft up between her thighs until the shaft was firmly against her vagina and the head protruded out beyond her clitoris. It felt as if she was sitting on a log, this guy was huge. Susan could feel David’s pubic hairs nestled between her buttocks, warm and soapy.

Susan took David’s penis in her slippery hand and began to run it back and forth on the shaft that protruded from between her legs. As she stimulated him she lifted the shaft, pushing the thick rod up between the lips of her vagina, parting the lips with his hardness, feeling him press against the inner folds that guarded her tight entrance. Susan ran her hand further along the shaft until her palm gently covered the swollen head, she teased the hole with the tip of her finger, feeling the shaft jump in response.

David’s manipulation of her breasts was becoming less and less hesitant and him movements more assertive and Susan knew it was time to quicken the pace before this young man shot his load all over the shower wall.

David felt Susan move her hips forward and in so doing move her vagina along the length of his penis until the head of the shaft was firmly against her clitoris. David could feel her clit clearly as it rubbed against the top of his phallus. Susan sighed and pushed her hips back again, David’s shaft was firmly between the outer lips of her vagina and with her moving her hips back and forth his shaft was being coated in her vaginal juices. As the penis moved so it pushed further up between her lips until her inner lips were also parted and the thick shaft rubbed at the soft hole in between. Susan started moving faster on David’s penis, with each thrust that brought her clitoris in contact with the head of his penis her need to orgasm grew stronger.

David seemed to sense what was happening and increased the pressure of his hands on her breasts. Susan cried out and trust her hips forward, driving her open vagina over the head of David’s penis until the head came to rest at the tip of her well lubricated clitoris. There she stopped thrusting, gripped by an orgasm of mammoth proportions, her inner vaginal muscles convulsing over and over. Susan was climaxing in a way that was strange to her, she had never had such a deep clitoral orgasm before. It was a while before she came to her senses, David was holding her, his erection still firmly up between her thighs.

Susan turned towards David and knelt in front of him, face to face with his incredible penis. She took the shaft in her hand, gently stroking the length, her fingers could scarcely fit around the shaft and definitely could not fit around the head. Susan took David into her mouth, with her other hand she gently stroked the soft skin of his balls. To David the feeling was beyond description, his penis burned, the warm wetness over him was teasing him as Susan slowly took his head in and out of her mouth. She vibrated her tongue over the hole in the tip and felt the first warnings that David was about to cum. Susan took her mouth off of David’s penis and started stroking her hand up and down the thick shaft and over the head. David trust his hips forward as his orgasm rippled through him. Susan saw a stream of clear fluid run out of the end of David’s penis and over her hand, warm and sticky. The stream continued as David’s shaft throbbed in Susan’s hand.

“I don’t believe he can cum this much,” she thought, as the fluid continued pouring out of the end of his penis. Then David’s face distorted and Susan felt his penis expand as a jet of white semen shot from the tip, against the shower wall. All the while Susan continued stroking the shaft and the semen shot out of David spasm after spasm. “I wish that was inside me,” thought Susan. David’s penis stopped shooting loads of semen and he slumped against the shower wall, breathing hard.

Susan dried David off, inspecting every inch of his body, just touching him turned her on and she felt her vagina reacting to his firm body under her fingers. He then took the towel and dried Susan off, paying special attention to her breasts and the area between her thighs. “Time for your next lesson young man” thought Susan and as he was drying her off she walked backwards into the bedroom, leading him.

Susan fell back onto the bed and guided David to continue using the towel to explore her body. She parted her legs as he approached her thighs, enabling him a clear view of her outer lips and clitoris. He dropped the towel and cautiously moved closer to her vagina with his hands, gently caressing her inner thighs with his finger tips. Susan parted her thighs further, lifting them slightly, knowing that David could now see her outer lips parting slightly and the soft inner lips tucked away inside. Susan gasped as David’s fingers touched her for the first time. She was so soft and warm and he felt his penis twitch. He gently caressed the outer lips, slowly parting them further. Her clitoris was now fully erect again and he rubbed gently over the sensitive bud, causing Susan to jump, lifting her hips towards his fingers. Nature told him to lower his head between Susan’s thighs and gently kiss her soft lips, her clit, her inner thighs and back to her clit.

Instinctively he opened his mouth over Susan’s clitoris and gently sucked it into his mouth. Susan thrust her vagina against his warm mouth, wanting more than this soft intrusion, she wanted him to use his tongue on her clit and hole, penetrate her until she came, instead he continued gently sucking. Susan parted her thighs and lifted her knees, exposing her open vagina to David’s hungry mouth. He was now getting the idea and stopped for a moment to look at Susan’s exposed womanhood, the outer lips had parted, in turn parting the inner lips-opening the wet entrance to Susan’s vulva. David then lowered his head again and inserted his tongue deep inside Susan’s vulva, Susan cried out and held David’s head between her legs, jerking as he alternated between the tip of her inflamed clitoris and the tight wet heat of her inner vagina. Eventually Susan could take no more and guided David out from between her legs. She noticed that his penis was again fully erect and that he was highly aroused.

Susan laid back on the bed, lifting her knees and opening herself to David as she guided him to lie between her legs. She felt the head of his penis touch her entrance and she reached down and took his head in her hand once again. Susan positioned herself under David and with her hand she placed the tip of his penis at the entrance to her vagina. Gently she rubbed the tip around her hole, lubricating it, preparing it to be inserted past her tight vulva and up into the depths of her waiting vagina.

Susan started inserting the head of David’s penis into herself, David could feel what she was trying to do and pushed downwards with his shaft, slowly, trying not to hurt her. Susan felt her vulva stretch open as David began to enter her, she was not sure if she would be able to take him fully. Susan let go of the head and moved her hand back to hold the shaft, she could feel her outer lips being parted as David pushed the first half of his head up inside her. There was some pain as David penetrated further and Susan pulled back on the shaft, removing it slightly from inside her and in so doing lubricating the head further.

She then allowed David to continue entering her, easier this time as his head was now slippery. David felt his penis head penetrate Susan’s vulva and she smiled as she felt it too, he was scared to enter her too fast in case he hurt her. Her inner muscles were firmly clamped around the head of his shaft and he felt a burning heat as her wetness made it easier for him to penetrate deeper up inside her. Even though he had hardly entered Susan David could feel that he we very close to ejaculating again. His shaft slid slowly into Susan’s vagina, stretching her vaginal walls in a way that she felt every inch of his shaft as it entered her tight opening. Susan felt the flexing of David’s penis halfway inside her as it warned of the orgasm which was about to explode from him. She tightened her vagina around his shaft and told him to cum.

Susan felt the eruption of semen deep inside her, she felt the semen travelling down his shaft as it came to the restriction which was her vulva closed tightly around David’s penis and she felt it shoot hot against the inner walls of her vagina, and he came and came and came. His face relaxed into a smile and she felt his erection still hard inside her and she knew that he was ready for round two.

David retracted his penis slightly, feeling her inner vagina react by contracting around him, he then proceeded to insert back up into Susan, the path now made easier by her juices and his ejaculation. Susan felt her vagina being filled, she felt the tip of David’s penis touch the base of her uterus, stretching further, gaining entry and sliding all the way up inside her until she felt the base of his penis against her open outer lips.

David began thrusting in and out of her, each thrust bringing a gush of semen from inside her vagina where space was now very limited. Susan closed her eyes, lifted her arms above her head and gave herself completely to this giant, feeling him fill her completely and still she wanted more. She lifted her knees as high as possible, allowing him a clear path into which he could drive his now engorged penis without any hindrance. Susan felt her inner muscles begin to spasm as she reached climax and she cried out that she was cumming. David stopped thrusting and pushed his penis up into Susan as far as he could and ejaculated.

Susan did not feel his ejaculation quite as vividly this time, partly due to the fact that she was in the middle of an explosive orgasm herself and partly because her juices , combined with his semen, had made the area between her legs very slippery. She did however feel his penis expand and explode deep up inside her vagina, with each spurt of his semen a gush of love fluids escaped from the tight seal that her vulva made around his penis, flooding her thighs and the bed. David slowly removed his shaft from inside Susan, careful not to hurt her, all the time feeling her vagina holding his shaft. He sat back on his knees between Susan’s wide spread thighs and watched as the head of his penis pulled out from inside her followed by a final gush of fluids and her tight opening return to it’s normal size.

“Enjoy the lesson, stud?” Susan asked.

David just smiled.

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