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Gabriel’s Property

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It felt almost surreal, having an owner after over a month of being on the block. She watched him walk in front of her, his thick robes shifting as he moved and his hood covering him completely in the hot sunlight. She wondered what kind of man he was. She had not seen him because of all his coverings, but she imagined he was old because of the way he dressed, and the purse he carried over his shoulder, she thought only an old man could carry a purse like that.

She wondered why he had purchased her. He had taken at her at a low price, and no one had even bid against him. Either way, she was glad to be off the block. She had not been treated entirely poorly, but not well either because she had been so long in the slaver’s care. She had been lucky enough to have a slaver that felt sorry for her, she had lost her family in a fire and bandits had taken her within the following week when she had wandered from her careless village alone, they sold her to the slaver, and he had been good enough to make sure she went to an owner he felt wouldn’t do harm to her. It was unlike a slaver, she thought, but he had said it was something about her mild nature and the way her blue eyes could seem so innocent. Anyways, it didn’t matter anymore; her fate had shifted to her new owner.

She wasn’t as young as she looked. She had always had a small frame, and she was certain she wasn’t much to look at, but her new owner must have seen something in her under her mangled brownish hair tangled up in its small tie, and the tattered rags she wore. Even her skin was blotchy from dust, but still, he had purchased her. She decided he would likely have her doing chores, and she would be more than willing to comply if it meant she would have a place to sleep and a meal at least once a day, that was all she had received from the trader, one meal a day, and if they weren’t traveling he had let her sleep on a bail of hey. She wondered what she would be doing now, what she would eat and where she would sleep, and she wondered where they were going as she followed him down the thin dirt road and took notice of the unfamiliar forest surrounding them.

She noticed her new owner as he turned his head; she quickly lowered her eyes, believing it was a rule now that she was property.

“Keep up girl.” He called in his smooth voice.

She quickly stepped up her pace, not wanting to disobey him in any way, and soon they had reached the end of the road and her eyes fell on a small cottage tucked within the trees. She followed him to the home and watched as he moved up the three well-built stairs and opened the door, leaving it open for her as he entered.

The man glanced back at his property and noticed she was still outside the door.

“Come in here.” He ordered, and she quickly obeyed, looking around as he took the time to close the door behind her.

The cottage was not what she had expected, there was a wide room and a kitchen, and five stairs leading to a banister surrounded study, and almost every wall was covered in shelves of books. The place seemed warm and welcoming to her after being on the block for so long, and she was staring at a bookshelf as her new owner went to pour himself a cup of coffee from and old pot. It was likely cold, but he drank it down anyways and then noticed his property again.

“Can you read girl?” He asked.

She turned towards him but quickly lowered her eyes again.

“No sir.” She admitted.

“Well you will learn.” He stated, “What can you do? Chores, cook?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well at least it’s something.” He sighed, almost as if he were impatient with her already, “But you will go nowhere near the kitchen like that, when was the last time you had a bath?”

She blushed, but the red in her cheeks could not be seen through all the dust.

“It has been a while sir.” She admitted.

“My name is Gabriel.” He told her, “You may call me that, and what about you girl, have you a name?”

“Clara sir, I mean Gabriel.” She replied.

She couldn’t see his face between her lowered eyes and his uplifted hood, and it made her nervous that she couldn’t read his expression.

“Clara it is.” He sighed. “Come Clara, you are in need of a bath, I have no clothing for you as of yet, but we will find something other than those rags, now won’t we?”

She obediently followed him up the stairs and through the study. He opened a hidden door and as they entered she realized the cottage was even larger, and the room they came to had a bed and more furniture, and yet another door leading to a bathing area.

Clara stopped in the doorway, unsure of how to proceed. He looked back as he reached the bathing area and called out again.

“Come along.” He stated, disappearing behind the door.

She went to meet him quickly again, and her eyes fell over the sight of the emery colored tub and her blue-circled pupils widened suddenly as he pulled a handle and water poured from a faucet. She had never before seen running water and when he glanced over his shoulder again she made an attempt at not looking too surprised.

“Don’t just stand there.” He said, “Take those rags off, I won’t have an unkempt girl wandering about.

She was suddenly very uneasy, waiting for him to leave her in private, but he just stood there with his back to her. She knew he was waiting, but so was she, she was waiting for him to leave, and as her nerves rattled she clenched her loose fitting shirt, wondering what she could do. She stayed like that until the tub was full, filled with soapy bubbles. The man turned to glance at his property again and saw she was still dressed.

“Damn girl are you always so slow at everything?” He asked, “I said off with those rags, I meant it.”

Clara’s eyes were low now; she couldn’t even bring herself to look up from the floor.

“But sir…” she started.

She heard him curse and then he was in front of her, the tops of his robes brushing against the top of her bare feet.

“Now I won’t be patient forever.” He stated, firmly gripping at the bottom of her shirt while she desperately held it down.

Gabriel suddenly gave the rag a good pull and it was being lifted, and with nothing more to do about it Clara slipped her arms out of the sleeves and quickly crossed her arms over the perky round breasts on her chest. She stood there stupidly with her frail figure trebling before him and she couldn’t help but jump when he poked at her visible ribs, the skin of his hands feeling soft.

“We’ll have to put a few pounds on you.” He remarked before quickly pulling down her pants, they had been just as raggedy as her shirt and cut to fit her length.

Clara was clenching her thighs together now, as he looked over her shapely legs and to the light curls above her vagina. She was nearly horrified when he placed his fingers there, testing the softness of the curls and a yelp escaped her, a sound that obviously did not please her owner, who then removed his hand and pulled her shoulder.

“You will learn yet.” He said, “There is no room for shyness here.”

She kept her arms crossed tight over her chest as he urged her towards the tub, and with a shaky leg she stepped into the water while he took a good look at the curve of her fixed ass.

“Clean up now.” He stated, “I’ll see if I can find you something to eat.”

Eat? Clara thought as she watched him lift her rags from the floor and leave, but what would she wear? She decided he certainly wouldn’t forget that, so she thought to do as he said and she began to reach into the water, splashing it over her body. She had never bathed in a tub such as this before, and she wouldn’t have known that she wasn’t doing it correctly if he hadn’t appeared in the doorway again, bringing her to cross her arms and gasp again while he looked over the water she had spilled onto the floor.

“Is that what you call bathing girl?” He asked, “It won’t do. Sit down in the water.”

She did, grateful that the bubbles seemed to cover her. She would try it this way, but before she could she realized that her owners back was to her, but he wasn’t leaving, he was removing his long robes. At first she couldn’t help looking, he wasn’t the old man she had thought him be, still older than her, buy at least ten years. His long hair was a lightened brown, shiny and pulled neatly into a ponytail behind his head. His shoulders were broad and well built and as he glanced at her again she saw his dark eyes and handsome face before she lowered her head again, wondering what in the world he was doing. She couldn’t look at all as he stripped down to the thin cloth around his waist, but from the corner of her eye she could see the swell under his cloth as he neared her. Before she could react to anything he had lifted some water in a nearby vase and dumped it over her head, causing her to gasp.

“It had to be done.” Gabriel responded to her reaction, and then pulled the tie from her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders and down her back in its natural wave. He applied soap and she held her chest tight as he rubbed the suds into her hair with strong hands.

“Dear god girl,” He remarked as he rinsed the soap from her hair, “You’re a flaxen. I wouldn’t have guessed under all that muck, and you’re not a bad looking one, perhaps I got my money’s worth after all.”

Gabriel smiled a soft friendly smile, it was warming, but it did not do anything to ease the stress of Clara’s situation. He lifted a sponge and brought it over her face first and then back. She cringed against him, and all the while he revealed the natural milky color of her skin. She tried desperately not to flinch too much as he then brought the sponge over her legs and between her thighs.

“Alright girl,” He said, “don’t make this difficult, lift up those arms and show whatever assets you’re hiding so we may clean them as well.”

She met his gaze for only a moment, now he could clearly see the flush in her cheeks and although it amused him he didn’t seem impressed as he dropped the sponge into the water and used his hands to pry her hands away from her chest, seeing the curves of her womanhood more clearly and the small pink nipples mounted over them. She tried to sink further into the water to hide but that didn’t stop him from lathering his bare hands with soap and moving them over her breasts. She felt frozen in his grasp as he washed her breasts in a circular motion, moving her nipples between his fingers, as they grew rigid in his touch. When he was done washing with the soap he rinsed her breasts in the same way and then lifted her arm, pulling her to stand.

“Out you go now.” He said, pulling her from the tub.

Clara was all too grateful when he wrapped her shivering body in a towel, but he was taking his time to dry her breasts and the soft hair between her legs before leaving her with the towel.

“Dry off.” He ordered, “I’ll be right back.”

She stood, holding the towel around her body, not really drying with it as he returned; he was wearing another robe now, thinner this time, but at least a robe. He handed her a longer white shirt, clean and fragrant, and a thick comb.

“Get dressed and the come to the kitchen.” He told her, leaving again.

Clara put on the shirt and took the time to comb her hair as it dried naturally, hung down her back and shoulders. She did as he said afterwards and went to the kitchen where he served her a warm meal of ham and fresh bread. It was more than she had eaten in a while, and it was good as well. Gabriel watched her eat but did not join her. She couldn’t meet his gaze as he watched her from across the room, up until she took her own plate to the sink and washed it thoroughly. He said her name and his sudden voice almost made her jump.

“Clara, we always wake near dawn, so it is time for bed.”

“Yes sir.” She nodded, waiting for him to tell her where she could find some hey or perhaps a blanket to sleep, but instead he motioned for her as he moved back to the bedroom. She thought that maybe he would be giving her a blanket, but by the time she reached the door he had taken off his robe, and the cloth around his waist, and he stood in plain view with the unfamiliar appendage hanging between his legs.

“Get in the bed girl, there is plenty of rest to be had.” He stated as he casually climbed under the blankets.

“In the bed?” She repeated.

“Yes.” He stated, his tone growing impatient, but still remaining calm as he looked over her trembling again.

Clara didn’t linger, she went to the opposite side of the bed and lifted the quilts as he looked at her again.

“Take the shirt off.” He instructed, “There is no need for clothing in bed.”

She felt entirely perplexed, but she didn’t argue, she felt she might have already done enough arguing, if he was now impatient with her. She turned her back to him and quickly removed the shirt before reaching back for the sheets, moving to slip under them without revealing anymore than she had to, but the moment she was under the sheets she realized she had slipped directly into his arms and he had already pulled her to his naked chest, his appendage against her leg and his arm moving firmly around her, cupping her right breast in his hand and rubbing the nipple with his thumb. She began to squirm uncomfortably against him but he held her tight and wouldn’t release.

“Don’t struggle now.” He stated, “I won’t have that, you are no child, and it is time someone show you that.”

Gabriel brought his other arm around her, lifting her as he brought it around and Clara clenching her fists in an effort to keep from pulling his wandering hands from her body. He felt her anxiety and brought his face closer to her ear, letting her feel his warm breath and as it sent chills over her she tilted her neck towards him, it was her effort to stop the tickling feeling but he used the opportunity to gently bring her ear between his teeth, and as he nibbled and took both her breasts into his hands pushing them together she let out a small gasp. Clara closed her eyes tightly, and remained frozen, thinking that perhaps if she was still enough he would leave her be. No such luck was in her future however. Gabriel casually moved one hand down to her tightly clenched thighs and felt the soft curls, he pushed his fingers lower but she only clenched her legs more tightly to protect her treasures.

Gabriel decided not to shout out at her for thwarting him, she was already shaking and her efforts were amusing, besides, there was more than one way to get what he wanted. He brought the same hand across her curved but emaciated hip, and then ran his fingers softly over her curved bottom, and with no warning he pushed his hand between her thighs again, this time from behind. The surprise caused her to jump and part her protective thighs and he easily found the tender lips of her member. He began to stroke the folds gently with his finger as her struggling began again, but it was no bother to Gabriel, all her uncomfortable movement brought her frightened pussy down over his hand and soon he could feel the soft wetness on his fingers as he slowly brought her body into submission.

Clara had forgotten how she was trying not to struggle as the unfamiliar tingling began to come between her thighs and into her womb. It felt like she was being drawn into something wrong because of how it felt. He shifted her shoulder back and brought his mouth over her small nipple, at the same time he inserted one finger into the warm chasm of her body. She gasped and found herself struggling more. Her hip shifted against him and she realized the intrusion that had been dangling between his legs was now filled with weight as it leaned into her back, she let out a soft squeal.

Gabriel held to her tighter and began to kiss the back of her neck, taking in the scent of the sweet smelling soap she had used, her breathing was growing heavy against his chest and her breasts heaved in his hands. The actions of her body unwittingly brought excitement to him and he began to shift his own hips against her back, letting her smooth skin rub against his hardening dick. He sent out his own soft masculine moan against her ear as his hands became more aggressive against her. This new aggression startled Clara and she became somewhat panicked, pushing her thighs together again in an effort to force his finger from her body, and when she saw the curve of his lips coming for her nipple again she tried to turn her chest in an effort to elude him. She was nearly shocked when he suddenly removed his hands from her body and turned her shoulder, forcing her onto her back, holding one of her shoulders with his hand and pushing his muscular thigh across her waist to keep her from moving.

“Damn you girl.” He frowned, “What is all this squirming? Is it because you find this unpleasant or because you like it?”

Clara didn’t have to answer. When her cheeks flushed red he knew, she in fact liked every dirty little thing he was doing to her body.

“Alright.” He sighed, “I will be patient, but I will have you tonight.”

He suddenly took the sheets in his hand and threw them from both their bodies as he rolled onto his side, still facing her. He even let her cross her arms over her breasts again and bring her knees up to cover herself. At this point he already knew what was there and didn’t necessarily need to see, she on the other hand, he felt, needed to see what was in store for her.

“Look at me Clara.” He stated.

Her eyes slowly met his, her blue frames still looking innocent under the heat of the situation, while his were dark and knowing, and she felt he was looking right through her as he offered a kind smile.

“There.” He said gently, “Now look at all of me… it’s alright girl, I want you to.”

Clara closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again she forced her gaze to look over his nude figure, his long legs, the modest muscles under the flesh of his torso, and his hardened appendage now firm against his belly. It seemed much larger than it had before and when she realized she was staring at it longer than she had anything else she quickly removed her eyes from it, and away from him.

“Do you understand what is going to happen?” Gabriel asked.

Clara nodded, knowing that before she died, her mother had given her a talk and instruction of what would happen after she was able to find a husband.

“Do you think you can collect yourself long enough for us to get on with it then?” he asked.

Clara wanted to scream, to beg, anything to be able to dress and have more time, but she had already given him a reluctant nod and he wasted no time sitting up and taking her thin knees into his hands. He pulled her legs down and carefully brought her arms to her sides. She didn’t struggle but she was still shaking. Gabriel simply smiled as he brushed the back of her hand over her neck and down her breasts, waiting to see how her body would react to him, and he was pleased to watch her nipples tighten. He started slowly by running his wet tongue over her breasts and down her belly stopping just before the blond curls. She became tense again, clenching her fists and feeling a bead of sweat run from her forehead.

“Remember Clara girl,” He said, “ You are certainly allowed to like this, even enjoy it.”

Clara closed her eyes and felt part of his weight gradually come over her again as he lifted her legs, spreading them wider so he could rest between them, and his hand found her wetness again. She felt his firm appendage rest against her belly and felt like she might struggle again, but she kept herself from doing so, knowing now that he was determined to have his way, and because he was owner, and she was property, he would get what he wanted. He brushed his face against hers, bringing her eyes to meet him again, and this time she found his eyes to be a good place to rest her gaze, they were instructing and welcoming. He brought his lips over hers and ran his tongue over the opening, gradually tempting her to part them before he slipped his tongue into her mouth and kissed her until her mouth reacted against his. He led his organ between her thighs and replaced his finger with the larger appendage, rubbing against her and bringing his hands to wander her body again as more of his weight came over her.

A groan escaped Gabriel and his declaration of arousal suddenly brought Clara to a panic again while he began to push into her pussy. He gave her no time to struggle this time, he was tired of waiting, so he pressed his kiss deep into her mouth and lifted her hips, shoving his erection into her with one deep movement and as he felt her tightness surround his organ he groaned as she let out a scream of pain. The dull ache seemed to surround Clara and her legs went numb, even as he lifted he knees and spread her feminine legs wider in an attempt to open her as he rested his organ deep inside of her, taking the time to get used to the sensation. Clara did not mean to cry, but she couldn’t help the tears that rolled from her eyes down the sides of her face and into her ears. She was just growing used to the feeling of him inside of her when he began to thrust in and out, firsts slowly, teasing himself and then at a more rapid pace, and with every entrance he sent soft cries from his property’s throat until eventually she gripped his shoulders with her small hands and brought her cries to silent gasps.

Gabriel lifted the small of her back to meet him and suckled her nipples again before bringing a hand to where their bodies met and as he thrust into her he took the time to rub her clit, the wetness of her body slipping between them. For Clara the experience was a blur, and it was quite abruptly when she realized the pain had faded and her body was expelling soft moans that echoed Gabriel’s. She was just beginning to enjoy the sensations, as he had given her permission to do, he suddenly gasped and his face became flushed as he pulled out of her and lifted her into his arms for a moment.

“Very well Clara girl,” he said, “You should be proud, now I am your teacher, I will teach you many things, but one more lesson for tonight. We will not be needing babies around for quite a while, so if you would turn onto your knees…”

Clara was confused as he guided her back to face him and eased her down onto her hands and knees, she glanced back timidly as he kneeled behind her, running his finger down the crack in her ass until he met the small ring and pushed the tip of his finger inside slowly, already coated with her juices. She gasped as he gave her time to feel the action and then he suddenly pushed his entire finger inside her rectum, circling as her arms shook and she gasped at the feeling.

“Don’t worry.” He insisted, “Our bodies are made for this, it is really very natural.”

Clara found nothing natural about it as she felt his hard appendage searching her bottom until he removed most of his finger, leaving just the tip in her rectum to guide his organ, and as he shoved it into her she couldn’t even move, frozen in alarm as there was more pain and she screamed again. He was easing his organ inside now, his hands tightly on her hips as he pulled her down his length and then slowly he began to thrust into her rectum and slowly the pain faded again and a strange new sensation took over her body. He brought his hand around her again and found her pussy and he gently stroked against it as he thrust at her. He began groaning louder now while Clara remained silent against the feeling until there was a pressure within she had never known before, building like fire as he touched her, and then she felt the current of her first orgasm and cried out loudly, sending her juices over his finger and clenching her rectum around his erection.

“God girl!” Gabriel cried out, but there was no disappointment in his voice as he thrust in harder until she felt his seed expel into her rectum and with the creamed liquid filling her ass she felt another explosion and the current overcame her again as her orgasm returned and sent her face down against her arms where she shook until he fell from her hole and came over her back with his arm, straightening her legs and pulling her against his body as he closed his eyes and rested. There was no need to pull up the sheets yet because they were both surrounded by heat and the air that was cooling their bodies felt well enough. Clara finally opened her eyes and realized he was looking at her, but after what they had just done she didn’t feel so required to lower her gaze, he only proved there was no need when he gently kissed her forehead.

“Very good girl.” He smiled, “I will be sure to teach you your next lesson soon enough, but now, we will have some of that sleep.”

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