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Friday Night w/ Cassie & Deb

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All I could think as I panted hard was my boss’s enormous cock shoved so tightly up my ass. I bounced on top of him as he reclined in his chair, all the blinds to his windows securely closed as we fucked hard during my Friday night shift. I leaned back, arching my back, thinking how sexy it was to know all the other girls sat right outside doing what they always do, taking calls, scheduling appointments, working out computer problems, taking orders, while I sat on a nice fat cock.

I played with my clit as he rammed in and out of me, all his screams buried in the nape of my neck. I could feel his teeth clamp down on the soft skin there as he restrained crying out, loving the feel of my tight ass around his impressive rod.

His strong fingers were wrapped nearly completely around my waist as he guided me through our anal fuck fest. I knew I was going to cum soon so I began rubbing faster, whispering to him, bouncing up and down on his dick, my titties jiggling from the force of our union. What a sight it would have been if someone would have come in the front door at that moment. The mere thought of it sent me over the edge.

I thrashed around on top of him, a scream stifled in my throat. One of his hands cupped the side of my neck, forcing me down as he stroked faster and harder into me. I could hear him grunt, I knew he wanted to yell out but he was afraid of us being caught. I grinned evilly as I reached back to kiss his neck, nibble at his ear and whisper, “You want to cum in that tight ass don’t you, Mr. Fisher?”

He made an affirmative moan, but that wasn’t what I wanted. “What?”

Again he moaned louder. “Come on, Mr. Fisher. Tell your baby girl how much you want to cum in her ass.”

He growled as he pumped in harder. I wiggled my ass against him, nudging him in even further. I thought his head was going to explode off his shoulders. He grunted and groaned and finally whispered, “I’m gonna cum.”

“You’re going to what?”

“I’m going to cum,” he said louder.

“I still didn’t hear you,” I teased mercilessly.

“I’m cumming!” he yelled, shoving himself deep inside of me for one final thrust. I could feel his cock twitch and jerk as he spent himself dry inside of my ass. I have to say, I really like that.

There was a knock at the door. “Is everything okay in there, Mr. Fisher?”

He nearly knocked me right off his lap. “I said I’m coming!” he yelled, a bit firmer than normal. I guess this scared the girl away because she said nothing further, and she certainly didn’t try to come in. As I swung away from him he slapped me hard on my backside. “You’re a naughty girl, Cassie,” he said, trying his best to be menacing. But how menacing can you be when you have a bare, half erect cock between your legs and a very satisfied grin on your face?

“That’s Cassie the Super Slut to you, Mr. Fisher,” I giggled as I pranced away. As I started to dress and he tucked away his little friend, he turned a mischievous glance my way.

“Does Cassie the Super Slut like surprises?”

I leaned across his desk, giving him a full view of my cleavage now packed tightly away in my halter top. “That depends. Is it an outey or an inney?”

“I can’t give too much away, then it wouldn’t be a surprise. Needless to say it’ll be something you haven’t had before.”

“You can’t be too sure. I’ve been a busy girl this last month.” And it was true. Between Mr. Fisher, Deb and my Daddy, I’d been fucked, sucked and twisted every which way. I couldn’t wait to see what the next month held.

“You forget, Cassie. I know everything there is to know about you. And I have a big surprise for you on Monday.”

I begged and I pleaded for him to tell me but he gently pushed me off of his desk and out the door. I guess I was just going to have to wait.

One thing Friday nights had come to mean since I began my promiscuous lifestyle was a weekly prowl to find my Long Haired Stranger who ate me out and left me hanging several weeks back. Deb and I had a ritual. We’d go straight to the club, try to find him and then we’d go fuck our brains out after getting so excited with all the teasing we managed to pull of while we were there.

Since Dad was out of town on business this weekend, I knew that tonight could possibly mean bringing someone else home, and the thought got me wet. I hadn’t had new dick since Mr. Fisher, and even though I wanted to hold out for my mystery man I knew I was long overdue for a good fucking from a total stranger. Just a nameless fuck you can jot down in your diaries as a hot anonymous encounter. Deb and I had thought it all out and decided this weekend was the one.

I passed her desk on the way back to my cubicle, and she gave me a knowing grin. Although she hadn’t yet asked, I knew that eventually she wanted to be included in my workplace affair. At the moment, Mr. Fisher only wanted to deal with me. I felt bad for her, because I knew she’d worship his cock just like I did. I could wear him down, but it was going to take time.

As the night wore on, I logged into my dating website. I hadn’t gone there right after I got together with Daddy, just simply because he had filled everything I was looking for. But I also realized that there was a wealth of untapped potential out there, and I had an itching for something new. Namely, something dark.

It all happened when I went to change my profile from hot virgin to my new Super Slut status. I browsed the new member gallery and I found an enormous black dick that had my name written all over it. And the guy’s gallery had nothing but him and white women, tiny pink pussies that could barely cover that immense erection. I started looking at interracial porn and I got so hot to find a black guy so I could watch his big dark meat slide in and out of my pretty pink hole. I wanted to watch big black fingers cup my breasts and tweak my nipples. I wanted to run my hands down that glossy, ebony skin, etched out of mahogany.

I wrote him immediately, and he had responded. He wasn’t local but he was job hunting in the area, and had wanted to find some playmates to hook up with while he was interviewing for jobs. He was waiting a callback on one of his resumes, and I couldn’t wait to hear when he was coming to town. It was a shame it wasn’t this weekend. The more I thought about that monster rod, the more I wanted to fuck it ASAP. I glanced through his photos again, itching to play with myself but unable to get away with it. I squirmed in my chair and counted the minutes.

Deb and I made a beeline for the club the second after the shift ended. We didn’t even talk to each other, we both were women on a mission. The minute we plowed through the doors, each of us scanned the room for Mr. (or Miss) Right. She patted me on my arm and pointed toward a hot guy on the dance floor. “You get the drinks. I’ll get him.”

I laughed and patted her ass as she glided away. I made my way through the wall of bodies that stood between me and the bar, paying special attention to grind suggestively against anyone that looked enticing. I also made a point of “innocently” brushing my hand against men’s crotches – trying to find the diamond in the rough.

It was a fruitless journey on the way to the bar. I screamed my order at the bartender over the pulsating music, and then turned to face the crowd. I had both elbows on the bar, and my already low-cut shirt dipped lower. I nearly swallowed my tongue as I caught glimpse of long dark hair slicked back into a sleek ponytail.

Completely forgetting the drinks I wove through the crowd, following what I hoped would be my mystery man. Would fate really smile upon me to take HIM home? I nearly swooned at the thought.

Bodies kept jumping into my line of vision, but I kept forging on. I could see that hair, I knew it was him. I just knew it. Finally as if on cue the crowd parted and I saw him leaning up against the far end of the bar, flanked by two exotic beautiful women. One was Asian, wearing a slip of a top that managed to cover up areolas but showing the rest of her skin. Her tight leather pants clung to her petite frame, and wearing those heels she managed not to disappear next to him. Her hair was long, black and gleaned like silk. Her almond eyes were painted with dark colors like black and green, and her heart shaped lips were bright red.

The other woman was an African Goddess. Her body was deliciously curved, her hips full, her breasts heavy and her skin the color of melted chocolate. I loved the way the curls from her genie pony tail cascaded down her back, a mixture of red, black and streaks of gold. Her dress came just below her ass, made up of gold sequins that molded to each liquid curve of her body.

I froze in my tracks, unable to move toward them even though they were all staring at me. He had an arm around each of them, but that erection he sported in his trousers belonged to me, and we all knew it. He bent to whisper something to each of them and they nodded in unison before heading my way. I stayed rooted to the spot as they took either side of me, their long fingernails traveling up my body. I glanced one more time at the mystery man, whose eyes were so intense I nearly came on the spot. I could almost feel his thundering heartbeat as both girls pressed against my sides, grinding against me suggestively to the music.

My head fell back as I got lost in their movements. I could feel their breasts pressed against me, their erect nipples giving away how hot they were for me. I groaned a bit as they turned me around, and I was facing the Asian Beauty. I felt the curves of the African Goddess against my back as the Asian Beauty danced so close I could feel her breath on my skin.

I could sense the other dancers around us had stopped dancing, forming a circle around us. The African Goddess lifted my arms high, her knees bending mine in rhythm of the dance. The Asian Beauty drew close enough to kiss me, and even though her tongue licked her own luscious lips she never touched me. I was as turned on as if she had.

The Asian Beauty began to run her fingers down either side of my torso, pressing in closer to me and wiggling herself in where there was bare skin on my chest. I could feel her nipples against mine as her hands rested on either side of my hips. I moaned as she finally closed the gap and her tongue ran around my open lips. I tried to kiss her back but she withdrew and swung me around to the Black Goddess. She moved back a bit to start a very slow and sexy shimmy that waved that magnificent bosom just within reach. I loved the way her hips moved in her dance, I could tell she was a tigress in the bedroom. I would have loved to find out.

From behind me the Asian Beauty’s hands dipped down between my legs, rubbing the skin at the hem of my short skin. Her mouth was against my ear, her tongue dancing around the rim. Her fingers were just inches from my dripping wet pussy, and crowd be damned I wanted to feel her inside me more than anything.

Well almost. My African Goddess danced closer, her body enticing me to explore it with my moist tongue. She went in for a kiss but before our lips could meet she withdrew and swirled me around to face the Asian Beauty. They both pressed up against me, and my African Goddess slipped a hand in between I’m not sure if anyone saw. As my Asian Beauty and I ground against each other, the African goddess began rubbing against our crotches, magically finding an eager clit on both sides. Our movements grew frenzied as we all rubbed together. My head fell back on my African Goddess’s shoulders as the Asian Beauty began to explore my neck with her tongue. Before I knew it I was cumming hard, right there on the dance floor. There was so much movement and so much noise, I had to wonder if anyone but my two dance partners were even aware. As the music ended and my two lovelies returned to the mystery man, I knew at least one did.

Like a torrent, bodies filled in the gap between me and them again, and when I finally pushed through I realized that they were nowhere to be found. I went to where they had been and found a napkin under one of their drinks. Upon closer examination I realized it read “Luscious”, and had an address. I had to wonder if my mystery man had just been careless, or if he indeed left me a clue that would bring me one step closer to tasting that gorgeous cock.

A hand fell upon my shoulder, but it wasn’t the mystery man as I hoped it would be. It was someone who was probably not your movie star handsome, but he had a great smile and very kind eyes. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said and he extended his hand. “My name’s Michael.”

“Cassie,” I smiled, returning the favor.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I hesitated, looking out onto the floor.

“They left,” he supplied. My eyes shot to his.

“You know who they are?”

“You don’t?”

I shook my head. He looked incredulous. “They only come once in a while to find new talent. Looks like he has it bad for you.”

“New talent?”

Michael nodded, and accepted his drink from the bartender. “You sure you don’t want a drink?”

I turned more toward him then. “A cosmo.”

“How very Sex in the City,” he teased and I couldn’t help but laugh. A bit shorter than most guys I’d been after, he did have a fun attitude. And he knew stuff about my mystery man that could help me get the prize of all. “So who are they?”

Just then Deb broke in and sized up my companion. She’d missed the dance completely, and she looked like she’d come up dry on the dance floor. “I struck out. He’s engaged and he’s faithful.”

I gave her a wink. “The worst kind.”

She glanced back at Michael. “So who’s your friend?”

“This is Michael,” I offered. “He bought my drink.”

Michael was still ogling Deb in her super tight pantsuit. “Would you like a cosmo too?”

“That’s too sweet,” she purred as she leaned across him to reach for his glass of straight whiskey. She downed it in one gulp and returned it to its spot, making sure to brush and tease as she did.

Michael held up his hand to indicate two more just like that one to the bartender. I couldn’t help but laugh. Deb had clearly made her choice. And he looked like just the kind of guy to appreciate two hot girls taking him home for a good double header.

Little did I know we were the lucky ones. We actually sat together and talked, sometimes sexy, sometimes not, but it was always fun and entertaining. He grew cuter by the minute. He had us in stitches by the time I was on my fourth cosmo, and before I could grab it he snatched it from me so he could pluck the maraschino cherry from the ice.

He popped the cherry off the stem and fed that to Deb, who put her full lips around it just like she couldn’t wait to do to his cock. Then he slipped the stem in his mouth. In no time flat he returned it, tied neatly into a knot. I could see Deb inch ever closer to him. She was a sucker for oral and I knew she was about two seconds from asking him to leave. “That’s a neat trick,” she murmured, gazing longingly at his lips.

“When you have a tongue like this,” he said and opened his mouth to unfurl quite possibly the longest tongue I’d ever seen in my life – one that might even put Gene Simmons to shame, “you get to learn all kinds of neat tricks.”

My hand went up as quick as a shot. “Bartender. Check please!”

We all tumbled through the hotel door, a bit tipsy and a lot horny. He had his hands on both of us and we were undressing him as quick as we could. We learned quickly that not only was his tongue impressive, but Mr. Happy was a big boy too. It was all Deb could stand. She dropped to her knees to unveil that sexy meat, and Michael grabbed me for a scorching kiss. It literally felt like he was fucking my mouth and I groaned deep in my throat.

Deb heard me and mimicked my moan against his hard shaft. He sat at the edge of the bed, and laid on his back. I watched Deb as she leaned over that impressive cock. Michael caressed my leg where I stood. “You know what you want to do,” he murmured.

I crawled over the bed to straddle his face with both knees. I felt both his hands cup my ass cheeks as he dove that incredible tongue in between my slippery folds, flicking across the hard little nubbin nestled therein. I shuddered against him, and watched Deb lick the expanse of his enormous erection. I began to grind against him when I watched her mouth slide around the cock head and then slip all the way to his balls. My girl Deb could deep throat like nobody I knew. And it turned me on to watch her work her magic on Michael’s dick. I could see his hips rise to thrust further into her mouth, and as his thick tongue slipped inside my hungry pussy to the rhythm to Deb’s blowjob, I thought I was going to cum right there.

I cried out as the passion overtook me, cumming hard in his mouth as I watched them beneath me. It was so forceful that I collapsed against his stomach, looking eye to eye with Deb. She lifted up slowly and then ran her tongue down one side of his cock. I obliged the other. Both of our tongues bathed his straining cock, pausing only to kiss around the cock head. He groaned into my pussy before delivering a full assault on my clit with his tongue. He flicked it this way and that, making me crazy. I helped blow him as long as I could, but before long all I could think about was his mouth on my hot cunt. When he sucked my clit full into his mouth I began to scream. Deb began to jack Michael off as I came again and again. She aimed that cock toward my open mouth and pumped his meat faster and faster until it spewed white love juice all over my mouth.

I slipped over to the other side of him so he could watch her lick and kiss away his spunk from my mouth. His hand went to his cock, slowly massaging it as he watched us. We kissed and fondled for a moment more before I pushed her gently back onto the bed. Michael understood and immediately took his place between her legs. Her eyes widened as his snake of a tongue worked in and around her ready pussy.

For a double assault I began to suck her hard nipples, with one eye toward Michael to watch what he was doing. It was almost, but not quite, as sexy to watch him work his magic as it was to feel it. My hand went to my pussy to play while I sucked away at her tit and watched him fuck her with his tongue.

He kept his eyes on me as he did it, which made me hotter. He slipped his tongue around her hard clit quicker and quicker until she was cumming hard underneath me. Not missing a beat he shoved his tongue inside her bringing her to a second, explosive orgasm. Then it was his fingers, inside her fucking her fast while his mouth covered her clit and he sucked her off powerfully. Deb was incoherent by the time he was done, and as he reached up I could see his dick had grown stiff once again. I knew what he could do about that.

I turned over onto my knees, baring my ass for him. He positioned himself behind me and began to tease me with the head of his cock. He rubbed it against me, dipping in just an inch but never all the way in. I was whimpering I wanted him so much, but he was the one in control of this game. No matter how much I ground back against him, no matter how wet he could tell I was he was going to fuck me when he was good and ready. I felt him move away, although his hands stayed on my ass. Next thing I knew that tongue was flicking away at my clit again and I was so hot I shuddered. He began to do with his tongue what he’d done with his cock. I was going insane.

“Fuck me,” I begged. He clamped his mouth over my clit, sucking me hard until I almost came, and then he withdrew. What was it with the teases tonight? I felt his fingers dip in just a bit, gently rimming my hole, and I could feel an ache deep inside my pussy. “I have to feel you inside me,” I groaned.

He used his tongue again to replace his fingers, and when he drew his attention back to my clit again I thought I’d pass out. This time there was no teasing, he worked his tongue across my clit so fast and hard I was cumming before either of us knew it, and right in the middle of my climax I felt him shift and suddenly his cock filled me up. He shoved in so hard and so deep that went immediately from one orgasm to the next. He thrust in and out of me so fast I knew that his teasing had tortured not only me. He wanted to cum just as bad as I wanted to. And he fucked me like a man possessed – just the way I like it.

Deb positioned herself under me to watch him fuck the shit out of me, and I roughly shoved her legs apart and dived in for a taste of that sweet pussy. I mimicked everything I saw Michael do, and she responded by rubbing my clit as he rode me harder. She had me cumming again, screaming out in her cunt as she exploded all around my tongue. Just then Michael delivered a ferocious roar and buried himself balls deep. I gripped his cock with my pussy muscles, milking him of all his cum.

He staggered as he stepped off the bed, and then fell in a heap next to us. He turned to drape an arm around both of us. “That was fucking fantastic.”

“Or fantastic fucking,” I shot back. He laughed. And to think. I wasn’t even going to consider taking him home. I was so glad Deb had enough sense for both of us. All I had hoped for was information on my mystery man. What I got instead was a new fuck buddy who would unlock yet another door to my libido I had no idea was there.

And best yet, he was affectionate too. Both Deb and I responded to his gentle caresses by responding in kind. We all lay there touching, kissing and talking softly.

After a respectable moment had passed I managed to pose the question about the mystery man. “So think I have enough talent for your mysterious friend?”

He propped up on one elbow and smiled at me. “Depends on how much you like to dance naked.”

My eyes widened. “Luscious is a strip club?” “Not only A strip club,” Deb interjected. “THE strip club. The cream of the crop – the highest paid dancers, the most exclusive clientele.”

I laid back in Michael’s and Deb’s arms, listening to them talk about what people talk about after a marathon orgasm fest we’d just had.

All I could think about was the mystery man. And now I knew how to get him.

I’d play his game.

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