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French Country Girls

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Midlife crisis in men is a myth. What happens is that the wife starts nearing her menopause and the change in her hormones drives him out. My wife is ten years my junior at forty-five and just getting started. What used to be just PMS is now a full-blown psychotic episode. About a week or so before her not so regular period it gets so bad that she actually throws me out. I love the woman dearly but she really pushes the old “in sickness and in health” clause.

Since this all started, I’ve become a regular about once a month, at a downtown hotel. After a few days I’ll call home and the little woman apologizes and asks me back. All is happiness and bliss until the next episode. It gets real tiresome.

On the last occasion I decided to walk down to Old Town and have a nice dinner at one of the better restaurants. Old Town is located on the other side of the freeway from the main downtown section and is accessed through a shopping mall and a park-like underpass. On that particular Sunday afternoon the park strip and walkway was populated with the usual skater punks, bums looking for handouts and mall rats just kicking back. As I strolled along, a young woman, a girl, actually, stepped out in front of me and with head bowed asked in a heavy accent for spare change. I was used to getting hassled by the bums for money but this girl was dressed nice and seemed well groomed. “My cousin and I,” she said pointing to a waif of a girl setting on the stone wall looking all downhearted, “we have been, how you say, molested?”

“Have you reported this to the police?” I asked.

“They do not seem interested,” she said. “Our luggage and our passports have been stolen. The French Consulate will not be open until Tuesday because of your American holiday. Until then, we have no place to stay or nothing to eat.”

How could a man refuse that cherubic face and those big green eyes framed in a tousle of blond curls? “I am on my way to dinner. Would you and your friend care to join me?”

“Oh oui! We have had nothing to eat since yesterday. I will tell Gidget.” Gidget? I hadn’t heard that name since I was a teenager. The little beauty ran over to her friend and jabbered away at her while tugging her hand until the girl reluctantly agreed. Gidget was a tiny little thing not much over five feet tall with long coltish legs, a tiny round butt and pointed tea-cup breasts that poked at her thin blouse, obviously unhampered by a bra. Her face was just as round and sweet as the blonde’s, surrounded in a fluff of straight dark hair that made her blue eyes seem even bluer. “Monsieur,” the little blond said to me, “this is Gidget, and I am Monique.”

“Glad to meet you. My name is George. Aren’t you girls a little young to be traveling in a foreign country on your own?” I asked as we walked.

“We are both in University,” Gidget answered. “I am nearly nineteen and my cousin was eighteen last month.” I must be getting old, I thought to myself. These girls looked so young.

“We had to see your famous California before school started again,” Monique continued. “There is no place in the world like it we have heard.”

“Oh oui,” Gidget cut in. “The beaches are magnifique and the Swiss have nothing like your Yosemite.”

“Well, you’re in luck,” I said. “My favorite restaurant in Old Town specializes in California cuisine.” I had made reservations for one but there was no problem seating the extra guests.

Gidget and Monique decided to share a meal saying that American restaurants serve too much food and they didn’t want to be a burden on me. While they picked at their shared salad and ooh’ed and aah’ed at the succulent tid-bits torn from the half of broiled chicken they recounted their journey from the beaches of Southern California, through Yosemite and San Francisco and finally my fair city. Even in the face of what had happened to them they were still bubbly and looked to be full of mischief like two little wood nymphs, or should I say a wood nymph, Monique, and a pixie, Gidget.

“Do you have a place to stay the night?” I asked.

“The Police gave us the address of a shelter, but it was full,” Gidget said.

“So we can make due with the freeway over pass,” Monique added. “It is still summer so it is not too cold.”

“Technically today is the first day of autumn and it is too cold, not to mention dangerous for two young women to be out all night. We’ll just have to see about you getting a room. I’d like the opportunity to show you that not all Americans are monsters.”

“That is no good either,” Monique said.

“Monique has memorized her credit card number and we tried every place of lodging in town and tried to make reservations to find them all full until tomorrow night,” Gidget said.

I thought briefly of taking the girls by the house and letting them camp in the living room but I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to my hormonally confused, (read psychotic), wife. I didn’t want to go near the place. Tell you what let’s do then,” I said. “How about if I let you stay in my room?” If worse came to worse I could always go home and crash on the couch and deal with my darling bride.

“Oh we wouldn’t want to impose…” Monique started to say.

“I’ve got kids of my own and I feel very paternal towards you. No way I’m going to let you stay out in the elements with only the clothes on your back.”

“You are too kind Monsieur. How can we ever thank you?” For a fleeting moment the dirty old man in me took over my mind but common decency took back over when I realized that these two little beauties were younger than my two sons, either one of which would be falling all over himself to get into their sweet panties. Little did I know at that time that those sweet panties were non existent.

The girls declined dessert so we headed straight to a nearby drug store to pick up some basic toiletries before going back to my hotel. I figured to let them get settled in then maybe have the front desk send up a couple of rollaway cots. I had barely closed the door to my room by the time both Monique and Gidget were bouncing their tight little butts on the king-sized bed. They were both agreeing that there was more than enough room for all three of us.

“Wait a minute…” I stammered. “Neither of you have pajamas and I don’t think we would be comfortable sleeping in our clothes.”

“Oh, it is of no never mind,” Monique said. “We are used to sleeping in nothing all together.”

“Our whole family stays the summer in France at nudists colonies,” Gidget added. “Being without clothes is natural. You Americans are so, how you say, uptight about your bodies and sex?”

“We should all shower if we are to sleep in one bed,” Monique said. “I feel too stinky to be close to anyone.”

I thought they both smelled wonderful. The room was totally full of the heady scent of healthy young women. I stood there agape with awe as the two began stripping off their clothes. Monique merely pulled her blouse over her head revealing a luscious pair of breasts topped with pink gumdrop nipples. She then turned around to support herself with a hand on the dresser as she wiggled out of her tight jeans exposing her tight heart shaped ass and the succulent muffin of her sex peeking out between her strong thighs.

Gidget was sitting on the edge of the bed tugging off her jeans. I was amazed at the thickness of her dark bush. The ebony curls appeared to be in waves completely hiding the seam of her pussy. Once her pants were finally off, she pulled her top over her head and stood proudly before me, the hardened nipples of her tiny, teacup tits pointing upward. “Come, take off your clothes, it feels so free and wonderful,” she said.

“We can all shower together,” Monique said. “It will save hot water.” At that they both started unbuttoning my shirt and tugging at my belt buckle. As the two unceremoniously relieved me of my clothing the feelings of paternity I had felt earlier completely dissolved. “Oooh, look” Monique crooned as she looked at my stiffening sex. “You are now more like a naughty uncle than a papa!”

“Hell, I could be your grandpa!” I said.

“Naughty uncles are so much more fun,” Gidget said as she lightly stroked my shaft.

“And this one is so, how you say? Cuddly?” Monique added as she hugged me from behind, pressing her firm tits into my back. Yeah, cuddly I thought to myself. At five feet, seven, I was at least thirty pounds over-weight and the bottom two of my seven inches were buried in fat. Monique stepped around in front of me to help Gidget pull me towards the shower and looked down at her prize. “Ooh, Gidget, c’est non ad grosse,” she said.

“Oui,” Gidget whispered as she lightly stroked her fingers over her thick muff.

“That’s not fair,” I said. “What did you say?”

“We shall see, maybe later,” Monique said as she continued pulling me towards the bathroom. In a matter of minutes the bathroom was full of steam from the hot shower and the three of us were under the spray. Monique wet a wash cloth and soaped it up then began scrubbing my back. “This is so much more fun than showering by your self, non?” she said.

Gidget pulled another wash cloth from the rack and after soaping it up began on my chest. “This way we can wash each other and not miss a spot,” she giggled. As Monique worked her washcloth down over my butt and started on the back of my thighs, Gidget knelt down on the rubber pad and began working her way up the front of my legs. Monique reached the crack of my ass just as Gidget began circling around my sex with the soapy washcloth, not quite touching it but working up a considerable lather. Monique’s curvaceous slippery body pressed into my back as she wrapped her arm around my chest and the soap slickened finger of her other hand found its way deeper between my butt cheeks. Gidget spread the lather she had made over my balls and stroked it out the length of my hardened cock. “Oui,” she moaned softly. “C’est parfaure.”

Needless to say, my sexual adventures as of late had been next to nil and the stimulation of two beautiful young girls having their way with my body was too much. Gidget made two more light strokes over my previously neglected hard on and I shot a load right past her face to leave two long ropes of sticky goo clinging to the plastic wall of the shower stall. Monique slid around to my front and pulled my head down to her and no sooner than our lips met she was probing my mouth with her hot little darting tongue. Without loosing her soapy grip, Gidget stood next to her cousin and on her tip toes took her turn tonguing my mouth, all the while the two of them sliding their soap slickened bodies over me. For the first time as far back as I could remember, my cock stayed at full attention even after the load I had just blown.

Gidget handed me her wash cloth and turned her back to me. I took the hint and began soaping her shoulders then worked my way down. To have my hands on such firm female flesh was beyond anything I could imagine. Her tiny little bottom was what dreams are made of, so round and tight and it just shimmered with vibration as my hands moved over it. She reached behind her, and taking my hands moved them around to soap her perky little breasts as she pressed her butt up against my throbbing hard on. I was in seventh heaven as I worked her nipples to hard little points.

Monique stood in front of her and pressing herself into her cousin kissed her on the lips. As my hands busied themselves wrapped around Gidget and working the soap over Monique’s luscious curves, Monique found my cock and began fondling it as it pressed into Gidget’s back. The girls traded places so that my cock was now pressing in between the full round globes of Monique’s butt and I was soaping her full firm tits. Gidget took my hands and placed one on her muff and guided the other to her cousin’s blond furry pussy. Gidget’s thick dark muff was now parted by her slippery labia and my finger found the little nubbin of her clitoris. She moaned and pressed herself into my caress while kissing her cousin. To be fair I was doing the same to Monique, much to my enjoyment.

Just as both girls began moaning in unison and their bodies started to tremble, Monique leaned forward to suckle her cousin’s nipples. As she did, she went up on tiptoes and the head of my cock slid down between her butt cheeks to rest right at the slippery entrance of her sex. With a loud “OH!” she pushed back and my shaft slid into her to the hilt. I felt Gidget’s soft hand gently grip my balls as Monique’s sheath gripped me as only my fist had ever done. I pulled out slightly and shoved back into the blond and pink bit of heaven and Gidget was at my side, her finger in my butt and her tongue halfway down my throat. Monique gripped the side of the tub, leaning down further and began slamming herself down on me with wild abandon. With one hand gripping Monique’s hip and the other wrapped around Gidget’s waist as she kissed me and rubbed her hard little tits against my body, I could feel the volcanic tingle start at my toes and work its way up towards a Krakatoan eruption. Monique’s hot pussy tightened its grip even more as her body went into an orgasmic spasm and white lights flashed in my head as she pulled me along with her.

Somehow, Gidget managed to guide Monique and me under the spray of hot water to rinse us all off. It took a minute or two for me to get my senses and realize what the towel was for. Then as the girls dried me off in a most sensuous manner, I had the delight of running towels over their curvaceous little bodies. I want to tell you that those little lovelies were completely dry when I finished.

Monique took me by the hand and led me to the bed with Gidget close behind. Once we were comfortable with me in between the two of them, Monique rolled to her side and kissed me tenderly. “We have a secret,” she said. “Gidget has never had a man inside her.”

“Oh I have tried,” Gidget said. “But the boys were always too big.”

“And too eager,” Monique added. “Poor thing, she would always get hurt.”

“I have since been afraid,” Gidget said. “But you, George, seem to me to be different. You know more of what you are doing with a girl and are so gentle.”

“I’m not any less eager, just patient. Beauty such as you girls must be savored and appreciated to the fullest measure. Something like this is more than likely to never happen to me again.”

“I promised I would help Gidget when we found someone perfect,” Monique said as she reached down and gently fondled my still nearly hard cock. “Your sex would be not too big for her.” For once in my life I was glad that I was not hung like the young studs I had always envied at the health club.

Monique kissed her way down to my nipples while rubbing her firm mounds over my inflamed flesh as Gidget leaned up and kissed the side of my neck. Monique continued down until I could feel her hot lips encircle the head of my cock. Gidget came up on one elbow and looked me deep in the eyes before pressing her full pouty lips to mine. After an exchange of tongues that left us both breathless, she moved down to join her cousin. I now had two tight round teenage butts facing my direction complete with their soft furry sex muffins peeking mischievously from between their thighs, begging to be fondled. The sensations coming from my southern region were incredible and the view of their southern regions prompted me to participate in the giving of sensual pleasures.

While running my fingers through the slippery folds of Monique’s compact muffin I managed to maneuver myself under the apex of Gidget’s thighs so that my face was only inches away from her dark furry cunt. The aroma of a fresh sea breeze peppered with a slight hint of spice wafted to my nostrils and the view of her bright pink labia peeking through the thick curls only invited me up for a taste. “Oh Oui!” she moaned as I ran my tongue into her succulent crease. She pressed down on my lingular caress and I sucked the nubbin of her clitoris between my lips and ran the tip of my tongue over it. Gidget’s sweet tangy juices were running down my cheeks as I probed the opening of her sex with a finger. I knew then why all the boys she had been with were too big. One finger barely fit into her tiny sheath!

I slid two fingers in and out of Monique’s tight pussy while tormenting her extended clit with my thumb as I relished the scent and flavor of Gidget’s succulent flower. Soon both of them were moaning in the throes of another orgasm, their attention to my extended member completely forgotten. Not being able to stand the exquisite sensations any further, Gidget rolled off of me as her body continued to spasm. With one hand still gripping my throbbing hard on, Monique leaned over my body and kissed her cousin then helped her to turn back around facing me and positioned her stradiling my torso. As the little dark haired beauty pressed her quivering body onto mine I could feel Monique guide the head of my cock along Gidget’s slippery crease to the opening of her sex. Monique straddled my legs behind Gidget and still gripping my shaft in her soft hand, leaned forward and whispered something in Gidget’s ear. Gidget pressed down and the head of my cock slipped past her slippery folds into the gripping orifice. She eased up a bit then pressed back down, taking a bit more of me into her. I could feel Monique’s fingers separating Gidget’s swollen labia to ease my entry as my shaft pressed into the tight arpeture. I ran my hands down the sensuous curve of Gidget’s back and over her firm round bottom as she undulated her hips and moaned softly in my ear. Little by little more of my throbbing shaft became engulfed in the tight velvet glove of her cunt as she slowly became accustomed to the exquisite intrusion. Even though she was quite lubricated the resistance probably would have bent my cock if Monique hadn’t been holding it and guiding it in.

I held Gidget’s tight little body to me and kissed and fondled her as she wriggled and squirmed on my rigid shaft. When my cock was finally buried deep in her hot gripping orifice and I could feel the orgasmic spasms coursing through her body, she sat upright taking all of me into her until her pussy lips were stretched around the base of my cock. “Oh, Mon Dieu!” she gasped. “Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu!” she said again as she rubbed her hard little clit against my chubby pelvis. I reached up and cupped her tight little titties in my hands and gently pinched her nipples into fine points then leaned up and suckled them one at a time. Monique was hugging her cousin from behind and once Gidget became used to my cock in her, Monique encouraged her to lift up and plunge down on it again. Gasping for breath, Gidget continued stroking her tight little cunt up and down my cock. If I hadn’t come twice already I probably would have blown my nuts right then.

I was on the verge when Monique moved around and with my help straddled my face while kissing and fondling her cousin. Her pussy lips were swollen, giving me perfect access to her creamy slit and the hard knot of her clitoris. The tip of my nose poked at the musky pucker of her asshole as I probed my tongue as deep as it would go into her dripping orifice. Then as she undulated her hips backward my nose slipped into the ambrosia of her cunt and I sucked the sensitive nubbin between my lips to flick it with my tongue. Both girls were moaning into each other’s mouths as their bodies rocked with simultaneous orgasms.

Gidget rolled off to the side with a loud “OH!” as she convulsed in ecstasy and Monique moved down, still facing my feet, and impaled herself on my throbbing hard on. I cannot begin to tell you what a delight it was to watch that tight round bottom bounce up and down as my raging cock cleaved her blond furry muffin over and over again. She leaned back while pressing herself down on my cock and began rocking back and forth as she began to quiver and all her muscles tightened up. Then with a high pitched squeal she exploded with a climax.

No sooner had Monique rolled to the side, her body wracked with spasms, than Gidget was in my arms peppering my face with kisses. I had been on the brink of coming several times as the girls took their pleasures and I really wanted more of Gidget’s tight little pussy. I rolled over on top of her as she parted her legs to accommodate me and the head of my cock slid into her crease and bumped against her hard little clit. I reached down and ran it up and down between her swollen pussy lips then found the opening of her sex and pressed in. She raised her legs to take in more and a cry escaped her mouth as I pulled out slightly and pressed in again. Even though she was still dripping it still took several strokes, each one going deeper until I was fully engulfed in her gripping cunt. I started with short strokes until Gidget became reacquainted with the sensation and began rocking her pelvis up and down in time with my strokes. Soon I was stroking my cock full length, pulling out until only the head was in her then thrusting back in all the way to grind into her puffy pussy lips. I went faster and faster with Gidget squirming and thrusting under me. “Bon! Tre’s bien! Mon Dieu! Oh!” she moaned. Each stroke felt like a pump building an orgasmic pressure in me until I could hold back no longer. The tingling ecstasy began at my toes and head and rattled through my body then built until I exploded in a raging climax and pumped my seedless cum deep in side her gripping arpeture.

Spasms wracked my body as I tried to catch my breath and Gidget, with her legs wrapped around me continued wriggling and squirming under me and stroking her hot pussy on my throbbing hard on until she had milked every drop out of me. “Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu! OH Mon Dieu! C’est Magnifique!” she moaned in my ear while kissing my face all over.

“See, I told you it would be good, non?” Monique said as she wrapped herself around us.

“George, my naughty uncle, I could be a slave to your body,” Gidget said. “You felt so wonderful. Never have I had climax that good.”

“Or so often,” Monique added. “The boys who we have been with come too soon and are done.”

“This is all too good to be true,” I said as I snuggled the two lovelies close to me. “I will probably wake tomorrow morning to find this has all been an incredible wet dream.”

“No Monsieur,” Monique said, “You will find two French country girls in your bed.”

“With our lips around your petit cadeau,” Gidget said as she fondled my sticky sex.

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