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Frat House

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Several years ago I attended a small southern college. Our fraternity house was adorned with a statue of our mascot and a favorite campus prank was to paint it. It was general knowledge on campus that those caught would be shaved bald and though the mascot was often painted, rarely was the culprit apprehended. The alternative was calling the police and even though it amounted to only malicious mischief, a criminal record was a criminal record.

In the wee hours of a Sunday morning, three of the brothers were returning to the house when they collided with two people running through the back gate. One look at the statue told the tale and the two were grabbed and hauled inside. The house was awakened and court was convened.

The Master of the house presided at the “trial” and the brothers formed the jury. Both “defendants” pled guilty since they had been caught at the scene with the paint in their hands. Both were also women and they both knew the penalty.

Sue was a tall blond with short, straight hair and a defiant look on her face. Judy, a slightly shorter girl with dark features, was in tears. She began pleading to be released and almost became hysterical. The “judge” tried to calm her down and explained the punishment and the need to enforce it. “After all, it’s only hair.” he said. “It’ll grow back.”

Judy reached behind her and pulled out two clips. Shaking her head, we all watched as her hair cascaded over her shoulders and down beyond her waist. It was like silk and no one could even imagine cutting it all off. It was just beautiful.

The “judge” invited Judy “into chambers”, our coat closet, for a quick conference. Sue, meanwhile, was muttering for us to get on with it. She also had some choice names for us and our proceedings.

The Master returned, leaving Judy with the Sergeant at Arms in the hall just outside the main room. and returned. Sue sat in a wooden chair and the “judge” resumed his position on the small stage. Sue cursed us, calling us just about everything you could think of. The Master turned to her and looking her square in the eye she quieted down. “You have admitted your guilt, and we have it on video. You are sentenced to have your head shaved.” Again Sue began to curse us.

The “judge” turned to her and said, “You need not have your head shaved. There are alternatives.” Sue quieted down. “If you refuse to have your head shaved, you can be turned over to the police but you will wind up with a criminal record,” he pronounced. Again she started to curse. “Or….,” he started. And again Sue quieted down. “You can agree to go down on the all the brothers.”

“You wish,” she hissed as she looked defiantly at him.

“Your choice,” he said softly.

“Some choice,” she hissed. The “judge” waited silently as did all the brothers. Sue ran her fingers through her short hair. The master looked at the back of the room and one of the brothers opened the door and the Sergeant at Arms entered with Judy. He walked her down the side of the room and sat her down in a wooden chair and held her arm.

“The sentence for the crime of defacing the house mascot is for the prisoner to have her head shaved,” the “judge” announced. “The sentence will be carried out by our licensed barber,” he continued and then the lights in the main part of the room were dimmed.

Sue was led up onto the small stage before the brothers. I was the licensed barber and I got to carry out the sentence. Usually the guilty were guys and I would give them a quick clip and out they’d go. This was different.

First, I combed Sue’s hair back and with several quick passes of the electric clippers her soft, blond hair lay on the floor. Sue started to get up when the “judge” informed her, “that the sentence has not been completed.” The angry, young woman sat back down as I surveyed my work. Then full shaving materials were brought in. This was new but I got the idea.

I wrapped Sue’s head with a hot towel and then applied hot lather to her shorn scalp and skillfully shaved her entire head. I then wrapped her bald head with a cold towel before wiping her shiny scalp clean. She looked strange but kind of beautiful or perhaps, exotic.

The Master asked the brothers to line up for inspection, to verify that the sentence had been properly carried out. This was also something new but everyone lined up. Sue was led to another chair, this one a canvas backed bar stool, turned with its back to the audience. She sat in the chair and placed her hands on the wooden arms. Two brothers stood on either side of her and held her arms to the chair as the brothers began to approach her. In turn, each brother came forward and ran a hand over Sue’s smooth scalp. A few leaned forward and kissed her bald head. Each brother got a nice view down the front of her tank top as he leaned over her for inspection. The young beauty gritted her teeth and endured the humiliation of what had happened to her. Sue was given a scarf and shown out of the house as she cursed us.

The Master then announced that Judy had “thrown herself on the mercy of the court” and that her plea had been accepted and an alternate sentence had been suggested since her hair was so very special and that she had accepted the conditions put to her. “The alternate sentence may not meet the letter of the law, but it certainly met the spirit of it.” he announced.

“The court is warned to keep absolutely silent after the reading of the sentence. Anyone who breaks the silence will be removed from the court,” he warned. This too, was something new, but the brothers realized that something was up. He knew that the beautiful, young girl was already terrified and didn’t want to freak her out all together. “The prisoner will be shaved bald, in keeping with the prescribed punishment. That is, everywhere except for her head.” There was a collective gasp in the packed room.

Judy was led to the front of the room and helped up onto the stage. She stood motionless on the small stage. Slowly she began to lift her sweatshirt, revealing beautifully large breasts. She held the shirt in front of her chest for a moment and then gaining some courage, dropped it to the floor. After kicking off her sneakers, she slid out of her sweat pants. Tears were still in her eyes as she looked at the Master. “Your choice,” he said, “either sentence will satisfy us.”

Shaking a bit, Judy reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She let it slide down her arms and then shaking her head, her long hair covered her breasts as she dropped her bra to the floor. One of the brothers picked it up and examined it. He then passed it around the room. Quickly, she hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them down her legs and clasped her hands in front of her dark, silky bush. The brothers remained fairly quiet hoping not to intimidate the young beauty too completely. She might change her mind and run out.

Coming up beside her, I combed her long, dark hair down over her shoulders keeping her breasts covered. She relaxed a bit. Stepping behind her, I pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Her huge breasts stood out proudly in front of her to our great satisfaction. They were firm and huge, 38-Ds to be precise, with soft pink aereola.

Two of the brothers brought up a large padded chair with a large throw pillow on it and I helped Judy as she sat down. The pillow forced her body forward to the edge of the seat and the brothers all gathered around to watch. I assured her I’d be very careful not to hurt her and I urged her to remain very still. Gently, I combed her pubic thatch of soft curls. Her firm thighs quivered slightly. With the clippers, I sheared off her silky down. The vibrations of the clippers tickled her mons as she felt the intensity deep into her open womanflesh. Easing her legs apart, I continued to shave the hair down between her open thighs. When I turned off the clippers she closed her legs and started to get up.

“The sentence hasn’t been completed.” said the Master and Judy stopped. I had her sit back down in the large armchair and proceeded. Noticing several small dark hairs growing near her nipples, I applied the hot towel to her breasts. She protested. Lifting the towel, I tugged at two of the hairs and she winced. I replaced the towel and she felt the heat penetrate her magnificent chest.

Picking up a tube of gel, I put some on my fingers and proceeded to rub in onto her breasts. I paid particular attention to her hardening nipples, squeezing them and pulling on them gently. I watched as her nipples hardened and the young beauty began to breathe heavily. “I won’t hurt you but you must hold very still,” I said as I brought the blade to her magnificent chest. Judy began to tremble as she saw the sharp, shiny blade descend towards her nipples. Her body began to shake. “Perhaps you should lean your head back and close your eyes,” I suggested. “It’ll help you relax and make it easier.” Judy lay her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. My hand moved to her breast and pulling gently on her very aroused nubbin I removed the few hairs that were there. Judy sighed with relief, barely feeling the touch of the blade. Switching to her other breast, I teased her very hard nipple and then pulling gently on it, removed the hairs before putting down the blade.

Judy was not at all prepared for the sensation of the cold towel on her bare breasts and gasped loudly, her head jerking upright and her eyes opening wide. Knowing her nipples would be rock hard from the cold, I applied a hot towel to her newly shorn pussy. The combination of hot and cold sent a deep shudder through her beautiful, young body. When I removed the cold towel, her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. The young beauty looked down at her naked breasts and her rock hard nipples and blushed deeply as her body responded out of her control before so many strange men.

I lifted each of her knees and placed them over the arms of the chair. There was a decorative spindle at the end of each chair arm that held her legs open and in place. Placing my hands on her hips, I slid her ass to the edge of the seat cushion. Her pussy was completely spread.

I pressed the hot towel into her skin to soften it. I know how painful it can be to shave skin for the first time – and this was very sensitive skin. First I applied some medicated gel and rubbed it in very thoroughly. Judy’s eyes closed and once again her head lay back as she felt me massage the very core of her womanhood. She began to writhe on the chair as I caressed her pubes. Next, I applied the hot lather and rubbed that in with equal diligence. I’d never shaved a pussy before and it took a moment to figure out the best and safest angle of approach. I certainly didn’t want to damage the goods.

Her body was responding to my touch as I rubbed her pussy and then I found her clit. She moaned loudly and gently rolled her head back and forth against on the cushion. I used a fresh blade and slowly and very carefully shaved her mons. As I continued down between her thighs, it became necessary to stretch her skin taut by pulling on her moist love petals. Beads of love juice scented my fingers as I gently pinched her labia between my fingers and pulled on her most intimate flesh. I finished by shaving down to the base of her slit. Her love button stood up at attention as she was fully aroused and totally exposed. She blushed deeply.

I remembered about the “inspection” and instead of the cold towel, I reached for a bottle of skin cream. After all, I didn’t want to “cool off” this magnificent beauty. I rubbed the cream onto my fingers and warmed it up before applying it to her smooth pussy, over her mons and down to crack of her ass. Her legs began to tremble and she raised her ass slightly as I caressed her sweet pussy. I used both hands and as my fingers ran up the sides of her slit, I trapped her tender clit between my fingers for a moment. Judy gasped and came on my hands.

I noticed that the canvas bar stool was moved up next to me and positioned with the back to the audience. A wooden stool was placed a couple of feet behind it. The master nodded to me and I lifted Judy’s legs one at a time and placed them on the floor. Then taking her hands, I gently helped her to stand up. She was a bit wobbly and leaned against me. Her magnficent breasts pressed agaisnst my chest. Helping her to stand up, I let go of one hand and gently pulled her towards the canvas barstool. Her other hand dropped down and she grazed her fingers over her bald pussy.

“Will the brothers line up for inspection,” the “judge” announced. Judy protested when she realized what was about to happen but the Master smiled at her and said, “It’s part of the sentence. You saw that Sue had an inspection.” Judy shrugged her shoulders in defeat and moved to stand in front of the canvas barstool. Just as she approached, one of the brothers removed the canvas back and helped to guide her naked body to stand in front of the chair.

We each took a hand and helped her to sit down on the soft canvas of the chair. “Place your feet on the stool,” the other brother instructed and Judy raised her feet to the wooden stool. She felt our hands move behind her back and the brother said, “Now lean back.” Judy leaned back against our arms and we lowered her until she lay on the soft canvas seat. It was not comfortable as her shoulders hung well over the edge of the seat. “Let us help you,” he said as he nodded to me and we gently lifted her body and slid her forward until her ass slid over the edge of the seat and her shoulders came up onto the seat. Another brother quickly brought up another chair and slid it under Judy’s head and propped it up with a pillow. Now she was more comfortable.

“Relax and enjoy this,” the master said as the other brother and I gently slid our hands under Judy’s thighs and raising her long legs, pulled them back over her chest and then easing them apart, draped them over the arms of the chair and around the wooden uprights that once held the canvas back of the chair. Judy could see her open thighs and realized that she could not close her legs. Her newly shaven pussy was completely open and exposed for the “inspection” that was about to begin.

The master moved to stand in front of her open pussy and she looked up at him as he sat down between her spread thighs. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her bare pussy and then she felt his fingers on her open thighs. She watched him as he slid his fingers towards her open sex and she gasped as his fingers slid over her oiled skin. Her open thighs began to shake as his fingers closed on her swollen labia and and he ran his thumbs up the inside of her engorged pussy lips. As he looked down, he could see her clit standing up from under its hood and as his thumbs gently grazed across it her body shuddered in a powerful orgasm. He continued to gently caress her clit as her body squirmed on the canvas chair. Leaning forward, he kissed her clit and then using his tongue, he brought her to another shattering orgasm as his fingers gently teased her open pussy and she flooded his mouth with her hot sweetness. The master slid back and sliding his tongue further down between her open thighs, he licked and sucked the sweet nectar that began to fill her quivering pussy.

As each brother approached, he placed his palms on Judy’s open thighs and slowly stroked towards her seething cunt. This was more to admire her luscious body than my handiwork but that was understandable. Judy was too lost in passion to care. By the fifth or sixth inspector, cum was flowing out of her quim and down her thighs to the crack of her ass. Each “inspector” spent a few minutes licking out her seething pussy. Judy’s head rolled from side to side as she whimpered continuously. Her thighs were in a constant state of motion as she tried to keep her seething pussy in contact with the fingers and mouth of whoever was between her thighs. Finally, she arched her body and gasped, “Somebody fuck me!”

“Not yet,” the master said as yet another brother sat down between her open thighs and began to lick and suck on her pussy.

The naked beauty could not believe that sensations that coursed through her body as the thirty five brothers who were present each sat down between her open thighs and caressed her gushing pussy with their fingers and tongues. This was too good to pass up and so as the brothers finished their inspection of her shaved pussy they got back in line for a second go around.

As one after another they enjoyed her pussy, she kept begging to be fucked and was told she’d have to wait. Those who had been at the head of the line, got back in line for a second go around. With thirty-five brothers in the house, it took well over an hour for a thorough inspection of our shaven beauty. Judy’s body shook with orgasm after orgasm as the brothers caressed and sucked on her sweet pussy. I counted over twenty orgasms as cum just flooded out of her sweet loins.

Finally, after everyone had tasted her sweet pussy, the master sat back down between her open thighs. Her pussy and thighs were coated with a heavy layer of cum and the crack of her ass was also filled with her juices.

As the master lowered his face between her thighs once again, she begged, “Fuck me, PLEASE!!” She didn’t have to ask again. The master opened his pants and brought the tip of his cock to Judy’s bare and open pussy. He lay his massive tool across her mons and she gazed down at the size of it. “Please,” she begged. He could see that her thighs were coated with her cum and he teased her labia and her clit with the head of his ramrod. Judy moaned as she felt the hardness of his cock teasing her gushing pussy.

“Fuck me,” she begged and he placed his hands on her open thighs and guided the tip of his cock between her open pussy lips. Slowly, deliberately, he slid his cock into her drenched pussy. He’d never felt anything like it before and neither had she. Grasping the arms of the chair, he began to ram his cock deep into her open pussy. With her legs wrapped up and over the spindles of the chair, her body was prevented from moving forward as his cock rammed deep and hard into her writhing body.

Judy’s breathing became heavier and her huge tits bounced on her chest as the master thrust deep into her seething cunt. We all watched as this magnificent beauty writhed on the chair as he fucked her hard. Her body stiffened and with a gasp she came. The master could feel the added moistness of her cum as it flooded her pussy and it didn’t take long for him to reach the edge. With one final, hard thrust he rammed deep into her gushing pussy and exploded inside her. Feeling his load fill her pussy, she gasped as another orgasm enveloped her beautiful body. He leaned forward and kissed her hard nipple as he withdrew his cock from her oozing pussy.

As soon as the master stepped away from her open pussy, another brother took his place. Judy felt his hard cock enter her body and as he began to thrust into her, her huge tits began to roll on her chest. Now it was becoming a bit painful and she brought her hands to her breasts to try and control their movement as her pussy was being impaled on his huge cock. Her open thighs shook as she relished the powerful thrusts he took in her body. He thrust deep into her body and finally, with a loud grunt, emptied his balls into her seething pussy as yet another shattering orgasm rolled over her.

It was hard standing in line, even for so beautiful a woman. One of the brothers walked to the side and taking out his cock, guided Judy’s hand to his ramrod. She grasped his cock and began to pull on it. Another brother took up position on the other side and did the same. It didn’t take but a moment for me to reach under Judy’s head and lifting it, to remove the chair and pillow that supported it. As I eased her head back down, it bend backwards over the edge of the canvas chair and her long hair dangled to the floor. Her chin pointed as my crotch and I opened my pants to retrieve my ramrod. I teased Judy’s face with the tip of my cock before brushing the head across her soft lips. She kissed the tip of my cock and then sticking her tongue out, licked it. I pressed my cock to her lips and she opened her mouth to swallow my cock. My hands came down to her magnificent breasts and I began to thrust my cock deep into her mouth and past her tonsils into her throat.

Judy moaned and shook as out two cocks penetrated either end of her body. Her huge tits rolled on her chest as she pulled on the twin cocks in her hands. Judy was out of control as we enjoyed her magnificent body.

And so it went on into the night and most of the next morning. The thirty-five brothers who lived in the house each enjoyed filling Judy’s body with their cocks and their cum. Most enjoyed her several time until she was just too exhausted from orgasms to do anything but let them empty themselves in her body. When they were all through, she was so exhausted from cumming that she could not even get up out of the chair. She drifted off to sleep.

After breakfast, I brought a bowl and rag and began to wipe some of the cum from Judy’s exhausted body. Her face and thighs were just coated with cum. I couldn’t believe how much of it there was. There was even a pool of it on the platform below her body. Cum that had just dripped out of her quim and fallen to the floor. Her body stirred gently as I washed her bare and spread pussy.

Judy just lay across the chair, her head dangling down and her thighs raised and spread apart. Finally, the brothers who did not live in the house began to show up. Entering the main room, they saw the naked beauty draped over the chair and spread open for their pleasure. It didn’t take but a moment for them to line up and begin to press their cocks into her open body.

And so it went for most of the day. Judy had been fucked in all by over fifty brothers and by most of them several times. What she didn’t know was that she’d also been taped and photographed, copies of which would be delivered to her in a few days.

I filled the tub and returning to the main room lowered her legs and helped her to sit up. I carried her up to the bath and slowly immersed her in the warm water. Judy enjoyed the feel of the water on her aching body. Her long hair was filled with cum and I began to slowly and thoroughly shampoo her tresses. She lay back in the warm water and relished the experience. I left her to soak and then brought her some brunch. She deserved some pampering after what she’d been through.

When she dried off she looked around for her clothes. I handed her the sweat suit and her sneakers. She looked at me and held her hand out.

“I’ll keep these as a souvenir.” I said holding her panties in my hand.

“And what about my bra?” she asked.

“I couldn’t find it. One of the guys must have kept it.” I replied. She made a sarcastic face as she slipped the sweat suit on. “Besides, you’ll look great bouncing across campus like that.” I added. Walking her to the door, I kissed her deeply.

“I hope you’ll stop by again and soon.” I teased her. She leaned over and kissed me as I felt her fingers slide around my cock.

Turning to leave, she walked away and then looked back with a devilish grin. No one at the frat ever saw her again, though rest assured, we all scoured the campus looking for her. At least we had the video and pictures.

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