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Four Way All Way

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It had taken quite a bit of convincing, but finally I got my boyfriend to try taking it up the ass courtesy of my favorite dildo. He’s a real cute jock, very masculine. And he’s got himself a hot, hot ass which I sensed the first time I rimmed him. He loved it so much when I licked or fingered him down there that I couldn’t help wondering whether he’d ever made it with guys. But he denied it, said he was straight as a ruler.

Well he may have been straight but he sure squealed and squirmed like a bitch in heat when I dug my thick and very lifelike dildo all the way up his ass. No complaining from him. No, not at all. He took that rubber cock of mine like he’d been craving the feel of a thick one busting open his bottom all his adult life.

“You’re my ass slut, baby,” I whispered mischievously in his ear as I twisted the dildo inside his bottom, he pushing back eagerly against my intimate rectal probe, wanting more, wanting it all.

The next time I saw my girlfriend Nan I told her how I had busted Tim’s asshole with my dildo.

“Yeah, Doug loves it too when I fool around with his ass,” Nan said about her boyfriend.

“Really? You never told me that.”

“Sure. I just love doing it to him down there. You know, giving him a nice anal tongue bath. Then greasing him up and digging my fingers up his ass. You should see him; he really freaks when I start reaming out his butt. Especially when I take out this nice, big dildo — you know the one, I’ve used it often enough on you — and force it all the way up inside him. Man, does that ever turn me on! Working it deep into his hot, young funky ass, stretching his little asshole wide open. You should see the slut beg for it!

“Shit, Nan. You are making me so fuckin’ hot telling me that. I think I’m going to have to slide my fingers down under my panties and jerk off.”

“Don’t let me stop you. Hell, I might even join you,” she said with a lusty laugh.

“Tell me, Nan?” I asked. “If these guys love having their butts eaten and fingered and fucked so much, how come they’re so straight? That’s what I can’t figure out.”

“Who knows? They don’t want anyone to think they’re fags, I guess.”

“Too bad,” I said, “Like wouldn’t it really be far out to watch Tim and Doug get it on with each other.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Nan said, a twinkle in her eye. “I’d really freak seeing those guys getting it on. Sucking each others’ big dicks and taking it up the ass.”

“I know just what you mean. That would be so incredibly hot!” I said. “By the way, does Doug know you and I get it on?”

“No. I haven’t told him.”

Nan and I were friends from college. More than friends, actually, since once in a while the two of us, when we were feeling horny, liked to fool around with each other. We weren’t lovers exactly, just good friends who liked to get down and dirty when we happened to be together and both found ourselves feeling the need for it. We met Tim and Doug at the start of our Junior year abroad. Like us, they were two college dudes spending the year in Spain, though they didn’t know each other from back home. All four of us had been on our college swim teams, and Nan and I met the two of them when we all got jobs working as lifeguards at one of the popular Costa Brava beach resorts.

“I haven’t told Tim either,” I said. Then a nasty thought came to my mind. “Hey, why don’t we see if we can get those guys to loosen up a little. Let’s the four of us get together and we’ll let them watch us get it on and, who knows, maybe we can encourage them to check each other out too.”

“Don’t you think it’ll freak them out a little to see you and me making it, Vicki?” Nan asked.

“So? Let them get freaked,” I said with the shrug. “They’ll love it, I bet. Dudes, they all fantasize about that. Two hot, sleek foxes mixing it up right in front of their eyes.””

“Shit yeah!” Nan said, a wicked grin on her face. “I bet they would love to see that. And it would so wild to watch their reaction.”

So Nan arranged for the Tim and me to have dinner with her and Doug at Nan’s place. Nan and I planned it so that Tim and I would have to spend the night at her place because Tim would’ve had too much to drink and I couldn’t drive a stick shift. We figured if we got the guys a little loaded, that might help loosen them up and make them open to new adventures. And it would also mean that Tim and I would have to spend the night, setting the stage for the very wicked evening Nan and I had in mind!

By the time we finished dinner we had put away a couple of bottles of wine and all four of us were feeling very loose, cracking dirty jokes and goofing around. The guys had unbuttoned their shirts. Nan and I, as it were, were just wearing halter tops and gym shorts. By the way, Nan just has the most incredible body. Sleek and hard and tanned. She’s a super fox. Why, she’s almost as foxy as me!

“Hey, how about we take our clothes off? It’s sort of hot in here,” Nan suggested.

Tim and Doug looked at each other, seeming to like that idea a whole lot.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal. We’ve seen each other naked before,” I added.

And we had, since we enjoyed going to a nude beach together. Once, we even got it on in each others’ presence, though we didn’t swap or anything.

Nan and I started to undress. Off came our halter tops and our shorts. And then our panties. The guys, taking their cue from us, took off their clothes. Unzipping and pulling down their pants so we could see the big bulges in the crotch of their little briefs. Then the briefs came off too.

Tits, cocks and pussies came into view and we all took in the hot sights. Though we had been naked on the beach together many times, Nan and I now knew that our nudity was a prelude to something more. To a little four-way orgy. Except the guys could hardly have guessed just what sort of an orgy Nan and I had in mind!

We noticed that Tim and Doug’s cocks were swelling up and getting big and hard.

“Look at you guys. I’d say something was getting you two excited,” Nan commented.

“I wonder what it is?” I added.

“I don’t know,” Nan said. “But I think I know how we can make that excitement grow even more.”

“How, Nan?” I asked, perfectly aware of the answer.

“Like this,” she said, reaching for me as I reached for her, the two of us gripping each others’ bodies and tumbling onto the bed together. I pawed her big, firm perfect tits while she reached out with her lips to suck one of my corky nipples. Soon fingers and tongues were exploring slick, creamy pussies and tight, puckered assholes. We were really going at like the two sizzling cunthounds we are. I don’t mean to boast, but Nan and me are a pair of young, sleek, tanned, hardbodied sluts who are so fuckin’ hot and cunty we could probably raise a hardon in a dead man! Let alone the two horny, virile studs who were watching us now with open mouths and shocked expressions.

“Hey! What are you girls doing?” Doug asked, taken aback by our display.

“We’re just having fun, guys,” I murmured, as Nan and I continued with the show, the guys gazing at us intently and stroking their dicks.

“So that’s what you do when we’re not around! You’re a regular pair of dykes,” Doug said kiddingly.

“I wouldn’t go that far. But we do enjoy each other sometimes. You know, it’s a change of pace from this!” I said, reaching over to give Tim’s cock a squeeze. Then Nan and I got into a ’69’ position and began feasting on each others’ pussies some more while we wiggled our cute firm butts for the guys.

After we lapped away at our two tasty morsels, we disengaged and approached the guys. Except we crisscrossed. I got down on my knees in front of Doug’s prick, while Nan went for Tim’s. Then we dug in for a lavish cock feast.

The guys looked at one another, amazed. But they were game,

each eager to get a blow job from his lover’s girlfriend. We sucked their dicks until they were rock hard. Then we mounted and fucked them nice and smoothly.

We rode them for all we were worth, their thick cocks filling us to the brim. I looked over to watch Nan riding my boyfriend and she, I could see, was watching me. There was something wild about seeing your lover fuck someone else. Especially, as was the case with Tim and Nan, when they were both my lovers!

“Did you like watching me eat your girlfriend’s cunt?” Nan asked Tim, riding his big dick.

“Uh huh! Feel free to chew on her pussy anytime you want… as long as I get to watch,” he said, carefree male lust in his eyes.

“That goes for me too,” Doug said, as he pumped his shaft into me. I looked over at Nan and winked. Now was the time to broach the subject.

“I’m glad you two enjoy watching us go down on each other. But maybe we’d like to watch too.”

“Watch what?” Tim asked.

Nan and I looked at each other. These guys still didn’t get it.

“Maybe we’d dig watching you guys get a little closer.” Nan said.

“Yeah, maybe what we’d like is to watch you suck each others’ cocks and fuck each other up the ass. Maybe that’s what we’d like to see you do,” I said, dismounting Doug and noticing his shocked expression.

Nan then got up off Tim, leaving the two guys sitting there, cocks standing stiff and slick from having been in our pussies, jaws hanging slack, shocked by our words.

“What would you guys think about a scene like that, huh?”

“Now just wait one minute, Tim and me, we’re straight!” Doug protested.

“Yeah, that’s what Tim keeps telling me all the time,” I said. “But he sure seems to love it when I bury a nice, big rubber dick up his greedy little ass. He can’t get enough of it. Right, Tim?”

Doug looked over at Tim, and Tim blushed. Though his cock remained rock hard, as did Doug’s.

“And Doug,” I continued, “Nan keeps telling me how much you enjoy it when she comes knocking around your back door. How you just love to spread it wide open for her.”

“Shit! You tell her that?” Doug asked Nan, shocked.

“Well it’s true, isn’t it?”

“Don’t deny it, fellas. It’s perfectly natural for you guys to want to take it in the ass. After all, you know how much Nan and I like it when you fuck us in the butt, and — really — what’s the difference between our assholes and yours? We may have tits and pussies, and you may have dicks. But if it there’s one thing we have in common, it’s a tight asshole between our hot little buns, right?”

Nan looked at me approvingly, liking the way I put put it to the guys.

“And you know how much we love to suck your dicks?” Nan added. “How nuts we are to wrap our lips around your thick shafts? Well you might dig that too. You two have hot mouths, right? Slurping away at our pussies like there was no tomorrow. Well maybe now it’s time to taste something else.”

“Yeah, time to taste some cock!” I hissed with a lewd smile.

The two of them were speechless. But obviously they couldn’t deny the simple truth of what we were saying. That tight assholes and hot mouths were something the four of us had in common. And it was by highlighting that truth that we hoped to get them to agree to do what we wanted.

“Listen,” Nan pleaded, “You can be straight and still have some fun with each other. Vicki and I like getting it on and that doesn’t make us any less feminine or any less appealing to you guys, does it? So how about turning us on and putting on a little show for us tonight? We’re always saying to each other how we’d just cream to watch some sizzling man-to-man action. And you two studs have such beautiful big dicks and such nice, smooth, hard butts. It would just be so freaky to be able to watch you making it with each other.”

“C’mon, baby,” I pleaded with Tim, “It feels so fuckin’ great to suck a cock and then to take it in the ass. Believe me, I know. And Doug here is so nice and big and hard. Just like you. Why don’t you try check’ him out, honey. I want to see you do that so much.”

“Yeah,” Nan said, turning to Doug. “Please guys! We’re really dying to see you do it with each other. We’ve never watched guys sucking dicks and getting screwed before. It would be such an incredible turn-on for us. Vicki and me, we’ve been talking about it a lot, saying how it would really flip us both out to be able to watch you guys doing it. Please say yes! Please!!!!

Nan was so cute and coy, wiggling her pretty butt and shaking her tits in their faces. I wiggled up next to her now.

“Yeah, say you’ll do it, guys. It’d turn on me and Nan so fuckin’ much. And it’s not like you’ll be alone with each other, one on one. Nan and I are going to be part of it, we’re going to join in. C’mon, do it for us! We’ll do anything you want if you do. Anything.”

“You do anything we want anyway,” Doug smirked.

The guys didn’t really know what to say, but I thought I detected a hint of enthusiasm. To urge them on we pushed them closer to each other on the bed. And I took Tim’s hand and put it on Doug’s cock, while Nan grabbed hold of Doug’s hand and brought it over to Tim’s shaft. Just the sight of the two of them resting their hands on each others’ thick, rigid dicks electrified me. And, looking at Nan, I saw it electrified her just as much.

“Let’s see you at least hold each other.”

The guys didn’t protest. Instead, they wrapped their fingers around each others’ big shafts, staring down at the cocks they were now holding with what seemed to be both curiosity and arousal.

“Uh huh!” Nan said a tad breathlessly, “Two nice handfuls, right guys? So hard and thick and meaty.”

Soon they were massaging each others’ dicks while Nan and I watched. God, it was so exciting to see these two well-built, masculine studs sitting next to each other like that, fists wrapped around each others’ swollen penises.

“They feel good, don’t they?” I said, breathless with excitement now.

“And they taste good too,” Nan added.

“Yeah!” I said, thrilled by the thought that they might now go down on each other. “They taste real good!”

Nan now got behind Doug and pushed the back of bis head down over Tim’s cock. Doug didn’t resist at all. Quite the contrary. His lips slowly opened as he lowered his head.

I watched, mesmerized, as Doug wrapped his mouth around my hung boyfriend’s big, hard shaft.

Nan and I both knelt down on the floor in front of Tim so we could watch Doug suck him. Our eyes were inches away from where Doug’s mouth engulfed Tim’s cock. Nan and I stared at each other disbelievingly, then broke out in a lusty cackle.

“Go ahead, suck it!” Nan squealed, urging Doug on. “Shit, I just love seeing a big dick in your mouth, baby! It’s hard, isn’t it? Hard and thick and tasty! So go ahead and eat it up!!!

I savored the sight of it. Another guy giving my boyfriend head! Tim didn’t just carry nine inches down there, but those inches were thick. Sometimes when I go down on him I like to do it right next to a mirror so I can watch the lusciously obscene sight of my lips stretched to the max around that thick girth. Now I watched another set of lips straining to encircle all that rigid thickness, Doug’s lips, male lips! I brought a finger down to my pussy to check out its state. I was as wet as a dishrag down there, and my clit was as hard as a marble!

Doug really got into it, taking as much of Tim’s shaft as he could in his mouth, gobbling up those thick inches while Nan kept pressing back on his head.

“That’s right, Doug,” I whispered in his ear. “Go ahead and swallow that cock. And think how good it’s gonna feel when my boyfriend buries it all the way up your hot, tight asshole!”

Then I turned to Tim and kissed him.

“Hey, baby? Does he suck dick as good as I do?”

“Honey, you’re the best. But he’s pretty good.”

“Oh, you’re always flattering me, babe.”

“Say, Tim,” Nan now chimed in, “are you ready to suck some cock of your own?”

“Yeah, baby?” I asked excitedly. “Are you?”

“Yeah. I think I am.”

“You think so, huh?” Nan cooed teasingly as she pulled Doug’s head away from Tim’s dick, signaling that it was now Tim’s turn to go down on Doug. Tim opened his mouth as he approached the big knob of Doug’s erection. Man, my rugged, masculine boyfriend wrapped his lips around that knob like he had been starving for the taste of dick all his life!

“That’s it!” I said. “Yum, yum, yum! Swallow it! Don’t you just love having a thick, tasty dick in your mouth? Especially since the dick you’re sucking was buried all the way up your baby’s sweet, juicy cunt only minutes ago.”

I watched, spellbound, as Tim swallowed Doug’s rigid shaft, still slick from my pussy.

I noticed Nan getting behind Doug and spreading his ass-cheeks, then digging her tongue into his crack as Tim kept sucking him. My heart beat a little faster as I realized that asshole she was tonguing would soon be getting fucked.

“Hey Vicki, why don’t you come over here and help me lick some of this ass. It’s time to get this stud ready for your boyfriend’s prick.”

I stared at Doug’s hard buns, and the crinkled asshole between them, now wet from Nan’s licking. For a rim freak like me, it was a beautiful sight. Tim and Nan’s assholes I knew very well; now I was going to get to know Doug’s. Together, Nan and I lapped away at Doug’s anal cleft, getting him nice and wet while Tim continued giving Doug a super blow job, no doubt thinking that very soon it would be his dick that would be getting some more action when he plowed it up Doug’s ass.

“What do you think of my boyfriend’s asshole?” Nan asked, as we pulled away for a moment.

“It’s almost as cute and tasty as yours, bitch!” I purred, as Nan cracked up with libidinous glee.

“Okay guys, enough cocksucking,” I announced, looking over at them. “It’s time for some screwing now, some anal intercourse!”

“Yeah, your favorite kind,” Nan cackled, knowing how much the two of them loved to screw our bottoms, maybe even more than our pussies.

I pulled Tim’s mouth away from Doug’s dick, while Nan had Doug get on his elbows and knees.

Naturally, considering what Nan and I had in mind, we made sure to have a fresh tube of K-Y jelly on hand tonight. Nan reached for it and unscrewed the cap.

“We’re going to have to use plenty of this,” Nan said, squeezing a big dab onto my hand. “You go ahead and lube Tim’s dick and I’ll grease up Doug’s asshole, okay?”

Nan worked the K-Y jelly into her boyfriend’s ass as I spread it all over Tim’s swollen shaft. That shaft looked so sexy now, glossy with K-Y and rock hard. Tim looked down and watched as I greased him up, then glanced sideways to check out what Nan was doing to Doug’s ass, the ass he knew he’d be fucking any moment now.

“Hey Vicki, how about you spread open Doug’s buns and I’ll help Tim work his dick inside,” Nan suggested, figuring it’d be fun to switch, she going for my boyfriend’s dick, me holding open her boyfriend’s buttocks.

I spread apart Doug’s buns and stared at his greased, puckered asshole, ready now to accomodate my boyfriend’s nine thick, rigid inches. Nan, brought Tim into position so he was right behind Doug. Taking hold of his shaft, she brought its tip up against Doug’s slickened crack, rubbing the cockhead up and down.

“Oooooh! That looks sofuckin’ sexy, doesn’t it?” Nan squealed as she took her time rubbing the big, smooth, lubed knob against Doug’s greased anal cleft. Then, slowly, she began working it into her lover’s asshole.

Doug winced as the thick knob began to penetrate him. My eyes went wide as I took in the incredible sight of Doug’s tight sphincter forced to give way to Tim’s thick intruder. While Tim slowly slid his dick up Doug’s ass, Nan and I took hold of Doug’s buttocks, spreading them, so we could see every detail.

“Wow! Look at that! That is so hot!” Nan hissed.

And that was putting it mildly. I didn’t think I’d ever seen anything as exciting in all my life. My pussy was dripping as I stared at the sight.

We kept gazing at the wild scene, watching the substantial length of Tim’s dick slowly disappearing up Doug’s rectum, with Doug’s stretched, dilated rubbery anus gripping it tightly.

“Uh huh! Fuck that ass!” I shouted. “Let me see you do it to Doug the way love doin’ it to me. Fuck him! Fuck him hard and deep!”

Nan looked up at her boyfriend.

“How is it, sweetheart? How’s it feel to have all that young, hard meat up your ass? Bet it feels terrific, huh?”

She grabbed hold of Doug’s massive erection.

“Look how big and hard you are. You love being fucked up the ass, don’t you?”

Now she moved in position so she could take Doug’s cock in her mouth and suck on it as Tim continued plowing his up Doug’s ass.

“Shit baby!” she groaned, pulling her lips away and looking up Doug with lust-crazed eyes. “It’s such a fuckin’ freaky turn-on sucking your dick like this, knowing that another big dick is being slammed up your butt at the same time.”

After having gotten a nice taste of her boyfriend’s dick, I thought I’d get Nan to try tasting something else.

“Hey, Nan. Why don’t you come over here and now help me get Tim’s butt ready for that big dick you’re chewing on.”

She joined me and we took turns digging our tongues into Tim’s crack, rimming him while he kept plowing his shaft up Doug’s rectum.

“Man, I just love eating out a nice, tasty asshole, don’t you?” Nan said excitedly as she watched me lick his ass. “Especially when I know it’s about to get screwed by a big dick.”

“Mmmmmmh! I know what you mean,” I added, the two of us smiling at each other wickedly, knowing this was the second male asshole we’d join in rimming as a prelude to getting it ready for a nice, solid fuck.

After our tongues had slickened him up, we began to give Tim’s ass a K-Y lube job, working jelly into his crack and sliding our fingers up past his sphincter and reaming him out. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about shoving my fingers up a greased asshole that has always made my clit tingle and my pussy steam! Especially right now, when all I could think about was that the ass I was reaming, my boyfriend’s, was about to be fucked for the very first time by a real, live cock!

Finally, after Tim’s ass was nice and lubed we made him pull his dick out of Doug’s ass.

“Hey, Tim. I know how much you want to keep fucking that butt,” Nan said. “But now it’s time for your ass to say hello to my boyfriend’s big, hard dick. So get the fuck over here!”

Reluctantly he pulled his last inches out of Doug’s rectum. Nan, seeing his reluctance, turned to me and laughed.

“Hey, I wouldn’t want to leave either if I had a hot, aching dick and I happened to have it buried all the way up a stud’s tight ass. Would you?”

“No way!” I affirmed, chuckling.

We made Tim watch as we greased up Doug’s oversized erection, wanting Tim to fix on the dick he’d soon be taking all the way up his butt. I never realized Doug was quite this big. There was a tape measure on top of Nan’s dresser and I asked her to hand it to me. I worked the tape up against Doug’s shaft, from his balls to the tip, measuring him. He turned out to be even bigger than I thought, even bigger than Tim

“Can you believe it, Tim,” I said, making a big show of measuring the length of Doug’s penis and the wrapping the tape around his shaft to measure his thickness.

“You’re going to take this up the ass, all ten thick inches. I know you can do it. I know you won’t disappoint me, baby. So raise that nice bottom of yours and hold those cheeks wide open! You’re about to get fucked, dude!”

Doug got in position behind Tim, his gorgeous cock erect, greased and poised. I grabbed hold of the mammoth shaft and placed the knob against Tim’s asshole. I was so excited that my hand trembled as I held Doug’s rod. Nan must’ve noticed.

“Wow! My boyfriend is about to shove his dick up your boyfriend’s ass. That is so goddamn wild!”

“Oh Nan, I love hearing you say that! It sounds so fuckin’ freaky. ‘Your boyfriend… is about to shove his dick… up my boyfriend’s ass!’ ”

Nan and I giggled and squealed like two hot, nasty bitches at a slumber party. Than Nan turned to Doug.

“It’s time now, baby. It’s time to fuck this stud. Vicki and I want to see you slide it all the way up his asshole just the way he slid it up yours. Slam it inside him! Show him what ass-fucking is all about!”

Slowly, inch by inch, Doug slid his cock up Tim’s butthole. Stopping and letting him get accustomed to it and then pushing inward, until its full, thick length was buried deep inside.

I watched, utterly spellbound, as Doug fucked my boyfriend with strong, smooth strokes. I had been fantasizing about this for so long. And now it was finally happening. Happening right before my very own eyes!

Nan grabbed hold of Tim’s buns and spread them so we could savor the sight of his stretched sphincter wrapped tightly around Doug’s shaft, just as minutes ago we had spread apart Doug’s so we could watch Tim busting him wide open. Shit! Did that ever look good!

“Oh, Doug!” Nan panted, “It makes me so horny to see your big dick up a dude’s tight ass. Shove it all the way in, baby, will you? Deep, all the way! It’s just so nasty watching you do another guy like this! Fuck him! Fuck that butt!”

Tim had gotten used to the big cock plowing his ass and was now eagerly pushing back on it, trying to get the full length of Doug’s shaft inside him with each stroke.

“They love it, huh?” I said to Nan.

“They sure do!” she purred, a lusty smile on her face.

Nan and I pulled back to take in the big view. It sent a shiver up and down my spine. Two beautiful, tanned, studs fucking, that was something I always wanted to see. There was my boyfriend down on elbows and knees, butt raised nice and high, and kneeling behind him, an Adonis with a thick, ten-inch cock, holding him by the hips, forcing his cock up Tim’s ass rhythmically with hard, deep relentless strokes.

“Isn’t that the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen,” Nan said, turning to look at me with those big eyes of hers, blazing with excitement. Nan and I were both experts on what it felt like to take a rigid, oversized cock up the ass. Now here we were watching our boyfriends experience the very same thrill.

“Go on, Doug, fuck him, fuck the shit out of him!!!” Nan screeched.

“Yeah, Doug, bust that ass, bust that asshole wide open!” I urged.

Now I approached Tim now so I could look him straight in the eye while he was getting fucked like this. His face was contorted with a look betraying intense pleasure. God! I loved that hot, wild expression, that look of forbidden passion as Doug’s cock dug deep into my boyfriend’s ass.

“You like being on your knees, don’t you, honey? Sticking out your bottom like a horny slut so Doug can bury his big cock inside it.”


“Uh huh what? Say it!”

“I love getting fucked.”

“Fucked where?”

“Fucked in the ass.”


“By a guy.”

“Yeah! Fucked by a guy! How does it feel having all that thick, hard dick up your young stud ass?”

“It feels great.”

“I’ll bet it does. Ten big… thick… hard… inches. And you’re taking every last one of them!”

I reached down to squeeze Tim’s rigid dick.

“… and fuckin’ lovin’ it! Let me hear you tell Doug how much you love it.”

Tim was a little taken aback by this last request. But then he looked over his shoulder at Doug as he kept thrusting his bottom back against Doug’s rugged thrusts.

“Yeah dude, shove that big cock all the way up my ass, fuck the shit out of me.”

“My pleasure,” Doug growled, looking Tim straight in the eye, holding on to Tim’s hips as he slammed it inside him.

Nan and I looked at each other in amazement as we heard this.

Suddenly Nan and I got behind Doug and stared at his hard, muscular buttocks as he thrust forward into Tim’s bottom. What a beautiful ass! Nan and I both agreed that there were few things as gorgeous as a nice tight, hard male butt. And these two swimmers, as you can imagine, had just about perfect butts. Especially since they both had a thing about sunbathing in the buff and their smooth buns were nice and tan.

“What a a pair of buns!” I said, admiringly.

“Yeah, Doug does have a cute butt, doesn’t he?” Nan said, suddenly bringing the flat of her hand down on him and spanking him. A splotch of pink showed up over the deep bronze of his tan. Somehow, that looked so sexy.

“Go for it, Doug,” I urged. “Fuck that ass of Tim’s while your girlfriend spanks your hot buns.”

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Then Nan turned to me.

“How about it Vicki? Want to spank my boyfriend?”

“Love too!” I said, eagerly bringing the palm of my hand down on Doug’s smooth, taut buttocks.

“That’s it. Spank him! Spank his butt!” Nan squealed, encouraging me.

The spanking only seemed to make Doug plunge into Tim’s rectum that much harder and he pumped Tim’s bottom mercilessly now with deep, powerful strokes. Man! From the way he moaned and groaned, Tim must’ve really been enjoying it.

“Hey, let’s have a look at his asshole now that it’s been screwed,” Nan said, spreading Doug’s cheeks.

Our eyes went wide when we saw the sight of Doug’s anus, reamed and covered with K.Y. There was absolutely no doubt about it. This dude had been…. fucked!!!

“Yum! Yum! Isn’t that a gorgeous sight,” Nan said, gazing at Doug’s dilated sphincter.

“Uh huh. Looks good enough to eat,” I added, suddenly wanting to dig my tongue into his crack again.

“Do it then, Vicki. Go ahead and stick your tongue up my boyfriend’s well-fucked asshole… you slut!” she said, laughing lewdly.

I reached for a wash cloth and wiped the residue of K-Y off his asshole. Then, as Nan held his buns open, I brought my tongue into Doug’s crack, teasing his sensitive anus with the tip of my tongue and picturing, as I licked away, Tim’s anus stretched to the limits as Doug plowed inside him. All this obscenely hot bi-ass action was driving me crazy!

Doug’s asshole was so dilated I had no trouble at all to slide virtually all of my tongue inside. From all the licking and sucking and rimming I had done during my young life, I had a strong, agile tongue. And now I used it to seperate Doug’s anal walls as Tim’s cock had seperated them minutes ago. Here I was with my tongue at the very spot where my boyfriend’s cock had been only a little while ago. Shit! I could almost taste him.

“Tasty, huh?” Nan said.

“I’d say!”

“Shit! I just love watching you slide your tongue up Doug’s wide open asshole. It looks so fuckin’ lewd and depraved!”

“Glad you like the show, Nan,” I said, really putting on a display with my hot and eager tongue.

After I devoured his asshole to my tongue’s content I let Nan take over. Now she lapped away like the greedy slut she was, really eating him out.

Now I walked around in front of Tim and looked him in the eye again.

“Oh yeah, babe! You are really getting fucked, aren’t you?”

I reached down for his cock again. Then bought my mouth down and took Tim’s dick between my lips, the dick that had just been buried all the way up Doug’s rectum. Nan noticed.

“Yeah Vicky, suck it! A big loaf fresh from the oven. You are one depraved cunt.”

“And fuckin’ proud of it too!” I shrieked.

God, were we kinky! Nan and me. Chewing on assholes that had just been reamed by dicks, swallowing a shaft that had just been buried nine inches up a guy’s asshole, ‘fresh from the oven,’ as Nan so imaginatively put it.

Now Nan got up and walked over to a closet. She fished around there for a minute looking for something and came back with two strap-on dildos.

“Look what I got.”

“Those look pretty familiar.”

“They should. We’ve slammed them up each others’ cunts and assholes about a hundred times.”

I smiled to myself, knowing Nan wasn’t exaggerating. She handed me one of the dildos.

“Here, put it on.”

I strapped on my dildo and she did the same. We looked at each other admiringly, noting how nice and ‘hung’ we were. Then Nan turned to Doug again and spread his cheeks.

“I’m gonna shove this baby up your ass,” Nan said to him.

“Go for it, Nan! Fuck the stud. Slam it up his butt!”

Nan, sensing my wild enthusiasm, drew back and smiled.

“Actually, Vicki, why don’t you slide yours in first. I know how much you love doing it to guys and I think I’d like to watch you work your tool up Doug’s butt first. It’ll only inspire me.”

Nan knew how much I loved fucking Tim up the ass. Now she was offering me her boyfriend’s rear end for my screwing pleasure.

I got behind Doug and forced the dildo inside. Since he had already been fucked by Tim, it went in smoothly. What a sight! I was quivering with excitement. Screwing Doug’s butt with a thick rubber shaft and gazing at his tanned, rippling buttocks as he buried his shaft up my boyfriend’s rectal depths.

“Fuck those asses!” Nan howled, urging both me and Doug to plunge in hard and deep.

Nan spread Doug’s buns as wide apart as possible, so we could both watch as his poor, stretched sphincter was forced to give way to my rectal probing.

I just kept it up, letting Doug fuck the shit out of Tim’s ass, while I slammed my dildo all the way up his greased butthole. Finally, after a double screwing that seemed to go on forever, I pulled the dildo out of Doug’s butt and let Nan take over.

She got behind him now, spread his buns, and plunged her dildo savagely all the way up his ass.

“Oh yeah, baby!” she shouted. “It’s my turn now!”

I walked up to Doug and looked him in the face.

“Hey, Doug. That’s the third dick you’ve had up your butt in the last half hour. You must be lovin’ it! Especially right now, when you’ve got your big one buried all the way up my boyfriend’s asshole.”

“Yeah,” he said, lewdly. “And your boyfriend’s got a nice, tight ass too. I don’t know why I waited so long to fuck it.”

I laughed. Then I walked back behind Nan to survey the scene. It was wild. Doug was pumping it up Tim’s butt, while Nan was skewering Doug’s with smooth, deep thrusts into his rectum.

Suddenly, the sight of Nan’s buns pumping away really began to turn me on. She had such a cute ass. An ass I know I couldn’t resist one second longer!

So I got down on my knees behind her, spread her buns, pulled the dildo strap aside, and slid my tongue into her crack for a nice rim job. She had such a cute and responsive little sphincter, wiggling her little buns in my face and reaching back with her hand to force my tongue into her crack. She didn’t have to force it. Her crack was just where my tongue wanted to be! I really loved eating her tender young butt!

“Ooooh, Vicki. That feels so goddamned good. Eat out my asshole, bitch!”

For the past year or so I had been a junkie for Vicki’s tasty butthole. She was so hot down there. The minute my tongue touched her anus she began moaning and groaning, like she couldn’t get enough of it. Her pretty, crinkled asshole was always a delicious morsel to me, begging to be eaten!

But now I had something else in mind for that morsel. So I picked up the K-Y and worked a big dab into her crack and up into her anal passage.

“Vicki! What ever are you doing?!” she said, turning around and giving me a lewd, wicked smile.

She knew perfectly well what I was doing. I was greasing her up for a good, solid ass-fuck!

I got behind her, spread her buns, worked the tip of my rubber cock up against her slick asshole and then just slid it inside, nice and smooth.

“God, Vicki! Do it to me. Fuck my ass! Shove it all the way in. All the way, okay!”

I obliged her, slamming the full length of my ‘cock’ up her rectal tunnel while she kept doing the same to Doug. Who in turn wasn’t letting up for a second as he kept pumping his meaty shaft up Tim’s asshole.

At this moment, three assholes were full of dick, real or rubber. Only mine was empty. But I was sure I’d get my turn too before the night was over. In fact, I thought right now was a perfect time.

So I pulled out of Nan’s ass, and had her pull out of Doug’s.

“Let’s switch,” I said, getting behind Doug in Nan’s place and sliding it up his ass again. It didn’t take Nan very long to figure out what was expected of her.

“Oooooh, Vicky! Now I get to do your ass!”

The next thing I felt was Nan spreading my buns and digging in with her tongue. No one eats ass quite like Nan. And now here she was again, really gobbling up my butthole like a maniac. Needless to say, I loved every lap of her wet, greedy tongue. After what seemed like forever, she finally pulled her tongue out but kept my buns spread wide open.

“Oh shit, Vicky! You have such a gorgeous asshole. Especially when it’s nice and wet like it is now.”

“Well if you like it so much why don’t you stick something inside it.”

“How about a couple of fingers to start with?” she responded, sliding them nice and smoothly into my anal passage. I loved her finger action in my ass; it made me plunge that much harder into Doug’s bottom. She reamed me out beautifully and then pulled her fingers out and brought them up to her mouth. She stood up so I could see, and then sucked on the digits she had just withdrawn from my rectum. Nan could be such a raunchy little slut! But no raunchier than me; that’s for sure!

“Taste good?” I asked, with a cackle.

“Real good, Vicki. Here’s why don’t you have a taste too.” She stuck her fingers back into my butthole, then pulled them out and brought them up to my mouth. I sucked away greedily.

“S-L-U-T! THat’s your middle name, Vicki.”

“B-I-T-C-H! That’s yours, Nan.

Nan laughed, then started to grease up my asshole with some K-Y. After I was sufficiently lubed, she got behind me and worked the tip of her cock-dildo against my slickened anus.

“Fuck me, Nan!” I said, turning around and giving her a lewd wink. “Bury it inside my funky, young ass!”

And that’s just what she did as she plunged that big dildo all the way up my rectum. And it was about time! Finally, I was getting my turn.

“Hey guys!” Nan shrieked, “Vicki’s got a big one up her butt now too.”

“Give that tight ass of hers a good workout,” Tim said, turning his head to look back. “She loves it up there more than anything.”

“Almost as much as you do, Tim,” I said, teasingly.

“Or you, Doug,” Nan added, with a wicked smirk.

All I could think about now, with Nan’s dildo deep in my rectum, is how I’ve just craved ass-fucking from when I first started having sex. I fuckin’ love it so much! To have a thick one bust open my asshole and then fill my rectum is the height of pleasure for me. I guess I’m just a Greek freak! Me and Nan both. Sometimes I dream about having two cocks in my ass at once, or a fist inside there. Nan and me, we’d fisted each others’ cunts a couple of times. Nan and me once managed to get most of ours hands inside each others’ asses, but not quite. Maybe tonight would be the night to try out both of these fantasies. Maybe! After all, the night was still young. And this ass of mine could still take lot more reaming! A lot!

“Okay, guys. Time to take a break,” Nan announced, as she pulled out of my ass.

“Let’s inspect the damage.”

I pulled out of Doug’s, and Doug reluctantly withdrew his dick from Tim’s heavily reamed rectum. Hell, it’s easy enough to pull out a dildo, as Nan and I just did, but when you’ve got a real dick (those lucky guys!) and it’s getting a nice sphincter massage, you sure as hell don’t want to pull it out. So Nan had to give her boyfriend a little tug to get him to abandon Tim’s hot ass.

Nan had something else in mind now.

“Okay, fellas. Stand up now and bend over, and hold your cute buns wide open for us,” she demanded.

What a wild sight! Two well-built studs spreading their cheeks like two lewd sluts to reveal their slick, thoroughly screwed bottoms to us girls. And these two sluts were about as handsome as two male sluts could me. There they were, showing off their tanned, smooth swimmers’ bodies, broad shoulders, long torsos, slim waists and muscled thighs. And the highlight, those trim, smooth, little butts, now spread open in display, showing off their reamed, ravaged assholes. The contrast between their athletic masculinity and outrageous handsomeness of these two studs and their utter willingness to bend over and show off to me and Nan just how thoroughly they had been fucked, made my head spin with delirious lustful excitement.

“Yeah! That’s it,” I said, excitedly. “Spread ’em wide. Show us what you look like now that you’ve both had some hard dick forced up your assholes!”

They showed off their buttholes, slick and dilated.

“Shit, will you look at that!” Nan said. “I’d say these two studs have been fucked!”

“That’s sure what it looks like to me,” I added.

Nan caressed their tanned muscular buttocks.

“You two both love it, don’t you?” Nan shrieked. “You love taking it up the ass!”

“They sure as hell do,” I added. “And talking all the time about how straight they were. Right fellas? Not us. No, we never do it with guys. We don’t suck dick. We don’t take it in the ass. We’re straight! Ha!”

“Well we know better now, don’t we, Vicki? These guys just love the taste of cock and the feel of a thick one in their butts.”

Suddenly, a wicked smile filled Nan’s face.

“Hey, you know there is something we haven’t seen them do yet to each other?”

“What’s that, Nan?” I asked.

“We haven’t seen them rim each other. You know, chew out each others’ assholes.”

“You’re right, Nan!” I said, cackling with glee. “What are we waiting for?”

Get down on your knees behind Doug,” Nan demanded of Tim.

“Bend over,” I told Doug, grabbing the wash cloth and wiping the slick K-Y off his hole. Then Nan spread apart his buns as I pushed Tim’s face into his crack.

“Let me see you stick your tongue in there and eat up Doug’s asshole,” I told my boyfriend.

Tim didn’t need much encouragement as he happily wormed his tongue into Doug’s crack.

“Will you look at that!” Nan squealed, “I never realized your boyfriend was such a kinky stud.”

“Can you blame him, Nan? The way you and I have been eating out their two buttholes we must’ve really given them an appetite for feasting on some ass. Right guys?”

“Hey, these two just love the taste of prime meat, female or male. They’re sluts, just like us, Nan.”

“Yeah, I guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

We both laughed, then I pulled Tim’s face out of Doug’s crack and told Doug to get on his knees and, and after wiping the K-Y off Tim’s hole, told him to shove his butt back in Doug’s face.

Doug didn’t need any further encouragement as his agile tongue probed Tim’s much-used anal cleft.

“Uh huh!” Nan hollered, “Rim that ass! Eat it out!”

Then she walked over in front of Tim.

“Hey, suck my dick, Tim. I think you’re going to love the taste. After all, I just pulled it out of your girlfriend’s hot, nasty ass!”

Tim eagerly wrapped his lips around Nan’s dildo while Doug kept feasting on his ass. Now that’s what I call a devoted lover. Eager to suck a big rubber dildo that’s just been shoved all the way up his girlfriend’s rectum.

“That’s it!” Nan demanded, “Suck it!”

I just sat back and watched, playing with my clit, while Nan fed Tim her strap-on and Doug lapped away at Tim’s butthole. Nan turned to me and smiled.

“Enjoying the show?”

“Shit, yeah! What a view!”

“Hey, I got another idea,” Nan said. “Something really wild and freaky. Wanna try it?”

“Well now that you put it that way, Nan, how can I say no. But it better be plenty obscene, okay?”

“Oh,” Nan said rather smugly, “It’s pretty obscene okay. I don’t think you’re gonna be disappointed.

She told the two guys to kneel down on the bed next to each other and raise their butts up high.

“Okay studs, reach back and spread `em again!”

I was wondering just what Nan had in mind and I soon found out when she came up to me and took my hands in hers.

“What pretty little hands you have, Vicki. What pretty little fists!”

Immediately, I knew just what she what she was thinking.

“You’re not serious, Nan, are you?”

“I sure as hell am, Vicki.”

You see, I’m very petite, though perfectly proportioned. Just five feet tall. And though I have very big tits and a nice ass, all my other features are proportionally small. People have always told me what pretty hands I have, small and slender, with long fingers and narrow, delicate wrists. Once when Nan and I were talking about fist-fucking and saying there weren’t too many people who could easily take a fist up their butts, but if they could, my fist would be a good one to start with, being it was pretty small. I tried fisting Nan’s asshole once, as she had tried mine. But small as my fist was, it was still a fist. And even a small fist is more of a challenge than a really thick cock. Nan almost took it all, but not quite.

Now she was proposing that I fist-fuck our boyfriends’ assholes!

“Oh God, Nan! What a wild idea!”

“I’ll be back in a sec, Vicki.”

She went into the kitchen and came back with a big jar of Crisco. She opened the lid and set it down before me.

“Guys? Just stay there like that. Vicki’s gonna try something new. Something you’re going to like. So just relax and enjoy it.”

Nan dug into the jar of Crisco and slapped two big dabs of the greasy shortening into the guys’ cracks, really packing it in there. Our rugged boyfriends had turned into two anal slaves, willingingly kneeling before us, reaching back and spreading their buns so we could do whatever we wanted to their assholes. This was so going to be so fuckin’ wild!

Now Nan pulled away and I dug first my left hand, then my right into the jar of shortening, completly covering both hands with the white grease.

“Go for it, Vicki! Shove ’em in!” Nan squealed.

I slid my greasy hands into their greasy cracks, starting off with three fingers and working them into each of their asses. After the thick cocks and thick dildos they had just had up there, my fingers went in smooth as pie. Now I added a fourth finger to each butthole and it began to feel a little tight. Nan was right there, eyes wide open, panting with kinky lust as she watched my hands enter their hot, lubed bottoms.

“Ooooh, yeah! That looks so wild! Now stick in your thumbs along with your other fingers,” Nan urged, eager to orhcestrate this kinky act.

I worked my thumbs inside, along with my other four fingers, and pushed forward. They squirmed. The fit was becoming pretty tight. Steadily I pushed on until the thickest part of my clenched fist was approaching their sphincters, monstrously dilated by now. This was the hardest part and the way the guys were groaning and squirming made me realize it was quite a challenge to them. But a challenge they were more than willing to accept. Not that Nan and I were about to give them much choice!

“Just look at that!” Nan purred. “That is just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Taking a deep breath, I pushed forward until I forced my fists all the way inside their asses, their dilated anal sphincters now gripping my wrists liked two tightly stretched rubber bands. Nan, looked on mesmerized.

“Wow! You’ve got your fists inside their two butts! You’re fist-fucking them both at once! Oh shit! I can’t believe what I’m looking at!”

She was rubbing her pussy like crazy now, aroused beyond belief by the sight of my two fists buried deep inside their rectums, churning away. I only wished I could’ve fingered my clit, but both my hands were currently in use!

“What does it feel like to have your fists inside their butts?” Nan asked, kinky curiosity in her gaze.

“It feels great! Their assholes are gripping my wrists and they’re so fucking hot and tight inside!”

I really began to fuck their butts with my fists now, working up a one-two rhythm, like a piston. I was so turned on I thought I would faint. They were stroking their dicks like crazy. Emboldened by their acceptance, I pushed even further, working the first few inches of my forearm up their asses as well. Fuck! Small though my fists were, they were bigger and thicker than even the biggest dick or dildo.

“This is so, so freaky, Vicki! God, how I envy you. I wish I could do this. But I know my hands are just too big.”

“They may be too big for the the guys, but not too big for somewhere else, you know what I mean?” I said coyly, turning to Nan. Immediately, she knew just what I was implying.

“You’re shittin’ me, Vicki?” she gasped.

“Why don’t you try it and find out.”

The guys probably couldn’t take anything larger than my fists, but then they hadn’t been getting fucked up the ass on a regular basis for years, as I had. Nan had almost succeeded the first time she’d tried fisting my ass. Now it was time to try again. Time to try taking Nan’s fist all the way up my hot nasty butthole!!!

“Oh Fuck, I am so excited!” Nan purred, as she dug in for another big dab of grease, getting behind me and packing it into my crack, really working it in there. Then she slid her entire hand into the jar of shortening. When she pulled it out, it was covered with grease.

She got behind me and I felt her lubed fingers — it felt like four of them — sliding inside my ass. They felt so great going inside! It always amazes me just how much I love to have my butt reamed.

“Oh yeah, Nan! Do me!”

She slipped her thumb in as well and I knew I now had all five of Nan’s fingers inside my ass. That only made me fist the guys’ bottoms even harder, churning and twisting my hands deep into their dark, hot rectal depths.

And then I really began to feel it as Nan pushed forward. Her hand was quite a bit larger than mine and I bit my lips and gritted my teeth as she worked it inside me. Suddenly I felt a sharp sting, and then relief. I knew that at that moment Nan had just forced her entire hand inside my ass!

“God, Vicki, you should see this. My fist is all the way up your butthole! It’s unbelievable!”

And now, as I kept fisting the guys, Nan started to fist me savagely. I was really flipping out with crazy, kinky lust. I couldn’t believe it. Nan had her fist all the way up my ass while I, in turn, had my two fists buried all the way up our two stud boyfriend’s hot, nasty bottoms!

“Ooooooh! Shove it in! All the way!! Ram your fuckin’ fist up my greased bunghole. Deeeeep!!!!

She went wild now, pumping me with her fist, twisting it deep inside my rectum, stretching my asshole like it had never been stretched before.

“Goddamn, Nan! That feels so freaky! Fist it! Fist it! Fist my fuckin’ ass, you sleazy cunt bitch!!!!”

“You love it! You love having a big fist up your young, funky ass, slut! Don’t you?”

I turned to look at Nan over my shoulder.

“Oh man, do I ever!” I purred.

“I got an idea,” a wicked smile lighting up her face again.

“I hope it’s another good one,” I said.

“Oh, it is. Now that I got you all stretched out, how about trying that thing you’ve mentioned a couple of times to me, that twisted fantasy of yours. You know, taking two cocks up your ass at the same time?

“Fuck yeah!” I said. “I could go for that in a big way right now!”

This had long been one of my greatest fantasies, though it always seemed like just that, a fantasy. Two thick male shafts inside my rectum at one time? I didn’t know. Could the girl really take it? But now, after Nan’s thorough fisting, was as good a time as any to try it.

“Good!” Nan said, slowly withdrawing her fist from the depths of my ass, just as I pulled both of mine out of the guys’ bottoms.

“Hey fellas,” Nan said, “we’re gonna try something else now. Something I think you’re going to like.”

They turned around and their cocks were still fully erect, and rock hard. Obviously they had liked having my fists up their butts.

“But before we do any of that,” Nan said, “It’s time for another inspection. So turn around again guys, and bend over”

Nan and I both gasped. Their gaping buttholes had been stretched beyond belief. Nothing could possibly look more obscene that these two tanned, muscled swimmers — two of the best looking guys you’ve ever seen — showing off their bottoms to us. Bottoms that had now been thoroughly fucked and fisted!

“Now you, slut,” Nan said, turning me around and bending me over.

“Come and take a look guys,” she said, spreading my buns.

“Oh shit!” Tim stammered. “You should see yourself. You are wide open down there, babe.”

“No more open than you, Tim, I guarantee it,” I smirked, sliding my hand between his buns and up inside him to remind Tim that he had himself a gaping asshole, as did his buddy, kneeling right next to him.

“Yeah, Vicki! Tim’s right, you’re wide open back here! Wide open enough to take something very special in there now. So Doug? How about you lay down on the bed and we can get started giving Vicki what she needs.”

Doug laid down on his back, his long, thick cock standing up like a big flagpole. Neither he nor Tim knew exactly what Nan had in mind, but by this time the two studs were perfectly obedient, doing exactly what we asked.

“Come over here,” Nan said to me, “I got something for you to sit on, bitch!”

I straddled Doug, facing him.

“Hey, Tim,” Nan said. “why don’t you grab that nice, big cock of Doug’s and work it up inside your girlfriend’s asshole!”

I loved it! My own boyfriend was going to take hold of another guy’s dick — a dick that had just been buried up his own rugged bottom — and help ease it up my own ass. Here was yet more of the kind of freaky, kinky scene I’d been waiting for all my life!

I looked back to see Tim guiding Doug’s cock into my crack. When I felt the knob against my slippery asshole, I just bore down hard, impaling myself on it until it was wedged all the way up my rectum. Having just been fist-fucked by Nan, it was no major achievement taking Doug’s thick ten inches up my ass.

“That looks real good,” Nan said. “How about another one?

After all the wild fisting, the sky was the limit! So Tim now knew just what to do. He got behind me and slid his dick alongside Doug’s, his knob pressing against Doug’s shaft.

“Okay, Tim, shove it in now! Your girlfriend’s feelin’ greedy tonight. She wants two dicks in her butt!”

Tim grabbed my buns and roughly spread them apart, then just pushed forward, forcing his dick up my ass alongside Doug’s, already buried inside there. I broke out in a sweat. The sensation was too damned much! I felt like I had even more crammed up there than when I had Nan’s fist inside me.

“Oh, shit!!! This feels so fuckin’ amazing!!!” I screeched.

Two dicks! Two of them! Two dicks up my greedy ass! I reached back to feel them, running my fingers along the band of my obscenely stretched asshole, holding in its grip, two thick cocks. My rectum was just filled to the limit with hard male meat!

Nan walked back to have herself a peek.

“Oh man! That looks so hot! You should see what your asshole looks out, Vicki. It’s unbelievable. Two big dicks inside there! Fuckin’ unbelievable!”

I looked down at Doug, then back at Tim.

“How’s it feel, guys? How’s it feel havin’ your cocks grinding against each other up inside my butt!”

“Feels real good!” they said in unison.

Now Nan got in position above my face, on her elbows and knees and stuck out her ass toward me. She brought the jar of crisco with her and handed it to me.

“Here. You know what to do,” she said, turning back with an unbelievably lascivious expression on her face.

Oh God! While I held these two dicks in my rectal grasp, I was going to fist Nan’s ass! I was going to shove it up her butt the way she shoved it up mine!!!!!

“Oh, yeah! My turn now!” Nan proclaimed. “Everyone’s butt has been fisted but mine. Now this bitch needs to get thoroughly reamed out. So grease me up, slut, and slam it in there!”

Now, while the two cocks kept slamming into my butt, I dug my hand into the jar of shortening and slapped a mound of grease into Nan’s crack. A second later I had four fingers up there. They went in nice and smooth. Nan ground her butt up against my probing hand. Then I slipped the thumb inside. And pushed.

Nan reached back to spread her buns. Doug’s eyes were right below Nan’s ass and, while he was pumping his thick dagger up my ass, he was staring, mesmerized, at what I was about to do to his girlfriend’s ass. Tim, too, was gazing over my shoulder.

“God Vicki! That feels real good! Ram it in there, shove that fist of yours up my butt.”

With one smooth, steady thrust forward my fist slid into Nan’s rectum, her dilated anus grabbing my wrist.

“It’s in there, isn’t it? It’s in there! Your whole fist is up my ass. Oh shit, it feels so good!”

I looked down at Doug.

“Quite a sight, huh Dougie?”

We went on like this for what seemed like forever, the guys pumping their dicks up my butt in tandem, me fisting Nan’s rear. I really gave it to Nan, working maybe three or four inches of my forearm up her butt, along with my fist.

“Hey guys?” Nan said, “Don’t cum in Vicki’s butt. We wanna suck you off. Okay?”

With that as a signal I pulled my hand out of Nan’s bottom, staring at the incredibly reamed out asshole that was now winking at me! And the guys finally pulled their two dicks out of my butt!

“Hey,”I said, lifting up my greasy fist for Nan to see. “This fist has been up your ass. And up your boyfriend’s.”

“Bring that fist over here!” she demanded, licking her lips.

I offered it to her and she licked it, sucking each finger individually as the guys and me watched, astounded.

“Now for those two dicks!” she said, dropping down to her knees and pulling Tim and Doug against each other so that the undersides of their arched cocks were touching, just as they had been when they were both inside my ass.

I dropped down on my knees next to Nan as the guys stood above us.

Nan and I stared at each other, the two thick shafts in front of our eyes. Nan grabbed hold of both and squeezed them.

“Look at ’em. These dicks have just both been up your butt.”

And then she began to lick the shifts, her tongue roving over the substantial surface of the pair. And while she pressed the thick, slick shafts together, holding them in her two hands as she licked and sucked the knobs, I reached between their two sets of cheeks again with my hands and one more time slid my fists inside their nasty stud bottoms as Nan took care of the oral chores.

And then I felt it, their stretched sphincters pulsating around my two wrists as — at the same moment — Tim and Doug groaned loudly, spraying their astoundingly heavy loads all over Nan’s face and into her hungry, greedy open mouth.

“Yum, yum!” Nan purred, licking the cum off her lips. Slowly I withdrew my fists from their two assholes and joined Nan, lapping away at the pearly gobs of spunk splattered all over her cute, young face.

When we were finally done lapping up semen, I looked at Nan and she looked at me, both smiling lewdly at one another. Our faces were smothered with cum, it was dripping down our chins. And then we gave each other the biggest, hottest, sloppiest kiss two cum-drenched, butt-fucked, fist-fucking, asshole-rimming bi-bitches could ever imagine enjoying!

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