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Forced Straight

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Brandi was a very attractive 19-year-old college student. 5’7”, 125 lbs, A firm 34-C, 24,34 figure and pretty face. She had long, light brown hair, which had been everything from blond to red throughout high school. She was a real looker who turned the heads of the guys on campus. The only problem for the guys is that Brandi was a lesbian and had no use for men whatsoever. She had discovered her preference early on in Junior High school and never experimented with boys to make sure of her feelings.

Oh sure, there was the occasional hand job that she would give in order to satisfy some guys into believing that she was straight. And once she had attempted a blowjob. But Brandi detested male genitalia and spent most of her time admiring her female classmates in the locker room. By her senior year she had allowed her preference to be openly known. And now that she was in college she found plenty of other lesbians to share her lifestyle with. So the men who admired her beauty were left with only their fantasies for Brandi would never allow one of them the opportunity to share her sexy body. Her pussy was reserved for the tongues of her female lovers alone. And any man who tried to hit on her was spurned, sometimes rather embarrassingly.

To the men who frequented the Loaded Dice Bar Brandi was often the topic of conversation. Harold, a 24-year-old dry wall hanger had not only been shot down by Brandi after making a move for her. But he had also lost a girl friend that ended up falling for Brandi and leaving him. Charlie had a cousin who had “turned dyke” as he put it and he had no love lost for Brandi or those like her.

One warm spring night Brandi and her newest girlfriend, Becca, entered the Loaded Dice and sat down at the end of the bar. Becca was a local girl who had just graduated high school. She was the daughter of one of the county’s foremost religious leaders who had turned against her father’s rigid upbringing during high school and had a reputation for being a slut. She had an average face and slightly messed up teeth. But her 38-DD, 26-36 body was something to behold. Now it was becoming apparent that Becca was bi. To Harold, Charlie and several other guys in the bar (many of whom had sampled Becca’s charms over the years) seeing her turned against them by Brandi was yet another reason for them to hate her.

As the night went on and the beer flowed (Yes, even the two girls drank. Roger the barkeep was never a stickler for ID’s) Harold and Charlie continued commenting on the two lesbians at the bar. Soon their anger was riling their buddies into contemplating taking action to teach Brandi a lesson. A few quick words and a few bucks to Roger got the two girls a fresh refill, complete with something extra in their drink. Brandi noticed something wrong pretty quickly, but was unable to react. She saw Becca slump forward on the bar and heard some crude comments but was unable to stand. She felt Roger’s arms around her helping her back to the barstool then everything went black.

Brandi didn’t know what was going on when she awoke. The bar had cleared out except for Roger, Harold, Charlie and about eight other men. She realized that she was lying naked on a table with Becca by her side. Momentary panic subsided when she realized that she had not been raped. The thought of one or more of these men violating her was more than she could stand.

“What the fuck is going on here?” She demanded, sitting up and shaking her head clear.

“We’re gonna teach you a lesson, bitch.” Harold replied.

One of the guys moved by the table and began fondling Becca’s large breast.

“Wake her.” Harold ordered. Someone poured a mug of beer into her face startling Becca into conciseness. “Wh-what?” She mumbled as she came too, her eyes widening at the site of the men around her and Brandi. She slapped at the hand groping her tit but it didn’t go away.

“What do you want from us?” Brandi asked, trying to sound brave.

“Just a show.” Harold said. “We’d like to watch the two of you get it on.”

With that several of the guys began cheering and urging the two girls to perform for them. Becca looked shocked but Brandi just sat there looking at the men.

“So, if we do each other for you then you’ll let us go?” She asked.

“You got it.” Harold replied.

“And what if we refuse?”

“Then we’ll just have to make you anyway.”

More cheers and laughter followed.

“Let us go!” Becca screamed. She was no stranger to group action, but had no desire to perform a lesbian show for a bar full of drunks either.

“Oh fuck it,” Brandi said. Eyeing Becca’s body herself with growing lust. “Let’s just do it, Becca.” We’ll show these guys why we don’t need them.”

Becca went rigid as Brandi dropped between her legs and began lapping at her cunt. But the motions of Brandi’s well-trained tongue soon brought her juices flowing. The guys cheered them on as Brandi continued to work her way around Becca’s swollen petals and over her erect clit. Becca began moaning with delight and lay back on the table, raising her hips to meet Brandi’s mouth. Hands began fondling her breast, squeezing her enlarged nipples. Then Becca felt a hard cock in her face. She opened her mouth and willingly accepted it. Soon she couldn’t control herself. Brandi was bringing her to a welcomed orgasm. She cried out with joy as Brandi’s tongue began flicking across her clit faster and faster. Her pussy exploded, covering Brandi’s cheeks with her hot juice as she attempted to lick and swallow every drop.

Brandi’s cunt was wet and ready for Becca. But when she lifted her head she saw Becca eagerly sucking on Roger’s cock. She looked around and saw that every man in the place was stripped down and standing there around the table with their cocks protruding in her direction.

“Oh shit.” She said.

Roger pulled out of Becca’s mouth and came around the table. “Your turn.” He said.

“Fuck you!” Brandi cried out. She looked to Becca for help but saw that she was already eagerly sucking on someone else’s cock. Roger grabbed her head and shoved her face closer to his cock. “Suck me, you dyke bitch!” He ordered.

Brandi felt hands grab her and hold her. Other hands began groping her tits and stroking her wet pussy. She tried to hold back but Roger pulled her head closer. She reluctantly opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips. He held her head and began fucking her mouth. Forcing his cock into the back of her mouth, ramming the head into her throat. Brandi fought to keep from gagging as he continued to slide in and out of her mouth. He let loose a cry of delight as his cock exploded in her mouth. She felt the first blast of warm salty fluid splatter into her throat. Brandi choked on her first taste of cum. It was followed by blast after blast. She was forced to swallow or choke. She fought back tears as she unwillingly satisfied the man in her throat. When he pulled out she slumped onto the table afraid of what was going to happen next.

Brandi was grabbed and tossed onto her back. She saw Harold positioning himself between her legs and began fighting with renewed energy. Brandi had been forced to suck off one of these bastards but she was not about to let them take her pussy. She felt hands grab her arms and legs and hold her in place. Her eyes went wide with fear as Harold looked over her body.

“Please don’t. I’ll suck you all off.” She begged.

“Oh you’ll do that too.” Harold promised. “But we want to give the little lesbo something else as well.”

Harold rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy. Slowly parting her lips with it as he slide up and down. He reached down with his hand and pinched her clit, causing her to cry out in pain as he brought the little button protruding out of its hood. Slowly he slid his hard cock into her tight pussy, enjoying every portion of each inch gained. Then he stopped as his head struck something. With astonished realization Harold recognized that Brandi still had her hymen intact. “Fuck, this bitch is still cherry!” He exclaimed.

“No fucking way!” Someone cried out.

“I ain’t shitting you.” Harold replied. “You’ve never been busted, girl?” He asked.

Brandi slowly nodded her head. She had never even used a dildo that deep. She had always detested anything like a dick in her. She momentarily thought that this discovery might bring her a reprieve. But the look she saw on Harold’s face told her she was wrong.

“Alright, I’ll get to take this dyke’s cherry!”

With that Harold pulled back until only the head of his cock was inside her then rammed forward. Brandi screamed in rage and pain as she felt his manhood slam into her hymen, stopping only the briefest of a moment as the thin membrane tried to hold off the assault, only to be torn apart as Harold gained entrance deep into her virgin pussy. Harold felt Brandi’s pussy grip around his shaft as he buried himself into her. Ignoring her cries he began fucking her without mercy. Driving his cock as deep as possibly into her. Brandi felt hands at her breast, squeezing her tits roughly as still others pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes not wanting to see Harold above her.

Her mind raced as the feeling of his cock impaling her continued to overwhelm her senses. Never had she desired a dick inside her. Now she was being forced to take one. And she knew that there would be others to follow. She felt Harold’s pace quickening. She could feel his cock swelling even more inside her. And she cried out for him to stop as she realized that he was about to unleash his seed into her. His body crashed into her as he began grunting in satisfaction. Harold fucked even harder as his balls began unloading their jizm deep inside Barndi’s pussy. He continued to fuck her long after he had finished cumming inside her. Then slowly pulled his softening prick out of her, leaving a mixture of blood and semen trickling down her thighs.

Becca was standing on the floor leaning over the table with a hard cock filling her pussy watching her lesbian friend getting fucked for the first time. While Brandi cried at the rape she was enduring Becca willingly accepted the same treatment. She could feel the cock spewing inside her and was already anticipating the one to follow. Seeing the pretty Brandi getting treated the same only heightened her own sense of lust.

Brandi was grabbed and pulled over the table in the same position as Becca. The two girls could look each other in the face as the men continued to ravage them. Brandi couldn’t believe the look of amusement and joy she saw in Becca’s eyes. Then she felt her legs being parted and the second dick of the night, indeed the second of her life, penetrating her torn pussy. As the unknown man behind her began fucking she was pulled to the side of the table to find Charlie standing there with his cock ready. Without a moment to prepare herself Charlie rammed his cock into her mouth. Now Brandi was being fucked from both ends.

A cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. She would have banned her fist in rage had they not been held tight against the wooded table. Out of the corner of her eye she watched Becca smiling at her. Telling her to enjoy it, as she was herself. This was more shameful to her than the acts being forced upon her. Being raped was horrible enough. But being cheered on by her new lover to enjoy it was beyond belief. Her mind was brought back by Charlie’s cock stabbing into her throat. The cock in her pussy was already fucking her faster than Harold had. She could feel his balls slapping hard against her and knew by his increased rhythm that he was about to cum. She felt him empty his balls into her pussy and pull out only to be replaced by another cock. This one larger and fatter than the other two.

Her pussy had been loosened by the two prior fucks. But not enough for this one. She guessed that it must have been at least 8 or 9 inches and 5 inches in diameter. She screamed against the cock in her throat as it pressed deep inside her, tearing her sore walls as it gained entrance and began pummeling her insides. Charlie’s cock swelled in her mouth and began spewing its foul seed into her mouth. When he pulled out she gasped and cried out in protest at the cock tearing her insides apart. She begged for him to stop but received no mercy. She looked back over her shoulder to see a towering man in his mid-twenties standing behind her thrusting his monster pole inside her. She shook her head trying to shake off the pain just as the man fucking Becca pulled out and ran over to where she stood. He grabbed her hair tightly with his left hand and stroked his cock with his right, shooting his load into Brandi’s face. She felt it splatter into her eyes causing them to burn instantly.

It splashed her the right side of her face and dribbled down her cheek. Then the cock inside her began swelling even more. It reached deeper inside her than she thought possible. Brandi thought her insides would be forever damaged as he pounded her harder and harder. It was with relief that she felt him cumming inside her pussy. She fucked back with all her might hoping to drain his cock more quickly in order to escape this torment. Soon his thrusts subsided and she felt him slowly pull out of her. Brandi was convinced that her pussy was torn beyond repair. Exhausted she lay on the table waiting for the next person to rape her.

Brandi felt the man move between her legs. She closed her eyes and waited for him to penetrate her. But she did not get what she expected. At first she thought he had simply positioned himself incorrectly. Then her mind reeled as she understood his intentions.

“No!” She cried as she felt the head of his cock press against her virgin asshole. The hands gripped her harder as the rapist behind her pressed forward. She clinched as tightly as possible but felt the cockhead slowly gaining access. She screamed as it pushed through her tight sphincter muscles. Slowly parting her anal ring as the tip worked its way in. Then with a thrust the head broke through. It must have only been an inch or so but Brandi felt like someone had shoved a baseball bat inside her. She felt her asshole tearing as the cock pressed onward, deeper and deeper into her ass. She had thought the huge pole in her pussy had been torment but this was worse. She had taken slender fingers in the ass before but nothing like this.

The man behind her laughed with glee as he pushed in deeper and deeper than began fucking her asshole. Brandi yelled with each forward thrust. She gasped each time it pulled back. Soon she lost control of herself and began pissing as she felt her ass being torn apart all while the crowd watched in enjoyment. Becca was now riding someone’s cock as she was in the throws of an orgasm. All the time watching Brandi getting ass-raped. She wanted to scream at the big titted girl but couldn’t gather enough energy to let anything other than a soft moan escape her lips. The cock in her ass was growing thicker. The thrust more rapid. And soon she felt his release inside her ass.

When he pulled out she thought that he insides were going to expel themselves. She felt his seed running down her legs mixing with her urine. Then she felt another cock invading her asshole. The man who had just been in her came around and forced her to clean his cock with her mouth. She could taste her own insides on his cock and fought the urge to vomit. All while enduring yet another anal rape. But whoever this was behind her was thrusting in and out with more skill. While it still hurt like hell she could feel the meaty thrust working with more care. His balls slapped against her pussy with every stroke.

She caught herself wishing that he was fucking her pussy instead of her ass. Not because of the pain. But because she was feeling something unlocking inside her. Fuck, she realized. She was wanting a cock in her pussy! The very thought horrified her. Brandi tried concentrating on Becca before her. Watching the girl’s massive tits bounce as she rode yet another cock on the table before her. But instead of watching Becca’s tits her eyes went down to her pussy. She couldn’t stop watching the way it slid up and down the hard cock under her. As Becca cried with her orgasm Brandi began wishing that she too could be cumming. She felt the man in her ass cumming. As he pulled out she wanted to scream “fuck my pussy!” But she didn’t have the nerve to say anything.

Much to her sudden dismay Brandi was rolled over onto her back on the table. Becca was grabbed off the cock she was riding and brought around to stand between Brandi’s legs.

“Clean her out.” Harold ordered. When Becca hesitated she was unceremoniously grabbed and her head forced between Brandi’s legs. “Lick all the cum out of her cunt and ass.” Harold demanded. Becca slowly began licking the drying semen around the edge of Brandi’s shaved pussy. Then began licking between her lips, using her tongue to lap up the cum lingering in her friend’s pussy. Before long someone stepped behind her and began fucking her. Now Becca was beginning to enjoy herself once more. She lowered her head and began licking Brandi’s asshole, then worked her way back up to her pussy. Brandi rolled her eyes enjoying the licking she was receiving. Brandi had endured the fucking of both her pussy and asshole but now was relishing in her preferred form of pleasure.

While enjoying Becca’s tongue she found her head being pulled to the edge of the table and a dick forced into her face. Hesitantly she opened her mouth and began sucking the cock, concentrating all her energy on the tongue between her legs. Brandy could feel her pussy coming to life. She sucked on the cock in her mouth while rocking her hips up and down on the table. Someone else climbed atop her and pressed her C-cup tits around his dick and began tittie-fucking her. She detested the cock in her mouth and the one between her tits, but she was on the verge of a much-needed orgasm and if this was what she had to endure to keep Becca eating her pussy she would take it. She felt the cock in her mouth blast the back of her throat.

In her desire to achieve her own climax Brandi continued sucking ever drop of cum from the cock in her throat. As he pulled out she moaned loudly, feeling her body about to unleash its own welcomed release of pleasure. She looked at the disgusting prick between her tits. The chubby fellow over her squeezed her tits together, kneading them with his fingers as he continued fucking her breast. She continued rocking her hips while watching the dick pop in and out of view between her tits until it began spitting cum at her face. She closed her eyes and felt cum splatter from her throat to her nose. Then she felt the first tingle of her climax starting to reach the moment of truth. She cried out in anticipation, just then Becca was pulled away from her. “Oh god, don’t stop.” Brandi cried out. Feeling her moment of release jerked away. She tried to reach down to her pussy with both hands only to have them grabbed away.

“You’re gonna cum all right. But on dick.” Harold informed her. He grabbed Brandi and pulled her to the floor. She was grabbed by several hands forced her onto Harold’s cock. As she sat straddled over his cock she was pinned down as Charlie positioned himself behind her, pressing his cock against her asshole. Brandi cried out as she felt a second cock forcing its way inside her. Both cocks rubbed together inside her with only a thin piece of skin separating them. She shivered in pain as the two men began thrusting inside her. Someone else pulled her head to the side and forced his cock into her mouth. Brandi found herself serving three cocks at once. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Becca receiving the same treatment.

But Becca was eagerly taking all three cocks while Brandi was being forced to endure this ultimate shame. She continued to ride the two cocks inside her, wondering how long it would take the men to achieve another orgasm and praying that it wouldn’t be too long. Then she felt her pussy betray her. The feelings that had been brought to life by Becca were stimulated once again. Despite the pain her clit was swollen and rubbing against Harold’s hard cock. Inside her pussy she felt the head rubbing against what must be her G-spot. Brandi tried to hold back but was losing control quickly. She couldn’t escape the growing desire deep inside her. Without warning her body took over entirely. Brandi began thrusting her hips down on both cocks. She began sucking the cock in her mouth with mounting passion.

She began fucking harder and faster. Feeling her pussy burning out of control. Brandi couldn’t hold back any longer. She had no desire to hold back anyway. Brandi slammed her pussy against the cock inside her. Her orgasm ripped through her body. Brandi shook out of control as she felt herself being brought to climax for the first time by a cock. She hated herself for being brought to an orgasm this way but couldn’t stop now. She continued fucking the cocks in her pussy and ass, feeling her orgasm wash over her.

Afterwards she was forced to continue fucking as neither man had cum yet. She continued sucking the man in her mouth until he unloaded in her mouth. Now her pussy was ready again. She cried out with passion as another orgasm overtook her. Finally she felt Charlie cumming in her asshole. But Harold was still going strong. In moments a third orgasm was upon her. Brandi cried out loud accepting every wonderful moment. She felt Harold’s cock explode. Both climaxed together and she continued riding his cock until it went limp inside her.

Brandi was pulled off and found herself impaled on three more cocks. Her body spasmed as the cocks began bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, each more powerful than the one before. By the time the three men had all achieved their orgasms Brandi was on the verge of blacking out. Never had she experienced such powerful release in her life. And all at the hands of men.

Brandi was pulled off the men and dropped to the floor next to Becca. Both women were fully spent. Exhausted beyond belief. She lay on the floor watching as the men dressed around them. They filed out of the room until only Harold, Roger and Charlie remained. The smug Harold stood triumphantly over Brandi, his cock dangling before him. She looked at it in disgust, but realized that she had never been so satisfied. Brandi knew that she was still a lesbian. But she would never be able to deny the satisfaction she had received tonight. And she knew that no matter how hard she tried to resist, she was going to find herself returning to the Loaded Dice Bar to find these men again.

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