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Sean Harper was nervous as he pulled his car into the driveway of the home where Rita Murray lived with her parents. The house was dark and quiet, since her parents were out of town on a long weekend visit to relatives.

Rita, on the other hand, sat so close to Sean that if he had not put his arm around her shoulders there would have been no room for it anywhere. Sean had taken her to a restaurant with more ambience than flavor, although both of them had enjoyed the meal, paying more attention to each other than to the food.

Sean had selected a romantic movie for their evening’s entertainment. They sat in the back row of the sparsely occupied theatre and held hands as the previews rolled. Then as the movie got started, Rita moved closer to Sean and cuddled under his arm, holding the hand of the arm draped over her shoulder while her fingers lightly rubbed the contours of his digits.

The entire plot of the movie was emotional, with the long time lovers being separated because of family problems, pining for each other and finally being reunited in a very emotional scene. Rita had let Sean pull her face to his for deep kisses several times through the various scenes, always giving him a long deep taste of her mouth and a swabbing with her tongue.

Until this point in their short dating lives, they had not gotten past the kissing and heavy petting stage. Rita did not believe in having sex casually; she wanted to believe that she really felt something for a guy before she would let him do more than an occasional touch. Tonight, however, Sean felt he had reason to be hopeful. Several times, during the more emotional scenes, Rita had snuggled closer to him and brushed her hand over his crotch. At the end, as the main characters were finally together again, she had grasp his hard cock through the cloth of his pants and held him tightly, jerking him up and down several times in an unmistakable motion.

Now, pulling into the driveway and around to the rear entrance garage, he had hopes that Rita would take him to her bed tonight. Even as they drove from the theatre to her house, she had repeatedly stroked his cock, keeping it rock hard and throbbing to be inside of her. She had not said much but she had looked up at him lovingly several times, enough to get his hopes up.

Parking the car in front of the garage doors, he hurried around to the passenger side to help Rita out. He stayed right by her side as they approached the back door and he watched her unlock the door and followed her inside.

Rita’s scream had just begun to register on Sean’s brain when the lights that had just come on in the back entrance went out with a flash of stars and the crash of something into the back of his head.

Sean’s next conscious thought was that there were a herd of wild horses stampeding in his head, causing a tremendous throbbing pain between his eyes. When he tried to open them, the bright light caused even more pain. He opened them just a bare slit, trying to get his bearings. He finally realized that he was laying on the floor, on his side. The carpet was that of the family room. His legs were bent out in front of him with something that looked like a belt tied around his ankles. His arms were pulled tightly behind him and also tied. He struggled to pull them free but his bindings only dug into the skin of his wrists.

There were men in the room – the number he could not determine – but they had shoved the furniture around, leaving a wide open space in the middle of the room. He recognized Rita’s voice as she cried, begging the men to leave them alone. When he was, at last, able to open his eyes enough to find her, he was shocked to see her lying on the floor naked. Her clothes seemed to be in shreds and were strewn over the furniture.

The men – he was able to spot three – were in the process of removing their clothes. They all wore rough work clothes and heavy steel-toed boots. As shirts and overalls and then underwear were discarded, their intention became all too clear. All of them were hard and they were bragging about how they were “going to fuck the bitch.”

Sean struggled to sit up but couldn’t make it. When one of the men dropped to his knees and roughly yanked Rita’s legs apart, Sean yelled, “Leave her alone! If you touch her, I swear I’ll kill you!”

All three of the men laughed at Sean and the two still standing both came over and kicked at him repeatedly. Their heavy boots connected with his stomach, knocking the breath out of him, rained blows on his legs and ribs, and twice grazed his chin. Sean struggled to pull air into his lungs and had no strength to resist when one of them brought a dirty old rag and stuffed into his mouth. As hard as he tried to spit it out, he couldn’t eject it from his mouth.

The big bald man between Rita’s legs pointed his cock at her opening and pushed into her. Rita screamed in pain, obviously too dry to provide easy entry. But it didn’t matter to the clod that was holding her legs high and wide. When she began to beat on his chest with her hands, a smaller blonde man grabbed her hands and pulled them above her head, laughing raucously at her feeble attempts.

“Aw, man, this bitch is tight!” the big man proclaimed, plowing her pussy unmercifully.

“Yeah, come on. Fuck her, man. I want my turn,” declared the third guy, a sizeable redhead. His cock appeared to be even bigger than the one who had gone first.

“Hey, Snake,” muttered the bald man, now banging poor Rita as hard as he could. “Make her suck your cock.”

The blond guided his pole to Rita’s lips. She jerked her head away but the blond pinched her right tit extremely hard, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Now, bitch! Suck my cock. And if you bite me, I’ll kill both you and your wimpy boyfriend over there. Do it.”

Reluctantly Rita opened her lips and took his cock into her mouth. He started to fuck her mouth as if it was a vagina, causing her to gag but he didn’t give her time to recoup before he was stroking again. She managed to suppress her reflex and kept her lips around the intruder, bringing groans from all three of the men.

Baldy groaned and jammed his cock deep into Rita’s pussy. Sean knew that he was emptying his balls into his girlfriend’s insides, taking what might have been his that night, although if he had gotten it, he knew it would have been more loving. Sean knew that some men liked to watch their women being taken by other men but this was not erotic, not hot; it turned him off, knowing that this was not what Rita wanted either.

As soon as Baldy pulled out of Rita’s now sloppy pussy, Red took his place, jamming his cock into her all the way to the root with his first thrust. Rita groaned in pain again but Blondie kept thrusting his cock into her mouth, leaving her little option. A couple of minutes later, both men came, splashing more cum into her pussy and shooting a load down her throat, which she had no option but to swallow. At least they were all finally finished.

She wished. Baldy grabbed Rita’s legs and twisted, turning her over onto her stomach. Then he spread her legs again and pulled her butt cheeks wide apart, examining her puckered anus.

“Yeah, man, do it!” Blondie encouraged.

Baldy stuck three fingers into Rita’s pussy and extracted a glob of cum. Smearing it on her tiny opening and the head of his cock, he put the two together and pushed, jamming most of his length into her as she yelled in extreme pain. It didn’t bother Baldy. He let go of her buttocks and grabbed a handful of her long hair in each hand, yanking back until her head was stretched as far backward as it would go. Extracting most of his cock from her bowels, he rammed forward again twice, until the root of his tube was pressed against her anal sphincter, Rita’s repeated screams going ignored.

“Gawd, this fucking bitch is tight, man! You wouldn’t believe how tight this little ass is!” Baldy proclaimed.

Then, grabbing her hips again, he suddenly rolled them over until he was lying on his back and Rita lay on his chest, his cock still buried in her anus.

Again he grabbed her hair and yanked, pulling her head back, her open mouth screaming her outrage.

“Hey, Red,” Baldy called. “Put your cock in this bitch’s mouth and keep her quiet, huh?”

Red came around the united couple and crammed as much of his cock into Rita’s mouth as he could. Blondie, spotting an opening, spread Baldy’s and Rita’s legs and plunged his cock into her pussy. For what seemed like an eternity, all three of Rita’s openings were ravished by uninvited intruders. One by one, the men shot their loads into Rita, forcing her to take whatever they produced.

After they had recovered, Baldy said “Okay, change in plans. Snake, you stay here for now and make sure the bitch doesn’t do anything stupid. Red, go move the van around to the back of the house and then come help me.”

Red disappeared out the back door, coming back in a few minutes to find Baldy. While they carried TVs, VCRs, and other electronics out the back, Blondie held onto Rita, roughly squeezing her tits and finger-fucking her pussy. When he got hard again, he rammed his cock into her anus and fucked her hard.

When the others decided that they had gotten everything they wanted, red and Baldy met back in the family room and again fucked Rita, red in her ass and Baldy in her pussy. Her protests were silenced with a rough hand over her mouth. When the three men walked out the door and drove away, Rita was barely conscious on the floor a few feet from Sean.

It took nearly twenty minutes for Rita to regain her senses enough to see that Sean needed her help. She laboriously crawled over to Sean and untied the belt around his legs, then began tugging at the rope holding his wrists. His efforts to free himself had caused his wrists to bleed, making the tight rope slick and difficult to work on. It took her several minutes to work the knot free and pull off the rope.

Sean tried to stand but found that he could not put any weight on his left leg, plus he had a stabbing pain in his left side. He wound up crawling over to the end table where a phone sat. He called 911 and struggled to get out a short version of the rape and burglary.

A few minutes later, the house was swarming with police and EMTs. Sean and Rita managed to tell their story, although neither of them was completely coherent. Both were rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. Rita had multiple bruises all over her body, as well as tearing in both her anal and vaginal flesh. Sean had a broken left leg, three broken ribs and bruising all over his body as well as the cuts on his wrists and a swollen black eye.

Because of the lateness of the events, both Rita and Sean were held over in the hospital overnight. A hospital aide contacted Rita’s parents and explained as best she could the events that had befallen their daughter. They immediately headed back home and arrived at the hospital by seven-thirty the next morning to care for their daughter and take her home. Sean, left behind, allowed himself to be wheeled to the exit where a taxi waited for him to take him back to his apartment.

Unable to work for a few weeks at orders of his doctor, Sean spent most of his time alone, reliving the nightmare of what should have been one of their best times together. Instead it had been ripped asunder and their lives left in pieces. He and Rita talked several times on the phone but he could tell that she was not comfortable talking with him any longer. Their conversations lagged and died after just a few minutes and they said their goodbyes.

He wondered if Rita blamed him for what had happened, like he blamed himself for not being able to protect her. His heart ached with remorse for something he could not quite pinpoint. No matter how he pondered the events, he could not see how he could have changed the outcome. Should he have spotted the intruders’ van on the street somewhere? Should he have known somehow that they were in the house? Was there something he could have done to get free? The questions tore him up, keeping his stomach so upset that several times he just made it to the bathroom before he threw up.

When he was able, Sean hired a taxi to take him to the Murray’s house so he could see Rita and also retrieve his car. Rita came down to the living room to talk with him but ten minutes later, she ran up the steps crying uncontrollably. Sadly Sean hobbled around to his car and drove slowly home.

Returning to work the following Monday helped take Sean’s mind off the problem, at least until he got home in the evening and then the issues around the gang rape settled on Sean like a black shroud. He could think of little else until he went to bed and, even then, he had problems falling asleep.

He called Rita on Wednesday night to talk with her a bit and ask her to go to dinner with him on Friday night. He was pleasantly surprised when she accepted hesitantly. The rest of Sean’s week went a little better.

On Friday night, Sean walked Rita to his car and drove to a quaint little Italian restaurant, one they had enjoyed before. Although the conversation between them was a little stilted, they were midway through their entrees when Rita began to cry. At first it was just a few tears rolling silently down her face but then it turned into an uncontrollable flood. Signaling to the waiter, Sean stuffed enough bills into his hand to take care of the bill and tip and, putting his arm around Rita’s waist, guided her to his car.

He drove to the Murray’s home, helped Rita from the car, and explained to Mrs. Murray what had happened. She took charge of Rita and led her up to her room while Mr. Murray tried to console a disconsolate Sean.

Several times as the weeks went by, Sean checked with the detectives in charge of investigating the case. Each time they had nothing new to report. They had few leads to the identities of the rapists and Sean got the feeling that there was little hope that they would be found. Even if they were found, there was even less hope that they would be made to pay a penalty commiserate with the pain and agony they had caused.

With his ribs healed enough that he seldom had problems with his breathing any longer and his legs healed enough to discard the crutches, Sean resumed most of his normal duties at work with his architectural employer. Most of his work was drafting certain detail functions as directed by the chief architect of whichever project he was assigned. As each project progressed, he was required to visit the site and insure that the plans were being followed. Out of curiosity, Sean also followed, from a distance, the progress of projects designed by other architectural firms, picking up ideas that might be useful to himself as well as noting places where he thought their own techniques were superior to their rival’s.

It was on one of those observation trips that Sean received the second greatest shock of his life. He recognized one of the concrete finishers working on pouring the support columns on the lower floors of what would be a skyscraper. At first he thought he was mistaken so the following day, he put his 10*50 power binoculars in his car and made an excuse to take an early afternoon trip by the site again. This time there was no doubt that he had located Baldy. With patience, he located Blondie and finally Red. They were all part of the concrete crew.

Sean backed away from the site and drove back to his office, lost deep in thought. He should go to the police … but if he did, what price would the men pay? He didn’t like the odds.

Over the next few days, a plan began to form in Sean’s mind. It wasn’t pretty, and he knew he would forever pay a different price for it but … well, he decided that it was what really needed to happen.

On Saturday, he called an old high school acquaintance, one who had a little less than exemplary reputation. He asked for a meeting, suggesting that he buy the old friend dinner. They met that evening at a small out-of-the-way restaurant and conducted their conversation, concluded when Sean passed a manila envelope to Carl under the table. They arranged to meet at the same time and place in one week.

The following week, Sean played detective every evening after he finished work. He would drive to the project where the rapists were working and park inconspicuously among the workers vehicles. Every day the three men would pile into one vehicle, although it changed from day to day, indicating that they carpooled to work. They drove out to one of the old state highways, on the outskirts of town, and stopped at one of two rundown old motels. Red stayed at one of the old all-ground-floor units with carports that connected the units. The other two occupied separate fake log cabin units just a few hundred feet down the road. They always cleaned up a little and then met at a bar between the two motels. They didn’t return to their rooms until well after dark.

Every few days, Sean called Rita to see how she was doing. Every conversation was almost identical. They exchanged pleasantries, talked about Sean’s work (Rita still had not returned to her own job, having been placed on medical leave-of-absence) and about then the conversation broke down. Rita began to get emotional and her hovering mother ended up telling Sean that Rita needed to rest again. Each time he hung up, Sean felt like crying for what had been stolen from his girlfriend – not the physical items taken from the house, but her self-esteem, confidence, and bubbly personality.

On Friday night, Sean again met his friend at the little restaurant. They ate a casual meal, passing the time with desultory conversation. They each had a desert of Italian ice following the meal and Sean paid the bill. They walked out to their cars, where the friend passed a long slim package to Sean to stow in his trunk. They parted then, each driving in different directions.

At home, Sean removed the package from his trunk and, under cover of darkness, took it inside. Placing the package on his kitchen table, he removed a rifle from the cloth bag and checked it over. With his Army training in the not so distant past, he knew enough about the rifle to verify that it was a working piece.

Having done some internet research, he knew that he could create a sound absorbing device, a sort of homemade silencer, for the gun. It would not totally kill the sound of a shot but it would keep it down to a whisper. It would take some work to wrap the rifle in the material but he was not in a hurry; his quarry was not leaving the area for a while, he felt certain.

During his reconnoitering visits to the area of the motels, Sean discovered that there was a small river meandering along behind the industrial waste and closed businesses on the other side of the road. There were scrub trees and undergrowth all along the banks along with tall grass, common for areas where the owners saw no advantage to keeping the place neat. One evening he parked his car, among other cars at a neighborhood bar, nearly two miles upstream from the motels. He worked his way over to the river and hiked through the growth and trash until he stopped in a place across the road from and about equidistant from both motels. After examining the area from all directions for better than an hour, his plan was settled. He hiked back to his car, being careful to disturb the environment along the way just as little as possible.

For the next two weeks, Sean kept tabs on the three rapists while continuing to work on his plans. Then on Friday, he asked one of the architect partners if he could borrow his yacht on Saturday for a day on the lake, since the architect and his wife were going out of town to visit their daughter. The yacht, a modest 32-footer, was moored on the lake just northwest of the city, at the dock serving their not-so-modest get-away cabin. The architect very graciously handed Sean the key and gave him instructions on fueling the boat but cautioned him to obey the marine laws. Sean assured him that he would and would have the yacht back at the dock before sundown Saturday.

By the time Sean had put in his time and he had cleared his desk for the day, he had become nervous, his stomach roiling in anticipation. Still he appeared calm on the outside, telling all the people from the office that he hoped they had a good weekend. His inclination was to run to his car and drive home as fast as he could. Instead he forced himself to walk normally and drive slowly in the rush hour traffic. Time was not a critical factor – yet.

Not in the mood to cook, Sean fixed himself a cold sandwich and ate slowly, washing it down with a cold soft drink. There was no room for error at this point and he couldn’t take a chance on being impaired, even by a can of beer or glass of wine. After he had eaten, he wandered to his bedroom where he changed clothes and shoes. Everything he put on was a dark color and he wore nothing metal that was visible, even changing his belt for one with a cloth-covered buckle.

By 8:30 with still more than an hour of daylight forecast, he carried a long bag out to the car, climbed in and drove toward the motel area, being careful to obey all traffic laws. Sean had no interest in drawing attention to himself by doing something foolish. He pulled into the parking lot of the upstream bar as dusk was beginning to make seeing things somewhat fuzzy. He parked as far from the building as he could without being the last car in the lot.

Checking to make sure no one was coming or going at the moment, he got out of the car and quickly extracted the long bag. When a car pulled into the driveway nearest the bar entrance, Sean dropped down below the roof line of the row of vehicles until the car had parked and its occupants had walked into the bar, talking to themselves and not even looking in his direction.

With no other traffic in sight, Sean hurried across the two-lane highway and into the undergrowth by the meandering river. Careful not to get too close to the bank or to step into the few scattered mud puddles along the way, he hiked the two miles back to his chosen spot across from the two motels. Sean pulled a pair of surgical rubber gloves on his hands. Pulling his muffled rifle from the bag, he extracted a magazine containing the already loaded ammunition from the bag and carefully seated it in the rifle.

Squatting on a couple of discarded planks to keep from trampling down the grasses, he settled down to wait. He felt sure the three men were inside the bar between the two motels. From his observations, they never missed a night to visit the watering hole. Sean watched several people enter the bar and a smattering of customers left, some walking to houses up the hill behind the bar or to the old motels, others driving away in old cars or pickup trucks.

It was just a few minutes before midnight when the heavy door opened and the three men came wandering out, laughing uproariously at something Sean could not hear. Red turned to Sean’s right, waving at the other two as they headed in the opposite direction.

Sean lifted the rifle and settled into a comfortable position, one where he could support himself against the recoil. He had to wait several minutes since Red was not exactly steady as he walked. However when he stopped in front of the door to his unit and fumbled for his key, Sean eased the rifle down, sighting through the scope until the red dot was on his target and then he slowly squeezed the trigger.

The sound was more of a ‘whoosh’ than a bang and the recoil caused the tip of the rifle to jerk upward slightly. However, Sean saw Red drop instantly to the ground. Without hesitation, he turned in the other direction.

Apparently neither Baldy nor Blondie had heard anything as they were still walking toward their units. Baldy stopped at the door to his cabin first, said something to Blondie and they talked for another minute before Blondie walked on. Baldy turned to his door and stuck the key into the lock just as Sean pulled the trigger for the second time. He watched Baldy drop to the ground – just like he was shot. Sean pivoted enough to watch Blondie as he stepped up to the door of his cabin. With his hand on the doorknob, Sean squeezed the trigger a third time and watched the man sink to the concrete of the tiny porch.

Unhurriedly, Sean extracted the magazine from the rifle and slipped the rifle and magazine into the cloth bag. He pulled a little makeshift net bag from the rifle and checked to insure that it contained all three shell casings before putting it in the long bag and zipping it up. Looking around to make sure he left nothing behind, Sean walked back the two miles, crossed the road, stowed the bag in the trunk of his car, and drove home.

Once he arrived, he checked to make sure there were not watchers before he opened the trunk and removed the bag, holding it upright tightly against his form to disguise its shape, and carried it inside. Putting the bag on the kitchen table, he grabbed a cold soft drink and sat down, pulling up his tool box already sitting on the table, and quickly broke the rifle down to its smallest component parts. Putting a couple of large rocks in the cloth bag, he rolled it up and secured it with rubber bands. Then everything associated with his evening’s work went into a small sports bag and was covered by his swim trunks and a couple of bath towels. Leaving it on the table, Sean retired to bed and some well-deserved sleep.

Sean slept like a log that night, waking late in the morning feeling better than he had in a long time. He showered, dressed in shorts and T-shirt, ate a leisurely breakfast, and walked to his car, carrying the little sports bag. Heading for the nearest interstate ramp, he set course for the lake and, 85 minutes later, pulled alongside the so-called cabin.

Carrying the sports bag, he walked down to the dock and boarded the gleaming white boat. Having been on a short cruise with the owner and other members of the office staff last summer, he had been given a short course in operation of the beautiful craft.

The big twin diesel engines cranked on the first attempt, quickly settling into a throaty roar. Loosing the mooring lines, Sean backed the boat into the short channel that led to the lake itself and was soon cruising out into open water.

The lake was a relatively deep one in the middle, shaped somewhat like a giant elongated oak leaf with tributaries off to the sides every few miles, some leading to small creeks and fading quickly while others opened into large bays, often with classy marinas. However Sean was mostly interested in the main channel.

He settled into the pilot’s chair with the sports bag sitting on the seat beside him. He pushed the throttle up to a respectable speed but not enough to lift the bow or to cause a very noticeable wake. He kept his eyes out for other boaters, not spotting an overabundance of them this day, although there were a few fishermen and once he saw a skier.

He was about four miles out when he reached into the bag and extracted the rifle stock. Moving to the side of the boat, he checked that again that there was no one close to him and he eased the stock over the side, letting it slide down the fiberglass side of the boat into the depths of the lake. For nearly two hours, he progressed up the main channel, dropping pieces from the bag every few miles. When he finally was left with only the sports bag itself, he turned the yacht in a lazy turn to starboard. Taking time to zigzag into many of the inlets along the way so he could admire the various lakeside residences and moored boats, he arrived back at the dock just before seven o’clock.

Making sure he left the boat as clean as when he arrived, he took his empty sports bag to his car and drove into the nearest settlement, selecting a family restaurant for dinner. On the way in, there were newspaper vending machines. He purchased both of the local daily papers and carried them to the booth where the hostess seated him.

After ordering the evening’s special and a glass of iced tea, Sean opened the first newspaper and began scanning. It wasn’t until he got to the seventh page of the first section that he spotted what he wanted, a one-column article about three inches in length.

Three Men Injured in Unusual Shooting

Metropolitan police report-ed that three men were injured last night in an un-usual shooting. The three men had been patronizing the Starlight Bar on the city’s southwest side and left to walk to their motels just a short distance away. Each of them was shot in their lower body just as they approached the door to their respective units. Apparently no one heard the sound of shots, accord-ing to a police spokes-person. At this time there is no known reason for the shootings so police are speculating that it may have been a case of gang retaliation involving mis-taken identities. Doctors at County Hosp-ital have confirmed that all three of the men should re-cover, although there is speculation that there will be some residual loss of function. However the doc-tors would not elaborate on the extent of the loss. The police have located what they believe to be the location where the shooter waited but they found no clues as to the identity of the shooter. The men are all employed by an out-of-town contract-or, currently working on a downtown building project.

Sean quickly opened the other paper and scanned for the article but, when he found it, determined that it read almost word for word the same. Refolding the papers, he put them aside and settled back to await his meal. By eleven o’clock, he was home again, in bed, and feeling no remorse.

Early Sunday afternoon, he called the Murray house and spoke to Rita’s mom. He asked if he could come by for a few minutes and talk with Rita in person. Mrs. Murray was reluctant at first but decided that, if he was prepared to be disappointed, he could come by for a few minutes. Perhaps it would help her daughter out of her deep funk.

Sean arrived at three in the afternoon, bringing the papers and a bouquet of roses – deep red, Rita’s favorite. She gave him a smile as she sniffed the fragrance of the flowers.

After the usual “How are you?” questions and answers, Sean said that he had something he wanted Rita to read. She was curious what it might be so he opened one of the papers to the page with the article and handed it to her, pointing out the article.

Rita read the article and looked puzzled. She reread it, wondering why Sean wanted her to read it. She looked at him quizzically.

He whispered, “One of them has red hair. Another is blond. The third is bald – shaven.”

He watched a dawning appear on Rita’s face.

“You mean …?”

“Yes, sweetie. The men who raped you will never rape anyone else.”

“No? Why not? It says they are still …”

“Yes, they are alive. But for the rest of their lives, they will have to sit down to pee. And there is nothing to get hard.”

Rita’s eyes were as big as saucers. “Did you …?”

He nodded, almost imperceptibly. “You must know … if you ever – EVER – tell anyone else, I will go to prison for a long time. If that is what you want, then my life is in your hands.”

Rita put her arms around Sean’s neck and hugged him fiercely. “No! NO! That is not what I want. I love you, Sean. I … I can’t … believe you did this … for me. Sean, I love you!”

Sean’s arms went around Rita and they clung to each other. “I love you, too, dear Rita. My dear sweet Rita. I would do anything for you. I love you so much.”

For the first time in months, Rita’s lips were on his, kissing, probing, and eager to taste him. Sean was surprised but loved her reaction and his tongue returned her action with an equal and opposite reaction. He had never dared hope that he would get such a positive reaction from her; a glimmer of hope would have made it worthwhile. This was beyond his greatest dreams.

Without breaking their hug, Rita turned and called, “Mom?”

Mrs. Murray hurried into the room in seconds, a worried look on her face. Her expression changed to puzzled when she saw her daughter and Sean hugging.

“Mom, Sean is going to come up to my room for a while to visit, okay? We’ll be okay so don’t worry about me, please. Sean brought me good news tonight.”

Rita turned and planted another deep wet kiss on Sean’s mouth, leaving her mother speechless but hopeful that her daughter was seeing “the light at the end of the tunnel.” In times past, Mrs. Murray would have been astounded and embarrassed by the open display of affection between her daughter and her boyfriend. Now, however, she was encouraged and if Sean could do something to lift Rita from her depression, then some affection was quite all right with her. A fleeting thought came to mind: how would she feel if they became more intimate? Perhaps even that would be better than the depression!

Rita led Sean upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door behind him. She tugged him to the bed and sat beside him as they again hugged and kissed, parting minutes later only when they were both gasping for air. Rita stared into his eyes and then pushed him back onto the bed. Then she turned and lay on his chest, their mouths again meeting for another long kiss. This was, Sean knew, what he had been missing ever since the rape had occurred.

Rita broke their long kiss and held her head up, staring into Sean’s eyes for long moments. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes and then the torrent started. She lowered her head to his shoulder and he again wrapped his arms around her and held on tightly. He felt her whole body shake with the sobs and wondered what he had done wrong and whether he should call her mother.

“Do you want me to call your mother?” he asked in a whisper.

“No, baby. I am not upset. I just can’t help it. You have made me so happy. I am so sorry I’ve been so … so short with you these months, baby. I just … couldn’t seem to help it.”

“So … theses are tears of joy?”

“Yes. Or maybe relief. I don’t know. I just know I feel better right now than I have in a long, long time.”

“Me, too, sugar.”



“Do you know what I had planned for that night?”


“I planned to fuck your brains out.”


“Yes, really!”

“I’m … sorry that didn’t happen.”

“Do you still … want me?”

“More than ever, dear heart! More than ever!”

She planted another quick sweet kiss on his lips.

Quickly she sat up, pulling at the buttons on her dress. “Come on, honey. We’ve got to make up for lost time!”

Rita, by virtue of her superior position, was the first one naked and set about helping Sean shed his clothes. Reluctantly she moved off the bed long enough to tell him to climb onto the middle of the mattress. No sooner had he settled back than Rita threw a leg over his torso, rubbed her dripping wet pussy against his throbbing erection and guided it into her treasure.

Sean noted that she was as tight as a virgin teenager – until he realized he had never experienced a virgin teenager. However Rita was hot and horny and roughly pushed herself down on his probe until he was completely engulfed inside her hot tunnel. Squeezing her internal muscles around his veined sword, she rested on his chest, nibbling on his neck and face as she savored the big stick filling her lower region.

She was too horny to let it rest though and she sat up, supporting herself with her hands on his shoulders as she began to bang her ass up and down his shaft. Her tits were swinging back and forth uncontrollably, slapping at Sean’s face as he tried in vain to capture one of her nipples in his mouth. It didn’t really matter … he was having too much fun holding onto her pretty round bottom, helping her bounce up and down on his fulcrum.

The thought crossed Sean’s mind, fleetingly, that Rita’s parents, both sitting downstairs in the family room were probably getting an earful of the squeaking and banging of Rita’s bed as it bounced against the wall. However if she wasn’t concerned, he wouldn’t be either. He was finally getting his reward from his loving girlfriend and he didn’t care who knew that they loved each other. The sex was just a by-product of that love.

But it certainly was a delicious by-product. Sean recognized the vacuous feeling in his balls that portended his approaching orgasm. Fortunately just before he shot his load of hot cum into Rita’s grasping cunt, she reached her own peak of pleasure and began shuddering with wave after wave of gratification. After it passed, Rita slumped onto Sean’s chest and let him hold her while they basked in the afterglow of their delightful coupling.

A while later, they dressed and went downstairs, where Mrs. Murray offered them a fresh mug of hot coffee. Both accepted and sat in the den with her parents, sipping the steaming drinks.

After a long thoughtful pause, Rita said, “Mother, I think it is time I see about getting back to work.”

“Dear, do you think it’s wise to do that so soon?”

“Yes, Mother. I think the time is right and I feel so much better.”

“Okay, then, how about taking another week to see how you feel? If you still feel that way in a week, then you’ll know it is time to move on.”

Rita pondered her mother’s suggestion then glanced at her dad to see him nodding his concurrence.

“Okay. That’s probably a good idea. I’ll do that.”

There was another pregnant pause, before Rita vowed, “Mom and Dad, I’m not going to hide anything from you. I love Sean and I intend to spend as much time with him as we can. You might as well know … that means that I’ll be having sex with him. I’m sure you probably disapprove but … that’s the way it is going to be. I hope I’m not letting you down too much.”

Mrs. Murray came over to Rita and knelt in front of her, pulling Rita into her arms. “Baby, you will never let us down. I know you love him and I understand what you’re saying. We just want you to be happy, sweetheart. If Sean makes you happy, then we welcome him with open arms.”

With the time growing late, Sean rose to say his goodbyes. However a simple goodbye was not sufficient – Mrs. Murray required a big hug and kiss on the cheek plus a whispered and tearful ‘Thank you.’ Mr. Murray rose and shook Sean’s hand warmly, the strongest feeling the two men had exchanged so far.

Rita walked Sean to his car and they set up a date for the following evening. Then she gave him one last lingering kiss that left him hard again. She patted his cock and laughed, telling him that he’d have to wait until the next evening when she would take care of it again for him – and better than their first time had been.

As Sean drove home in a semi-daze, his mind flashed back to an axiom he had learned in his high school physics class: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In their case, the rape and burglary was the action, and their revenge and subsequent rejoining was the equal and opposite reaction. Okay, so it wasn’t justice according to the law. But it was justice according to Sean Harper. At least it would be justice if Rita really turned out to be the same person she had been tonight!

The end.

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