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You would think that a trip to Florence Italy for business would be the best of both worlds. A storied city full of some of the greatest art and architecture of the Western world, a myriad of options for dining, all while being paid to a job that should be easy. Notice the should, it hasn’t been. Ever had one of those days when everything that can go wrong does and yet somehow you still think you might be making progress?

Well, that’s been my life for the last 3 weeks. My two week trip has turned into 3, with a fourth week to soon start, continued problems at work. A city dominated by tourism yet still beautiful, taxi rides that remind me of a NASCAR pileup. Italy wasn’t what I thought it would be.

And then the call came and my trip completely changed. A friend was in town on vacation and wanted to meet for dinner. A friend who had been much more than a friend, someone I still dreamed about and who drifted into my thoughts on occasion. A myriad of thoughts drifted through my head about the possibility of dinner turning into drinks turning into another in a long list of memorable evenings with this beautiful woman. She would be in town just a few days and already I felt a stirring deep inside of me, a long, a… lusting. How could she have such an effect on me at the very thought of her?

Work called so I returned to the grind with her cellphone number in my pocket and memories of the feel of her, the taster of her, the sound of her. At times it was hard to concentrate, at times a whiff of a similar perfume would drive me to distraction. Every woman I saw became a pale comparison to the woman in my head, and only a day more away.

Of course that’s when the phone call came, more problems at the shop, coworkers flying in to help out. I had to stay and work most of the night, I might get a break for dinner if I was lucky. My dreams dashed I still couldn’t keep my thoughts of her from intruding at stray moments. We spoke on the phone that night and I was forgiven, I wouldn’t be able to see her, I would see her when I got back, maybe in the Fall? It doesn’t get much more frustrating than that.

On the day I was supposed to meet her the guys from work made me stop working for a bit and we retired to the local restaurant for some much needed food. It was a local place, people from the shop might meet there after dinner, you rarely saw a tourist within a half mile of the place. The food was good, my coworkers had shed new light on the problem, perhaps another late night would solve the problems and I could move on to the next job.

We ordered our dinner and a bottle of the house red. That’s one thing I can say for Italy, the wine is incredible and even the cheapest wine seemed to eclipse an American bottle of similar price. Our first plate came, some sausage, parma ham, pecorino and parmesan cheese whose bite matched and complimented the saltiness of the meat. My mouth watered at the thought of the rich pesto I had ordered and further scraps of bread soaked in olive oil and basalmic vinegar. If I couldn’t taste her I would drown in other flavors. See how the thoughts of her still intruded?

My coworkers had selected a table at the back of the restaurant and I was left facing the wall with a mirror exposing the room behind me. The restaurant had different terraces within the rooms within the building so you could often catch a glimpse through the doors into other rooms at odd angles. The mirrors reflection left me distracted even more as people moved in out of my view. At one moment I though I saw a familiar face amongst a cascade of dark hair, but there’s no way it could have been her. Now even my eyes were betraying me, making me see that which couldn’t be, but I was still intrigued so I made an excuse of going to bathroom and headed through the door in which I had seen a vision. I walked towards the bathroom but I couldn’t see any one with the hair that had caught my gaze. I guess I really was imagining things.

The bathroom was one of those peculiarities of Europe. A co-ed anti-room with sinks and then individual tiny rooms with toilettes. I went in and relieved myself and just as I flushed I heard another one of the doors squeak on it’s hinges. For some reason I hesitated to open the door, I guess to give the person some privacy as they washed their hands. After I heard the water shut off and towels pulled I opened my door and walked out to the sinks and began washing my hands. It was only after I turned to grab I towel that I noticed that I wasn’t alone in the room. I turned and met a familiar gaze. It was her!

“I… uh…” I stumbled.

“I thought that was you.” She said as she passed me a paper towel.


“You always have been a smooth talker.” She smiled at me, which made it even harder to get a word out.

Being a man of action, and apparently having my tongue tied in knots I had did what I would have wanted to do in any case. I reached out and took her hand and pulled her closer. My face came very close to her and our breath mixed a little as I paused before kissing her lightly. I grabbed her other hand and pulled her insistently closer as our lips moved against each other. I nibbled slowly down the curve of her cheek and breathed lightly in her ear as I hugged her close.

“Sara, you can’t even-”

“Shh… just kiss.”

I moved my mouth lower so that my breath fell on her neck hot and warm, her skin tickled by the gently sweep of my lips as I moved to her earlobe. My mouth opened and I nipped gently at the curve of her neck and I felt her body yield into me. My hands caressed her back and slowly confirmed the familiar lines of her body. It had been three years since I had touched her, but they still knew the way.

I spun her around somewhat roughly and pushed her towards the bathroom I had just left. She walked towards it swaying her hips gently and looked at me for a second as she pushed the door open. It was at that moment when I saw the burning in her eyes that I knew that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. I moved into the cramped room behind her and somehow managed to close and lock the door without looking away from her. She turned to face me and pushed me gently up against the door with one hand while the other moved down to find a part of me with which she was quite familiar. She smiled as she moved in to kiss me patiently and found me hard for her already.

She breathed into my ear, “You’ve missed me haven’t you.”


“You want me, don’t you.”


Our lips met again and our tongues tangled passionately. My skin buzzed wherever it touched her bare skin. I liked her being aggressive, I liked her feeling of need. She certainly could feel my need in the way I responded to her touches and caresses. After a lingering kiss I again pushed her away, this time she was against the wall. I pulled her left leg up so that wrapped around my right and ran my hand up the line of her leg pushing back her skirt. My hand thrilled at the feel of her bare skin while my lips moved against her. She threw back her head and I again moved my lips to her neck, kissing, nibbling, biting a little. She moaned and wrapped herself even tighter around me, pulling my crotch against hers while my right hand caressed her upper thigh. I felt the bottom of her panties at my fingertips and move along the curve feeling her incredible ass in my hand. My cock leaped a little at the thought of all the wonderful dirty things I had done to that ass. I couldn’t remember how many times I had her there but it was something that we both craved when we had been together.

She nuzzled in against my neck and whispered, “I’ve missed your touch.” I pushed her back against the wall and began to move lower until I was on my knees with her left leg still lifted in the air. I moved in closer, my breath trailing it’s way along her thigh. She moved her leg so it rested on my shoulder and I was drawn even closer to her beautiful pussy. With one hand she lifted her skirt and I could see her panties a scant few inches in front of me. I moved my mouth in closes and with a firm tongue licked the length of her from bottom to top over the fabric. She moaned and the hand that had been holding the skirt moved down to the top of the my head to force my face against her. I kept my tongue stiff and let her grind her clit against it, using my face to rub all over it. The scent of her was driving me insane, I needed to taste her. I reached up and pulled her panties aside and pushed my tongue inside of her, she was soaked already and I was reward by the taste and the feel of her, my memory didn’t do justice. I licked up higher spreading her folds open as I sought out her clit. It was as beautiful as ever nestled among it’s hood, pulsing a little as I flattened my tongue against it. Moving in circles her hand became a little more desperate on the back of my head. It wasn’t going to take her long to come. I moved my hand so that a finger rested at her entrance and I slowly rubbed it in a circle as my tongue continued to work on her clit. I slowly pushed my right index finger deep inside of her and curled it back so that it rubbed the little pad that was one the front wall of her vagina. I slowly caressed it as I licked in a wide circle around her clit and then down to where my finger had entered her, then back up again to the top of her pussy. She hunched herself against my tongue and I continued to move my finger inside of her and my tongue against her. Her moans would have been evident to anyone coming into the bathroom at that point, but she was too far gone to let something like that bother her. After a scant minute I felt her tighten and then she came on my tongue and finger inside of her, holding me tight against her. It took her some time to come down from the quick powerful orgasm and when she finally relaxed I fell back on my heels with a satisfied grin.

“It’s your turn.” She lifted me up and kissed me the pushed me back a little. She stared right into my eyes as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hands worked at the zipper and reached into to free my cock from my underwear. It popped out and she reached out with her tongue her eyes not leaving mine the whole time. She slowly licked the underside teasing with the barest of touches. My cock jumped and finally she took all of me in one swallow, pulling off just as quickly with a wet smack. She tightened her lips and moved in again, this time sliding down me with great suction causing an involuntary moan to come from deep inside of me. She quickly found her rhythm driving me crazy but not bringing me over the edge. I suspected that she had something more in store although I would have been happy for her to have kept me on the edge like this all night. My hands caressed her head, guiding a little and rubbing gently so that she knew how much I was enjoying her incredible mouth. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside of her mouth urging me to fuck her face a little and I was happy to oblige, my hips moving, my hands keeping her mouth aligned so I could move easily, my breath ragged at this point.

Finally I had to pull her off of me, I wanted something more too. As soon as my cock left her mouth she stood up and turned around. Bent slightly at the knee she leaned forward against the wall and reached back to lift up her skirt so that it was above her waist. I couldn’t wait any longer so I pushed her panties aside again and pushed my cock right up against her pussy. I slowly slid the head up and down her slit, rubbing her clit at one end and teasing her pussy at the other. Once I was wet enough and I could hear the frustration in her breathing I lined myself up with her entrance and slowly pushed inside of her. We both gasped at the sensation and her hand reached back to ensure that I moved into her slowly.

“I want to feel every inch of you slide into me. I want it all, but slowly.”

I panted slowly, it was so hard to resist just going right to lustful fucking, but I knew I would be rewarded even if I took my time, so I went slowly. When I was finally deep inside of her she turned her head a little and kissed me deeply as she ground her ass back against me. I moved a little bit so that she would begin to feel me moving in and out. I was insistent, I need to move inside of her. Finally she relented and let me move back and forth, each stroke pulling out further and still pushing in deeper. My thighs slapped rhythmically against hers and I imagine that the whole restaurant might hear us by then. Fuck it, I don’t care, I’m inside of her and that’s all that matters. Reaching down the little bump of her clit came under my fingertips and I slowly rubbed just above the hood. She moaned and I could feel the smile throughout her whole body as she felt just how deep I was filling her. We moved against each other, rotating our hips one way or the other, hitting every angle inside of her. Finally I felt her tighten a little as she began to concentrate on coming for me.

“I want you to come on it. Will you come on my cock Sara?”

All I heard were her moans.

“Do you want to come on it Sara?”


“Will you come for me Sara?

“Yes, oh god yes.”

My fingers moved on her clit. My cock stroked in and out of her. I slowly bit down on her shoulder as we both reached a crescendo of movements and moans and then she came on my cock. I could feel her get wetter, I could feel her tighten around me, I could feel her body release against me in waves.

This time she needed to relax a little although she kept me hard in her hand as her breath slowly calmed down. She leaned back against one wall while I leaned back against the other. Finally her gaze turned from contempt to smouldering lust.

“You know what I want next don’t you?”


“Do you want me there?”

“I want you there.”

“You’re going to take my ass right here in this restaurant aren’t you?”


“You’d better.”

Then she turned around assuming her position against the wall again and I moved up behind her. I wet my cock in her pussy and then moved it up to her eager little ass. I rubbed my cock around her cheeks and up and down her crack but I could tell that it was not what she wanted. I moved it so that it was centered right on her little star and I felt her tense then relax, pushing her ass back towards me. With a little resistance the head pushed her slowly open. I pulled back a little then I spat in my hand and rubbed it onto the head of my cock to provide some more lubrication then began to press it inside of her again. This time she opened a little more readily and the head of my cock popped inside the little ring of her ass. I let it rest there for a little bit letting her get used to feeling of me inside her.

“My boyfriend doesn’t ever fuck my ass like this. I practically have to beg him.”

“I’m not your boyfriend.” And with that I pushed harder so that my cock slipped in an inch more.

“Oh god, keep pushing it in. Come on give it to me.”

I pushed harder and soon my cock was deep inside of her and my hips were pressed against the lovely curve of her ass. I moved back a little and then pushed the last little bit in pulling her hips back against me with my hands, desperate for her to take all of me.

After resting for a second she began to insistently move her hips back and forth. She wanted to feel me moving inside of her and I was happy to oblige. We quickly got into a rhythm that had our nerves singing and our breaths ragged and throaty. My hips slammed up against her eagerly thrusting ass and somehow her skirt managed to not interfere with the view I had as my cock moved in and out of her. If that image didn’t provide footage for the next three years I didn’t know what would.

Our rhythm began to get as ragged as our breath and before long I saw her move her hand down to her clit. I knew she was getting close and I also knew that if she came it would bring me over the edge to. She remained motionless except for her fingers and urged me on with little moans. After a couple of minutes of movement she declared somewhat tiredly, “I’m going to come again, keep moving inside of me as I come. Come with me. Come with me.” And then her orgasm was washing over her for the third time, this time bringing me along. I came deep inside her ass as she gripped me tightly, flooding her with my come, her ass quivering as her clit throbbed against her fingers. “Don’t move, oh, oh, oh, don’t move.” I obliged and felt her ass squeeze the last bit of come out of me. Any movement would have destroyed me at that point as my cock had become supersensitive after that huge orgasm.

A minute later my softening cock slowly pulled out of her ass and we continued to breath raggedly.

“Damn. That was even better than that first time on the elevator.” She said referring to the first time we had sex.

“It was up there, I don’t think I’ll ever forget either day.”

“No you won’t.” She knew how often my thoughts turned to her.

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