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My husband and I had just celebrated our 6th anniversary, tonight was my 30th birthday, and we decided to go out for dinner, then meet up with a few friends after. We had a nice meal, had a few drinks with friends at an out door bar overlooking the water and were feeling in the mood for some heavy partying. But as usual our friends pooped out early, the other couple not really on the same partying frequency as us, and my best friend had to get home to her son.

“Maybe we should just head home too” Steven says, which is really not like him, but I figured he was just frustrated, and was giving up, so we headed home. I drove while Steven played his little automobile games… pulling off 90% of my clothes while I drive…sucking my tits, fingering me etc. He has a ball. I do my best not to crash and kill us!

On arriving home I scramble for my clothes while he goes in. After a few hours in the Florida heat I was ready for a shower and a cold drink by the pool. As I went for the shower Steven was answering the door…

Steven met me at the bathroom door after my shower, and invited me to the Florida room. “gotta present for you” was all he would explain, so dressed in nothing but a tweety bird towel, off I followed. As I turned the corner to the room I noticed a big fold out table had been set up in the middle of the room, and as I walked throught the door I was greeted by a young gentleman, very cute, very tan, dressed in white shorts and sleeveless shirt rubbing lotion on his hands. I smiled at Steven as I figured out what was going on. I have for months been bitching about needing to go for a good massage, the stress of business and kids and such. He had now brought the massage to me!

Rich was the guys name, he was not muscular, but he was in good shape, not a bit of fat on this kid. Very polite and gentle with his hands. As I lay on the porto table he rubbed and pulled at my muscles with great detail talking softly about my skin and tightness of the muscles he was working. The towel was folded so only tweety’s head was shown, just enough to cover my butt. Rich was at my calves as he tutored Steven on the points of his craft. Sometimes I would fade away oblivious to the conversation knowing only the pleasure of his skill. Steven strangely showed a lot of interest in the “science” of the art, and suggested he get the video camera for future reference. (I should have been suspicious right then!)

As Steven readied the camera Rich was moving slowly up the back of my legs, I have been extremely tense lately so he had a lot of work ahead, but he took his time. “shit, the battery’s dead” Steven complained, “where’s the back-up?”

I replied with a very lucid “dunno” and drifted back to the cloud I had been resting upon. “I think I threw it in the shed” and off Steven ran for the backyard.

I for the moment had taken up residents in a little corner of heaven, and problems like a camera battery at this point measured a zero in my book. I felt the towel slide a few inches up as Rich continued gliding his hands in long strokes over the back of my legs. I could feel my eyes rolling back when I was awoken by Rich’s voice “You have really got a beautiful ass Kelly”. I looked straight ahead, but said nothing. But I imagined the work he had done relaxing me had been destroyed at that second, I could feel myself tightening up. But he kept working. Wasn’t this a little inappropriate, unprofessional? Was he concentrating on my muscles, or my ass? Or am I over-reacting to a compliment? (c’mon Kelly you just turned 30, not 80!).

He went about his business, so I figured I would chill out and relax. He seems like a sweet guy, probably just an honest observation by a guy who’s business IS the body, and skin and stuff. …whatever! Then his left hand moved to my shoulder and I felt his right hand sliding beneath the towel, around my thigh, up to my waist and down…gently gliding his thumb down the crack of my ass! My mind was spinning! What the hell was this kid doing. He said nothing, pulled the towel back down, and stepped over to his little case of lotions. He re-lubed his hands and started rubbing my arms and shoulders. Just like that! No “thanks for the quick feel” no “sorry couldn’t help myself”. What was I to think!

“Found it!” as the back door opened and Steven scooted in shoving the battery into the camera. I began to ease up a little knowing he was back, but should I tell him of Rich’s little “lapse”, Not that I was all that offended by the action just concerned, and the more I thought about it, the more I imagined I was blowing it out of proportion. Sit back and enjoy what the kid is doing! Rich was now back to concentrating on my skin, and very quiet. Maybe he felt bad for feeling me like that? Later when Steven knew of the experience, all he could come up with was “can you blame him”, and maybe he was right.

Rich spent a good long while on my back and shoulders, all the time instructing Steven and pointing out “problem” areas. He then asked me to turn over. He was gentleman enough to turn towards his case of goodies while I unfolded tweety and rolled over. He then invited Steven to join him in some “hands on” schooling. Steven propped the camera on the VCR positioning it facing us, and went to “class”. Even Steven will admit he’s no damn good at this stuff! He is great in bed, and the best with his tongue, but as far as this was going… he has zero patience for it. The whole time Rich was talking Steven was goofing and winking, and kissing me…pulling at the towel and such. Rich seemed to understand and would let out an occasional giggle at Steven antics.

Rich instructed Steven to keep working on my shoulders while he started on my legs, “sounds like a plan” says Steven. All was going smooth, I was relaxed again, Steven was joining in, Rich was truly gifted at his craft…I just laid back letting my senses wander. Rich’s long strokes over my legs were great, pinching and pulling at the skin, he lifted the towel a few inches again, but I ignored it, the men were taking good care of me! I was watching Rich, young, so tan, tight body…a natural for his work, spiced with a boyish charm. My eyes fell to his chest and down to his shorts… and …his shorts… bulging to the point it almost looked uncomfortable. Jesus!! He was rubbing away like everything was great, and down below he was as hard a rock!! Damn this must be murder on him if giving a massage gets him erect! Quite the conversation piece at the office!! and not like he could hide it! This kid was hung!! Then I noticed him press against the table, he must be throbbing under there. Was he trying to conceal it? Then I noticed him glancing between my legs, no not glancing, he was staring, he had pulled the towel up to the point of getting a real good shot of my pussy! Goddamn it! I’m on the verge of bliss, and all the while he’s after a cheap shot of me naked! How would Steven cope with this? What’s this kid’s problem? Is he like this with all clients? I felt myself getting hot, and looked for something from Steven…

“Nice huh?” was what I got from Steven. I guess he had noticed Rich’s staring around the same time I did, but I doubt he could see the huge muscle jammed against the side of the table. “ahh ya, very” replied Rich seemingly not bothered or embarrassed. “I told your wife earlier what a nice ass she had… she seems flawless.” Steven replied with “Yes, I agree” and leaned down to give me a kiss. wait a minute is this some kind of male bonding??? no football…no race cars…no camping or fishing… they are now bonding over my ass!!?? I could only sigh and let out a half laugh. Steven took this as some kind of “go ahead” on my part, because at that point he proceeded to pull off the towel all together and let it fall to the floor. I sat up and covered my breasts. Rich stood there dazed (all the blood sinking to his member no doubt) and Steven just smiled. Then whispered in my ear, “lay back, relax, enjoy the evening…the experience..” “trust me”. What would you do??????

As I lay back down uncovering myself for full view, I closed my eyes. Steven wanted to pleasure me and I wanted to pleasure him. Whatever he had up his sleeve…I had to trust in it. Rich went back to work on my legs. Rubbing the inside masterfully causing a little twitch from me when I felt the back of his hand against my lips. One minute I felt cold then burning the next. I was tense, the relaxed… totally flushed with emotion, senses whirling. That Steven may have a point!!

Steven moved to the head of the table leaned over and began licking and sucking my nipples, running his hands down my stomach then gliding over my bush. (if you can call it that, it’s about the size of a silver dollar). Despite my vulnerable position… almost on display…I was very horny! I could feel myself moistening with anticipation. Steven was now erect as well! What a spot to be in… laying naked… 4 hands gliding over me, pinching my nipples… caressing my legs…sliding over my clit… 2 strange eyes roaming up and down over every inch of my exposed body… 2 very hard cocks rubbing against the table… I was trembling slightly. I didn’t think anyone really knew what to do next. I was feeling great! Just keep doing what you’re doing guys!!

But I knew there was more…

Steven pulled his cock from his shorts and laid it on the table, slid his hand under my head, tilted it a bit then pressed the head against my lips. What now?? Was I gonna suck his dick right in front of this poor kid? Was this making Rich uneasy or was he loving it? Steven must’ve had the answers, cause he pushed in. His warm cock slowly moving to the back of my throat. He was like cement! Rock hard! And throbbing. As I adjusted to take it in, I could feel Rich’s hands gently trying to open my legs. I was a little tense about this… he remained gentle but determined as one finger stroked my clit. The sensation worked as the key to unlock the restrictions on the legs and I felt myself spreading for him. I was facing left now sucking my husband, while Rich was on my right side so I couldn’t see him at all.

I looked up at Steven who was watching Rich’s every move. As Rich put in his fingers I felt Steven stiffen, when Rich bent down to lick my clit, I let out a low moaning… Steven stiffened again. Rich was fingering slowly while licking in a frenzy. I arched my back and met his finger movements with my own. Steven was pumping faster into my mouth grasping to my breasts and hair. Watching Rich’s tongue exploring my pussy was heating him up more and more. Then Steven stopped! “hey man, this is making me as jealous as hell!”

oh shit what now…the more I relax the more tension that follows!! “Let me down there”. As he moved toward the other side Rich was forced to stop, I could see how soaked his fingers were as he pulled away, he looked at me and inserted two of his juice covered fingers into his mouth. “Flawless” is all that he said…

Steven got to the foot of the table and seemed troubled, after a second to survey the situation, he grabbed my legs and spun me half way around the table. Now my ass rested on one side as my neck hung off the other, Rich was back at his case somewhere behind me. Steven waisted no time plunging his face into my crotch. He is a world champion!! and knows it! He knows exactly how to make me cum, and he went right for the gold medal! I was sitting half up, resting on my elbows watching his tongue move over, and in and out and around…wow! I was there, as I came I slammed back onto the table hanging my head of the edge. Eyes closed, smiling ear to ear..could I ever doubt this man??

My hips were whinding down, my pussy swollen, my heart racing. My eyes opened to Rich standing over me. Dick in hand! BIG DICK in hand, stroking slowly while scanning my body. His left hand slid to my chest as he once again showed off his gift, while his right hand continued on his stiff rod. Steven was now rubbing the tip of his hard dick against the outside of my pussy, I could feel my muscles inside twitching to his movements. I wanted Steven in me, and I grew excited watching Rich jerk that huge penis of his. I was rocking on the table now, silently begging for Steven’s dick. Rich’s left hand left my breast and took hold of his dick, the right hand slid under my head. Was he hinting around that he wanted a blow job?? My pussy was steaming… I had begun moaning lightly to strengthen the signal of what I needed. Steven slid his cock down to the opening of my whole, but did not go in. I was whimpering now. He waited…eyes on Rich who now had his meat only inches from my face. I don’t know about this, I thought. Steven was only the second guy to have his dick in my mouth. I grew to absolutely LOVE sucking cock!! but it’s always been Steven’s cock. Now here pulsates this strange (and let’s not forget HUGE cock) ooohhh the mind was spinning again… I needed a few minutes to ponder this one.


Rich had a firm grip of my head, as he tilted it and pushed into my mouth. I let out a low grunting that got no ones attention. Before I could enter my opinion… Steven pressed in his cock hard. I kicked and slid a little on the table… but GOD it felt good!! Rich was bobbing the head of his cock in and out of my mouth, playfully… but with intensity. I had hung my head back over the edge of the table getting an upside down view of his balls swaying back and forth dangling and bouncing I wrapped one arm around his leg as I guided his cock with the other. As Rich got hotter he pushed faster, and deeper. At times I couldn’t take it but could do little to slow him down. I began pushing back a little with my hand trying to hold him from going to far, but he was moaning and groaning, hands on both sides of my head, that at first seemed to be cradling me, now seemed to be there to stop me from escaping! Harder he pushed. Steven the same. Now so hot from watching Rich ramming my mouth that he was meeting Rich’s thrusts with the same intensity. I could feel the table rocking hard, and could hear it squeaking and began to wonder what would snap first, the table or MY BACK!! How did this turn so fast from a gentle soothing massage to a violent, fierce and furious fuck-fest, with 2 warriors competing for depth, and wouldn’t quit till their cocks met somewhere in the middle of my chest!!!! I had lost control! or…when did I ever have it?? Two stiff cocks racing to please themselves…

I grabbed firmly to Rich’s waist with both hands and shoved. His massive cock slid out as he backed up. It bobbed up and down, throbbing til he grabbed hold to calm it. “this shit has got to stop!!” I stated. Steven had stopped pumping and awaited some reaction. Was I pissed? Was it over? had I had enough, and was set to sent Richie boy packing?? Hell no!

I repositioned my self on the table turned to Rich and commanded “Now give me that fucking thing!”. One step brought the pulsating gland to my grip, and in one motion my lips were wrapped tight around it. Whipping with my tongue… teasing the head with tiny sucking and licking. If this guy was gonna truly experience the pleasure that comes from inserting your dick in MY MOUTH it’s gonna be on MY TERMS!

Steven was plunging in again, seemingly happy with my decision. Rich was caressing my face, and lightly guiding my head down the length of his shaft. I was like a hungry animal now. Steven was making me cum again and again and I was determined to bring this mighty cock to climax! I could feel Steven’s dick swelling, and heating he was gonna cum! My orgasm was building. Then Steven pulled out fast.. I looked to watch the semen explode from his cock… but nothing. No cumming!

“I don’t want to cum yet!” he gasped (how often do you hear that from a man). Rich didn’t care for an explanation and pushed my face back to his piece. I couldn’t see Steven but I could hear him lifting the camera from the vcr, it had been taping the whole time!! I guess he’s shutting it off, no, here he was right in front of me zooming in on Rich’s cock diving into my mouth. Then he proceeded for the next few minutes to shoot at every conceivable angle before handing the camera to Rich… “your turn” he said and replaced Rich’s dick with his own. Rich took over as director and roamed around the room. I took this opportunity to roll over on my stomach. resting my elbow on the table I could stand up now on the other side, belly on the surface. Steven stood at the edge probing my skull with his cock. My back was towards Rich as Steven watched him go to his case.

I supposed he was waiting his turn. He then picked up the camera and moved up behind me. He was still filming, but not Steven, he was filming me up and down kneeling to get shots up between my legs saying only “flawless” I giggled at one of those. He then stepped up behind me and began rubbing his cock aver my ass and around the side of my thighs, then inside my legs. His warm member as hard as ever. Holding the camera with one hand, then palming my pussy with the other he rested his hot flesh on the crack of my butt. Sliding back and forth to soothe his needs. My pussy was soaked like never before! After the pounding Steven gave me it was still a little tender when Rich’s fingers slid in…

I arched a little not quite ready for the intrusion, but kept bobbing on my husband’s beautiful cock. He was bucking and grunting so close…and I had cum so much I could feel my muscles tighten around Rich’s fingers as he relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of my pulsating pussy. He leaned over and put the camera down. He was jacking off hard now, rubbing it against my ass, occasionally against my opening for juice. God this was great! Everyone was filled with sexual fury! These 2 men had driven me to countless climaxes! I kept thinking of Rich’s stiff dick, so big…the events of this evening were falling into place wonderfully, Steven was having a great time, making sure I was having a great time, what next!!

I pulled Steven’s cock from my mouth long enough to look up and whisper “I love you”. He looked down and smiled, and replied “I know”. Rich was jacking off furiously fingering my pussy with the other hand, when I put my hand between my legs and took his penis from his grip. I held it tight feeling the size…GOD WHAT WAS I DOING??… Then I guided him to my hole. He seemed stunned and must’ve been looking to Steven for permission or something.. All Steven said to him was “flawless” then smiled, and began kissing my neck.

As Rich’s cock pressed against my opening my eyes closed, I was wetter than I could believe, and needed every drop for this one. He took hold of his stick with one hand and my shoulder with the other. My legs trembled as he entered, slow motions as he tried to ease this thing in. I was stroking Steven now eyes still shut, I noticed he was also trembling a bit. My muscles were tight around his flesh, further in it went. He was careful and in no hurry, Steven’s cock was about to burst in my hand. As Rich was forcing it deeper into my body he maintained a gentle rubbing of shoulders and back. He stopped for a second and stood motionless. His shaft resting for the moment then he gave it a twitch and I let out a sigh. I felt hot around this meat and it seemed as if he were gathering energy. He bent over and licked my back, as his cock moved in, I found myself tip toeing against the table. Then he started..

It felt like the beginning of a carnival ride as he began pulling and pushing, I was sweating and grabbing to the side of the table. He was moving so slowly and I could feel every single inch of his cock leaving and re entering my hole. He would move in then stop, enjoying the feel of the tight pussy on his pulsating cock, and I would twitch at the feel of his throbs. I found myself moaning now, each time he pulled back I longed for him to push it back in. As I relaxed he sped up a bit, I knew he wasn’t putting it all in, and I was ok with that, it felt good, he was reaching underneath rubbing my clit when an “OH GOD ” escaped he took the opportunity to enter a little more. I shrieked a bit then welcomed it. How fucking big was the thing anyway? He was pushing harder now, we were both sweating and when he bent over to kiss my neck I could feel his chest slide on my back. His arm was now around my stomach pulling me up into his thrusts, as he rubbed my belly and breasts. I could feel he was coming soon. He was jamming hard… every now and then I would feel the ache of it going further. I was cumming again, dripping down his balls.

He took his hand and pulled me up straight, I was almost standing up, resting only on his cock, “FUCK” I yelled as he hammered home! The pain shooting through my crotch and up my spine. He pulled out quickly, I turned to view the shooting semen, but again nothing, he roughly spun me over and lay me back down. Now I was staring down at his stiff, wet dick…I was taking that???….He bent down for a mouthful of my tit as he shoved himself back in I let out a long groaning and could only brush aside the pain with the thaught of an oncoming orgasm. He was pulling me fiercely into his thrusts looking into my eyes,sweat rolling down his face, I was a few inches onto the table,so his full size wasn’t going in, and I kept it that way! Steven had stood beside my head jerking his swollen cock, watching with me as my legs and cunt were opening wider to accommodate Rich’s cock.

Steven was rubbing his cock against my face, and I would’ve loved to satisfy him, but I was breathing so heavily, gasping and screaming. At that point Rich gasped hard I could feel him inside stiffen to capacity as he pulled out and emptied onto my stomach, then shooting up into my chin. Steven then also let loose I turned to welcome him as he exploded into my mouth. I was still gasping and couldn’t take it all, so he covered my face and neck. Rich was winding down to a puddle on the slit of my pussy, but still pumping. When I regained a normal breathing pattern Steven rested his cock on the side of my face and Rich rested the tip of his on my tender clit. Rich turned and grabbed the camera pointed at my body, what was he gonna film now? 2 guys exhausted, a woman pounded out of breath and covered with cum……. he scanned down and said only “flawless”…

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