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First Class

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I have just taken my assigned right aisle seat in first class and opened the latest issue of “Newsweek” and begun to read a story about Terrorism in Iraq and suddenly – you walk through the entrance to the seating section of the Boeing 747. There is a certain air about you as you enter; every male in the front passenger area is staring at you.

You seize the moment and demand the attention, perhaps not intentionally, but your presence shows how secure you are with your personal image and your sexuality.

You are wearing a white silk blouse above a black pleated silk skirt that stops just above your knees. The blouse is puffy in the arms and loose all over but it is evident you are not wearing a bra for your nipples are visible and standing erect from the smoothness of the silk against them.

You walk past the galley to your seat and search for an empty space for your carry on bag in the overhead compartment. Finding a spot you stand on your toes to reach over the top of another carry on bag. With this maneuver your gorgeous legs are emphasized and attract my eyes, not only because you are not wearing any stockings, but also because the muscles in your legs are stressed and your calves were spectacular to see, My God, you have long legs! – Sharon Stone legs.

Fortunately for me your seat is across the aisle from mine. Other men on the plane have to stretch to watch you put away your carry on bag then try to watch you sit in the middle seat of a set of three seats against the left bulkhead. For me, I am sitting with a perfect and unobstructed view, a view that I will have for the next eight hours or so.

The aisle becomes busier as the tourist class passengers begin to board and my view of you is obstructed most of the time. I become interested in my reading and postpone looking at you again until the view becomes clearer. As we start to taxi out for our take off I notice that two lucky guys are assigned to sit with you and are like bookends on both sides of your luscious body.

Your pleated skirt is hiked up quite high on your thighs as you sit reading a magazine; I don’t know what magazine it is but I remember thinking that I bet it’s not “Good Housekeeping.” I can not help but notice that your bookends keep glancing down at your thighs quite frequently. You either ignore them or you sense their attention and let them play with the vision in their minds of what must be up your sexy skirt. Every male on that plane who has spotted you is having that vision play within his imagination.

All during the takeoff and climb to cruising altitude I keep glancing over at your legs. Their length, their shape, their curves, is driving me absolutely wild. I am sure I am not the only one for whom your legs are stimulating ideas. I can almost smell the lust for you in that compartment and I hear some low guttural sounds that other males were emitting in their conversations; I am certain they are for you.

The top three buttons of your blouse are not buttoned, they had been when you boarded; I noticed. The neckline suddenly opens as you twist to find a more comfortable position in your leather seat. The man to your left, next to the window, glances over at the man to your right. The one to your right looks down at your opened neckline and can hardly restrain his hands from the temptation to unbutton you further. The amount of cleavage that you are showing is incredibly tempting for me, even at my distance from you. I envy and hate your bookends for being assigned to sit next to you.

The flight attendant comes through the compartment asking if anyone would like to have some champagne. You meet her eyes with yours and signal to her with a “yes.” When you receive the glass, you sip on it so slowly. All of us men with a view watch as you kiss the side of the glass to allow the bubbles to enter your mouth and let the satin liquid trickle down your throat. Oh how we wish we were those bubbles.

After dinner with a choice of cocktails, wine, aperitif, or all of the above the main lights inside the compartment have been turned off and the sun has set. The only lights left on are the overhead reading lights that sprinkle a bit of light through the passenger seating area.

The man to your right, accidentally (on purpose I am presuming) brushes your right thigh with his left hand. Your leg responds to his touch by rising a little from the seat and your knees spread ever so slightly. You continued to sip your after-dinner liqueur and as he brings another magazine from the seat pocket in front of him he grazes your thigh again. And again you respond by spreading your legs just a bit further apart.

The man to your left wants to get into the act and he leans forward and asks the man to your right if he was through with the magazine he just put into the seat pocket; right affirms that he is. With that right reaches forward, slips the magazine from the seat pocket and, reaches across your body to hand it to left. As he returns his hand his suit sleeve grazes across your breasts and they respond by becoming erect; the nipples are plainly visible through your silk blouse.

He says, “Oh I am so sorry. I didn’t mean anything by my coat sleeve touching you, it was my fault and I apologize.”

You smile, look him in the eye and say, “It was no bother. In fact I rather enjoyed the attention that they received. In fact I wouldn’t mind some more.”

His eyes light up, and he does not hesitate to take your suggestion; very lightly he places his open right hand upon your silk blouse over your left breast. You lay your head back into the leather seat and smile. You press the lever for your seat to lie back into a near prone position and the foot rest comes up to capture those fantastic legs.

As you lay nearly horizontal in your seat, right then unbuttons your next few buttons of your sheer silk blouse to reveal your lovely cleavage even more to many of the men in the compartment. He spreads apart the front of your blouse to now expose your lovely bare breasts to the chilled air of the overhead ventilation fan; your nipples stand at attention from the kiss of the chilled air on them.

You now reach to your overhead reading light and distinguish it so that is it fairly dark in your row of seats. Suddenly more and more overhead reading lights are turned off to make the entire passenger compartment very dark except for the tiny lights that are permanently on within the cabin.

You made the signal and the signal was well received by every man in the first class cabin. Both the men to your sides unbutton your blouse completely and pull it up from being tucked into your skirt. Your breasts and tummy are fully exposed to all who wish to look; we are all looking. You are so beautiful and so exciting to a cabin of lusting men as you are so exposed to us like that.

The two men beside you, as if written in a script, lower their heads slowly to your nipples, one mouth on each, and begin to dart their tongues and kiss your erect nipples. We can see from your expression that this attention is just what you desire. Again, as if scripted, each man now has their hands around their assigned breast while sucking on the nipple and you began gyrating your pelvis a bit, showing your oral nipple pleasers that you are fully appreciating the rush of erotic feelings that are pounding through you at this moment.

Left releases his nipple momentarily and reaches his fingers out to the glass still clasped in your hand. He dips his fingers in the glass and then spreads the sticky brown liquid around your left nipple. He goes back to work instantly, pulling your tit away from your chest with both hands, kneading the tender flesh with his fingers and cleaning the extended nipple with his tongue and lips. Sensing your increased pleasure at this new stimulation, right applies some liqueur on his nipple and sucks it clean with added fondling and feeling of his soft, perfect tit.

I do not understand the intentions of your bookends; they must feel intimidated by your looks. They seem unwilling to explore you further without an express invitation. If I were in their position, I would have one hand up your skirt, searching for your pussy, ready to rip the crotch out of your panties and make a finger sandwich of you clit.

As you lay back in the prone position on your leather seat you are moaning softly and your legs spread apart more showing off the insides of your milky thighs. I cannot take any more. I decided to become Mr. center, between left and right.

I stand and positioned myself between your legs and situate myself on my knees and look up the full length of your legs to see your shaved symbol of womanhood looking back at me. I stare at those beautiful, full, swollen lips ready to be kissed by me. I can hear them calling to me. I respond by beginning to kiss the entire length of your left leg starting at your ankle. Slowly I kiss and lick your smooth textured skin with my lips and tongue while you have your breasts attended to by your bookends. At one point you open\ your eyes and raise your head to look at me as my attentions continue on past your knee and up your soft inner thigh.

“I was hoping it would be you. – What took you so long,” you say to me. I respond by nipping your soft flesh with my teeth. You moan a bit louder and close your eyes again.

As I get to the top of your thigh on your left leg, I gently take a sniff of your scent and it sends me on a trip to where I have never been before. I glance at your lips and I see a little wetness appearing in their crevices. You must be enjoying what you are feeling from head to toe at this moment. I lightly touch your lips with my tongue, leaving your clitoris for my enjoyment in a while and leaving you wanting my tongue now. But no, you need to wait. I do not believe in rushing pleasure of this intensity.

A return trip up your right leg with my tongue and lips get me closer to my desert after that dinner of prime rib and wine. This is far more than I expected for dessert and I will be savoring every bit of crème that I taste. I barely lick your lips and tug on them gently with the suction of my lips. You are beginning to feel tremendous ecstasy deep inside from all this oral attention you are receiving. I hear your soft moan and feel you shift our knees higher to more fully present your pussy to me. I bury my tongue deep inside you and you do taste so sweet. I chew gently on the soft tissue of your pussy lips. At last I find your clit with my tongue and lick all around it before nipping the tip of it with my front teeth. I feel you jerk and press yourself against my mouth. What a delicious dessert in deed!

I look up over your tummy and see the bookends working over your breasts with their mouths and begin to feel an erection coming on inside of my pants. The tension is mounting.

In the darkness, down the aisle, I see another man approach you from behind your head. He positions himself above your head and unzips his trousers to release a somewhat large and placid penis. (How he managed to avoid an erection all this time is a mystery to me.) It is only inches from your face. You feel its presence it seems and you open your eyes to see it beside your cheek. You extend your neck and turn a bit to allow his member to be next to your mouth, showing him that you are interested. You open your mouth and he lowers himself; you eagerly allow his prick to fall deep inside of your moist mouth. You begin to suck and suck and he becomes harder with each bit of suction you give.

I can now see other men standing in the aisle to my left. They all have their pants down to their ankles and are playing with their cocks as they watch our passion plays on your body before their eyes.

You are really getting turned on and you pull your skirt high over your waist to allow all the spectators around to enjoy the view of my desert that I am once again licking. The bookends devouring your pillows, me devouring your pussy as it tastes so very sweet, and the new man with his cock in your mouth while you devour it is just a scene that is too much for others to bear. And it is all happening at 36,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean as we are on the way to New York City.

With his cock coming to life as it feels the warmth and moistness of the interior of your mouth it enlarges and stiffens to a point where you can not take its size any longer. This man and I look at each other and intuitively know that it is time to switch positions.

I leave your sweet pussy with reluctance, stand up, and walk out into the aisle; he grabs his cock out of your mouth and we pass in the aisle as he goes to your feet and I move up to your head. He picks you up by your waist and turns you over so that you were now on all fours on your leather seat. I don’t know if that surprised you but you didn’t resist and you quickly adapt to your new position.

Your bookends adapt too; they drop down to lay the backs of their heads onto the leather and nurse your nipples as your breasts hang beautifully with their ample weight. They are able to massage them with greater intensity now as those fabulous tits hang for them to reach and caress all of your sensitive skin stretched above their faces.

I drop my trousers down to my knees and start to stroke my cock. Your eyes open as you see my cock next to your face. You smile at me and wink and I know that you are glad to see who you are getting. You grab my cock with your left hand and open your mouth and pull my member deep into the moistness that the other man was enjoying only moments before. Oh my God! What a sensation as you suck and stroke my cock pulling it farther into your moistness. Your teeth scrape me just the perfect amount so as to generate even greater sensitivity to my hardened phallus.

The man now behind you with his cock in his hands is about to place his pole deep into your cunt. Your bare ass is gyrating to the motions of the sucking beneath your chest and you’re sucking on my cock to your left. This seems to be a signal to the man behind you that you are in need of his stiffness deep inside.

He lightly places his cock’s head against your perfectly shaped shaved pussy. With just the head of his cock he smears his pre-come all over your lips. I feel you bite down on my cock as he does this; it is really sending you. You must be enjoying this multitude of sensuous feelings with the extreme sucking you just gave me. Wow — what a scene I have before me; it is pure animalistic lust and you are sucking me with all your might.

Behind is placing his cock’s head just slightly into you and playing with your wet lips with his fingers while doing so. He must be really teasing you with his cock for your hips are bucking back and forth as if to tell him that you want him in you and to stop teasing you like that. With a loud grunt he lunges forward as you heave back into him all at once to take the entire length of his cock into you in one horrific shove.

I feel you release my cock as you scream out; from some pain or the satisfaction from the entire length of his cock in your vagina isn’t clear. You have your wish; he is into you completely and from the look on his face he has no intention of removing his shaft until he has expended his load of cum inside you. You return your mouth to my cock and now are filled on both ends.

Behind’s pelvis is rocking back and forth to penetrate you deeply and you begin to rock back in forth in tune to his thrusts. Your ass and his pelvis are slapping together and the only other sounds that can be heard are the sucking by the two men on your nipples and the slurping from you over my over engorged cock.

Every passenger in first class is now standing around either completely or partially nude as they watch this scene. A man approaches you and begins to run his hands all over your naked and exposed back. He takes his fingertips and runs them down your spine and then back up to your nape again. He uses both hands to lightly touch you in your splendor. He returns one had to the crack of your ass and presses his little finger against your exposed anal opening. This gets you bucking and sucking even harder.

Other men are standing around and taking in all this while beating furiously on their own cocks. I see a woman kissing another woman in the seat next to her over a few seats from me and she is fondling the woman through her blouse. The entire compartment is on fire with the heat of the moment, of this sexual sacrifice of you to the lust Gods. You are being overly played with in sex, simple raw sex that is not usual for this world. You are a sex toy for five men who cannot hold back their lust for your fantastic body. You are absorbing the entirety of what can me absorbed through all of your senses as this moment is being thrust into and on you from all angles.

Your mouth, your skin, your breasts, your pussy, your asshole, you are experiencing more sexual attention given to any one person than I have ever seen before.

I feel tension in your mouth. You must be about to cum as your entire body is now arching. Your head is carrying my cock up with you as you begin to arch even more. Your ass is pounding harder and harder and pussy thrusts even harder into your rear entry lover’s pelvis. The predominate sound is the slapping and pounding of flesh to flesh as the scent of sexual fulfillment wafts throughout the cabin. You pull your head away from my cock just as I shoot my load. Only a small amount of cum is sucked into your mouth as the rest is shot down your back and lies between your shoulder blades as it squirts over your left shoulder.

Your head is looking straight up and you scream so loudly as your orgasm slams deep into your loins and takes control of your body. Your rear entry lover is beginning to grunt deeply as he nears his climactic finish. He lunges one more time, ramming himself as far as he has ever been, and his cannon fires a load of cum into your cunt. You feel it spew deep into your vagina and you lunge forward and scream and shudder with a remarkable series of tremendous orgasms. He lunges several more times and then he goes limp and you can hear his cock slip out of your tight and warm pussy with the sound of spent liquid.

You fall flat onto the leather seat burying the two men beneath you who still have a tight grasp from their mouths on your worn and sensitive nipples.

We hear more and more men grunt and gasp as they shoot their loads all over the seats and walls in the compartment. This is a whole new meaning to the mile high club.

We all gather our clothing and get dressed just as the FASTEN SEAT BELT light comes on. We return to our seats and do not say a word to one another. It is best that we don’t acknowledge the event. Just savor it in our memories.

We touch down.

Welcome to New York City.

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